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Telephone conversation transcript,
4 October 2008

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ill Deagle (BD): Hi. Dr Bill Deagle here.

Kerry Cassidy (KC): Hi, Bill, this is Kerry Cassidy, and Bill Ryan is with me right here.

Bill Ryan (BR): Bill, good morning.

BD:  Yes.

KC:  Can you hear us?

BD:  Yeah. Hi. Yes. Can you hear me fairly well?

KC:  Yes. We can hear you very well.

Start of interview

Kerry Cassidy (KC): Hi, this is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot. It’s very early in the morning in Australia, where we are attending the NEXUS Conference.

We’ve gotten a very important phone call from Bill Deagle this morning, and he is on the line. He wanted to tell the world what he has seen.

We have already had a small phone call. And today is Sunday, October 5, 2008, and Bill and I have already spoken briefly. We compared notes. It seems that the information he is getting is coinciding exactly with the information that I have gotten and have not spoken about or released.  

Bill Ryan (BR): And it’s Saturday, October 4, 2008, in California. Bill, is that correct?

Bill Deagle (BD): It is indeed. Yes. It’s Saturday, October 4th in California, and it’s around 6 minutes after 1.00 pm Pacific time.

BR:  OK.

KC:  OK. Go right ahead, Bill, and tell what you have told me.

BD:  Yeah. For several years now I’ve been having some pretty powerful visions. And visions sometimes come in what I call “shards,” or “fragments”.  And sometimes it’ll be what I call a final “catalytic event,” or vision that’ll pull ’em all together, so you can see all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

The best way to describe this -- and I described this, of course, in our talk on Sunday last -- that people that are really what I call connected, they are, if you want to call it, like the retinal cells in the back of the body of mankind. They can see the light, in other words, or the images coming. And as the images start to come together, one of their jobs is, in a sense, is to receive that and then translate it through the body.

In various cultures where they are considered -- like the Hopi medicine man or the prophets of ancient Israel or others – there’s always a percentage of people in the population that, from their bloodlines, their genetics and their spirit DNA, they are called very connected or intuitive.

And, of course, you know I am one of those. There are many. I’ve just watched a portion of an interview with Miriam Delicado, and she’s another one.

KC:  Yes. That’s absolutely true.

BD:  Yeah. This morning what happened... and to describe this... If you’ve ever read portions of the Old Testament in the Bible, you’ll see that sometimes these ancient prophets, what they would do is go to the... literally the back of the cave. And they would, you know, put on sack cloth and ashes.

And they would kind of literally grieve in the spirit for what’s coming, and try to intercede to actually change the timeline of the corporate body of mankind around them -- like the ancient nation of Israel or the Hopi Indians -- or knowing where to go to places of refuge. 

And the best way to describe this is... I call it spirit-pain, almost like a pain that’s searing pain, that’s just like the most intense pain you can imagine -- but not in the physical body but in the spirit -- starting from the top of my head and going right to the soles of my feet.

This morning... coming in spasms, almost like contractions, like a delivery, lasting so many minutes and then just letting go. And just, you know, tears and a feeling of terror. And images. And images of people... literally, colors gone, and kind of a bluish faded light. And people literally spinning around, holding the sides of their heads, screaming in terror, not knowing which direction to go.

A feeling of unleashing and knowing that whatever’s going to happen, even if all the events don’t all happen, they’re going to start on Tuesday the 7th of October, and... [gasps] I’m starting to go back again.

KC:  OK. Bill...

BD:  It’s so intense, it’s hard to describe. It’s almost like you can feel this intense kind of terror coming over the whole body of mankind, that you can feel palpably, that’s so powerful... Think of the most painful thing you’ve ever had, let’s say, like a root canal or a broken bone, or something that’s so intense you can actually almost see spots in front of your eyes. Think of that in the spirit. That’s what I feel. It’s a... [sound of pain]

KC:  OK. Bill, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I really do. I’m hearing you. I appreciate where you’re coming from.

BD:  Yeah. It’s very strong. And I had this happen before Oklahoma City, before 9/11, before Katrina, before the [Banda] Aceh tsunami, right before the attack with tectonic weapons on Sichuan, China.

Each of these, I had, you know, what I call... The best way to describe it is a night terror, or a feeling sometimes coming in little flashes, lasting seconds to minutes over weeks and so on, and then finally kind of, like a crescendo, rising towards something where it’s going to culminate. And then the images start to pull together from these little broken shards into a full image.

And this morning... that event is starting to happen. They’re all coming together. And I’m not sure exactly all the events, but I believe the economic things that have happened in the last few weeks are part of that whole process.

KC:  OK.

BD:  [noise in background] I can hear the Blue Angels, by the way, over my head because we’re really near Miramar Air Force Base. We’re right beside Miramar, just south of Pendleton.

KC:  OK.

BD:  What I see is a kind of terror that makes 9/11 pale. It is a kind of a horror that is economic. And I see people spinning around in terror from destruction, like a bomb going off.

I can feel burns. I can smell burning human flesh. I can feel their physical pain, their absolute, you know, stark paralysis of the horror of everything that’s happened to them, of the survivors.

And it just makes me shake inside. It’s just like... and you want to intervene. You want to somehow stop it, and you’re trying, but you can’t.  You can’t stop it. You know, we’re praying. And that’s what I’ve been doing this morning. I’m saying: How do we avoid this? But can I feel it coming.

This bailout -- I found out in the spirit, because I get what I call spirit-knowledge -- was actually a willing blood sacrifice.

Because, if you think of the work of the people, literally exchanging their time -- which is their blood -- for money, all money is blood. It’s basically your time on this world. You’re allotted time, converted into the means of commerce, and you exchange that for goods or services.

And when the Congress did this, it was a willing blood sacrifice to the global Luciferic financial system. And it’s a preparation for a sacrifice of America.

KC:  OK.

BD:  So, I believe that the next major event will be a false-flag in the United States. I don’t know if it’ll happen on the 7th, but I know that the forces will be unleashed on the 7th.

Something’s going to happen on the morning of October 7th that’s going to unleash the forces that are going to result in...

I see martial law coming. I see financial collapse. I see empty shelves. I smell the smell of violence in cities, and gunpowder. I see troops marching. I see blue hats. I see black ski masks. I see all kinds of terror things happening.

And, I see strange signs in the heavens, too. I see a sky that’s red, a red sky with clouds. And I see objects in the sky. Now, I’m not sure what they are. But I can see some strange things happening in the heavens.

BR:  Bill?

BD:  Yes?

BR:  We have all, between us, spent time figuring out what sorts of events these might be. As best as you can apply your intellect and analysis to this, what do you think you are looking at in the real world?

BD:  I’m not sure in terms of the timeline, but what I see in my spirit... I see a financial collapse preceding a blamed-on-Al-Quaeda nuclear event happening in a U.S. city, or one or more cities.

KC:  OK. Bill...

BD:  I see people...

KC:  Do you see where this could be happening?  I mean, I personally have had similar visions, so I have an idea of where this is. And it’s totally OK if you don’t want to say where you see that.

BD:  OK. Well, the thing is, I’ve known -- in the physical -- that they’ve been doing operational war games, just like the mini-series, Jericho, we discussed in the interview on video.

But I’ll just go back a bit. Back in... I think it was 1987, I was traveling on I-80 just south of Chicago and I had one of what I call my visions. And literally, like the blink of an eye, like the fiftieth of a second, I can be gone into spirit for minutes to hours.

And what happened is, at that moment I was not driving there. I was standing on the side of the highway. And I could see people walking and RVs and the road, just people crawling along a few miles per hour. And a lot of people walking on the sides of the highway, and people crying. And I looked back, and I saw this giant mushroom cloud rising.

And I asked them what had happened, and they could hardly speak. And they were saying that they saw the destruction of the core of Chicago. And I’m not sure if that’s the city, but that’s just one of the visions I had.

Then I’ve seen other cities, a city in an area that’s very flat. You know, it could be a plains city. It could be Los Angeles. Whatever, it was a city that was very, very flat. The landscape was not hilly.

And I saw this, you know, it was like 20 or 30 blocks vaporize. And I saw people running around and screaming as shards of material were flying. And they looked up and they could see through their hands, and they could see their bones almost like an x-ray. And then, of course, immediately afterward they were blind; they couldn’t see anything.

So, I’m not sure what the timeline is. But I know that the events that are going to be unleashed Tuesday are going to result in a nuclear event in a U.S. city. And it will be one or more cities that they’ll do it in.

KC:  OK. Ah... OK. Thank you for telling us and sharing your vision. Ah...

BD:  And it could be now or it could be next spring, but I know that the events are... Something’s going to happen Tuesday, and it’s a financial thing that will set in motion the events that will result in this.

It could be as early as the middle of October, but I know that what’s coming is martial law. And it may not last that long because they don’t even have the troops or the capacity to manage the entire population. But I know that they are trying... It’s like Katrina.

They’re preparing the population for a much wider and larger event, just like they prepared Oklahoma City for 9/11. This is the next step from 9/11. And Tuesday the events are going to unleash this next event.

KC:  OK. Bill, I wanted to ask you if you are OK with us saying your location at the moment. Because, as a psychic intuitive, your location to the event will influence the depth of your vision, so to speak, I believe. So are you comfortable with saying the city and the state? Or would you rather just say the state?

BR:  Or is it possible that that would be misleading, because some people in California might become very terrified by this and it might not actually...

BD:  Yeah. I don’t... Actually I do know what cities are the target cities, and I know which ones are the most likely to be struck. [Ed. note: see Bill Deagle's December 2006 Granada Forum Lecture, in which Bill testifies that he has been informed by an inside source that 22 American cities contain suitcase nukes kept regularly serviced by the US intelligence community.]

And in fact...

KC:  OK. But I mean, do you want to say where you are located at the moment? Are you comfortable with that?

BD:  Yeah. I’m in southern California right now.

KC:  OK.

BD:  And the location that is the most probable from the visions I’ve had... Remember now, I’m getting little flashes, almost like seeing little video clips, only tiny little short flashes. It’s a very flat terrain. It’s an area that’s in a warmer climate. It’s an area that’s near the coast. It’s an area where there’s a massive population. It’s an area where there’s lots of freeways.

KC:  OK.

BD:  Kerry, it’s in a valley.

KC:  I think that covers it sufficiently.

BD:  Yeah.

BR:  Well, actually there will be a lot of people listening to this who aren’t familiar with the local terrain. What places fit that set of descriptors? Because I don’t know.

BD:  Which places fit with that?

BR:  Yeah.

BD:  Ah... [long pause]... the top on the list is Los Angeles.

KC:  Right. OK. Bill...

BD:  Yeah, there are really no other cities that fit with this.

KC:  I want to ask you some things that’ll take us in a little bit different direction just to...

BD:  But...

KC:  And, you know, we can come back to this. OK? As you know, we were just... On Friday obviously they approved the bailout. And as you say, this is a blood sacrifice.

BD:  Yeah. This is a Luciferic sacrifice.

KC:  What I found interesting is that it is also... For example, Iceland is also doing a bailout at the moment. That was in the news. There are other countries in the world at the moment that are actually doing similar kinds of bailouts for their banks. Some are in the news, and some are probably hiding it.

BD:  Right.

KC:  Ah, there is also... We’re getting some information, very small, about what was called a “bank holiday”.

BD:  Yes. That’s very probably going to happen. In fact, it could be that the bank holiday event will be the thing that may be called once the stock market opens on Monday. I’m not certain, but I know that the event that’s going to catalyze this entire thing will be financial. The event on Tuesday is a financial event.

KC:  Yes. And do you see... We’ve also been getting some bits and pieces of movements of troops. Ah... not only...

BD:  Yes. I’ve been having visions of seeing Chinese troops on American soil with black uniforms, and a special crest on them that looks very strange. It’s like a triangle on yellow.

I’ve seen in my visions the movements of boxes off of containers on the west coast. I’ve seen the activation of people that looked like they were just regular citizens; they were Oriental. And all of a sudden they were donning uniforms.

I’ve seen rail cars arriving up through Mexico that had special markings on the outside, and they looked like they were very new containers. They didn’t look like they were old recycled ones. And they had special markings on the side, coming up through Mexico.

KC:  OK.

BD:  Something’s happening. And I see the movement of submarines off the coast, both the east and west coast, that include both Chinese and Russian submarines.

KC:  OK. We have also been getting information about something in Britain. Have you gotten anything in that regard?

BD:  Yeah. Some of the catalyzing events, I believe, financially, may not start in America. They may start in Europe.

KC:  OK. There’s also information out there that the bailout was actually wanted by the European banks and by various institutions overseas.

BD:  Yeah. In fact, that’s the reason why... is that the bailout is not enough. The word I get in the spirit is that it’s not enough to stop the hemorrhaging. It’s like someone who’s bled out 20 units of blood and you give them 2, and hope that, if you can put your finger over the hole, they won’t die.

And, this bailout is not going to be sufficient to stop the hemorrhaging. In fact, it’s actually going to encourage it. It’s almost like when you give someone what’s called platelet-poor blood. They don’t have enough platelets to clot the wound out so that it’ll stop hemorrhaging.

It actually encourages further hemorrhaging. As the banks scramble to get funding to stop their bank collapsing, the bank run starts.

BR:  Yes. Understood, Bill, about that. And...

BD:  I believe that the bank run will be the most probable first major financial event that’ll occur as these banks start collapsing. And I don’t believe it’ll be mainly American. It’ll be European banks, like the Bank of Scotland, the Bank of Belgium. The banks in Europe are the primary ones that I feel in my spirit are most likely to go down first.

BR:  Yes. Understood, Bill.

KC:  Would you advise people to take their money, their cash, out of the banks at this time?

BD:  Yes. Get it out of the banks quickly. Convert it to gold and silver coins, food, supplies. Have water. Have means of protection. And if you’re in a big city, any big city in the United States, Canada, or Europe, have, even if you stay in the city, have a route to get out of the city quickly when you see the signs occurring.

Make sure that you know how to do civil defense if there’s a nuclear explosion that occurs in a city, or the release of a biological, which is also another possibility, because I’ve been having images of release of a pandemic.

And I don’t know when that’s going to occur. But I know it’s not just a single event that’s going to occur here, with a nuke, that there’s going to be a pestilence that’s going to occur, perhaps after that.

KC:  Yeah. I...

BD:  I believe that the first event will be financial, the second is nuclear, and the third event is a pestilence, a spread of an Avian flu.

KC:  OK. I get this as well.

BD:  One, two, three.  Yeah. Those are the three sequences: financial, nuclear, pestilence with Avian flu.

BR:  OK. Bill, in terms of the questions that the people listening to this will be asking, and the PR that surrounds a so-called terrorist event, just like it did surrounding 9/11... What would the public presentation, or rather, what would the presentation to the public be, of the connection between any financial situation and a nuclear event that would be based on an enemy state or an enemy group? Is this going to be presented as a coincidence?

BD:   Well, one of the visions that I had last night was, I saw a number of senior leaders of the Saudi Arabian royalty contacting the members of the Bush administration and senators, and demanding that this bailout money be given first in line to them and to their banks, because they’re teetering... Which I thought was kind of strange.

And they wanted to be first in line; and there was a lineup of banks. And the issue was, who was going to get the first dibs at this money, which is basically buying bad debt. It’s almost like buying, you know, something worthless, and mortgaging the future of Americans.

So, it’s like taking peoples’ property and literally throwing it into a pit. And the people are lining up, these countries, as to who’s going to get first dibs on that. Who’s going to get this debt, and who’s going to be able to haul it away? You know, and sell it to America and get real assets?

What I feel is that this is primarily to bail out European and Arab banks that insisted on it. That there’ve been some deals going on that... between these various power brokers and those that are talking about doing a false-flag.

And one of the things that I saw many years ago, in 1988, was a vision of high above the Strait of Hormuz, and the Strait was cut off. This was not an act by Iran. It was an act by our side. And the Strait stopped, and there was no shipping, and in an instant the world economy crashed. And this was the fulcrum event that actually started the movement toward the final invasion of the Middle East by communist China, and the events that are going to transpire in the next years.

K:  OK. Bill, can I ask you... have you shared this information that you’re getting this morning with, for example, your own family?

BD:  Yes, I have. Yeah.

KC:  OK.

BD:  I’ve shared it with my wife. She understands. Because when these happen, sometimes I can have little pieces that don’t make sense, but when they start to come together, I know it’s very close to the event.

This is like the morning I woke up and was having a terrible time, on the day of 9/11. And I was, you know, having these spasms of pain, but the intensity with which I had it this morning was 100-fold worse than at the time of 9/11.

KC:  OK. I was...

BD:  This is really bad. Whatever it is, I can feel it coming on, almost like a very serious sickness through the whole body of mankind, you know, like an attack. And, of course, of trying to force the timeline of mankind toward an eventuality of destruction rather than of liberation.

And I believe, of course, that we can change that. But, unfortunately, I don’t see the signs of the intervention happening, or people waking up enough to kind of steer us away from that.

And the worst part is the fear. Because what I see happening is a massive increase in fear, which is an astral or spirit sacrifice to these higher Luciferic gods, if you want to call, the transdimensional entities I mentioned. Fear is actually, if you want to call, almost like the movie for children, Monsters, Inc. It’s, literally, they drink it for their energy.

KC:  Right. I’m wondering, because of your background, whether or not you feel that this is the sort of thing that you could communicate to the, you know, authorities? Or is it simply that the authorities at this point are just so compromised that telling them...

BD The “authorities” are doing it. The authorities are doing it.

KC:  I understand, but the lower-down echelons...

BD:  Yeah. The lower echelon would probably be interested, but once it gets higher, they’d wonder why. They’re very well aware that I have one of the highest levels of...

KC:  They must know that you’re getting this information. They must know you’re in contact with us. Did you call us because...

BD:  Oh, absolutely. I called you because I was told to. I woke up, I was having these... And I said: What am I supposed to do?

And the spirit told me: You must go to your study and you’ve gotta just sit there and then you’ll receive it.

And I was just sitting there, and I said: Oh, I’m supposed to call somebody. So I started going through my list and trying to pray and discern it. And then I said: Well, they’re in Australia. I can’t contact them.

And spirit said: Try the Skype.

And, of course, Bill wasn’t receiving on the Skype. And I said OK. And then I said: Well, I can forget that.

And then spirit said: You must go to the phone directory and just dial the number.

I said: Well, it won’t work in Australia. And I dialed your number and you were there!

So that’s the kind of level of communication I have. It’s instantaneous. And events like this happen to me every day. It’s not unusual. I mean, if I was to write all of the events that happen, it would take an encyclopedia.

KC:  OK. Thank you for that. It’s very valuable. Is there anything...

BD:  Yeah. In other words, there’s a connection at the highest realms, literally bringing this connection forward, because people are going to be in such a state of shock.

And it’s also... this is something else, you know. I saw signs in the heavens. I saw, as I said, a red sky. I saw objects moving around in the sky that I don’t recognize as normal aircraft. I saw things happening that were, you know, very shocking to the people of the world.

And I saw climate shifts and super-storms. And I saw things happening that just, you know... droughts and famines. And things coming where the Earth is literally gonna go through some very, very amazing and frightening things that I call “signs in the heavens”.

KC:  Is there something that you’re getting in terms of close events, you know, in proximity to time, that people can do to prepare themselves, spiritually as well as physically? Do you understand? Because we’re talking about people -- there may be large amounts of people... Even Half Past Human, Clif High, has been getting that there may be as many as... What was the number?

BR:  22 million.

KC:  ... 22 million people affected by what he saw as an event that at least began on October 7.

BD:  Well, the number I that received many years ago from my contacts inside these lettered agencies I worked with, was that when they do these events that affect one or more cities, that it will kill, immediately, between 200,000 and 2 million American citizens. And it will be in the core of large US cities. And it will be the start of pestilence and famines and other things.

KC:  And at this time....

BD:  Well, the timeline that I feel... I think the financial events will be first. And as the banks start to collapse, this is going to be a runaway situation which I believe will result in a bank holiday, and people panicking, and... just like they started to panic and started to yank their money out of, last year, Northern Rock, in the UK? And then, of course, they just recently did it at the banks in Los Angeles here, just back in the spring.

As the insolvency in this debt-load doesn’t... Because I believe it’s gonna probably first strike in Europe. And then people are going to realize this is not a US problem, it’s a global problem. And what we’ve been doing, actually, is, they called on America to bail out banks in Europe that are now insolvent.

And that’ll start a run coming back, hitting the smaller banks as people pull their money out of small banks and put it into ones they think are going to be more likely to weather the storm. And then eventually they’re gonna start rolling. So I believe... That’s what I think the sequence of events will be.

KC:  I understand. What would you say... I mean, are they going to be closing, for example, methods of escape? Because there will be some people listening here that will want to get away.

BD:  Yes, they are -- not only in the spirit, but in the physical.

Yeah, they are going to close methods of escape. In fact, I know this from working with FEMA and seeing their Special Classified Operations manual as late as the late ’90s.

They have two, what’s called “perimeter zones”, around every large city. The first one is “near”, which is near, usually, the circumvential highway. And there’s another perimeter zone, that’s usually made up by foreign troops or mercenaries or people like Blackwater Security, that are going to be 30 miles out.

And they’ll use both conventional weapons, as well as crowd-control-type of directed-energy weapons, you know, pepper spray cans that can hit thousands of people at once, and other types of technology.

But yes, they are. You know, it’s hard for them to control all of the side routes. So, if you have, you know, an alternate route map, you may be able to get out of the city by going out on the, kind of, these little side highways. But if you try to, you know, they’re actually going to try to ring around all of the large cities when they start to clamp things down.

And one of the first things they’re gonna do is, they’ll shut off the grid. The grid is going to go down. As soon as they declare a state of national emergency, the grid will go down, the store shelves will immediately be completely cleared, within 3 hours, in most cities.

Well, the biggest thing is not just food, but people are gonna run out of water within hours in some places where the water’ll be shut off. In other places it’ll continue running.

So they need to have: Water -- #1. Food -- #2. Things that they can barter with.

You know -- I talk about it continuously on my Nutrimedical Report show, and it’s on my website, -- they need to get ready for pestilence, radiation burns, a possible radiation cloud circulating the planet, from a local or regional nuclear war in the Middle East. The explosion of a city, with an anvil of radiation going downwind.

And they also need to be prepared for kind of keeping themselves in touch with their spirit as to which cities are in danger. I believe that large US cities sitting on a plain or a valley, in a warmer climate, you want to be prepared to be either out of the city... Primarily exit west, or south, or north, but do not go east of any of these large cities.

KC:  What about airports? Do you feel that people will be able to, at this time at least, use the airport to get out of here if they decide that that’s what their inner truth tells them to do?

BD:  The airports -- If there’s a window to get out of the airports, it’ll be before they declare full martial law, which will occur after a bank holiday. The airports will be the first to close down. They actually...

I had this from my classified sources as well, that there’s 56 transfer points into Canada. And they have hardened them down so that they can lock them down completely to 6, with titanium bars, kevlar cages, and glass, remotely-controlled weapons. And they can actually lower entire vehicles, even long trailers, you know, 60-foot long, with an elevator directly into the ground, to be soft X-ray scanned, and to interdict anybody in the vehicles and remove any weapons.

So they have that already set up. That was actually being completed at the end of 1999, before 9/11, and it’s now absolutely completed as of 2003. So they’re gonna close off and lock down the border to Canada. And it’s a little harder to lock off and close down Mexico. Most of the area there is pretty nasty desert.

KC:  Are you making any provisions for yourself and your family? Because I have to say that you’re quite... You’re not at the place where this may happen, but you certainly are close enough where you might want to make other plans.

BD:  Oh, yeah, I’m making preparations. I have made some in the past, and I’m going to make some further preparations today. But yeah, we’re dealing with a...

KC:  That’s good to hear. I’m glad to hear that.

BD:  Yeah, I think I’m going to make further preparations today. I think people need to be prepared, to have a run-and-go pack, to be able to flee large cities. I think they need to be prepared to, you know, to get away from areas.

I don’t believe that the event... the event is not going to be, you know, what I call these events like a tsunami, or Cumbre Viejo [Ed. note: an island in the Canaries that could collapse and cause a tsunami on the East coast of the US], or any of these things -- now.

The major event I see on Tuesday is going to be a financial one, and a series of dominoes resulting, starting in Europe, that’s going to result in the bank holiday, martial law, and eventually a nuclear event, and then pestilence within the following 1 to 2 years. Those are the timeline and sequence of events that I see coming.

KC:  OK. Thank you. That’s very succinct.

BR:  Yeah. Just to clarify that then, Bill. The timeline of events, as best you can interpret your own... what’s been coming to you here... it’s not necessarily that these violent events are going to happen this week, but some...

BD:  No. But they’re going to be unleashed on Tuesday. The final unleashing will be an event, one that’s going to bring a lot of terror. Basically it’s gonna be almost like a lynch-pin. It’s like when someone’s shoved out of a window, I guess is the best way to describe it, and you’re gonna fall 70 stories to the ground? The shoving and the falling from the window is going to occur on Tuesday. The hitting the ground will not occur till later.

BR:  I understand. And so...

BD:  Yeah. In other words, there’s going to be a free-fall of society after Tuesday. Something’s gonna happen on Tuesday that’s gonna bring terror. It’s gonna bring financial devastation. And it’s gonna bring war and pestilence. And it’s gonna bring these false-flag events, as a distraction away from the bank holiday and the state of national emergency.

BR:  OK. So...

BD:  False-flag events are already planned and in motion right now...

BR:  Yeah.

BD:  ...with troops moving around the country, with weapons systems, with a plan to lock down. Lots of things, all planned to occur.

KC:  OK. We have also gotten reports of tanks being activated in Britain for some purpose.

BD:  Well, of course, the British have a tighter control of their population on a small territory than anywhere else on the planet except for maybe Israel.

KC:  Right. OK. And can you say more about... because there will be Europeans and Australians. Obviously, we’re actually speaking later today at a conference, and we are going to play this for the audience there.

BD:  Well, I believe that one of the things that people have to understand is, the problem is that, as we head into the summer in the southern hemisphere and we head into the winter in the northern, the shortage of food is gonna become very acute, between the economic collapse and the climate shift. And the first major event is gonna be the mass starvation of 100 million people in the next 12 months.

KC:  OK. And you are convinced of this information that you’re now speaking to us?

BD:  Yes, I see this as the start of the mass starvation of a major chunk of humanity. And it’s going to start this winter.

BR:  Yeah. And...

BD:  And the second thing that’s going to have to happen is... The climate shift has already chewed away at the crops in Australia, with the drought, the spread of Puccinia graminicolous fungus across Africa, and the largest locust plague in hundreds of years across Africa, right through to the Middle East.

The climate shift that’s been occurring is causing massive droughts and massive floods in other areas. And the speculation on food, purposely. On top of... Now they plan to bring in and introduce genetically-modified, cloned, food that will destroy the biology of the people and make them very, very weakened to pandemic. So all of this is in motion now.

KC:  Speaking of clones, we have also been getting some interesting information about clones that have been manufactured and possibly released, or are about to be released, actually in Mexico, of all places. Have you heard anything?

BD:  Well, a lot of the laboratories that they have used are not just in areas of America. They have been doing labs down in Mexico for years. And that’s where a lot of these things that are found by people in strange areas, or isolated areas, of Mexico, are from these clone laboratories, where these chimeric monstrosities escape from the laboratory.

And they’re also, of course, working in underground facilities at cloning human beings that have had inserted transgenic genetic enhancements to bring in genes from animals so they can enhance their physical capacities to make super-soldiers.

There is a facility doing experimentation and research in America, in collaboration with the communist Chinese. But the largest facility on Earth is outside of Beijing.

KC:  OK. And what about... why do you think that people like yourself, and I have to say myself, are being given these pre-visions, if you will? Do you think there is a purpose behind it?

BD:  Yes, there is. I think that it’s like the 100 Monkey Theory. And it’s not just the monkeys observing other monkeys so that they start to learn how to, you know, wash their food in seawater, or whatever, so it has more taste or nutrition, or whatever.

It deals with a thing that the corporate body of mankind -- when visionaries pass the vision, then they literally give the option to make decisions that change the timeline of the whole corporate body.

We don’t have to have all of this, or the fullness of this, overwhelm us like a cataclysmic tsunami. We have a choice to kind of co-create whether our future’s going to be, you know, stifled or derailed.

And I’m sure that there’s been numerous events that have already been stopped or delayed significantly in the last number of years, just by actions by people like yourself, Project Camelot, by myself, by many others that are intuitives that can pick up what I call the spirit knowledge that transcends time/space, that, when it goes back to the body, it brings the people to a level of awareness that they can start making decisions and preparing to survive disaster, and to avert it, and to pray against it.

In other words, to start visualizing and taking physical action and spirit action, I call it, where we can derail this.

Because, really, the only way that these things can be done is if we willingly allow it. Just like the bailout. There should be a march on Washington, DC, on Monday. There should be millions of American citizens putting signs in their windows and their cars: No Bailout! There should be a degree of rage that every congressional and senate office is inundated with calls and emails. Because the bailout is a willing blood sacrifice.

And without the willingness, then the sacrifice of America is not acceptable. And silence and inaction in the face of this abomination is, in fact, a willingness to allow the process of the next stage of the sacrifice to proceed, the ceremony, if you want to call, on the grand scale.

KC:  Yes. So speaking about it is not to bring it on. But speaking about it, from the point of view that you’re coming from, and people like you, is as a preventative measure, to waken others.

BD:  Yeah. That’s what a prophet does. The actions of a prophet are not to prophesy an event that can’t be changed. It’s to prophesy pathways and timelines that you can then decide because you are co-creators of your own future.

Otherwise, there’d be no purpose for a prophet. All a prophet would be would be a seer telling people there’s nothing you can do about it, that you’re just a bit of flotsam and jetsam pushed along by the timeline of events, and you really have no control of your future.

And nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, that’s the core of the central lie of all religions -- I call it “real lies going on” -- that Yeshua Ha’Masaich Jesus spoke about. Because he spoke against religion, as the opposite of relationship and the spirit-truth which actually controls all reality.

And that’s what’s going on right now. They’re trying to convince us we can’t control. So, when people get overwhelmed with fear... And what I talked about this morning wasn’t fear. When I was going through these, you know, spirit-spasms of pain, I wasn’t in a state of fear. I was in a state of intercession, which means becoming aware of what’s going on, tuning into it, and then try to give people alternatives so that they can stop it.

But we have to rise up now. There has to be a level of rising consciousness out of the populations of Earth, or this will not be averted.

KC:  OK. Thank you, Bill. I think that’s really valuable for people to hear, and very vital, along with the information that you’re giving here.

BD:  Yeah, the key thing, if I was to make one statement: If by our inaction and our silence we allow the financial events to proceed, then we have given a willing blood sacrifice that’ll precede the events, starting on Tuesday, the 7th of October, that will result in the sequence of nuclear events, pestilence, and, ultimately, the destruction of our planet.

And so, we have the time now to actually repent of that, speak out, and do not drink in fear, even when we see events starting to transpire, but to start being pro-active, to start taking personal events and spiritual events seriously that we’ve perceiving happening.

And being not only our keeper, but the keeper of our brothers and the people in other countries -- because they are also in the process, by bringing about this financial collapse, proceeding with the first stage of the economic eugenics, of killing the first 100 million of us.

This is like, in the body of mankind, cutting off our right hand. So the 100 million that are distributed in the third world are about to be sacrificed.

KC:  Right. And so we... the fact is that people can act, and every act that they take that begins to go against the possible future that’s being outlined here...

BD:  Exactly.

KC: actually an act of prayer, if you actually take action based on spirit-knowledge, as you said.

BD:  Yeah. Prayer, in a sense, is what I call Voice. In other words, you’re speaking Voice or Intention into reality.

And by us also communicating that with others, we speak -- just like I’m doing now -- I’m speaking not just words of knowledge or wisdom, I’m speaking what’s called spirit-words, just like all the prophets would speak.

From all backgrounds, whether they’re native or non-native, religions all over the Earth, there were always those that were intuitive enough to see in the spirit realm and to know that danger’s coming, that were cyclical dangers of the cosmos and the galaxy, or those created by others to create chaos to get control of their “Order” out of the chaos.

And that’s what’s happening, is they’re now going through a ceremony to bring about the chaos that’ll bring their “Order” into control. And we don’t need to participate. But we have to not be a willing sacrifice, by resisting it.

KC:  Absolutely. OK, Bill, we’re going to close this now.

BD:  Yeah. I appreciate it. This is what I was supposed to say to you today. And I hope it gets out quickly, because people need to start spiritually interceding now, all over the Earth. Because the events are... we only have, now, several days. And the events that will be unleashed on Tuesday, if we don’t avert this, it’s going to set a sequence of events, like dominoes, in motion, that’s gonna result in some terrible things.

KC:  OK. Thank you very much, Bill Deagle. This is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Project Camelot and Project Avalon. And this is, again, Sunday. We are in Australia and it is actually Saturday in California. And that’s October 4 in California, and October 5, 2008, in Australia as we speak.

BD:  May the Spirit of the Most High and the Creator of the universe, which is the I AM, which is their spirit, speak to them and their mind and body. And may they have the intentions of the Holy One who said Let there be All That Is, and may they not drink the waters of death. And may they not become a willing sacrifice. And may they not allow these evils to be on the Earth.

Because darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence of it. And by bringing these things to light is not to bring terror to the people, but to bring comfort, to bring control, to bring a sense of empowerment to everyone who hears this.

KC:  OK. Bless you. Take care.

BD:  Hey, take care.

KC:  Bye.



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