Camelot logo George Green:
Telephone interview transcript,
2 September 2008

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erry Cassidy: So, George, it’s great to talk to you. How’re you doing today?

George Green: I’m doing fine, thank you.

K: This is a Project Camelot phone call with George Green. And we want to update everyone on what’s happening, according to George, who’s always got his finger on the pulse of, certainly the economic situation, and sometimes even the spiritual. So George, can you tell me what is going on?

We’re going to do a follow-up call here with Benjamin Fulford in about a day or so. And he’s making statements about September 30th being some kind of very important day in which the US is supposed to come clean on what they owe... and

G: Well, September 30th ends our fiscal year. The government declares all kinds of numbers to everybody, like what their debt is. But they only tell you what is due this year. So you only have, as we are speaking, only 28 or 29 days left to this month. On the 30th, the next day begins the fiscal year of next year and that will show some of the debt.

Let me explain how this works. Let’s say that the government issued a Promissory Note, or a bond, in effect. It was a one-year US Treasury note. And they also issued a 5-year Treasury note. The 5-year notes don’t even count as debt until five years. So what is going to come online is all the short-term paper that’s happened in the last 6 months.

As you know, the government came forth with 60-day notes, 90-day notes. They all come to a head on September 30th. That’s the point where ... not only September 30th from that date ... but it also is the escalation of all of the adjustable-rate mortgages in the United States, too. So that’s gonna accelerate the decline in the real estate, because peoples’ interest rates are gonna go up to the current rates, which are roughly around 7 to 7.5 percent.

K: OK. So what does that mean, though? I mean, from your vantage-point, are we talking about one day in which everything crashes? Or are we talking about sort of an ongoing scenario that’s already started a while back?

G: No. What it amounts to is an ongoing scenario. They’re not gonna crash everything on that day. They’re gonna try to roll over the debt into the next year. But what happens on September 30th, they gotta come clean with all the debt that they have because they’re gonna roll it over.

In other words, it’s like, what the government’s trying to do now is sell our debt, as you know, to a lot of foreign countries. And so are businesses doing the same thing, trying to get rid of their obligations they have here. That, you know, is all the unwinding of the real estate empire, as we talked about.

And what does happen at this minute, because September 30th is that important date, is all of these debts that are gonna be set up are gonna fall on the hands of the new President, whoever we have. You know, I might have told you before, the Rockefellers want Obama in.

So what we have to look at is, then, what is going to occur with the rest of the world? And if the world looks at how much debt has been put into motion, and we’ve exported all of our jobs, then the escalation of the collapse of the dollar will come in, even though the Feds themselves are advancing over 2 billions dollars a day to keep this thing afloat.

And the “Plunge Committee”, which is 8 members of the Federal Reserve on the floor of the Exchange, are the ones that are manipulating the market on a world basis right now. And most of the other countries are well aware of this, Kerry.

K: Well, this is outrageous. One of the things that Ben Fulford is going to be saying, or has actually published in a Rense article – I don’t know if you’ve heard it – is that the money has to go back to what is so-called “rightful owners”. And the cabal that is basically behind the scenes running the world is asking for the US to come clean on their debt on September 30th? If they don’t, they’re threatening to impose martial law on the US and launch WWIII. Now, does this sound logical? Or is this ...

G: Well, let’s come to what martial law is. Number one, we have a major problem that’s happening. Let’s take California, for instance. They’ve got the state... the Governor over there has put everybody on minimum wage and put a freeze on new hiring, because they don’t have a budget.

Well, when it comes down to the United States, our military is based on having money into the budget. Well, if Congress doesn’t declare money for the military to operate, obviously we have to go someplace.

Now, if he calls on a national emergency, that’s supposing that everybody across the United States, all the military people, will stand up. But if they’re not getting paid, what do you think’s gonna happen? Massive chaos, Kerry.

And that’s what we’re looking at. The people that started the militia movement several years ago across the United States... most of those people have gone by the wayside, because there’s nobody out here to stand up for our country.

Now, you’re talking about what could occur? I mean, why did they build these enemy prisoner of war camps? Why are the UN troops all over the United States? And they’ll probably be activated to act as the police for what you’re talking about right now. If they could do it.

My feeling is, because of what the Bank for International Settlements, which is run by the Rothschilds -- it’s the 13 families control the world’s money -- got permission and got it in writing from Bush, allowing them to audit the Federal Reserve. Now, that event will occur as soon as Bush gets out of office. That means anytime after November, frankly.

So I don’t think September 30th is gonna cause a big meltdown. I am concerned about the first 90 days of next year. And then the Rothschilds will find out how much money has been gone ... because it’s a money thing with them. You know, it’s their ego. They’ve allowed this Federal Reserve franchise to basically create money out of thin air and encumbered the entire world. The whole world’s involved with this meltdown.

K: OK. Well, do you see something happening? Because we’re getting a lot of our sort of behind the scenes, black project, witnesses coming forward to us and saying something is set to happen in October. Maybe even the first ten days.

G: Well, that’s a possibility and I think more likely is that we’re gonna get the war started against Iran. Our military is all building up right now to go after Iran, this so-called nuclear thing, in order to cause this unrest.

Meanwhile, the Soviets have sent -- and this is just in the last two days -- have sent over their nuclear scientists. And the Soviets also signed a 2 billion dollar deal with India to provide them with the new long-range missiles that they have over there.

So this is going to be a real unwinding in the next 30 days, frankly.

I would rather have this conversation this coming Friday because I have some people inside, you know, inside the Beltway, that would be able to bring me up to date. Because everybody’s pulling their hair out, frankly, in Washington; they don’t know what’s happening.

K: Well, what about China? I mean, we’d be happy to talk to you this Friday, or next week, whatever works for you. But what about China? Because we understand that China and Russia are doing war games.

G: That’s right. Exactly. Russia and China are both doing exactly that.

And what is becoming is, the United States is notifying everybody over there they want to put all of their missile sites surrounding Russia. And, of course, Putin, et al, are saying, No we’re not gonna do that. And they’re warning everybody, you know. Putin has already warned Bush and stuff: You do that, and... Russia’s on high alert right at this minute, all over the place.

K: So, do you think that we’re going to go to war before the election?

G: It makes a lot more sense to do that and then they’d have a spillover, then, to McCain, etc. But then also, in that case, if they get the war going, then the repercussions go where they could suspend the Constitution. We wouldn’t have another election. You’d have Bush out there, king of the day.

K: OK. How much chance do you think that’s going to happen?

G: I don’t ... well, that’s a possibility. That’s under the FEMA rules. Immediately, if we have any kind of national emergency, i.e., an earthquake in California, or we have a war going on, it’s his prerogative to call a national emergency and suspend the Constitution.

For the first 30 days, he’s in control. Then after that there’s a UN mandate that the UN takes it over. So we would be controlled by the UN, the head of the UN. That brings it in to... the second-in-command at the United Nations is, and always has been, a Russian.

K: So what would that mean for the US? Are you talking about Russia? I mean, if the UN is in control and a Russian’s in control of the UN, then [Russia] controls the US?

G: Yeah. What it comes back down to is, the New World Order is nothing more than a socialist dictatorship controlled by the small inner controlling group. And they have plans to issue a New World currency, a New World everything, ‘cause that’s ... even, you know, the Georgia Guidestones is evidence of that.

And if you talk to people overseas, they’re all aware of it. I just had a phone call that just came in within the last half hour from Holland. And they’re all concerned because Russia now is threatening to, you know, knock off all the oil, and all the energy supplies to Europe if they don’t bend. Now, that could cause major calamities.

K: Right. And Europe just kind of gave in just now, saying they’re not going to impose sanctions, isn’t that right, because of the gas?

G: That’s right. I mean, what would you do, if you knew your energy situation was going down? Well, that doesn’t go well for the planners behind the scenes, because they’re got to get WWIII going. Because behind all of this is the population increase on the planet. It’s all part of their population-reduction scheme. And control of the populace. And by all of the money.

