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Paranexus radio interview transcript
18 September 2008

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Doug Kelley:  Welcome to Paranexus Universe. It is Thursday, September 18, 2008. I’m your host Doug Kelley here with my co-host, Grant Rubendunst. Welcome, Grant.

Grant:  Hey, welcome everybody. We’re really excited to have Bill and Kerry with us from Project Camelot tonight. Yeah, and so, if you could, for the folks in the audience who might not be as familiar with your wonderful website and the great work you did, if you could just, maybe, perhaps start out by telling us how you guys got together and how this became such a passion for both of you.

Kerry Cassidy:  Basically, what happened was I was a frustrated writer.

Bill Ryan:  She just basically just picked up a consumer-grade camcorder and started talking to people, and I joined her just a little bit over two years ago. We realized we had the same vision. And to cut a very long story short, we’ve had a very magical experience since then.

We’ve had the experience, and forgive the metaphor, we just walk towards apparently blank walls and doors open to welcome us into an incredible wonderland of opportunity, talking to people who just a few short years ago when I was reading UFO books in my spare time, I was thinking: You know what? I would give a huge amount of money to even being the same room with some of these people.

And here we are, we’re very closely connected with a lot of them and we’re privileged to be collecting information that starts to make sense of this great cobweb of secrecy which I was referring to just now.

And we claim very little credit for anything that’s happened. It seems to be happening around us. We’re part of a larger team. There’s a real… Pardon my mixed metaphors. There’s a real snowball that’s rolling.

Times are changing. The stories are coming out. We haven’t been stopped in our work, which is very significant. Given that The Powers That Be have got the capability to squash us like a bug if they wanted to, they have not done that. And we think that that is significant. Because we do think the information we’ve presented is valuable. And we’re in a position to present some of that, depending on what you and your listeners would like to focus on, in the next couple of hours.

But we’re being permitted to do this. And we think that this may be helping The Powers That Be with the problem that they’ve got, which is: How do they come clean with this huge pile of secrets that they’re sitting on? For a whole variety of reasons, it’s just got very, very, very complicated.

And we started off just telling a few stories about ufo witnesses; and Bill Hamilton; Gary McKinnon, the so-called Pentagon hacker; a guy who we had contacted privately who was in an extraordinary situation 20 years ago of being an archivist of classified information, six months working in a vault with photographs and documents and artifacts and films. And he came forward to tell us what he had experienced.

So we thought: Wow, this is incredible. We’ve got a couple of witnesses here who are willing to say something on record.

And since then we’ve gone into time travel; we’ve got into what’s happening with a possible, potential, catastrophe that we feel has been averted years ahead. Then we got into issues connected with: OK, what is gonna be happening in the next few years?

It’s all very interesting, talking about Roswell and the kind of mess that Eisenhower, who was basically a good man, may have got himself into in the early 1950s. But there’s a lot of historical information which is really interesting and not all that valuable unless we’re still back in the so-called ufo dark ages when we’re trying to prove that there’s something going on.

For us, this is self-evident, that there are so many things going on out there that aren’t reported on CNN. We’re taking this as our starting point, that we have visitors, that there are secrets, that the US military and the military of other countries are in this up their necks and beyond; that there are really complicated issues involving visits from future humans, time travel, time loops, stuff connected with the Montauk Project.

It’s very, very complicated, very interesting, very important. And we’re living in critical times right now. And as Grant said, I think, These are interesting times.

And one of the things that we find ourselves staring at almost in real time as we talk to you, is information coming at us about the kind of things that may be happening literally in the next few weeks. And all of these things are connected.

And with that, I’ll step down from the podium from which I’ve been talking [laughs], and allow you to steer this along, because there’s so much to say.

D:  OK. Grant, you have a question?

G:  One of the things I wanted to ask you, Bill, was… You know, on your website you talk about, kind of, your thesis. And I thought that was really fascinating. And I wonder if you could kind of enlighten our audience, if you could give them your perspective, kind of what you think, or an overview on what you think is happening and what the consequences might be. Because I think our audience may not be as familiar with it as I am, and I find it absolutely fascinating.

B:  OK, I will do my best. And the reason why I say that is because these are complicated concepts, and it’s almost the kind of thing that’s easier to present with a diagram rather than on live radio. But here we go.

This is what we are reasonably convinced has happened, and it’s a sort of a variation of, and an enlargement on, what could be called conventional UFO understanding. So here we go.

D:  Take a breath.

B:  [laughs] Very deep breath. We are given to understand by two of our witnesses who did not know each other, independent-testing me, one of whom is Dan Burisch who is well-known to the UFO community, who we know well and who we are totally satisfied that his credentials are good will and very high connections; and another guy whose pseudonym, which we gave him, is Henry Deacon, who has worked on the inside for a large number of years. We know this guy very, very well.

And, just as an aside on that, a couple of weeks ago we started a forum called the Project Avalon forum, not Project Camelot, but Project Avalon. The two are closely connected, and we’ll talk about that a little bit, too. And Henry Deacon is very live on this forum. It’s an almost unique situation where we’ve got a black-ops whistleblower who’s actually answering questions in real time on our forum. And we invite all our listeners to check into that. It’s Click on the forum. Henry Deacon is right there.

Now, what these two witnesses say is that the Roswell visitors were future humans from a future Earth. They were not extra-terrestrials, they are extra-temporals. And they differ slightly in the time period which they believe they came from. Dan Burisch, from what I recall, says that he understands that they came from 24,000 years in the future. Henry Deacon says he thought it was more like 6,000 years in the future.

But those details are really unimportant, because this is such an important concept to get. And the thing is that this was not… This crash was a HUGE screw-up, if you’ll excuse my French here, because it was not to have happened.

And one of the things that was retrieved from the crash was a small device which was a kind of… It was like a time portal, time guidance, time travel, instrument which is way beyond my capacity to describe in the English language. I wouldn’t even know how to… I wouldn’t even know what to call this thing.

But the consequences of this was that the US military, in 1947, they got their hands on a device that enabled them to be able to look into the future and manipulate time in various ways, and to create a very… To make that complicated story short, what happened was that then created a massive amount of confusion, because it’s like giving a bunch of kids a whole bunch of dynamite and detonators.

G:  Just the mere thought of it, Bill, is kind of scary, you know, the military tinkering with something like that in the 1940s.

B:  Yeah. They were tinkering around… As we are given to understand by both Burisch and Deacon, they were tinkering around with this high-tech device in such a way that it started to create loops and paradoxes in time.

And one of the issues that was prevalent there was that they discovered fairly early on, both from their own investigations using this device, and also from contact with future humans from a different era, even further into the future, is that in the future humans’ history, there was a major catastrophe in the year 2012 or around 2012.

This is what the 2012 thing is all about. It’s about an awareness that we have, and a historical record from the future humans’ point of view, that from their historical perspective, there was a major catastrophe that was a huge civilization wipeout. It was a pole shift.

And what happened then… once again, to make this long story very short… is that the US military did what they do best and they started to dig in. They took defensive action and they started to spend trillions of dollars on a whole network of underground bases.

And interestingly enough, in the future humans’ history, this as exactly what was done. And after the catastrophe, half of the human race stayed underground, half of the human race left the planet, first to the Moon and Mars. They went off in different direction and evolved in slightly different ways.

Now, the reason for this pole shift, so we are given to understand, was that a certain kind of time-portal technology, which is known in the vernacular as Looking-glasses, manmade Looking-glasses and manmade Stargates, which both used the same kind of technology. Stargates you travel through. Looking-glasses you look through. And you can look into time and you can look into space.

And according to the future humans’ history, these devices amplified -- accidentally -- the effects of the Earth moving through a particular region of energetic space in and around the time of 2012. And this is what you read about all over the net … we’ll have the Earth moving into an area where it’s parallel with the plane of the…

G:  Center of the Galaxy.

B:  …the galaxy. Something to do with that. This isn’t just complete hokum, although there’s a lot of hokum talked about it.

There’s a region of energetic space that the solar system starts to move through, and is starting to move through, and in the future humans’ timeline, these manmade Looking-glass and Stargate devices amplified these energetic effects, which is something to do with micro-wormholes in space, and caused the entire Earth to wobble, just like knocking over a bowl of soup in a restaurant, which created this huge wipeout.

And we’ve got all… Although it’s a paradox and we haven’t kind of got there yet, the human race has got this sort of future-perspective-ancestral-memory of this thing. Everyone’s looking around thinking: My god! You know, we’re in deep trouble, and what’s this 2012 thing about? And people are talking catastrophes and pole shifts.

And it’s almost impossible to find the right tense to use in the English language. It’s like this did happen in the future and the future humans came back and said: Listen, we know why this happened, because it happened to us. If you decommission or dismantle these Looking-glasses and Stargates, then this won’t happen to you.

And then this creates a new, different, timeline. And we have been credibly assured by Dan Burisch, who took part in a special project last year, 2007, to check out whether the decommissioning of the Looking-glasses and Stargates had actually been effective.

And his summary was that, yes, the catastrophe has been avoided. This will not happen. But what they did see was a whole bunch of other stuff which has been coming at us for the last 6 to 9 months. And this has focused our attention.

And in this intelligence probe - it’s a time portal intelligence probe into the future - the catastrophic future timeline which they called Timeline 2, that apparently is very improbable now. That is, they are assured that this will not happen.

What they did see on Timeline 1, which is the non-catastrophic timeline… and it’s Variant 83 which they saw. They had to call it something, and there are a number of variants, and this has all got to do with quantum probabilities.

What they saw was that before the US election in 2008 (and here we are now!), there would be a war which would be launched that then would be inherited by the next administration, the president of which would be Hillary Clinton! … which is interesting, because this doesn’t look to be the case. There would have to be a lot of strange events occur for this to the case. So it looks as if that timeline has been broken. But for a long time this was not certain.

And the events on that Variant 83 of Timeline 1 are not only a war against Iran, but an economic collapse which is associated with that, and then an enormous mess which is pretty bad news and certainly something to be avoided if at all possible, that involves various nuclear exchanges… Pakistan, Russian, China, a whole bunch of nasty stuff. Not the civilization-stopper, but certainly something that involves quite a lot of hard times in the next 18 months to 2 years.

And ever since that news was discovered, as it were, various factions have been trying to avert this, because we do have free will and the future is not cast in stone. And the very first thing that happened after this was discovered was that Mike McConnell -- who’s a good guy and he’s the Director of National Intelligence, the USDNI, as he’s called -- he instructed his intelligence organization to publish what is called the National Intelligence Estimate on the 3rd of December last year [2007] which stated that Iran was not a threat.

Now, that was not in the timeline that was seen, so this was the first attempt to actually change things and to avert the war.

And basically ever since then, there’s been in a push-me/pull-you between the factions who actually want this war to happen -- because they’re driven by all kinds of crazy Illuminati prophecies about end times and Armageddon, and they actually want this thing to happen.

As Dan Burisch has said in the past, that because for so many years the politicians of the world have known what seems to be lying ahead, based on this time portal information, they have just been actors following a script, just following what they kind of believe in a quasi-religious way is their destiny.

And this is really alarming, because where this destiny goes is somewhere that doesn’t look like particularly good news for the human race.

Now, at this point I’m gonna take another deep breath here. I’m gonna stop and I’m gonna allow Kerry to fill in all the gaps.


D:  OK.

G:  We’re all ears.

D:  Kerry, still with us?

K:  Hi. Yeah. I am. Actually, I’m not really sure where you want to go at this point, so I’ll let you ask the questions and let’s, you know, let me try to answer.

D:  Well, let’s do this. We’re getting close to the bottom of the hour so we’re gonna take a short break in just a minute and then we’ll come back from the break and we’ll pick it up where we left off and that’ll give you a chance to reset here a little bit.

Before we go to our break, I just want to welcome everybody in the chatroom and everybody who is listening. We’re glad you could take your time and join us tonight. A very interesting discussion, a lot to come out of it yet. I think we’re scratching the iceberg here. There’s a lot of questions on this one. We’re very excited to have Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy with us from Project Camelot. We’re gonna pick up the discussion with them just as soon as we get back from the break. They’ll hang with us. We’ll be right back. [break]

And welcome back everybody. Doug Kelley here with Grant Rubendunst, and we're talking with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. Welcome back, Bill and Kerry.

K:  So this is Kerry. And, just to recap for a second what we were talking about before the break, we were talking about how Timeline 1, variant 83 has been possibly changed.

At this moment the information we’re getting is that actually the timeline is changing so rapidly that something that was planned and in the works for a few months ago may not be actually occurring the way people think it will, and that goes for massive events. It goes for some of the weather wars that are going on behind the scenes, and some of the plans that are being made to launch attacks on Iran, and so on.

Lately we have, in the last two months, just launched a new website that’s sort of the sister website to Project Camelot, called Project Avalon and you can go there. It’s We have a forum there which is actually exploding and taking off in an incredible manner. We had something like 13,000 visitors in the first week or so. And then we’re up to 2,000 users at the moment. That’s not counting the people that just visit every day, but actual registered users.

And it’s all about building communities, finding safe places and networking for the coming day that includes the future, creating a new future, hopefully a new paradigm, from where we are now, up to and beyond 2012.

And we just see 2012 as being just one day. We see we’re in the throes of a complete global change and hopefully an emergence of a different consciousness. And the old paradigm is quickly destroying itself. And we plan to replace it. And so we’re gonna do our bit here.

Project Camelot was all about stating the problem. And Project Avalon is all about creating a solution. So we’re hoping to continue along those lines.

One of the things with Project Avalon is also that we’re making available resources for building communities and for, you know, eco-friendly communities, anything you need to know to set yourself up, and maybe a small group of people, in a safe place.

There will be Earth changes in the future. We’re having, you know, some pretty heavy-duty storms, as you’re seeing already, and there may be some escalations along those lies.

There certainly are weathers wars, so even things that are naturally induced by the Earth itself and some of the planetary and galactic changes that we are going through are going to be aggravated by actual weather technology which is being, I guess you might say, misused by The Powers That Be, Russia, China, the US. So there’s that aspect of things that you also have to be aware of.

D:  Kerry, let me ask you a question. Are you saying that the weather issues that we’ve been having in perhaps recent years, or even this year, is the result of the weather manipulation by the government powers?

K:  Yes. I’m saying that in addition to the natural changes that are going on, and that means, you know, things going on with the sun although right now the sun has been incredibly quiet, there have been some “hits” on both sides. There’s a lot of thought that the Chinese earthquake was a targeted hit, and Ben Fulford has come forward to talk about that. We’ve got a recorded interview with him. He’s also talked about that, I believe, on Rense.

It’s hard to prove this sort of thing unless you get a black-ops person coming forward. I have to say that, other than perhaps Tom Bearden, there are not a lot of people out there that are willing to come forward and talk about the weather wars side of things.

That was one incident. The tsunami in Indonesia was apparently, possibly, caused by an undersea hit, electromagnetic hit.

D:  Well, what’s the point? I mean, are they testing? Or are they actually targeting these different areas? And if they are, for what purpose?

K:  Well, from what we understand… I mean, you have to sort of go back to Project Camelot and drill down through all the different witnesses, but what it comes down to is the Illuminati Agenda.

What that is encompasses is, in the short term… If you want to look at what’s called the Iron Mountain Report -- and we have had that substantiated by Henry Deacon. We’ve got a link to it on our site under Henry Deacon, but you can also just do a search on the web for Iron Mountain Report. Basically that lays out what WAS the Illuminati Agenda. And that started somewhere back in, gosh, I don’t know, the ’60s at least, and going forward.

However, what happened since then is that… And that had to do with population reduction. That was the bottom line: that the Earth was going to become overpopulated and they, the people in control, wanted to get rid of what was said to be 2/3 of the population.

Henry Deacon, who is one of our witnesses, has come forward and talked about how he was given that report and told to sit down and read it, digest it, and understand that We are the wolves and they are the sheep. And this is what’s going on.

What is further to that, and this kind of piggybacks on what Bill had been talking about with the timeline changing, is Dan Burisch saying that all bets are off, that the Looking-glasses have been shut down, The Powers That Be no longer theoretically are able to see their future (which was helping them make decisions, right? They were able to select the best decision for their own ego gratification and therefore move ahead.) … that all the bets are off, at this point, with regard to that.

Although we have to say that this is the party-line that we’ve been given. I have to say that it’s possible THE POWERS THAT BE, being fairly devious, and certainly the Vatican is part of all of this, possibly have other means by which to see the future because it’s a technology that was taken from cylinder seals, Sumerian, and before that from the ETs. It also came, as Bill said, with the crash at either Roswell or Kingman, whichever one you want to believe.

But all we’re saying here is that that timeline, the timeline in which a catastrophe was in the works, nuclear war definitely, and various other things, possibly has been averted.

Although I have to say here that recently we’ve had communication with Dan Burisch in which he stated -- and he’s put this on his own forum -- he says that the Orions are up above the Earth sitting in ships with American, possibly people, officers, from other countries (the Secret Space Program), and they’re watching to make sure that indeed the catastrophe does not happen.

So they’re sort of standing by on the off-chance that things take a really dark turn. Certainly our economy is taking a dark turn at the moment.

D:  Could you just clarify real quick… this catastrophe? Is it projected to be a certain time? Are we talking 2012? Is there anything about that in this?

K:  I mean… Well, it’s the standard end of the Mayan calendar. Bill kind of outlined the various events, one of which is a pole shift.

We have mixed information on this. As you know… Because when we created Camelot, it wasn’t only about whistleblowers. It became about truth-tellers getting word to us from, you know, all kind of different places. And in fact we have a scientist who we cannot name who came forward, who has gone to work for -- I think I can say this safely enough -- Homeland Security. He was called in to work for them. And he came forward secretly to us and stated that there would be a pole shift. There would be what I guess Ed Dames has called a “kill-shot” from the sun, and I believe, a magnetic pole shift as well.

B:  What was interesting is that we got a one-liner email. And we get many, many one-liners from people, saying, you know: Great job on your site. We really like what you’re doing. Good luck to you guys. And we usually, you know, send a reply saying: Hey thanks a bunch. But he signed himself a name of somebody who I recognized. And I got back to him saying: Are you who I think you are? [laughs] who was a name that many of your listeners would recognize.

And he said: Yes. I am that person. And he was responding to us privately. He hadn’t come knocking at our door as a whistleblower; he just said, Hey look, you know, I like your site. And we have had messages like that from a lot of insiders, who just like seeing what we’re doing because it does reflect many aspects of the truth in what they see. And we checked his e-mail address, whether he was the real guy, his IP address, and all that kind of verification.

So we found ourselves thinking: Hey, we’re talking to a guy who’s a brilliant scientist. We’ll just ask him a question or two. And this was two years ago. And the time span is really important because things have changed since then.

We said to him, basically: What do you know and what can you tell us about what’s coming up?
And he said: We’re in for a very tough time, and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. He said there will be three events in the next few years, starting in 2009.

He said the first one would be a [#1] coronal mass ejection [from the sun]. And he said: To see what I mean, look up the event of 1859, which we did.

The event of 1859 was before the electronic era, of course, and this was when the Earth was basically bombarded by massive fireworks display from the sun which created auroral displays as far south as the Equator in both hemispheres. It was incredibly spectacular and everyone saw wonderful sunsets for a little while. But it didn’t cause any damage because this was before the time of chips and circuits.

Now, if this happened now, a lot of stuff will get burned out. We would be OK. We’d see all the fireworks but we wouldn’t be able to talk on Skype, our cell-phones wouldn’t work, we wouldn’t have TV, we wouldn’t have radio. Our cars would stop working because the electronic management systems would burn out. Planes would fall out of the sky. The only things that …

Well, actually that’s a bit apocalyptic! Planes might fall out of the sky if the coronal mass ejection was strong enough. This parallels what Kerry described just now as Ed Dames having talked about what his team of remote viewers had seen in reference to a ‘Kill-shot’.

Now, this scientist who contacted us wasn’t talking about people getting fried by solar flares. What he was saying is that there is going to be something here that’s going to influence our electronics all over the world.

Then he said that there would a [#2] magnetic pole reversal which we’re given to understand is already in progress. And it doesn’t affect our everyday lives very much, but it causes whales and dolphins to end up getting lost and beaching themselves in the wrong place.

And it causes all kinds of interesting effects on our minds, the way that we think, because we are electromagnetic biophysical beings, at least at the physical level, and as the Earth’s magnetic field starts to go through its various fluctuations, we are all affected behaviorally by this, which is very, very, very interesting. As that destabilizes, we destabilize as well emotionally at least to some degree, to the degree that, you know… We are spiritual beings operating this body through the interface of our brains, which is an electromagnetic environment, essentially.

And then finally, he said, [#3] the pole shift. That’s like a kind of a slam-dunk, yeah? And now, he said this before we got the news from Dan Burisch in 2007, as a result of the decommissioning of the Stargates and Looking-glasses, that the pole shift had been averted. So this is not contradictory information. It just confirms, basically, that this was what was in the cards at that time in 2006.

And what’s really interesting is, you know, how come a brilliant scientist, whose name is well-known in the public arena, is contracted to the Department of Homeland Security? I mean, that’s really interesting. And of course, as an Englishman, I couldn’t really understand this at first.

But then a number of my American friends helped me to understand that the Department of Homeland Security… This is like a very innocuous name for basically an over-riding intelligence organization that’s senior to just about everything else, and is handling not just issues of immigration and border control, but major, major areas of anything that’s related to national security. And it’s just got an innocuous name that looks like it was invented by George Orwell.

So, that’s my enlargement on that.

G:  The thing that’s so frightening about that is, if all of our electronic systems go down, it’s going to disrupt everything globally, the banking system, everything. Certainly what’s going on now is not good, but if we have something of that magnitude, that’s going to cause an incredible collapse of just about everything.

K:  Right. Well, actually Henry Deacon has come forward and has been talking to us about this electromagnetic “shot” that will happen at some point. And he actually says it will be induced by The Powers That Be, or could be. And he talks about safeguarding your electronics by wrapping them in aluminum foil and burying them in the dirt. [laughs] And on top of that, even cars navigate and are run by computers, so you have to understand how far-reaching this really is.

And then, at the same time, we had Dan Sherman, even before that, come forward, and talked about being actually, you know, genetically engineered by the ETs and the US government to be an ET interpreter, trained as an interpreter by the military, to operate during that time, this unique time, when the electromagnetic grid would go down.

It’s unclear how long it’ll be down for, but one assumes that if you’re gonna train a group of ET communicators… And one might want to delve into why you’d need ET communicators when you have electromagnetic grid shut-down. That means that THE POWERS THAT BE are going to be communicating with the ETs during that time. And they have no other way to do it except psychically, with what are in essence trained psychics.

And that’s what Dan Sherman was. So he rebelled. He became a whistleblower. And you can find his website. I believe it’s called

At any rate, when we get information, it often becomes substantiated from more than one place, and so this idea of an electromagnetic breakdown of the grid has been substantiated from a number of different angles, people who don’t know anything about each other.

G:  Have you guys got any idea as to how folks, THE POWERS THAT BE, the Illuminati or whatever, are planning on maintaining their own survival, for perpetuating their staying on top of the heap, so to speak?

K:  Our understanding, again, is the underground bases is what they’ve provided for themselves. And this fits in with what Dan Burisch talked about in terms of the future humans coming back and saying that a certain group of humanity goes underground. I mean, there are huge underground cities that have been built for the time when the sun would become overactive, for the shift on the planet…if we have such a thing as a pole shift. So all of these things have been provided for, again, by The Powers That Be, and they’re well aware of it.

The trouble is, for them, in essence, is that the things that they were planning for don’t seem to be in the works any more, for a number of reasons, one of which is that the consciousness on the planet is changing, and that we, because we are co-creators of our own destiny, are able to affect the future of what is happening. And that as humanity wakes up -- and this is what our whole quest on Camelot was all about, was to wake up as many people as possible, to get onboard and know what was really going on, break through the matrix, if you will -- such that we can actually change the program.

And so that seems to be happening. We’ve gotten several indications that it is. However, there are also very strong indicators that at the moment we are approaching a very important time --which is right now through the month of October -- in which The Powers That Be may want to do something drastic in order to coalesce their power and stay afloat, at least in the United States. That would be the Neocon faction. And that they apparently…

If you listen to our recent audio interview with David Wilcock, he gives a wonderful summation of what went down in Georgia, and how the Israelis had planned to attack Iran from Georgia, and how that plan was actually worded, and how the Russians got hip to that.

And you have to understand that within the US military and the whole Neocon faction you’ve also got MJ12, and you’ve got elements which are onboard with the Illuminati Agenda and are trying to make the depopulation through war, through disease, through Earth changes, whether they’re provoked or allowed to just happen. There’s one group like that.

And then you also have what is called often by our people, the “White Hats” who will work behind the scenes to try to make sure that these things don’t happen the way The Powers That Be would like them to.

D:  Kerry, so these White Hats are…? Generals?

K:  Apparently they’re generals in the military. They’re people like… Mike McConnell could be termed a white hat. Certainly Dan Burisch would be termed a white hat. [Mike McConnell] is the one who came forward with the National Intelligence Estimate that ruined George Bush’s plans to paint Iran as, you know, having nuclear weapons that were…

G:  He undermined it. Sure. Thank god!

K:  Exactly. Now, there are always, you know, there’s a punch/counter-punch, as you can imagine. If you watch the news, you can actually watch this happening in the various reports. As controlled as the media is, you can still watch their, sort of, roll-out and read between the lines if you become skilled at it, and if in essence you have the kind of backdrop of what Camelot has investigated --and, you know, numerous other, certainly, researchers and investigators, like Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, both of whom we plan to be interviewing in the next week or so at the Bay Area UFO Conference.

D:  Very interesting stuff. Kind of leaves you pondering a lot of things. And I definitely need to go spend some time, more time… I’ve watched some of your videos, but not enough, I don’t think. If you’ll hang with us, we’re going to be back with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. So hang tough, we’ll be back in just a few. [break]

And welcome back everybody. We’re into our second hour tonight. This is Doug Kelley here with Grant Rubendunst. This is an interesting conversation, huh Grant?

G:  Absolutely. Welcome everybody. We’re happy to have you. And we’ll be taking your calls. We welcome your calls and any questions you might have in the chatroom.

D:  Sounds good. And we’re of course talking with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. Welcome back to the program. What’s gonna be coming up in the near future?

B:  Oh boy! Right! What’s gonna be coming up in the near future?

Let us start with an anecdote. It’s one of these little anecdotes that’s quite a good place to start. This is an email that we got two days ago and it was on the back of a whole bunch of emails that we got a little bit earlier on in the summer, from somebody, a regular person. And there are lot of regular people who are very alert and aware, who follow our work, watch our site, and who know people in high places or in the intelligence agencies, so they say.

We were first contacted by this person in July, who said that he had a friend in the alphabet agencies who we had reason to believe was fairly senior. who said that if they were going to be deployed to the Middle East, then war would be a done deal. Unquote. That war was a certainty.

D:  All right.

B:  I’m just quoting that because those were the words he used.

K:  That is war with Iran, just to clarify that.

D:  Right.

B:  Yeah. And we got an email two days ago saying that this guy had been deployed to the Middle East. So…

K:  Actually, he’s being deployed this week. [The email] was a few days ago, so it was “next week” and now it’s this week.

So we have a blog on the front of Project Camelot that we now keep, because one of the things we realized that we had to do was to take the backlog of information that we have as Camelot and help people to use that to interpret news events that are going on.

And also to be able to report other whistleblowers and people that report information to us that’s not long enough for, say, an interview or even a whole page, but is sometimes very key information telling people what’s happening and what may be happening very soon. So that’s our blog on the first page of Project Camelot. So it’s a good place to check in and see what’s really new.

But to continue, Bill, why don’t you tell how the information about October is actually starting to really stack up.

B:  Yeah. It’s starting to stack up. And the analogy that I use is that of data points on a graph. It’s like, if you are collecting information and you’re plotting it on a graph -- and I say this because I’m a trained scientist quite a long time back. But if you get data-clustering, then it means something. This is not random. You start to see a shape forming. You start to see trends forming.

And we’ve seen this data-clustering pointing towards October for quite a while. And this e-mail that we got just a couple days ago is just the latest confirmation. It’s like, well OK, the guy’s gone to the Middle East. You know … Ohhh … you know. What does this mean? I won’t swear now, but I did when I read the e-mail.

To go back … Now this is interesting because there are interesting points that come to this. We were contacted in May 2007 -- that’s pretty much 18 months ago now -- by somebody who was… We weren’t contacted directly, but we were contacted by an intermediary for somebody who was associated with one of the Montauk Projects, who was involved in the Montauk Project in 1984. And this another whole area which you can do two-hour show on just that alone.

The Montauk Projects, we are assured, were real. They had to do with time travel, time manipulation, all the mess of stuff that I was talking about in the first hour. And this guy… In 1984, one of the things that they were doing, was they were messing around as I was describing, using technology that they barely understood, with fixing up, manipulating, and peering into, over the time horizon, into future timelines.

