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Telephone interview transcript,
24 February 2009

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George Green (GG):  Good morning.

Kerry Cassidy (KC):  [laughs] Hi there. How are you?

GG:  Hi there. Oh now you’re... I can really talk to a person.

KC:  [laughs]

Bill Ryan (BR):  You can talk to two people, George. Good morning to you.

GG:  Well, you’re really very clear right now. That’s good.

KC:  Okay, fabulous. So this is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, Tuesday the...

BR:  Twenty fourth.

KC:  ...the 24th of February, and it’s around 9:30 in the morning.

BR:  And it’s 2009.

KC:  [laughs] So, George, what we’re trying to do here is get an update from you because there’s so much going on in the financial sector that I know you have your finger on the pulse.  We really want to hear what you think is happening, when you think this thing is really going to crash, and just a little more, notes about how people can prepare.

GG:  Well, let’s start at the position right now. You know they just authorized a $787 billion stimulus program which really comes down to... So people understand what that is, it would buy about four million homes in the United States. Or you could send everybody in the United States $2,623. That should give you an idea. Or it would buy 28 million cars at the average price, to give you an idea what they’re doing.

Meanwhile, they’re creating it out of thin air. And they’re getting close to everything when they’re talking about nationalizing the banks, in other words, making the government be the authority on the money.

The truth is that’s what the Constitution says in the first place. Right? It says that the government itself would issue money. What we’ve done is created this edifice called the Federal Reserve System which in turn then, all dollars are loaned out at interest, back to the Federal Reserve, the private bank system.

Now here’s the things that are coming up as of you and I are speaking, for instance. The market is dropping predictably. I’m saying it’s going to go down to about 3,500 when they probably quit trading at all because nobody’s buying stocks right now except for the mutual funds and the 401Ks. Most of those people have lost between 50 to 70% of their asset value. Even Warren Buffet’s account is down 50% from what he had, and people aren’t talking about that.

The next thing you have to understand is, the derivative market has been driving... the derivatives, as I’ve been talking about for years, are the Achilles heel, basically. Everything’s gonna collapse on that.

Well, right now we’ve gone through two years of kind of an unwinding of the housing market. Well, today one of the Federal Reserve members said that they expect the housing market to drop between another 23 to 25%. That’s within the next year. So that’s going to affect a lot of people. They’re going to be upside down.

Now, the people who have already gone back in and borrowed money from the last stimulus deal, half of those houses are in foreclosure again. This is only in a few months.

KC:  Oh wow.

GG:  And this is all public document, to give you an idea. Meanwhile, when I was with my banker friends the other day, they’re very concerned because they have not talked about the derivative exposure on the commercial real estate market.

If you’re going across the country right now, commercial properties are being boarded up. Shopping centers are going into foreclosure and that’s about another... a rough number is $400 billion we’re going to be looking at in the derivative rescue, if you’re going to look at it just from that.

But there’s about 400 trillion of derivatives which are holding up the credit card industry. In other words, they pooled together all the money, sold it off to foreign investors.

The meeting this week with Hillary over with Japan and Korea and China was to try to get them to continue holding the dollar as the base currency, and they basically says: Forget it. They’re not gonna do that.

So when you’re asking me the next question, that is, what’s gonna happen is that the market’s gonna keep drifting lower. People that have money in equities, most of them are tied up now in their so-called mutual funds, their 401Ks or their retirement accounts, which have gone down, again, like I say, from 50 to 70%.

I mean, I talked to a lady in Phoenix yesterday who’s been putting money in their 401K for the last 30 years and it’s now worth 30 cents on the dollar what it was a year ago.

KC:  Are you saying that those accounts are gonna go down again?

GG:  Yes, even more.

KC:  Oh wow. 

GG:  Let me bring you up to date a little bit, because this is... we’re all talking about time and we’re talking right now, you and I, on February 24th and you want some dates.

On March 4th, there’s scheduled to be a speech of the Treasury Secretary. This is considered a watershed date. There’s gonna be a kind of a bounce after he gets done speaking. In other words, whatever he says, the American people... Whatever they’re gonna do, the manipulation on the market, he’s gonna be talking and saying everything is stable but he really has nothing left to bring to the party out here ’cause there’s nothing here besides debt.

