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Telephone interview transcript,
9 September 2008

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Kerry Cassidy: This is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, and we’re here with David Wilcock. It is September 9th, 2008, and welcome, David. We’re very happy to be able to chat with you on a live situation here where the rest of the world is going to be able to listen in.

D: Well, I’m more than happy to jump in. I heard that you guys had people asking about me and wanting to hear some more and I’m working on a really, really important article right now and I think that the implications of what I’m putting together are quite intriguing and valuable for many people to hear.

K: OK, well we just want to jump right in because we’re very interested in your take on the recent announcements by Benjamin Fulford and just want to know what you think about the election, what’s going on, ah, October -- we get a lot of stuff about October -- so just kind of run the gamut, if you will, and then circle around to your article and what you are going to put forth.

D: Well, I’ll apologize in advance for the fact that this will probably, at first, sound like a monologue, but there is some back story that we need to have in order to have a good philosophical discussion about this stuff. Is that ok?

K: Absolutely.

D: All right. There have been some very intriguing developments, beginning in the field of crop circles, actually; beginning, of course, earlier this year with a crop formation that very accurately depicted the number pi using an intelligent cipher that was able to be decoded by a man in England and it actually was covered on Fox News website. It was covered on a couple of English websites and got to be quite a big media sensation.

What a lot of people didn’t notice was that this formation had a ratcheting appearance to it, which was very similar to my all-time-favorite crop formation -- which is also the favorite of many others -- Barbury Castle, 1991. This is a formation that Richard Hoagland wrote about extensively in his book, Monuments of Mars, because it encoded the geometry of a tetrahedron, which is a pyramid type object made of four sides with equilateral triangles on each side.

So it looks like a pyramid except the bottom is a triangle. And then you stick that inside a sphere and Hoagland’s research into physics, which has been supported by others including -- going all the way back to some of the turn-of-the-century physicists, including Maxwell -- is that when you have a gravitating body of large size, like the planet Earth or any other planet, that there’s natural energy upwellings as the body rotates, which are formed by geometry.

And that sounds kind of dry and academic until you realize that the Great Red Spot on Jupiter is at precisely this geometrically-defined point. It’s been sitting there for 400 years rotating. As far as we know it’s been there the whole time. We see, on solid planets, instead of these giant hurricane-like storms, we see gigantic volcanoes. In fact, the Hawaiian Island chain is at this geometric point on Earth, and on Mars, you have a mountain called Olympus Mons, which is a volcano that’s three times taller than Mt. Everest.

K: Aren’t we talking about 19.5?

D: 19.5, that’s right. It’s either 19.5 degrees north or south of the Equator; if you fix one of the points of the tetrahedron to either the north or south rotational pole. And, again, this would all just be an interesting academic exercise, if it wasn’t for the fact that, in the 1991 crop formation was laid down, which actually diagramed in very precise geometric language how this works. And what was interesting was that, that was only the middle of the formation; on the edge of each point on the triangle was a little circle formation, and the first one was intended to be a dot inside a circle, which kind of represents like the first dimension.

The second one was a series of spiraling lines coming out from a center going to the outside, which kind of represents the second dimension in which the point in the middle of the sphere in the first diagram becomes a rotation in the second diagram and then, the third diagram, you get this ratcheting thing.

The third circle on the outside of this triangle becomes a ratcheting shape, which actually looks like a pyramid. It’s a 4-sided square, which kind of collapses in on itself in a spiral. It’s easier to see the picture and it’ll be on my article when I publish it tonight, which is on, my website.

All this stuff is going to be there. Anyway, so it looks like there’s a progression of dimensions. You have the 1st dimension; 2nd dimension; 3rd dimension and then the 4th dimension, of course, would be the inside of the diagram, where you get this tetrahedron-inside-the-sphere thing. And so it was like a giant infomercial in the crops for Richard Hoagland’s theory, and then, what happens is this year, you get the same type of ratcheting formation, only this time it’s encoding pi, which, of course, is that irrational number that’s created when you take a circle and you define the diameter as the number 1 and then the circumference of the circle is a number that cannot be resolved within our 3-dimensional mathematics.

It’s why the pi has an infinite number of decimals, because you can’t actually calculate it if you make the diameter 1. Anyway, it’s believed that, in a higher-dimensional framework, pi actually resolves to a single number with NO decimal points and that’s when you get into all this multidimensional stuff. So, suffice it to say that crop circles got more publicity than ever this year as a result of that shape being decoded and published in all these mainstream media sources.

Not too long after that, there was another formation that came down, which actually gives, in no uncertain terms, an exact diagram of where the planets in the Solar System will be as of December 21, 2012, which is the end of the Mayan Calendar and, of course, the date that is massively speculated upon.

There are 2 different feature studio films coming out about 2012, one of which is by Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay -- the guy that did Transformers and the guy that did The Day After Tomorrow. There’s another one coming out from Nickelodeon. It’s actually a KIDS' movie based on 2012 and the apocalypse, if you can believe that. And we also know -- you, all 3 of us in this conversation -- know that there are multiple witnesses from inside the black ops community that have portended what usually appears to be quite a cataclysmic type of event in 2012. You have ... I’m forgetting the guy’s name, who was the intuitive communicator and was ...

K: ... Clifford Stone?

D: Well, he’s one of them, but the guy that devised that method of communication because they told him that...

K: ... Dan Sherman?

D: ... Dan Sherman, right. That after 2012, there would be no electromagnetic means of communication and he devised these other means which they taught him how to do telepathically; and, of course, yeah, Clifford Stone, same thing; Dan Burisch -- who all three of us have had extensive communication with -- same thing; Henry Deacon -- who all three of us have been in contact with -- same thing.

And we keep seeing the same information over and over again. In fact, I just asked Henry this morning if I had his permission to go public with the fact that he and I have had extensive communication; he actually announced that in your forum -- so now that’s out of the bag. Anyway, the point is, is that there was not just one 2012 formation, there were actually two and, in the 2nd one a series of dates were given, not just 2012.

And the date that has consistently been shown the most, and this is over the course of at least 6 different crop circles that appeared in this year’s season, the date that was consistently flagged the most was August 16, 2008. During which time there was a lunar eclipse over Europe, which would encompass approximately 87% of the moon’s face by the shadow of the earth as it’s occulted between the sun and the moon.

So what happens is you have this eclipse and, traditionally speaking, eclipses are associated with the fall of kings. They’re associated with major political changes on the planet, particularly when they act to potentiate existing energies that are already quite tense. Now I was looking at these prophecies. I was aware of them as early as the 2nd week of July. I did not wish to go public with them, because I felt what would happen is that others would jump on it and try to make it into something more than it was. I didn’t know what the answer would be; however, there were some very intriguing clues.

One of the formations that flagged August 16th as an exact timeline was actually drawn directly next to a series of windmills that are used to generate wind power -- electricity from the wind – which, of course, is alternative energy, which, of course, could very well be the circle makers saying to us, OK, check it out. Whatever happens on August 16th is going to be a major step towards eliminating the dependence that you have on oil and freeing up the possibility of alternative forms of energy and, when you look at this confirmation, which, again, I will have all these pictures up on my site and we can mirror this on, which is you guys’ new site as well, so everybody can see this.

You’re going to see what appear to be 3 sets of gears with teeth on them, clearly showing that this is intended to be some sort of machine, some sort of functional machine that they’re flagging. So you have the suggestion of a machine; it’s built next to a row of 4 giant windmills that generate electricity, and the date that they’re flagging, again, is August 16th. And there’s, like, 6 different formations doing this date. So I’m going, what the hell is going on here?

Then I go off to ... oh, and that’s not all. I was working on a paper with Richard Hoagland insofar as he submitted it to me to read and to see if I had any suggestions as to information I might want to add to it. And this paper dealt with the very beginning of NASA involving Wernher von Braun, who was essentially a Nazi German scientist transferred over here after World War II by our guys in the U.S., who was then made to be a very public role in basically acclimating American people to what’s going on in the space program.

And in fact, he had a great deal of rocketry experience by designing the V2 rockets in Germany and was not only the public relations face, but was also a very important scientist in terms of actually developing rocket technology, which would ultimately lean towards trying to do a moon shot, trying to get a man on the moon. Well in the early days they were launching off a bunch of rockets and, in the process, many of them -- almost all of them, in fact -- were not following their projected path as it had been given.

In other words, we were using the conventional Newtonian Physics: Force = Mass x Acceleration; and all the basic rules of how we believe the planets and moons and so forth orbit.

And nothing was working out right. There was some sort of mysterious force that was skewing the rockets so that they were actually overshooting the target -- it was as if something was lifting them. They were getting an extra source of lift that was causing them to fly higher and go farther than they normally should have.

And Richard did a prodigious amount of work in exposing all this stuff. In this 2-part article series, I believe it’s called “Von Braun’s 50-Year-Old Secret”. Anyway, that’s on his website, Now it was on the night of, ah, well, he sent me this work as of, I guess, August 5th to review, because, obviously, we want to have our own form of peer review, since we are peers and we do know things that the other doesn’t know.

And I hadn’t had a chance to look at it and then he sent me the graphic he was going to use to put on the front page of the website and it was a picture of von Braun holding out his hand in front of a diagram of the Earth and the Moon and the orbital path between them, which kind of looks like half of an infinity loop. Anyway, I look at this diagram and I say, Richard, I can make this look a lot sexier than that. I want to make this really pop out and do this for you. And so he naturally agreed.

So on the night of August 7th, I finished the diagram in which -- what I did is I put in a moon on the top right, I put in a star field behind the moon, and then I drew a figure 8 infinity loop between the Earth and the Moon, so as to illustrate the path that the rockets would go on the way to the Moon. And I also used a comical image of the Moon: I found an image where there was a rocket stuck in the eyeball of the Moon, as if the man on the Moon had been stuck in the eye with the rocket.

And so it had some comedy in it, because, of course, it was a black eye on the face of NASA that these mistakes were happening, because time after time they’re spending multimillion dollars on these rockets, and then they’re blowing up, and they’re not reaching their targets and it was very embarrassing. This was in the ‘50s that this was happening.

Richard’s conclusion, of course, is that there’s an antigravity force that was skewing the launch pattern of the rockets, which is the key to antigravity. He does not believe that von Braun knew about this before or, if he did, he certainly didn’t know how it worked well enough to be able to alter the rockets’ path to make it work. So anyway, this was the key that could have led to free energy and antigravity and all these wonderful things, but, instead, they had to adapt over multiple failed launches in order to eventually figure out how to correctly launch rockets and take these forces into account.

Now in the meantime I’m sitting here working on this diagram and the key thing that was the most difficult was this figure-8 infinity loop that I was trying to superimpose between the Earth and the Moon. And I’d gotten this off of just a website that had a series of infinity shapes on it. The original infinity shape was a uniform line all the way around. It was like if you drew a number 8 but the line was even in its width all the way across. And I had gotten it all the way to where I wanted it and then my computer crashed and I had to start over.

And I’d had so much trouble with the fatter infinity symbol that I went with a skinnier one, where on one side, it was wide and on the other side, it was skinny. So it looks more like a conventional number 8 that would be drawn in like Times New Roman font, or something. Anyway, I popped this in there and, while I’m doing this, I have this thought in my mind that says, You know, I wonder if the circle makers -- the guys that are doing the crop circles, whoever they are -- would respond to my thoughts and make a circle based on what I’m thinking about right now, because, as we know in crop circle history, back in 1991, a group of people meditated and thought, in August 1991, about the Mandelbrot Set , which is a fractal pattern that many of us are familiar with and the very next day a crop formation showed up that had that pattern in the crop.

And I just, I didn’t want to take, I didn’t want to be arrogant, I didn’t want to ask for something, it just was a stray thought that went through my mind, but I had intent behind it. I said, That would be really cool if a crop formation was made based on what I’m thinking about. Well, the very next day was 8/8/8. August 8th, 2008 and, lo and behold, there shows up in the crops a gigantic infinity symbol. Skinnier on the one side, fatter on the other side, exactly like the one that I had just posted on to Richard Hoagland’s webpage the night before in the art that I had done as we posted this article about von Braun, the Nazis, the 1950s, the secret space program, all this kind of stuff that’s going on behind the scenes.

So I found this very fascinating. I didn’t do anything with it at the time. Then I go off, that same weekend, to this dowsing conference in Vermont. Dowsing is where people use a stick to find water in the ground. And they wanted me to be their keynote speaker. There was, like, 500 people at the conference, it was very well attended and my father was there, he loved what I said. It was a family healing, a lot of good things happened but, here I am in the airport and I’m reading about Russia and Georgia at war.

That basically, the spin was that, Russia created an unprovoked attack against Georgia; whereas, the deeper reality was that Saakashvilli, however you pronounce his name, the President of Georgia, had basically launched an unprovoked, spontaneous attack against innocent civilians in the capital city of South Ossetia, which is this breakaway republic that had been a part of Georgia and was now claiming allegiance to Russia.

So he basically bombs these people and what nobody had prepared for -- this is what the insider disclosures have now revealed -- what nobody had prepared for was that Russia knew about it in advance, had secret knowledge that they were about to do this, had disguised all their equipment, so that nobody saw that it was waiting there, even though they had shot down various airplanes that were in flight when they flew over that airspace, they still didn’t figure it out.

The Georgians and, also, you got to remember that there were war games exercises going on between the U.S. and Israel in collusion with Georgia. There was a huge contingent of CIA., black ops, military personnel -- all these folks in Georgia. Because what they were planning on doing, this is what we now find out, is using Georgia as a staging area from which Israeli planes would bomb Iran. And this was also involved in the Israeli faction trying to get McCain to allow Lieberman to be his Vice Presidential nominee. There was heavy, heavy pressure for him to do that.

And McCain had actually promised them, so these inside sources say, that he would, in fact bomb Iran, like, very soon, and hence you saw him in that video where he goes, where he’s making fun of that song Barbara Ann and he’s saying bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran, you know. So what’s happened is, I’m going off to this dowsing conference -- all of a sudden, we’re at war. If you look it up, they say the war starts somewhere between August 7th and August 8th and it lasts for 8 days. Well what’s 8 + 8? ... 16.

What’s August 16th? The very day that at least 6 or 7 -- well at least 6 crop formations – flagged; the day of an eclipse; the day in which, where a crop formation was equated with these four windmills. The idea that we’re going to get off of the oil tit and on to some sort of real energy that’s actually going to be much healthier for the environment and won’t require us to have to fight over diminishing resources.

So what’s happened is the Russians were involved, they had pre-existing knowledge, they were shooting down Israeli fighter jets when they flew over the airspace and they still went ahead and did the invasion anyway. There were CIA personnel on hand. Nobody foresaw that Russia was going to fight back like this. Because it was right in the middle of the beginning of the Olympics, if you remember that, nobody wanted to have an international incident when everybody’s together in Beijing for the Olympics. And yet, all of a sudden, chaos starts to ensue.

Now again, the original plan was that Russia wouldn’t have a fast response. That this would quickly escalate into a big World War III type of situation and that, in the melee, they would be able to find an excuse to bomb Iran and make it ok. Nobody prepared for the fact that Russia was standing by and just blasted the hell out of Georgia, ripped the country in half and completely demolished the military.

Now, this guy, who’s been in the White House for years now, coming out with advanced information, well in advance of when we actually see it in the media; it’s published on a website, which is The Barnes Review – TBR: it’s the initials You read “Voice of the Whitehouse; you go into the archive on that site. You can read all these disclosures; they come out about every Wednesday and every Saturday, pretty consistently.

And this has been the most reliable and consistent intel source I’ve ever seen as far as politics. This guy makes it very clear that a massive war was planned and that Georgia was what was supposed to start it and it didn’t work. And, it’s even worse than that -- worse for them, because the Russians drove out the CIA. They literally ran out of there, they were so scared because such amazing military force was brought down upon them so quickly that they literally just ran. And they didn’t have the time to do any of the exfiltration techniques that they normally would use to leave an area without having blueprints and footprints behind.

So what’s happened is Russia has now come into possession of a treasure trove of incriminating documents and materials, which totally lay bare the collusion between the U.S. and Israel, the plans for the empire, global empire; the plans for World War III; the plans for internment camps; FEMA camps -- all this kind of crap. All the documents are now in the hands of the Russians and they are in the process of getting ready to release all this stuff. And TBRNews is going to be one of the main sources that it comes through, thanks to this one guy, Brian Harring. So this is not a joke, you guys. This stuff is real. This is what happens, yeah?

Bill Ryan: I wondered if I could interrupt you there...

D: Absolutely.

B: This is fascinating to listen to this very articulate account. It completely agrees with everything that I understand so I have no issue at all with any of your information.

D: OK.

B: Something which I had wondered earlier and I wondered if you had wondered this as well. I just wanted to knock this around between us. Earlier on, when Putin did his unprecedented interview with CNN, why do you think he didn’t come cleaner with more startling information? Is it he was he was biding his time and this is going to come out later. That’s my question.

D: I think you’re exactly right. There is a vested interest in not tipping the hat too early, because what we’re really dealing with -- and this ties in with Benjamin Fulford’s testimony and, thus, the thrust of your initial question -- is a split in the Nazi party that happened when Hitler decided to go against the Rothschilds in World War II. He killed everybody in all the Masonic lodges all throughout Europe. He literally genocided the Masonic lodges. A lot of people don’t know this.

There is a website out there -- which is going to be in my article -- I think if you Google “Scarlet and the Beast” you’ll find it, but I’m going to have the links in my article. This man has done some really amazing research, which includes the fact that Hitler essentially purged all the Masonic lodges, because he knew that was the only organization that had sufficient secrecy and sufficient motive to be able to organize to bring him down.

So what ends up happening is that Hitler was originally being financed by, for lack of a better word, the Illuminati, the Rothschild faction of the power elite on this planet. In the attempt to try to unify Russia and Europe into a single conglomerate nation, so to speak, and thus the effort was to try to go for a one-world government by basically conquering all these countries and then having alliances.

Well, Hitler was only a puppet. He didn’t have real power but, he got arrogant and cocky and started to feel that the power that he’d been extended as a puppet was actually real. I mean, after all he did command the armies. Everybody -- most people -- thought he was in charge. So why not take the power as being yours? I mean, he got to the point where he says, What can they do? What can they do to stop me? So there was ...

K: It’s a little like George Bush.

D: Oh yeah, totally, totally. So what happened is, there was a split in which Hitler went off on his own and it’s actually not very well known, but highly well documented and I’ll have this in my article as well, that U.S. corporations in large numbers were supporting the Nazi party. And this includes Boeing, who was actually making the bombers. They would have passenger airliners that they shipped to South America and then they would ship them to Africa, where the seats were ripped out and the decals were put on them and they were turned into the Wehrmacht bombing fleets.

Then you have the tank plants in Germany that were built by Ford Motor Company and General Motors and, when Allied bombers destroyed the tank plants, Ford personally repaid Hitler to rebuild these tank plants. So it’s treason at a level that is unimaginable to the average person who doesn’t understand that this whole thing is just a big game.

K: Also George Bush Senior, you have to think about the Bush family and their whole ...

D: I’m getting there, I’m getting there. In 1933 Prescott Bush, who was a financier of the Nazi party -- in fact one of the largest bankers for the Nazi party in the U.S. In 1933 he drew up a plan to engage a fascist coup in the U.S. similar to what Mussolini was doing in Italy and Hitler was doing in Germany because he believed it was the best way to stabilize the economy in the aftermath of the depression. The plan was to oust Franklin Delano Roosevelt and essentially take over the country with military force.

The BBC, if you can believe it, and I have the links in the article you’ll see, the BBC actually did investigative reporting on this, complete with a radio show, confirming that it’s true; including this General from the U.S., who actually defected and went against the plan and blew the whistle on it. And there was a Congressional inquiry and it was stopped; but, yet it was very hush, hush and nothing ever went anywhere, because these guys commanded a fierce, terrifying amount of power.

So, again, when you’re dealing with the global elite, there’re two primary negative factions that have been warring with each other ever since the beginning of the 20th century. And it goes like this: the Rothschilds created the Rockefeller oil empire. John D. Rockefeller was financed by the Rothschild’s. They said, Go to America, which we don’t want to be there, you go over there and you start this oil empire and work with us. They did not see -- this is part of their lack of foresight -- they did not see that oil would become the predominant economic force in the world.

What happened was the Rockefellers were able to amass power, so as the U.S., in the Rockefeller faction, began secretly financing Hitler’s regime. Hitler himself actually veered away from the Rothschilds and more towards the Rockefeller faction. And thus, in the aftermath of World War II and collapse of the Nazi party, when the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers turned against Hitler because he basically was loyal to no one but himself, a good portion of Hitler’s war machine was imported to the U.S. via Project Paperclip, which was a program that Congress justified by saying, If we don’t get these scientists, then the Russians are going to get them, so we gotta bring them here.

Well not only did they bring over their science, like with von Braun and the rocketry, they also brought over all this other garbage like these ritual occult stuff, torture techniques that were intended to create partitions in the mind for purposes of mind control, which led to the Monarch Mind Control Program, and not to mention all of the tools to manipulate a free society into a fascist dictatorship, which various researchers -- including this woman named Naomi Wolf -- have asserted is exactly what’s happened. In fact the neoconservative Bush administration has essentially followed Hitler’s playbook right down to the letter. In fact the phrasing like “Homeland Security” is very similar to what the German’s called “Fatherland”. And it just goes on and on and on. I’m not actually an expert in that particular area, but you can research this...

Rothschilds vs. Rockefellers

So, again, when you’re dealing with global elite, there’s two primary negative factions that have been warring with each other ever since the beginning of the 20th century.

And it goes like this: the Rothschilds created the Rockefeller oil empire. John D. Rockefeller was financed by the Rothschilds. They said, Go to America, which ... we don’t want to be there. You go over there and you start this oil empire and work with us. They did not see -- this was part of their lack of foresight -- they did not see that oil would become the predominant economic force in the world.

And what happened was, the Rockefellers were able to amass power. So as the US, in the Rockefeller faction, began secretly financing Hitler’s regime, Hitler himself actually veered away from the Rothschilds and more toward the Rockefeller faction. And thus, in the aftermath of WWII and the collapse of the Nazi party, when the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers turned against Hitler because he was basically loyal to no one but himself, a good portion of Hitler’s war machine was imported to the US via Project Paperclip, which was a program that Congress justified by saying, If we don’t get these scientists, then the Russians are going to get ‘em. So we gotta bring ‘em here.

Well, not only did they bring over their science, like with von Braun and the rocketry, they also brought over all this other garbage, like these ritual occult stuff, torture techniques that were intended to create partitions in the mind for purposes of mind control, which lead to the Monarch Mind Control Program. And not to mention all of the tools to manipulate a free society into a fascist dictatorship, which various researchers -- including this woman named Naomi Wolf -- have asserted is exactly what’s happened.

In fact the Neoconservative Bush administration has essentially followed Hitler’s playbook right down to the letter. In fact, the phrasing, like “Homeland Security” is very similar to what the Germans called “Fatherland”. And it just goes on and on and on. I’m not actually an expert in that particular area, but you can research this. Alex Jones ...

K: We know who is ... Jordan Maxwell ... and we’re planning to interview him very shortly.

Occult and Religion

D: Right. And he can fill you in with a lot of this stuff. So anyway, this is all back-story to establish that two essential factions, both of which are negative, were established. And the Rothschild faction has always been much more involved with ritual magic and the occult.

The Rothschild faction has a spiritual belief that Lucifer is actually the good guy and that the Christian pantheon threw him out because they were the bad guys. So they’ve reversed the whole biblical scenario and said, hey, this angel of light who was God’s most bright angel, was the good guy all along and he got thrown out because he knew the secret of the Tree of Knowledge.

Hence, they go all the way back to the account of Adam and Eve in the Bible and say that we should have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that we never should have been banned from eating it. And the reason why this evil god stopped us from eating from the Tree is because he wants to keep us repressed, he wants to keep us sexually inoculated, he wants to keep us free from any real knowledge that would threaten his power. So you know ...

K: Well this is actually I mean, positive, at the root. This is the weird thing about it.

D: Yeah, I’m not saying it’s bad. In fact, the Gnostic Christians knew that Christianity was going to become a negative force. And that’s why, when you go into the Book of Revelation and you’re reading about the Antichrist, it doesn’t say 666 is the number. It actually says six hundred, three score thirty, and six. And before that little passage, it says, for he who hath ears, let him hear. Now, for anybody who’s a cabbalist, meaning somebody who knows the secret magical tradition, when it says that little phrase, for he who hath ears, let him hear, it means take the numerical value of each letter and add ‘em up, and the number that you get from this passage is the secret code.

So when you add up the passage that describes the Antichrist and the number of the beast as being 666, the number it adds up to is 3160. And that number, in the secret code, is Lord Jesus Christ.

So what this -- and I know it’s going to sound crazy, but you can read all this in a book by John Michell, called The Dimensions of Paradise. And when you actually go through the account of the Antichrist in the Bible, what it says is that the Antichrist would be wounded on the side and yet did live and fashioned into an idol to be worshipped by all peoples, in nations, of all tongues.

And there is nothing else we see in the world except mainstream fundamentalist Christianity that fits that. So, they knew. They knew that the original positive message of Jehoshua (which is actually the real name of Jesus, bastardized into the name Jesus) ... Jehoshua’s teachings were positive. They taught service to others. They said, love thy neighbor. They didn’t say, love thy neighbor, provided that he’s not a faggot, or that he’s not ...

You know, I use that derogatory term for a reason, because these guys have totally lost touch with the Golden Rule. As long as you’re not a gay, as long as you’re not having an abortion, as long as you don’t oppose your country invading other countries, then you’re God’s chosen. Well, that’s totally negative and everybody sees that now.

So it was seen long in advance that you were going to have this faction that would emerge, that would use the name of Christianity to do unspeakable acts of evil. And this is exactly what’s happened.

K: The Neocons.

D: The Neocons. That’s right. They are the fulfillment of the Christian prophecy, encoded in the Bible through Gematria, which is the science of adding up numbers out of the letters, in which the Antichrist passage adds up to 3160, which translates as Lord Jesus Christ. And they use that term because Jesus didn’t want to be named a “Lord.” He didn’t want to be seen as better than anyone else.

In the Bible he keeps saying, I’m the son of Man. I’m not the son of God. I’m the son of Man. But there’s all that stuff that he was trying to do. And he tried to make it really simple: Love your neighbor. And then it got all contorted into what we see now.

Masons, anti-Illuminati

So, all that aside, the Illuminati faction is the result of the conglomerate of different secret societies that would keep kind of fading out and dying out and then resurging when people would rediscover them ... one of these people being, of course, Francis Bacon, who is the author of the Free Masonic tradition. Most of those rites and rituals came from him. He also apparently was keenly involved in the rewrite of the Bible by King James, which we call the King James Version. So that’s another feather in the cap of the Illuminati , that their founder basically rewrote the Bible.

And they also, of course, have all the Shakespearian plays which ... Francis Bacon took on the pseudonym of “William Shakespeare”, which is a cabbala meaning: “Shake the spear of the will of the I AM presence.”

And the real William Shakespeare was a guy who was totally illiterate. He couldn’t even sign his own name. He couldn’t even write. And when he died, they didn’t find any books in his house. And yet after he died, posthumously, there were many, many books, many, many plays published and given his name.

So there was a whole team of people writing the Shakespearean plays. Bacon was in charge of it. He was able to use the plays to disclose a lot of royal scandals that couldn’t go out in the public, because the secret of Bacon is that he was the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth was pregnant by Lord Dudley, who was unpopular, and, therefore, she could not make him her King.

And Bacon was raised by one of her maids-in-waiting. And he didn’t even realize until he got to be a teenager that Elizabeth was his mother. So, in the process, he gets this Oedipal Complex and falls in love with his mother. And then realizes that she is his mother and that odious realization is either the plot of Macbeth or Hamlet, or one of the most famous ones. I forget which.

But all of this stuff that was in those plays was actually blowing the whistle on real scandals in the royalty. So Francis Bacon became very estranged by the royalty. He was thrown out of England by his mother. He was highly betrayed by her. He was horrified.

And yet he was given access to the Vatican library, which, of course, poached the library of Alexandria, and things from the Mayan codices, and all the secret stuff going all the way back to Atlantis that we’re not supposed to know, or that they don’t want us to know.

A New Atlantis

Well, Bacon discovers that there were plans from Atlantean prophecies to create a new Atlantis. And they even said where it would be, that it would be this undiscovered land in the western hemisphere, which they didn’t even know to exist. So he found maps of the Earth, secret maps, that showed the American continents.

He was able to secretly inspire the nautical expeditions of the conquerors and fooled the people into ... telling them that there were streets of gold, paved with gold, that even they were pissing and shitting into gold pots, to try to get people to want to go over there. Because, in fact, he realized that there was this great prophecy that America was going to be the new Atlantis, and it needed his help to fulfill the prophecy.

So America was always intended by Bacon and by the Masons to be the location where they would stage this massive effort to overthrow the world and make a New World Order, which was his ultimate goal.

Now, he was anti-royalty. So what they did is, they created their own secret society based on all these ancient rites that had been lost. And they created all the secret handshakes and all the rituals and the loyalty oaths where they say, you know, if you blow the whistle on us, we’ll kill you, and then basically set up shop, eventually. It took 300 years, but they moved everything over to the US.

And so the Rothschilds ...

K: They also infiltrated the Vatican.

D: Oh yeah. Absolutely. That’s absolutely true. That goes ... you know, there’re several different levels of testimony that say that, including Svali, the Illuminati whistleblower; Leo Zagami, who you guys interviewed, and others. Greg Szymanski brought in a number of people to talk about that.

Anyway, what happens is, Francis Bacon and the creation of the Masonic Order was the beginning of the division against the Rothschilds, who actually were in charge of the ancient royalty that was still running, you know, right of succession, bloodline stuff, Royal Right of Kings, in these European countries.

So the Masonic Order wanted to break off from that and create a fraternal organization that wasn’t based on any sort of ancient bloodline, which is very anti-Illuminati, which is all about the bloodline. So they eventually set up shop in the US. The original founding fathers were all Masons, of course.

And then what happens is, the Rothschild faction starts to infiltrate very soon after America was created. In fact, the War of 1812 was the result of the US side, the Masonic side, trying to throw off the yoke of the Illuminati. And the King of England was so pissed off about it that he made a hasty attempt to try to take it back. And it was this failed war that resulted.

Now, as you go forward in time, you now have the American Masonic party being one faction, against the Illuminati being the other faction. They rejected all the Luciferian blood-drinking occult rituals. Now, granted, they do have Bohemian Grove. They do have some of these sacramental things that they go through, which are more ceremonial. But they’re nowhere near as into it as the Rothschild side is.

K: But I have to interject here, that there is a split within the Rockefeller faction ...

D: Oh, no doubt about it.

K: ... and a major one that involves MJ-12 or, as they want to be called today, the Committee of the Majority, or whatever. And there’s a major war going on between them, within those two factions.

D: That’s absolutely correct. What I’m trying to do right now is paint out the picture of the last few hundred years of history so that, when we get to that point, we’ll be able to have that discussion. Again, I apologize that this a monologue, but I think most people will find this fascinating.

K: No. You’re doing a great job.

D: So, this is the result of extensive research that I’ve done, as you can probably tell. Anyway, what happens is, a very significant series of political events occurred, beginning in ... 1826, I believe, is when it started, somewhere in that neighborhood. It will be in the article, in probably part 2 or part 3 of the article.

But anyway, the American Masonry grew quite large. You got favored treatment in business. If you were on the battlefield and you gave the Masonic great hailing signal of distress, which is a gesture followed with a verbal statement that you make, then soldiers would rush to your aid. Even if somebody else was in the way, you would get saved first.

So it gave you the advantage in war. It gave you the advantage in business. Gave you advantage socially. You could be lent money from the Masonic Order and you would be protected against being brought to trial even if you had committed a crime. Your crimes would be covered up. So this was very attractive to a lot of people.

And yet the Rothschild side was infiltrating and the efforts grew to the point where the Civil War was constructed. I’m sorry ... that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

Masonic Revolt

Before we get to that, there was a very important Masonic revolt, which is a very key element of American history, which has been totally scrubbed from the textbooks because of the Masonic influence still wielding as much power as it does. It’s very important to discuss this.

A man named William Morgan, in the late 1820s, decided that he was not comfortable with Free Masonry because it went against his Christian beliefs. He had ascended to the 3rd degree of Masonry, which ... the first three degrees are called the Blue Degrees, where you don’t really know very much. And he actually went out and published all this stuff and put it out in a book.

Well, because he betrayed the Masonic Order, they were required by their oath to kill him. And they did. They actually tied a bunch of rocks to a series of ropes around his waist and basically dropped him over the edge of the boat in the middle of the Niagara River and he drowned.

And what happened was, the people who committed this murder, even though they knew that it was part of their oath that they had agreed to, they didn’t like what happened, and they began to talk about it and they began to publicize it. And by this point, you already had the Masonic Order having a stranglehold over the means of publication, of media, in the country. So it was very difficult for this word to get around.

But back then, you didn’t really have established corporate newspapers and so forth, and mail was brought by Pony Express and those kinds of methods. And in the early 1820s, 1830s, you still didn’t even really have railroad transportation yet. All you really had was horse and buggy, so it wasn’t ... it took a while for these things to get around.

But what ended up happening was, a massive social revolution took place. And of 50,000 members in the Masonic Order in colonial America, 40,000 of them quit and virtually all the Masonic lodges in the north part of the country disbanded. Only a very few number in the South actually even stayed operational.

And there was actually a party called the Anti-Masonic Party, which you can look up in Wikipedia, that was formed, which included some very heavy-hitting names in American history that were a member of this party. And that party later evolved into a party called the Whigs, and most people are more familiar with that, if you remember from history classes in school.

But anyway, what happens is, it actually gets to the point that there were open hearings on a very high governmental level, in New York and other states, about the Masonic Order, and they tried to bring the whole thing down. And they were largely successful. It only held on in the South.

The Civil War

So what did the Rothschilds do next? It took ‘em a number of years, but they fomented the Civil War, using slavery as the bait, even though both the North and the South were involved in it. That was the ticket that they used.

Lincoln was essentially a pawn. He didn’t realize the full extent of what was going on, and they shot him when he started to figure out what was happening and didn’t want to go along with the plan anymore. That’s why Lincoln was assassinated. Lincoln’s actions ... inadvertently he was pawned into creating the federal government as we now know it, taking away the rights of the States and federalizing the American government much more than it ever had been before.

