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October 2009

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The Brussels Groundcrew Conference was the first we have attended where a number of interviews and presentations were conducted by live videolink. All in all, this was most successful: Kerry and I held on-stage live interviews with a number of people of the highest caliber, with each guest appearing on a large screen before the audience.

All this was streamed live on our Ustream channel. The video quality is not the best, and the image is stretched by about 10% - unflattering to some. The biggest problem is that some of the presentations are hard to find... so we have pleasure in listing them here:


Gabriele Stähler : click here

Gabriele is a Heilpraktiker - a German term for a practitioner of complementary medicine. Skilled and experienced in many areas, Gabriele was interviewed on-stage by myself [Bill Ryan] specifically about the many benefits of Vitamin D3. I never realized I knew so little about it... and in these times of possible (or real) flu pandemics, a working knowledge of the antiviral properties of D3 could be of huge value. Gabriele's presentation tells you everything you need to know.

Gabriele Stähler can be contacted at

click here to download the audio
click here for the English transcript


George Green : click here

No stranger to those who have been following Project Camelot for a while. An ex-banker who "used to run around with the big boys", George gives an update on how he sees events progressing as the global economic realities come home to roost. Click here for more about George on Project Camelot.


Gerald Celente : click here

Well-known editor of Trends Journal... energetic, passionate, articulate and entertaining. This is an extremely high quality interview. Highly recommended - don't miss it.

click here to download the MP3 audio
click here for the English Transcript


Jane Bürgermeister : click here

Jane was scheduled to appear live in Brussels, but at the last moment (and how ironic was this) was stricken by flu... and so the interview was held remotely by videolink to her home in Vienna. Jane is feisty, determined, passionate, and articulate, and in this interview she repeats the warning she has been giving to everyone who will listen about the dangers of vaccination - mandatory or otherwise. Click here for her page on Project Camelot, and here for her excellent YouTube interview which has now had over 200,000 views.


Lloyd Pye : click here

Lloyd is the Director of The Starchild Project, a fascinating high-tech detective story into the origins of the famous Starchild Skull - a potential 'smoking gun' piece of impressive, material evidence that Lloyd is convinced will one day prove the reality of the existence of non-human extraterrestrials.

Lloyd comes on at 38:45 - before which Kerry and I talk in general about Camelot, and show (for the first time in public) our ten minute documentary proposal video, created a couple of years ago: 2012 - Visions of the Future. It bears the distinct Camelot stamp... Enjoy.


Matthew Stein : click here

Author of the excellent book When Technology Fails - a detailed, how-to encyclopedia (no better word for it) that explains in simple terms exactly how to make things work if the infrastructure should fail around you. Matthew tells the story of when, with a background in engineering and mountaineering, he suddenly received a 'download' of instruction to write the book. At first reluctant, he ended up warming to his task and the result is a high quality manual that, besides standing easily on its own merit, is a most solid and valuable complement to Holly Deyo's well-known book Dare to Prepare.


Stan Deyo : click here

Stan is well known for his Earth Changes and Preparation site Millennium Ark. He and his wife Holly [author of Dare to Prepare] have recently relocated from Australia to Colorado. He talks with Bill and Kerry about his view of the changing times ahead and the challenges that might face us all. The interview with Stan starts about 8 minutes into the video.


Stephen Bassett and Dr Edgar Mitchell : click here

Steve is another good friend of Camelot, and is a passionate and tireless activist for Disclosure: click here for his website. 2 hrs 30 mins into his presentation, he talks to Dr Edgar Mitchell on videolink, and Kerry and I were privileged to ask this great man some important questions about his lunar experience.


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