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Telephone interview transcript,
13 April 2009

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Kerry Cassidy (KC):   Good morning. This is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, and we're here with Duncan O'Finioan. It's Monday, April 13th, 2009. Hello Duncan, and it's lovely to talk to you.

Duncan O'Finioan (DO’F):  It's great to be back with you guys.

KC:  We're going to go into some of the things that you've been experiencing lately and try to kind of “catch up” because it's been quite a while since we've spoken. We're going to be talking about some things that are going to be on record here, and then there also will be some asides that will be off record.

DO’F:  Sure. What's going on with myself and some others that came out of some of these projects is not supposed to happen. We've always known that I have one embedded alternate personality which we now know has a name. And that name is Omega Unit One-Nine-Seven. That's its designated name. We just call him One-Nine-Seven.

The alternate personalities were the torture-based integrated personalities created by the government scientists, or the mil lab scientists, that were used on various black operations. But what is happening is, these alternate personalities are becoming self-aware. Almost like a computer becoming self-aware.

You see, one personality was not supposed to be in touch with the other personality. We were supposed to switch. The words, symbols, signals, tones, sound, etcetera. But some of us are starting to switch on a daily basis. I'm switching without realizing it. It doesn't take the fight-or-flight syndrome to make me switch anymore. Could be a glitch in the original programming. I definitely believe it's something that was completely unforeseen by the original programmers.

We have found four distinct personalities in me. You know, I have the one that's talking now, I have One-Nine-Seven, I have a little boy. And, what we've been able to ascertain is that the little boy is who... the personality is who I was at the moment of the split. So the little boy's just like lost in there. Then there's one that we call the berserker, and that personality is damn near animalistic.

Bill Ryan (BR):  To use the words from The Hulk movie, that you wouldn't want to make angry, right?

DO’F:  Right. Right. That one manifested a couple of months ago, and the only thing it wanted to know was: What were the orders. And when no orders to be given, it went back to sleep.

BR:  That's very interesting.

KC:  But...

DO’F:  Sounds like you're at the bottom of a deep, deep well. Part of this is probably my hearing problem. I'm having a lot of pain in my ears the past couple 'a days.

KC:  Okay.

BR:  I'm sorry to hear that, Duncan. I remember that you told us that you were having this progressive problem when we first met you a couple 'a years ago.

DO’F:  Yeah. It's been progressively, month after month, just getting worse.

KC:  Oh God. OK.

BR:  When you say: What we have found... who is “we”? Is this a group of you who have been through the same program, who've been comparing notes? Or is some professional who understands this stuff in a position to help you, or to help you all?  Can you tell us a little bit about how it is that you've come to do this research on yourself and your companions?

DO’F:  To answer your first question -- Both. There is a small group of us who came out of these other projects. One that I'm working with now, I actually helped train. And we were on various assignments together and share a lot of the absolute same memories, and we each have separate memories that we're still working on. We also have a professional psychologist, who is an expert in multiple personality disorder, who has worked with black operations people in the past.

He recognizes exactly what's going on and he has been a tremendous help. So I have someone else that's a psychologist that we're working with as well, who is a very close friend of the one lady that I worked with. She's the one who connected us together. It’s getting scary, guys. [laughs] It's like some of these alternate personalities have their own agendas.

KC:  Isn't it possible that this is a sign of health though, actually, that these walls are breaking down and that you're starting to become aware of... you know, exactly what's going on and that maybe the personalities themselves might...? If you're saying their becoming self aware, are they becoming aware of each other?

DO’F:  Yes. Exactly right. And it's almost like we're communicating with each other. The only way to tell, now... At one time, years ago, if I switched to One-Nine-Seven, it was obvious. All right? Even when One-Nine-Seven spoke, it was obvious. There was no accent, no nothing. But the eye color would always change. Now, that is basically the only thing this personality cannot hide -- is the changing of the eye color. He is able to switch so completely and so covertly, unless you notice the eye change, you can't tell.

BR:  Is this understood, Duncan, how it is that the eye changes color? 'Because that's like a micro-version of shape-shifting, isn't it? It implies that there's a DNA structural change going on, happening at a moment's notice, which is what some people say is impossible. Do you understand this at all?

DO’F:  I do. I do, but I have multiple witnesses who sit there and say: My God, your eyes turned bright green. My eyes are not green [laughs], but when I switch personalities, my eyes turn green. Right now it's a fight of trying to keep the different personalities under control, and to figure out exactly what it is they want.

They obviously seem to have their own agendas. To what those agendas are, we just don't know at this time. We don't know if those agendas are good or bad. But we do know that they're not under the control of mil labs. My honest guess -- and I'll say it for the recordthey want revenge. They want payback.

KC:  Is this something that the other people that you're with are also experiencing in terms of this other... their other personalities wanting revenge?

DO’F:  Some are. Yes. Absolutely.

KC:  Because I... I don't know if this can be on record and you can tell me, 'cause I think you might know Daniel McB. I call him Daniel McB. You know who I'm speaking of?

DO’F:  Yes.

KC:  Okay. Is he one of those people?

DO’F:  Not that I'm aware of. Dan B and I have spoken many times. We've met face to face a few times. I am not aware that he... his alternate personality is manifesting at this time.

BR:  I heard that there was to have been a radio program that was going... have called you and you weren't available. They couldn't get hold of you. But Dan came on instead, and he was described on the internet as Dan Doe -- like John Doe, but Dan Doe -- and that he told his story on the radio instead. And that was a relatively short time ago, but I haven't listened to that yet. I've got it marked for listening.

DO’F:  Yeah, I remember that. That wasn't this last time I was in the Islands, it was actually the time before. I've been traveling to St Thomas very frequently here the past few months on business.

KC:  You're not on St Thomas now, right?

DO’F:  No.  I'm in Kentucky now.

KC:  Okay.

DO’F:  Just like what you guys and I were trying to do, which's to set up a phone call while I was down there and, for whatever reason, that neither side could get a call through. They called Dan, and Dan took the show for me that night. I have not listened at all to the program. Ah... quite frankly, I never listen to myself talk.

KC:  Do you know why you're going to St Thomas? Because, in our interview with you originally, and Corso, St Thomas was where you were recognized. Originally you didn't know why you were recognized there, but it was a fascinating incident -- a number of incidents -- that went on there. It's certainly a military enclave and I'm wondering if you know why it is you're going there?

DO’F:  I know exactly why. That reason is two-fold. We'll get the simple one out of the way first. It's business. I have a more than partial interest. I own full power of attorney over a section of property down there on Smith Bay, that has rental houses on it, that I'm in charge of. The main reason is the island of St Thomas is One-Nine-Seven's home. That's where he was created. That's where he's from.

KC:  Where One-Nine-Seven was created?

DO’F:  Correct. That's where the splitting process took place.

KC:  I see. So One-Nine-Seven goes back there. Do you think that there is a... maybe there's a scalar frequency being beamed at you to bring out these personalities? Or perhaps programming that's going on when you're in St Thomas? Do you have missing time at all when you're there?

DO’F:  No. Not missing time. As far as the scalar waves or electronic emissions, I would agree with that. What a lot of people don't know is [laughs] just to the west of St Thomas, of course, is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has the largest underwater submarine base in the world. Not well known, but it is a fact.

People who know me down there, and who also know me here, have made the comment numerous times that when I go to Saint Thomas I'm like a kid on the island. You know, I'm no longer 48, nearly 49 years old. I'm 15-16 again. I'm like a kid, you know? It's like everything just lifts off of me. The island has... It has almost a magical feel. If that makes any sense, and, not just...

KC:  Do you think that this feel is a result of programming? I mean... islands, theoretically, are nice places. However, is it possible that this is an implant to make you feel that it is, you know, a lovely wonderful place, to attract you back to it numerous times?

DO:  It is. That's very possible. You know, I've been to Puerto Rico many times. I lived right on the ocean more than once. I've been to some other islands. I don't have the same feeling that I have when I'm in St Thomas. It could be a fact that, you know, I have memories of being a kid -- of being a small boy -- on St Thomas, and, I think it's a...

It's a combination of things, but I think it comes back to that is where the traumatic personality split first took place. When I was a child was in St Thomas. Not on St Thomas proper... it was on one of the channel islands that's around. Ah... the building actually still stands, and it's government property, cordoned off. No one's allowed over there, but I'm workin' on it.

KC:  [laughs] So, are you feeling that if these personalities are starting to come through on their own... is it making you uncomfortable? Are you feeling that there is communication such that you, Duncan that I'm talking to, can calmly say: One-Nine-Seven, down! if One-Nine-Seven is aggravated, or something like that?

DO’F:  Whew! That's the 64-thousand-dollar-question, girl. [laughs]

KC:  [laughs]

DO’F:  Umm, I was told -- let me preface it with this -- I was told a couple 'a years ago by someone that if I could not reconcile the two personalities then I would probably die. Well, I think that's happening. There's a lot of things going on at the subconscious level that my conscious level isn't aware of until after it's done, once it's completed. I think what has to happen -- what must take place is -- a total merging of these two personalities.

Now the other two that have manifested...  Geez, I don't know what to do with those. The berserker is frightening. Extremely frightening. The little boy, I can deal with. And... going back to Dan Doe, when he was here and we spent three days together, he wanted to go to the gym where I worked out so he could observe, and he did.

And he was witness to my eye color changing. So I shifted from this personality to One-Nine-Seven personality during a heavy lift, and... he saw it! He commented. He said:  Dude, your eyes just changed. But to me it was like everything was in slow motion, you know. It's a really weird feeling.

KC:  You're saying... When he said: Dude, your eye color just changed, he's talking to the Duncan that I'm talking to right now, isn't he? And then... But what's happening is that you've already changed over to One-Nine-Seven, so One-Nine-Seven is receiving the speech, right? So...

DO’F:  Right.

KC: does One-Nine-Seven react to that information?

DO’F:  You see, the thing they have to keep in mind is that One-Nine-Seven hears and sees everything that I did. He's completely aware of everything that's going on.

KC:  Right.

DO’F:  What happened that day, I was doing a heavy bench press. And once I got... jacked the weight up, and started to bring it down, he said my eyes changed. And then I pressed it up, re-racked the weight and sat up, and my eyes went back to normal. One-Nine-Seven manifested, pressed the weight -- did the lift -- and then went back. Because I don't think I could have done that lift by myself.

KC:  I see. So it was like an adrenaline shift.

DO’F:  Right. And then he went on to talk about Theta waves and what-not, and I'm totally lost on that. Um... [laughs] I'm trying to research it but I'm not a scientist.

KC:  But, you are working with, as you say, a psychologist?

DO’F:  Yes.

KC:  Does he regress you at all? Does he use that kind of therapy? Where...

DO’F:  No.

KC:  ...he would take you back to either incidents in this life, and/or, even a prior life?

DO’F:  No. We tried that once several years ago -- I think I mentioned that -- and One-Nine-Seven manifested and was going to kill the hypnotherapist.

KC:  Okay.

DO’F:  Yes. It most definitely... That needs to be done. But at the same time, I don't think it can be done unless I am... severely secured.

KC:  Okay. I'm assuming that some of the other people in your group are... You said their other personalities are spontaneously coming forward as well, and that vengeance is their agenda? Is that true?

DO’F:  Yeah. That seems to be, but not the kind of vengeance of Go out and raise bloody hell and mayhem. More to the point, I think, of vengeance of let's bring this out, let's pull these people out of the rabbit-hole and hold 'em up for everybody to see. More of that kind of vengeance because, you know, our alternate personalities are extremely intelligent. Much more intelligent than we are in our born [laughs] personalities.

So they look at things more analytical. They break things apart much more than we do. And they're very much aware that to just go out and cause bloody mayhem would serve absolutely no purpose. It would not serve their purpose, for sure.

So they want the truth. They want these things exposed. But at the same time that my alternate -- and some of the other peoples’ alternates -- are seeking that type of retribution.

We have a... God, the easiest way to explain it... We have a protection-type feeling that we also have a higher purpose. And that is to protect. Protect who? Protect what? We'll find out, you know, we're trying to find out.

BR:  It sounds, Duncan, as if the One-Nine-Seven personality is more like Jason Bourne in the movie. Would that be a rough analogy?

DO’F:  Actually, I didn't quite...

KC:  He doesn't go to movies, so he might not know, Bill, if you remember.

DO’F:  Jason Bourne. I've never seen the movies.

BR:  Understood.

DO’F:  I know about them. I've been told about them, but I've never seen them.

KC:  Well, in many ways, you are like...

BR:   My comments were just a...

KC:  ... Jason Bourne in the sense only that he was an agent who got amnesia, but he would actually kind of click over into that personality. But he didn't know his... the origin. So in many ways he was like you. It's like a fictional version of some of the things you've told us about.

DO’F:  Yeah. Okay.