So at this time in history the Civil War as actually fomented in order to boost membership into the Masonic Order, which by this point the Rothschild faction was starting to infiltrate. And that’s also where you start to get the break between Yorkies and Scotties -- York Rite and Scottish Rite Masonry.

Essentially what happens is, the Civil War massively restructured the Masonic Order. The lodges all got rebuilt in the North and the South because, basically, soldiers didn’t want to die in battle, and they knew that if they were a member of this group, they would be given preferential treatment to stay alive.

The Federal Reserve

So, nonetheless, the American faction, versus the Rothschild faction, still won out and had the prevailing influence. And this continued right up until the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, which was a dodgy deceptive move that Fulford talks about, which lead to the creation of a fiat form of currency in which speculative hot air is used to back up the dollar. It was originally put on the gold standard but even that was being manipulated and now there’s no gold standard. And that Federal Reserve is actually run by the Rothschild faction.

In the meantime, they were cooperating with the US enough to establish Rockefeller and his oil empire. And that oil empire became the driving economic force of this country, which sort of became the focal point for all these secret societies and the Masonic side of things to focus around ... and the seat of power.

World War I

Now, what then happens is, as you develop into World War I, you have the Rothschild faction trying to seize world power. You have the American faction working against them. This is the basis of the conflict: are two groups in war, trying to stop each other from doing what they’re doing.

Hitler, World War II

And of course it didn’t take long before World War I had devastated Germany. German Marks were so cheap that people were carting ‘em around in wheelbarrows just to try to get a loaf of bread.

And Hitler was able to rise up in the middle of this collapsed economy and create fascism, which people initially supported, because they wanted to go against whoever they felt was responsible for bankrupting them. Hitler painted it up as if it was the Jews’ fault. So then he got people to be angry at the Jews, just like the Bush administration gets us to be angry at the Arabs. So in fact the people did support, to some degree, the attack of the Jews. I don’t think most people would have supported genocide if they knew that’s what was happening. But they certainly were blaming the Jews for what horrible economic hardships they endured.

Now, it comes to be the point in World War II, the fallout of World War II, that the Rothschilds lost because Hitler turned against them and the US. He became his own separate agent. And he basically as doing whatever he wanted and tried to make the world his way.

So actually the US and the Rothschild side, the Rockefeller and Rothschild side, banded up against him -- the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so to speak – and brought him down. And the way they got to bring him down was, they got him to march on Russia in winter, Stalingrad, exactly, the city. And his army completely starved to death in the cold winter, and ran out of supplies, and he just destroyed his entire army.

And they were able to tweak his ego and get him to do this because they had broken his code. They knew where he was going to go and what he was going to do. And Winston Churchill had to allow London to be bombed, even though he had family there. And he couldn’t telegraph that he knew what was coming, because it would have tipped off Hitler to what was going on, and they would have lost the war. So that’s the kind of horrific consequences of knowing the code and not being able to go public with it yet.

The Anunnaki and the Germans

So again, this is still the history, and what we’re getting to now is the ET stuff.

K: Finally. I was getting worried there, I have to say. [Laughs]

D: No, no. It’s all coming back. It’s all coming back.

In the 1920s there were occult societies in Germany that began to channel ETs, one of which was the Vril Society, another of which was the Thule Society. And, in some form or another, this was realized into an open contact between the German, budding fascist government, and a group of extraterrestrials called the Anunnaki.

Now these Anunnaki ... according to multiple insider testimonies, we know that they are approximately twice the height of a normal human being. They wear masks. You can’t see their faces. The protocol is that you are not allowed to look in their eyes, even though they have a mask on. And their outfits are red and gold in color. They actually look kind of comical. It’s almost like a battle outfit, like something you’d see in a video game. And they’re huge. I mean, they’re enormous in size. They’re twice our height, they’re larger than we are, stronger than we are. They also have mental powers, telepathy. They can control you to some degree, the way you think and what you’re going to do. And they don’t like to be messed with.

So there was a period of time in which connection was made between Germany and the Anunnaki, which lead to the sharing of technology. This began some time in the early-to-mid-1930s and continued until sometime in the early-to-mid-1940s. It was well over before the end of World War II.

The initial meeting apparently took place in the Himalayan Mountains -- it had to be a remote area -- between the Germans and the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki, again, did share technology with the Germans but they only got a small amount. They got some antigravity. They got some energy devices, but not a whole lot. And so the saucers that they built were fairly crude, as a result. However, there was some degree of a sharing of power. This is where we get into the New Berlin Base, which is actually a base that was an Anunnaki base in Antarctica which the Germans were able to cohabitate with them.

The Rothschild faction still shares some degree of communication with the Anunnaki. They still are in fairly decent contact with them, from what I’ve heard. But again, the Rothschild faction is vastly inferior when it comes to technology. They don’t have anywhere near as much stuff as the Rockefeller side.

Roswell and the Looking Glass

And this gets into the Roswell crash. The Roswell crash, 1947, is what created the Rockefeller side to become the monster that it is now.

You have this crash in the desert in New Mexico in which these little people come out of the ship and they’re all holding these little cubes in their hands. The little cubes that they were holding in their hands when they came out were devices that allowed them to see through time and it interfaced with your consciousness. You would think about a particular time and it would show up above the little box.

Our guys got ahold of this technology and were able to game out the future and see what was going to happen, using this technology. They didn’t necessarily know exactly what would happen but they could game out the probable futures, based on various events, and actually manipulate history by doing this.

K: OK. You’re saying there was more than one. My understanding is there was only one cube, and it’s also known as “The Yellow Book.” So it’s important to tell people that.

D: Deacon’s testimony is that there was more than one, that more than one of them was holding one of these things in their hands when they came out of the ship. So you can ... it’s just a difference in opinion, but we know for a fact from multiple witness testimony, there was at least one.

Looking Glass, Pineal Gland, Stargates

And I put together a wide variety of Looking Glass testimony and determined that, in fact, there are also a variety of ancient Looking Glass devices, that the same group that landed in Roswell - which would be your P-45, ah, no, your P-22 future human lineage extraterrestrials if you go with Burisch’s testimony - that they actually traveled into the past: future ancestors of humans after 2012 where there was a very small gene pool -- that they traveled into the past and they built these devices which actually reverse-engineered the pineal gland in the brain.

The pineal gland in the brain is at the exact geometric center of the brain. It is a small area of water which has microclusters in it. Microclusters are little geometric clusters of minerals. And this water is shielded by the surrounding gland, electromagnetically.

And apparently the technology is so absurdly simple that all you have to do is shield off water from the conventional electromagnetic energy that we have in space/time and the water starts to be a gate into time/space, which is a realm in which time is just a direction you can point yourself in and travel through. And it’s an inversion of space, so that space becomes time and time becomes space. So you move through space here and you’re moving through time over there.

Apparently multiple ... and you actually have Gordon Novel in one of your testimonies that said the same thing, that, when a ship creates antigravity, in so doing, it’s actually moving through time by traveling through space as we know it.

And thus they didn’t want to let this technology out, for one of the reasons being they believed it would collapse the economy because people would see what was coming and there would be no speculation in the markets any more.

So, be that as it may, we all have this stargate in our own brain, which we access primarily through meditation, stilling of the mind, allowing the obstructions to fall away so we get this sort of natural intuitive bubbling-up, which most people think of daydreaming. They don’t think that it has any value. But when you go into that meditative state where thoughts just naturally surface into your mind without really having to work for them, that’s actually the feed from your subconscious, super-conscious, which comes through the pineal gateway.

K: And it’s symbolized by the Egyptians, on the pyramids and so on, by the pine cone.

D: And the all-seeing eye on the top of the pyramid, right, all that stuff.

So what happens is, the ancient devices that were located in various places which also could do this, both factions, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, were trying to track these objects down.

The Rockefellers got a much more advanced device.

The ancient Looking Glass devices create this sort of amber-colored cloud, a spherical cloud, that the person operating the device allows to be a viewer into whatever future timeline you’re looking at. So, it kind of looks like a fisheye lens. It’s sort of distorted around the edges. It’s not clear on the edges, and it’s amber-colored because you’re using argon gas as the sort of like, the equivalent of like a neon light, to capture the light that shoots through this little barrel in the center. The barrel, again, is based on the pineal gland. All it is is a barrel of water which is electromagnetically shielded. And by doing that ...

Bill Ryan: Just to add a footnote to that ... We have some diagrams of that which had been drawn by Dan Burisch on our site, on which we have a link to those papers. It’s called Project Looking Glass. I think you’ve probably got those as well. This is the original Looking Glass device that was deciphered from the cuneiform tablets. Is that correct?

D: Correct. That’s correct. And, again, there are a couple of other witnesses, one of whom is online, and has published things online. I have not released his identity yet. But there is a multiple number of converging testimonies that made this case come together for me. And I believe each of these sources is credible.

So what we’re dealing with is, when the Roswell crash happened, they got a much more advanced version of the technology. Because the Yellow Disk, or the Cube, as it’s called ... the reason why it’s called the yellow disk is that, when you fire it up, there was a little, kind of yellow cloud that was disk-shaped, that would appear on top of this little cube.

The cube itself is about 5 or 6 inches wide. It looks like brushed aluminum metal on the outside, with sort of a raised edge around the edges. It’s about one inch wide around the edges. It actually looks like the cube in the movie, Hellraiser. It looks like the cube in the movie, The Last Mimzy. And that movie, Last Mimzy, is basically an infomercial for everything that Burisch has been saying, which means either that the producers of the movie were big, big Burisch fans, or Burisch is actually telling us the truth, and these people are trying to disclose that same information because they want humanity to know.

K: Well, we’d say, not OR he’s telling the truth. It’s AND he’s telling the truth.

D: Yes, yes. It’s both. In my opinion it’s both.

K: Well, we’d say, not OR he’s telling the truth. It’s AND he’s telling the truth.

D: Yes, yes. It’s both. In my opinion it’s both.

Aliens after Roswell

So, the Roswell crash was actually a really unfortunate accident insofar as The Cube got into the hands of the Rockefeller faction. And, as a result of them also taking captivity of a live extraterrestrial, a relationship, a diplomatic relationship, was opened up with other human extraterrestrials.

Now, when I say “human extraterrestrial,” what I mean is, according to Deacon’s testimony, that you have, in Deacon’s view, it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of over 40 races. And, of course, we know from Sgt. Clifford Stone, he was aware of 57 different races, which he called the “Heinz 57.”

All of these various people look like us. You don’t have people with funny, ridgy foreheads like the Klingons in Star Trek. You don’t have people with anything other than basically smooth faces and smooth skulls. Most of them have hair. They vary in height, from about a foot-and-a-half tall, to 12-to-14-feet tall, which would be your Anunnaki.

They vary in skin color from jet black, to dark green, to light green, to light orange, to all variations of Caucasian, everything you see on the Earth. In fact, the only group that apparently is not represented is black people on Earth. Black people on Earth may be indigenous to this planet, and that may be partially responsible for some of the racism in these occult groups.

I don’t subscribe to that at all [To the racism in the occult groups]. In fact, if anything, it shows how precious, and special, and unique the black people are because they are actually the people that Earth made before everybody else was brought here. Because there is a large amount of, sort of, drop-offs of various races that were brought here pretty much at the same time.

At one point Henry sent me an article from the BBC showing that everybody who’s a white person on Earth, with blue eyes, traces back to a single ancestor from about 11,000 years ago, which is perfectly in accordance with what’s in a variety of occult teachings.

In fact, Hitler’s whole obsession with the so-called “master race” is based on the fact that the Germans were interacting with other human extraterrestrials, and a fair number of them are blond-haired and blue-eyed. So he thought that this was some sort of advanced race that he wanted to move people on Earth towards, or at least his chosen people.

And, again, this is idiocy. What you look like, or what race you are, has nothing to do with how spiritual you are or how advanced you are, at all. In fact, on a DNA level, they’ve now proven there’s not even any genetic marker that allows you to easily distinguish one race from another. And based on the fact that DNA is an interface with your spiritual body, what really matters is the development of the soul, not the genetic heritage you come in with.

So this whole bloodline argument is Old World science that has no basis in fact. And I just want to make that very, very clear. But it also helps you to understand how these people became racists in the first place.

K: OK, David, I want to interrupt here to say that there are other beings that don’t look, per se, “humanoid.” And I’m assuming that you’re going to go with the notion that the Grays are a robotic race.

D: Well, when I say “human” ... I mean, there’s some variance in what we say by human, but in essence, you have a head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arms, legs, fingers, toes ...

K: OK. But you’re missing the reptilian faction.

D: Even if there is a reptilian faction, they’re still essentially reptilian humanoids.

K: True, except they do have ridges and so on. In other words, there’s also the ones that look preying mantis. You know, there are other beings out there that do not look humanoid. They have arms and legs and, yes, a head, and if you call that ... it’s a very loose interpretation of “humanoid.”

D: All I can say is that, from extensive communication with Henry Deacon, and the testimony of Sgt. Cliff Stone, both of them are saying that everybody looks essentially human. Deacon is unaware of any reptilian species. I asked him that point-blank. He says he’s not aware of any group like that. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but he’s not aware of any group like that.

K: OK, but Deacon is not, you know, the authority on the planet.

D: I’m not saying he is.

K: He just ... He worked in black ops.

D: I’m not saying he is

K: So he has limited information because the lie, as Hoagland says, is different at every level. And he his need to know didn’t even extend to Majestic 12.

D: And I do believe that there are humans who evolved from reptilian genetic stock. In fact, the first documentation I ever heard about was in 1993, from a friend of mine, whose physics professor had worked for NASA through the ‘70s. And they described 3 essential different types of ET they’d found.

The tallest of which essentially looked like us -- human being, normal human being more or less. Some slight variances in the color of the irises, the shape of the pupil, the shape of the teeth, that kind of stuff, but more or less the same.

The middle height was your typical Gray.

The shortest of which looked like a Gray, but the head was actually a helmet. And when you removed the helmet, there was something underneath that they would only refer to as a monstrosity. And although I never got confirmation that that monstrosity was a reptilian face, there are other witness testimonies that seem to assert that that’s what it is.

So, I do have reason to believe that you do have some humans who are evolved from a reptilian genetic base, and that they basically tend to be the more self-serving and negative types.

Rifts in Space/Time, Abductions

In fact, you know, one of the things that Deacon’s testimony said, which I don’t think he’d mind me sharing, is that when we mess around with these wormholes, when we create these vortexes for traveling through space and time, you get something called a rift, and these nasty things can fly through the rift.

And what he meant when he said nasty things fly through the rift, is these UFO beings that actually are doing the abductions, and then kind of try to set up shop once they’re here, and make little bases and, try to, you know, stay here.

Because otherwise, there is a quarantine around the Earth, so he says, and they can’t get through. But when our guys create these portals, these stargates, if it’s not done properly, then you can create a crack in the shield, and that’s one of the problems that can happen.

But again, from the Law of One philosophy, perspective, which is my philosophical background, you’re not going to be abducted unless you have actually invited it by being consistently unclear in your orientation as to whether you are service-to-self or service-to-others.

So most people have not been abducted. If you have been, it’s probably not something you’re going to remember anyway. And it’s not really ... it’s not causing people excessive damage. I don’t believe that people are being killed in these abductions. It’s certainly not something that’s pleasant, and I wouldn’t want to have one.

B: Are you saying that you believe that people who have been abducted are -- this is not to put words into your mouth; maybe you can correct me -- have in some way a spiritual or psychological weakness, which imperfection has given them that vulnerability? Is this actually what you’re saying?

D: I believe there are two different types of abductions going on, one of which I would actually call “contact” more than abduction.

It seems that what’s happening is that, part of the game is from the good guys, if you want to classify ET groups as good and bad. And the good guys are trying to keep a human stock of genetic material, on the offhand chance that they were not able to prevent a disaster, which is still very unlikely, but they don’t want to take any chances. On the offhand chance that something went horribly wrong, they would have a genetic stock of human DNA sufficient to recreate a human gene-pool, and allow this grand experiment of human evolution to continue.

Now, those people appear to have volunteered for this before they were born. Every effort is made to not scare them. Every effort is made to give them a pleasurable experience, which also includes wonderful consciousness-raising things. And you can actually read the Betty Andreasson material for that. Now, some of those people may be afraid when they go through this.

On the other hand, you have a negative faction, which is probably these reptilian-genetic-stock humans. And that faction is wearing fake masks to look like the other group ... which is why, you know, the guy said that it looked like a Gray and you pull the mask off and underneath it was a monstrosity. And they’re actually faking out the same procedure which is being done for positive purpose. Except that when they do it, they’re terrifying people, and they’re scaring people, and it’s a lot more unpleasant. And those, actually, are much less frequent. So you have to clarify.

There’s two different types of things going on. One is something that people volunteer for from before they’re born, and it’s essentially kept as positive a possible. The other is the negative trying to impersonate the positive, and thus making the whole thing look like all it’s just a whole bunch of scary, terrifying stuff. That’s what my research has concluded over the last 12 years of looking into this.

B: I would agree with you.

D: Oh, ok. Good, good. Yeah. So there’s both types. So anyway, let’s try to veer this back into current events, because that’s what all this back-story is for.

Again, the Rothschild side had limited interaction with the Anunnaki. It lasted for maybe about a decade and then it cut off. They got a limited amount of technology, which wasn’t very effective. And that’s all they were able to get.

Then the Rockefeller side got the Roswell crash after World War II, shortly thereafter. They got access to a time-viewing technology called Looking Glass. In contacting these ETs, they were able to discover that this technology existed from the past, and that it could be found. And these ancient devices were actually the ones they predominantly started using. That’s the one that Dan Burisch apparently has had the most experience with, is the ancient device.


Now, this dovetails into Burisch’s testimony, insofar as ... his level of the pyramid, which he admits is probably compartmentalized and he also doesn’t know everything, is that humanity has a big event that happens in 2012. From the perspective of these future humans, most of the people were no longer here.

A small group survived. And they broke off into two groups, one of which had underground bases, the other of which survived on the surface.

The people in the underground bases turned into what we would now think of as Grays, as a result of evolutionary changes that occurred, based on their environment and where they went. And the other group essentially turned into the Nordics, which look essentially human, but have the more conventional characteristics you’d associate with Nordic sightings: blond hair, blue eyes, perfect bodies, you know, that kind of thing. Telepathic communication.

So Burisch’s testimony, as you guys are well aware, is that they have these certain node points in time that they can travel through. They seem to be approximately 9,600 years apart, which I discovered is exactly ¼ of the Earth’s cycle of the Precession of Equinoxes, which is apparently the grand cycle that our dimensions move through as we travel from one dimension to another ... if you believe all that stuff.

Anyway, there’s these various harmonic points that they can travel through, one of which is 45,000 years in the future, another of which is 52,000 years in the future. And I may be wrong on that 9,600 year figure. I have to look back ...

B: I looked at that. I actually thought it was two-thirds of that, because I spent some time looking at this, and thought it was 6,400.

D: I think that’s what it is. I think that’s what it is.

B: OK.

D: But anyway, the numbers aren’t that important. The important part is there is a sub-harmonic of this master cycle that appears to be driven by the sun. And, at certain points in that cycle, there’s an aperture that allows them to easily travel through time. And that’s when they’re all doing it.

So that’s why we only have certain groups of our future coming back in time to help us. Or so they say, they’re helping us. And from that perspective, some of the abductions are the harvesting of genetic material for the purposes of rejuvenating the future human stock, which had gotten really watered down by the low population that they started with.

And, of course, underground bases and people surviving on the surface ... what you’re probably dealing with here is these power groups that actually do have the underground bases and the technology.

So, we also find out that the Rockefeller side learns about 2012 and that there’s some big event happening that will essentially change life on the surface of the Earth very dramatically. And as a result, they create a vast ... they start creating a vast network of underground bases. It’s obvious the reason why they did this, to create a whole civilization, essentially, underground, is that they did not feel that the surface of the Earth would be viable to live on.

Now again, this gets into doom-and-gloom-sounding stuff. And I just want to make clear that my personal opinion is that the 2012 event refers to shifting in the energetic frequency, which will allow most of us on Earth to live in a parallel existence that is no longer on the physical plane.

It appears that some people don’t go through that, and those are the people who survive. Now whether they’re good guys or bad guys is not really important. The point is, some people might choose to stay here. Some people choose to go through this.

I don’t believe everybody dies. I believe that there is a shifting of the ways, and that people go in different directions at this point. And a lot of the stuff I heard from Henry and from my other contact, Daniel, all seems to support this.

So anyway, getting back to what’s going on right now, and the election, and how this relates to insider politics: You have this Rockefeller faction in which the splinter group of the Nazis comes over here ... Project Paperclip. They come into possession of wonderful technology.

And they’re all interconnected with the military-industrial complex, which very quickly breaks itself off from the government, and becomes its own separate entity in and of itself, guided over by this Rockefeller faction, which in essence, does not support Luciferian philosophy at all. If you talk to Burisch, which I have, they’re very against the Illuminati, in fact, and believe that they’re actually fighting the Illuminati and trying to stop the Illuminati from creating an antichrist figure that would be like a world leader.

So Burisch has said to me that they had a Do not ask, do not tell policy similar to gays in the military, where they would have meetings with the Illuminati at these groups called the Committee of the Majority. And as long as the Illuminati never talked about their Luciferian beliefs or their desire for an Antichrist, everything would be fine. But if they even brought it up at all, it’s like, to hell with you, the meeting’s over, we’re out of here.

And that’s basically ... it’s sort of like this polite Mexican standoff that has existed, where one group, the Rockefeller side, has vastly superior technology and could actually, in fact, create a fake alien invasion, if they so desire. Now, that gets into whether in fact the ETs on the outside would allow them to do that, or whether it would actually be stopped. And I don’t know the answer.

Torsion technology, weather wars

And you also have to factor in that the Russians, completely independently of all this other stuff, had their own progression of technology, in secret, which began with the work of Alexander Gurwitsch in the early 20th century and was realized more fully by Nicolai Kozyrev -- the science of scalar waves, or what I call “torsion fields.”

And with these torsion technologies, they have a means in which, basically, all conventional war is obsolete. They can create massive hurricanes. They can create earthquakes. They can knock anything out of the sky, including the fake ET craft.

And so I don’t really think that the fake alien invasion could ever happen, because the Russians could just pick ‘em off like flies out of the sky with this torsion technology. So that’s one of the ways in which I think we’re protected from these greater incursions ever happening.

K: But the torsion technology also comes from Wilhelm Reich, and the US side has that technology as well.

D: Oh, they definitely have it to some degree. But what I’m saying is it appears that the Russians have a more advanced form of it. And that’s also what Colonel Thomas Bearden has said, that the Russian side is much more evolved and advanced than what the US side has.

And that’s actually been realized, in this ongoing undisclosed war of weather, which has involved hurricanes attacking the US, in a quiet war that nobody knows is a war, which has been used at various politically opportune moments, including 2005, with ... I believe that was the one where Katrina happened that year, among the others which were steered, obviously. And Richard and I did a paper about that.

