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Telephone conversation transcript,
24 September 2008

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The following part conversation was recorded on 24 September, 2008. Dr Bill Deagle called us, and as we were not expecting the call we were unprepared for a recording. It is incomplete at the beginning and at the end, but this middle section is so interesting that many may like to read it. The original audio is available from this page.

Kerry Cassidy: We’re going to be speaking at NEXUS in Australia in the beginning of October and also at the Crash Retrieval Conference, covering just that sort of question.

Bill Deagle: Yeah. I know it’s a broad question.

K:  But I have to say… I mean, what we‘re getting is very similar to what you’ve actually been talking about for the last 5-10 minutes. We are getting lots of cross-correlation, various whistleblowers in Black Ops, and also what you might term intuitives, and people coming forward from actual on-the-scene places, reporting about what’s going on with the economy. Certainly we’ve been in contact with Ben Fulford, that there was some kind of effort with the Japanese to bail out the US economy. Apparently that’s being rejected.

BD:  The Japanese were going to buy out a large chunk of some of these banks, Lehman and other ones.

K:  Right. And we do understand the whole… that, you know, it’s like a paper tiger. It’s just crashing down.

BD:  Well yes. It’s all by design though.

K:  Right. We understand that this is the Illuminati agenda. And we also understand that behind the Illuminati you’ve got, you know, a certain faction of the Anunnaki. So it goes way, way back.

Bill Ryan:  Yes. One of the analogies, Bill, that I use when I’m talking to people is the metaphor that you described in your Granada Forum lecture, that it’s like they’ve just piled up all the ingredients for a fire, with a little tender and the kindling and the big logs and the large logs, and all it needs is a match. And now I think they’re just about to strike the match.

BD:  Oh yeah. They are. In fact, it won’t take very much. It could be economic collapse and they could declare martial law.

K:  Yeah. We get that.

BD:  You’ve got around 8 billion out there under active handlers and of those 780,000 are actually for execution.

BR:  We suspect that there may be several events coming up in quick succession in the next three or four weeks.

BD:  Yeah, they could happen. Several things are going to be intervening here.

People need to realize that we’re not dealing with... This is something that’s really shocking for a lot of people that think the New World Order’s run by a bunch of rich, inbred white guys from Europe.

We’re dealing with transdimensional entities and beings from other worlds that even transcend the idea of the Anunnaki. They have to understand that there’s a galactic order and a cosmic order to things... of higher order beings that have been watching our world, certainly very aghast with the battlefield that’s been going on in the psychic level, the physical level, the informational level, etc. It’s been on every possible level you can imagine. And we’re caught in the clutches, literally, of being on the battle line of a great galactic and cosmic war. Literally Star Wars.

K:  Yes. We would agree with that.

BD:  That star-war has been going on for ages, with previous collapses of our civilization caused by these same creatures. What’s happening now, though, is that human beings are getting to the point where we’re almost ready to be birthed or be annihilated.

And the decision is going to require a sea-change in the attitude of people, not the technology, to get us through this, but an attitude change in terms of the core connectedness of people to their Higher-order Self, if you want to call it, understanding the nature of what they are as a being, and the nature of the universe.

K:  Yes. That’s absolutely right.

BD:  And religions, which I call “real lies going on”… because the problem is, religions are a substitute for knowledge and wisdom of what’s really the nature of themselves and the nature of their universe.

K:  Yes. We wouldn’t argue with any of that. Basically we understand the underlying spiritual basis for what‘s going on. And I have to say that we’re also very concerned over the energy that is put out there to make something either happen or not happen.

BD:  Well yes, exactly. In fact, the negative energy -- and this is one of the things I’ve been concerned of lately; I talked to Jeff Rense about this just over the weekend -- is that a number of the “patriots” are putting out such a negative message they’re actually creating, if you want to call it, an environment that will manifest it into reality.

K:  Exactly.

BD:  They’re creating what I call the Kool-Aid of Fear that could manifest a lot of destruction.

K:  Well, I mean, we also want to… we’re concerned on this level as well. And one thing that we do to change that paradigm is at the end of every interview or anything we do, we always stress that we are co-creators.

BD:  Of course we are..

And that we need to wake up and get connected with each other such that we can actually change what’s going to happen and mitigate what’s going to happen. To be honest with you, although I see you… you’re one of the people that talks on the most negative level. Now, I realize that you may not intend it that way…

BD:  Yes.

K:  …but you sort of tell it like it is.

BD:  I really don’t even unveil the totality of what I know but I try to always deal with issues where I can provide solutions, whether it’s avian flu, like we’re working on … actual things, like the AeroClave Program to stop the avian flu coming in in aircraft. We’re actually working with Homeland Security and Dr. Gordon Peterson and others. And we try to bring in people to talk about some of the things. Because, to be honest with you, I’ve only discussed about 10% of the stuff I really know that could be very, very negative.

The problem I see is, a lot of people kind of play down the desperateness of the situation. I think you need to do both. You need to show how bad it is, but also show that you have a lot of power, not only personally but corporately, once you activate and kind of unveil other peoples’ knowledge of this, to kind of steer us away from the iceberg of disaster.

K:  Well that’s we’re banking on. And that’s why we started our new website which you may be familiar with, which is, where we have a forum there that’s absolutely taken off like wildfire. It’s all about finding safe places, networking, and building communities for what’s coming in the future.

BD:  Well, what they’re doing right now… Luckily, with the avenues and the things that’ve been given, we just had a major release of information about the Oxycontin Scam with the Israeli Mossad and the Dixie Mob and Purdue Pharma to build a plant in Israel to distribute billions of dollars of illegal Oxycontin. So 99% of it is coming in with the Israeli Mossad and the Dixie Mob, which is Dr. Richard Charles Norton.

K:  You know, Richard Norton is a big follower of our site and we’re in touch with him.

BD:  Yes, I know that. What he’s done there… And he’s been on the show, and he’ll be on again this week. I managed to get him on Jeff Rense and he’s been on Don Nicoloff. I told him to get on as many shows as possible and try to promote … because this is what I call a fulcrum issue. Because the illegal Black-Op money is funding most of the building of these underground cities and off-world space platforms, etc.

K:  Right.

BD:  And they’re building an average of two of these giant underground cities every year now in America, plus they’re building cities and facilities all over the world. So they’re getting ready, not just for a staged WWIII or an alien invasion. They’re getting ready for something that’s cosmic and galactic.

And the people that do this think they’re doing the right thing because they’re going to “preserve civilization.” So you have to get into the mind of the twisted people at the top that think: Well, 90% of the people will die, but civilization will survive. That’s what their mentality is. That’s what I call a “triage mentality” in terms of civilization.

K:  They also have an agenda, though, that has to do with clearing the Earth out for their own use.

BD:  Oh, of course. They have multiple agendas, but they all do what is right in their own eyes, which is the basis of Luciferianism.

K:  Right.

BR:  Exactly.

BD:  Yes. There’s really only two perspectives in the universe: Connectedness to the creator of the universe, or just Luciferianism, which is Let your will be done. And everything else is just what I call falseness in religion which are, as they say, “real lies going on.”

K:  We’re on board with all of that.

BD:  Yes, it’s important for people to kind of start getting… how can I say, willing to remember what they always knew.

K:  That’s a nice way of putting it.

BR:  That’s what the word re-cognize means, isn’t it?

BD:  The problem is, you see… I tell people: If we have the spirit of the creator god in us, then we are the I AM and we have to stop pretending that it’s an external creator and also take responsibility for the destruction of our planet.

We’re going to cutesy little movies like Wall-E and seeing large corporations turning the Earth into a garbage dump by design, which they’re doing very effectively, from spraying from these robotic drones, and creating pollution, and depleted uranium, and everything else.

We have to start to see beyond the greed of just a bunch of maniacs, to people that are in a Death Cult, to something that transcends human -- or even any other advanced entity of being that would be in this cosmos or universe -- that has malevolent intent. And when you start understanding that, you start to see beyond the agenda, and you start to see something that even if you wanted to just be rich and powerful, you wouldn’t do what they’re doing. It’s a Death March, in other words.

K:  Yes, it is.

BD:  And you also have to decide that you’re going to not participate in it. The biggest problem right now is that it can only happen if we give permission, including the fear. In fact, the fear gives them permission to create the future reality and to steer us toward disaster.

BR:  Yes. Exactly.

K:  I think that’s very good information and I think that’s also a good perspective that you’ve got there. I think that that kind of thing will be very important to put on the video for people.

BD:  Well I want to lift up…

K:  It’s not only information that they need, but they also need to understand how to deal with it. You understand?

BD:  Yes. I feel it’s almost … The process… Having worked and seeing many people die, it’s like seeing the death of toxic Ideas, the death of a toxic fairytale-land that never existed, and that that’s the civilization that they’ve become used to -- which can’t continue in its current state because it’s going to result in the death of all of us if we continue to allow it to exist.

K:  Yes, it’s kind of like a short death or a long death.

BD:  Right. In other words, we have to decide whether to participate in this game any longer that’s going to result possibly in the death of all human civilization, or whether we’re going to grow up and take responsibility.

