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New Releases:

The following video interviews are being edited and will be released soon...

From Kerry:

Interviews with:

Dolores Cannon

Bob Dean III: an update

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Andy Lloyd

Janis Sharp (Gary McKinnon's mother)

Michael Schratt

New releases coming soon!

From Bill:

Klaus Dona II

Jane Burgermeister II

Jim Humble II

Latest release:

Project Stargate: An interview with Aaron McCollum, a third generation supersoldier/psychic warrior from the same MKUltra program as Duncan O'Finioan.

Aaron reveals what he feels is happening in the Gulf of Aden and tells a bit about his own history with the U.S. Coast Guard and his involvement in false-flag top secret missions and special assignments for the secret government.

20 February 2010


The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Bill Ryan's Presentation

19 February 2010


The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Witness Audio Interview

Cynthia Crawford: Contactees' Workshop

18 February 2010


Bill Ryan interviewed by Freedom Central

Camelot Conference in LA - Dr. Alfred Webre

Camelot Conference in LA - Marcia Schafer

17 February 2010


Camelot Conference in LA - Miriam Delicado

5 February 2010


Jordan Maxwell: The Takeover of Planet Earth

3 February 2010


Aaron McCollum

Patrick Geryl: The World Cataclysm in 2012

27 January 2010


Camelot Conference in LA - David Wilcock

24 January 2010


Camelot Conference in LA - Bob Dean

Camelot Conference in LA - Richard Dolan

Futuretalk 5: Bob Dean, Henry Deacon, Alfred Webre

23 January 2010


Jane Bürgermeister: David and Goliath

22 January 2010


Camelot Conference in LA - Alex Collier

20 January 2010


Camelot Conference in LA - Jordan Maxwell

Camelot Conference in LA - Duncan O'Finioan/David Corso

Dr. Pete Peterson - Part 2 - David Wilcock

Dr. Pete Peterson - Part 3 - Kerry Cassidy

18 January 2010

Click here for an hour and a half of fascinating conversation a few days ago with Dr Bill Deagle on his radio show, The Nutrimedical Report. Kerry announced two new forthcoming whistleblower interviews - and the three of us discussed stargates, the supersoldier program, and the cosmological and metaphysical Big Picture. Enjoy...

14 January 2010


Dr. Pete Peterson - Part 1 - Bill Ryan

13 January 2010


The current large backlog of interview transcripts is being cleared, and all will be published in the near future. The following are newly available:

Miriam Delicado: A Message

Dr. Leonard Horowitz: Emerging Viruses

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy interviewed by Arjan Bos

Zurich Conference: Brian O'Leary's presentation on Free Energy
-- joined by Henry Deacon

Barcelona Exopolitics Speakers Panel on Disclosure - Part 1 of 2

Barcelona Exopolitics Speakers Panel on Disclosure - Part 2 of 2

Rafael Palacios interviews Henry Deacon

Bob Dean at the Exopolitics Summit Press Conference, Barcelona

Erich von Däniken

21 December 2009

Bill Ryan's personal interview with Freedom Central is now available as one single YouTube video - also downloadable here as an MP4 or here an audio MP3. This two hour video is all about his spiritual overview, life and personal experiences, whether all ETs are benevolent and how would we know, the Anunnaki, the Reptilians, Disclosure, who's running this planet and what to do about it, the significant personal problems faced by whistleblowers, issues with the provenance of information, the Big Picture, and absolutely everything, and more, that Project Camelot stands for.

The original interview was shot by Rich and Melani from Freedom Central in Brussels (with both Kerry and myself on camera) on 10 October, but their videotapes - together with Mel's laptop - were stolen in highly strange circumstances two days later. So the interview was lost. Mel subsequently met me (Bill) to re-record the interview, but by then Kerry had returned to California. Her turn will come...

14 December 2009

There have been some reported errors with our link to Walter Bowart's classic book Operation Mind Control (see 2 December below). Click here or here to download - these links do work at the time of this update.

13 December 2009

Links to our interview with Rayelan Allan from Rumor Mill Radio (see below) now fixed. The previous link required a subscription. It's now free of charge, uploaded to our own server. Our thanks to Rayelan for making this available to all.

12 December 2009

On 27 November we were interviewed by Rayelan Allan from Rumor Mill Radio. It's hard to find, so we've added the link here. It runs for three hours, is really quite good, and covers a great deal of interesting ground.

7 December 2009

The header to this page has been redesigned with the addition of a much-requested How to use the Project Camelot website section.

The new witness collage has been most generously created gratis by our friend Paul Bondarovski, the multi-talented editor of the excellent Dot Connector magazine.

2 December 2009

Those of you who've already listened to the marvelous audio interview with James Martinez about the life and work of Walter Bowart, the author of Operation Mind Control [click here or here to download], will recall that I referenced the synopsis of an unpublished book that James believes was completed (proposed title: The War of this World) but is in the possession of his family. The outline is entitled The Invisible Third World War and came into my hands in 1990. It runs to 8,000 words and is fascinating, condensed material, well worth reading in its own right. Click here to download, or here to read online.

1 December 2009

Click here for the new audio interview (see 30 November opposite) with James Martinez, colleague and close confidant of Walter Bowart, the author of the seminal and definitive 1978 book Operation Mind Control who died two years ago. We recommend this interview very highly - inspiring, enlightening, and above all about the human spirit.

29 November 2009

We now have a transcript for the 20 November phone interview with Benjamin Fulford [see below]. This may be useful to many, as the audio quality was poor.

We also have a number of important transcripts almost completed which only need checking before posting: those include our major interviews with Dr Pete Peterson and Dr Steven Greer. We're working on those and will upload them as soon as possible. We have quite a backlog at the moment, and we apologize for the delay. All new transcripts will be announced in this column when published.

21 November 2009

Click here for an impromptu phone update with Benjamin Fulford. I, Kerry, reached him very late at night my time (12 am) and took the opportunity to get his take on the global economic situation among other things. Our conversation began with the following Skype text exchange, where I posted some info we had received and asked Benjamin for his response. He got back to me right away and then agreed to do a quick interview. Note: We apologize for the audio quality... there was a lot of interference during the call.

Introductory Skype conversation:

[11/20/09 2:07:05 AM] Kerry Cassidy: we read the following:

"I do not normally pass on rumors or hearsay, but a very good personal friend's uncle is a Deputy Economic Advisor to Obama as well as a Professor at a prestigious Eastern School. He was called into a private meeting last week with the President. They were told, I quote, the Following: "Between now and Jan 1st 70 more big banks will fail and 70% of Retail Companies will be Bankrupt. The President will allow them to make as much as they can for the Christmas Holidays then Jan 15 there will be a Bank Holiday and their new currency will be issued with a devaluation of 6 to 10 to 1. "I believe this is why they are trying to keep the market and dollar up now with their lies on all the News outlets. Set up the people to steal every last penny they can get. Martial Law cannot be too far behind. Get your money out of banks and into physical Gold and silver. I recommend 60% gold 40% silver, food, foundation seed, gun ammo generators... etc. If you cannot eat, drink it, wear it, live in it, raise food on it, do not invest in it. If you have stocks, bonds 401K IRA, take the penalty and put it in what I just said."

Benjamin Fulford: That jives with what I am hearing from multiple high-level sources. Please pass on to your Pentagon and agency connections that once the Federal Reserve Board is bankrupt, serious money will be made available for the constitutional US government. Martial law and a 90% devaluation is a much worse choice than announcing a return to the constitution. The American people are not liable for the over $100 trillion in Fed debt if the Fed goes bankrupt. We can do an interview right now if you want.
Kerry Cassidy: OK, great, hold on one minute
Kerry Cassidy: OK, calling you...

Note: We would appreciate a written transcription of this audio from any of our transcription team as soon as possible due to the difficult audio quality.

Two new videos released:

Project Camelot in Amsterdam (1 August, but a good presentation by us both - and still very relevant):

Gabriele Stähler interviewed at the 10-11 October Brussels Conference by Bill Ryan on Vitamin D3 - a natural and powerful antiviral. This video talks you through everything you need to know about this often overlooked natural boost to our immune system: a lot of information here. Also relevant... (click here to contact Gabriele about D3)

18 November 2009

Click here for the long-awaited audio interview with Clay and Shawn Pickering: now honed to three and a half hours, but which still can only be described as epic. Please see our update below for the full initial report.

To whet your appetites, and to help you decide whether to listen to the whole interview, click here for a three minute segment in which Shawn and Clay vividly describe a reptilian species, one of two which their US Navy source has been interfacing with directly and personally as part of a highly classified program which is planned to lead - sometime and somehow - to full Disclosure. Enjoy!

16 November 2009

Click here for the comprehensive new interview with Dr Bill Deagle (94 minutes). Listen to the end... it really does go all over the universe: Swine Flu, 2012, Underground Bases, Earth Changes, the Illuminati, the Anunnaki, Iraq, Iran and more. Fascinating and important material. Highly recommended and not to be missed.

27 October 2009 - update

Click here for a new page featuring the eight new Camelot video interviews from the 10-11 October Brussels Conference (see below).

27 October 2009

At the recent 10-11 October Brussels Groundcrew Conference, we were privileged to talk with Gerald Celente, Ed Mitchell, Stan Deyo, Matthew Stein, Lloyd Pye - and again to Jane Bürgermeister and George Green - all by remote videolink. These interviews are each archived on Ustream, although video quality is not the best, and some of them are hard to find: we will be posting all the links on a new page soon.

The interview with Gerald Celente - editor of Trends Journal - is particularly passionate, energetic and entertaining. We have extracted the audio, which is available here (35 minutes). For a 5 minute extract (well worth listening to in its own right), click here.

The audio of the other interviews will be published here over the next few days. Enjoy.

26 October 2009

Click here for Miriam Delicado's LA Conference presentation:

We have added a tribute page for the highly respected British UFO investigator Tony Dodd, who died earlier this year. Two years ago he contacted Project Camelot with information that was so "hot" that he felt he could not put his name to it, but encouraged us to publish it - warning that it could be dangerous to do so. Click here to read the report, published under the pseudonym John Robie.

7 October 2009

Our radio show archives have now been [mostly] cleaned up of the commercial breaks - and are all available for free download on our Audio Interviews page.

The quality is highly variable, ranging from unintentional (sometimes very funny) comedy to high quality on-the-spot information, with some marvelous contributions from our guests. Some interviews were extremely good - including (but not limited to) Bill Deagle, Miriam Delicado, Richard Dolan, James Gilliland, Len Horowitz, George LoBuono, Richard Sauder, Michael Tellinger, and David Wilcock. The discussion we had about the Steven Greer video - where I (Bill) interviewed Kerry - was also a very good show, and may be valuable/helpful for some to hear if they've not already done so. Enjoy!

Bob Dean's LA Conference presentation - in which he again presents and comments on classified NASA images, and is as inspiring, dignified, and entertaining as ever - is now edited and uploaded. Next up will be David Wilcock, and within 24 hours we'll be releasing our interviews with Patrick Geryl [this one only after some consideration: see 5 October opposite] and Dr Paul LaViolette - soon followed by Jordan Maxwell's epic interview. Please be patient: as can be seen, we've been working round the clock to handle the backlog before we travel to speak at the Brussels Conference this weekend.

6 October 2009

Click here for a 22 minute audio interview with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, recorded by radio host Rebecca Jernigan at the close of the recent Los Angeles Conference. Bill and Kerry talk with Rebecca about the conference itself, the magical process behind the scenes, the growth of Project Camelot, the groundswell of public activism and involvement - and where it may all be going. This wonderful little interview is energetic, animated, and a great deal of fun - and we can't recommend it too highly.

5 October 2009

Rich Dolan's LA Conference presentation - on his outstanding book UFOs and the National Security State - is now edited and uploaded.

4 October 2009

Click here for Duncan O'Finioan and David Corso's powerful presentation at the Los Angeles Conference. Duncan can be contacted through his new website here. He and we are aware [see also his 13 April 2009 audio interview here] that there are many hundreds - if not thousands - of others who have been the unwilling victims of the same or similar programs, and Duncan and other colleagues are gathering together a substantial support group. We encourage and support you to contact Duncan personally if you feel you may have something to contribute, or to discover about your own military past which for some reason you cannot remember.

3 October 2009

Click here for a new page that will feature all the videos from the 19-20 September Los Angeles Conference in high quality. First up are Alex Collier and Jordan Maxwell. Duncan O'Finioan will follow within 24 hours, and more will be uploaded over the next week.

21 September 2009

Project Camelot has just received its ten millionth visitor. The major milestone came within hours of the end of the Los Angeles conference.

10 September 2009

Click here for a Futuretalk with Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann), Bob Dean, Alfred Webre, and Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot - recorded at the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit on 26 July.

There is a destiny for the human race in the stars...

--Bob Dean

4 September 2009

"We really need to step things up. We need to step things up as a community. We need to step things up in unity - and make our voices a lot stronger than they have been."

Click here for this 20 minute video message from Miriam Delicado recorded by Kerry Cassidy on 21 August, a few days after Miriam's auto accident (from which she has recovered well).

3 September 2009

Click here for a short video interview done by Kerry Cassidy with Dr Len Horowitz, when he spoke with Dr Masaru Emoto at the Live H2O event at Laguna Beach in June.

31 August 2009

Click here for a transcript of Bob dean's Barcelona presentation, which includes links to high-resolution images of all the NASA photos that Bob revealed, and at the end of which Henry Deacon joined Bob on stage to confirm the existence of the Mars base. We encourage you to watch the video to get the true impact of this historical event...Bob Dean at the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit.

For visitors unfamiliar with the Henry Deacon material, one option is to click here for the video conversation with David Wilcock - Jumproom to Mars : highly recommended. Henry has since explained that this device is actually known as The Corridor, and resembles a large goods elevator.

30 August 2009 - update

Click here for a transcript of Bill Ryan's keynote presentation at the Zurich Conference. The alternating German translation is edited out, and the result is a smooth, continuous (and sometimes humorous) account of Project Camelot's view of the state of the human race in 2009. It makes for a good read, and we recommend it.




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A New Release by Jordan Maxwell






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--31 December 2008

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State of the Planet
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9 March 2010

On Camelot Whistleblower Radio this Thursday I will have as my guest, Miriam Delicado. She will be talking about her recent trip to Columbia and earth changes as well as plans for the Great Gathering...

This radio show will be the last in this series and will be on hold for an undermined time to evaluate other formats and venues.

• Once the Portal is online new releases will soon follow...

5 March 2010

Our Camelot Portal is delayed for a few days to get some minor details worked out. Stay tuned.. it's looking great!

Once it is online it will be located at the same url as the current site.

3 March 2010

This site will become part of the overall Project Camelot Portal to be released in the next few days.

The current Project Camelot site with the URL will become the CAMELOT LIBRARY and no further changes or additions will be made with the exception of translations and transcriptions of the existing work. All further updates will take place on our individual blogs to be located on our linked sites as part of the PORTAL. The new releases will show up on the Portal and on our respective pages.

Please be patient while we arrange our site to enable this transition.

We are dividing our site into three major sections:

1. Camelot Library - the archived original site you see here.

2. Bill's site

3. Kerry's site

In addition you will also find navigation to the Project Light Warrior website as well as the Avalon forum.

This change will allow us to continue our work and divergent explorations into the nature of consciousness and reality. All whistleblower, experiencer and researcher interviews from here on will appear on the Portal and our individual pages depending on who produced them.

We appreciate all the support and love people have shown over the course of our years in operation.


4 March 2010

Our Camelot Portal will go LIVE sometime tonight...

Project Camelot Portal:

the Portal will contain all the links below.. so if you want to just bookmark one location this is the link to use:

Some other links you should bookmark:

Kerry's site:

Bill's site & the Avalon Forum:

Project Camelot Library (this site):

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Special note on Donations:

Since we will now be moving into our own investigations as mentioned in the Camelot in Transition message above... all donations will go either to Bill or to me and not into a joint account once the Portal is active. A joint page with links to each of us will be found on the Portal and links to that page will soon be found throughout this site... for anyone wishing to contribute to our work.

3 March 2010

You may know by now that I have zero tolerance for hoaxers, infiltrators, or people knowingly presenting Kerry, myself or anyone else with bad information.

Click here:

To see an imposter channel set up to promote the claims of Jonathan Reed.

Our name, logo and profile have all been hijacked.

THIS IS NOT THE PROJECT CAMELOT CHANNEL. The real Camelot channel is jagbodhi:

I've registered a formal complaint to YouTube. Please do the same here.

After it disappears, click here to see the archived page:


Spread this far and wide. This has been going on for WAY too long.

I don't know if the perpetrator was Jonathan Reed himself. It's likely that it was him or someone close to him. I've been personally sure for a long time that the Reed story is a hoax and this is further very strong evidence of this.


 28 February 2010

The Camelot Portal is being designed to encompass all sites and will go online shortly.

Camelot Radio from Feb 25th now available for free here. Part two, is Dr. John Waterman talking about the background to the Anglo-saxon Mission.

27 February 2010

Various items from Bill:

-- The Svali archives are back online at Click here. Note that a warning may be in order: this is disturbing material, about Illuminati ritual abuse and other allied subjects. It's heavy stuff.

-- There's a new torrent of all our video interviews from 2006 to the end of 2009. Click here.

-- I have video updates from Jane Bürgermeister, Jim Humble and Klaus Dona to edit and post. The interview we did with Igor Witkowski on the 'Nazi Bell' has been delayed due to data loss problems but should be released in a few weeks' time.

-- I'm editing a comprehensive audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle which confirms the reality of The Anglo-Saxon Mission and adds more to the background of the scenario. This will be released soonest.

-- The video commentary on the Anglo-Saxon Mission itself will be re-uploaded to YouTube next week. The Anglo-Saxon Mission will be made available on torrent once it has been re-edited.

-- Our volunteer translation team now numbers 190 people, and is still growing at a rapid rate. We salute you all - you're doing a heroic job to make Project Camelot a major international resource. Your hard work is critically important.

-- To assist in your language, please contact John, the translation team co-ordinator, here. Please note that this is not the same John as Kerry referenced on 13 and 15 February below, 'the distinguished Aussie with the cane', whose Facebook page - which I'd not seen before Kerry posted it - publicly states that his friends include Gordon Brown, Hugo Chavez and the Sultan of Brunei, and that he is a supporter of the Likud Party. (If you suspect that I may be making a subtle point here, I am.)

-- Project Avalon, which for the last year has existed only as the Avalon and Camelot Forum, is going to be extensively re-designed as a major new information and inspiration portal, a proud sister site to Project Camelot embodying all our ideals, values and mission as originally envisioned and stated, and which I personally pledge will remain free from interference, infiltration or commercialization.

-- I'd like to ask for the generous donation of a YouTube channel with an old-style Director's account: the kind which allows for unlimited lengths of video to be posted. The suggestion comes from a sponsor who is willing to make a substantial donation to someone who may be in a position to offer support in this way. Please contact me about this at Very many thanks.


 25 February 2010

Just posted to our audio files, Camelot Radio from February 18th with my guest, Dr. John Hall.. This is an excellent show on mind control and satellite surveillance.

Tonight's radio show with impromptu guests Dr. John Waterman and Rebecca Jernigan covers current interviews and a fascinating discussion on the changing paradigm with Rebecca. The 2nd hour covers some very timely background information to the Anglo-Saxon mission from Dr. John Waterman. To be posted soon!

Anyone interested in submitting music for use in Camelot videos --please feel free to write to us at with the words Free Music in the subject line. Please include links to music.

I, Kerry, just returned from the Laughlin UFO Congress where I interviewed Dolores Cannon and Bob Dean. Bob has revealed more crucial info that substantiates the testimonies of Jake Simpson and Henry Deacon... I have a long list of recent interviews to edit so please be patient. They will be released as quickly as possible.

 20 February 2010

I apologize for the inconvenience, but the Anglo-Saxon Mission video and audio has been taken down to remove the use of certain music due to copyright law.

Bill will re-edit it and release it again as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

CLICK HERE for a written transcript of Bill's commentary on the Anglo-Saxon Mission.


 18 February 2010

A major new video:

Click here for the full story of the Anglo-Saxon Mission. If this information is valid, it may be the most important presentation we have ever made.

A personal note from Bill about the Heather Anderson affair:

The document that Kerry made available for public scrutiny is a poor one, written by someone with an educational level inconsistent with that required of an insider scientist of any description.

On the Project Avalon Forum, Heather refers to herself as "Dr Anderson", and another member (Marco) who claims he knew her, refers to her as an MD (i.e. a medical doctor). I very, very much doubt that this is true.

Identical repeated typos - e.g. SOLIDER for 'soldier' - occur in Ben Murphy's writing. Ben Murphy is the Project Avalon member, named in the published PDF, who claims that Heather was a real person whom he knew, and who, frightened and on the run, stayed with him and his wife for a while.

E-mails from both Ben and Heather have identical IP addresses. However, Ben explains this by saying that all Heather's messages were dictated by her to him. He also states that this is the reason the same dyslexic mistakes (SOLIDER, etc) occur in both his writing and hers.

When all the above became clear, I accused Ben of hoaxing the material, and banned him from the Project Avalon forum. I apologize to him here as there was not enough evidence - and more on the subject of evidence follows below - to justify a definite ban as a hoaxer.

I was angry that Camelot was being played. Indeed, Heather does seem to have been a real person. Camelot may indeed be being played, but not by Ben. A number of people are working quite hard on getting to the bottom of this little tangle on the grounds that it's just possible that what emerges might be important and valuable. For instance, we've recently heard that Heather is not dead after all, but has recently sent a message stating that she is in Strasbourg.

In the meantime, my strong personal opinion is that this is a waste of Camelot's time, and that we should focus on real whistleblowers (and real people) with provenance who are able to produce compelling evidence to support their claims. It's unfortunate that any of this reached the public. At best, it's a distraction. At worst, this is a sting operation against Project Camelot with the intention of discrediting our research.

In my view, those following our work expect us to apply intelligent due diligence to cross-check information that comes our way before publication. Also in my view, we have a duty of responsibility as gatekeepers, respected and followed by tens of thousands of people worldwide, to check the provenance of the information we record and report as carefully as possible while working in an arena which is awash with accidental and deliberate disinformation. It's my personal commitment to do good, solid research while remaining open to genuinely new and startling information - because the universe, as Sir Arthur Eddington famously stated, is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.

It's easy to make mistakes, or to be fooled by those with compelling cover stories and resources to back them up. I commend Kerry for her unstinting support for whistleblowers of every kind - and there are many kinds. We don't always get it right, and have both made mistakes. The nature of our work over the last three and a half years would have required one to be superhuman not to have been on a learning curve.

Our learning continues. We're pledged to share our journey with our readers and viewers. Kerry and I are united in our passion for the truth, and are both committed to giving our best to help the world become a better place through the free flow of information that has been withheld from the public by those who wish to control us for reasons of their own.


17 February 2010

Joomla Designers needed for Project Light Warrior and help with making Joomla part of Project Camelot as well. Interested parties contact:

Website designer for both front and back end development of Camelot Portal needed. Must have time to devote to this and able to work quickly and deliver on commitments. We do not have the funds to pay unfortunately. Interested parties contact:

 16 February 2010

Please help support this excellent magazine and subscribe NOW!! Without your immediate support this magazine will not survive. If you love the work we do you will resonate with the excellent articles of this magazine...


 15 February 2010

Funding needed:

Later this week I will be traveling to Laughin and stopping to visit friends and contacts to do another interview with a recent whistle blower as well as catch up with the speakers at Laughlin who may be willing to go before the camera. My recent very successful trip to Europe and now this are taking more funds than we currently have available in Camelot and so any additional donations would be sincerely appreciated.

TV Series interest:

We have had some serious interest in us and our work for a possible TV show. We will keep you posted if things progress...

Investor for Conferences Needed:

I am starting a new site: Project Camelot Productions for creating Camelot conferences worldwide. We have had invitations to do conferences from all over the world and would love to make this happen. Jack Burns who accompanied me on the interviews in Europe has agreed to come on board to head up this effort. Many of those attending this last weekend's Conscious Life Expo here in LA might have seen him wandering around getting to know the speakers and the public.. He's the distinguished Aussie with the cane... We are seeking an investor to make this possible. Interested parties should contact with the words CONFERENCE INVESTOR in the subject line.

Miriam Delicado is back from her travels to Columbia where she connected with the indigenous people of the region in preparation for the Great Gathering. To learn more go to her website

Pamela Icke:

My dear friend Pamela had a very bad fall and is slowly recovering... Visit her lovely website and send her healing energy if you are so inclined.

Click here for a pdf of the 'Heather' Material with Bill's comments or Click here for a clean copy of the material.

13 February 2010 -- Update 2

Attached is the pdf file of the 'Heather' Material referenced below. This material is now in the public domain due to what we have been told is the death of Heather in a car accident. Due to the fact that this witness has been compromised and the material already sent to undisclosed and perhaps untrustworthy sources I am releasing this into the public domain. You decide its truth or falsity. --KERRY

Kerry's statement: Message to Marco and the way of Camelot

Reposted here for all those interested (click here for original post):

LETTER TO Marco and the WAY of Camelot,

Marco: Please feel free to contact me anytime. My skype name is 'snowjaguar'.

I do not share Bill Ryan's point of view on the Heather material or with regard to Ben. I am disappointed and astonished that Bill would publicly post regarding someone who has come to us as a whistle blower regardless of his view of the material. This is not how Camelot operates. It is not our mission.

We are not the judge and jury or the grand inquisitor... Although we vet our witnesses to whatever degree possible, considering the depth of the subject matter and the seriousness (by the way), what is MOST IMPORTANT is that the information gets out to the public so that they may decide what resonates and what does not. Getting the truth out in whatever form we find it is our mission.

As we move into 4th Density or the wave, determining what is true and what is not will become more and more difficult. If you are not already aware, records, badges and degrees can be falsified by the secret gov in whatever way they wish... Relying on old science and consensus reality will not reveal the true nature of what it means to be human. It never has and never will. This is only more true as we move out of this level.

We create our reality more and more as we own the fact of our ability to create. As creators reality becomes more and more malleable. Keep this in mind. You decide what you want to believe and what it is you know. The act of KNOWING is a psychic act. If you wish to know you must use more senses than the standard six. This much is obvious. You must go beyond the confines of what you have been told are your limits. The truth is, you have no limits. Our potential is unlimited. This is the greatest secret.

The Heather material rings true for me. However, this does not mean that all of it is accurate nor does it mean that everything Ben says is true. It means that I am listening and I will continue to listen. This is what matters.

Most of all, I listen to the heart. I wish to know first and foremost what the person's heart is saying to me. The rest may fluctuate. In Ben's case I listen to his heart.

Every whistleblower we have has spoken truths and untruths. In some cases they know they are lying (when they do so). In most cases they believe what they are telling us. This is the nature of what it means to be a whistleblower in THE MATRIX.... Nothing will contain all truth. Everything is subject to the laws of the matrix. To being bent and misconstrued by the nature of how we view 'through a glass darkly".... What is most true is that our perceptions are widening and deepening. We are learning more and more of what this reality is really made of... of the deceptions we have been party to... We have both been the deceiver and the deceived. Keep this in mind when listening to anyone let alone a whistleblower.

Whistleblowers are often complex, at one point or another mind controlled and manipulated. Is it so strange that their stories may contain inconsistencies? Not at all. But I digress. The bottom line here is that Whistleblowers who come to us to share their stories do so in trust that we will only release what they ask us to release. And that is an act of trust.

Camelot is in the midst of a site reorganization. Whereas, Bill Ryan and myself agree on many things, we do not see eye to eye on the above and other matters. In the coming days we will be revising our site to allow for us each to speak our minds in two blogs (instead of one) and two separate areas where we will continue to operate Camelot both together and apart. We will continue to work together but will also be investigating areas of our own special interests which in some cases the other person may not share. I have a great deal of love and respect for Bill Ryan. As we have grown over the years sharing the Camelot journey has often been a real adventure. Our differences have worked to maintain our balanced approach to this massively complex arena we are all a part of... It has now become necessary to expand our site to allow for the growing difference in our approach and views.

Please be patient with us as we redesign the larger site to allow for this to take place.

In the meantime, whistleblowers should contact us at or in order to maintain the integrity of our work.

Blessings to all and above all and I encourage you to listen to the wisdom in your hearts,

..."if you build it they will come"
Field of Dreams

A very special note of thanks to Jack Burns who accompanied me on the interviews in Europe and held the camera, drove the car and otherwise supported Camelot and our witnesses along the way. He's an aussie bloke of rare qualities.

I, Kerry, just returned from a very successful trip to Europe where I had the good fortune to conduct 3 new interviews; Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Andy Lloyd and Janis Sharp (Gary McKinnon's mother). I will edit and release them as soon as possible.

The weather was extremely cold with intermittent snow wherever we went. Although Bill was unable to join me on this trip, I had the very kind assistance of many wonderful people in France and England who helped with logistics and camera work. I want to thank all of them here for their very kind dedication and caring to the mission of getting the truth out there.

There is a lot to catch up on.

Conference in March:

2012 AlienEvent Global

Kerry will be speaking at the upcoming AlienEvent March 20 & 21st in Los Angeles, hosted by the New Hope For Humantiy Group along with the following:

Michael A. Cremo, Saeed David Farman, Stewart Swerdlow, BASHAR Channeled by Darryl Anka, William Henry, Mike Bara, Alfred Lambremont Webre

Click on the poster to register for the event.


Conference in May in Mexico: Descubre la Verdad

Kerry will also be speaking at this conference in Mexico, details coming soon. Taking place the 15, 16, & 17 of May with a visit to Teotihuacan, this event is presented by ALIENSHIFT and ACCION PLANET.

 9 February 2010

Please note the update above about translations, transcripts, and Camelot's international reach. If you click on the map to the top right you may be as pleased and fascinated as we were.

With that in mind, we were particularly disappointed at the openly racist accusations posted on the Eagles Disobey website. We acknowledge that Dan Burisch and Marci McDowell apparently have not sanctioned this, but this new smear brings Eagles Disobey to a new low.

This nasty slur deserves no comment, but it presents an opportunity for me (Bill) to post a few personal photos which I have on my laptop - which I have with me as today I happen to have been in a meeting with some extremely fine people who are not 'white'. Their generosity of spirit, open consciousness, and desire to help the whole human race may be an example for the authors of the smear to learn from.

Like many of you reading this, neither Kerry or I notice skin color. We're citizens of Planet Earth, and are proud to be so. I was brought up in Ghana (where the pictures below of the young me were taken). Kerry and I have both traveled extensively in Africa, India, Nepal and the Middle East. Later this year we have been invited to Southern Africa where we hope to meet Credo Mutwa. Our new translation project has the goal to help us reach people in every major language and culture on the planet.

This latest smear - as most smears do - only gives us insight into the accusers. My response to them: stand in front of the mirror, observe what you see, and then look further - if you can - to see your own soul, which knows no color, creed or race.

Enjoy the photos :)

 30 January 2010

Camelot Radio show archive for January 28th is now posted to our Audio Interviews page...

 29 January 2010

An interview with Klaus Dona: Spiritual Archeologist

This interview is now available on Youtube.

We spent an afternoon with Klaus in Vienna last October, talking at length about his process, his particularly stunning finds and why he is motivated to pursue this unusual vocation. Staunchly open minded, he refuses to retreat in the face of skepticism and doubt. Low on funding, he presses on to discover the real mysteries, going down through the centuries and excavating artifacts that science does not allow for, revealing the existence of physical proof that humanity has barely grazed the surface of our heritage here on Earth.

Kerry was interviewed by Rebecca Jernigan on her Radio Show: Journeys with Rebecca on Tuesday. It should be available on her site archives.

 27 January 2010

Now Available! Project Stargate: An interview with Aaron McCollum, a third generation supersoldier/psychic warrior from the same MKUltra program as Duncan O'Finioan.

Aaron reveals what he feels is happening in the Gulf of Aden and tells a bit about his own history with the U.S. Coast Guard and his involvement in false-flag top secret missions and special assignments for the secret government.

Camelot Radio Thursday night: Albert Venczel (first hour) will be talking about Ingo Swann and Remote Viewing.

Duncan O'Finioan (second hour) will be talking about coming events and more about Project Talent... Don't miss it.

 25 January 2010

The links to the Camelot Radio Archived show with Dr. Bill Deagle and Scott Stevens are now posted on our Audio Interviews page. This is an excellent show covering weather wars and Haiti along with an update on potential future events.

 20 January 2010

Who said Disclosure isn't imminent...


While watching the latest Dollhouse episode I came across this ad... Highly recommended. Not the ad.. dollhouse dude. It's great to actually see the tech in action with a storyline don't you think? --Kerry

Stay tuned to Camelot Radio for this Thursday's show with Scott Stevens

 Click here for his Documentary trailer on Weather Wars...

 18 January 2010

Camelot upcoming interviews:

Andy Lloyd - UK

Secret Whistleblower - U.S.

Jim Humble - Germany

more to be announced soon

Donations needed for travel...

Thank you to all who have come forward to contribute. We are also collecting funds to go to South Africa and interview Michael Tellinger on the site of Adam's Calendar.Your donations make our work possible... more donations mean more interviews.

• Kerry from Camelot: For those interested, my EP of 6 songs is now complete. Click on my photo on Reverbnation (here) to listen.


 14 January 2010

Camelot Radio show with Michael Tellinger...

Tonight's radio show was absolutely groundbreaking... Do not miss listening to the archive (to be posted as soon as it is available)!!

Meanwhile, please go to one of Michael's websites and buy his books or donate to his very important work..


Camelot: Funds needed for travel to interviews in France and the UK...

We will be traveling during the month of February to France and the UK and other countries and would appreciate any additional donations to contribute to this effort. Thanks very much!

Today: Project Camelot interviewed on the Mel Fabregas Veritas Show at 1pm PST.

 10 January 2010

The MK Ultra/Mind Control conference is now being rescheduled to sometime later this year. Interested parties, potential investors and volunteers please contact with the word CONFERENCE in the subject line.

 7 January 2010

Help Needed: the Duncan O'Finioan conference in Boston, called the MKUltra mind control conference is about to be cancelled due to their venue falling through... If anyone has contacts in Boston Hotels and knows a place that would be willing to step up to negotiate for this conference please contact us at

Thank you!

Don't Miss...

Duncan O'Finioan on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show click here to watch the episode. Duncan will join me tonight on the last half hour of the Camelot Radio show. Listen Live click on the right...


Re bluebeam, earth changes, comet cluster...

Quoted from material from Laura Knight-Jadczyk:

Q: (T) Is the government planning to stage an invasion by aliens to cause the populace of the world to go into such a fear state that they will accept total control and domination?
A: Open. But if so, will "flop".
Q: (T) Why?
A: Many reasons: 1. Visual effects will be inadequate and will have "glitches". 2. Real invasion may take place first. 3. Other events may intercede.
Q: (T) Such as what?
A: Earth changes.
Q: (T) Am I correct in assuming that some of these hot-shot, big-wig guys in the government who have plans for taking over the whole world and making everything all happy and hunky-dory with them in charge, are just simply not in synch with the fact that there are some definite earth changes on the agenda? Are they missing something
A: Close. They are aware but in denial.
Q: (T) Are these earth changes going to occur prior to the arrival of the cometary cluster?
A: No. But "time" frame is, as of yet, undetermined.
Q: (T) Am I correct in saying that if they knew what was really going to happen that they would still continue with their stupid little plans to make money and try to control the world?
A: Yes. Greed is a sickness.

*note: comet cluster = nibiru according to her source

Copyright 1994-2002, *Laura Knight*, *Laura Knight-Jadczyk* and *Arkadiusz Jadczyk*


 4 January 2010

Duncan O'Finioan on Conspiracy Theory the Jesse Ventura show -- Wednesday, January 6th:

Duncan O'Finioan, mind controlled super soldier, is featured in this Wednesday's (January 6th) episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on TRU TV. The episode is entitled Manchurian Candidate.

Appearing with Duncan is another Project Camelot alum, Dave Corso. Not only that, but the esteemed Dr. Colin Ross is in the episode as well and both Duncan and Dr. Ross will be speaking at the MK ULTRA Mind Control Conference on February 13 and 14, 2010 in Boston (

The conference will cover a wide range of issues related to mind control as well as harnessing the power of the mind. The other speakers for the two day conference are Stewart Swerdlow, Rebecca Jernigan, Doc Barham, Raelle Valenta, Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan and it will be emceed by Project Camelot's own Kerry Cassidy.

The Camelot radio show from Dec 31st is now available in our archive.

Our guests were: George Green, Dr. Waterman & Neil Freer.

THURSDAY'S SHOW January 7th.. Greg Evensen. Don't miss this!


 3 January 2010

Bashar on the 2012 transition...

A good description of the coming change.


 1 January 2010

Fake terrorist... go to for the best coverage on this.


You will have seen these before... although the headline to this video is actually untrue.. Mass UFO sightings across South America cause panic. On the contrary, other than being interested and in some cases perhaps excited, there is no panic shown here...but it is always fascinating to me to see the stark openness of the demonstrations of ET ships over South & Central America... yet the U.S. mainstream news ignores it so it is as if it never happened.

It is also interesting to contemplate why the ETs (assuming they are ET origin since they could easily be ours from the secret space program) are so blatant with their visits there and not here... Clearly it is like they assume that there is such a mental disconnect between what goes on in the U.S. and what goes on elsewhere especially if it is 'south of the border" that they figure they can get away with it. If it doesn't happen here (and on television) then the reasoning goes, it doesn't really happen...

Even the news items in mainstream news on the blue spiral show the faintest of photos of the event whereas in other countries the photos are stunningly clear. And this David Wilcock demonstrates very well in his recent ebook, Disclosure Endgame.

These photos, are the ones David references and I am reposting them here just because they should not be missed-- to see the amount of detail go to David's ebook...




 31 December 2009

Camelot Radio tonight: update

Additional guest at 8pm: Neil Freer: see his site Sapiens Rising.

My guest(s) tonight are George Green and Dr. John Waterman... We have ample time as the other invited guests have not at the time of this writing responded to our invitations. So we will likely do open lines and take your questions for much of the time. Click on the right to listen live 7pm PST..

Happy New Year! Any interesting suggestions on places to go or things to do to bring on the New Year are also welcome! A small group of friends and I will be looking to celebrate in the greater Los Angeles area. Email ideas welcome...


 Camelot changes:

As we spiral into the New Year you will be noticing some changes being made on the homepage... and hopefully on the rest of the site as well.

With that in mind, we are soon starting a 'his and hers' blog on this front page to allow for our differing views of the state of the planet, what is coming and current affairs.

Along with the escalating changes in energies and magnetics on our planet, we are both experiencing things from widely divergent points of view and consequentially we want to be able to use the blog format to share our views, each in our own unique ways... Viva la Difference... as they say.

Most of you know that Bill tends toward the more scientific point of view while I, Kerry, embrace a more intuitive approach. My recent post below, on Amitakh Stanford is a case in point. While some, I am sure, appreciate and resonate with the truths that can be found in that information, regardless of the source, others do not.

Suffice to say, that the Blog Format is a web invention and blogs are places where opinions of the writer are expressed and elaborated on... And that is a certain kind of journalism. We are using the investigative journalistic model for our interviews (most of the time).. while the blog is reserved for sharing our thoughts and opinions on world events, near and far from home.

We hope you enjoy taking this journey with us. Agreement is not required or even encouraged.. We simply reserve the right to use this space for this purpose and hope that you find it interesting, perhaps stimulating or thought provoking and if nothing else, mildly entertaining.


30 December 2009

Amazing speech by War Veteran

 David Wilcock's Disclosure Ebook:

David has just released a new book available for free on his website, called Disclosure Endgame. Although we have not yet had a chance to read it, we wanted to make everyone aware of it.

In an email to us, David wrote: ..."I put together an impressive series of clues that manmade UFO-type sightings are being created to push the timetable for Disclosure forward. I am releasing ALL KINDS of data that I have held on to for a long time and not ever released until now.

Endgame has some of the same things I discussed with Kerry on our show, but dramatically enhanced, with hundreds of links and very compelling testimony about the three key insider factions battling it out behind the scenes.

It also goes into the real reason for the JFK assassination. So many things... it will blow your mind--the feedback on this is very good!"
--David Wilcock

Alien Wars: For a fascinating overview of the current situation on Earth by Amitakh Stanford & AHSA follow this link... our thanks to the individual who sent us the email alerting us to this site. While we have very little information about the foundations of this work, it holds some interesting clues and insight into what's really going on, in my opinion. --Kerry

And from the same site...for those who are interested in Stanford's take on what might be considered, the real history of King Arthur and Camelot... click here.

For more info on Amitakh Stanford click here... --Kerry

 29 December 2009

Assistant Film Editor needed. We need someone with good editing Final Cut Pro skills to assist with gathering footage from all Camelot interviews for assembling a documentary on 2012 and Beyond.

Please email and put FILM EDITOR in the subject line if you are interested. Must have time to commit to this project. No pay but will receive appropriate Credit on film.

Advice on HDV cameras: We need to purchase a new camera as our GL1 & 2 are showing their age... Please send any advice and links to good cameras you recommend to us at with the words NEW CAMERA in subject line. Note: our funds for this are limited. Please also advise if FCP can handle the camera you are recommending and what version.

 28 December 2009

Today (Monday) is the second installment of the Project Camelot audio blog, from 10 am to 11 am PST (7 pm to 8 pm CET). This is a commercial-free, do-it-yourself, hour-long conversation between Bill and Kerry about the week's events on Planet Earth as well as on Project Camelot and anything else we happen to be involved in.

-- to listen, click here
-- to call in, call Skype ID utopiaradio

 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve show on Camelot Radio: Miriam Delicado

Possible additional guests may also make an appearance. Click on the Listen Live link to the right of this post: 7pm PST.

The Camelot translation project (a huge one!) is under way. Our translation co-ordinator, John, has a strong team working with him and new translations are being uploaded to the server. If you'd like to help, please e-mail For translations, click the language flags under our witnesses collage above. We'll update further in due course as more material comes online. Do spread the word.

 22 December 2009 - update

Don't miss tonight: Miriam Delicado on Coast-to-Coast AM:

Click here for video overview of her upcoming appearance.

10 pm - 2 am PST

Prophecy & Hopi Elders

Tonight: December 22nd 2009 Coast to Coast AM -- a very important broadcast regarding the Hopi, their perspective on 2012, the Hopi Spiritual Way of Life, 'The Great Gathering' for 2010 and the Hopi connection to the Mayan of Guatemala.

Miriam's websites:

 22 December 2009

Highly recommended: AVATAR in 3D

Rumors (coming from among other places Victor Martinez's newsletter 18 December 2009)... state the following:

..."some 'important' people were flying around the area of JOHNSTON ATOLL in advance of the President's Asia Trip/Tour.

Not bad for a cover story just in case something leaked about the
rendezvous with the EBENS on 11-12-2009!


That part of the USG who are charged with ongoing contact with extraterrestrials are desperate to keep curious eyes and inquiring minds in the dark, so AKAU Island of the JOHNSTON ATOLL chain are just over 700 miles from Honolulu, HI, which is a 1 hr 20 min flight, and ~12 hrs by ship.

AND what a coincidence: George W. Bush made the JOHNSTON ATOLL a
National Wildlife Preserve in 2004 ... how convenient! I wonder what
deal(s) they made this time 'round in November 2009 with the EBENS?!"...

The above is quoted from Victor Martinez's newsletter December 18, 2009 referencing Steve Hammons' blog entry.

Clearly, this is disinfo (see below). But apparently, something is happening we are being told ..(a meeting) at that location (now) ... between ETs and Humans that has to do with eliminating sectors of the population among other things. A negotiation one might say.

(from an undisclosed source)


Click here (top of the right hand column) for the archive of our inaugural audio blog (see announcement immediately below), mercifully edited down to a tight 15 minutes.

Surpassing even the standards set by our original radio show, this was extremely funny in quite unintended ways. Kerry had missed my messages about this opening program and had no idea what was going on. To her great credit, she warmed to the occasion very quickly and gave us some extremely good value. The entire audio is in the best Camelot tradition: entertainment and friendship mixed with high quality information. Not to be missed - trust me on this.


 21 December 2009

The Project Camelot audio blog starts today (Monday), from 10 am to 11 am PST (7 pm to 8 pm CET). This is a commercial-free, do-it-yourself, hour-long conversation between Bill and Kerry about the week's events on Planet Earth as well as on Project Camelot and anything else we happen to be involved in.

-- to listen, click here
-- to call in, call Skype ID utopiaradio

This first show is very much a trial run, so bear with us as we get to grips with running our own program from a desktop Mac with a high-speed connection. It should be fun, will be informal, we hope you'll be laughing in the places we intend, and this is planned to be a weekly event from here on out every Monday. Occasionally there may be guests, but basically this is our platform to talk live with one another and also with Camelot visitors. Archives will be made freely available.

Our thanks to Utopia Radio (a progressive and spiritually oriented radio network based in Amsterdam), who are very good people.

Fairly soon we'll be redesigning this page a little to expand the scope of our State of the Planet blog. To take full advantage of our different interests in and perspectives on everything that relates to Project Camelot, Kerry and I will each have a parallel blog space to share our thoughts and views: a stereoscopic view of Planet Earth. We're both looking forward to this, and this should be in place within a week or so - maybe sooner.

 17 December 2009

Project Light Warrior is now Live: This site is currently being developed by Kerry from Camelot with assistance from Tommy Hansen (webmaster). Please visit the Project Light Warrior Forum (a subforum on Project Avalon), to share ideas and help with development or email us:


Visit to register and for more about the site.


This is in my view, crucial information for those light warriors currently working in all aspects to co-create a positive future for humanity... The information mentioned here has an interesting parallel in the statements of Dan Burisch regarding the role that man-made stargates played in the fall of Atlantis. --Kerry

From Azurite Press:

"The “5 Mass Extinction Events” that have historically occurred on Earth (approximately 446 million years ago [MYA]; 364 MYA; 252 MYA [the largest]; 200 MYA [TJ Event]; and 65 MYA [KT Event]), were NOT “happenstance occurrences that resulted from organic environmental conditions”; these events were deliberately and specifically purposed extermination events orchestrated by competing Illuminati-Elder race ET-groups, as part of their long-running battle over “Earth Templar Star-Gate dominion.” All of these “extermination events” took place prior to Angelic Human 1st-Seeding 25 MYA, and all were created in order to change the mathematical–geometrical patterns of Earth’s core Encryption Lattice morphogenetic field, by removing the Encryption Lattices of “undesired life-forms” from the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s collective life-field." -- information from Ashayana Deane Introductory-Topic Summary-2--Azurite Press MCEO, Inc

For more info visit the link above.


 15 December 2009

Click here for a live feed to the public STEORN over-unity device demonstration - which started today and will run continually for six weeks. Click here for their press release and here for their website.

 14 December 2009

We've just learned this extraordinary little snippet of information - which is so important that we felt obliged to share it here. (A correction of the famous quote for the historical record...)

In the original draft of [President Eisenhower's] speech, it was "military-industrial-congressional complex." And the "congressional" part was taken out because the president felt that he'd had excellent relations with a Democratic Congress and didn't want to get into name-calling on his way out.

Susan Eisenhower
Granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Bill Maher's HBO show Real Time
Episode 161
Premiered July 24, 2009


 13 December 2009

The 2009 Advanced Energy Whistleblower Conference in Washington, DC has just ended: a virtual internet conference, spanning the whole weekend, which 10,000 people worldwide visited to take part.

Click here for the archives - including an hour long conversation between myself (Bill) and conference organizer Todd Hathaway on the problems still faced by Advanced Energy researchers. The last speaker, Tom Bearden, finished his two hour talk at 5 pm EST, and this will be uploaded soonest.

Todd, Kerry and I are discussing the idea of a major Advanced Energy Conference - a physical one - in the Washington area for the second half of next year: a kind of Advanced Energy counterpart of the May 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference, in which Free Energy pioneers would assemble on stage to make a combined statement to the press, media and attendees about the urgent importance of accepting the reality of Advanced Energy systems to help this planet at a time when they are absolutely most needed. This is a big, bold idea and it might just work. All feedback, ideas and contributions are welcome.

 11 December 2009

We have a new major release today.

Some of you may have read on our Questions page that I (Bill) have experience in an offshoot of the original Church of Scientology (called Ron's Org: I was never in the 'Church', and was included on the famous Church of Scientology Enemies list).

But I was utterly surprised when a legendary whistleblower in the Church of Scientology introduced himself to me and told me that what he had to share had something to do with Black Operations. Kerry, who has never studied Scientology, agreed that this whistleblower was very much in the ranks of regular Camelot whistleblowers. We decided to do an interview.

So: click here for the testimony of Dane Tops [pseudonym] - an almost mythical figure in Scientology history who has never before come forward to tell his story - which is extraordinary even by Camelot standards: all about how the Church of Scientology was taken over in the early 1980s, and the courageous and astonishing way in which Dane blew the whistle, which resulted in tens of thousands of members realizing what was going on - and leaving. Put the coffee on (a lot of it!), read carefully, and Enjoy.

Camelot Q and A: On the Project Avalon Forum, this new thread represents us both, in which Bill commits to answer all questions posed.

There have been some excellent questions (and answers) so far. Do visit and make your own contribution, now that the forum is again free.

Camelot Radio: My (Kerry's) show starts tonight on The Micro Effect at 7 pm - 9 pm PST. You can listen by clicking on the box to the right of this column. My first guest will be David Wilcock and we will be discussing, among other things the Spiral Blue Light in the sky (vortex opening?) over Norway.

Click here for the video of the event and here for an article on the same subject. More prosaically, this analysis may be plausible. We have no inside information.

Camelot Audio Blog: (Or maybe we'll think of a better sounding term...) Since the time for Kerry's radio show is the middle of the night in Europe, we intend to also set up an audio blog on Monday evenings European time (mornings PST) in which you can call in and talk to us both. Details to follow soonest.

A note about the many enquiries we've received about Dr Pete Peterson's medical and diagnostic devices. We've only been able to catch up with Dr Peterson on the phone once since September, and are seeking to bring the hundreds of messages and requests for information to his attention. We have all the enquires archived, and nothing has been lost. Please note there is no guarantee that the devices he mentioned will be available to the public.

An update about the translation and transcription projects. Both are producing a huge amount of new material and what's needed now is for all this to be posted (there are many new pages). The site itself (despite our new How to use the Project Camelot website section above) is becoming increasingly challenging to navigate and Kerry and I are both aware of the need for a full and carefully thought-out revamp. (Emphasis here on carefully thought-out... this cannot be done in a hurry.)

One and maybe two new releases, one of which is very major, will be posted here within 24 hours. Please stay tuned.

 5 December 2009

Avalon Forum to revert to FREE:

We are having our Avalon Web Admin convert the Avalon Forum to a free forum. The following message will be posted on the forum shortly:

Hi to all,

First of all, we want to sincerely thank all those who have purchased subscriptions to our Avalon Forum. After one year of operation as a subscription forum, we have decided that the contributions to our work generated out of this subscription format are not substantial enough to warrant continuing with the subscription-based model. Therefore, whereas the money from subscriptions has helped to make our work possible - and for that we thank everyone very much -we have found that donations (and other means to be decided) are a better way to raise money in order to continue our work. Therefore, henceforth, this AVALON FORUM is now FREE for all those who wish to participate.

Note: We are in the process of expanding Project Camelot and hope to create more revenue streams going forward. Any assistance or advice in this area would be welcome. Feel free to send email with suggestions.

Thank you all for your patience and dedication to our work and this mission.

Love and light,

Kerry and Bill

 1 December 2009

A Message from Miriam Delicado:

"The Time of waiting is over. Now is the time to act.

For this reason I have made a decision that it is time for me to travel to meet some of the Sacred people of Colombia. A small group of people have been working hard to finish The Great Gathering website up and running. In the meantime the work has continued in making connections around the world with Indigenous and Spiritual people who are all working on the same goal. Unity.

There have been many signs that are directing me telling me now is the time to travel to meet with the Sacred people, Kogis, Tayronas, Arzarios and Wiwas.

This task can not be accomplished without your help. If you are able to assist in having me and a partner travel to Columbia to meet and speak with these people I ask you to assist. Please go to my website below or click here to Donate whatever amount you are able to contribute. It is an important meeting that must take place. Without all of us coming together with the right intention we can not change the path of humanity and walk into a positive future. These people are a key to our lives here at this time.

Thank you,

Miriam Delicado

I also encourage you to please take a moment to sign up for the newsletter on my website if you haven't already. You can then be kept up to date on news regarding The Great Gathering."

Miriam Delicado
Author: Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy
One voice, one people, one Earth. (under construction)

 30 November 2009 - update

We've just learned that Walter Bowart's classic Operation Mind Control (only available used for $140–$200) is online here in PDF format. Essential reading, and highly recommended. Enjoy :)

 30 November 2009

We have just had the pleasure of talking at length with James Martinez, who was very close to Walter Bowart - the author of the groundbreaking, whistleblowing book Operation Mind Control published back in 1978. This is a fabulous audio interview which will be of enormous interest to all who (like myself) benefited greatly from Bowart's seminal work. We learned from James how Bowart, who died two years ago, in many ways 'regretted' having written the book - and how he had had profound ET contact: something never before revealed, and which he had been unwilling to talk about when he was alive. We learned of his philosophy, his hope for the human race, and his awareness of the importance of the expansion of consciousness. James summed it up by stating that for Walter, it was all about the liberation of the Human Spirit. Amen. We will edit and release this as the highest priority.

We have just updated our Round Table Pledge list. The number has now reached 1500. Our apologies to everyone for the considerable backlog - and our warm thanks, and welcome, to all who have pledged.

 28 November 2009 - update

We are proud to announce the MKUltra Mind Control Conference in Boston, MA coming this February... Register now for this fascinating event.

Confirmed speakers:

Duncan O'Finioan, Rebecca Jernigan, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and Stewart Swerdlow.

Copenhagen Treaty: According to a deep source, this "treaty" is a cover for another treaty with a certain group of Visitors who are planning to renew abductions and for certain others to allow the Illuminati to roll out their population reduction agenda unimpeded.

 28 November 2009

We don't reference YouTube videos that often, but this one is so clever, inspiring and moving that we highly recommend it. It's been out for two years and has been seen by 7 million people. It lasts 1 minute 44 seconds. It has to be watched right through to the end. Maybe this planet will be in good hands after all by the time we are all through. --Bill

 27 November 2009

Today we were interviewed on Rumor Mill News Radio by Rayelan Allan for 3 hours... We will post a link to the archive as soon as it is available. We would like to publicly thank Rayelan for her gracious interview style and insightful questions and remarks. Her background is so fascinating that we decided it warrants a Project Camelot interview and have extended that offer to her as either an upcoming radio interview or video interview as the situation permits.

Project Camelot Radio and Blog Talk Radio -- coming soon! We are very shortly going to be doing a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show and also restarting our Project Camelot radio show with a new network once a week as well... We will keep you posted as soon as arrangements have been made.

 26 November 2009

Many people have asked us for our current view of the information provided to David Wilcock and ourselves in June by Dr Pete Peterson that "time had been booked with the networks" for an announcement about Disclosure by Obama tomorrow - 27 November.

We're not holding our breath: there's no immediate sign of this, and we doubt that this will happen. Dr Peterson himself stated as an immediate caveat that it was just a plan, and that plans often change. Our recent marathon audio interview with Clay and Shawn Pickering (alongside the most interesting July Barcelona panel discussion on Disclosure, which Camelot hosted) offers insight into the many problems of the subject. And as a note of interest, we were told recently by an insider source that a speech had been written for Bill Clinton - in his first term - as a Disclosure announcement. But of course, that never saw the light of day. We don't know why it was canceled.

Recent events, however, suggest a steady build-up to an announcement of something, sometime. Two weeks ago the Vatican held a conference on extraterrestrial life (we enjoyed the 'ET phone Rome' headline). NASA has now stated that there's water on the moon. And there have been more interviews by Larry King on UFOs this year then ever before. Like everyone else, we're watching and waiting for the announcement to be made: whether it's this year, next year, or in 2012, it has to come sometime. The world's as ready as it ever will be.

We were delighted to receive the following [slightly edited] message from Jordan Maxwell:

Kerry, Jordan Maxwell. Well, now that I am back on my feet again. I got ALL of my personal belongings and my website and domain name back. Mostly because of your help. THANK YOU.

Anyway, I now have two new products on my "New Website" store. And I am now back to work full-time... thanks to the Great Spirit, and my friends.

Could you put on your website that I am back with two new products. The "Dawn" video is a 90 min. video on the subject that got me cut off of Coast to Coast with George Noory. I also talked about doing this video on the Alex Jones show, but now it's done. Give me a mailing address for both you and Bill and I'll send you both a copy. The link below is for ordering. Thank you again.

Jordan Maxwell

 25 November 2009

All is not lost... Billboard on the I-70 in Missouri gives hope to the world...

To quote:

A citizens guide to REVOLUTION of a corrupt government.

1. Starve the Beast.
keep your money.

2. Vote out incumbents.

3. If steps 1 & 2 fail?


Our amendment:

It's a SPIRITUAL WAR we are all a part of... Awaken your Own Consciousness

Gain all knowledge.

You are Free... Be it.


For a free America and a free World...

A special nod to Paul Tardo, artist, SHIFT -- cool music and filmwork.


 24 November 2009 - update

A few hours ago we spoke again with Dr Bill Deagle: click here for a new 50 minute interview, much of which is about the H1N1 situation - following closely on the heels of our detailed Ukraine report below, relayed to us from a doctor in Kyiv and posted earlier today.

 24 November 2009

As promised, here's an expanded report from our Ukraine update yesterday.

We've not communicated directly with our source, who relayed this report via an intermediary who spoke to her in depth on the phone two days ago. The source is a doctor and qualified nutritionist in Kyiv [Kiev] with recent hands-on experience of treating patients who are seriously ill with what the Russians are calling "Mutant Black Lung" - apparently an apt name for a horrific and often fatal set of symptoms.

The problem (corroborated by Dr Henry L Niman and others) is that the H1N1 virus has mutated and the new strain goes straight to the bottom of the lungs where it causes massive bleeding triggered by a cytokine storm. It's the patient's own immune over-reaction that kills them. This is what happened in the second wave in the fall of 1918 (click here and here for historical archives and photos). It's not pneumonia, and it's not pneumonic plague (which is a bacterium, not a virus - but more on that below in the final paragraph of this report). However, it's extremely nasty and can be a very fast killer of anyone affected.

Our source said that she had kept some one seriously ill patient alive with intramuscular injections of Vitamin D: up to 30,000 IU, twice a day. This was a surgeon who had suddenly collapsed in the operating theater 40 minutes after waking up one morning. The surgeon's colleague was not so lucky: he collapsed two hours later, and was dead the next day.

She personally witnessed aircraft spraying something that was slimy and smelly over Lviv. These were NOT chemtrails - it was more like crop-dusting. The altitude was about 1500 feet [500 meters]. They were large aircraft: the windows in her 4-story building shook when one of the planes passed. This was three days before the outbreak there. That report is matched by information she learned in Kyiv, where the same planes were reported and again the outbreak occurred three days later.

There are restrictions in travel: the source's husband had to bribe his way to cross one national border. In many villages one cannot leave. In larger towns, however, it's easier to find a way out. Taxi drivers are not permitted to leave a city without a military licence. The source reported on one occasion seeing several pick-up trucks traveling together between cities which had on them a sign to the effect that one should keep clear as there were bodies on board.

About 10% of patients are recovering quickly and discharging after a few days. The rest are still in hospital and if not dead are not recovering after even three weeks. She noted that they might still die, so it's impossible to establish the true CFR [Case Fatality Rate]. In the Kyiv hospital where she works 40% of the staff are ill and the 600 bed hospital - usually 2/3 full - now has 1200 patients and they have even had to move bodies out of the morgue to make room for beds. Many who did not fall ill are not reporting to work. The healthcare system is breaking down. There is nothing in the pharmacies except for Aspirin - if one is lucky. Locals are falling back on traditional remedies and some groups (for instance) were going into the forest to hunt for medicinal mushrooms because they had nothing else to use.

No-one in Ukraine has accurate statistics. But WHO officials have been seen in many locations. Her colleagues are baffled because they look to the western media for news reports... and they see nothing. They cannot understand this. But what's happening in Ukraine is now being well reported in Russia. Furthermore, this H1N1 mutation is now apparently being encountered in Poland, Turkey, Russia and the Czech Republic.

The source had encountered cases of bubonic and pneumonic plague professionally and was familiar with the symptoms. In this new epidemic, the severe lung damage was so similar to pneumonic plague that she said "it was as if someone had taken the bacterial component of the plague and shoved it into a virus". Please note that we are not medically qualified and cannot comment on this remark, which may have been meant descriptively rather than scientifically. We do understand that bacteria and viruses are very different, spread differently, affect the body differently, and need to be treated differently. Also please note an important interview with a Ukrainian Coroner here (a short, must-read report) - which seems very likely to be accurate. We await further information. We are also interviewing Dr Bill Deagle again within the next 48 hours.

 23 November 2009 - update 2

We have just received an indirect report from an apparently reliable source in Ukraine - confirming (in essence) what we reported here yesterday. More on this within 24 hours when we can update in more detail. Our source is keeping patients alive with massive doses of Vitamin D (30,000 IU per day- see our recent interview with Gabriele Stähler). In Russia, the problem is being termed "Mutant Black Lung" - the H1N1 mutation, attacking the bottom of the lungs, which has just been disclosed by the WHO. Ukraine is in partial lockdown and there is quite a lot of chaos. More soon.

 23 November 2009 - update 1

About a week ago, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot participated in The Alienshift Conference Panel on 2012. This panel discussion is now online here. Don't miss this great discussion hosted by renowned psychic Sean David Morton. The panel includes Jordan Maxwell, Miriam Delicado, Mike Bara, Kerry Cassidy and David Farman (host of the website

 23 November 2009

A source is sending us photos of chemtrails seen this weekend in the skies over Chicago area.. stating that this amount of activity appeared to be much worse than previously seen...

They included various photos including this one showing what they labeled as 9 visible chemtrails at once:

They wrote:

I live in a visible path of commercial aircraft that land at Chicago O'Hare. No commercial aircraft came through my sight today during these chemtrails (11 am - 4 pm CST). The commercial aircraft have been put back on their regular paths in my sight since about 6 pm today. It appeared that these chemtrails started south of Chicago at an unknown earlier time and finished in my sight around Milwaukee, WI around 5 pm, from my view. FYI.

They are concerned in case this may be a precursor in spreading the virus. We are posting this for the record at this time in case other reports begin to surface around the U.S. and rest of the world of unusual escalation of chemtrail activity prior to any future outbreaks.

 22 November 2009 - update 3

PIRATE RADIO, the movie, is out in theaters and I want to endorse this little gem of a film that captures the spirit of the times and the abiding love of rock'n'roll with a superb ensemble cast that includes Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Camp, and slightly over the top, it reminds us to choose Life and Art over technical finesse and tedious decorum. Long live rock'n'roll: the Kinks, Cream, Procol Harum and the greatest music ever.

 22 November 2009 - update 2

This discussion, led by Dr Henry L. Niman, is worth following closely. To translate it into simple terms, it's now been officially confirmed by WHO (but is still not in the mainstream media) that an H1N1 gene mutation very similar to that which killed tens of millions in 1918 has been identified in the Ukraine, Norway and Canada. The forum is for serious researchers who are well-informed and who generally dismiss "conspiracy theory". Yet they are now very alarmed and are debating whether they should start taking personal precautions for their families in the light of possible infrastructure breakdown.

See below for our own insider source's information - stated to us as fact - that there would be waves of pandemic hitting us all next year and that things might [my paraphrase] get pretty tricky.

Click here for one of the best summary articles of the problem that I have read - written by a virologist, and connecting ALL the dots.

Click here for a VERY informative interview with a Ukrainian coroner.

To cheer you up (or, alternatively, make you definitely decide to leave the planet), watch this horrific vaccine promotional video: Sid the Science Kid gets a Flu Shot. Enjoy... if you can!

 21 November 2009 - update 1

Our thanks to the many people who've written to us in response to to our 6 November call for translators. The Camelot Translation Project [CPT] co-ordinator's name is John, and you can reach him at John will be contacting all the volunteers on behalf of Kerry and myself, and we're delighted to be working with him.

Kerry and I would like to extend our appreciation here to everyone who's taking part in this very major project. If you haven't yet written to us, but would like to get involved in translation, you can join in at any time: write to John, and he'll factor you into the project.

 21 November 2009

We listened to Benjamin Fulford's economic update with interest (click here, or see opposite). This morning we spoke with another insider source who is likely to be better (and more deeply) connected. He told us that Benjamin's stated timescale was too early, but that we should indeed expect a dollar devaluation in the Spring, or thereabouts.

Importantly, as part of the same big picture, he advised that the global viral epidemic would continue to come in waves (paralleling Dr Bill Deagle's view - see our 15 November audio interview with him) over a 6-18 month period, and there might come a time where the safest place to be would be in our own homes... having stockpiled adequate supplies.

He was concerned that those who were alert to the problem should have enough time to prepare and take defensive measures for themselves and their families. This is far from the first time that we've reported this advice from others - but we repeat it again, as we believe this is credible information. Even if these situations do not roll out as planned, it may well be smart to take simple precautions which do not have to involve great expense.

 19 November 2009

We (or at least I, Bill: I await Kerry's review with interest) do not recommend the latest Roland Emmerich disaster movie and unintended comedy, 2012. A better investment would have been G-Force - a kid's story about a covert program using guinea pigs for espionage. It would have been more realistic.

Emmerich spent $250 million and didn’t check how high the Drakensberg Mountains were, didn’t know what the North Face of Everest really looked like, and failed to locate a high school physics student to ask whether or not neutrinos “mutate”, whether cellphones would still work when solar storms destabilize the Earth's core, and whether light planes can fly through clouds of volcanic ash. And that’s before we get started on the plot, the script, the acting, and the logic and/or impossibility of almost every scene. The best online review I read suggested that casting John Cusack in the lead role was like reciting Shakespearean sonnets at a pie-eating contest. Exactly.

But here's one reason to see it: to figure out why this has been released. Like his previous bad-news epics, Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 turns serious questions into poorly-made and badly-researched comedic entertainment - implanting into the minds of millions that such issues are trivial, ridiculous, impossible, and laughable - and that alternative radio show hosts like 2012's Charlie (played by Woody Harrelson) are unhinged, half-crazed caricatures with little grip on reality. A real-life Charlie would suspect that Emmerich had been told to make the movie the way he did...

Leaner, slicker, faster, and infinitely smarter is the Jason Bourne trilogy. I recently watched them one after the other, riveted from start to finish: these are by far the most realistic espionage movies ever made, featuring the fierce intelligence, humanity and angst of a highly trained, amnesiac Duncan O'Finioan-type super-soldier on a personal mission to discover who he really is - containing no special effects at all. Roland Emmerich: quit now, with the box office takings in your pocket.

 17 November 2009

We highly recommend the new feature length documentary on Crop Circles, directed by Suzanne Taylor: What on Earth?

 16 November 2009

We just completed an audio update with Dr. Bill Deagle (click here) in which he addresses:

1. Updated info on the spread of the virus and the recombination into a Stage 2 virus that may contain H1N1 but not be limited to that.

2. Dr. Deagle's analysis of the Patrick Geryl and Clif High information regarding earth changes, 2012 and the years beyond and why Geryl's conclusions are incorrect.

3. How China and the U.S. are working together behind the scenes toward a one world government and why the U.S. is a key player in the Illuminati global takeover scenario.

4. What the Illuminati plans are to carry off an Armageddon type scenario regardless of whether earth changes will take place.

5. The spiritual war behind the scenes involving the Draco and Anunnaki (positive and negative) and how humanity can change the timeline into a more positive one with the help of light beings and other transdimensional beings that would constitute an intervention, resulting in a more glorious future for humanity. The key involves a planetary change in consciousness..

Duncan O'Finioan has written and posted to the front of his site A Letter to President Obama and others from the survivors of Project Talent, the MKUltra Supersoldier/ mindcontrol program. Please read and lend your support.


 10 November 2009

This weekend: Kerry from Camelot will be joining a panel discussion on Saturday morning, November 14 at the upcoming AlienEvent conference, along with Miriam Delicado and Jordan Maxwell. Hope to see you there:

Click on the poster to register:


Jordan Maxwell: latest news from Jordan is that his situation has been resolved and all systems are go. We extend our good wishes to Jordan and are delighted that things are going well.

 9 November 2009 - updated

Fourth Kind: The Movie - CORRECTION: I understand this was a BLAIR WITCH TYPE HOAX (this crossed my mind initially, as it came across as authentic if strangely skewed and seemed over the top) but then I wondered, could it be true. With this in mind I do not recommend it, except as a study into the motivation behind the deception that must be involved in the release of this very dark and disturbing film currently in theaters. It is about abduction, specifically centered around what they claim are true cases that took place in Nome, Alaska. What happened in that town appears well documented and is shot to appear more like a documentary than a typical Hollywood film.

While it is true that all abductions do not result in people who want to save the earth and join the aliens in their ships without any kind of discernment, in order to save themselves from future earth changes... It is puzzling that they would mix strong references to the Anunnaki (the dark side) as well as satanic type interactions leaving the open question as to just who the abductors are and what their purpose is other than to foster further ridicule and confusion on the part of real experiencers.

The use of the ancient Sumerian language (recorded on tape is especially riveting and puzzling and makes little or no sense in connection with the abductions themselves and it would seem the use of this device is done by either superficial UFO researchers who don't know any better or by some more sophisticated group with an agenda in mind.

The real question is what might be the motivation for the hoax (other than money). What is clear, is that in taking the real and making it appear as hyper-real and deceiving the viewers until the jinx is up as they say the filmmakers and studio set themselves up to further confuse and disgust the public who are waking up to the real truth behind the fiction on a daily basis. What is perhaps most striking about this recent effort, is how receptive the public is to such a reality... simply because they know it to be the truth.

In the theater, people just sat there at the end. They were taken in by the documentary quality and statements made that the film was based on 'true' events.

The truth is out there... It would be great if the filmmakers were able to put their hearts and minds behind it.

Revised in light of the Blair Witch formula apparently used as the template for this unfortunate horror film.


 8 November 2009 - updated (expanded report from yesterday)

Dr. Russell Blaylock testifies that H1N1 is the mildest flu in history! Highly recommended.

Clarification on the Rhiza Labs FluTracker count taken from a post on the forum: We encourage you to check the numbers yourself at this link:


Lviv Oblast
General number of ill people- 69,176
Total for Influenza - 6694
Total for ARI (acute respiratory infection) - 62,482

Please note:
1. Lviv oblast (Lviv region), but not in Lviv only.
2. Influenza - 6,694, this stands for influenza in general not H1N1. Do you have numbers for H1N1?
3. ARI - 62,482, not Influenza or specifically H1N1

Click here for a TV news report, several days old, from Russia Today reporting live on location with a developing story that no western news agencies are carrying: that a large number of people in the Ukraine are suddenly coming down with respiratory diseases, some very serious. What is stunning is listening to the reporter who plainly states exactly 1 death of H1N1, 12 infected and the rest of the 60 deaths are dying of other diseases!

There is no apparent correlation, in the above broadcast [listen closely - the added statistical captions do not match what he is saying].

The Rhiza Labs FluTracker map states that over 900,000 Ukrainians have been diagnosed with H1N1. This is not accurate. See the numbers from the Ukraine Ministry of Health above...And, as mentioned by the Barcelona Nun M.D. Dr. Teresa Forcades --if, as in Britain they are doing a count based on call-ins--this is hardly a scientifically accurate way of determining infection.

Click here for President Victor Yushchenko's address to the Ukrainian people - and read how he is describing the situation. He is stating that there is a "viral" infection spreading -- he is not calling it H1N1. The suspicion here is that what is spreading is the attack of an aerosol based bioweapon that attacks respiratory systems...

This site (citing a 'Ukraine Plague') is discussing what many have wondered: that this may be the Pneumonic Plague (the Black Death of the Middle Ages) - a deadly development if true. But informed discussion on the Rhiza Labs forum (featuring Dr Henry L Niman and others, currently running to 89 pages) dismiss this on the grounds that the plague is caused by a bacterium - not a virus. However, the numbers found on the Rhiza Labs site are misleading... click here for the rundown on the actual cases. Scroll down to the last post under the Forum title Misleading Information. Reprinted above.

According to the Russia Today broadcast, T___flu is being distributed widely. Project Camelot was told a couple of months ago by a well-informed insider contact that claimed remedies such as this (as well as the vaccine itself) would be infected with Bird Flu and were therefore in essence bioweapons.

Separately, we reported on 21 July that Elder Hale stated that he had been told by a senior biochemist in a world-class pharmaceutical company - name provided to us but withheld by request - that an aerosol precursor component had been sprayed (and would be by now in everyone's bodies) which would react with the vaccine when it was taken later:

" aerosoled precursor has been put into the air and almost everyone has breathed it into their lungs. The biochemist states that the vaccines to be administered in the Fall will be ACTIVATED when the constituents come in contact with the aerosoled precursor in the body and will cause a rapid spread of the H1N1 Influenza A virus. This biochemist is very upset about the matter, to say the least, and is a very reliable source that needs our utmost protection."

We regard this information as credible, and it was confirmed by Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann) in his 1 August Amsterdam conference presentation. For the very interesting 12 minute audio extract from the 21 July Camelot radio show when Elder Hale calls into the program, and describes in full what he was told by the biochemist, click here. Note also that aerosol [chemtrail] spraying has indeed been reported in the Ukraine.

Another source has told Camelot that Ukraine is being singled out and targeted in order to bring Russia -- into the fold of the illuminati agenda as they have not been going along with the current roll-out.

So: something is happening here, and it may be smart for us to pay close attention. See the 2 November update below for the Joseph Moshe story... which may be essential to understand fully if we are to grasp what may be unfolding. Do also watch this YouTube report, in which Dr Bill Deagle describes to Kerry Cassidy the Joe Moshe story in full detail (referencing the Baxter lab in the Ukraine) - accompanied by the remarkable live TV footage of the incident. This is a MUST SEE summary.

We encourage all Camelot visitors to spend a little time on this: read, listen to or watch all the above and understand the whole picture, which is clearly still developing. Do also post this full report, with links, far and wide.

--Bill & Kerry


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