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Telephone conversation transcript,
4 October 2008

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Kerry Cassidy:  So this is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. And I’m on the phone with Rebecca... and Rebecca, I don’t know how to say your last name.

Rebecca:  That’s OK. It’s JERN-I-GAN.

K:  OK. Jernigan. Rebecca is a radio host, hostess, from the middle of America. She’s also a psychic intuitive and does readings for people. And I have called her after our conversation with Bill Deagle this morning to get some of the things she herself might be getting, to see how they might match up.

Ahead of time she has not been told what Bill Deagle had to say. So, Rebecca, let’s just put this on the record. And then you can call me back, and we can do it again after you’ve heard the information.

R:  Sounds wonderful, Kerry. I appreciate it. Well, actually, this particular... I call it a dream. They really aren’t dreams. I call them my visions-of-future, or future-time, if you will... they’re very distinctively different. And through the years I’ve had very few of these. And most of them have been futuristic implications of things that have come to pass.

As an example, just to put this on record, before the Oklahoma bombing, I actually had a future-dream-vision of the Oklahoma bombing. It was extraordinarily unsettling. At the time, I didn’t recognize what they were, until after the fact.

So that being said, the last few weeks I’ve been plagued with what I call these dreams, and “plagued” is a very good word to use. One in particular stands out, Kerry, that I will share with you, that had so many implications to it.

I was actually assisting people to go underground. There had been communities that had been put up underground, and I happened to run across one that hadn’t been already occupied. I was assisting people to get underground to a place of safety.

Safety could be physical endangerment, can just be climatic changes. And when I say that, I’m talking about politically, financially, all of those things. So the implications here were wide and varied.

I do remember, before I went underground myself, that I was making sure that I was not being watched, that any of the, what I call the Big Brother cameras, were not watching, that other factions -- when I say “factions” it means like other species, other races, and other people – did not see where we had entered into this underground facility.

Now, interestingly enough, down in... this underground facility was broken apart into several different things.(Understand that this is a conceptual dream, not necessarily totally in its entirety factual or futuristic, because it does get discombobulated within the dreamtime.) But there were... there was a group of people that had been scarred, sickened, and illness, by nuclear fall-out.

There was another group of people that had been contaminated with different contamination. They were all contaminated with... whether it be poisoning or biological warfare.

There was another group of people that were what I had called people that had at one point had a lot of wealth, money, finances. They did not know how or what to do. They were totally helpless because they never had to worry about survival. You know, they simply just had everything, and did not know anything about how to take care of themselves or anything like that.

Then there was a group of people down there that were very self-sufficient, what I call the “aware” people. They were very aware. They were running around trying to assist people and awaken people that all was not what it appeared to be.

It was quite an extraordinary dream, inasmuch as there were many, many, many different things going on in the different compartments of this dream at the same time.

Here in the middle, I was standing and I was observing all of this. I did note that there had been somebody trying to... that had actually found the location, and they were trying to get in.

And in this location, there was some person that was inside this underground facility – again, this is just a kind of generic concept here -- that had the ability in their mind to neurologically disable these people, so they had no idea of where they were or what they were doing. They did feel like, to me, that they were not of this... of our human species, as we know it, anyway, for most of us... and had disabled them through their powers of their minds, so to speak.

So all of that being said, I just felt like it was very, very... in the not-so-distant future, that it was sitting right upon me.

There’s a point of reference. That last big one for me I had, which was the Oklahoma bombing that happened -- and there was several others prior to that -- but it’s usually a 2- to 4-week spread. Usually it’s what happens when I have these types of dreams.

It takes a little bit for me to kind of pull them apart and put them in their proper perspective. And, unfortunately, most of the time it’s the 20/20 hindsight where I go: OK. Now I understand exactly what that meant. This is what this is about.

K:  OK. That’s very valuable, Rebecca. Can we say where you’re located? And the name of your radio show?

R:  Yes. I’m in Kansas City, and the name of the radio show is Journeys with Rebecca.

K:  OK. Very good. Is there anything else you want to tell us about information you’ve been getting recently?