Mid-March, that’s what we’re talking about now. March 4th is when they’re gonna be speaking. That’s the Treasury Secretary. Mid-March, if it lasts that long, will start the beginning of what we call serious unwinding.

There’s only three scenarios that can happen under this thing, which I’ve been predicting.

The first one: That they can keep juggling the numbers out there. It’s like people discuss what’s going on with stocks -- like U.S. Steel was $190 a year ago, and now it’s $20 a share.

KC:  [laughs]

GG:  This is all in a year.

KC:  Yes.

GG:  Okay, so what I’m saying, because people don’t understand the stock market is nothing more than a gambling casino. Once the stock is issued, it’s traded between brokers, offline, online, everything else, and the prices that they put out there are just arbitrary.

It doesn’t mean that there’s a fixed value. Nor does it mean, like, if you do U.S. Steel, for instance, if $20 is one share that’s what you’re going to get. What’s it really worth? It’s only worth what people are willing to pay. Most people are only buying stocks because they think it’s gonna turn around and go up. Well, what if the industries have all gone to foreign countries? -- which they have.

The whole stock market is a can of worms and I’m telling everybody to get out of the stock market yesterday. I’ve been telling ’em that for a couple years.

Now, the other thing is, short-term wise, obviously the US Treasury’s okay. The only problem we have now, we have several new provisions that the government’s put out under the Patriot Act, as you’re probably aware, and that’s the transfers of money between anybody and any parties and anything else. The Patriot Act is making it so that they’re basically monitoring all transfers of money between parties of over $2,500.

KC:  Really? $2,500?

GG:  That’s right. They’re monitoring everything. Remember, we had a $10,000 deal?

KC:  Right.

GG:  Well, don’t believe it. The banks are doing all kinds of strange things to keep people up, the illusion that they’re really good. In fact, we had Wells Fargo Bank was open on President’s Day. Remember when all the banks were closed?

KC:  Yeah.

GG:  It was open so people could come in and say: Look how good we are. Remember, they just merged with Wachovia.

KC:  Right.

GG:  But this is all being held by the stimulus money. They’re getting all this money but nobody is borrowing anything because they can’t qualify under the new terms. Now, I’m a former banker, as you know.

KC:  Right.

GG:  So I’m looking at the bank thinking: Would I loan any money to anybody right now? No, because their jobs are all in jeopardy. How many people are being laid off?

Well, anyway, the first option is that they’re gonna keep manipulating the game for a very short period of time. The foreign governments, including China and Japan, they’re gonna start dumping the dollar.

If it does that, Option Two is what we’re talking about. They’re going to keep going, they’ll keep juggling this thing up until economic events that are totally unpredictable. In other words, we don’t know when they’re gonna pull the plug on the derivative market.

Well, the foreign people are saying: Wait a minute. I’ve got all this money invested in credit cards. And the credit cards are now upside down. Right?

KC:  Right.

GG:  We just talked about the commercial real estate market, which is a huge number. But we also got the credit card market, which is all the people put their money on credit cards, and that has been bundled and sold again, to make money on these things, to foreign countries. And this is all coming to rest, if you want to look at it.

The Third Option, which is basically what I’ve been predicting also: The guys have to start a war. And I’d been saying that they’ll probably get the war started by the end of the second quarter of this year.

Now I’m giving you some dates. And the reason is to get everybody diverted away from it and they can then also hide all the money.

KC:  Well, what about the idea that other countries were buying actually the Treasury bills of the United States government, which is us paying the interest on our debt? And that suddenly they’re no longer doing that?

GG:  Oh, no. They’re not...

KC:  So now the Federal Reserve is buying it. Does that make any sense?

GG:  No, the Feds themselves are buying it. They’re basically monetizing it, but there’s no interest on it. So all we’re doing then is causing the dollar...

We have two things. We can either go into hyper-inflation or deflation. Deflation is happening because all the stores right now have big notes that are due. They were due in January.

And these notes... because they borrowed money in order to merge, i.e., like K-Mart and Sears merged together. Where’d they get the money? They got it off of the derivative market, which allowed ’em to have this money.

