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If you are a whistle blower please email us individually at:


We will not share your correspondence between us unless specifically advised by you... This is the best way to maintain the confidentiality of the information prior to release.

If you have any input, have any important information to share or disclose, require assistance or support, or wish to add your name to our Round Table pledge list, please use the form below.

There's no limit to the length of message you may submit. Because of the large volume of mail we receive, however, we can't guarantee to reply. But we both always read everything we receive.

If you wish to remain anonymous, enter your own address as (But remember, we will not be able to reply!)
Confidentiality is totally assured within the confines of the obvious related to Echelon and other constant surveillance from the powers-that-be and so on. Thank you.

To add your name to a waiting list for CDs of our files, please send a blank e-mail with subject line "CD" to

You can also contact Bill or Kerry individually at or

There is also THE PROJECT AVALON FORUM, set up and moderated by Project Camelot. There are a lot of very good people there, and the quality of discussion and membership is impressively high.

Some of the Camelot witnesses have also made appearances, and Bill and Kerry post occasionally, answering questions when possible. We invite you to participate and make your contribution there.


NEW Mailbox address:

638 Lindero Canyon Road,
Oak Park, CA 91377

We very much appreciate any donations, but please keep in mind that donations to Projects Camelot and Avalon are not tax deductible for US Federal income tax purposes. All donations to Project Avalon also go to Project Camelot. Please remember that regular postal deliveries can sometimes take some time to catch up with us.

Please make all checks or money orders payable to
or use our PayPal button below.
Thank you so much for your generosity, which helps us significantly to stay operational.


Our contact form is not working at the moment - and (we have just discovered) has not been functional since 4 October. We do apologize.

It has SEEMED to users that a message is being sent, but although they receive an acknowledgement, we at Camelot do not receive the message. We're working to fix this soonest (and to see if we can retrieve the missing messages) - and the moment the problem is resolved the contact form will re-appear on this page.

In the meantime, you can always e-mail us at our joint email: however, if you are a whistle blower please email us individually at:


Thanks for your bearing with us while we solve the issue.


Support Project Camelot - make a donation:

Thank you for your help.
Your generosity enables us to continue our work.


Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy