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The World Cataclysm in 2012:
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Patrick Geryl: The World Cataclysm in 2012
Amsterdam, Holland, August 2009

[Ed note: Normally the transcripts that had any parts in them that had been difficult for the transcribers to hear were put in “audibles” in square brackets in red for Bill Ryan to attend to, fix, then he’d post the transcript; however, due to unexpected interruptions in the normal working process in Project Camelot, this normal process was not able to proceed forward, so the audibles were left in the square brackets.]


PLEASE NOTE: The conclusions presented by researcher Patrick Geryl in this interview will be found by many to be shocking and unacceptable.

We at Project Camelot do not agree with his final conclusions.

After some discussion we have decided to publish the interview for two reasons: there are issues brought up which merit discussion; and a recent discovery in Egypt (the Labyrinth at Hawara), which was extensively referenced by Geryl, is evidently real and of major archaeological significance.

Enjoy the interview – and recognize that Geryl is probably talking about the T2 catastrophe (see Dan Burisch material) which we are very confident has been averted.

See our major article: 2009: A Tale of Two Timelines … for more information and references.

Bill Ryan
Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot
August 2009

The Interview:

KERRY CASSIDY (KC): Hi, I’m Kerry Cassidy.

BILL RYAN (BR): And I’m Bill Ryan.

KC: From Project Camelot. It’s August 1st.

BR: No it’s not. It’s August the 2nd. [laughter, chatter]

KC: Okay, I’m sorry. It’s August 2nd, 2009.

BR: You got the year right.

KC: We’re here with Patrick Geryl. He’s written a book called The World Cataclysm in 2012 and it’s pretty amazing. It’s very, very apocalyptic, I think you might say. But you use your own description. I’d love you to tell the people who you are and let’s just start out with that, your background.

PATRICK GERYL (PG): Right. I’m Patrick Geryl from Belgium. More than 30 years ago I wrote a book, The New Space-Time Dimension, and I made several predictions about the universe.

I found several faults in the Theory of Relativity and that was published in the Belgium press and I was on the Belgian TV with that in 1990. I predicted an accelerating universe and that was found true in 1998, but nobody knows about this, because it was only published in Dutch and not in English.

Last year, in 2008, another prediction of mine was found true. That was very fast galaxies near the speed of light. I was the only one that predicted that more than 30 years ago.

Now, what has this to do with 2012? Everything. Because I found that the Maya and the Egyptians knew a theory about astronomy that is not known by astronomers today. It concerns the Sunspot Cycle Theory. I was able to decode a large part of that theory and with that theory, you can calculate the reversal of the magnetic field of the Sun.

BR: So this has got to do with Solar Cycle 24.

PG: Yes.

BR: Right. Okay.

PG: Now with that theory, the Maya were able to calculate a big switch in the magnetic field of the Sun. Also, they count down with that theory till December 2012, and at that moment in time, a very large apocalyptic Sun-storm will destroy our civilization.

BR: Is it in the form of what some people call a Coronal Mass Ejection? Or what Ed Dames, for example, calls the kill-shot? Is it this kind of thing?

PG: Yes. It is that kind of thing. That will happen. In a few hours’ time the amount of energy from the Sun, the output will increase tremendously. Then a big solar storm with trillions of particles will be thrown to the Earth and that will destroy the magnetic field of the Earth.

In short, a shockwave from particles is coming to the Earth that falls into the magnetic field of the Earth. But the Earth has an angle. It is going with an angle of 23 degrees around the sun.

Now, the South Pole is looking this way and the North Pole is looking that way. The polarity of the shockwave is a southern polarity, so when it hits the Earth, you have a South Pole here and a South Pole there that is coming.

Now, you have the inner core of the Earth. It’s very small – it’s only 1,000 kilometers while the Earth is 6,000 kilometers – and a South Pole and a South Pole, they push away each other. So the inner core of the Earth will turn upside-down. But if you take a ball and you turn it upside-down while it is moving, then you will see that after the movement it will start turning the opposite direction.

So, while the inner core is coming upside-down, the outer crust of the Earth will start moving the other way around. So now, this time, the Earth is moving that way.

At a certain moment of time, the inner core starts to turn 180 degrees. Now, it’s a bit complicated to explain it in a short time because the outer crust of the Earth won’t go 180 degrees. The reason is, the equator has a bulge and to move over that bulge, you need an incredible amount of energy.

So what is my expectation? If you look at the land masses, you will see that Africa and Europe have the largest land mass and it is difficult to move. On the other side you have South America and the United States in the other direction that can move more easily.

So my expectation is that the land mass of South America and the United States will move, in one day, 3,000 kilometers upwards and on the other side it will move 3,000 kilometers downward. So, Canada will go under the Pole and South America will move equator-ward and even go over that, while Africa and Europe won’t move that much.

But on the other side, you have also that the rotation of the Earth reverses. While it now moves this way, in one day it will move the other way around.

Okay, what are the effects? At the moment that the inner core starts turning 180 degrees on its head, all buildings on Earth will be leveled down completely – it’s 9/11, but on a worldwide scale in less than one minute. Nothing will remain.

Then all volcanoes in the whole world will go off immediately and after that, while the rotation of the Earth is stopping, you will have a tidal wave of more than 1-1/2 kilometers worldwide because...

At this moment, the speed of the Earth at the equator is about 1,600 kilometers an hour at the equator. That stops and it reverses the rotation. It’s a difference of more than 3,000 kilometers an hour in one day.

Now, if you are moving with a car and you stop, you are pulled forward. The oceans at that moment are pulled forward and that is the reason why we have these tidal waves.

KC: Okay. Now, we want to go into this in more detail.

PG: Yes.

KC: But before we do, what I would like you to do is talk about your background in terms of: What are your degrees? What is your background, in terms of: What have you studied in order to get you to this place?

PG: Well, as explained, when I was young, I started studying astronomy and all the sciences. I’ve read since more than 40 years everything about popular and more detailed science.

KC: Do you have Ph.D., for example?

PG: No, I don’t have a Ph.D. but, as I explained, I was the only one in the whole world who predicted an accelerating universe.

BR: What does that mean? I’m just asking you about the term... when you say accelerating.

PG: Yes. Now...

BR: What’s accelerating?

KC: You mean expanding?

PG: Thirty years ago they said there is a Big Bang theory from the universe. They said there was a long time ago, billions of years ago, there was one point and that exploded and then they saw the fastest galaxies at that moment were about 33,000 kilometers per second.

BR: So the expansion is accelerating also?

PG: No, no.

BR: I’m sorry.

PG: At that time, they said: Look, there was an explosion and it will slow down because if you put something from the Earth it goes up and then it slows down – the same principle from the universe.

But I had a completely different view and I said: No, no, no, this theory is not right, because there are faults in the Theory of Relativity.

Now, to explain that in short, what faults were there in the Theory of Relativity? You have two theories – you have the Special Theory of Relativity and you have the General Theory of Relativity.

With the Special Theory of Relativity, you can say that if you accelerate a mass to the speed of light that the mass will grow to infinity. On the other side, you have the General Theory of Relativity, then you can calculate gravitation, gravity.

Now, the two don’t compare with each other. If you accelerate our Sun to the speed of light then it will have, according to the Special Relativity Theory, an infinite mass. But you can’t calculate that the gravitation will be then also infinite. It’s impossible.

BR: I understand.

PG: So that’s a fault in the Theories of Relativity. So you must find a theory that explains that if you accelerate a sun or a planet to the speed of light that the mass grows, that also the gravitation grows.

My idea was – and I speak from 40 years ago, I was very young – if you have a universe... Now let’s imagine that there are, on the frontier of the universe, galaxies, near the speed of light, then there should be an infinite mass here while we are with our Galaxy here.

Now, if there is an infinite mass here, then this infinite mass should pull at the inner galaxies of our universe and they should be accelerated to that mass. That was my theory.

There were several things, more than five predictions, based on that. So they should find galaxies near the speed of light, and then they should find an accelerating universe. They have found that.

Then the galaxies that are near the speed of light should be very old. According to the Big Bang theory, they should be very young. So that is the opposite.

So, you understand?

BR/KC: Yes.

PG: It’s a bit complicated and that is why I was the only one who ever predicted that and it was completely the reverse from what the others were predicting.

KC: I understand. But where did you get this idea from? In other words, did you study to be an astronomer?

PG: I’ve read since 40 years almost all articles that were published about astronomy.

KC: Okay. Do you have a degree of any kind from a university?

PG: No, I don’t have a degree of any kind, but Einstein didn’t have also. [Bill laughs]

KC: I understand. So were you, by trade, were you an astronomer? Were you a scientist?

PG: No, I’m just a researcher. I’m a researcher.

KC: Okay. Now, this idea, did you get this idea... did you meditate? Did you do research and you added, you know, this thing and that thing to reach this conclusion? Or did you have an inspiration?

PG: Let us say: one percent inspiration and 99 percent transpiration. [Kerry laughs]

KC: Okay. Yeah. Perspiration, we say in America, perhaps.

PG: Perspiration. Okay.

KC: Okay. So you have this theory and it’s been proven right 40 years later.

PG: Yes.

KC: How does this relate to the research you did on the Mayan and other civilizations? In other words, are you saying that this has happened before?

PG: Yes. It happens every 11,500 years.

Now, you have Ice Ages. Did you see the movie Ice Age? Now, before the movie starts, you see that the United States is under the ice and then it is ice-free, and then again it’s under the ice, and then again it’s ice-free. And nobody knows why.

Now, if you take what I have explained, that in one day United States and Canada will move a few thousands kilometers upward, under the Pole, then you have an Ice Age.

And that’s the explanation of Ice Ages. If you move very fast, then also it explains why there were mammoths found with the food still undigested in their mouth because in a few hours they froze to death.

KC: So you’re saying a Pole shift is responsible for the Ice Ages.

PG: A Pole-shift is responsible for the Ice Ages.

KC: Okay. Are you then also saying that the Sun is responsible for the Pole-shift?

PG: Yes. The Sun is responsible.