You know, you have these four different hurricanes that land over the exact same part of Florida. And the statistical impossibility of something like that is akin to ... you’re standing out of your second floor bedroom window, and you have a hula hoop on the ground, and you drop four feathers out of the window, in sequence, and they all land inside the hula hoop. The likelihood of that actually happening is so remote. And yet, that’s what happened.

And, in fact, at one point, whoever has this hurricane-making technology created a big number “2” inside the hurricane when it was at a magnitude of 2. And the number 2 is a perfect aerial font. I mean, it looks perfect. And it rotates with the eye of the hurricane. It was covered on the front page of Drudge Report. The actual footage of it is still on that website where it was originally featured ... some local news site in Florida. And I have the link for that somewhere, which is in one of my articles. But this stuff is real and ...

K: Well, it’s happened in China as well, with the ...

D: Oh, yeah!

K: ... with the earthquake. So it’s going on beyond the shores of the US.

D: Right. And it appears that the guys at the helm pulling the levers on this are not the Russians, but, rather, the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. And they apparently leased it or bought it, bought the technology from the Russians, and have been the ones ... according to Bearden; they’re the ones that cooked up these hurricanes.

You can see on the infrared footage how our guys are trying to draw lines of heat in the air to try to deflect the hurricane [on the Sept 30, ’05 TBRNews archive - Ed]. But it doesn’t really work very well because the Russian-made technology is much more advanced.

And again, I believe that this was exactly what was being ... I had a dream not too long ago. This gets back into the present moment, the politics around this election.

I had a dream where I was on a the surface of a destroyer ship. And George Bush was there. And all of a sudden we look down into the ocean and we see that ship from the Stargate: Atlantis show, the Pegasus, which, in that show, it’s like America’s most advanced alien-derived technology.

So, I see this ship under the ocean, and it launches a missile, and hits the battleship. And everybody’s like, reeling on the battleship. And George Bush starts going nuts and saying, Oh my god! We’ve been attacked and everybody needs to rally around me because we gotta protect this country.

So I realized this was some kind of prophecy about an attack against the US. I didn’t know what form it would take, but then it became very clear, through additional data, that it was this hurricane that was bearing down on New Orleans [Hurricane Gustav, 2008]. The purpose of that hurricane, in my opinion, was to throw off the Republican National Convention, which it did.

McCain / Palin

And then, once everybody fled, and the Republican National Convention was thrown off into disarray as a result of McCain’s astoundingly-bad decision to take on Palin ... and I have multiple sources that Palin was not supposed to be picked by Rove or by the Israeli side, which is the two basic sides at work now. The Israeli side wanted Lieberman. The Rove side wanted Romney. Nobody even knew who Palin was. Nobody was even considering it seriously.

But like ... in a similar way to what Adolph Hitler did in World War II -- and in no way am I trying to say that McCain is Hitler – but ... it’s another example of somebody who believes that the power he’s been given is his own, doesn’t respect the fact that it’s essentially a puppet Presidency. And he goes and makes a maverick decision -- which he calls himself a maverick -- and goes against his own party’s wisdom and makes this pick, which ...

Astonishingly enough, within days after the pick was made, they were already having to do a very embarrassing public disclosure of this woman’s daughter being pregnant when she’s, like, 17 years old. And she’s supposedly the “Family Values” candidate! I don’t think that was ever supposed to be brought out. It was one of these terrible political gaffes.

B: And she’s actually stated on record that in Iraq the US is fighting “God’s war.”

D: Ah. My God! I know! It’s such a fiasco! And we all need to be very blessed about this, happy about this. Because this is the collapse of this 50-year Nazi game to try to take over this country, enact martial law, send people off to concentration camps ... which they call FEMA camps now.

Current time: The World vs. the Rockefellers

And none of this stuff is going to happen. I believe Fulford’s testimony is entirely accurate. The other world societies, secret societies and so forth, governments of the world, have kind of all allied. And this includes the Rothschild faction.

But, you know, you kind of have like a Middle East-Arab faction, which is sort of its own entity. You have the Eastern Secret Society faction, which is like Japan, China, and many of the Southeast Asian countries. And then you also have the Rothschild faction. And they kind of have a truce and an alliance right now.

And everybody’s focused on knocking out the Rockefeller side, because the Rockefeller side is the big bully on the block. They have the most advanced technology, by far, and therefore it’s dangerous.

B: I want to ask you about Putin. I think I know what your answer is going to be, but ... is he his own man? Or is he controlled, as part of the dialectic?

D: I believe he’s his own man. I have to align with what Fulford is saying on this subject. Because it appears that Putin really did overthrow the Illuminati and got them out of his country. And that’s part of why he’s been so scorned in the media.

Do you guys ... have you guys read any of the Edgar Cayce stuff? Do you remember his quote: From Russia will come the hope of the world?

K: Yeah.

D: I think this I what he’s talking about. I really do. Because what’s happened is ... Georgia, again, was supposed to bomb South Ossetia. And this was all being orchestrated by Israeli and US factions, CIA and so forth.

Now, again, here’s another interesting side-note on that, bringing in the Israel component. Israel, of course, was a state that was created in an effort to provide reparations to the Jews for what happened in World War II. Now, you’ve read testimony from Svali. I’m sure you’ve seen this, where she says the Illuminati absolutely despise Israel and want to see nothing more than it to be completely wiped out. That‘s the Rothschild side.

So what happens, again, is, the Rockefeller side and the Israelis actually banded up and they’ve joined forces, and they’re using the same tradecraft that Hitler had, that the Rothschilds developed, to try to do it over here in the US.

So, it’s like both sides using the same type of technology, including creating a fake invasion of your own country ... a fake attack, the 9/11 ... which, in Hitler’s case, was the bombing of his parliament building, which he blamed on Poland, and then proceeded to invade Poland.

We blamed it on the Arabs, predominantly Iraqis and the Afghanis, even though most of the hijackers were Saudis. And they don’t even seem to have anything to do with it, except that they were puppets. And we know a lot about that, which we don’t need to go into.

But anyway, the point being, that the Israelis are now very involved in the Rockefeller faction. And Fulford’s testimony is that David Rockefeller himself is no longer in control of this, either.

It really does seem to be, from some of the testimony that Dr. Stephen Greer has come out with, that, believe it or not, the guy who is at the top of everything is George Bush, Sr. And Cheney. And these guys are ... That’s the tippy-top of this Rockefeller side now, more than the Rockefellers anymore.

Brzezinski and Obama

K: OK. But you have to get around to Brzezinski and the fact that his whole M.O. is to bring down Russia.

D: Sure.

K: But his candidate is Obama. And they’re actually at war, within the Rockefeller side, with the, you know, McCain, you know, Neocon faction.

D: Right. I agree. I agree. Now, the Brzezinski thing is a very interesting and controversial angle. And I’ve had extensive conversation on the phone with Richard Hoagland about this. Because, as I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I’ve had extensive dream data telling me that Obama is one of the good guys.

And then you’d say to yourself, OK if he’s a good guy, then why in the world would he bring in Brzezinski? And Richard and I have talked about this. And Richard’s opinion, which I agree with, is: You keep your friends close, and you keep your enemies closer.

What better way to know what they’re planning and what they want to do, than to have the guy there in your cabinet? You hear his side of things, and you hear what he wants to do, because you’re smart enough not to be manipulated by him. Now, granted, he’s taken a lot of heat for it. And lot of people think that he buys into Brzezinski’s beliefs, but I don’t believe that at all.

And again, I think when he picked Joe Biden as his VP, it’s a political decision that was made because he’s trying to win an American election. And it’s a dirty game, it’s not easy, and it’s ugly.

But I honestly don’t think that, just because he’s got his enemy in the camp, that means that he’s agreeing with everything his enemy says at all.

I think ... Richard and I are unanimous in this, in agreeing that the extent of change that Obama actually wants to create is much more than he’s actually been saying so far. And, from what I can tell, the insiders are terrified about Obama ever becoming president.

Rockefellers vs. Rothschilds, political parties

And you’re seeing a massive media effort to try to frame this election as if it’s an even run between McCain and Obama, which is ludicrous. It’s ludicrous.

And we know for a fact, from the TBRNews source, that these polls are faked, that they’ve been faked for a long, long time. You call up 700 people in the reddest Republican state, who you know are the most likely to be brainwashed fundamentalists. And, even in those cases, only, like, 50% of ‘em are saying they’re going to vote for McCain. And that’s where you’re getting your 50/50 dead-heat from.

And, let me point out something else which I find highly fascinating. Burisch has said, and you guys both know this, so I’m preaching to the choir here, that because of the onrushing 2012 event ... which, incidentally, the Rockefellers kept secret from the Rothschilds until relatively recently.

The Rothschilds had their own plan to dominate the world, and take over, and create their Illuminated New World Order circa 2020, somewhere in that region. And it’s now been thwarted, because there’s not going to be a 2020 with any world the way that we know it. And the Rockefeller side knew this and they deliberately withheld that information from the Rothschilds up until fairly recently.

So what’s happened is, the Rothschild side has run out of time to bring their agenda forward. They were promoting Hillary Clinton as the Presidential candidate. Because, in essence, what’s been happening in American politics for the last 50 years, is that you get the Rothschilds running the Democrat side and you get the Rockefellers running the Republican side.

And there has been a shooting war between these two sides, including who gets to control the CIA, who gets to control the FBI, the NSA, the NRO, all these different groups. And it’s been a constant contentious battle of the intelligence agencies in terms of who gets to run what.

And, of course, the Rothschilds side wanted to try to collapse the Rockefellers’ oil empire by promoting things like, you know, the Green movement, the global warming movement, Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Gore was, of course ... I think he’s a maverick too. I think he might have been in it in the beginning and now he’s broken away from it.

But it’s very fascinating. There is actually a Fox News video clip that I will have in this article I’m writing tonight on my website, , in which Lady de Rothschild is interviewed by Fox News. And she is slagging the heck out of Obama.

And she tried to create this website, did create this website, which I believe is called together4us, [ ] which is basically trying to get those 18 million people who wanted to vote for Hillary to rebel and try to throw the election back in her favor.

And this is ... the name Rothschild is right there on the screen. This woman talks for four or five minutes straight about this. She’s very charged about it, definitely does not want to see Obama to be President. She disses him hard. And she’s basically trying to promote the candidacy of Hillary.


Now, again, I don’t have any problem with somebody being affiliated with a particular family lineage or a particular occult group. I certainly wouldn’t recommend that anybody do that. But at the same time, I believe that hating these people is not the answer. I think it’s important that we acknowledge that they’re out there, and that we prevent them from doing things to harm humanity.

But we also can’t genocide them, because that‘s the same playbook that’s been causing so many problems on the Earth. And yet, unfortunately, they know on the inside, that if the masses were to find out what’s going on, in large numbers, that the lynch-mob would be out immediately. And that’s not really a viable solution.

That’s one of the things that Fulford is talking about. Fulford is describing how, even though it’s basically checkmate for the Rockefellers, as of September 30th , they’re being called to come up with this debt that they owe from when the Reagan administration overthrew the Soviet Union and pillaged all their money by bombarding them with fake Russian ruble currency. It was a very successful operation, which allowed the massive siphoning out of the Russian wealth to the Rockefeller faction, to the tune of, you know, trillions and trillions of dollars.

And now that money is being demanded to be paid back; they don’t have it. And so what Fulford is saying is these Eastern Secret Societies are essentially holding the Rockefeller side at gunpoint saying, Look, if you guys don’t do this, we’re going to hurt you and we have the ability to do that, and it basically amounts to, you know, them getting a loan because nobody wants to see the American economy collapse, because it’s all international now. There’s no real national economy anymore. These countries are all multinational, so the wealth will be redistributed so that there’s no collapse.

But the main key now is how do you effectively neuter and silence the influence of this proto-Nazi faction that has taken up root in predominately the secret government of the U.S. And this ties back in with the crop circles and with August 16th and why the crop circles flagged that particular date as being important. Again, you see one of the crop circles showing up next to these 4 windmills, suggesting something on August 16th has to do with the overthrow of the oil economy.

Then again you see the fact that on August 7th, the day that the war started, I published this picture on Richard’s website of Wernher von Braun, a Nazi scientist, who came to the U.S. and started this whole problem. And I had an infinity symbol in that picture which then shows up as a crop formation the very next day on 8/ 8/ 8. And that crop formation counted out the days to August 16th. It’s the number 8, there was 8 days to the 16th, and also showed the phases of the moon in the diagram according to , and the researchers on that site.

OK, fast forward to September 1st, I’m going to bed at night. This is an unbelievably fascinating side note to the story and it’ll kind of tie off my big point here. September 1st I’m getting ready to go to bed and I hear a very distinct message come in. And the message says, Open up the Law of One series, book III, to page 100 and read it. And this is very unusual. This is not something that normally happens to me. So I go get book III, I pop it open to page 100 and it didn’t seem to be anything important.

It’s was talking about this cycle in which they say that you count 18 days at a time from when you’re born and, that during the first 9 days of the cycle, your spiritual and psychic abilities will be higher. And during the second 9 days of the cycle, your spiritual abilities will wane. And they say everybody is affected by this cycle. That you start counting from the day you’re born, you count right up to the present, to figure out where you are. They say your single best 3 days are days 4, 5 and 6 in the cycle and, that at the turning points of the cycle, you have the most trouble.

They also say that the more spiritually balanced you become, the more this cycle doesn’t affect you anymore. Now, I’ve read about this all the way back in January 1996. I never felt compelled to try to crunch the numbers to figure out where I was in the cycle because it didn’t seem that big of a deal to me at the time. I just never even thought about it and, all of a sudden on September 1st, I’m told read book III, page 100 and this is what it says.

So I went to sleep, I didn’t think anymore of it. Two days later I’m going to bed, again, the message comes in again, Open up book III and read page 100. OK, fine. So I open up book III. Not surprisingly it’s exactly the same information: 18 day cycle. I say, OK, this is getting too weird. I go over to the computer. I get on Google and I type calculate days since birth. And I looked for some kind of software that would allow me to do that. Sure enough I find this little thing. It’s a Java Script that you can install on your webpage, tells you exactly how many days it’s been since you were born.

I punch up the number and, to make a long story short, the day that I was first asked this question, Go to book III, read page 100, it had been exactly 12,960 days since I was born. Divide that number by 18 and you get exactly 720 cycles, precisely, of these 18 days since when I was born. 720, of course, is 2 times 360. 360 is the number of degrees in a circle and the crop formation that came from my thoughts and from the article I did from Richard, three weeks earlier, was in fact 2 circles.

So this just, this was mind-blowing. And then I’m saying how in the world did my – because, consciously, I had no idea -- how could I have known that such a perfect round number as 720, that it was that number of 18 cycles since I was born, on that exact day. And yet, on that exact day, I’m told to go read that exact page in the book where it describes that cycle.

So then I’m thinking ok, what the heck does this mean? And it was on that exact day that McCain’s campaign had to admit that Palin’s daughter was pregnant. And so I believe that, with all these different levels of synchronicity tied together, that what I’m being shown is that these are history-making events. And you go back into the inside testimony of what happened on August 16th, it may turn, we know that’s the day that Russia won the war.

That by that time all the CIA had completely fled. They left behind all their toys, all their documents, all their secret junk. Russia now has possession of that and BELIEVE me, they intend on publishing everything. They are going to make it public. It’s not going to be kept secret. It’s going to blow the whistle on the whole thing. And I already thought this was amazing enough, but then when you see 6, at least, different crop formations that tie this in, not only with the date of August 16th, but directly with 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, it appears that what we’re being told is that the events that are happening right now are directly paving the way for the downfall of the Rockefeller/Nazi faction that has been illicitly running this country and running the show for 50 some years.

That this treasure trove of documents Russia has come into possession with will be what is necessary to bring them down. Obviously the most dangerous period of time that remains is between now and the election because this war in Russia, in Georgia rather, was their big attempt to try to create total chaos, to bomb Iran and to create Martial Law.

Now, I agree with you guys and with what your sources are saying. There will probably be other attempts. There undoubtedly will be other attempts to create some sort of chaos between now and the election. To try to sway it in McCain’s favor; however, given the astonishing synchronicities that I’ve seen, the crop formation with the number 8, right?; describing the drawing that I’d just made the night before and published for the world to see on ; the fact that this 720 cycle of 18 days happened on the exact day that McCain’s campaign said that Sarah Palin’s daughter was pregnant; the fact that , that other crop formation that pointed to August 16th was drawn directly next to a bunch of windmills that generate wind electricity -- all of these signs seem to be showing that we’re heading towards a positive future.

Plus, I’ve had several dreams which seem to indicate that, though these things will be attempted, that they’re not actually going to pan out. They will attempt to crash the economy. It will be successful to some degree. We’re probably going to see a pretty horrifying market vomit happen very soon. We’re probably going to see more attempts made to create some kind of war. I don’t think it’s going to be successful. So, now you’ve heard my very longwinded diatribe on all these events. [Laugh] And I’m hoping to, whatever you’d like to talk about from here.

K: OK, I think that’s great David. You’ve certainly been very clear as to where you’re coming from, your sources, more or less, and what you think is going to happen. I do think that there’re some gaps in there. One of which is the technology that you say the Rothschild side DOESN’T have. I have to say personally I’m pretty suspicious of that. I do have my own sighting in Switzerland to use as documentation, if you will, of a craft that was extremely sophisticated and was built by us, so to speak, meaning humans.

D: Right.

B: It could have come from anywhere on the planet, probably in about half an hour.

K: Exactly.

D: Yeah, exactly. [Laughter from Bill and David]

K: Absolutely, but I just, there’s something about that that doesn’t ring right for me and, you know, obviously, I understand how you’re saying the Rockefeller side, I mean it is, that could be substantiated by the American military might, which has always been said to be superior, until we get to the Russians. And there we wonder just how sophisticated their side is. There’s indications that the Russians are either equal to or ahead of us, but I often wonder whether, if you’ve read The Art Of War, you know, that one of the things you do in war is always pretend to be less than you are.

D: Right.

K: So that the opposite side will be deceived.

D: Right.

K: And I think it’s much more likely that that’s what actually is going on here. That the U.S. is pretending and, this is the hole I also see in Richard Hoagland’s research thus far on the von Braun thing, is that U.S. is PRETENDING to be less sophisticated than the Russians but, in fact, that’s not the case.

D: Well, I think in terms of ground troops and conventional military force, they [the US] are at a disadvantage. There’s been a lot credible testimony that the military has been pretty much flattened out, that the helicopters and the tanks are all filled with sand and most of them can’t even run. And all they’re doing now is really just maintaining very small territories within Iraq. They can’t even really occupy very much of it.

K: But it’s not a ground war anymore. We’re not even talking, I mean actually we’ve moved way beyond that. We’re talking about electromagnetic pulses.

D: Sure, but the problem with that is that in order to fight such a war people have to know that you’re fighting it and this is where we get into the fact that hurricanes are being thrown around. Earthquakes are being thrown around. You had somebody that basically liquefied the metal on that bridge in wherever it was, Michigan.

K: Yes.

D: That was clearly a torsion field attack.

K: Absolutely.

D: That was definitely not natural. All the different support pylons just liquefied instantaneously and the whole darn bridge just dropped ... in seconds. That was ...

B: It makes no sense as an attack, but it makes a lot of sense as a demonstration, would you agree?

D: No, I, in that case I’d have to disagree with you and I think you’ll hear me when I say this. What it DID, is it further convinced the American people that the Bush Administration was responsible for the infrastructure collapsing. It was a very blatant demonstration that we were not spending enough money on our own infrastructure. In my opinion ... that was probably what it was intended to do.

K: OK, what about the notion that Mike McConnell headed a coup that has already happened? If you will, sometime back earlier this year, actually. And that his faction is very much at war with the Bush side, the Nazis, and Dan Burisch is part of the, is behind the Mike McConnell side.

D: That’s pretty fascinating. I know that Burisch disappeared off the radar for several months, earlier this year, didn’t he?

K: Right. And he’s been busy again, in case you don’t know that.

D: Right. I mean I haven’t spoken with him since, I guess, well, we spoke together at Cal Tech and that was in March, I think. I lectured with him about his genetic science.

K: It just, you know, because Benjamin talks about the white hats within the military that are actually working to change this timeline, as they call it.

D: Oh, I don’t doubt that for a minute.

K: This doesn’t go against what you’ve said.

D: No, it’s actually further positive news in the same direction, which is the people on the planet are tired of war and bullshit. We want to see people start to get along. We want to see the economy be good. We want to see less war, less terrorism and we can’t continue to fight amongst each other. How are we supposed to become a member of this galactic society if we can’t even clean our own house up?

You know there’s all these other people out there and they’re not very enlightened about ... they don’t ... they are enlightened, but they’re not very keen on the idea of us joining them right now, because all we want to do is blow people up and think everybody’s a terrorist. So we need this kind of separation and conflict mentality to fall apart, and I think the manifestation of Sarah Palin was a BAD mistake on McCain’s part. Because what it’s done is, it’s basically him telling the whole country, If you’re not a fundamentalist Christian, F you, we don’t need your vote. We don’t even care.

She is as far right and pro, you know, you can’t even have an abortion if you’re raped by your own father when you’re 14 years old. I mean it’s ridiculous. Nobody wants to go with that stuff. You know and what we’re seeing, there was a brilliant article by Deepak Chopra on Huffington Post where he was basically describing the battle between the lower self and the higher self that’s playing itself out in politics where Palin’s perspective, the fundamentalist perspective, is all about my country, right or wrong.

That was the old Viet Nam motto. You know, it doesn’t matter whether we screwed up, it doesn’t matter whether we’re wrong, you know. God bless America. That’s what they all started saying right after 911. They didn’t say God bless humanity or God bless the world; they said God bless our country. To try to rally everyone around the flag and nationalism rather than, Hey, if we can figure out why these people are so upset, then maybe they wouldn’t want to blow us up anymore.

And in fact, I have an article here from Newsweek. This is June 2nd, 2008, and it’s written by a Muslim; his name is Fareed Zakaria, and the title of the article is: The Only Thing We Have to Fear. And what he actually demonstrates here is that the actual amount of terrorism that’s happening in the world has substantially decreased. However, our controlled media is cooking the books by using the war deaths in Iraq, calling all those deaths terrorism deaths. When in fact, it says here the number of Islamist attacks has actually declined 65% from its high point in 2004. Fatalities from such attacks have declined by 90%.

So the Iraq deaths account for 80% of all the terrorism deaths that are being counted. So what’s happening is, in fact, fewer and fewer people are committing these atrocities. Fewer and fewer deaths are happening from terrorism. The world is actually getting safer and the only place where it’s still really messed up is in Iraq, where we’re trying to occupy this country. So, the whole idea that we’re in this dangerous world and that there’s all these rabid fundamentalists out there, that are trying to kill us, is becoming less and less true.

Even the people who would be inclined to want to join these rabid fundamentalist groups are not doing it. They’re veering away from it, because everybody wants to see the planet move to peace. Nobody wants to see this crap happen anymore. And these guys who would have been terrorists are now seeing, hey, if I were to successfully attack America all it’s going to do is give them an excuse to seize more power, declare Martial Law, try to throw people into camps -- and all this ridiculous Nazi-fantasy stuff that I highly doubt will ever happen. And I think that, no matter what happens in this election, we win.