K:  Yes.

BR:  That’s the core question right there. That’s it.

BD:  You mentioned you’re getting this from a number of different sources. I don’t want to just put it on the 2012 issue in terms of Nibiru and all this stuff, because…

The major events that are happening right now, or actually are already started to happen, was the magnetic pole shift and the possible reversal of the magnetic flux of the Earth that can result in the collapse of the magnetosphere on or after 2012. It can result in the ozone layer going bye-bye. And a 60-minute drop in the ozone layer in 45 minutes would knock out the benthic layer of the upper oceans and kill most of the grassy plants on Earth and about 1/3 of the trees.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  So that’s already been worked out, that an ozone collapse would occur with a magnetic field collapse.

K:  Well, this is true. Although from what I understand, they do have technology that can mitigate some of this.

BD:  Sure they do. In fact, that’s one of the main Black-Op procedures under HAARP and the weather control, was using all these systems. In fact they have multiple layers of it. A lot of the work they’re doing is actually control of the weather if there’s a magnetic field collapse and a magnetic field flux shift of the Earth.

K:  Right. That’s the positive side.

BD:  This would not have to be solved on the technical level if we are spiritually on the right track, in other words.

BR:  We had insider confirmation from somebody whose name we have never revealed, but who’s a very brilliant scientist whose name you would recognize instantly. He told us that he was contracted under a Top Secret clearance for the Department of Homeland Security. And he told us that there were three events that would be coming up for us in the next few years, and he apologized for presenting us with bad news.

The first one, he said, was a coronal mass ejection.

BD:  Well, in fact … Let me explain a little about this before you proceed so that you will understand that I’m getting a piece of information that may be correct.

Coronal mass ejections are always tied to major earthquakes. And the reason is, it rings the Earth as a bell and the Earth… The tectonic plates have certain tectonic plate harmonics. So when you hit the right harmonic frequency … In fact, this is how tectonic weapons work. And I know because I worked with NSA and they told me, a senior agent told me, exactly how their space-based tectonic weapons work by creating what’s called tensor harmonics in the plates. And they reach what’s called the slip threshold -- basically what’s called a piezoelectric slip threshold -- of the plates.

So, if there’s a coronal mass ejection, there’s a direct link. You guys should go back through the major earthquakes that occurred over the last century. The biggest ones have all been triggered off by massive solar ejections. They often occur after a period of incredible solar quietness. And we’ve had the quietest time in almost 100 years, with almost no sunspots.

K:  Yes. Exactly.

BD:  And that usually precedes a solar mass ejection.

K:  Also there’s a linkup between the sun and the movement of magma under the Earth.

BD:  That’s right, because magma’s basically an interlocked engine. In other words, it’s like the engine of the… The way the universe works is that the center of the galaxy is a black hole that is equivalent to 2-trillions star masses the size of our sun. And there’s a photon jet that comes out of that that actually drives nuclear reactions in all the stars in the galaxy and creates the vortex -- the time/space vortex -- that actually creates the spin of the galaxy.

Well, that interlocked magnetic flux lines of the suns interlocks with all the plasma fields underneath all the planets and stars, so that there’s an interlocking there. And there’s also an interlocking with our bodies’ cells, called the Lamar Effect, where the valence electrons are bumped out to the outer orbitals, to cause chemical reactions. So if you don’t have a magnetic flux field, your chemical reactions turn off and you die.

So we’re all interlocked, in other words. The symbol for the super black hole at the center of each galaxy that creates this vortex field that’s connected across an umbilicus to a parallel universe. And the symbol for that is the swastika, the oldest symbol found in the temple at Delhi, India, over 5500 years ago. So they’re quite aware of it. That’s why they had the Society of the Black Sun in Germany because they understood that this knowledge was passed down through… from the sacred libraries collected in most recent times by the Romans. But it ended up in the Vatican Library.

BR:  Yes. Just to continue, though, this guy referenced the event of 1859 that you’ll probably know about as something to help us understand what kind of event a mass ejection is.

BD:  1859…

BR:  There was a huge solar storm. At that time, of course, it didn’t affect any electronics or anything, but they had auroral displays as far south or as far north as the Equator.

BD:  Right.

BR:  And there was a big fireworks display and everyone just kind of watched it all. But nothing was taken down. And, of course, nowadays it would be a totally different story.

And for some reason that we don‘t understand, this guy who contacted us a couple of years ago said that this thing would be coming up for us around about 2009. He did not explain how he knew this was coming.

The second thing he said was that there was going to be a magnetic pole reversal. His exact words, just to support what you’re saying there.

