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We were asked this excellent question on 24 January, 2007:

You have done a lot of good work in expanding the awareness of truthseekers. To avoid the sophisticated harassments that others have suffered, discernment is useful. You seem to be begging for harassment with some of your releases. Are your goals well defined?

We replied:

Your question about our goals is a good one and we have a clear answer, although as with all aspects of experiential learning while engaged in ongoing projects, it is not static, but rather grows in a multitude of ways and transforms. Over the New Year we refined our goals considerably for ourselves.

In regard to harassment, part of Camelot’s mission is to stand up straight and say things without being intimidated, and therefore to encourage others to come forward. And, you’re quite right about the need for discernment. Needless to say, we do discern, and there are a number of potential interviewees we are NOT pursuing because we think the claims made are just too dubious. However, it’s important to note that we’re not professing belief or even outright agreement with everything our interviewees say regardless. We’re firm believers in allowing the public to make up their own minds about what is true and what is not.

All those interviewees we’ve published are with those people who we are either convinced are telling the truth, or have such an important (if true) story to tell that to decline to publish because the data are unbelievable or inconvenient would actually be a dereliction of journalistic duty. One only has to examine the mainstream press to see what stories [don’t] get published because the editorial minds are already made up – or they themselves are afraid of ridicule. We are not – it’s a matter of integrity, in that particular sense.

We think the stories we present need to be examined carefully and without prior judgment. The reason we do video interviews at all (rather than written ones, or on audio – both of which are far easier!) is to present you (the viewer) with the best possible substitute for meeting with the person yourself. This is important to understand, and is certainly not understood by (e.g.) those who trash Dan Burisch’s claims wholesale... without ever having met the man. We’ve met him several times (as, I imagine, have you), and we’re convinced of his integrity. We’re also aware he’s been working for and with Majestic for years and as such may not yet be revealing absolutely everything he knows.  

Another one of our interviews is with Duncan O’Finioan, a less well-known figure but one whose story is hugely important if true, as we believe it is, at least in its principal claims. (And if he has some false recall as part of a mind-controlled implanted false reality, that in itself proves the point!)

To our goals. Our focus now is on the future. We believe our planet is currently undergoing a marked transition that includes the likelihood of significant earth changes in the near future – these being connected with a significant behind-the-scenes complexity which involves various alien agendas some of which we can only guess at. Our intention is to follow those important threads to wherever the testimony leads, and to present the evidence we come across in documentary form.

We’re also very interested in using the power of the feature film to reveal greater truths through the use of fiction, or fiction based on fact. Kerry has been working with James and Mark of the WingMakers ( to bring that story to the screen, for example. We also have several other projects we’re pursuing in addition to this one.

The common thread here is to make as much information as possible available in an eye-catching format, which holds the attention and is entertaining in a non-trivial way.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to present interesting and important individual stories as they reach us and as we have the opportunity to cover them. We have a number of unpublished interviews that we intend to release in the near future. We’re aware that our interviews are participating in a growing conversation that, as it expands, is leading toward greater awareness in all of us as to what’s really going on and where we’re all headed together.

With all best wishes,

Bill and Kerry

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Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy