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How to use the Project Camelot website:

This site contains hundreds of pages of important, free information. Even reading the material can take days - before you start watching our videos or listening to our audio interviews. There's a LOT here.

1. We write regular updates (often, but not always, daily) on items of interest. Scroll down this page to the State of the Planet section for this.
sitemap2. Older updates are archived. See the links at the bottom of the home page. Please visit and read. There's a huge amount of valuable information there. Don't overlook this.
sitemap43. Use the drop-down menu on the Interviews and Reports button above to access the core, in-depth information on our site. Click on VIDEO INTERVIEWS to reach the main interviews page. This contains a list of all our video interviews, each item linking to a page for each interviewed witness, YouTube videos, downloadable videos, extracted audio, and transcripts. It's all there.
sitemap24. From that same drop-down menu, click on AUDIO INTERVIEWS to access standalone audio interviews and transcripts. Our archived radio show broadcasts are also there.
sitemap35. From the same drop-down menu, click on SPECIAL REPORTS to reach articles we've written on particular subjects. Some of these are valuable research documents containing a LOT of in-depth information.
6. Click on the language flags below the collage for translations - a major ongoing project which is just beginning.
7. The search box at the top of the home page works excellently. Use this to find specific references, people or topics.
8. The site may load better in Firefox (PC) and Safari (Mac).

hat are Project Camelot's objectives?

Please see the comprehensive statements on our Mission page.

Are you affiliated to, controlled by, or guided by any other groups or organizations?

No, none whatsoever. Project Camelot is fully independent, and will remain so.

I don't have broadband access. How can I watch your video interviews?

We're going to make DVDs and/or CDs available of our work, and plan to charge a modest amount for these in order to cover costs. This is a question we've been asked by a large number of people and we are treating this as high priority. We'll make an announcement as soon as these are available.

Are you planning to translate the videos into other languages?

Yes - please see our How you can get involved page. We don't have the resources to do this ourselves, but will welcome and appreciate any assistance.

How can I help you in your goals?

Please see our How you can get involved page. There are a number of ways you can support Project Camelot.

I may have information that you may feel is valuable to publicize. What assurance can you give me that my confidentiality will be safeguarded?

We give a cast-iron assurance never to publish or otherwise divulge any personal identification or contact details if you ask us not to.

How do I add my name to your Round Table pledge list?

Simply send us an e-mail. We'll be delighted to hear from you. The more people who add their names to our pledge list, the safer we'll all be. We encourage everyone reading this to take the stand. If you'd like to do this, simply send us a message saying 'PLEDGE'.

How many of you work for Project Camelot?

Two of us (Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan), full-time. Others have offered various forms of help and assistance as they can, and this has been both extremely valuable and much appreciated. Please see our High Praise page for a (partial!) list of people who have assisted us with great generosity.

As far as I can see, you are a fairly new organization. How is it that you seem to have access to so many prominent names and personalities in the alternative field?

We've made a large number of contacts, and are delighted also to have made a number of good friends who support us fully in our goals. Our support base is growing rapidly. We are not out to make any enemies or to criticize others.

I've read some criticism about you on certain internet forums. Can you explain this?

The best answer to this question is that there will always be those who, for various personal reasons, find it hard to handle or accept people who are speaking out to tell the truth as best they can.

We've also been informed, and find it easy to believe, that some criticism is deliberately engineered and orchestrated by various factions in the intelligence communities. We've been told, for instance, that there exist internet forums which are controlled by various intelligence factions, some without the full knowledge or awareness of the forum moderators.

A moment's thought will help one to realize (imagine you are working for such an agency, and wish to suppress the release of some information) that this is an obvious strategy for them to follow: cheap, fairly effective for the very low cost, and utilizing only a few well-trained personnel.

What is your spiritual orientation?

We both believe absolutely in the fundamental rights of all spiritual beings – including anyone reading these words – to liberty, freedom of thought, action, expression, and access to important information that affects them and their future directly. This is one of the key principles underlying Project Camelot.

Kerry Cassidy is not connected to any specific spiritual group. Bill Ryan is a Free Zone (Ron's Org) Scientologist, fully against and publicly opposed to the goals and modus operandi of the Church of Scientology (and, he is proud to say, named on the Church of Scientology's official Enemies List).

Do you stand by your witnesses' testimony? Do you 'vet' them to ensure they're telling the whole truth?

We publish our interviews believing personally that our witnesses are telling the truth as they perceive it - with the obvious caveat that occasionally they may choose to withhold or disguise certain details because of heavy external pressures (e.g. contractual employment or secrecy oath) under which they may find themselves. This is commonly understood in evaluating all important "whistleblower" testimony.

We believe that 90% (possibly 95%) of the information on our site is accurate.

We have satisfied ourselves in all cases as to the authenticity of our interviewees' real identity. This is important to clarify in cases where we're introducing a new witness under a pseudonym.

Our principal reason for presenting video interviews in the way we do is to provide the best possible substitute for you, the viewer, meeting the interviewee yourself in person.

It's not our role to play judge and jury for our witnesses, or to attempt to decide the truth for you or for anyone else. The truth is for each person to reach for themselves. Every person has within them a kind of "truth barometer" (elegantly expressed in the WingMakers paper on the Energetic Heart). We honor the right, power and capability of each individual to determine for themselves what they will believe or know.

Accordingly, we encourage you to continue to research the authenticity of our interviewees' information for yourself.

Please note that some potential witnesses (who we will not name) we have chosen not to interview, as currently we are not fully convinced of their bona fides.

We welcome all information and feedback to help us verify challenging and important claims.



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