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Camelot Whistleblower Radio

Camelot logoOur radio show is now on the air again... Thursdays, 7pm to 9pm PST.

Listen to the archives here - when possible they are edited with commercial breaks removed.


February 25, 2010 P1: Rebecca Jernigan

February 25, 2010 P2: Rebecca & Dr. John Waterman

February 18, 2010 P1: Dr. John Hall

February 18, 2010 P2: Dr. John Hall

January 28, 2010 P1: Albert Venczel

January 28, 2010 P2: Duncan O'Finioan

January 21, 2010 P1: Dr. Deagle & Scott Stevens

January 21, 2010 P2: Scott Stevens

January 14, 2010 P1: Michael Tellinger

January 14, 2010 P2: Michael Tellinger

January 7, 2010 P1: Greg Evensen

January 7, 2010 P2: Greg Evensen & Duncan O'Finioan

December 31, 2009 P1: George Green & Dr. Waterman

December 31, 2009 P2: Neil Freer & Dr. Waterman

December 24, 2009 : Miriam Delicado

December 21, 2009 -- AUDIO BLOG

December 17, 2009 : Nick Bryant

December 10, 2009 : David Wilcock 1

December 10, 2009 : David Wilcock 2


June 16 2009 : The Inaugural Show

June 18 2009 : George Green

June 23 2009 : Dr Richard Sauder

June 25 2009 : David Wilcock

June 30 2009 : The Airport Show, on return from Dr Pete Peterson

July 2 2009 : 'Dr Waterman' and discussion of Dr Pete Peterson

July 7 2009 : 'Doc' Barham - Kerry only

July 9 2009 : Rebecca Jernigan - Kerry only

July 14 2009 : Jane Burgermeister

July 16 2009 : Ananda Bosman

July 21 2009 : Jane Burgermeister et al - Bill only

July 28 2009 : Michael Tellinger

August 4 2009 : Richard Dolan - Bill only

August 6 2009 : Miriam Delicado

August 11 2009 : Discussion on the Steven Greer video

August 13 2009 : James Gilliland

August 18 2009 : Dr Bill Deagle

August 20 2009 : Mitch Santell

August 25 2009 : Dr True Ott

August 27 2009 : Dr Louis Turi

September 1 2009 : George LoBuono

September 3 2009 : David Hawkins and Field McConnell

September 8 2009 : Latest News

September 10 2009 : George Green

September 17 2009 : David Wilcock

September 22 2009 : Awake and Aware Conference report

September 24 2009 : Dr Len Horowitz - Kerry only

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy (12 January 2010)
Click here to download - Part 1
Click here to download - Part 2

An hour and a half of fascinating conversation with Dr Bill Deagle on his radio show, The Nutrimedical Report. Kerry announced two new forthcoming whistleblower interviews, and the three of us discussed stargates, the supersoldier program, and the cosmological and metaphysical Big Picture.

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy (27 November 2009)
Click here to download - Part 1
Click here to download - Part 2
Click here to download - Part 3

This was really quite a good interview with us both by Rayelan Allan from Rumor Mill Radio. It runs for three hours, and covers a great deal of interesting ground.

James Martinez (30 November 2009)
Click here to download

James Martinez was a business colleague and close confidant of Walter Bowart - the author of the groundbreaking, whistleblowing book Operation Mind Control published back in 1978. This is a fabulous audio interview which will be of enormous interest to all who (like myself) benefited greatly from Bowart's seminal work. We learned from James how Bowart, who died two years ago, in many ways 'regretted' having written the book - and how he had had profound ET contact: something never before revealed, and which he had been unwilling to talk about when he was alive. We learned of his philosophy, his hope for the human race, and his awareness of the importance of the expansion of consciousness. James summed it up by stating that for Walter, it was all about the liberation of the Human Spirit. Amen.

For the 8,000 word detailed synopsis of Walter Bowart's important unpublished work, THE INVISIBLE THIRD WORLD WAR, please click here.

Dr Bill Deagle (24 November 2009)
Click here to download

This update followed our special Ukraine report from a doctor in a Kiev hospital (click here to read: don't miss this). Bill Deagle focuses most of this new interview on the H1N1 situation and the serious implications of the D225G genetic change recently reported by the WHO and identified in Ukraine, Norway, Canada and several other countries.