Look at all of the jobs and everybody that’s been exported out of the United States. They admit that roughly 90 percent of the corporations in the United States don’t pay taxes because they’ve exported all their jobs. I mean, even what I call a stalwart company like Hershey candy has just exported its company to Mexico for production of Hershey bars.

So you’re looking at the demise of the United States. What are we gonna produce and how can we work on some kind of a trade? And what system’s gonna happen?

The only thing they can do right now, as maybe Benjamin’s gonna talk about... because we have a bankrupt currency. The rest of the world knows it. The only thing that we’ve been doing is using our so-called strength against all these people, and say Hey, you’re gonna do it or we’ll attack. Well, unfortunately, Russia has enormous nuclear capability and we know it.

K: So is going to war with Iran basically, for all intents and purposes, going to war with Russia? And some people say that the reason... because of that, we’re not actually going to do it.

G: Well, don’t count on it. Remember, they’ll have somebody else go against Iran. And probably, because of the different threats, they might have Israel, which... its whole military is our equipment, so you know that if they go after ’em, it’s ours. And we’ve agreed by our various treaties with Israel that if they go after something, we’ll support ‘em in their efforts. So automatically we’re drawn into it, no matter what happens.

K: But you must... I mean, you have lots of secret contacts. I mean, to be honest, I don’t know if you can come out and say it, but you must have been told that certain things are under way.

G: Well, the information that I have, Kerry, right now, is that their WWIII is still in the planning right now and I think Benjamin will say it. I was expecting them to have something going before the end of September, even before September 30th.

The fiscal year thing is just something that most people won’t be aware of, because they don’t understand money anyway. Even the World Bank can’t give you a definition of what money is.

So if they can’t tell you, the International Monetary Fund can’t tell you what money is and the World Bank can’t tell you -- and that’s by their own books, and I have them -- then we have a question as to what is this game that we’re all playing and how do we wake people up to what’s happening?

And they’re under total control now. Everybody’s under total control of just a few people up here that are just running our country. And this election farce is exactly what it is. It doesn’t make any difference who we get up there because the ant-hill is still there. The heads of the ant-hill are still... they can’t do anything more than what the rest of Congress can allow them to do.

K: So who is behind the scenes? I mean, Benjamin Fulford is basically saying that China is going to create what is a One World government and that they will be put in place by 2020, and that they’re... he’s actually saying they’re a beneficent ruler. I find that extremely hard to believe. But at any rate, what do you feel about China? We’ve got Henry Deacon, on the other hand, saying that China and the US are actually behind the scenes working together on all this.

G: China? I have their military documents. And they want the West to go ahead and get on with this war. And they’re already mapping out... remember, they have agreements with Canada, so they get all their food up there. They worked out this ahead. And what they’re saying behind the scenes is, Look, it’s 5,000 years -- it’s our turn to rule the world.

But they want to get the West to go ahead and do its fighting with Russia because we’re the two major nuclear powers. But the head of China told Bush, he says, You don’t know how many nuclear weapons we have. Which is true. And so you have to look at that same thing.

Now, we know what Russia has because our engineers assisted Russia in improving all of their technology in the last few years. So that’s... they’re way ahead of us, frankly, about ten or eleven years, on the nuclear stuff. They have the best space program. Their space vehicles go up and rescue our astronauts if they get lost up in space.

So people have to come to understand. It’s, you know, less in population. They have problems over there. There’s no doubt about it. There’s more billionaires in Moscow than any other city in the world right now.

So what we’re looking at is, what’s really happening? And what play is happening that the American people can recognize and look at? And now the American people are being, frankly, strangled to death by all the high costs.

And yeah, oil is down a little bit. But you know what? OPEC had their meeting and they said they’re not gonna let it go below $100 a barrel. Well, my sources are saying production cost, the actual physical production cost right now, is like $80 a barrel. And it’s not that we can’t get more oil, but it costs more to get it out of the ground. That’s the problem.

We’re gonna be stuck with these prices. We have oil right now, which is further causing the problem all the way down to the foods we have in the United States. Ninety percent of the cost of the vegetables in the stores right now is due to energy.

K: OK. So are we looking at food shortages going into October and November? Or is this something down the line next year?

