Camelot logo George Green:
Telephone interview transcript,
21 October 2008

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Kerry Cassidy: This is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, and we're here with George Green, hoping to get an update on the world today. And it's Wednesday where we are, actually, at 9 in the morning. And where you are, it’s 9 at night. Is that right, George?

George Green: That’s correct.

K:  On Tuesday night. You’re on October 21st, the evening, in the United States. So tell me what’s going on with you.

G:  Well, I’m observing the world meltdown right now in a lot of different directions. As you probably are aware, the G-8’s meeting... everybody’s getting together. And Bush went over to see Sarkozy in France. But the G-8 people are not willing to take the dollar as the base currency from now on. So they’re postponing their meeting till after the election, when Obama gets in.

K:  So what does that mean? Does that mean that our money isn’t good in Europe?

G:  What they’re trying to do is get a currency that they count on. Most of the world now is recognizing that the dollar is a dead currency, because they just got through putting out, as you know, another 250 billion into the banks. And under the fractional banking system, that made another 2.5 trillion dollars worth of debt available to put out into the system. But nobody’s borrowing the money.

K:  Oh, really.

G:  That’s correct. I mean, it’s made available, but everybody is concerned right now. Because not only is that happening, but everybody’s being laid off. I mean, Ford Motor Company has laid off another 10% of their staff. That was today. Its stock has dropped down. All of the car companies, the sales are down 30 and 40%. Boeing’s people that are on strike -- I understand that they may be laying off another 20,000 people. Nobody talks about the unemployment situation.

And they’re also not talking in another area, which is the next meltdown, and that is the derivatives area on credit cards throughout the world. Many credit cards right now, in other countries, aren’t being accepted. As you go to use a major credit card, it won’t go through.

K:  Ah...

G:  Because of the banking stream.

K:  Fascinating. Do you know which credit cards?

G:  No; they’re all being affected. It just depends on what the credit people are doing. I mean, even...You can go check it out from when the local credit people -- did they want to take the risk and making sure that they’re going to advance money on it to the local people?

So what they’re doing is, they’re just trying to get verification on everything. So if you’re in a foreign country, like you are right now, if the hotel or stuff will not take your credit card, then you have to call for verification back. And that’s a possibility, because that’s what’s happening all over, because most of the money being traded right now is digitized anyway.

K:  Right.

G:  Now you have the other thing that happened. As you know, the Iraqi government is not going to go along with the terms of the United States right now, and they want to delay till after Obama comes in, also. And that’s because they want to have control and get the troops out of their country.

K:  Oh, for sure. I’m sure. No doubt about that. But I believe that’ll never happen.

G:  Well, that’s what they’re trying to say, that it’ll never happen, but remember, we’ve been doing all kinds of things with the Iraqi people. So we have to watch the play going on.

Now, my other sources are saying that when Obama gets in, within probably 3 to 4 months, Kerry, we have to do something, because the unemployment and the massive repression that’s going to happen around the planet -- actually going into depression in many places -- is going to cause the people behind the scenes, in order to get something going, to begin WW III.

K:  Right. Yeah. I do understand that that might be a tactic. What is going on with this Mutual Fund deal? Because didn’t they just try to put money into propping up the Mutual Funds?

G:  Well, it wasn’t the Mutual Funds. You’re talking about the... People were putting money into Mutual Funds as a backup for the money. In other words, your cash, you put it into a cash account and they put it in there.

But what the provisions were, they said they would guarantee -- all these are Money Market Mutual Funds -- they would guarantee the Money Market Mutual Funds only for the people who had money in there at that time. Well, 12 billion dollars went into Money Market Mutual Funds the very next day. So there’s a lot of negotiations going back and forth. So they want to cover that too.

Now that’s everybody that’s running around trying to save their assets, Kerry. That’s the biggest problem we have.

And I had a meeting the other day with some of my banking friends in the real estate end of it, and they’re still expecting over 11 million foreclosures to happen next year.

And I’m having a meeting next week with two senators. And you know what, the last comment they made to me -- which I thought was very important -- they said within six months, you will not recognize the dollar. So my meeting I have next week will be very interesting on that.

K:  Wow. OK. I mean, there is so much stuff going on right now. It’s coming incredibly fast and furious.

G:  That‘s correct.

K:  I understand the stock market was down another 200...

G:  250 points.

K:  Yes.

G:  Now, the problem with the stock market is people are aware that their stocks are being traded. They’re not aware that only a few of the stocks... In other words, they may be in...

Let’s give you an illustration: If you have 100 stocks that were traded, 100 different companies, they can manipulate 3 or 4 of those companies and cause the appearance that it’s going up. It can’t shift 1,000 points in one day like it did without it being controlled.

And the control mechanism is the Federal Reserve itself, through its “Plunge Committee”, which is basically some of the members of the, as you know, the Federal Reserve as well as the government itself, that are manipulating a few stocks in order to maintain what they call “sanity” within the street. Because everybody in the United States is in a fear mode right now. They don’t want to buy stocks. So there’s panic.

K:  Sure.

G:  There’s about 2.5 trillion dollars worth of stocks that have evaporated. If you’re asking my professional opinion? I told you, I think a month ago, I said that the stocks would go down to about 8,500. Well, it hit the 8,500, as you know.

K:  Yes.

G:  The next level... Well, it’s up over around 9,000 right now, but I think with the melt-off that I’m feeling from other sources... because OPEC is meeting because of the decline in the oil. People are not acquiring things like they did. I see the stock market going clear down to 3,500, frankly.

K:  3,500?

G:  You bet.

K:  Wow. OK. There are people out there actually buying stock. Who would you say that is? Are there people trying to, you know, make a quick buck, and then get out again?

G:  Well, the Mutual Funds are the ones that have all the assets. The individual person is not doing... They’re just trying to save themselves. And the ones that are sitting by with all their 401-Ks and the rest of them, are just watching their assets going away. They don’t have a lot of control on this.

K:  Yes.

G:  But the Mutual Funds themselves control 60% of the stocks that are being traded.

K:  Oh, really. So it’s the major funds.

G:  Exactly. The major funds. And the hedge funds right now, because they were always betting on the market going in a different direction. All of a sudden all of this is running away and it’s causing them to dump massive amounts of their stocks, including their positions in gold and silver, and other commodities, frankly -- which is causing a whole drift-down.

But the whole rest of the world’s in the same boat. China’s backing off. You know, China and Japan are still meeting, as you well know, on trying to figure out a new currency, because nobody wants to use the dollar. They want to break, you know, the Bretton Woods Agreement, which said that we would use the dollar as the “bank currency” and it would remain the level throughout the world.

Well, they don’t want to do that any more. And that’s what everybody’s talking about. What kind of meeting can they have? And they all... They want to have this meeting after the new president gets in. That means... My question is: When he gets office -- when he takes office in January? Or after he gets through being elected?

So something’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks, that we’re going to see the changes that are happening.

Meanwhile, the meltdown of the market’s obviously going to go on. And the market represents nothing. It doesn’t have any business at all other than trading between the brokers.

And this was on national television -- they sat down with the brokers in New York. They didn’t care which way the market’s going, up or down, because they make money trading, whether selling or buying. So they’re just having a field day with all this.

And meanwhile, the American people -- their so-called illusion of equity is going away, as well as foreigners who bought into the drama.

And that’s what’s happening. And the derivative market is sold out to the entire world in various denominations. And they’re not even touching the credit card derivatives. And that’s going to come out in the next couple of weeks.

K:  OK. When you say what’s going to happen when -- I was going to say when Obama gets into office -- but when whoever wins gets into office.

G:  Oh, Obama’s already named, Kerry. I’ve told you that before.

K:  Yes.

G:  He’s been named the next president. And he’s already got the Electoral College, so we don’t care what happens at this point. He’s going to get the popular vote and the rest of it.

K:  Well, he’s...

G:  The rest of it’s just a show.

K:  Do you think the election is going ahead, though, on schedule?

G:  Yeah. I do. Sure. That’s two weeks.

K:  OK. Yeah. You know that Obama is down in Florida right now meeting with the former head of, what is it, the Federal Reserve?

G:  You mean with Volcker?

K:  Yes.

G:  Well, he may be. He’s gonna get an education. First of all, he came into this thing... He’s being given information by a lot of the insiders that are up close to the top that are trying to tell him which way to go.

You know, Volcker and I actually flew together on a plane from Aspen back to Denver. And, you know, this man at that time -- of course, as chairman of the Federal Reserve, I figured was the most powerful man in the world -- but he just represents the most powerful men, you know, the ones that run the Federal Reserve.

K:  Yeah. For sure.

G:  And so, when the Feds have a meeting, they’re going to give him an education on trying to keep the Federal Reserve going. The trouble is, the Federal Reserve could collapse. So you’re looking at a total collapse and a total depression, not recession, a depression in the United States. And the rest of the world’s going to follow suit.

