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Please click on each person's link for an overview of their life and achievements
...and why they may have died.

Dr. John Badwey
Paul Bennewitz
James Black
Dr. Eugene Blass
Ron Bonds
Mae Brussell
Danny Casolaro
Dr. J. Clayton
William Cooper
Dr. Cooperson
Arie DeGeus |
Tony Dodd

Ruth Drown
Frank Edwards |
Don Elkins
James V. Forrestal
Dr. Max Gerson
John Hadley
Harry Hoxsey
Morris K. Jessup
Dr. Milbank Johnson
Todd Kauppila
Jim Keith
Dr. David Kelly

John F. Kennedy
Dorothy Kilgallen
Dr. William Koch
George Lakhovsky
Ann Livingston |
Brian Lynch
Dr. John Mack
Dr. Eugene Mallove
Dr. James McDonald
Stanley Meyer |
Dr. Wilhelm Reich
Royal Rife
Ron Rummel
Phil Schneider
Leonid Strachunsky

Svali |
Nikola Tesla
Jose Trias
Karla Turner
Dean Warwick
Gary Webb
25 Marconi scientists, 1982-88
10 NASA astronauts, 1964-67 |
9 Minot and Barksdale AFB airmen, 2007


If any reader is in a position to nominate a researcher or whistleblower who has died for their cause, or who has any additional information (or corrections) to contribute about any of the above, please contact us so that we may include them. Thank you.



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