R:  The other information that I have been getting recently is that we are... And it’s like a... I call it the “nausea syndrome.” I get really nauseated when a big event is getting ready to happen. I get very nauseated. And I get, nerve-wise, I get very jittery, which... I’m not prone to that, you know. It’s like the air is charged with events and happenings.

It really started when they started going through this bailout thing with the U.S. And it’s with some of the things that’s going on with that. Everything is so wrong about that. It’s so wrong. And the core of my being is screaming. It just screams. It just screams: It’s wrong. It’s wrong, because the event is kind of like the catalyst for other events, and the dominoes are gonna start falling.

And, unfortunately, I believe that the rest of the race, humanity, if you will, is gonna get lost in all of this. It almost feels like it’s almost too late to do anything. That’s the feelings, and that’s the sense-impression that I get.

K:  OK. Thank you for that. OK. Well, today I’d like to say the date and the year. So if you could go ahead and say it for your location in the U.S., because I am calling you right now from Australia, where we are attending the NEXUS Convention. For us, it’s Sunday, October 5, 2008, and its 8:30 in the morning. What time is it there?

R:  It is 5:30 p.m. on the 4th of October, 2008.

K:  OK. Great. So I‘ll let you go, and you can take a listen to what we have just gotten from Bill Deagle and just published on our site. And, with your permission, we will publish this as well, to give people a little broader perspective from another intuitive.

R:  That sounds wonderful. And I look forward to checking in with you again here in just a little while.

K:  OK. Great. Thank you so much.

R:  You’re welcome!

Continuation of interview

Kerry:  Again, this is Project Camelot and this Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan and we’re talking with Rebecca....

Rebecca:  It’s Journeys with Rebecca.

K:  OK. And the website is the same name?

R:  Yes.

K:  OK. Great. OK. Go ahead.

R:  I just want to preface this. If anybody has any comments or anything they’d like to share, they can also use an email address to send it to the mailbox at Because this is about sharing information, about people being in the same space and working together as a community as much as we can, being that we’re all over the globe literally, every one of us are. 

So that being said, I was absolutely blown away by the reference that Bill Deagle made to the Oklahoma bombings. What I heard when I was listening to that is there was a great awakening among intuitives, psychics, clairvoyants -- whatever you wish to call us all -- during that particular event in our history that was like a “mass message,” if you will.

I thought that was pretty interesting that he shared that with me, Kerry. It really hit home with me, some of the things he was saying.

As I look back on that particular last vision dream that I had, which was just a couple of weeks ago, by the way, I realized that it’s a “compartment” where everything that he had been talking about -- which was the nuclear fallout with the one people; with the biological warfare, or you know, he called it the Avian flu. And there were those that I would call “privileged”, really weren’t part of the bigger group of the underground, that would be sent to places of safety. That kind of thing. I realize that these were different factions of humanity and how they’re kind of separated -- And you know, put it into a proper perspective for me.

So the whole thing with listening to what Bill [Deagle] said really put into perspective other dreams that I’ve had, prior to the 9/11 catastrophe that we had.

I didn’t understand it at the time. And I didn’t understand it until I actually listened to Bill. I had a dream about what I call “false images”, and these false images were images of explosions. And I never could understand what they were until, literally, today when I listened to Bill.

All that was triggered, and this dream -- and I never shared it to anyone -- but I kept dreaming about the “false explosions”, which was the 9/11 event, because they weren’t what they appeared to be. I know we all watched it on television and all that -- and it still wasn’t what it appeared to be. And still isn’t. The truth has not been told on that one.

But, interestingly enough, you put all this stuff together, and I believe that what Bill has seen, and how you guys commented on it all, is that it’s absolutely, just unfathomably accurate.

I got the shakes so bad as I was listening. It was that trigger mechanism, what I call when spirit comes in and recognizes truth, the spirit in me and the spirit outside itself connected.

All of this is not, again, not to create additional fear and terror in people. It’s really to effect a change. It’s very much like quantum physics -- where you observe an event, it literally changes the event.