And this guy said that for years he had been talking about what he recalled from that project, that in 2007, 2008, there would be two main markers of that time period, one of which would be food riots, OK? And we got this, as I said, in May 2007. We didn’t publish this information because we didn’t believe him. We thought: Food riots? People are gonna think we’re crazy. And we sat on that information.

The other component of what he said besides the food riots, was he made reference to what he called the King George Scenario. And this was in 1984 he heard it. And King George refers to George Bush. They knew about him as the future president in 1984, 16 years before he was elected. And they called it the King George Scenario because kings aren’t elected. Kings get to stay in power all the time, and they never step down after 8 years.

The King George Scenario apparently was that some event would occur before George Bush, before his term of office ended, that would actually create the need, the false need, or the fake need or whatever, for him to stay in power. And we’re still waiting for this. OK.

This may or may not happen because timelines do change. But in the metaphor told us by another one of our witnesses, Jim Sparks -- who is a multiple, almost all-the-time, fully-conscious abductee, who was told a whole bunch of stuff by his abductors, and shown some pretty alarming pictures of a potential Earth future --

He was given to understand that time is like a huge river. You think about like the Nile or the Mississippi or the Amazon, just this giant river that’s flowing along and we’re flowing down it. And it flows in a direction. And you can change the flow of this river with enough energy, but it’s always gonna want to keep on flowing in the direction which has been. You can change it, but it’s not easy. If you just lob a few rocks into it, it’s not going to make any difference. It needs to be a big-time change. And you can even divert it, but it still wants to flow back in the direction in which it was flowing in the first place. It’s kind of got its own inertia.

And so are watching to see whether this timeline has changed. In the meantime, our contact is expecting this to happen.

Now, more stories here, because I was talking to Henry Deacon about this. Henry Deacon is our black-ops insider source that we were talking about in the first hour. He knew about timelines, he knew about the future human stuff, he knew about the Roswell catastrophe … catastrophe because of the time device that was recovered in the crash which then they started tinkering with to create all these time loops and paradoxes that have not yet been resolved.

I said to him… I was talking to him about what Dan Burisch referred to as Timeline 1, Version 83 and saying: You know what? At least the timeline has changed, because it doesn’t look like Hillary is going to be president. She’s off the ticket. She’s not even the vice presidential candidate to Obama. This is not gonna happen.

Henry said: You know what? I feel really uneasy about this because of something I read many years ago.

And I said: What are you talking about?

And he said: You know, I can’t remember, but I read this. I read that Hillary was off the ticket but something really weird would happen and she would end up back on the ticket again. And it was connected with the election being postponed for a couple of months.

I just had these chills going down my spine.

D:  No kidding.

B:  Now, I’m just reporting a conversation that I had, and Henry could not remember the details, because, as happens with many people behind the curtain of black-ops, they’re exposed to documents, they’re exposed to plans. Some of these things do change.

But the thing that is so hard to believe and so alarming to believe is that many of these global events are orchestrated and choreographed years or even decades before.

Carol Rosen, who we don’t know and we haven’t talked to, but many of your listeners will know, who worked closely with Wernher von Braun, went on record with the Disclosure Project, is saying that she learned about the invasion of Iraq in 1991 (Operation Desert Storm) back in the 1970s. She sat in on meetings where this was being planned and being discussed.

The whole thing is being choreographed right from the beginning. That’s just one little example. And so we’re left with this snippet of extraordinary information, Henry saying: You know what? Just watch out, because if something were to happen, Hillary’s back on the ticket.

The reason why I made reference to what Jim Sparks said about the flow of time being like a giant river… you can divert it, but you better keep it in place with a lot of energy. Otherwise it’s going to try to head back to where it was flowing and where it wants to flow in the first place, like water flowing downhill.

If Hillary is on the ticket, there’s good reason to believe that we’re all in a great deal of trouble, because what happens after that is a whole bunch of nuclear exchanges.

Now we’ve got George Green, who we haven’t yet spoken about in this conversation. George Green, for those of your listeners who don’t know him… He was an ex-Air Force engineer. He was in banking. He was in construction. He was in politics. He has a lot of friends in high places. And he is also somebody who has been in contact with the Pleiadians and other extra-terrestrial sources, for quite a number of years. He has a very unique résumé, as it were. And he’s been talking about this stuff for quite a while.

One of the things that inspired us to create Project Avalon was because George Green said that in his communications that he has received from the Pleiadians -- the Pleiadians being off planet, human-appearing, benevolent, extra-terrestrials; maybe they come from another place in time, we don’t know. But he gets a lot of information from them. He said that it’s almost too late. This is what he said. Almost too late. And he made references to a bunch of people he calls “the ground crew.” He wrote a little book which… He almost kind of took this book by dictation, which is available on his website for free. It‘s called Messages for the Ground Crew.

D:  You have the URL for that?

B:  Yes, it’s called

K:  It’s actually a set of three books. Another one’s called Embracing the Rainbow. Another one’s called Handbook for the New Paradigm. The first one he wrote with the aid of the Pleiadians is Handbook for the New Paradigm and that was the one that actually talked about people getting ready, moving into rural areas, establishing small communities -- basically what we’re attempting to do now with Project Avalon to provide a network where that sort of thing can happen.

But I have to say this book was written several years ago. So he was way ahead of the curve. And now what his communicators are telling him is that we… the time is actually past for educating people, that we are getting very close to the time when these events would actually start to happen.

And they do talk about a war behind the scenes between their faction, the Pleiadians and various other benevolent ETs, and the negative-oriented entities that are out there working with the US military among other groups, certainly the Vatican. So you see there is a scenario behind the scenario that you actually have to keep in mind.

But at any rate, we are getting information and George is one of the people that has been talking about the whole economic downturn. He has predicted this very accurately, what is even as we speak, what is happening here this month. We were told September would be the month. And sure enough, it appears to be when the economy would begin to crash very seriously.

We had been told by him a year ago to put all our money in gold or silver and get it out of the market. We followed his advice. Once upon a time that was really good advice. I have to say that unfortunately The Powers That Be seem to be hitting the gold and silver markets very seriously the last month, which was another indicator that something big was coming along, because they were driving down the price of gold, one might think so that they could, I guess, get into the market, and then be prepared for what’s happening right now in which gold and silver are now starting to go back up. We’ve got Michael St. Claire also talking about these sorts of things, by the way.

So what is happening, what we’re looking at right now, is information we’re getting from a lot of different sources and it all is coming together around the month of October, basically saying that in the month of October there seems to be some event that seems to want to be taking place. It’s not gonna be a positive event. I wish I could say it was, but it will have something to do with either postponing the election or making it such that the Neocons will get their sort of agenda back on track after their debacle of Georgia. And we don’t know what the event is, so we can’t actually say anything about… too much about that.

B:  Do you want to say anything about Hawkeye, Kerry? Tell them about Hawkeye, our source.

K:  OK, well Hawkeye is sort of a whistleblower from within the Illuminati. He calls them “The Roths.” [laughs] And he says that… Well, I can’t… I have to be very careful as to how much detail I go into because we do want to protect him. We published a lot of information from him on our blog which is, again, on the front page of Project

And he was basically telling us all the same things that Henry Deacon was telling us, that we were getting from other sources, George Green, and a number of other deep black sources. And he’s a very interesting guy. He’s written us, I think, for the past year, and we’ve got a huge score of emails from him, basically telling us it’s getting closer. The time’s getting closer. Their agenda is being rolled out.

His point of view is that the… Whatever the White Hats are trying to do, they’re actually not gonna be successful. I have to say that because of his position, because he feels so oppressed, if you will… He’s, you know, heavily monitored. He used to work for the Illuminati. Basically he’s had to buy into their scenario. He believes their power is pretty much a done deal.

B:  What he said is that there would be a major event that he said, basically… I mean, he used very dramatic language. He said it would be the coup d’etat for the human race and he said this would in the first 10 days of October.

K:  Right. And what’s weird about that is there’s also this halfpasthuman website that’s also doing data mining on the web, using language and computers to create… I guess they’ve been doing a whole layout like a graph of where people are at and certain events. And they did it for 911. They predicted accurately the recent resignation within a day of Mushariff. We are hoping to possibly interview them. I know they’ve been interviewed by Rense. But there’s a lot of information on their site about October.

I have another little ingredient that just came to us recently, which is, the Arlington Institute has apparently been alerted somehow and they’re a think-tank, one would say, for certain factions of the American government, certainly, in which they are collecting now data, and asking for dreams and visions of people pertaining to the month of October.

So we’re getting such a coalition of evidence and information from so many different sources about this particular timespan. I myself have had a dream, a prophetic dream, if you will.  We’re going to be interviewing Miriam Delicado who has a website called And she is a contactee from the Pleiadians as well, and she has been getting information about October.

So we don’t know what the event is. We do know that it could be something to do with postponing the election. We have heard that it is some kind of massive event, on the order of a 911-type of thing, however we don’t know what.

G:  Let me ask either one of you about this catastrophe. Is it just some time in October? Is that what you’re getting or hearing? Or are you getting anything about that? Is that what I’m understanding here?

K:  Well, we have to say that we’re not getting a specific date.

D:  Well, you’re hearing…

K:  Half Past Human is saying they have gotten… They’ve charted it down to actually a date which is October 7th. What we’re getting is that it’s sometime in the month of October, and that there’s a build-up that has already begun.

B:  Having said that, our source, Hawkeye, specifically said the first ten days of October, which is an alarming correlation in itself.

G:  Which is really interesting, guys, because if you look the developments that have been going on. It was in the news today about Iran has once again, you know, thumbed their nose at the European community about nuclear testing, about proceeding with developing their nuclear abilities. And then, of course, we have the Pakistanis being very upset with the Americans who are launching commando raids into Pakistan. It just seems like, you know, maybe the pieces are falling into place here, you know, especially in light of what’s been going on in Georgia as well.

K:  Well, you guys had asked us during the break if we could talk about why we’re being able to get information out there, and if we’ve been attacked in any way.

D:  And that’s a great question. Let’s hang on to that one for just a moment. We’re coming down to the bottom of the hour, the last half hour. Man, this time has gone fast. Jeepers! [break]

In the remaining time that we have, what would you like to say? What message would you really like to get out there? And I do have a question after you go.

B:  First of all, I’m a Brit, as you can tell. And during the Second World War the Brits experienced something which they called The Spirit of the Blitz. And The Spirit of the Blitz was a community spirit that arose spontaneously in London when it was being bombed by the Germans.

The authorities didn’t have to do as much as they might have had to do because the citizens did it themselves. The citizens took care of each other; they took care of each other’s medical needs; they took each other into their homes when their homes had been wrecked. They put out fires. They provided food and water for each other.

The community spirit was incredibly strong. This is -- if you don’t mind my waving our Union Jack here -- this is one of the reasons, and with American help of course, the Nazis were defeated.

Now, we’re more vulnerable now than we have ever been before because that community spirit -- in the days of the internet where people are partially connected by technology but also partially disconnected by it -- we’re living in an age where we don’t know our neighbors. We don’t know the people who live on the other side of that anonymous door on the other side of the corridor in our apartment block.

We don’t really live in communities in the way that we used to. We’re much more isolated. We’re much more mobile. And even the family unit isn’t as strong as it used to be. And this is our weakness.

But back to Project Avalon, what we’re trying to do there is, we’re trying to rekindle the spirit of community, because that would be the strength if times become tough. We’re much more likely to be able to have a smooth ride through whatever the next few years brings for us if we know who our neighbors are, if we are in touch with our families, if we forget our little squabbles and we learn how to work together with people who maybe we might have trivial disagreements with or whom we decide we don’t like.

And these communities don’t have to be avant garde communities like Findhorn or Esalen or Damanhur or any of these other places. It could be a street, or it could be a district, or a city, or it could be a small bunch of people in an area who know that they can count on each other if things are difficult.

And this is what George Green, who I was talking about half an hour ago, referred to when he talked about the Ground Crew, that there are some people out there who will not listen to any of these problems. They won’t be woken up. I mean them no disrespect, but they’re NOT awake and alert to what is happening, but other people are. And the people who are listening to this show, by default these will be those people who are at the front line, and who are listening. They’re thinking: What can I do? What can I do? Everyone’s situation is different.

On Project Avalon which we formed so we could create solutions, we have a forum which is exploded into the most extraordinary activity, thousands of viewers in just a few days.

And there are people there… There are whole threads on this forum which are devoted to groups getting together, people saying: Hey, listen, I’m in Idaho; who else in Idaho? Or: I’m in New Zealand; who else is in New Zealand? Or: I’m in the Bronx and I’m stuck here, is there anyone else in New York? I want to know who you are because I want to know who I can trust.

And these people are getting together. They’re forming groups, they’re forming networks, they’re making plans and establishing meeting places.

Now, this doesn’t have to be like negative catastrophic thinking, because these are good things to happen even if nothing bad goes down. And so, to some degree, it is about a renaissance. It is about a reconnection. It is about people connecting with each other and rebuilding the kind of society and the kind of networking that is the sign of a healthy society. We’re finding that our society is not as healthy as it used to be in the past. And if these threats of geopolitical events spur us on to talking to people we’ve forgotten how to talk to, then that’s actually no bad thing.

And the other thing I want to say, must more briefly than I have just said, is that we create our own future. As the Buddhists say: We are dreamers that are dreaming each others’ dreams. All of this is a very solid-looking dream that we find ourselves in.

And the future is not written in stone despite all this high technology that we were talking about, to do with timelines and timeline variations. They exist probabilities and possibilities. And we can create any future that we want, any future that we choose, and we human beings have the ability to do this.

Bill Birnes, who is the editor of UFO Magazine and a very well-respected UFO researcher… at the end of his life he interviewed Admiral George Hoover before he died.

D:  Bill Birnes didn’t die. Major Hoover…

B:  Admiral Hoover died. And before he died, Admiral Hoover told Bill Birnes what all this secrecy was REALLY all about. And it was really fascinating, because it’s like, well, OK, so some guys crashed in 1947. They had a weird aircraft and they looked at bit funny… and why is this secret? Why?

And Bill Birnes was told by Hoover that it’s not about the visitors. It’s not about their technology. It’s not even about the information that they brought with them about our future and other things.

He said that the biggest secret is the fact that we human beings are more powerful than we have ever dreamed that we are. That is the biggest secret. We don’t know our own power. And The Powers That Be don’t want us to know our power, and we are being kept in the dark.

What Bill Birnes Said

Admiral George Hoover, ONI ... said he KNEW that these entities were not so much interplanetary, but they were literally time travelers, and the big secret is that they were us from the future.

And that we and they have the same powers, and that was the real fear of the government: that we have the ability to manipulate reality around us. We've always had that ability, we just didn't know how to use it...

We are being educated that we are animated hunks of meat, that we are here by accident with no spiritual heritage, no purpose, no meaning to our lives. And that this is not true. And that if this secret got out, then it would be so easy to end this game that’s been in place for thousands of years with the Illuminati and the Luciferian Satanists that are running the show.

They want us to believe that we are powerless. And we are NOT powerless. And that’s the message that I want to leave your audience. So I’m going to step down from my soapbox there [laughs] and Kerry can have the last few words.

K:  That’s absolutely what we believe and how we try to live our lives. What is most important is to reach a ratio of the number of awake minds on the planet that have broken free of the matrix. And who begin to understand what powerful co-creators we are. And then all we have to do is unite with a vision for the positive future that we’d like to see for ourselves. And that’s when we will begin to change and turn the tide.

And I have to say that I think what’s happening now is that that’s actually what’s going on. And we hope that Project Camelot and Project Avalon are all part of that scenario which is unfolding.

Because our planet is going through a major consciousness change. We're entering a place where we can create whatever we think. Therefore, be careful what you think! Be careful what you desire, because you will see it manifest quite instantly.

And so, this is part of a new future that we have at our fingertips, really. And what is happening with the timelines that we’ve been describing and the fact that suddenly all bets are off and suddenly they changed so quickly that plans that have been in place for years and years by The Powers That Be and their minions -- which is just average people feeling that they are powerless, giving their power over to the ruling class, and allowing them to manipulate them -- if they take their power back and begin to rethink what it is we’re doing here on the planet. Because this is a grand experiment and the reality is that we are all spiritual beings much far beyond our physical bodies.

D:  Well you know, excellent, excellent information. We are now down to less than 2 minutes remaining, and wow, you know, a lot of stuff to think about, a lot of information! And you guys have just been incredible. Let me repeat the websites: and For a forum of discussions on similar topics, these same topics and others, please visit the websites that Bill and Kerry have. Donate to their cause. Help them to continue their work.

And we also invite you to visit -- we’re a professional association of paranormal researchers -- as well as our database,

We really want to say thank you to all of our listeners. I think we blew away our highs from before. We’ve had an awesome lot of listeners tonight, an amazing number. We really appreciate you taking your time.

Grant, amazing, huh?

G:  Absolutely! And Bill and Kerry, it was a real pleasure to have you on the show, and you know, if time permits we’d certainly like to have you come back in the future to continue putting the message out there. The work that you do is wonderful and truly appreciated. I wish I could share with you all the comments, the wonderful comments, we’ve got in the chatroom about how much folks appreciate the hard work that you do. So thank you so very much. It’s been a real, real pleasure and we’d like to get together with you folks again some time.

D:  We are at the end of our rope here on the program, folks. Thanks again so much. You have a great night. We’ll see you next week. Goodnight.

G:  Goodnight everybody.

K:  Thank you.

B:  Goodnight.


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