And by “WE”, I mean people who desire to have freedom and desire to stay alive and be unmolested. If McCain steals the election by some sort of voting voodoo using the Diebold voting machines, whatever, that STILL will lead to the same outcome, which is it would be the catalyst to finally mobilize the public to no longer put up with this ridiculous stuff that’s been going on.

Plus you have Fulford saying they’ve narrowed it down to, like, 50 guys now, that either needs to be captured or killed. And by knocking out these 50 guys, you basically solve the problem. And I think what they’re trying to do now is to capture them, rather than kill them. But the point being that they need to stand trial or, at least, maybe they won’t even have to have that to happen.

One of Fulford’s deals was just stop what you’re doing, let go of the control, we’ll let you go back to your palaces and your mansions, but you just can’t mess with the world anymore. And you know that kind of amnesty might be what’s required to get this thing to work. I don’t know.

But what I’m saying is, the rest of the world is not going to put up with it. Everybody’s waiting for the election. Regardless of how the election turns out, things are going to be very different after that, because they’re not going to be allowed to do this anymore. And again, the reason why, in my opinion, the crop circles are flagging August 16th is that’s when Russia basically got all these documents that they WILL use -- if McCain steals the election in particular -- to basically bring the whole thing down.

Plus, there was one thing I forgot to say. Let me just say this, it’s a little side note. Now that they don’t have the Looking Glass, they can’t see the future anymore. They can’t predict what’s going happen. That’s why they lost to Russia and Georgia, because they did not have the technology anymore to see the future. They didn’t know that Russia was going to blitzkrieg them like that. They didn’t see that McCain was going pull an end-run on them and declare somebody his nominee that they’d never vetted. Both of these things are SUBSTANTIAL attacks that would have been prevented if they still had the Looking Glass operational, but they don’t. And again, I find it very intriguing what you’re saying that there’s even a coup within the American house itself, where McConnell is now leading the factions trying to stop this stuff also.

K: OK, David I have to say that there IS a problem with the overall thing here in regard to the Rothschilds being, as Benjamin would say, in a sense, the good guys in this scenario.

D: Oh, I did NOT say that at all and, if you heard that, you misheard me.

K: OK, well in the sense that they are not the rabid Nazis that the faction that came over to the U.S.

D: No, I disagree, so we’re probably on the same page, but go ahead.

K: Right, right. Well let me say what I have to say here. We have this insider named “Hawkeye” and you may have read his material. What he talks about, he calls them the Roths ...

D: OK, right ...

K: ... all the time and, basically, he is the Roths’ boy in the sense that he is coming to us as a whistleblower but, at the same time, he is doing their bidding and he is saying, he has said – and, you know, you can read it on our blog where we put most of his posts -- he is, in essence, saying that it’s the Rothschilds’ agenda to bring down the United States government. To bring down the United States and put it under the Rothschilds once and for all.

D: Absolutely, that’s the whole plan.

K: And that the concentration camps and the very dark side of what may come down is BECAUSE of the Rothschilds and that IS their agenda as well.

D: I would probably agree insofar as the Rockefeller faction is less likely to actually want to throw people in camps. They do want the power, but, in general, they try to paint themselves as the more pleasing of the two societies, less inclined to try to go in this evil direction. They basically try to justify what they’re doing as that they’re fighting this menace, which is on the Rothschild side.

Now, in order to more fully explore what you’ve now brought up, we have to get into the fact that, essentially, both sides of this equation, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, have gone bankrupt. And when you go back to the Svali materials, she, in my opinion, is the most thoroughly documented Illuminati whistleblower ever to come forward. She has two complete books worth of material that she published. She also has a whole series of articles that she published and they are very specific and very detailed.

Now, she actually outlines how the Rothschild side makes its money. And it goes into pharmaceuticals; it goes into illegal gun trade; it goes into human trafficking; it goes into the drug trade; it goes into big media, like Hollywood; big music, like the music industry, particularly, apparently, country music is one of the most heavily-compromised industries within this business.

There’re several key elements. So essentially, the Rothschild side is heavily invested in the media and in the pharmaceuticals and in the illicit weapons trade. Well you just heard me read you a statistic that shows that the demand for these illicit weapons is plummeted by 74%. Much fewer of these attacks are happening, so that trade is falling apart. The drug trade is actually falling apart. More and more people are cleaning up. Business is not what it used to be. The pharmaceutical industry is in terrible trouble. So, Hollywood is collapsing. This past weekend was the worst sales they’ve had since, I believe, 2004 for that particular weekend. The music industry has completely collapsed because of illegal downloading.

The controlled press with the newspapers is collapsed, because of things like Craig’s List. The television is collapsed, essentially, because of streaming video like YouTube and what we’ve done together. So what you’re seeing again, fundamentally, is the whole economy is shifting away from centralized power making huge profits and towards decentralized power, in which true economic growth can occur, because it’s much more evenly balanced.

And so that’s why, again, in my opinion, and from what I’ve been shown from my own guidance, for what it’s worth, there’s a 2-step process that’s happening here. Step 1 is the collapse of the Rockefeller side. Step 2 is the collapse of the Rothschild side. The step one needs to happen first, because these guys have the most potential to do the greatest damage right now. Step 2, I don’t think is far behind. And I do believe that, like with Fulford’s faction, and just with the dawning public awareness, their plans will not work.

Because if you actually get into what the Rothschild side wants: first of all, they are devotedly Luciferian, which is essentially Satanic. They want a New World Order where they are seen as gods and liberators. They want us to ACCEPT them that way. They want to create a global economic collapse, which is their script that, by creating this collapse first, that they will then be seen as our rescuers. And in so rescuing us they will basically come out of the closet, say here’s who we are, here’s what we’re doing.

These are your leaders, these 13 families which are at the head of the thing. And we want to be, you know, we want to be your benevolent gods on the planet. And it’s like they’re so wrapped up in their own cult that they don’t realize - everyone who’s not a part of it - it’s a complete fantasy.

Nobody’s going to want to go along with it. Even though they’ve created so many movies that promote their agenda -- and one of the all time best movies, which is not a very good movie, entertainment-wise, but one of the most blatant movies they ever made, was Daredevil, with Ben Affleck. That movie is an Illuminati handbook from the 1st frame to the last frame, every single shot.

K: Eyes Wide Shut is another paramount example.

D: Oh, absolutely. That was where Kubrick was trying to blow the whistle and come out with all sorts of information to sort of show what was going on. But again, it’s probably the case of, you know, one group against another kind of thing. So no, in no way would I ever want to be seen to be overtly supporting the Rothschild faction as in any way benevolent or the good guys.

All I’m saying is that it appears that what’s happening right now is that, for a short time, they will appear to win. They will appear to pull into the lead and bring down the Rockefeller faction. But they also are very weak. They also have lost strength of their own membership; their own members want to get out badly. Most of the people in this group are not there by choice, but they’re there because they were born into it. And if they tried to escape, they would be killed. And they don’t like it.

And I think your friend, Hawkeye, is just one of many examples. In this case somebody who’s very high ranking, apparently, from what you’re telling me, who still is, like, betraying his own so-called family, because he doesn’t want to be involved in this thing either. It may appear that I’m coming at this from a sort of Pollyanna, glass-half-full perspective. And I can hear people that want to say that to me. And that’s ok.

All I’m saying is that part of what informs my opinion is a very reliable and consistent intuitive track record in which I have been given extensive information on the Rothschild faction. In fact, I’ve studied them intuitively a lot more than the Rockefeller side. The Rockefeller side is... a lot of that I’ve learned from actually talking to people who are in it.

Whereas the Rothschild side, I got to talk Svali a little bit, but most of it has come from dedicated research and also intuitive viewing, which then has been borne out in terms of the changes in the economy that we’re seeing. So I do feel that the planet is moving in a positive direction. I do feel that these groups are being exposed. And that part of what’s happening at this time in humanity is a mass awakening in which people are learning about this stuff. And from knowledge comes a healing -- because you can only sustain a conspiracy for so long.

The Cosa Nostra [ La Cosa Nostra ] was, you know, the Italian mafia, used to be a secret society. It all fell apart and now everybody make movies about it. And I think what you’re going to see with all these secret factions are the same thing. The internet has basically brought them down already. I mean everybody knows what’s going on. It’s amazing that these guys, as Fulford has said, haven’t already been dragged into the streets.

And so any of these groups that are basically anti life. That are trying to genocide the planet to reduce population, for whatever reason they feel they need to. All that stuff is unraveling. And again, some people might want to call me naïve but when you have something happen like, hey go read page a hundred in book III, and you find out that, on that exact day, it’s been 720 cycles of 18 days since you were born. It’s one of those consistent exclamation points that I keep getting to show me that I’m on the right track, that my information is reliable. So, there you have it. [Laughs]

K: OK, David, thank you so much. Bill, did you have any other questions?

B: I’ve got a bunch and I’m sure, Kerry, you have, too; but this is actually a 2 hour conversation -- my feeling is it’s not actually appropriate to take it in a whole host of different directions, because we easily all could and we could have a barrel of fun doing it.

K: Yeah. Absolutely

B: But this feels like a very concise presentation which will help people’s understanding -- like as an understanding aid to help interpret a lot of the events which have been happening and which may happen in the immediate future -- which is what a lot of our listeners will appreciate this for. And it seems like this recording has worked pretty well. It would be fun to do it another time David, if your ever interested in having another conversation. We’ve got a lot of questions stored up and you’ve probably got a lot more stored up to say. What do you think?

D: It’s sort of regrettable in one sense that there IS SO much exposition required to just establish the basic discussion as I’ve now done, in terms of all this different research that’s come together from so many different sources. And I agree that you must have hundreds and hundreds of questions coming out of all this. What I can say is, as you guys already know, unfortunately, our paths are not crossing favorably, because I’m leaving on Thursday for 2 weeks. I’ll be back on the 25th of September.

I’m working in the studio on a vocal music album called Wanderer Awakening, but after that time, I would be more than happy to continue this discussion. And, by then, you probably will have a whole litany of questions from your discussion forum of people wanting to know more about this or that or the other. And I also have said to you guys that I’d like to be put in touch with Benjamin Fulford, if possible, because I think some of the things he’s talked about in terms of how the world is changing in a positive direction dovetail nicely with what I know and I think he’d be interested to hear what I have to say on that stuff. So I hope that will happen. I also, of course, speak a little Japanese and used to have a Japanese girlfriend, so there’re some interesting crossovers there.

K: We’ll definitely put you in touch with Benjamin, that’s not a problem at all. The only thing I want to say here, David, is that, unlike what Bill is saying in terms of questions, I think what we would have are alternate points of view, things to add and to get into things a little deeper, you know, from differing points of view. I think that’s what we would bring to the table. I appreciate that you’re happy to do that as well.

And there’re so many others like us doing the same thing right now and that’s part of the wonderful puzzle that we’ve got going on here, that there are people coming forward, truth tellers -- people putting themselves on the line to tell the truth and this is what makes your research possible and actually Project Camelot possible. And so we’ll do this again soon.

D: Yeah, and I just again want to say “thank you” for creating a platform in which people who have something to share like myself can come forward and be able to give their perspective and be heard. Of course I do that on my own website and I also have consistently been gratified by the efforts that you guys have made to seek out these witnesses and interview them. I think you’ve done a great job and I’m glad to continue to share my perspective with you so sometime after September 25th, when I get back from my studio work on the album we’ll continue the conversation. I look forward to it.

K: Great. Take care, David. Thanks a lot.

D: Thank you guys so much. It’s been a great pleasure.



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