K:  Right. OK. So what is the currency that people are going to be looking at in the future? Because if the dollar is gone, what are we looking at? We’re looking at some major currency? A brand new currency for the whole world?

G:  Yeah. Well, that’s what... Yeah, a brand new currency is what the G-8 people are talking about right now.

I mean, some of the data that I got later on today was talking about, you know, they have to do something in coordinating with Japan, China, and Russia. And they’ve all said they do not want the dollar involved. So the United States, of course, is trying to push this.

And remember, it’s only been done by the idea that we would have aggression and we’d go out...we’re the most powerful people in the world... would have been allowed to stabilize this.

Well, this is all coming undone everywhere. So you’re asking for what the new currency is? I don’t know what. That’s what they’re meeting on right now. And I’ll hopefully have more of an indication next week with the senators. Because, like I say, they’re involved with some of this. At least they have the information, you know, the stuff that’s being talked behind the scenes.

K:  Yeah. I bet. Well, I also wonder what’s going on, you know, about their preparations for anything like martial law, that sort of thing. Do you think you’re going to hear anything about that?

G:  Well, they’re already making motions on that. I will know more details about that at the end of the meeting -- I think it’s next Friday or Saturday -- that I’m having with them. And we’ll be discussing exactly which way to go. Because they’re trying to protect the same thing.

Now, my CIA -- the Crooks-In-Action -- friends that I have [Kerry laughs], you know, they’re just totally happy that they’re leaving the country or have left the country. They just don’t see the United States as being a good place to be. [laughs]

K:  Right. So what they’re basically doing is living in South America.

G:  That’s right.

K:  And they’ll still to have to, you know, live their lives and have some kind of currency down there.

G:  Well, Brazil has its own currency. Tonight on television they’re saying that they’re OK. They’re recognizing that we’re going to have a slight slow-down there. But their economy is based on what they have in the exported goods.

Remember, Germany itself said they don’t care either. But they sell goods to other parts of the world also. The United States... Remember, we only have 4-1/2% of the world’s population.

K:  Right.

G:  The rest of the world can’t be running on a few things that’re going on over here, because we’re not consuming anything.

I mean, there’s houses... Everywhere across the country that I go right now, there’s blocks upon blocks of them that are for sale. Where I’m at right now, across the street two years ago was selling for $450,000. The bank sold it the other day at $126,000.

K:  You’re kidding me! Wow!

G:  No, I’m not.

K:  That’s amazing.

G:  Well, they’re trying to get cash. That’s the trouble. They have to do that or the banks... It’s called REO, real estate owned, and if they do take the property back, then they have to pull back, you know, unwrap the leverage position they had because of the fractional reserve system.

Now, that’s basically what they’re talking right now, putting out money into the banks so they can continue to gain. But nobody wants to buy anything right now because they’re afraid they might not have a job on Friday.

K:  OK. What do you think...? I mean, isn’t the writing on the wall going to be really strong when December comes around and nobody, you know, is shopping, as the retail sector goes down?

G:  Well, they’re already reporting that sales are down. I’ve already said that Sears and K-Mart both aren’t reporting sales right now, because if they did that, then their stock could go way down. And I’m saying the only way they can do is go -- what they did a couple years ago -- go back into bankruptcy.

K:  So what about this thing where Kirkorian is selling a stake in Ford?

G:  Well, he’s getting rid of all of it because Ford is technically bankrupt.

K:  Right. And I understand that GM is looking for a major investor as well.

G:  General Motors is an interesting situation, because most of the car companies, if you look at it, got rid of most of their liabilities when they dumped all of the pension funds, all of the health benefits, on the Unions themselves. The Unions thought they were doing a good thing by assuming liability but that was upside-down. That’s not being addressed to the public yet. You remember all the health benefits that supposedly the workers got.

But GM, because their sales are down 30-some percent, as you know, and Ford’s 40-some percent. Will Ford exist in the next year? That’s the next question.

So they’re all trying to look at it on a world basis, the merger of things, and if they could come out with something new... Now, India’s coming out with a new car, as you know, and China’s come out with one, for $3,000!

K:  Oh really. OK. Well, what about the idea that’s in the news today? India’s launching an orbiter to the Moon. What do you think of that? What’s that all about?

G:  Well, that’s just to show that they have the nuclear power and the capability. China and India are doing a 2-1/2-billion-dollar new project together.

India has done two things. The United States has made an agreement, and they tell everybody, to put a billion-dollar reactor in India. But India also made the same deal with Russia. Russia’s going to put in a nuclear reactor. As you know, Russia’s been putting nuclear reactors all over. And this is to get energy.