But all these things are coming up to the plate and say: Hey, we want to get paid for the interest. So, all the stores across the country right now are having huge sales -- 60, 70% off.  

KC:  Okay.

GG:  Now, that gives them the cash to pay the interest to ’em. The only problem is that we’re not having anything to replace the goods, and these people are deeply in debt, and that’s where part of the commercial market is going to have what I call the upside down, or further collapse of our country.

I’m suggesting everybody make sure you get your food stored up if you can right now. I was urging people to get in gold and silver, but delivery right now is two to three months out right now.

American Eagles, the government suspended making them for about two weeks as they went to the 2009 edition. They’re back online now, but the orders are so heavy because people know that’s your storage of wealth.

I’m not gonna tell you what you can do with it later, because I expect gold to jump to $2,500 or maybe even higher as some of the people are saying because it’s the only storage of wealth that we have.

Real estate’s collapsing all around the country. The tax situations are going to go up. That’s the only way they can continue the game, or taking money from people. And there’s no more jobs out here. Nobody’s buying anything. 

KC:  Right. Well, what about this tax situation? My accountant, he said they’re auditing like crazy right now -- sole proprietorships. And that’s really strange. Those people don’t make any real money.

GG:  Well, here’s what the problem is: There’s a lot of people that have told you to watch the television and say: Let’s go on the internet and we’re going to start selling everything on eBay. E-Bay. All of the Mastercard, Visa, the suppliers, now, are gonna provide 1099s to all the little individuals.

So, in other words you sold on eBay, there’s going to be a 1099. That’s going to “generate cash flow” going back here so they can find another way to tax it.

Meanwhile, the municipalities where they are, are now gonna go back in and ask for licensing. You understand? And that’s another form of taxes.

KC:  Okay. Right. Business licenses? That sort of thing?

GG:  That’s right. Business licensing, they’re gonna do that. They’re gonna go into the same thing and they’re gonna be looking at the whole thing of the money. My prediction is that they’re getting ready at this minute. Remember, I told you I have a copy of the World Cash Card?

KC:  Yes.

GG:  They’re gonna just stop everything, and you’re gonna go down to the Post Office and register. They already have the rules in place. And that’s to get everybody to fall in line setting up. At the same time they do this, they gotta get the war going. That’s the reason why I’m saying, we’re just weeks, if not days, away from this total meltdown that’s gonna happen, Kerry.

KC:  Well, what about the Baltic Dry Index that’s gone down, like, 93%? We understand that there might be a lag-time between the fact that it went down, I don’t know, in January, or whatever it was?

GG:  Sure.

KC:  And that there’ll be a lag-time between that indicator and then the actual fact that nothing appears in the store because no ships are delivering any goods.

GG:  Yeah. Here’s the problem – and, again, I’ve been talking to my bankers. We have all kinds of ships with goods right now. These are offshore. They have not landed. There’s huge ships full of oil, for instance.

Now, they all ship on Letters of Credit. In other words, the people have shipped the goods and say: Okay, it’s shipped. I want to get paid for it. Banks issue them Letter of Credits so when they deliver it... Well, they can’t even deliver it now because of Homeland Security; or the bank that issued the Letter of Credit has gone under.

Now, none of this is good, but I’m just telling you what the facts are coming down. And they’ve been well planned. They’ve been doing it for, like, 60 years or 70 years.

We have a new book coming out. [It] gets old information that shows how they’ve been planning this; giving dates, times, and everything. And all our so-called elected officials are all a part of the conspiracy.

AIG went into bankruptcy. Right? How come it got immediately taken care of? This insurance? You know why? All the pensions from all of the congressmen are there. They’re gonna cover themselves.

The American people are just, as we used to say, expendable containers. They don’t care if you march on Washington. They’re just the rabble in the streets.

KC:  Right.

GG:  But we’re gonna start to the next phase with, and I’m predicting within the next year. You’re asking time again, within the next two months because of this slow-down I just told you in March and everything.

You’re gonna start having a lot more rioting and more... everything going in the streets. That’s to bring it in so we can have civil control. And they’re putting in Executive Orders right now claiming that people over age 60 can’t even bear arms because they’re too sick and they won’t be able to aim correctly or do something.

