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The Divine Cosmos/Project Camelot Transcription Team has provided all of the interview transcripts found on the Project Camelot Website. If you would like to join our team, please contact us.

Check this page regularly for new transcripts, which will appear in the top section below, followed by video then audio transcripts in reverse chronological order.

Links to subtitled videos made from transcripts are indicate by . YouTube videos have closed captions (CC) controlled by the triangle in the lower right of the player.


New transcripts

 Dr. Paul LaViolette
 Michael Tellinger - Part 1
 Michael Tellinger - Part 2
PDFThe Anglo-Saxon Mission: Bill Ryan's Presentation
PDFThe Anglo-Saxon Mission: Witness Audio Interview
Video transcripts

  Aaron McCollum | YouTube mp4 torrent subs (SSA)
 Bill Ryan interviewed by Freedom Central
PDFDane Tops
 Jordan Maxwell: The Takeover of Planet Earth
 Patrick Geryl: The World Cataclysm in 2012
  Camelot Conference in LA - David Wilcock | YouTube mp4 torrent subs (SSA)
 Camelot Conference in LA - Miriam Delicado
 Camelot Conference in LA - Dr. Alfred Webre
 Camelot Conference in LA - Marcia Schafer
 Camelot Conference in LA - Cynthia Crawford: Contactees' Workshop
 Camelot Conference in LA - Bob Dean
 Camelot Conference in LA - Richard Dolan
 Camelot Conference in LA - Duncan O’Finioan/David Corso
 Camelot Conference in LA - Jordan Maxwell
  Camelot Conference in LA - Alex Collier | YouTube mp4 torrent subs (SSA)
 Jane Bürgermeister: David and Goliath
 Futuretalk 5: Bob Dean, Henry Deacon, Alfred Webre
 Dr. Pete Peterson - Part 1 – Bill Ryan
 Dr. Pete Peterson - Part 2 – David Wilcock
 Dr. Pete Peterson - Part 3 – Kerry Cassidy
 Miriam Delicado: A Message
 Dr. Leonard Horowitz: Emerging Viruses
 Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy interviewed by Arjan Bos
 Zürich Conference: Brian O'Leary's presentation on Free Energy
-- joined by Henry Deacon
 Zurich Conference - Bill Ryan
 Barcelona Exopolitics Speakers Panel on Disclosure - Part 2 of 2
 Barcelona Exopolitics Speakers Panel on Disclosure - Part 1 of 2
 Dr Steven Greer
PDFRafael Palacios interviews Henry Deacon
 Bob Dean at the Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona
 Bob Dean at the Exopolitics Summit Press Conference, Barcelona
 Erich von Däniken
PDFJoseph Farrell
 Wade Frazier
PDFElizabeth Nelson - Flight 93
PDFJim Marrs
 David Icke
 Camelot Live at Vilcabamba
 Peter Levenda
 Brian O'Leary
 Ricardo Silva
PDFJim Humble
 Jessica: Crystal Child
 Marcia Schafer
 Dr Bill Deagle Part 1
 Dr Bill Deagle Part 2
 Dr Bill Deagle Part 3
PDFBob Dean: The Coming of Nibiru
 The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull
 Miriam Delicado
PDFHenry Deacon (Futuretalk 3)
PDFJim Sparks and Bill Holden
PDFJohn Lear Tells All Part 1
PDFJohn Lear Tells All Part 2
PDFJohn Lear Tells All Part 3
PDFJohn Lear Tells All Part 4
PDFGeorge Green Part 1
PDFGeorge Green Part 2
PDFDavid Wilcock (Futuretalk 1)
 Luca Scantamburlo Part 1
 Luca Scantamburlo Part 2
PDFBenjamin Fulford Part 1
PDFBenjamin Fulford Part 2
PDFBenjamin Fulford Part 3
PDFRichard Hoagland Part 1
PDFRichard Hoagland Part 2
 Richard Hoagland Part 3
PDFDavid Wilcock (Jumproom to Mars)
PDFDan Sherman
  Bob Dean Part 1 | mp4 torrent subs (SSA)
 Bob Dean Part 2
 Bob Dean Part 3 (with Marcia Schafer) | mp4 torrent subs (SSA)
 Bill Holden
 Jim Sparks
 Dan Burisch (Stargate Secrets) Part 1
 Dan Burisch (Stargate Secrets) Part 2
 David Wilcock Part 1
 David Wilcock Part 2
 David Wilcock Part 3
 David Wilcock Part 4
 Duncan O'Finioan and David Corso
PDF Sgt. Clifford Stone | YouTube mp4 torrent subs (SSA)
 Gordon Novel
 Duncan O'Finioan
 Ralph Ring
 John Lear
PDFDan Burisch Part 1
PDFDan Burisch Part 2
PDFDan Burisch Part 3
 Gary McKinnon
 Bill Hamilton
 'Mr. X', ET archivist
Audio transcripts

 Benjamin Fulford (20 November 2009)
PDFDr Bill Deagle (29 April 2009)
 Duncan O'Finioan (13 April 2009)
 Bob Dean (25 February 2009)
 George Green (24 February 2009)
 Dr Bill Deagle (16 February 2009)
 Dr Brian O'Leary and George Green (10 January 2009)
 Stephen Bassett (13 November 2008)
 George Green (21 October 2008)
 Rebecca Jernigan - update(4 October 2008)
 Dr Bill Deagle (4 October 2008)
 Clif High (Half Past Human) (26 September 2008)
 Dr Bill Deagle (24 September 2008)
 George Green (23 September 2008)
 Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy (18 September 2008)
 David Wilcock (9 September 2008)
 Benjamin Fulford (6 September 2008)
 George Green (2 September 2008)
 Ann Eller (Sedona, Arizona, December 2006)



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