Benjamin Fulford (20 November 2009)
Click here to download
Click here for the transcript

This impromptu global economic update takes the form of a 45 minute phone call between Kerry Cassidy in LA and Benjamin Fulford in Tokyo. The information is interesting, and may or may not be correct. But the audio quality is very poor - although it does improve (slightly!) after the first few minutes. We felt it was worth releasing, as Benjamin is hard to pin down and it might be a while before we have a ready opportunity to catch him again.

Clay and Shawn Pickering (3 November 2009)
Click here to download

This three and a half hour interview with researchers Clay and Shawn Pickering can only be described as epic. Please see our 'What's New' update here for the initial full report.

To whet your appetites, and to help you decide whether to listen to the whole interview, click here for a three minute segment in which Shawn and Clay vividly describe a reptilian species, one of two which their US Navy source has been interfacing with directly and personally as part of a highly classified program which is planned to lead - sometime and somehow - to full Disclosure.

Dr Bill Deagle (15 November 2009)
Click here to download

A comprehensive new interview with Dr Bill Deagle (94 minutes). Listen to the end... it really does go all over the universe: Swine Flu, the economy, 2012, underground bases, Earth changes, the Illuminati, the Anunnaki, Iraq, Iran and more. Fascinating and important material. Highly recommended and not to be missed.

Dr John Waterman (1 November 2009)
Click here to download

Dr John Waterman is a pseudonym: he is a medical doctor, a patriot, is connected with the American Militia movement, is intelligence trained, has experience working with NASA, and is well-informed about the global economic and political situation. Here he talks with Kerry Cassidy on the broadest scale, joining the dots about the big picture of global changes, Solar Cycle 24, the H1N1 pandemic, the Illuminati agenda, and more.

Gerald Celente (10 October 2009)
Click here to download

Gerald Celente is the well-known editor of Trends Journal: energetic, passionate, articulate and entertaining. This was recorded at the Brussels Groundcrew Conference (click here for the rather low quality Ustream video - and here for a five minute audio extract which you may enjoy as much as we did). This is an extremely high quality interview. Highly recommended - don't miss it.

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy (21 September 2009)
Click here to download

This 22 minute interview with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy was recorded by radio host Rebecca Jernigan at the close of the recent Los Angeles Conference. Bill and Kerry talk with Rebecca about the conference itself, the magical process behind the scenes, the growth of Project Camelot, the groundswell of public activism and involvement - and where it may all be going. This wonderful little interview is energetic, animated, and a great deal of fun - and we can't recommend it too highly.

• Dr Bill Deagle (19 August 2009)
Click here to download

This 39 minute extract from our radio show - with commercials edited out - contains some extremely important information about Swine Flu (and what this genocidal plan may be all about) that is vital for us all to consider.

Miriam Delicado (6 August 2009)
Click here to download

Project Camelot is not alone in having experienced some very strange and unexpected attacks, or in being astonished about the direction from which they came.

This 15 minute extract is from our radio show, in which this subject was discussed between ourselves and our friend and guest, Miriam Delicado - who was in a serious auto accident a few days previously. We think the discussion, and clarification, in that audio segment was so important - and clearly explained - that we urge all visitors to listen.

Richard Dolan (4 August 2009)
Click here to download

Richard Dolan is the author of UFOs and the National Security State. This is a wonderful book: eminently readable, and a worthy sucessor to Timothy Good's classic Above Top Secret. We have a pre-publication copy and I (Bill) have not been able to put it down. I highly recommend it. Those interested in our recent debate with Steven Greer may be particularly interested in Rich Dolan's perceptive comments, archived in the link above.

Dr Brian O'Leary (8 July 2009)
Click here to download

In this short audio interview, recorded in Zurich, Dr Brian O'Leary speaks with Bill Ryan about the urgent necessity for the acceptance and adoption of Free Energy technology in a world facing enormous challenge.

Dr Bill Deagle (29 April 2009)
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Click here for the transcript

We're co-creators of our own future. We're not VICTIMS of the future. We also have to realize that if someone dies in a third world country, like an 'untouchable' in India, or someone in Mexico City that's living in a garbage heap, WE die: some portion of us dies too. If we allow the use of depleted uranium weapons to kill little girls in Gaza, or if we allow nuclear weapons to drop on the Bushehr reactor and downwind millions die from radiation poisoning, we die too. And if we can feel that connectedness in spirit as a cell in the body of mankind... we would turn back from that.
Dr Bill Deagle, 29 April 2009

In this interview we talk with Dr Bill Deagle for 54 minutes about the 'Swine Flu' outbreak, the possible plans of the Controllers, and his own personal philosophy. He covers the recent flu outbreak in Mexico and how it may be just a precursor of the 'real' outbreak, in another 'wave' to come; Dr Bill's view of the state of Israel and their plans to attack Iran; and we give Dr Bill a chance to address the issues many critics have raised over the past few years. One thing is clearly evident: Dr Bill is a very good sport and quite willing to face his detractors head-on with honesty and without rancor.

Duncan O'Finioan (13 April 2009)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

God didn't make Rambo, I made him. I recruited him, I trained him, I commanded him in Vietnam for three years. I'd say that makes him mine.
Col. Sam Trautman, Rambo: First Blood, 1982 

We had not talked with Duncan O'Finioan at length since our last meeting with him - when we interviewed him with David Corso in January 2007. In this 52 minute audio conversation he tells us about what he has learned about his programmed alternate personalities, how they operate, and what their agenda is; how he is working, with professional support, with a substantial group of people who have been through similar military programs (four generations of them, sourced in a number of different countries including Russia); and his visions of troubled times ahead in the US.

Duncan, who has suffered greatly, is a great-hearted giant of a man
and it's our privilege to continue to support him to get his message out. We're delighted that he will be speaking at our coming conference in LA in June 2009. Do listen to this interview.

Bob Dean (25 February 2009)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

This very interesting conversation took place at the International UFO Congress at Laughlin, Nevada. It was not a formal interview, had been opportune and unscheduled, and was recorded with a hand-held dictaphone in a very noisy environment. Ken Elliott and Miriam Delicado were also present, and we're delighted to share this with you. We've omitted the first 9 minutes of the audio, as it's almost impossible to listen to... although a transcript is available of the entire conversation from the beginning.  Enjoy :)

George Green (24 February 2009)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

We called George Green for an update on the state of the global economy. We recommend that George's views be considered along with Dr Bill Deagle's (see below) - and also with a very recent update from Lindsey Williams, the author of the controversial and potentially most important book Energy Non-Crisis. Lindsey specifically states that this recent interview (done not with us, but with The Byte Show) is not copyrighted, and we consider this update from Lindsey to be the most detailed and informative interview he has yet done. For anyone following George Green's and le's economic warnings, and who would appreciate more detailed information, we recommend Lindsey Williams' update as essential listening.

Dr Bill Deagle (16 February 2009)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

Dr Bill Deagle called us today to give us an update after our last contact with him: his famous phone call of 4 October 2008 (see below). He talked with us for 23 minutes about the great danger we all face from the engineered collapse of the world economy, and told us that he had learned from senior intelligence sources that two nuclear devices had recently been found in US cities and deactivated.

Dr Brian O'Leary and George Green (10 January 2009)
Click here
(Brian O'Leary) and here (George Green) to download
Click here for the transcript of Brian's presentation

This is the essence of the first day of the Camelot Conference in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (see What's New, 25 January). The first is Brian's 50 minute introduction to the meeting: a clear, passionate and often humorous presentation of the paradigm shift needed for Free Energy - which Brian has researched in depth - to become accepted in the 21st Century.

The second is George's two and a half hour presentation of his view of current geopolitical and financial realities in 2009. The final hour is taken up with questions, including from many people considering moving to Ecuador.

Stephen Bassett (13 November 2008)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

An energetic, tireless, optimistic, one-man champion of Disclosure since 1996, Steve Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group is adamant that no President has been better placed than Barack Obama to let the world know, officially and finally, about the reality of the ET presence. In this 25 minute, spirited conversation, Steve explains to us why he expects this to happen in Spring 2009, and gives interesting answers to one or two very straight questions.

Michael St.Clair (5 November 2008)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

A 15 minute phone conversation with Michael St.Clair on the morning after Obama was elected the new US President.

George Green (21 October 2008)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

A 43 minute follow-up telephone conversation with George Green on the world's economy... and what may happen "when Obama is in office". (To give us all at least something to smile about, don't miss the brief outtake at the end.)

Dr Bill Deagle (4 October 2008)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

Dr Bill Deagle called us early in the morning (in Australia, where we're here for the NEXUS Conference) to report a long night of visions and received information about imminent events which left him shaken to the core. We've published this call unedited and immediately. The audio quality is excellent.

If the information Bill Deagle reports is accurate, then nothing could be more important.

Update - Rebecca Jernigan: Click here and here for two short phone calls with radio host and psychic intiutive Rebecca Jernigan (Journeys with Rebecca), who first gave her own information that she was getting regarding upcoming events, and then her reaction to our phone call with Bill Deagle. Her intuitive dream information coincides almost exactly with Deagle's.
Click here for the transcript of the two calls

Clif High (Half Past Human) (26 September 2008)
Click here or here to download

Click here for the transcript
Click here for the transcript in German

This 75 minute interview with Clif High from Half Past Human looks into their predictive linguistic modeling technology, Clif's personal journey and relationship with his work, and HPH's forecasts themselves - the most well known of which is their analysis of a major unknown event in early (7th?) October which Clif and others believe might be very major indeed. For us at Project Camelot, this was a little too close to the warnings we had independently received from Hawkeye and other sources (see our home page, right hand column, for details), and we found ourselves paying close attention.

This interview is not the best audio quality (mainly because of Clif's noise reducing phone, which makes him appear muffled) - but is good value nonetheless because of the fascinating content. We are working on a transcript to be published soonest.

Dr Bill Deagle (24 September 2008)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

This is an opportunistic recording of an most interesting phone call with Dr Bill Deagle which explored a number of important topics in a short 20 minute period. The phone call was unscheduled, and we were unable to record the beginning or the end of the call. The standalone section in the middle is presented here for the research data which it contains.

George Green (23 September 2008)
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Click here for the transcript

In this 42 minute follow-up call with George Green (see our 2 September interview with him below), George talks in detail about the collapse of the US economy, its consequences for US citizens, and the serious, imminent risks and consequences of war.

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy (18 September 2008)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

We don't usually post details of our own interviews, but this was a good one. The audio quality is NOT good, but the content is. It contains some information that has never been published on the Camelot site and may be the best audio summary of our work to date.

1) A detailed summary of the 'Big Picture', including the Roswell crash, time travel issues, future human visitation, and the 2012 problem.2) A detailed analysis of the October problem (i.e. what may be happening in the next few weeks).

3) Project Avalon and its mission.

David Wilcock (9 September 2008)
Click here to download
Click here for the transcript

This is a blockbuster of a two hour phone conversation with David Wilcock, focusing on immediate current events but spanning time travel, the Freemasons, the Anunnaki, the Nazis, WW II, advanced technology, the Roswell crash, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the war in Georgia, the coming US election, Benjamin Fulford's testimony, and what may or may not happen in the coming few weeks and months.

Benjamin Fulford (6 September 2008)
Click here to download
Click here for the transcript

A 35 minute telephone interview with Benjamin Fulford. The purpose of the call was to allow him to expand on the details reported by him in his 28 August article published here (or here, if Jeff Rense's site is down). His article concerned the importance of 30 September as the end of the US Fiscal Year, and the possible situations being played out by the superpowers behind the scenes.

George Green (2 September 2008)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

A 35 minute telephone interview in which George discusses the economy, the Russian military, the probability of war with Iran, and the need for The Ground Crew to pull together and get organized for difficult times ahead. Recognizing that things are moving fast and changing almost daily, George has asked us to phone him in a few days' time after he's had a chance to talk further with some of his own insider contacts in Washington and elsewhere to discover more about possible and probable covert plans.

Ann Eller (Sedona, Arizona, December 2006)
Click here to download

Click here for the transcript

In 1985-86, the last year of his life, Ann Eller was the personal assistant to the very well known ufologist J. Allen Hynek. Hynek, an astronomer and a physicist, acted as scientific adviser to three consecutive UFO studies undertaken by the US Air Force: Project Sign (1947-49), Project Grudge (1949-52), and the infamous Project Blue Book (1952-69). Starting out as a skeptic, Hynek came to understand that the UFOs and their occupants were very real indeed.

As an experiencer, Ann reveals a fresh approach to what it was like working for Hynek - as well as what Hynek really thought and may have known about UFOs. She relates several anecdotes including a slightly different twist on Hynek's involvement as technical advisor to Steven Spielberg on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This 28 minute interview, which we've only just released in September 2008 (having extracted some of the audio from a corrupted video) is an interesting and important new resource to all serious researchers and historians of the subject.






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