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John Hadley was a UFO investigator who worked closely with the author, researcher and broadcaster Sean David Morton. They spent a lot of time together on the land surrounding Area 51, where they shared some extraordinary experiences, just one of which was the clear sighting at close quarters of an extremely large exotic craft. The full story of what they witnessed on one memorable trip, in the summer of 1992, can be found here.

What subsequently happened is best told in Sean David Morton's own words:

My friend John Hadley would be dead two years later. He had seen his dad through a long protracted death of cancer, and had inherited $250,000. “I finally have the time, the money and the resources to blow the lid off this thing once and for all!” he told me. He had bought equipment and a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee for our future expeditions.

The story goes that at 1:45 pm John was washing his brand new Jeep and went back into his apartment, which was a Sacramento quad style that shared a staircase with three other apartments, and blew his brains out. No one heard a shot and his body wasn’t found for a week later. There was no serious inquiry into his death. He was my friend and he was gone.