BD:  Yes, that’s already happening. We’re having a collapse of the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic in the areas of the Arctic and the Antarctic. That’s already happening now.

BR:  And the last thing he said, and this was two years ago, and this may have been mitigated, (and this is a longer conversation that we’d like to talk with you about), he said there would be a pole shift, a physical pole shift.

BD:  So you’re talking about a physical pole shift.

BR:  This is what he’s saying.

BD:  Yes. In other words, you’re talking about a precession of the spin of the Earth that causes the actual continents to drift.

BR:  What he said was a pole shift. Now, there’s complicated information here that we can -- this is probably beyond the scope of this phone call, which we can talk about when we meet – but there’s a possibility that that’s been mitigated. In other words, it won’t happen. But even without that we’re in trouble enough. So it’s kind of like we’ve got a lot on our plates right now.

BD:  Well, at the very least, even if they mitigated, the main problem that’s going to happen is major climatic changes and famine. The most thorough way to do that is a pandemic, even more thorough than a nuclear war, because within two weeks of a nuclear war the radiation levels are low enough for troops and people to move around even without rad suits. So a pandemic is much more serious than that in terms of stopping services and so on.  Because once the dust is clear, if you’ve got limited destruction you can find routes of transport and most of the ground level radiation is low enough people can walk around because most of the radioisotopes have dissipated.

K:  OK. Well, we’re getting also some information about this belt around the Equator, of…

BR:  This is John Moore’s information, which you may be familiar with. Because he says that he has talked to three independent submariners. And one of the words that he used was really quite compelling to me. He said that if you’re in a submarine, knowing where the bottom of the ocean is and knowing where the surface of the ocean is is mandatory.

BD:  Right.

BR:  He’s referring to a classified US Navy map showing drastically altered coastlines. Now you may be familiar with this. And the question that we’ve always had about this is: Well, where does this water come from? And John Moore says that…

Actually… Look, we really need to understand the physics of this, because, due to the spin of the Earth, you’ve got… Actually sea level at the Equator is much further away from the center of the Earth than it is any other place because you’ve got centrifugal force. It’s about 400 feet higher at the Equator.

BD:  Right.

BR:  And so what we need to do is to change the axis of rotation of the Earth in some way and then all of that water readjusts itself. And when it readjusts itself you’re talking about huge impacts on coastlines.

BD:  Oh, yes. In other words, what you’re saying is there’s change in the bulge of the Earth to a different band.

BR:  Exactly. That’s right. And if the liquid bulge of the Earth moves, then that impacts billions of people everywhere. And this is just one of the physical knock-on effects of some kind of alteration in the way that the Earth is spinning.

BD:  Well, one of the things that people need to know -- and I’m going to have Robert Felix back on; I’ve been investigating this for about 5, 6 years -- is that as we enter this energetic part of the galaxy, there’s a lot of cosmic rays and other things that act as micronuclei to trigger increased rainfall. And the thing that precipitates…

One of the most serious effects of climate change is actually not global warming, it’s increased rainfall caused by cosmic particles that act as micronuclei. And the rainfall increase is the thing that drives us into an ice age. And it’s very probable that, as we head into this photon belt, that it’s going to trigger another ice age, because we’re in an interglacial period. And it doesn’t take 10 years to happen. It can happen literally in one year.

BR:  Yes. That’s right.

K:  Yes.

BD:  So it’s very probable that what will be triggered as we pass through this, even if we only have a magnetic pole shift and we survive that, is it’ll precipitate a glacial ice sheet mass of snowfall. The amount of rain that has been occurring in Canada and across north Europe and the northern States is absolutely phenomenal. If that continues through this winter, they may very well have snow in the northern latitudes that may not be gone by next summer.

BR:  We heard that there were some ice sheets in the Rockies that were previously just seasonal and which are now becoming permanent.

BD:  Right. Now what’s happening… And a lot of the Global Warming people try to say they’re seeing the polar ice sheet melting in the Arctic, but that’s because they’re directly over the Gakkel Range which is a 1500 km range of volcanic mountains and the water’s coming out at 700 degrees. So it’s melting from below.

And so what’s going on in Antarctica… and nine out of ten glaciers are actually increasing in thickness. So what we’re heading into, I believe, is an ice age.

The melting of the Arctic is all caused by under-oceanic currents caused by volcanism. There’s an incredible increase in volcanism. 90% of active volcanoes on Earth are under the oceans.

BR:  That makes sense.

BD:  That feeds along the inter-oceanic band there that is 40,000 miles long. One of the most active areas is the Gakkel Range in the Arctic. And that’s why the polar ice shelf was breaking off. We’re having global cooling at the same time that volcanism is increasing.



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