So the more people that can help us on this in a positive manner, it can effect a change. And I have to agree, I don’t believe that all these thing have to take place in the way that they are.

There will be some changes that have to take place, as we all know it. This just cannot go on the way that it is. You have to tear down the walls before you can get to the good foundation.

Humanity as a whole is a good foundation. It’s those that have chosen to take over and to determine what’s “best” for the rest of us, based on their own selfishness – greed and fear and control and manipulation. It’s really what has changed humanity. And no more can we really tolerate any of that.

That being said, you know... Certainly I have changed my particular show in which several times – I do my show once a week, Kerry, as you well know, once a week or at least once a month, and I’m trying to push it up to every other week – I started up a title of it called The State of the World, in which I’m hoping to bring people forward onto the show to share this information.

Because there could come a time this information is no longer available if everything gets shut down. I certainly don’t want The Powers That Be... rather, they certainly don’t want us to be able to communicate the truth to each other, and for all of us to know we aren’t in this alone.

You know, it’s about segregating us and keeping us in fear, keeping us from each other. And helping each other is the biggest thing.

K:  Absolutely! What I wanted to tell you is that we are planning to interview Michael St.Clair and others of our contacts and witnesses to get their reactions to this information, and to see where they sort of fall on the spectrum of whether they psychically tapped into this thing or not, and whether they think this information might be misleading in any way. Because this, of course, is very important.

Very briefly, I have spoken with Michael St.Clair. He does not think that this is going to take place in this way, but I haven’t gotten the whole run-down from his point of view.

And, again, obviously Bill Deagle is speaking form his heart. He was on the verge of tears; he was pulling himself together in a very admirable way to talk to us today.

You know, I’m really grateful that you would come on and also share your vision before listening to what Bill Deagle had to say. So is there anything else you can tell us about your immediate reaction to what you heard?

R:  Well my immediate reaction is that, that being said, when you commented on Michael St.Clair, my first reaction is what I feel, like, is that the timeline may be slightly off with what Bill Deagle has to say.

Again, it just doesn’t feel like the timeline is exactly right. But I do believe that some of these events will take place, whether they come in the manner which, like synchronicity, as far as what he was saying.

I can tell you that I do believe that this whole bailout issue is really the “first of the last”, if that’s how you want to word it. I truly believe that this has been very carefully planned. And what I heard was that it’s actually been a plan that’s been in the making for over 30 years.

I don’t have any other information except for what I’m being told by my own guidance, that they’ve planned for a better part of 30 years. And they did show me some of the players, of course. Some of the players are political people that are no longer even of this Earth plane, but they were part of these meetings and planning stages and all of that.

This has been going on for eons of time. So I would tell people, first of all, not to panic, and to try to be clear-headed and to really look at this. If there is a complete economic meltdown, it’s going to affect everyone. It’s not going to just affect the individual,

So when you put yourself into that position, you have to think of it like that. You have to think of it as: If I’m experiencing this, everyone else is.

So the rules no longer apply. Because I think that’s going to be the toughest part for people to realize, Kerry.  

These rules are not the same as they were. I mean, even from yesterday, the rules have changed, with all of these processes that are all in place, that are taking place economically, and socially and politically, across the globe.

I’ve been saying for three years it’s not been “business as usual”. I personally have tried to get that message out to people. And, you know, I was so grateful when I found you guys and found your site. I recommend it highly to everyone. So please go educate yourself!

Keep an open mind, because I think this is the most important information. It’s what the news is not telling you. You know, most everything we do get is... what most everyone will tell you... is just very watered-down bits and pieces of the truth. The rest of it is spoon-fed to them to make it sound good, to make it plausible and logical to most people.

K:  That’s right. OK. Well, we’re going to go now because we have a lot of other people to try and contact in a short period of time. I think we are working against the clock a bit, but I do appreciate you weighing in on this and sharing your own intuitive information. And I hope that a lot people will also visit your site and listen to your radio show.

R:  Absolutely. And you guys be safe. And really be very, very safe, and be careful, and I wish you guys the best of luck. And thank you very much for sharing this information. Peace be with you both.


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