BR:  I was suggesting that Jason Bourne sounded more like One-Nine-Seven, actually, 'cause Jason Bourne... like, he'll kill if he has to. He wants to find out what the hell happened to him. He's very analytical. He's very determined. He keeps on going like The Terminator. He's determined to find the truth. He's a much higher-ability person than most of the people around him, and he's very relentless. And... it just sounded a little bit like that personality type that's what you were describing One-Nine-Seven to be. That's why I made the link.

DO’F:  Okay, yeah. That clicks with me. I can understand that. That has actually been mentioned to me before. And the one distinction that always comes to mind with the differences -- as I was told by several people who watched the movie -- is that he's finally told that he, as an adult, volunteered for the program. The difference between that and us is: we were kids and we didn't volunteer.

KC:  Absolutely. And it's very...

DO’F:  That's the difference.

KC:  ...wonderfully and graphically described by you in our video interview of you which, if anyone's listening to this, I encourage them to go back and watch that, which is really fabulous. But, quite right, you didn't volunteer. And we do remember that. So, Duncan, what're you seeing right now, because you're... I'm not sure. Do you consider yourself a trained remote viewer, or is the psychic part of your ... ah... sort of warrior personality? More something that you've developed, but it's not specifically a remote viewer?

DO:  I would have to classify myself as a remote viewer of -- using the scale of one to ten -- about a one. [laughs] I suck. I'm terrible. I get what is more commonly known as peek psychic impressions. I'll see images. I'll see events happening. Maybe only a brief glimpse of something that I have to sit down and dissect and take it apart, and figure out exactly what it was that I saw.

KC:  Is One-Nine-Seven...

DO’F:  Normally...

KC:  Is One-Nine-Seven a remote viewer and/or psychic?

DO’F:  Yeah. One-Nine-Seven is extremely psychic. Much more so than I am.

BR:  Just a couple of days ago I listened to Ed Dames being interviewed on Coast to Coast, and many of the people listening to this would be familiar with Ed Dames' work.  And he was asked by George Noory whether he used psychics in his remote viewing program. And Ed Dames said -- and it's really very interesting -- he said: Psychics are not the same as remote viewers.

He said psychics are either completely on, or way off, and they can't always tell the difference. They don't use a methodology. Things just come to them spontaneously, and they almost have no control over this. He said remote viewing is a technology that can be taught. And Ed Dames said that he doesn't use psychics in his remote viewing program because their actually harder to train because they keep on going off on their own intuitions without actually using the methodology.

I thought that was a very interesting distinction to make, and I would certainly regard you as being psychic, and not someone who wants to get involved with very black and white, linear remote viewing protocols. That's not really your style.

DO’F:  No, it isn't. I've tried remote viewing, you know. I've listened to Ed off and on for a few years. Ah... I have my own opinions about [laughs] Ed Dames, but, what he said is essentially correct.

But I will say, however, that a lot of psychics, what they see is absolutely spot-on. Where they make the mistake is trying to put a date to it, or an exact location. Putting a date on a vision is something that's damn near impossible. Unless you see the date -- you happen to see a newspaper or something of that nature with the date on it -- it's almost impossible.

KC:  Well, I took a class from Ed Dames, and I have to say that I have studied remote viewing on and off besides that, and I have to say that he also stresses that even remote viewers have a very hard time finding dates for anything. So it's actually difficult, regardless of what method you use. But I also know that that's not completely true.

Ed Dames does use psychics, and as a matter of fact, Ingo [ed. note: Ingo Swan] was a very well-developed psychic who, you know, he's in essence, you might say, the father of remote viewing. And many remote viewers are natural psychics and they... Pat Price was a natural psychic. He was one of the first remote viewers. Joseph McMoneagle is a natural psychic. I mean, the best remote viewers are often natural psychics as well. So what he's doing... a certain amount of dissembling there, I would say.

DO’F:  I can put my side of it together in a nice little nutshell. I'm a terrible remote viewer, but I do receive tremendous amount of psychic impressions. I do get glimpses of things, like on a daily basis, and I will follow them. I'll turn left when I normally turn right, that kind of thing. If I shake hands with someone, I'll get an impression of what's really in their mind. I don't hear their thoughts. I don't read minds. I get impressions. I get pictures. I get what I call "picting".

Like when we did that first interview... remember when I asked you, I said: Are you thirsty and you said: Yes. When I looked at you, I got a flash -- an image -- of a Pepsi. Now, it was my interpretation that, you know, what I interpreted it be is, that you were thirsty.

KC:  Right. And actually there’s where the psychic part can break down because I don’t drink Pepsi, so, what you did was transpose it into what you drink. I totally get that and I do remember that incident, which, you know... It’s obvious that you are psychic when one meets you, and sort of talks with you, and so on. And with the Celtic and the Native American backgrounds -- those two put together -- obviously you were chosen, in part, for those... some of those qualities. Right?

DO’F:  Yes we were. But however, I will say, in 1966 when I was taken in... You know, a lot more memories have bubbled up to the surface since we did that interview. And I do remember children from various ethnic origins. We all -- all of us -- weren’t Native American and Celtic mixed. But we were the predominant species.

KC:  Understand. Can you tell us more about maybe some incidents or some realizations that have come to you that might be interesting for the listeners here?

DO:   Well I think the biggest realization that I've had to come to terms with and to deal with is that my father turned me over to this project. It was, ah... [emotional pause] quite unnerving to find out -- on the island of Saint Thomas, by the way -- that my father was a CIA asset, an agent, and that he basically gave the OK for me to be taken in.

He took me to have the test administered, and I obviously passed the test, and we've had some thoughts on that, that I'll get into in just a moment. When he... He may not have been able to have said No. However, I do hold the grudge that, as I became older, he could have talked to me about it, but he chose not to. That's one of the things.

Let me get this while it's fresh in my mind. Remember the puzzle... The picture on the puzzle, that I had to put together, was the double helix, the DNA molecule. Yeah, I put the piece together. However, there is a running theory that some of us have that it wasn't so much that we got the puzzle together correctly, but that we were able to pick up the psychic impressions from the test administrator.

KC:  On how to do so?

DO’F:  Correct.

KC:  Interesting.

DO’F:  That's a running theory that we have right now.

KC:  OK. Very interesting. So that means that, you know, your psychic ability was a very big part of why you were selected, is what you're saying?

DO’F:  Right. And I do remember vividly most of the other kids were spending more time laughing, talking, playing with each other, while I was totally focused and concentrating on what I was doing. That adds a little more credence to the fact that the lady -- who we now know’s name is Elsa -- was probably broadcasting some kind of thought image to see who could pick it up. That was the... actually the real test.

BR:  That makes sense, Duncan, because I remember very clearly when you did your interview a couple of years ago, although there were so many things to talk about and think about I didn't pick it up with you at the time, but I remember thinking: Well, okay, there's a kid solving a puzzle here. And I remember you reporting that this woman said: Hey, we've got one -- or words to that effect.

DO’F:  Correct.

BR:  But I remember thinking: Well, what's so special about a kid solving a puzzle? You know, kids solve puzzles all the time.

DO’F:  Correct.

BR:  But you're saying that, actually, it was quite a simple puzzle but what she was actually doing, she was directing you and you were following her directions, andthat's how she knew that she'd got one.

DO’F:  Right. Because while I was doing the puzzle she was standing behind me. By this time she had... She was totally ignoring the other kids. She was standing behind me, focusing on me. Also, I remember my mother was focusing on me as well.

Now, my mother was very psychic as well, 'cause she was full-blooded Cherokee. And she would have dreams, visions, hints -- like 90 percent of them would turn out to be true. My father's grandfather was supposed to have been a Celtic Druid. So when you put those two bloodlines together, I guess, they got what they were looking for.

KC:  Yes. Very interesting. So what is your psychic intuition telling you nowadays about the current times, what we're going through here in the United States, as well as the possible future?

DO’F:  Get ready to run [laughing]. It's going to get bad. That has been there for some time, and it hasn't left. Whew... It's going to get nasty.

KC:  Can you describe it a little more specifically? I know you live in the middle of the country. Are you planning to stay there? You once told us the best thing to do during these times was to be mobile. Do you still feel that way?

DO’F:  I do. Be prepared to be mobile. What I have been seeing are cities and towns in total darkness, on fire, with people screaming. Some people just... have just laid down in the street and just refused to get up. Um... some of them are very frightened, and in the darkness and the smoke there is something that is coming through. It's very bad -- very evil -- but I can't see what it is. This isn't any one particular city or town. This is pretty much going to be everywhere.

BR:  I presume that you haven't got a time on this?

DO’F:  A date? No. Only an impression. The impression is more intense now than it was the last we spoke. That it's... It's getting closer. You know, I wish I could just say: Okay, on this date, this is what's going to happen, but I can't. Also, there's going to be a major political uprising in this country. This country, politically, is going to split right down the seams -- it's going to tear itself in half -- and I think that will happen within the next two years.

Everybody... One of the things that a lot of people ask me about is 2012. Yeah, we are headed towards a culmination of events. I will not venture out and say that it will happen exactly on 2012. The reason I say that is due to the differences in calendars. No one can tell me exactly what today is. They can tell me what today is with the Julian calendar, an Aztec calendar, a Chinese calendar. But no one can actually tell me what today actually is. So whatever's coming may be 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 [laughs] and on it goes. But it is coming.

KC:  Are other people that you're, you know... You're sort of in a group now that you're talking about. Maybe you're in contact with others that are like yourself. Are they also seeing things in the future? Do you compare notes at all?

DO’F:  We do. Some of us speak almost on a daily basis. One of the strongest psychics that I've ever known in my life has given more than one warning against... I've never known her to be wrong. She said, and I'll quote her: An evil wind does blow, and it's not going to stop. She's flat told me: Get ready. I can't see what it is. I don't know what it is, but it's comin' and it's almost here.

KC:  Do you feel like, possibly, your personality One-Nine-Seven could have been created in part to deal with those times in some form or fashion?

DO’F:  [laughs] That's one of the things that we've been discussing. Ah... Yeah. We do. You know, like I've said, these people who created us were evil geniuses. There's no doubt about that. But even a genius can be wrong. There are things that have transpired with these alternate personalities that, we believe, where completely unforeseen by the creators. They've unleashed a Pandora's Box.

When they opened us up and let us out of Pandora's Box we were used for some very explicit evil deeds. There's no doubt about that, and we're learning to deal with that. But, if everyone remembers the story of Pandora's Box, the last thing to exit the box was hope. So that's what we're putting together with the skills that we were ingrained with, trained and taught, is hope. To try to turn it around, do a complete 180, and use what we can to help. We'll just see how successful we are.

BR:  The group that you're working with... Because of the emails that we get about this subject, people having told us that they watched your interview, and I remember one of the words that somebody said  that -- it was really quite chilling -- they said that they felt that you were telling their story on their behalf. We've had several messages like that. You must get more than we do.

How many people are there out there who've been through your program, and you've shared your experiences, who have contacted you over the last couple of years? What's the order of magnitude? Is it hundreds? How many people are there?

DO’F:  I have been contacted by many. I would say... Contacted personally? Close to a hundred. Some of these people are in the group that we formed. Essentially what I am, I'm the mouth-piece for the group, and I personally think they should've chosen someone else. I have a tendency to go overboard occasionally. I do have a temper, even in this personality.

In some interviews I have not been so kind with some callers. People would come in with really overboard, off the wall narcissistic questions [laughs] and I haven't been really kind. But it's a job that I've been stuck with and I will continue to do the best I can do.

To expand on your question... Oh, I... My project with 1966 -- I am what is known as "second generation". I was contacted by someone who was in a very, very similar project in the 1950s. He would have been first generation. One of the people in our group was right after me. She was third generation. Another person in our group was about fifteen years later. That person's fourth generation. So you see the progression. It hasn't stopped. It continues.

BR:  Yeah. And the implication, Duncan, is that if you've been contacted, let's say, by the best part of a hundred people, it doesn't take much for you and I to figure out that there must be thousands out there.

DO’F:  I would have to say yes. As a matter of fact, Dan -- who we discussed earlier -- has estimated, from information that he has received from one of his "CIA contacts" , there's an estimated one million of us in one form or another. Not necessarily as trained, or put through what we have gone through, but a million like us. In like ways.

BR:  I assume that these, then, are the products of the experimental technologies of different countries, not just the United States. Is that correct?

DO’F:  That is correct. These experiments and projects are not just home to the U.S. No, they've been worldwide. As a matter of fact I was contacted by someone in Russia who said that he was part of a very like project there.

KC:  Isn't it true, though -- and obviously Daniel should speak for himself here -- but my understanding is that he feels that he was genetically engineered, in part, to be... In other words, it wasn't just training. There was actually genetic engineering that went on even, I guess, possibly before birth. Is that your understanding?

DO’F:  It is. It is. We've discussed that. There's also been talk that the genetic engineering part started even in the first generation. As far as I'm concerned, which is actually the only one that I can truly speak for in this matter, I've been augmented. That much I know. My adrenal glands are much larger than normal. My bone density and mass is much more than normal. That's why I've never had a [laughs] major broken bone before.

KC:  So, in other words, your mother, when she conceived you, could have participated -- maybe unknowingly -- in some kind of genetic program.

DO’F:  I'll tell you what one of our remote viewers said, and I think since you've studied remote viewing, you probably know. Remote viewing is not only in the future and the present, it can also go backwards. They saw my mother in a hospital, the egg was removed, was injected and then re-implanted. So if that is true -- and I'm preferencing -- that if that is true, then yes, definitely, I was genetically altered.

KC:   Yeah. I think that, in a certain sense... Now again, I don’t know, would you consider yourself a hybrid?

DO’F:  I’ve given that a tremendous amount of thought and, with what I know now, even more so than when we did the first interview, I would have to say yes. Now, a hybrid to what? [Kerry laughs] that’s the question.

KC:  Right. Well, my understanding is... I mean, all of humanity is a hybrid in one form or another because we’ve been through so many different genetic engineerings, if you will. But you specifically, in a group of you, you’re not unlike Dan Sherman, who you... I don’t know if you ever saw his interview that we did with him. He was specifically engineered -- genetically engineered. He has his own evidence of that with his mother. But he was specifically engineered to communicate with ETs on a psychic and intuitive level.

DO’F:  You know, I’ve been asked that question a lot: Where do I fit in with ETs and the visitors and what-not? I’m up front. I don’t know.

KC:  Mm hm.

DO’F:  I have no memory of ever being on an alien craft, or being face to face with one, or anything like that. And I’ve said it publicly before. Do I believe in extraterrestrial life? Yes. I do. I mean, my god, go out on a clear night and take a look! [laughter] I mean, look up! I mean, to say that this little ball of rock floating around Sol is the only place with life on it -- or intelligent life -- in this vastness. That’s just not logical.

KC:  When you’re in St Thomas, are you aware of... As you said, you are aware of certain, maybe, directional scalar influences possibly being aimed at you. I know that we were interviewing you with Corso and there was a very clear pulse that hit the stereo when it was turned off when we were... actually during the interview. When you’re on St Thomas are you seeing, number one, maybe an unusual amount of craft in the sky and/or activity? Are you just aware of activity there that might be unusual or different than, possibly, what you find around you when you’re in the U.S.?

DO’F:  Yeah, actually, that’s a good question. Two things. It seems like... the time the plane lands till the plane takes off, I have a headache. It’s not a migraine. It’s nothing I need to take a break from. But it’s right there. It’s right in the center of my forehead the whole entire time I’m on island.

The only other thing is: someone made a comment that there’s always a very large Coast Guard ship in dock when I’m there [laughs] with some real big, high-gain antennas on it. [Kerry laughs] And it’s never there, unless I’m there.

KC:  Interesting. Are you aware of any underground activity there?

DO’F:  Well, probably so. A lot of people may not know about the island of St Thomas. It’s a mountain island. The property that I have is on the top of the second highest mountain there. You go up on top and you can see the entire island. So I would have to say: Probably so. There’s probably underwater connecting tunnels to some of the channel islands that dot that whole area. I’ll send you guys some pictures and you’ll see what I’m talkin' about.

KC:  Well if there’s a submarine... You said the largest submarine base in the world is in between there and Puerto Rico?

DO’F:  No. It’s actually off the coast of Puerto Rico.

KC:  Okay.

DO’F:  It’s off the northern coast.

BR:  I wondered, because you said you had a property there on Saint Thomas, if this was one of your plan B's in case anything gets too rough in America, then you’ve got somewhere to go if you have to leave the mainland. I wondered if you were thinking that far ahead.

DO’F:  Oh, I have, I have. It’s funny. I have more friends on St Thomas than I do in the States, actually. My attorney’s on St Thomas. I actually have some relatives on St Thomas. There are records of my family doing land transactions on that island dating back to the 1780s. If I had not seen those with my own eyes I would not have believed it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s 1840s. The 1780s is when they... Captain Fanning, an ancestor of mine, founded the Fanning Island, which is on the other side of the world. He was a pirate, okay? [laughter] He was about as scandalous as he could be. [laughs]

KC:  Very interesting. Yeah. Actually, if you have family records on St Thomas, it might also explain how they might have found you, assuming that you were not genetically implanted. Because it seems like St Thomas is some kind of a base.

DO’F:  Oh, definitely. Most definitely. St Thomas and St Croix. St Croix is also a refueling base, as well as a large Air Force contingent. Puerto Rico has a... [laughs] one of the largest military presence per capita than any other place on the mainland USA. They have a Naval base, Air base, Army base, Marine base. You name it, they’ve got a base there.

KC:  Right. Incredible.

BR:  We’ve had a number of people who’ve written to us, having seen your first video when you described how were in the MRI machine, and it started to pick up this implant that was in your head and the thing caught fire. A number of people have said to us: Hey, wait a minute. An MRI machine doesn’t catch fire. Did he really mean an MRI machine? Or is this a different kind of machine that I don’t know about? Is there any clarification that you can offer on that?

DO’F:  Oh, yeah. Absolutely. It wasn’t the actual machine, it was the control panels. What I was told later on after that, is that there was feedback. If I’m understanding this correctly, an MRI machine acts just a little like radar when it reads the image back, and that’s what happened. It wasn’t exactly the machine itself, if that makes any sense.

BR:  That clarifies things a lot, actually, for the more technically-minded people out there. Because an MRI machine is a Magnetic Resonance Imager. It works on magnetic resonance.

DO’F:  Right.

BR:  If it was resonating magnetically with something, then I could imagine some kind of a resonance pulse would set up, that actually would create problems.

DO’F:  Yeah. What happened is, there were no problems. When they pushed me back into the tunnel there was no problem. They started talking to me... no problem. Then as soon as that thing started to spin and make the sound, when the magnetic waves begin to start, it was like someone drove a hot spike through my skull.

That’s when I started seeing all the images, all the memories, all the blood, the gut, the mayhem... the whole gauntlet, and I came out absolutely screaming. I could smell the smoke. The techs and the nurses were trying to get hold of me, get a handle on me and calm me down which, I was told, was extremely hard to do [laughs] ’cause I was... It was like somebody on a... having a total breakdown. I remember screaming.

BR:  That sounds like one of the kind of experiences that could have triggered one of your other personalities at that time.

DO’F:  Very true. Very true.

BR:  Okay. Thanks for clarifying that, Duncan. I’ve got a final question. How do you see, or how would you like to see, your own life playing out in the next few years? What do you see ahead of you? Because you’re here as a Warrior, not just for the military, but for the human race and representing this bunch of people who want you to be their spokesman, and their leader, and their representative. And you’ve played a hero for all here. So you’re fighting a fight, but not in the way that the military intended you to. How do you see things playing out in the next few years for yourself?

DO:  What I’d like to see, and what I have seen, is two entirely different things. What I would like to see is some admissions by some governments that these operations took place, are taking place and they stop -- and just have some peace and watch the kids grow up -- two acres, the lawn and have a little woodworking shop or something. That’s what I would like. But that’s not what I’ll ever have.

What I have seen is myself and others of the group leading groups of people to safety. That’s what I’ve seen. That’s also what some of the other people in the group have seen. ‘Cause it’s going to get so hot.

KC:  Exactly. I think the times are coming, right?

DO’F:  Definitely. And they’re coming a lot faster than some people realize. When they start it’s going to be like a domino effect, you know...

KC:  Exactly.

DO’F:  ...once the precursor hits, and the precursor’s going to be a total split in the political system in this country. That’s going to happen. And once that happens... [sighs] all bets are off. It’s going to be crazy.

KC:  Yeah. I think... I’ve seen one version of that myself. So... Okay. Thank you, Duncan. That’s rather a sobering ending for this brief chat we’ve been having with you. But I do appreciate the vision. It’s quite interesting. We’re looking forward to having you at our conference. It’s very exciting to know that you’re going to speak to the people. That’s just going to be wonderful. Thank you very much for connecting with us here. This is a rare treat for us to be able to really connect with you, and then at the same time actually be able to record it so that we can share it with others.

DO’F:  Well I appreciate it. Thank you two guys very much.

BR:  This is a very good one, Duncan. You’re a star. Thank you so much for spending your time here.

DO’F:  No problem, guys. Anything for you guys.

BR:  God bless you, and you take care of yourself and take care of anybody else you can.

DO’F:  You do as well, bud.


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