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Come forward with 'whistleblower' testimony of your own.

We promise to uphold any conditions of confidentiality which you may stipulate.

All of our video interviews need to be transcribed.

This is a major job, but is extremely valuable for those without broadband access – as well as (a) making the interviews searchable by content on the net, and (b) enabling them to be translated into other languages (see below).

Please see our Interviews page for details of what has and has not been transcribed. We do have an excellent and co-ordinated team of experienced transcribers, but we're happy to hear from people who are happy to be added to the list.

Translate interview transcripts (see above) and all the Project Camelot web pages into other languages.

We currently have quite a backlog of translations to post; our apologies to those who have worked so hard on these. They are on our (very long!) list of things to do.

Help us to correct anything inaccurate concerning those mentioned by us in tribute.

Please also feel free to provide any supplementary information that may be valuable or important. Further suggestions for those who should be included are always welcome.

Add some of the tribute pages to Wikipedia and other appropriate sites.

A number of those to whom we offer tribute are not found on Wikipedia (for example). Please feel free to add our text to those pages, and to others.

Sign up personally to the pledge list.

We will be happy to feature a click-through link to any of your own work if you request it.

Suggest people for us to interview.

If at all possible, contact details would be very helpful. These of course will be held in strict confidence. (Note: just to save you time, we've received numerous requests to interview Bill Deagle, David Icke, David Adair, Billy Meier, Fred Bell, Lindsey Williams, Steven Greer, Alex Collier, Stewart Swerdlow, Dolores Cannon and Drunvalo Melchizedek... all of which are noted.)

Offer personal corroboration of any of the information presented...

Particularly any which is controversial.

Link your site to the Project Camelot site, or to particular pages of relevance.

We've been asked by a number of people for Camelot banners and logos. Click here to download a small zip file. We're delighted for them to be used freely.

Please let us know of any broken links, missing images, or problems with the downloading or playing of the video interviews.

Please note: some of our early interviews suffered from poor sound quality, for which we apologize. This has now been largely rectified. The lower quality of Google videos may exacerbate this problem; the downloads from this site are rather better (MOV format being the best).

Photos are needed for the tribute pages...

...of Dr. Eugene Blass, Dr. J. Clayton, Dr. Cooperson, Todd Kauppila, Ann Livingston, Brian Lynch, Ron Rummel, and Dean Warwick. We feel it's important to feature them, but so far we've been unable to locate any images.

Make a donation...

If you can afford it and feel it is the right thing to do. We are most grateful - this is the only way we at Camelot are able to continue our work.


Support Project Camelot - make a donation:

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Thank you for your help.
Your generosity enables us to continue our work.


Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy