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Ron Rummel, ex-Air Force intelligence agent and publisher of the Alien Digest, died on August 6, 1993, having allegedly shot himself in the mouth with a pistol. Friends say, however, that no blood was found on the pistol barrel and the handle of the weapon was free of fingerprints. In addition, according to information now circulating, the suicide note left by the deceased was written by a left-handed person. Rummel was right-handed. Perspiration on the body smelled like sodium pentothal, or so it is alleged.

The Alien Digest ran to seven limited issues, all now very hard to acquire. One thing is certain: Rummel's magazine was touching on sensitive and unpalatable issues such as the predator/prey aspect of the alien/human relationship, and the use of humans as food and recyclable body parts. It is worthy of note that one of Rummel's friends was Phil Schneider, and the two had been collaborating.

The first four issues of Alien Digest are available here:

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