KC:  We were just listening to Lindsey Williams and he’s talking about the fact that gun sales went up incredibly right after the election, and that people in America are basically... I mean, you know Americans. When push comes to shove, [laughs] they’re gonna get their guns and defend their territory and all this craziness. Right?

GG:  Well, they’re gonna try to do that. What they don’t tell you, that immediately then has registered everybody that has a gun? They’re gonna come...

And again, Obama has this Executive Order. You’ll have it out in a few days. They’ll tell you about it. What they’re gonna start doing is saying: Can you have the gun? And then the basis of it, if you do defend yourself, will you be charged with murder?

The other thing they don’t tell you is where are the bullets made? All the bullets in the United States are made in other countries for all these guns.

KC:  Right. Okay.

GG:  The only exception is the police, under their special weapons they have. You know, in each of the main cities they have some special weapons, these special bullets that are made here in the United State. But most of them are made in other countries.

So when this comes down, sure you may temporarily have some, but they’re prepared for all of this mobilization under the FEMA rules and under the acts that they have set up in motion, I bet, at this minute.

We’re just coming very close to the total meltdown of the system as we know it, and how can people get prepared? Like I say, you can’t get any gold or silver anymore -- it’s pretty tough. You know, if there’s a coin show or something out there, try to get it. But the option market is so manipulated right now, when they tell you to buy all this stuff there isn’t anything behind it.

KC:  We’ve got an article here that is talking about a “summer of rage” over the recession in the UK. Have you heard about that?

GG:  Yeah. Well, it’s happening, not only in the UK, but it’s other countries too.

KC:  They’re sort of, like, this idea that this might be, you know, the summer from hell where... You’ve got the unemployment rate right now in California, I hear, is over 9%.

GG:  Kerry, remember what I told you before - Figures don’t lie, but liars figure?

KC:  Okay? [laughs] All right.

GG:  Just remember that. When you come down to the true unemployment, you check with the State of California, it’s the people that are drawin’ unemployment benefits. After you’ve used up the benefits, you’re considered employed. How many people who are not getting any benefits at all, that are unemployed?

KC:  That’s true. A lot of people have turned away from the whole unemployment scene because they’re trying to, you know, make money on their own small businesses, that sort of thing.

GG:  Well, everybody has to be very creative at this minute and that’s what we’re looking at. How do we get back and understanding barter? How do we, you know, live off the grid, so to speak?

I think the little book that we have, Patriots, he has gone into great detail. This is a captain in the Army that come out and he set up a little book that told everybody how to survive on all these things and get ready for it.

But you’ve got to get away from major cities. I mean, you know they’re going to be chaotic because people don’t... You’ve got enough gas to go, you know, maybe 100 miles. Well, how are you gonna get out of town when the highways are shut down?

KC:  Do you agree with this idea that what is being intended on the agenda of the elite, basically the Illuminati, is to bankrupt the Arab nations right now by making the price of gas so low?

GG:  Well, that’s... it’s a combination. It wants to bring these people under so they come back to the dollar being the best currency. Remember, that was agreed a long time ago that the dollar would be the one to be used to keep track of all of the oil trades throughout the world.

Well, we’ve got a lot of countries now that say: No. And so what they’re trying to do is drive it down, whatever they sell at, because people... all these countries now have been living on the high, you know, selling oil at over $100 a barrel. And frankly it has to be up at $80 a barrel in order to cover the current expenses for people, throughout the world.

And so what you are talking about is - where is the oil? There’s lots of tankers out there that are sitting out there full of oil right now because we’re not consuming the oil like we did.

All these businesses are coming down. Even the printing industry, when you look at, you know, the newspaper. How many ads are out there? All these things you’re talking about are all interconnected.

KC:  Right. We heard there was a lot of clothing stores, for example, going under, well-known clothing stores.

GG:  Everything is going under. Every business... I told you that I expect Sears and K-Mart to go bankrupt. Sears is trying to sell its tool division because it’s well known to somebody else to take it. The automobile industry is being maintained by what? Washington loaning more money again to the automobile [industry]. Nobody’s buying automobiles now either. 

KC:  Incredible. I mean, so there’s a centralization of ownership. They’re basically going to own everything.

GG:  That’s what it is.

KC:  That’s socialization so...

GG:  It’s basically the One World Order is a socialist dictatorship controlled by a very few people, coming back to the 13 families out of Switzerland.

KC:  Now, do you agree with the idea that there is going to be a lag between, like, if you say October was the bell-ringer sort of drop in everything, and then from there on there’s sort of a slide. Like when the big depression happened in 1929, then there was sort of a three-year lag during which people still more or less had money ’til about 1933 when everything went down to nothing. So, do you think we have a lag? And I understand that we’re on an escalated timeline, so it’s not going to be like it was then, but what do you think we’ve got here?

GG:  I think exactly what you’re saying. We’re gonna go into worse depressions, even worse than ’29. Seriously. I’ve been telling other people, if you need a new toaster or everything, go over and guy ’em quick because you’re not going to get any spare parts. Nothing’s gonna be sent in.

I mean, you can kind of get an indication of that when you go to Wal-Mart which is the largest company in the world, basically, selling goods and they transport all the goods. Look at their sales and look what’s coming down. Look at the bottom lines.

You know, it doesn’t affect most people. They don’t care less about the bottom lines of other companies. All they want to do is get their food and get what’s going on and most of it’s imported.

All these other countries now are gonna set up trade barriers and everything because they’re trying to maintain the dollar. That’s what the Hillary meeting was all about.

I say, things are gonna come up, and that’s a March 4th meeting, which is coming up next week when our Treasury Secretary is gonna say... And I’m saying within two weeks after that you’re gonna see maybe an up and down in a little market which is traded by a few people. And that’s just to keep your eye on the ball, so to speak, to look at. Does it mean anything? Stocks have absolutely nothing to do with business. 

KC:  You’re saying two weeks after March 4th is gonna be a real serious downturn in everything.

GG:  In everything.

KC:  But are you saying that’s when they’re gonna try to declare war or have some false flag incident?

GG:  Well, I’m saying... Yes. Well, I’m saying the second quarter, but the second quarter is actually, you know, you look at the second quarter begins in April. So, anything can happen in the next few weeks.

We’re looking just days away. Will it last next weekend? I’ve always predicted if we had some three-day weekend, then that’d be a good time for them to implement all their “effects”.

And yet, one out of three people work for the government. Do you think they’re gonna stop working for the government? Because that’s where they get their pay. They’re gonna turn in everybody. They’re gonna turn in their neighbors because they want to make sure they get their check.

KC:  I also heard that the state governments are, first of all, trying to secede even from the Union at this point. They’re not wanting to go along with the whole situation. The other thing is that they’re going bankrupt in various states, so they’re not able to pay their state employees.

GG:  That’s right. So what’s the next...

KC:  So what happens when they don’t pay their state employees? Those people have to... They’re virtually unemployed, isn’t it?           

GG:  Virtually they go to unemployment benefits which are not there. Virtually then all your services get shut down, and then virtually you get people walking in the streets aimlessly. You can just see the picture. They don’t know what to do because there’s nothing out here for them to do.

KC:  And do you see a pandemic as kind of the next thing they roll out after this economic downturn thing?

GG:  Well, the economic down thing is gonna have people running around on the streets. And so the plan, the Plan 2000 that Jimmy Carter put in writing, and again, I put a summery on my website as you know,, and that calls for a war to get started in the Middle East.

So the information I’m getting is that they’re getting everything set up to go after Iran, who is basically funded by Russia and working with them, and the Chinese. So the war that we begin then, the scenario, World War III, which is part of their population reduction program.

KC:  Well, I know you have to go, George, and I do appreciate all your time here. So basically, I guess the writing’s on the wall at this point.

GG:  Oh, the writing’s on the wall.

KC:  It’s not like before when we used to talk and things weren’t really reflected in reality. I guess people are now gonna listen to this and they’re gonna say: Yep, it’s happening.

GG:  Well, I get calls all the time from all around the world because what I said on the radio three years ago and what I’ve been saying right now is all coming to pass. And now all of a sudden people want to go do something about it. And, frankly, it’s too late.