G: I think we’re gonna have food shortages right away, and you’re probably looking at October and November. And look at the prices of stuff right now. It’s almost doubled in price. And I talked to the owner of a whole chain of supermarkets and he’s saying he can’t guarantee prices past this month, September, he said, because of what they’re adding, all these fuel charges and excess things that’re happening all the way around.

And look at the airlines. They’re cutting down on all their flights. Even though they’re still going, they’re still cutting down on the flights to different places.

K: OK. Well, do you think that the Japanese... according to Benjamin, Japanese gold is going to flood the market. Have you heard that?

G: No. I haven’t heard about that. There’s only so much gold out here. And the problem is the derivative market, people buying on options. There’s so many shorts by the three major banks right now, they’re gonna have to cover themselves right now.

So even though gold is down at this minute, it’s what I call an opportune time to look at it. It may go down a little bit more. But it’s gotta come back up again, because it’s one of the world currencies.

I mean, we can play with the Japanese yen or the Swiss franc or all the rest of ‘em, but basically gold and silver are storages of wealth. Silver has more advantages because it’s used in medicine; it’s used in a lot of things, you know, in the electrical industry, more than gold is. But at this minute, from the historical standpoint, gold is still gonna be a place, like I say, for the storage of wealth.

And I think you mentioned the French coming out with their new coins. Well, the French have always had gold coins but the world hasn’t been paying much attention to ‘em right now. But I guess the French are gonna start issuing ‘em too. But that has to come right out of their treasury. It’s like our gold coins, the American eagle. We’re not making ‘em right now. That’s because of the availability of gold.

So where is all this gold? When I go out and try to buy some gold right now, there’s a wait for me to get it, a couple weeks at least, to get ahold of some pieces of gold. That’s telling me that there’s something wrong. If the world gold has this much...

Now, I know that a couple tons of gold was moving between the major banks, and that’s how they keep track of “arms and drugs”, that it’s moving, because that’s the element that they use for payment.

K: Well, isn’t it possible that they’re actually, you know, buying up the gold right now because they’ve driven the price down so low, so they’re hoarding it?

G: No. No. They can’t. We’re having the conference here in about two weeks of all the major mining companies. I’m gonna be attending that. That’s the silver conference and the gold and silver miners of the world.

Forget about Japan saying OK, we had... there’s a lot of people that say that Japan got all the gold that went over to the Philippines. But that’s not true. Some of it went that way but others went into other peoples’ hands.

But we’re not creating it. You know, we’re getting gold out of the ground right now. They’re using it all. But there’s still not enough, according to what they’re saying, that’s gonna make a big difference when you come down to physical gold.

Where the problem is, there’s so much paper gold. That’s all the options on the market and the... even Kitco, and Monex, and all the rest of them, if they issue paper, doesn’t necessarily mean that they own it because they buy an option or a position in the market.

So that’s where the problem comes in on the big central banks when they tell and say, Hey, we’re gonna short gold. In other words, they’re gonna sell gold that they don’t own, hoping that they’re gonna buy it. And that’s what the market is right now, hoping they’re gonna be able to buy this back later. But there’s no gold that’s physically available in any quantities.

I mean, I’m sitting here trying to buy a half-a-million dollars worth of gold right now. You know what I got offered? Sixty thousand dollars’ worth! [Kerry laughs] And this is in the gold market! Seriously.

K: So what’s going to happen to that? Is gold going up in price?

G: Oh, it’s gonna turn back around again. It’s another one of these things -- we’ll plunge it down because of the paper market, again.

That’s where the option markets are killing all of the commodities. Not only that, it’s oil, corn, all of the things that the speculators that are having money -- what I call the greedy people, that all they want to do is make money on peoples’ ...

What’s happening? In other words, if you can get a loaf of bread for a dollar and we can tell you that we’re gonna guarantee you that you can get that thing for a dollar in a year... and they do this by the options back to the farmers. And the farmers need some money, so they get advances against these things. It’s all paper.

Well, the paper shuffle, because of what has happened to the real estate empire, is all coming apart, and it’s all coming apart at what they call the end of the fiscal year, which is also affecting the stock market. So the stock market, then, is gonna have to come up to bat and tell people what’s really going on.

