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Ann Livingston made her living as an accountant, but she was also an abductee and a MUFON investigator and had published an article entitled "Electronic Harassment and Alien Abductions" in the November 1993 MUFON Journal. The article was highly critical of Julianne McKinney, director of the Electronic Surveillance Project of the Association of National Security Alumni; McKinney discounts UFO phenomena, believing that what passes for such is most often one kind of governmental ploy or another, whether in the form of experimental machinery or experimental psychology.

Some facts which seem relevant to the case stand out. At 7:15 am, December 29, 1992, Livingston's apartment close to O'Hare airport, in Chicago, Illinois, was lit up brightly by a silver-white flash. She was accosted later in the day while in her apartment parking lot by 5 MIBs (Men in Black) which she described as being almost faceless and carrying long, flashlight-like black objects. She was rendered unconscious. It is not known what may have been done to her at this time, or why. Like investigative radio host Mae Brussell and author Karla Turner, Livingston died in early 1994 of a fast-acting form of ovarian cancer.