Now, their refinery was a joint venture between China and India on their border, a refinery for petroleum products. Now, obviously with the slowdown... Now China’s having a slowdown; India’s going to have a slowdown. But these two countries together, as you know, China and India, represent almost 40% of the world’s population.

And they’re in the position right now of not... Their food production and everything is able for themselves at this minute. So our exports -- because we’ve been living on exporting our products and stuff to them -- they’re gonna ignore them in this minute until we get some kind of level playing-field with the money.

So the next two weeks, like you and I are watching, when the G-8 meets, and if they continue the game until after a year – but I don’t think they can continue past after the election, frankly – at that point we’ll know which way the moss is going to flow. I mean, they’re going to feel comfortable about it and at that point they’ll want to get a new currency so they can have some kind of exchange going.

That’s probably part of the reason that the Bank of International Settlements, as you know, a couple months ago, got permission from the Bush administration to audit the Federal Reserve.

There are so many things going on behind the scenes right now. If they can audit the Federal Reserve... Remember, many congressmen have been trying to do that for many years right now, even Ron Paul.

K:  So what does that entail? If they audit the Federal Reserve, what are they going to find out? Are they going to find out about black projects, for example? Or is this...

G:  They’re going to find out that they’re been... the money... the percentage games... When you join the franchise... Like I explained before, if you’re a franchise like Best Western or Marriott or whatever, you pay... A percentage of the income goes back to the franchisee.

Well, the Federal Reserve is the franchisee. So they get a percentage of everything. But they’ve got to give a fee back to the Bank of International Settlements. That’s the bankers’ bank.

Well, what if they find out that they’ve been lied to all the way? They’re just going to shut the system down and now we’re going to be in something totally new and nobody really knows what’s going to come out of this. Like I say, we’re going to be in a massive depression.

I’m hoping people will have at least two or three months’ worth of food stored up. I’m telling everybody to get cash, you know, a couple months in small bills – $1s, $5s, $10s and $20s – nothing more than that. It’s just so you’ll be able to exchange, whether or not they’re gonna be worth anything.

I mean, there’s some talk, with some of my other broker friends, they say we’re gonna have two currencies, one that you can use in the United States. And something else overseas. Now, you know, you’re overseas now. Will they still accept the dollar?

K:  Well... you know, yeah, they’ve accepted it, In other words, I’ve traded it in, you know. I traded in the dollar. Actually, as you know, they’re propping up the dollar at the moment.

G:  Right.

K:  I mean, the US dollar is actually worth more right now than the Aussie dollar, which is supposed to be a good currency and fairly stable.

G:  Well, they’ve done this. This is an arbitrary, you know, thought-provoking thing. So we’ve got the government basically nationalizing all the banks, nationalizing everything so they can say this is a strong currency.

But we don’t produce anything. Kerry, one out of 3 people in the United States work for the government.

K:  No!

G:  That’s correct. One out of three people work for companies that have contracts with the government.

Now we have the next problem: 50% of the people in the United States -- that’s half of them -- are over age 50.

K:  Right. Well, the people that are working for companies that have contracts with the government is the military-industrial complex, so you’re talking about companies like Boeing and Northrop and so and so forth. And they are all... all about building war machines.

G:  Exactly.

K:  That will keep them going...

G:  And all their stock has gone down today.

K:  All of it?

G:  All their stock has gone down. And Boeing has been on strike. Their workers have been on it. And the people in Seattle... I was talking to ’em the other day. In fact, I flew in with ‘em. They were talking about, well, they’re probably gonna get laid off. Well, they could lay off 23,000 of ’em.

K:  OK.  But if the defense industry starts going down, then that’s when you have to look to the situation where they’re going to create some “event”.

G:  There you go.

K:  Right?

G:  There you go. You’ve got the right idea, about what I feel; it’s the same boat. The next thing they’re gonna have to do is address the problem. Because we’ve still got 40% of the world existing on less than $2 a day.

I mean, everything‘s out of balance. We’re increasing the population on the planet, you know, 200,000-plus a day, or 5 million a month. Where’s all the food? Where’s all the things coming from? And it’s coming to the critical end.

It’s a challenge for us, you and I and everybody else I know, to keep ahead of all the information. And I get tons of it thrown at me from all over the globe. I mean, I get calls...

K:  Well, you’ve actually become kind of a focus-point, I think, at this time, just because of your incredible, you know, financial acumen, and then everything else that you’ve got going behind you. So, I mean, people are contacting you right and left. I’d love to know, or be sitting in on some of those conversations you’re having right now.

G:  Well, I’m sure. And I’d enjoy doing that, and I think at some point... I’m talking to people right now, of having some kind of a, you know, maybe a weekly newsletter, up on my website, or something that comes down on these things, to keep up with the data that’s coming in.

Meanwhile, they’re all talking in every direction about shutting down the net because of the information.

K:  Nah. Well, OK. Have you also heard about the situation with these, I don’t know... ships? There’s like three of them out there with radioactive waste from out of Taiwan?

G:  The radioactivity is a real problem. Yeah, I’ve heard about that, that they’ve put the ships out there. They’re going off...

We‘ve dumped so much radiation into the ocean, Kerry, and we’ve, you know... My friends down in Alamogordo called me – that’s in New Mexico. The government, they said, is trying to burn waste. I’m talking about nuclear waste. You can’t burn that! You just put more radiation in the air. That’s already the...

I mean, why did they start the Non-Proliferation Agreement immediately after they stopped dropping all these bombs? That’s because we messed up the atmosphere. That’s what’s eating holes in the ozone.

So radiation is affecting everything, but it’s slow-moving. That’s the whole basis... You can’t have radiation that’s being transmitted into people, like the crazy uranium [“depleted” uranium], as you are well aware, that we’re using in shells. Yeah, it hardens the shells and it does things. But look at the Iraqi people! And look what’s happening to our soldiers coming back here.

K:  Oh yeah. Absolutely.

G:  And that’s... You know, all of these little pieces fit into the puzzle. And when I talk to some of my medical professionals, you know, on the problem, they don’t really have a solution on this thing. Because this is not an instant thing where you kind of click on, all of a sudden, you’re... You know. The cancers that are formed within your body... Because we’re kind of an adaptable species.

K:  Exactly. Well, yeah. And we have to actually rely on that to stay alive.

What about the prices of gold and silver right now? Because it seems like they’re just keeping that stuff down.

G:  Well, that’s the thing. Sure. The hedge funds are dumping to try to get liquidity, so they took big positions in the metal. I think that’ll be turning around in the next two weeks, frankly.

K:  OK. The paper versus the actual metal? Is there going to be a discrepancy there? Or if it goes up, will it go up everywhere?

G:  Well, here’s the problem right now... Because I just got, am getting, 10,000 ounces of metal and my delivery time is like... 2 months? Forget it! And my silver and my gold...

They have so many people now that are going to the metals. The price that they quote in New York right now is basically the London market, which is done by paper that’s supposedly paper-on-deposit. Wherever they have the gold and stuff, they’re selling the paper. And that’s supposed to be determining the price on it.

Well, I just got through paying a couple dollars over spot. I’m buying two dollars over spot because there’s none available. There’s something wrong with this picture.

K:  OK. And so...

G:  Sure, they tell you that gold dropped down $20 today. And I said: Well, gee, I just paid -- Just to give you an idea, I paid $903 for an ounce of gold because there wasn’t any available.

K:  OK. So... I don’t understand. How can the price go down?

G:  Well, because the hedges are dumping their prices. This is an arbitrary... That’s the trouble with the stock market. When they have 100 shares trade in a stock, it determines the value of the other 2-million shares that are trading. See, we have an arbitrary thing that’s being manipulated by these few things.

The Data Institute -- that’s a group of people that are in the gold, and they’ve been checking and following this -- they’ve been trying to get Congress to investigate on how they manipulate the price of gold and silver. Well, there’s only so much. The silver...

I’m about 20 miles from the Silver Valley up here, the second largest silver production in the continental United States, up here in Idaho. And I was with the president of the company, and we were discussing, you know, the global situation. We have maybe four-and-a-half-months of silver, overall, in reserve, to cover for the world. What happens in four months?

The other problem is, the EPA and the rest of ’em are coming in and they’re shutting down the mines because of what’s happening, because the mine’s price of silver is down. So we’re going to eat this up.

It’s kind of like having the oil people... OPEC is moving in the same direction. Well, people have quit using it for a little bit. It won’t be too long before you won’t have the production there and, you know... I looked at, believe it or not, gasoline today at $2.66 a gallon.

K:  [laughs] So this should be good news, but in reality it’s a problem. Right?

G:  Well... Because the next thing is, how many people now aren’t paying their rent? How many people are out of a job? And the government is now talking about extending more unemployment benefits. In other words, just giving money out to people to go look at it.

I talked to one of the workers that, you know, helps the senior citizens that can’t take care of themselves? Some of these people aren’t even getting food. I mean, it’s deplorable, just listening to the stories of what’s happening. The food banks are out of food, you know the ones that help people that go in for Food Stamps? They don’t have any.

K:  Yeah. Absolutely. OK. We have been hearing something about, I don’t know, something -- this is from a secret source -- saying to be very careful. Because, you know, I’m flying back into the United States.

And they’re saying something could be up, that some of the forces on a secret level are working very hard to make sure nothing happens on US soil, saying between now and the inauguration. Have you heard anything on that level?

G:  Well, I heard two things. One thing, they were trying to get something so we could have a national emergency called. But I’m concerned on two different areas on that.

I think that you’re right. We’re in the stable deal. But, as you know, my partner is a clairvoyant and she’s very... Let’s put it this way: She feels something’s going on right now as you and I speak. And she’s been talking to some other people in London that are “friends like her,” and they say the same thing: Within the next 60 days something major’s gonna happen. But they didn’t pinpoint what was gonna happen, Kerry.

K:  Oh really. So...

G:  Yeah.

K:  So, are you guys planning to tactfully, possibly, exit, you know, stage right, so to speak?

G:  Well, I have my tickets, and I was just working on it, to go down to Ecuador. I’m supposed to go to a couple places. I was gonna come down and see you but I don’t think I’m going to make it. I may come down to Arizona.

K:  Well, I’m going to be in Arizona, so, you know, I wish you...

G: Yeah.  I may be doing that and then heading off. Tomorrow I’ll know more of my schedule. But I do have tickets already and I’m planning on... you know, it’s kind of family thing... but in the next four weeks I’ll be down in Ecuador.

K:  Really. OK. What do you think’s going to go on as far as once Obama gets into office? Because... I don’t know. I’ve heard that actually that’s not going to help matters, so to speak, as much as people think it is.

G:  Oh. It’s not. Obama will get into it. They want to set this whole thing up so the whole democratic thing all falls apart anyway. And he doesn’t know what he’s getting into, frankly. I mean, he’s being pushed to get in.

It’s kind of like, you know... Sarah Palin, once she got, took, the offer to become the vice president up there... They just got her out of the way for what she was doing up in Alaska.

K:  Right.

G:  She was doing good for the State of Alaska. Now they just pulled her away from all the play.

K:  Oh, that’s interesting.

G:  And the story behind that is unbelievable.

K:  So she’s been distracted, basically, because of the whole oil industry.

G:  That’s it. That’s right. They get her out.

K:  Why did they want to take her away, though?

G:  Well, if you notice, in Alaska the senators and other people are being indicted for fraud and that. And the people that control...

32 out of 33 of the strategic minerals in the world are located up in Alaska. And the inner group up there was giving it to their buddies. How do you think they get all these new airplanes and all these trips and all the rest of this stuff? It’s a payoff.

So the big companies continue to gain, with Alaska as big as it is. You don’t realize the size of it. If you started from Miami and went to Seattle, that’s about the size of Alaska.

K:  Yeah.

G:  And they don’t have many people up there.

K:  That’s right.

G:  And so, meanwhile, because of what’s happening on climate changes and everything else, all these mineral resources and the availability of having the Alaskan “government,” if you want to look at it, being very favorable to the inner group so they could get on and rape more of the planet, you know, taking the mineral resources.

Sarah was stopping all that. They said: If you’re gonna do that, then you want to make it so the people of Alaska benefit from it.

So they just dangled the bait: Hey, I’ll make you vice president. She jumped on it. The Lieutenant-Governor up there... The Lieutenant-Governor of Alaska was just bought and paid for.

So now they put her up there and she thinks she’s doing a good thing. But actually the vice president has no power.

K:  [laughs] Right. Well, in the case where Obama wins, she’s not going to be in the game anyway. And I sort of think she was taken out by that family incident, where the... you know, he lost his job.

G:  No. That’s a distraction. It was all over the other stuff, over the mineral resources and stuff, so they could get control and get her out of it. But that’s OK.

K:  OK. Very interesting.

G:  Well, it’s the power game. You know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. But if we can get you... That’s the aphrodisiac: We’ll put you in a position of power.

Then you start looking... Always follow the money. These people are all manipulating. Why is Volcker having a meeting -- you know, the former chairman, as you say -- with Obama right now? Maybe he’s gonna bring him up and say: Wait a minute, you gotta help. You gotta do something to prevent the...

What’s happening is, even most of the Congress, even though they’re aware of the Federal Reserve, they don’t know that we’re being indirectly manipulated.

K:  Oh, for sure. The game goes far beyond that.

What do you think about Joe Biden? Do you think he’s really going to make it into office, you know, as the vice president behind Obama? Because we had word that Hillary was going to be back on the ticket. And I know there’s only two weeks left [until the election], so it seems absurd that that would happen. But I heard that health problems might crop up, or it could be other things.

G:  No. I think he’s gonna get into office. But I think Hillary, and the same thing with the other players... He’s just getting his Chief of Staff up there. And I’m sure Hillary and Bill and the rest of ’em’ll all be into some position and make a big difference. They really will.

K:  Oh yeah.

G:  You know, when you look at our dear retired general [Powell], he’s already been Secretary of State for a couple of times. But, you know, ethically, he was just lead down the primrose path when they came down to the deal in Iraq on the whole stuff.  But this is all part of that “intelligence community” we have out there. You know, the CIA, the Crooks-in-Action.

K:  OK. Well, what about Colin Powell coming out on the side of Obama? Behind the scenes, do you know which faction is backing Obama, besides, you know, the obvious?

G:  Well, no. The Rockefellers wanted Obama in a long time ago. But when you talk about Colin Powell, you know that he’s moving into position to be one of his... And he submitted, as you know, on the meeting of it, because he tends to be willing to serve his president. So they’ll put him into some position. He’s great for working out the Middle East.

Again, the wild card in this whole thing is: What are we gonna be dealing with? Because we’re now a bankrupt country. Our currency’s not going to be allowed any place.

And you know what happened in Iraq today. Their government just backed off of all of these requirements for pulling out. And I think that the government’s saying: Get out of Iraq. And they’re waiting for Obama to get in, and that’s part of the delay.

K:  OK.

G:  Even though they’ve got... You know, they have the biggest embassy. The United States has the biggest embassy in the world. It’s over in Iraq right now.

K:  Except my understanding is that the reasons they went into Iraq to begin with is because they want to guard that Stargate that’s there, during the time when what may be Planet X comes around and/or some of the changes that are happening here behind the scenes with ETs and so on.

G:  Well, I can’t... For that area I’m not really too sure because I was involved with the other people who were involved with...

You know, it all goes back to the days when the Iraq War “A” [Desert Storm] started. You know, the Kuwaitis were slant-drilling underneath the Iraqi territory and they brought it in. It’s all over oil for right now.

The Iraqi thing has obviously got a lot of artifacts and stuff over in Iraq that show the extraterrestrial connection. And is there a Stargate there? Or are there other places around the planet? I mean, we’re all interested...

We’re all going into an interesting time, Kerry, and I can’t really give you an answer on what you’re saying on that.

K:  OK. But you do have, you know... I mean, you’re still getting some “downloads”, are you not? From your Pleiadians?

G:  My ETs?

K:  Yes.

G:  Yeah. Well, they’re above the Pleiadians.

K:  They are?

G:  Yeah. The information I get is from a higher energy source than the Pleiadians. I mean, they’re just kind of like you and I are. And most of the Pleiadians, frankly, I think have left. Most of ’em have left the planet. It’s other extraterrestrials now that are sitting there rubbing their fingers, hoping we’re going to destroy ourselves.

K:  OK. So what are you getting from your sources? Are you writing this stuff down like you did? Because, you know, you have your three books out there.

G:  Four.

K:  And we can say: Handbook for a New Paradigm, Embracing the Rainbow, and Becoming.

G:  Yeah, but there’s another one, the Messages to the Ground Crew. That was the last name. That one really said it in big spades. It said just get ready for the big, you know, unbridled truth that’s coming on to the whole planet.

K:  OK. Well, you know, we created a forum that’s all around the Ground Crew and we’ve got a huge... I guess we’ve got 4,000 people visiting it every day.

G:  I’m going to get on there this week, I promise. I’ll get on there myself.

K:  [laughs]

G:  I have been so busy. And I’m glad you do. I’ve got, like, 12,000 on my own list just in the last year. [laughs]

K:  Wow.

G:  And I’m working with some people right now that are trying to manage my own website better because it’s just unbelievable the number of actions we’re getting. I mean, you know, on the whole, like you’re getting, and so am I. [laughs] We’ll see what we can do.

K:  Well, let me ask you this, because we’re just about to release another interview with Bob Dean who has come forward. And he actually spoke at the UFO Expo, and I think he broke the news there. But he’s coming forward saying that, you know, Nibiru is a real issue and that the government knows it.

G:  Oh sure. Well, we know that Nibiru is... Well, my partner, Gillian, knows all of that information on that and she can go into more detail than I can. And so, we’ll have to get her on the air with you and you can discuss the whole thing.

K:  That would be lovely. That’d be wonderful. We definitely would love to do that. OK. Is there any parting remarks? You know. And then we want to call you back for a sort of a personal conversation, if you don’t mind. But before we do that, are there any other remarks that you want to make about the current situation? Maybe words of advice to the Ground Crew?

G:  Well, the words I have right now is just what I said before: Get your food stored up. If you need some appliances, go out and buy ’em while you can buy ’em cheap right now, because my friends were telling me that China’s saying pay ’em in any other currency besides the dollar in order to get the stuff. So I’m going to see a lot of goods and stuff kind of disappear off the shelves very shortly. And you might as well get it while you can. It’d be for trading stock.

K:  Right.

G:  Food. And get yourself someplace that you can go, away from major cities. Because I am getting a lot of calls from people right now, that the military is doing some exercises in different places.

K:  Right. We did get some information about that. We’ve also got Bill Deagle talking about H5N1 -- it’s a virus.

G:  The avian flu virus. Right.

K:  Have you heard anything about that?

G:  No, I didn’t go into any details. Remember, when I sat in on the meetings when they were looking to population reduction, they said: By all means necessary. That’s viruses, too, because they were cheaper.

The new pulsed-beam weapons -- the ones they developed off of alien craft -- they’re really looking at that, too. They can just basically send out a beam and shut down all electronic things, and everything else, and put you basically back in the Stone Age instantly.

K:  Wow. OK.

G:  That’s all available at this minute. But if they’re looking for population reduction in order to try to keep ahold of what we’ve had as the United States being the most powerful one, they want to try to keep the economy going. I want to see how they’re going to try to unravel it with the rest of the world leaders. Because they’re not buying it.

K:  Oh, I’m sure of it. What about... There’s one last thing, which is, we’re hearing things about ships coming into port and not having letters of credit, so they’re not able to deliver the goods.

G:  The letter of credit was for the goods that you’re talking about? When they have the delivery, they come up and they can’t get their cash. I’ve heard that also from a couple of other places. In other words, the ships... You know, they were costing them about almost $40,000 a day for fuel to run these things. But the prices are down.

But the goods they were delivering... They were given a letter of credit that as soon as the boat, you know, came up, or unloaded whatever the boat was loaded with, the letter of credit then would be funded. But the banks are broke.

K:  Right.

G:  So what do they do? Then they go out to find somebody else to buy it. And if they can, the people are buying it for 10-cents on the dollar. Yeah, I’ve heard that already. And they’re doing that like they do with some of the real estate stuff they’re doing right now for 25- and 30-cents on the dollar. So yeah. [laughs] It’s a big meltdown, Kerry. That’s all you can look at.

K:  Yeah, it’s pretty worldwide. Well, I think that you’re also talking about countries like Africa and the smaller, you know, small islands, and places in the third world that are going to be hit the hardest, it seems to me.

G:  Well, look. These countries that you’re talking about and other things that are hit the hardest because of the benefits that we’ve been putting out, in other words, trying to help the people.

K:  They have no tourism, you know. A lot of these places aren’t going to exist.

G:  Look at what they’re doing right now in Vegas. Right now... There’s a whole area right now -- you’ve got hotel rooms for 30 bucks a night. I mean, about 70 of ’em along the Strip.

K:  Incredible.

G:  Because there’s nobody coming in there. You know, gambling has always been good. My son-in-law was going to build a new casino, and they just cancelled that.

K:  Oh, did they?

G:  Yeah. This is all in the last week, so he’s going to be without a job. And he just did a billion-dollar project and he was going to do another billion-dollar one.

K:  Very interesting. OK. Well, we’re going to be speaking at the Crash Retrieval Conference coming up in Vegas, as you know.

G:  On the 9th [of November]. Yeah, I know. We’ll be talking. We’ll do that at another time.

K:  Absolutely. OK. Well, we’re going to get back with you with a private conversation here but thank you, George, for this update. We’re going to put this on our site.

G:  Thanks, Kerry.

K:  And we really do appreciate you, you know, staying in touch with us and keeping us up to date on what’s going on.

G:  Well, I hope to see you both.

K:  Absolutely. All right. Take care. Bye.

G:  Bye.


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