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Dr J. Clayton, with his colleague
Dr. Cooperson, conducted extensive experiments on the viral cause of cancer between 1934 and 1939, their work supporting the research of Royal Rife. They developed an "emitter tube", apparently similar to the Rife device, and documented experiments in which cancer cells died very soon after exposure to the tube's radiation.

In 1939, a person offering financial support, August Watson, who had visited their laboratory to observe their experiments and techniques, was arrested as a foreign spy. The two doctors were arrested soon afterwards, it being thought that their emitter tube may have been a transmission device; they were held for three weeks, then released – although by then the entire contents of their laboratory had been dismantled and taken away by government agents.

Shortly afterwards Dr. Cooperson was found dead from a single pistol wound, and Dr. Clayton was also found dead; his brother (also a doctor) found poison – belladonna/strychnine/ bromide mixture – in Clayton's blood. According to Helen Cyteworth, the doctors' assistant, nothing like that was ever kept in the laboratory or ever utilized by either Doctor in any research.

All the two doctors' records and apparatus have been lost or destroyed. The only remaining information about the work of the two doctors can be found here:

The Journal of Drs. Cooperson and Clayton: