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interview transcript - Part 2

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Michael Tellinger - Part 2
Whistleblower Radio, 14 January 2010

[Ed note: Normally the transcripts that had any parts in them that had been difficult for the transcribers to hear were put in “audibles” in square brackets in red for Bill Ryan to attend to, fix, then he’d post the transcript; however, due to unexpected interruptions in the normal working process in Project Camelot, this normal process was not able to proceed forward, so the audibles were left in the square brackets.]

Part 2

KERRY CASSIDY (KC): Okay, this is Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio, and we are talking to Michael Tellinger, having a fascinating discussion about... well, actually, the lost ruins of Enki and the Anunnaki and the early human civilization, which is a lot earlier than most people are prepared to accept.

So Michael, are you with me here?

MICHAEL TELLINGER (MT): I'm with you, Kerry.

KC: Great. Well, I've got some very excited people out there, just listening to you, and hearing the link-ups that you've been making, indeed with actual channeling and the Anunnaki.

I've got someone over here that's also been writing to me, talking to me about how excited they are to be getting some validation on certain subjects regarding the ruins that you have been discovering. And so I think that that's real exciting, and perhaps we can take some calls at the last 15 minutes of this hour. Prior to that, I'd just like to get into more depth with you.

So, basically, you're in a position to be getting more information a multitude of ways. And I'm wondering, where does Credo Mutwa fit in with this? Has he been participating, for example, in the channelings, or was he even instrumental in introducing you to this woman, Jackie, and so on?

MT: No, not really, Kerry. I went to Credo to present him with a copy of Adam's Calendar when we first released it just over a year-and-a-half ago. I spent the day with Credo and I videotaped our discussion for five hours. I'm about to release that, incidentally, that video, on my website, for those that are interested in Credo and what he has to say. It’s a fascinating discussion for five hours with Credo and myself, so that'll be available on in the next...

KC: That's very exciting. I can't wait to hear that. And was Credo in touch with the Anunnaki, or was he in touch with reptilians, or both? Or what is his take on all of that?

MT: Well, I think he's got probably a broader take than anyone else I've ever heard of, or that I've ever met or spoken to. We spoke, you know, in detail about the Anunnaki and so forth.

But the most important thing that came out of that meeting with Credo was that he confirmed to me that Adam's Calendar was... he was the first person to confirm to me that Adam's Calendar was what we thought it was, that it was a very important site on planet Earth.

He told me – and you'll see that in that interview – he told me that it's the most sacred site on Earth. The other thing that he said, he told me that it is where Heaven mated with Mother Earth. And I didn't understand that at all.

Now, there are two important sites in southern Africa. Adam's Calendar is one of them; that’s in South Africa, very close to where I live at the moment. I live in a place called Waterval Boven, which means “waterfall higher up” or “upper waterfall”, which is pretty much in the center, in the heart, of one of these ancient lost cities of Enki. We are surrounded by absolutely astonishing stone ruins where I am right now.

Then the other ancient important site is in northern Botswana. It's called the Tsodilo sites – serpent sites. And both of them are directly linked to the creation of the human race.

Now, I didn't quite understand the link between those two until quite recently. And what it seems like is that the serpent worship site in northern Botswana, the Tsodilo site, that is where the Anunnaki did all their experiments – all their cloning experiments and messing with the DNA and so forth, until they finally had what they believed was the fertilized egg or the genetic structure that they were happy with.

And then it was at Adam's Calendar that the actual insemination or fertilization process took place, and this was... [laughs] I mean, you can imagine if you say this to people out there that haven't been in touch with this kind of material or this research, they just freak out. You know, they can't deal with it.

KC: [laughs]

MT: So when I take people to Adam's Calendar and I take them through this sort of two-and-a-half kilometer stretch of the mountain, and I show them all the stuff, and all the different elements that fit together... I mean, they're blown away. It’s truly a life-changing experience, and I think it's a very spiritual experience, and it raises you to a different level of consciousness that you never imagined you could go to before.

When you go to the main site, Adam's... the actual Calendar itself... there's one area in there that is sort of surrounded by three monoliths that have now fallen down. One of them is a very Sphinx-looking-like monolith that is now broken – or statue, should I call it.

And in the middle of those three, which is right in the center on the north-south dividing line that splits the calendar right down the middle, right in the center of that is where Jackie and the other psychic ladies all confirmed that that is where the insertion, or the actual fertilization process, of the seven Anunnaki birth-mothers, or birth-females took place. That’s where they were inseminated and impregnated with the fertilized eggs that then carried the first homo sapiens.

Now that is when the words of Credo came back to me. That is where Heaven mated with Mother Earth suddenly had a completely different meaning. And you can imagine...

KC: Oh, yeah, absolutely fascinating. Well, I am looking at your site,, and I am seeing as you're speaking some of the photos of the area, which... The landscape is absolutely stunning, I have to say that as well. So, I think the land itself must exude some pretty powerful magic; or call it what you will.

MT: Yeah. I had a few people over the past year or so that I've taken there that are, you know, highly psychic, and they measured energies there. I mean, they've been there with all kinds of tools and devices to measure the energy and the ley lines and so forth. I can tell you that, confirming from at least 20 different people that have been there, there are at least five ley lines that run right through Adam's Calendar.

KC: Yeah, that's really amazing. I mean, I have to say that I myself am very drawn to this area, and I have been saying that Camelot should come down there and film you, and I'm still going to offer that again. If there are people listening to this show who want to contribute to our finances to make that possible, you know, I'm going to go down there and do some filming, because I think it’s really very interesting.

And there's also an aspect of what you are doing... in other words, what it means to uncover the real history of humanity, as opposed to, you know, the lies that we've been told over centuries and centuries as school children and so on. And what you're saying in terms of how it changes people.

I do believe that it would change humanity in general if even this idea were to become to be talked about and accepted in general on the planet. There would be a different way of looking at, you know, what it means to be human, and perhaps even affect things like wars and so on.

MT: Absolutely, and this is why I'm so, you know, passionate about this discovery and these findings. You said it earlier, this is... right at the moment, I'm completely and utterly consumed by this, you know. This is what I do, day in, day out. I don't... you know, I don't have a job; this is what I do. I wake up in the morning and I do more research. I go up the mountain and I do more research and I find things, and then I put pieces of the puzzle together, and have more material to be able to extrapolate our theory further.

And this has led to some very, very profound – more connections that you're not aware of yet that I’d like to bring up – which links directly into first of all, what Credo Mutwa has been saying, what Zecharia Sitchin has been writing about. And then also some of the more scientific people that you've interviewed, like Dan Burisch, and David Wilcock, and their discoveries and their findings link directly into this.

This is what I do when I do my presentations and my seminars. I tell people very clearly that you cannot separate anything from anything. When you start reading and researching ancient human history, you've got to be prepared to have a very open mind and deal with every aspect of everything that you find.

Because the smallest little clue, or the smallest little statement that somebody makes today that has absolutely no meaning to you, like: This is where Heaven mated with Mother Earth, you know, a few weeks or a few years later, suddenly that penny drops and you go: Oh my God, how would I have been so blind? This is such an important piece of the puzzle.

Just to tell you, for example, the work that Dan Burisch has been doing... you mentioned earlier the Lotus Project that he's been working on. Well, looking at your interviews with him and looking at his work, I suddenly realized that that is directly and inextricably linked to these ancient ruins right here, and the effect that the stones have and had on these structures.

For example, I discovered that the stones used to build these ruins are at least 50 percent silica dioxide, which is basically quartz crystal. The rest of it is iron and aluminum. So we’re dealing with a substance...

And these are very strange stones. This is not an average kind of stone you pick up on a mountain. These stones were specifically brought from the river beds – we assume they were brought from the river beds – because they're all rounded and they look like stones that have been, you know, well eroded through the work of water over millions of years.

These stones are a very special consistency of silica dioxide and iron and aluminum -- which immediately made, you know, the alarm bells ring very loudly for me, saying: Well, if it’s silica, if it’s quartz, pretty much 50 percent quartz crystal, if you can call it that, we're dealing with substances that can hold information, transfer information, transmit information, conduct all kinds of energies and so forth.

Then I discovered Dan Burisch's work, where he talks about his discoveries that silica oxide stones and rocks have this capacity to transmit or emit these pockets of electromagnetic energy. And suddenly, you know, you realize: Okay, we're dealing with something really special here; this all links together.

And not only that, but when he talks about the fact that they took, you know, he treated yeast cells and brought them back to life, and they turned into animal cells of sort of unknown origin, and they could create with crystals spontaneous life, I go: Okay, hold on. We're not just dealing with an ancient city here; and gold mining; and the knowledge of levitation and using different energy, using sound energy to, you know, move things and crush rock and levitate things and so forth, but we're also dealing with a very advanced knowledge and understanding of how to generate life!

KC: Exactly. It sounds like there's a conductive quality that these sites might actually have, making even possible doing such things as being in contact with Enki and other beings that are off-planet, possibly. In other words, it sounds like it could be conductive material. I do know that with Dan Burisch's work, one of the things that was very obvious is that there was, as you say, the ability to create life, or to allow life to come through it...

MT: Yeah.

KC: ...which is an interesting thing. Is that kind of...

MT: Yeah.

KC: ... where you're going with this?

MT: Absolutely. It's so clear to me now that these guys were so way ahead of where, you know, the way that we think today.

And these structures that we're finding, were not only... You know, they're different types of structures, and it’s... Again, it took a long time. It took at least seven years for us to figure this out, and two-and-a-half years of my personal time to figure out what these different structures were for, and the different shapes.

Some of them might have been just energy devices, devices to generate energy, and then channel it down these ancient roads – or these channels, which we now call channels – that they channeled this energy.

And then others were places where they would crush the rock.

And other places where I found these hexagonal shapes, about 3 meters across – maybe not even... two-and-a-half, two to three meters across – these honeycombed hexagonal-shaped ruins that are clustered together, always on slopes, on mountain slopes, on the hillsides, at a very steep angle, which would allow water to pass through them and then separate the different metals through vibrational frequency and so forth, and be able to collect them at the bottom, which would be the easiest way to do that.

But to come back to...

KC: So is it possible they weren't just, in other words... My mind is going a mile a minute here, and I have to... I'm sorry for interrupting here, but I'd like to know if it's possible that they were not only discovering gold, but they were also possibly doing some transmuting of different metals, even possibly working on creating gold.

MT: Yep.

KC: That’s one aspect.

MT: Yeah.

KC: And then the other aspect that comes to mind is that with the power in these stones to actually allow for a certain amount of, maybe, teleportation? Or something that Boriska, one of our Indigo children that we interviewed talked about, which was when people died on Mars, that they were... their souls, or their essences, were incased in, he called it, in stones, and basically were brought to Earth.

I'm wondering – and this is really far-fetched-sounding – but I'm wondering if there was something going on like that. That perhaps the souls that actually were put into these genetically-engineered humans were possibly even from, you know, from their home planet. In other words, possibly even using the bodies as vehicles. I know this sounds quite far-fetched, but...

MT: Yeah, Kerry, you know, it might sound far-fetched, but it's as plausible and as possible as anything else we're discussing. And I'll tell you why, why it may actually just be so.

You might have actually just put your finger on a very important aspect of this ancient civilization here, because I now believe that these were not just, you know, dwellings and places for worship, and places for work, and crushing stone, and separating the ore, for example, and as you said also, transmutating the metals from maybe the physical gold to white powder gold and so forth... um...

Incidentally, that's where I believe the Biblical word “manna” actually also emanates from here, which was the Nama, Namaqua, the Sonqua. The Sonqua people lived in a place called Namaqua. Nama could be the original word, in my opinion, for what later became manna in the Bible; they just, you know, twisted it a little bit.

Since this was the place where the first gold in the world came from, and they were also transmutating it into white powder gold, it is quite plausible that this was the Namaqua, the land of the white gold, that in the Bible then became “manna from heaven”. But I'm digressing a bit here. [laughs]

KC: Oh, right. That does sound logical, I have to say, and follows some of the work that we've heard from Jordan Maxwell as well. But go ahead; I'd love to hear the rest.

MT: What I believe as well is that many of these stone circular structures – now that we know that they are pretty much silica oxide, very strong crystal abilities – I believe now that many of these were also cloning tanks. They were actually cloning humans here en masse. And I'm not talking babies; I'm talking cloning humans into an adult form.

Because, what you've got to ask yourself is... well, the physical evidence is here. We have over 10-million stone ruins. So now you’ve got to start putting the numbers together. Okay, how many people lived here? As I said earlier, anything between 50- and 200-million people. You do the sums and, you know, assumptions yourself.

But let's say that even there were 50-million people. You know, to breed and to create 50-million people from babies is not going to happen overnight. And if you want to run gold mines, and you want people to work in these gold mines, you're going to have to come up with a very advanced cloning project to create these people that can work in these gold mines.

So it is now clear to me that we're dealing – because of the special properties of the silica oxide and the way that they could generate life, and create spontaneous life, and create... transmutate... cells from dead yeast cells into live cells, and all these incredible and weird properties – I believe that many of these were advanced cloning chambers. They were actually cloning humans into adult forms.

KC: Yeah that actually makes sense, I have to say. And there's also an aspect of that that would have been, you know, for... and this is just... Again, I don't know, obviously what I'm talking about here, but its amazing how there could be an aspect... Because Enki and Enlil were famous -- and I do believe that this element is correct -- for not getting along. And therefore Enki was also involved in doing things that were perhaps, on a certain level, secret...

MT: Yep.

KC: ...from what his brother would know.

MT: Yep.

KC: And so, it’s possible, as I said before, that there could be sort of a teleportation of souls or energy, going into these clones. One thing that we are getting – and this may sound like a completely different topic – but we are getting information right now that there are synthetic beings here on the planet, some of which are created by our government, and some of which may be returning that were originally created in the times of Atlantis.

But one of the things that has been told to me by a whistleblower, is that not only that, we have some dolphin-human hybrids there were being created in the lab by our government, in an undersea base. And that these beings were being inhabited, in essence, by humans that are living now.

In other words, the body is created, and then, very much like the movie Avatar, that these humans are then inhabiting these beings, inhabiting their bodies, and then allowing them to do whatever they need to do. In other words, I don't know, carry out a war, carry out exploration of space, and so on and so forth. If the body is destroyed, the human is not.

MT: Yeah.

KC: And so, by the same token, if you take that, and you take that into the days of the Anunnaki, it’s possible that something like that might have been going on with them because they were so advanced. Right?

MT: Yeah, and this is... We've got to maybe spend a bit of time on this, because this is very important. The kind of lives we live today in this ridiculously dumbed-down state that we're in as a species, totally controlled by the media and the drug companies, and our governments that are just obviously doing everything in their power to keep us dumbed down and marching like little soldiers...

We've got to step out of this, this terrible dream and tap into, plug into, reality – what's been going on, on planet Earth for millions of years, and what's been going on in the universe for billions of years. I think it's really exciting that there are people that are opening up to this and waking up to this reality.

One of these things you mentioned earlier I want to come back to, which is again, another direct link. You said teleportation, and etcetera. Well, many of these sites that we found – Adam's Calendar being one itself – Adam's Calendar is still an active portal. Okay? And that has been confirmed by a number of psychics, and not just my friend Jackie and her group, but various others that I brought there.

It was interesting. I had a team of people, a team of psychics from twelve different countries – 24 people from twelve different countries – from New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, China [and] Japan. [laughs] It was quite astounding, and they were all highly psychic people. When I took them to Adam's Calendar, Kerry, it was like watching a bunch of 5-year-olds let loose in a candy store! [laughs] It was quite incredible.

KC: [laughs] I can imagine, I have to say.

MT: They gave me so much information! I felt like a sponge. I just stood there. I should have shared with them everything I knew and everything I felt, and they just gave back. And they just gave me all this information that they could feel and pick up and psychically, intuitively, feel. So I learned so much from that particular group.

But just to come back to your teleportation: Adam's Calendar is an active portal. That I know. And we've seen some very strange things there over the last few years that are really weird. The magnetic and the energy fields there are absolutely weird – GPS does not work at all inside the Adam's Calendar circle; it just goes completely haywire. Makes no reason why it should do that, and then a few meters outside of it, it works absolutely perfectly.

So that seems to confirm that there is a weird activity going on there. And then various other sites, stone circle sites that I've found are also active portals. That I've been told by some psychic people.

And this is another interesting thing that directly links to the work of David Wilcock. I know in his work he talks about the Montauk Project, and you've interviewed various people on that as well. They talk about the Montauk “chair”, the chair that they reverse-engineered, and they found that it had 22 frequencies – 22 specific frequencies out of which all the other frequencies emanated.

Well, that's exactly the direction that my research is going in as well. And this 22 is becoming a very important number, because 22 is... In my new book that I'm working on with an absolutely brilliant scientist, and he's obviously channeled from the highest level. His name is [phonetic spelling] ‘Vilim deSwart’, and we’re busy finishing a new book called The Secret Numbers of God, which I think is going to just also open up a whole new chapter and door to understanding how all these things fit together.

‘Vilim’ has pretty much decoded the entire universe: All the sacred geometry numbers, how it works, and why it works, and how it links to the Source, or God, and created the link between space-time and time-space, and how it works with a singularity. He unpacks this so beautifully and so simply with basic geometry that you actually go: How have we missed this all these years? It is so simple!

Well, he's also unpacked the fact that, you know, 22 is a very important number. Twenty-two is actually the number which describes how we interconnect with the Divine. And that there are 22 images or patterns that actually describe the Infinite in a limited world, or the 3-D time of God, or the Creator, the Creative Source... how it transmits and how it manifests itself in the physical world, in 3-D space. There are 22 patterns and 22 images.

So this is all important.

So now we've got the Montauk chair, that has got 22 frequencies. We've got our new work, specifically ‘Vilim deSwart’s’ work that shows that there are 22 images and patterns and frequencies that pull all this together.

And we have, guess what? In these cloning chambers where I believe the Anunnaki cloned the human race – and millions and millions of them – guess what we have? We have silica oxide crystal-like rocks that had the capacity to generate life. Okay? And guess how many chromosomes the early humans had? Twenty-two pairs of chromosomes. Okay? The 23rd is a sex chromosome, the X and the Y, that were slapped on there later once they wanted us to procreate on our own.

So there's a very direct link in all of this; and I believe also the research going on with the DNA and the chromosomes and how they are receptors of light and information – transmitters and receptors of information and light, and all these things. I believe that in there lies the secret to teleportation itself, that your chromosomes, and these 22 chromosomes, and the 22 frequencies are responsible for allowing us to teleportate, or travel through space-time, and time-space.

KC: Oh, wonderful. This is so great!

Okay, we're continuing on the other side of the hour, we're going to break right now, and thank you so much, Michael Tellinger, we'll be right back.


KC: …on the air with Michael Tellinger, this is Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio.

Okay, Michael, so we’re going off down the rabbit hole [laughs] and we’re…

MT: Yeah.

KC: …talking about teleportation at this moment, and the number 22 and how that factors in with the fact that these stones are silicon – basically crystals for all intents and purposes; and that they may indeed… that you’ve got a portal operating there.

You’re talking about in some ways almost what seems to be – and this is sort of, maybe a corny way of putting it – but a direct telephone line between this planet, via the Adam’s Calendar and that area of the globe, back to wherever the Anunnaki originally came from.

MT: Yeah, it certainly seems like that, Kerry. And the more you look at it, the more it rings true. And that’s just incredible, you know.

I wish I could play to you right now the ringing sounds of some of these rocks; it has such an effect on people. I’m coming back to the sound effect now, and just also the important moment that I felt when it suddenly broke for me that this is what’s happening here, that sound was used to create these devices, that sound was used for the energy, that sound…

Also remember that Dan Burisch’s work – he suggests very strongly that this spontaneous generation of life, the cells that they created in his Project Lotus, and the reconstitution of dead yeast cells came as a result of some sort of audio or sound frequency.

Everything that we study... even in the Bible, it says, you know: In the beginning there was the Word, and the Buddhists believe in the Om as this primordial creative force, the sound, the Om. And then you realize that the Om has six aspects, and six frequencies that make up the central aspect of Om, the six around the one – the six days of creation, and the seventh one is in the middle, and so forth.

And these are all linked to vibrational frequencies in music, if you understand that. And then you get the 12 spheres around the one, you know, which is the 12 disciples around Christ. And all these things.

Those are all images, imagery of vibrational energies and frequencies that many people still haven’t figured out yet; and this is how it all fits together so beautifully. When you start putting it together, it just starts to fit like a glove! Everything seems to work, and everything fits.

And this is what is so incredible with the work that I’m doing with ‘Vilim deSwart’ and his absolute clarity on unpacking all this stuff, and showing how 3-D time transmutates into 3-D space; and how it all works so easily and so simply. And then when we compare it to the structures we have here, [laughs] and you just go: Okay…

Exactly what you said: we’re looking at an ancient site that was directly connected to the rest of the universe. They could come and go as they wanted. They could create life. They used the 22 basic frequencies of light or sound or whatever it is that you want to call it, the primordial frequencies, that can create life and give you the ability to go from 3-D Time to 3-D space, and so forth.

KC: And we’re also talking about the idea being that in essence – and this is something Camelot has been also sort of exploring and tapping into – which is the idea that we are all time travelers, in essence.

MT: Yeah.

KC: And that this capability is built into our bodies.

MT: Yeah.

KC: It’s built into our… the abilities that we have that we have forgotten that we have.

MT: Yes. And I think it’s linked to the fact that we’ve got these 22 chromosomes. Once again, originally it seems like we had 24 pairs of chromosomes, but two of them were fused. Chromosome 2 and chromosome 4, if I remember correctly now, were fused at some stage, you know, early, back in time. Now, who would have fused it? You know?

So, if you come back to the concept of cloning and creating a humanoid species that can become a time traveler, by the Anunnaki, cloned by the Anunnaki, they would have… And if it is indeed so, which I believe it was, that they took a species that already existed and they just messed with the DNA and they created a new, more advanced structure for a being that could do all these things, they fused two of the chromosomes so that we ended up with 22 chromosomes.

So, they could create them, or they could suck this energy out of the ether and create these humans on Earth to, you know, do menial work for them initially. But also later the species evolved into you and I that are now discussing all these weird things. And…

KC: Right. Well, I think that there is some aspects of this which… Obviously there are millions of aspects that we’re tapping on here, but the idea of fusing chromosomes, and actually we get into the “junk DNA”, the aspect that there was a point at which humans were interfered with to basically stop their development, to dumb them down, to keep them on this prison planet – in essence you could even say where the souls might have gotten locked into the bodies, losing their connection with the Source, and so on and so forth.

MT: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

KC: There could be aspects of that that you’re actually tapping into there.

MT: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I’m not sure how one can describe it. But I think you put it very clearly. There were definitely aspects of it, and there’s a lot of evidence that we’ve been dumbed down, and we’re stuck on this prison planet. Some of us are tapping into higher levels of awareness and consciousness and allowing our DNA to…

Fortunately, whoever it was, whether it was malicious Anunnaki or malicious other beings that did that dumbing down, fortunately it’s very difficult to keep the DNA dumbed down. Because as we now know – you know this well – our DNA allows itself to keep evolving, and to keep improving and keep upgrading itself. And Bruce Lipton shows that very clearly himself in his work.

KC: Yeah, so this is more work that David Wilcock has been, you know, pointing to. If nothing else, he is basically joining dots that other scientists have come across.

MT: Yeah.

KC: And so we are talking about a whole sort of transmutation even of the human species, at this point.

MT: Yeah. And I want to come back a little bit, if I may, to some of the statements that are also made about this ancient civilization in The Lost Book of Enki. Because it talks about, you know, Enki building his “beloved city”, and also, by the way, this is what came out in my channeling with Enki. That came out and he mentions this “beloved city”, and how much he loved it, and how he loved the people.

This is, again, very consistent with the translations of the Sumerian tablets and the constant tussle between Enlil and Enki. The way he spoke, and the way that the entity that came through the channeling spoke and referred to this place here, and the energy forms, and the energy that they used... when I first heard it, I didn’t understand it. It took me another six months or so to try and figure it out, and understand what the hell he was talking about.

But he spoke about the circular, the concentric cities, the cities they built in concentric circles, and that went out. And that’s exactly... when you look at the structures down here, everything is built in concentric circles. And that’s just absolutely amazing.

KC: Wow. We are going to so many different areas here, and I have to thank you for being willing to go down all these different paths.

Obviously, as you say, you need to have an extraordinarily open mind to be dealing with what you’re dealing with, to be entertaining all the possibilities there. And I have to say that I think it’s fascinating how this area of the world has even been overlooked, and more or less ignored, and perhaps that’s been purposeful.

MT: Maybe, exactly – purposeful. And maybe there was a good reason for it, because just imagine if this kind of information was unleashed 50 years ago; it would have just been shoved under the carpet.

But now, because of people like you and Bill, and other projects of a similar nature exposing lost ancient knowledge, and of higher consciousness and higher developed civilizations that we have forgotten about as a dumbed-down species, this allows us now to take this knowledge and actually do something with it, to take this information and share it on a much larger platform that we may not have had 10 or 20 or 30 years ago. It would have been lost, and probably lost for another, much longer period.

KC: As well as to possibly communicate across large distances with the original Creators, who, some will say who are still here. Some are actually on the planet now, from what I understand.

If you listen to Clark McClelland, you’ll hear him talk about seeing some very, very tall beings that were interacting on the NASA Space Shuttle and so on and so forth, apparently giving orders of some kind. So there is a secret level to this that goes all the way into the negative side of the equation and what is really going on behind the scenes.

It may be that we are awakening, or that you are awakening down there, a connection with the more positive side, the positively-oriented intentions for the human race originally, and opening some of those doors once and for all here. And so I have to applaud you for all of your efforts, and for your wonderful enthusiasm in this area.

What I would like to do is take calls from the listeners, because this has been extremely exciting, I think, radio, very extraordinary, where things are being discussed that are really groundbreaking. So if we do have callers, feel free to call in.

The phone number is on our website, on, and also on the, if you go to that website and you want to find the call-in number.

But to continue, perhaps you can also talk about a little bit more of what you’re finding out, just in terms of this area and these really exciting things that you’re discovering. Maybe even more of the channeled information that you’ve been getting… I can’t even imagine what you may be asking, or tapping into there.

MT: Yeah, Kerry, I’ve been very fortunate to also… People from all over the world e-mail me, and it’s just growing at an exponential rate at this stage, so I’ve been also very fortunate in people sharing their specific talents and gifts with me.

One of them is a chap in America. I’m not going to mention his name, but he sent me some channeled information and some remote viewing transcripts that he had of coming to South Africa about 280,000 years ago, and describing the gold mines of South Africa under those early Anunnaki and early settlement days. They are absolutely staggering. It is mind-blowing stuff. You actually... when you read it, you feel as if you are here.

The other information, the channeled information, that I was given was that I was here over 200,000 years ago. I was part of this. I cannot now remember if I was one of the Anunnaki or if I was one of the sort of Earthling slaves, or what my function was. That wasn’t quite clear. I need to go back and channel that information again. But that is probably why I’m so obsessed with bringing this information out.

And then, the other interesting thing I want to come back to, if I can very quickly, is the confusion that exists between the Anunnaki and possibly the Draco and the Lizard people and the Reptilians and Orion or the Talls. I certainly have not been able to draw any clear distinction between those, because they do cross over on many occasions.

And even here at Adam’s Calendar, we have distinct alignments with Orion’s Belt. Also just to mention for your listeners what I didn’t mention, we have the first carved Sphinx, the first carved Horus stone. We have the first Pyramids, and these are going back to 280,000 years, okay? This is not just a few thousand years ago.

So this is all linked to Adam’s Calendar, and very beautifully linked with a Fibonacci and a Golden Mean spiral, clearly showing us that these people had a clear understanding of energy and the flow of energy, and clearly a lot more things than just that.

So we’re dealing with the origins of all these symbols. Plus also the ankh, what we believe to be the Egyptian ankh. The ankh is actually a Southern African, a South African symbol that came from this first civilization here in South Africa. And I believe the ankh to have been the source of the frequency, the vibrational frequencies that were used to kick-start these cloning tanks, these mining processing plants, the teleportation chambers, and whatever.

The ankh was the frequency that got it all going. It was like a key, like a tuning fork that got all these things going. And this is where the ringing stones come into play.

KC: [laughs] It really, really is extraordinary. I mean, what you’re talking about is just so actually mind-blowing and mind-expanding. You know, Mike, we have some people calling in and I do want to give them a chance to ask their questions.

MT: Yeah, let’s go ahead.

KC: So if you wouldn’t mind, I’m going to take Holly, it looks like from Virginia, who is on the line. Holly, are you there?

HOLLY: Yes, I’m here.

KC: Okay, hello there. And you’re welcome to ask Michael a question.

HOLLY: Okay. This is not a question, but actually a comment. What you have described is really similar to what I read from the book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek. And I have been a fan of Project Camelot. The first time when I heard the interview with Bob Dean and what he said, that human was really genetically engineered by the Anunnaki, I said: Oh, I have read this from the book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life,” and it has been described in detail there. And now, when I listen to you … I plan to go and buy the book The Slave Species of God. But from what you have said it is really similar of what…

KC: Okay.

HOLLY: …Drunvalo Melchizedek said. And I think that this is really like something true here, because I’m also like… follow this very closely, and I can say that a lot of information are coming together. This is really something true, not something that people make up or anything. So I’m really excited. And now that I feel that you are like talking with those psychics and then have a lot of information, I’m really like excited and looking forward to hear about those things.

So when are you going to publish or let us know about the things that the psychics have told you?

MT: All right. If I could answer that... thank you very much. The one thing that I have not mentioned at all in this interview for two hours [laughs] is that my new book has just been released. It’s called Temples of the African Gods and it’s available on You can order the hardcover book, or you can even download the e-book if you want it immediately.

We’ve only printed 3,000 copies of the book because that’s all I could afford. So I’d like to sell those online as quickly as I can so we can get some money to print some more, because… KC: That’s absolutely wonderful. And thank you, caller. I will go to the next caller now. And Michael, you know, I’m definitely going to be one of those people downloading your e-book. That’s really exciting. All of your research is absolutely fascinating, and I will be very interested in hearing about your next book even after this.

Janet from New Jersey I believe is calling in. And are you on the line, Janet?

JANET: Hi, Kerry. Hi, Michael.

KC: Hi there.

MT: Hello, Janet.

JANET: What you’re saying, Michael, is just fabulous. I have a question about the Anunnaki. You claim that, or you suppose, that they made the human beings, the angelic human beings. Well, Anna Hayes from the Voyager Series says pretty much everything you say, except she claims that they did not make the angelic humans – us – they made the Neanderthal. What do you think about that?

MT: I don’t think that they made the angelic beings. Personally, at this stage, where my knowledge lies at the moment, I’m of the opinion that they just made the Homo sapiens, not necessarily the Neanderthals, but the Homo sapiens.

But it could be the Neanderthals as well, because we’re dealing with another species down here in South Africa called the Boskop, the Boskopoid humans [ ], that is a huge mystery to historians, archaeologists, anthropologists. They have no idea where they fit in, but they definitely fit into the Neanderthal kind of humanoid. And they could have actually been the “First People” that were cloned. It’s quite possible.

One of the great mysteries in all of this, and this is mind-blowing... Imagine we’ve got this huge ancient city that covers the whole of Southern Africa. It never stopped. It just went on and on and on, and we have not found a single skeleton. Now, that is a huge, huge mystery. You know, you’d imagine we’d be finding…

KC: Yeah, actually I was going to ask you that. I was actually going to ask you that when I think we went to break, and I was mentioning the work of Klaus Dona, because there have been large skeletons discovered in various other places around the planet. But it’s very interesting to hear that you have not recovered any large skeletons in that area that you’re talking about.

MT: No, nothing. I must tell you that after, what, seven years of trying to get some sort of engagement from the South African government, we finally have an open door. I’ve been invited to do a presentation to SAHRA – the South African Heritage Resource Authority – on the fifth of February. I’m doing a presentation to all the stakeholders: tourism and archaeology and heritage, and the parks board people and so forth. I’m presenting all this research and information to them.

The woman that runs it here in the Mpumalanga Province is so excited about it, and she’s become, I suppose, if I can call her the champion – Nkosazana Machete [ BY ARCHAEOLOGY/ PALAEONTOLOGY UNTT OF THE HERITAGE RESOURCES AGENCY. South Africa has a unique and non-renewable archaeological and palaeontolagical .... be made by the SAHRA Mpumalanga Provincial Office (Mrs. Nkosazana Machete: ...]. And I hope that with her support and help now we can finally get the ears of the government and start getting some funding.

I must tell you as well, I mean, you mentioned the word funding earlier. At this stage, all this research, and the foundation that we’ve set up, called the MaKomati Foundation – and that’s another website listeners can go to – but all the funding that comes into the foundation has come out of Johan Heine’s pocket and my personal pocket. So we could certainly do with a little bit of donation from people that can afford a few bucks.

You know, go on to the MaKomati website, and if you can, help us so that we can go out and do some more research.

KC: Absolutely!

MT: Otherwise, buy the book! [laughs] Buy the book so I can sell some books so I can do some more research!

KC: Well, you know, that would be wonderful, and we would love to encourage people to do that. And thank you, caller, we’ll go to the next caller after this. But what I would like to say is, the MaKomati, could you spell that for the listeners?

MT: Yes. It’s M A K O M A T I. M A K O M A T I. It’s , actually. We just changed it to, because it’s an organization, a non-profit organization, a foundation, for the preservation, the maintenance, and research on these ancient ruins.

And on that website you’ll see some beautiful photographs as well. And there’s a donation button that you can go to. So…

KC: Wonderful. [Michael starts to speak / overtalk] Go ahead.

MT: Sorry... you wanted to take some more callers? If you want to take some more…

KC: No, Well, if there was anything specific you wanted to cover, because we do only have five minutes left. So if there’s something specific you wanted to say.

MT: Very briefly, we have… I mentioned earlier, we have a very distinct link to Orion’s Belt, Orion rising, so that Orions, or the Talls, as some of your previous guests have also called them.

We also have a distinct link to various other star systems, like Draco, very distinct link to Draco, and Tuban.

And therein lies a slight conflict, between the Draco, the Draconians, and the lizard people, and then the Nordic or the Talls, or possibly the Anunnaki. I’m not quite sure how the two fit and how they cross over. I haven’t yet figured that out, and I hope to get more clarity on that in the very near future because it has become quite confusing, because they constantly overlap.

KC: Yeah. And I think we’re also talking about different times, and different timelines, that may be …

MT: Yeah.

KC: …converging in the same area. Because you can’t have time travelers who are in essence able to also cover different timelines. And so you’ve got different beings that may have had an impact, even on the creation of humanity, and so on, and had their impact at different times in the process.

MT: Yeah. Yeah.

KC: So, I guess you’re tapping into all of that. We’re about to actually close down here, and I’m very sorry that we didn’t get a chance to get to the other callers.

Michael, this has been a wonderful, illuminating discussion, I think, for all of the people out there, and for myself. I really want to thank you so much for coming on the radio show today.

I do want to stay in touch with you. I’d love to take a trip down, have Project Camelot do some filming and interview you down there in person, and really get into this even on a deeper level. I think that’d be fabulous. So we’d love people to contribute to that effort as well.

Please buy Michael’s books, and let’s… [closing music over-rides Kerry’s voice]

End of Part 2

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