Kerry, here’s the situation. Let’s say you had a hundred shares of IBM today. I’m just using that as an illustration, right? OK. You bought a hundred shares, or you had a hundred shares you wanted to sell. Either way, it didn’t make any difference. When you sold those shares, do you think that that determined the price of all the other 20 million shares that was outside? That’s what it did, though. In other words, all you need is a few shares of stock to be traded at some figure and they arbitrarily then say all the rest of them are worth that. And that’s all gonna be coming unraveled this next year. Because, what is the real worth of a company?

K: OK. So, are we talking about a stock market crash a la 1929 or worse?

G: Worse.

K: Worse. I mean, when? When are you saying?

G: Well, that could come up at any time, because I’m concerned that when the rest of the...I mean, look, I don’t know why China and Japan, which themselves... the two of them together own, what, about 2.5 trillion dollars of our debt, right? If they take the dollar and they’re trying to figure a way to move this piece of paper that is Monopoly money into something that’s real...

Well, they’re finding out that the stock market’s not real. People that are in the stock market right now... I mean, in real reality, 60 percent of all stocks that are traded right now are in mutual funds or are peoples’ retirement accounts. Sixty percent. And they don’t have any voting rights.

So now we have the traders playing within a small range. And people like David Rockefeller, between his trust and his banking connections, own 4.5 percent of 90 percent of the world’s corporations. Now that’s kind of... If you look at the interlocking board of directors of the, you know, the major people that we’re looking in the world, you find out that they’re all connected in some way.

So they’re manipulating the whole game to keep themselves alive. They could care less about the people on the street. It’s only themselves and their assets. But they’re getting really killed right at the moment because their assets are coming apart.

K: OK. So it’s a pretty dire story out there.

G: It’s gloomy. It’s very gloomy.

K: Can I ask you something? We’ve been also told that there could be what’s called a “false flag alien invasion” scenario in the wind for some time, possibly October, maybe next year. Have you heard anything about that?

G: Oh, I’ve heard about that. But the ET connections I have say that they’re not gonna be invading us at all for some time and that cycle of the so-called invasion, or making themselves available, is probably four years out. You know, the 2012 scenario.

K: But the fake alien invasion. In other words, your ET contacts are telling you that they’re not even going to do a fake alien invasion? Or they are?

G: No. Well, the aliens aren’t gonna do it. If our government...

K: I mean the government.

G: I don’t think they’re prepared for that right now. However, the other night... it was interesting. I think it was NBC had a feature for a whole hour on ETs and spacecraft. And they’re all over the planet right now. I mean, we’re kind of being visited by a lot of people. They want to see... the extraterrestrials want to see what we’re doing.

Those scenarios, though, that are done behind the scenes, those are... again, we’re being monitored by the ETs.

The information that I’m getting from them is basically that the bad guys on the planet have won at this point and we’d better get together with other people of like minds and get into small cities. Actually, get on an Indian reservation, because they know how to get themselves going. And eventually at some point the northern hemisphere is gonna be a nuclear wasteland.

K: So that’s what you’re getting. That’s unequivocal?

G: I got that from the ETs themselves, that they’ve advised...

K: Wow!

G: They said at some point, because we will have a nuclear... because the winds go from the North Pole to the Equator, Kerry, and they don’t spill over to the southern hemisphere.

K: Well, what about places like Europe and, you know, the rest of the world?

G: We’re talking about the whole northern hemisphere. The radiation winds will be going all the way around. But I think that’s a little ways out yet, I’m hoping. Kind of like the two nuclear missiles that were dropped last year, you know, in Syria, basically. The Israelis sent up two planes. These were low-yield, what they call “bunker-buster” nuclear bombs. If they go after Iran, they’re gonna use some bigger ones to go after this stuff, and that’s gonna affect things.

And radiation... I’ve got a doctor that’s gonna be giving me a bunch of information on what the radiation is doing. Well, even the radiation because of the depleted uranium that’s in Iraq, how it’s affecting people over here. And we’re getting that radiation in the air that’s going around the planet right now.

K: Yeah, right. It blows up to Europe, I understand.

G: Yeah, Europe. And it’s coming with all our military troops that are coming back. And their children they’re having now are being deformed. I think you know about that. There’s videos and stuff out on that. We published a book. It’s called Bringing the War Home, which goes into all the biologicals and uranium things that have happened.

K: Wow. OK. We don’t want to keep you for a real long time here. I know you’ve got tons of stuff you’re doing. But Bill has a few questions, don’t you Bill?

Bill Ryan: I do. Thank you. I’ve been listening to this in the front row with a great deal of interest, and I’ve got a few questions. Let me fire them at you in a little agenda, and I’ll remind you of them later.

Right at the start you made a reference to the atmosphere in Washington, implying -- I can’t remember the words you used -- there was a lot of concern and confusion. And it would be very interesting to hear a little bit more about that.

We’d like to ask about your personal plans, if you’re willing to disclose them. Because a lot of people are watching to see whether you’re, so to speak, as good as your word and heading off the Ecuador and staying there because of all the reasons you explained in our earlier interview.

We’d love to know who’s going to be the next President of the United States.

And we wondered if you had a final message for the Ground Crew.

And so, that’s my little agenda there. What’s happening in Washington as far as your sources are able to tell you -- the guys in the agencies, the good guys in the military? What are they concerned about and what are they worried about now?

G: Most of our military are doing their duty for our country, as you know. But there’s a lot of them that have their agenda because they have this military... there was talk about having a military coup. You probably heard about that last year. Just taking over our government and making it a military dictatorship, if you want to look at it that way; or re-plan the whole Constitution and get things going.

The congressmen in Washington are basically manipulated by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, all these people. It’s all the money. It’s kind of like Aaron Russo’s movie, you know, From Freedom to Fascism.

The congressmen are... the political parties are basically small corporations. These small corporations have put these people into office, like the new lady from Alaska which, you know, she comes from a town of what, 5,500 people? And this is what they’re bringing up.

Well, that’s where the confusion is that’s coming up now. Who has put her into that position and what is the reason behind? And I can’t... like I say, it’s a little early in the day for me to find out. And I tried to call earlier today for my inside sources to come forth with it. But they happen to be in Congress, I mean in meetings, right now. What I’m getting there is, I won’t get any information there until Friday or so.

B: We’d love to talk to you then.

G: I’ll let you know what they’re talking, you know, behind the scenes, not what’s in the paper, because you know the papers just put out what they’re supposed to.

K: Well, have you got any, you know, intuitions? Or have your ET contacts said anything about Palin in particular?

G: No, they haven’t said anything about Palin at all. My other sources are just... what I’m getting from Europe as well as other people calling me, they can’t believe that they put somebody that had no experience whatsoever. And then, like I am... I remind them that when I was asked to be the finance chairman for Jimmy Carter, he was a one-term governor in Georgia.

So you have to look at these things. The experience is not necessarily... as what is their agenda and what have they agreed to do behind the scenes? And I’ve been trying to find that out since they put her out there, because it’s obviously... nobody knows all the facts about this game yet. And I expect that a lot of it will be coming out in the next ten days.

B: If you were a betting man, would you bet on Obama? I think you mentioned it earlier.

G: Yeah, I did. I’d bet on Obama.

And you’re also asking me... yes, I have made arrangements to head south. My information I get from the ETs, though, has told me to hold tight right now, basically stay at the minute, because... like me, I’ve got three lectures to do next week and I’ve got a couple other places across country. I’m trying to wake up enough people so they can understand a much bigger picture. So at some point I can head off down to Ecuador.

B: Yeah. We want to help you as best we can in waking up as many people who’re able to listen to the kinds of things that we’re all trying to say here. Inasmuch as you refer to the Ground Crew earlier, do you have a final message for them that we can help you state here, clearly, for anyone who is listening right now?

G: No. The messages we had... you know, I get people from all over the world calling me on that. And the messages are, is to get together with other people, to try to at least have a communication going on. You cannot believe how many agendas that are happening to try to stomp down any kind of communication that says, Hey, there’s something else going on.

And what we’re looking at is that the groups that are forming -- you know, I’ve got groups that are a hundred; some of them are three; some of them are ten -- and they’re breaking up because they’re finding out the responsibility of... once they wake up to what is really happening on the planet, the responsibility of transmitting that information to their family, who then thinks they’re totally nuts anyway, because the world is OK for them this week.

It’s when the economic thing starts really coming apart, and we get the war going... as the chaos increases, then that’s when it’s gonna happen.

So I don’t... other than the people that you’re helping, getting the information... And a lot of them are getting the information. They get it. You know, they go to my website and they’re downloading the basic three books on it to get them going.

And my lectures, and what you people are doing, in order to assist people, to give them information so they can try to put the pieces together... ‘cause there’s many pieces going together, and I don’t have ‘em all. I have a lot because of my connections that are still around. And they’re concerned, they themselves, because they’re making arrangements to get out of Dodge, so to speak.

And they’re looking for places. Like you’re over in Switzerland right now? I have a friend that wants to go over to Switzerland. Will Switzerland be safe? The whole northern hemisphere is gonna be a dangerous place.

K: OK, so you think that the mountains aren’t going to help?

G: No. No.

K: OK. Well, this is kind of a gloomy picture here. We want just a ray of hope for you.

We’re starting a new website called Project Avalon that’s going to create a forum where people can connect with other people, have dialogues about these issues, and start creating communities. It’s going to have resources with information on building earth houses and whatever, you know, storing water and whatever is necessary to get through whatever might be coming down the line. So, it is called And I invite you to be one of our first visitors, and certainly you’re the inspiration in many ways for it.

G: Well, thanks, Kerry. As soon as I get myself organized this next week, I’ll be glad to do that. There are several little cities across the United States that have declared themselves independent and they know what’s happening. So many people in there are assigning jobs. One person will grow one thing, one will try to work on the energy portion. Everybody’s working together. And there are new energy devices that are being withheld from the general public that are also starting to come out online. And I think what you’re doing is allowing people to facilitate all of that, if we can keep away the greed factor from everything.

K: Yeah. Always an issue. Well, thank you, George. This has been quite an interesting conversation, to say the least. And hopefully it’s brought people up to date. We’d love to have another conversation with you, you know, next week sometime, once you’ve had a chance to touch base with your Washington, or whoever, whatever, sources.

G: Kerry, what I’ll do is, I’ll call you back. I’m flying out of town on Wednesday and I’ll be in Denver, Colorado, actually, for three days, for three different lectures there, next to where they just had the convention.

K: Right. [laughs] Very interesting. OK. One last question. Gary McKinnon. Are you familiar with his case?

G: No, I’m not really. I mean, I know the...

K: He’s the hacker that hacked into the Pentagon computers, and they’re extraditing him. He went up to the House of Lords. He was turned down. He didn’t want to be extradited from the UK to the US. He’s afraid of going to Guantanamo. So I wondered if you’d heard anything about that case.

G: No, I haven’t heard anything about that. But I know that the new systems they’re putting into place right now are gonna change all kinds of things. And they’re very concerned about that. You know, Google’s coming out with its own browser today?

K: Yeah, I heard that.

G: And because of the browser, because of the information and the streaming quality of videos and information, more and more people are going to the internet for information than they are... well, they know.

Look at CBS. It’s got what? 6 millions viewers, right? Now all of a sudden their whole economic stream is coming apart. And the advertising is going to the internet. They’re not making any money yet, but that’s what they’re trying to do. Otherwise, it will be total chaos in what they call the information stream.

And it will be people like you that will be able to put information out, that people can reasonably take it and say, OK, I can count on that. The problem is how they’re gonna be able to survive in the days ahead. And that’s the challenge, and that’s what your other new website’s all about.

K: Right. Absolutely.

G: So we’ll all work together. It’s not a one-man job. Those that wake up, we have to work together.

K: Yeah, that’s for sure. OK. Well, take care, George, and we hope to talk to you again soon, OK?

G: Thank you.

B: Thank you, George.

G: Thank you, sir. Bye.


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