KC:  What about the... I was told that the Native Americans, the tribes, are actually trying at this time to create their own currency and sort of secede from the Union.

GG:  Well...

KC:  Do you think they’ll be allowed to do that?

GG:  Well, it doesn’t make any difference because there’s several places that are doing that. I’m working with our state senator up here to create our own currency for the State of Idaho, using silver as a backing. I’m also...

KC:  Is that viable? I mean, can places... I know you said you’re helping Panama or something do this. Is it viable that these...

GG:  Well, I’m working with the people in Panama. Oh, it’s viable because then you can have something that you can trust. But then everybody in the world’s going to run their money to what? I mean, we’re famous for what? Potatoes up here. Right?

KC:  Right. [laughs]

GG:  But the other problem that’s involved in it is the weather is changing entirely around the planet, every place. Even where we are. I mean, it used to be a banana belt. I’m looking out and there’s five foot of snow out here.

KC:  Incredible.

GG:  We don’t have but six to eight inches of snow in the whole month of January and I’ve got five feet of it sitting on my window.

KC:  [laughs] That’s amazing. Right. Okay.

GG:  Well, it’s crazy. I should be back on the plane down with you guys and being warm but...

KC:  [laughs]

GG:  Then I just came back from Ecuador, as you know, and it was raining all the time -- and it’s supposed to be the dry season.

KC:  Oh, wow. Okay.

GG:  So now everything’s happening. And then I talked to my friends in Costa Rica yesterday and the same thing is going on. Places in Panama -- Boquete was a good American tourist... got wiped out. A mudslide went right through town. And so you can look and see the whole town’s basically gone. 

KC:  Right.

GG:  This is all in the last few weeks.

KC:  Yeah. I hear you. There’s a lot of unpredictable things that are going on...

GG:  Right, right.

KC:  ...on top of the agenda that they’re trying to role out -- which they’re aware of. Right?

GG:  Oh, of course. They’re aware of all this. They don’t know the exact thing on it. They just want to maintain control. Well, we’ve got everybody controlled in the United States by the dollar and by getting food. And yet the food is, you know, genetically modified to even affect us.

KC:  Yeah.

GG:  So it’s not a very good picture at this minute and it’s Bill’s fault.

KC:  [laughs]

BR:  [laughs] I take full responsibility. [laughs]

KC:  [laughs]

GG:  Well, no, well, he’s neutral. He’s from Switzerland. Remember, the Swiss don’t get involved. They just have the money. Right?

KC:  Yeah, well they just run the world from there. So, you know.

GG:  [laughs] Well, they’re trying to. Let’s put it that way.

KC:  Right.

GG:  The Swiss, my understanding is the Swiss now won’t take new American depositors as well as the Canadian banks won’t take new American depositors or anything else because of the Patriot Act.

BR:  Yes.

GG:  They have to declare all of the... and they’re getting ready for... The Swiss banks, there’s law suits going on. And I’m... beyond me, I don’t have any idea how the Swiss authorities allow a court in Florida to influence them. What jurisdiction do they really have?

BR:  Yes. The latest news though, George, is that the Swiss court actually ruled to prevent UBS from releasing all the tax details of its private American clients. But I think this is not going to end there. This is going to be quite a battle. It’s going to go on for quite a long time and of course it’s going to affect an awful lot of wealthy people.

GG:  Well, what I’m saying is... the same boat. You answered the same question. Since you got people up there battling now to get control even in Switzerland, what’s the next step? Get everybody diverted and get the war started.

KC:  Okay. Well, George, I want you to go because I know that you’ve got this appointment and I don’t want you to miss it. And we’re really, really happy that you’re able to check in with us from time to time and give us updates like this. It’s very valuable for our listeners.

GG:  Well, I hope so. Let’s keep plugging away, and you guys keep getting the word out. Get people awake, because that’s...

The first rule is to gain all knowledge. Take it from everybody and then discern the information and search it out for yourself. 

KC:  Okay. All right. You take care then.

GG:  Thank you.

BR:  Thank you, George.

KC:  Bye bye.

GG:  Bye.


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