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We've been asked by a number of people to post some comments from the many visitors who write to us every day.  Some of these are copied

On this page it's also our honor to list and acknowledge the growing number of individuals, all over the world - transcribers, translators, and various others with valuable skills - who have been generous enough to contribute to our work in various important ways.  

There are some friends we may easily have forgotten to include.  No omissions are deliberate.  Please let us know!

Not included in this list are our witnesses and interviewees themselves, many of whom have become personal friends.  Others who deserve to be listed have asked not to be mentioned, including many people from all over the world who correspond with us regularly.  

This, then, is part of the virtual Camelot team, currently representing at least 15 countries.  The list is growing all the time.

Additional cinematography/ video

Daniel Bender
Andreas Kalcker
Christian Köhlert


Gwen Blanchard
Linda Connolly
Genevieve Crane
Megan Dafoe
Elias Damon
Vicki Dreher
Kris Gillmore
Dominique Harcourt
Dominique Looije
Jo Anne Murphy
Tyler Luking Macmillan
Mark Morrison
Anna Mulqueen
Marie Nikkanen
Nancy Stanley

Jeremy Stride


Carlos Altieri
Tommy Borms
Mario Brito
Stéphan Delpierre
Luc Ferland
Robert Fleischer
Gabriele Frohlich
Salomea Genin
Perseo Hernandez G.  
Christina Hollenweger
Emmanuel Ketelaars
Thomas Kirschner
Titusz Kulinyi
Manuel Lamiroy
Cezar Popescu
Andrzej Siwkowski
Elena Smotraeva
Sam Venson
Ira Vorontsova
Daniel Wagner

IT advice and assistance:

Randy Cates
Andy Casciato
Philip Dawes
Larry Dicken
Colin Falcon
Hans Guerts
David Hakopyan
Xavier Hawk
Chris Heiner
Gareth Jacobs
Manuel Lamiroy
Géry Van Landeghem
Vance Martin
Marshall Masters
Tony Patino
Zoran Rogic
James Smith
Michael Soeltaansingh
Dave St. John
Mike Stavrou
Rick Troppman

Travel and logistics:

Anton Bayanov
Maxim Lebedev
Marco Metselaar
Didier de Plaige
David Turley
Janusz Zagorski
The Amsterdam Groundcrew
The Brussels Groundcrew
The Los Angeles Groundcrew
The Polish Groundcrew

The Swiss Groundcrew
A wonderful message from a good friend, who many of you will know:
You guys have done amazing things for the planet. Think about how huge the audience would be if they were all in one place at a time... it would be the size of a massive outdoor concert, bigger than Woodstock -- just an ocean of faces.
Bill, I've always appreciated your respectful manner with me -- never condescending, always willing to listen even if you don't agree. And you have a highly developed mind that sees layers others do not see, thus providing an important lens through which the Camelot witnesses have been assessed. You rose to the very difficult challenge of doing the website on your own and it has succeeded brilliantly. I trust you as a genuine friend in a world where that is so very hard to come by given the public position I have in my world, and that matters to me.
Kerry, I admire your unceasing efforts to help humanity through your video work, interviewing skills and overall momentum to keep this train on the tracks long after the negative greetings would have derailed most other seekers from their quest. The very qualities you get heckled about make you a great interviewer -- not a head-nodding conformist who just laps up everything the witness says, but a hard-edged skepticism, grounded in the real world, that ends up challenging their egos enough that you get out of them what no one else before had ever extracted.
Both of you have given humanity a marvelous gift with what you've done -- and you've permanently created a vast library of free material for seekers to find out more about the "big picture" we're all living in. And for that, and your consistent friendship and respect, you both have my sincere gratitude and love.
- David Wilcock
Here's a very tiny sample - almost randomly chosen - of comments from our mailbag.  We now get so much mail that it's challenging to read it all.  We thank everyone, without exception, for their feedback to us and our work.  This energy plays no small part in keeping us going in everything we do.
I want to thank you two for doing such wonderful work and providing such a wonderful service to humanity. Maybe I am the bazillionth person to thank and congratulate you two for what you do, but I do hope that random letters like this help fuel you to continue your work.  I know it is truly a labor of love, so please consider this letter a form of love to help you to keep exposing the truth, especially in hard times.  
This is the first site that rang so full of integrity that I was immediately drawn to it... and the depth of information was mind-blowing.  
I love your site and what I have learned.  I will never look at the history or future of the world the same way again.  
I wanted to express, as much as words can do, all my gratitude, appreciation and admiration for your initiative, courage and intelligence.  Truly you are heroes.  As I write, I feel a great emotion: be sure that you are loved.  
I just want to say that I have watched many of your videos and every video is just full of eye-opening, mind-awakening information.  At the end of every video I always feel a great feeling of gratitude towards your work.  
Bill & Kerry... It is your passion, of wanting the truth to be told, that shines through.  And it is because of this passion, that you have touched so many lives... more than you will ever know.  
My wife & I love you guys and all the work you have done and continue to do.  Over the last six months we've listened to, watched or read ALL the interviews on Project Camelot.  A truly wonderful collection of material.  
I just want you to know that what you are doing is very noble and uplifting.  I admire your cause, and willingness to enlighten those who are open to what you are trying to accomplish.  Thank you for further enlightening me and opening my spirituality to a whole new level.  
I'm an avid watcher of your sites.  You provide excellent coverage of everything I'm researching at the moment and it's a pleasure to see both of you doing what you do.  Please keep up the good work and please watch your backs, be safe always.  
I am newly awakened, about 6 weeks now, and I am still reeling from the shock.  I am still on the learning curve.  Thank God I have found the truth.  Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this information forward in consciousness.  
I wanted to write in and say hi and give my support to the huge mission you are undertaking.  Keep up the good work, guys.  It's a huge job but you have so much support from all over the world.  Trust me!!
Since I came across Project Camelot by accident while surfing the net, I find it truly informational.  Thank you for all your hard work and courage with everything you do.  
Thanks so much for who you are and what you are doing... you both are a beacon of light revealing the threads of truth buried within the confusion and disinformation and lies that surround us.  
I would like to thank you - because you are our heroes - as well as to thank the wonderful heroes that helped.  Your website and interviews have changed my life.  
I happened to come across your site few days ago and I tell you, I was instantly hooked ! Since that day I have been living in a different zone.  
I absolutely love your web site.  It's like you picked up where Art Bell left off.  I hope you guys continue to devote the time and effort it must take to run Project Camelot.  
I am a huge fan of the work you are doing.  I believe that it is not only honorable but necessary.  I would like to thank you for your vested time and effort.  We need more individuals like yourselves stepping up to the plate.  
I would like to pass on my gratitude and share the excitement I am feeling towards all the dedication, hard work and truth revealing content on your Project Camelot website.  Having a web site like yours, and the consciousness that comes with your web site, is paramount in our present time and situation of lies and deceit.  Thank you and God bless you both.  
I can only hold you both in the absolute highest regard for the courage & strength you both have to go out there and try and discover what is the possible real reality of today in this world.  What you are doing is priceless, for the few that are open and prepared to listen.  
I am at a loss for words at the moment.  I am new to researching this material.  I just wanted to say thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.  
Please continue the good work.  It's like a breath of fresh air for me.  I don't feel so alone any more.  
I love your work.  Words cannot convey.  I am so glad I found your material.  
I'd like to take a moment to personally thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your continued courage and dedication to your mission of shining the light of truth, and so generously providing a platform for those individuals that bravely choose to share hidden knowledge with so many of us thirsting for the truth.  
I would like to thank you, from the depths of my Soul, for what you are doing.  It is beyond amazing.  I have watched just every single video you have on your site and have read just about all of the written material as well.  What you have done and what I have seen in my visions that you will continue to do, is absolutely Earth-changing in scope.  
Please stay safe and thank you for doing an incredible service to inform humanity of the deception in our lives.  I check your site every day.  
Amazing information.  You present some really amazing truths.  I have felt your witnesses' souls speak the truth, and was moved deeply.  
Thank you for everything you guys have done.  Thank you for showing us the truth.  I want to thank you, Kerry and Bill, for this wonderful information.  Hopefully we can save everyone.  
I've devoured your website since I found it, and think it's in a class of its own on the web.  You are brave and so very necessary...

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