KC: In every case in the past?

PG: Every case in the past.

KC: And are you finding records that, you know, that back this idea up? In other words, records in ice cores?

PG: No, the Ice Ages are known. Ask every scientist that knows about it and he will say: Yes, there are recurring Ice Ages in the United States and in Europe because at the moment that the Poles shift...

Why is it warm in Europe? We are now here in Holland. Now, if you look at the same... [searches for word] ... is it latitude like Holland?

BR: Latitude, yes.

PG: Latitude. Now, you see at the same latitude in Canada, there is ice accumulated. Why is it warm here? Because of the Gulf Stream. That’s the reason why it is warm here. Now, if the Gulf Stream stopped, then you have also an Ice Age at the same moment in Europe.

KC: Okay. What about the precession of the equinoxes? Are you also relating to that?

PG: Yes, yes, yes. Because I found in the Book of the Dead of the Egyptians that, at that moment that there is Pole-shift, the precession of the equinoxes is changed completely.

Now we are saying we are going to the Age of Aquarius. We will never reach it. We can end at the end of 2012 in a completely other age, in Lion or Capricorn, or I don’t know. I don’t know.

Yes, we will be catapulted in one way because the rotation of the Earth is now this way and it will go the other way around.

KC: So you’re basically saying...

PG: We will lose our latitude and longitude. We have to make completely new maps of the world. It will be impossible if you are in the ocean to find where you are.

BR: I have a question here, Patrick, and that is that the scenario that you described right at the start when you introduced yourself... it’s very, very specific, with specific measurements... you know, the 3,000-kilometer shift, all of this. But how did you decode this from the relatively small amount of information that you have available? PG: Because it happened in the past. You have to look at the Ice Ages, where the ice came in the past, and then you can see that what I am predicting has between 80% to 90% chance of happening. There is also 10% to 20% chance that Africa and Europe will move forward, but that is less likely.

BR: But what’s the connection between that and the data that you get from the Mayans? Because there will be people watching this who just say: Well, okay, the Mayans had this calendar and it seems to end, or at least part of it seems to end, before they go into the next larger cycle. How do you get all of your information from that?

PG: Now, it’s not only the Maya because I found the most important things in Egypt. There was a Frenchman, Albert Slosman, and he translated more than 30 years ago a story of a high civilization that was destroyed by a Pole-shift.

Now, in that story was also translated that they calculated the last Pole-shift and that they were able to escape with unsinkable boats; that they reached after a few days the coast of Morocco, and that they went to Egypt after thousands and thousands of years.

BR: This is the Atlantis catastrophe.

PG: That is the Atlantis story. Now the writer, Albert Slosman, wrote twelve books in French about that, and just prior to the publication in English, he had an accident and died. So they were never published in English and nobody knows about it. I only know about it because I’ve read the books in French.

BR: And they’ve never been translated?

PG: They’ve never been translated in English.

BR: Okay.

PG: Now, Albert Slosman, he said: Look, nobody will believe this, but there is proof in Egypt. I looked: Proof in Egypt? He said: Yes. There is in Egypt a building called the Labyrinth and that building was described by Herodotus. Herodotus was an ancient historian.

BR: Where is the Labyrinth, Patrick?

PG: One moment.

BR: I’m sorry.

PG: So Herodotus visited the Labyrinth 2,500 years ago and he wrote about that... because I bought the book of Herodotus. It’s 700 pages thick.

He said: Look, he said, I’ve seen the Pyramids. Very impressive, he said. But, he said, I am now in the Labyrinth and I’m walking here for hours and hours. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my whole life. It consists of 3,000 rooms in two stories and I am only allowed from the Egyptians to visit one, the upper level, and not the under level because the secrets of Egypt are there.

So, after reading that, I knew where I had to be. Now, where was the Labyrinth? That was a problem because nobody [had] ever found it.

BR: Hm. Herodotus was a good historian, wasn’t he?

PG: Yes. Very good, because the last years he had described several things from Saqqara and they were found.

BR: Exactly.

PG: Now, the Egyptians were saying: Aw, Herodotus, not so good; he was a liar. I speak from more than ten years ago. So the Labyrinth is exaggerated.

It wasn’t exaggerated. We found it last year. Nobody knows at the moment. It’s now August, but in November 2009, it will be on an NBC special from 2012.

BR: You say we found it. This was you and a team of people? You found it?

PG: A friend of mine -- Louis de Cordier and me -- we went to Egypt in December 2007, because I had connections after years of years working with the Egyptians. We wanted to scan with a geo-radar the Labyrinth. So it was only a sponsor that I needed and Louis de Cordier is an artist and he sells things for that. He made a Sun golden disk and he sold that to pay for the scanning of the Labyrinth.

BR: Where were you looking for it?

KC: Your theory was actually that it was somewhere at the foot of the Sphinx?

PG: No, no, no, no, no; absolutely not. We didn’t know where it was, so I asked my friend at that time, Gino Ratinckx. He was an archeoastronomer – he had a degree in archaeology and in astronomy – and I asked him: Do you know where the Labyrinth could be?

I will think about it, and two weeks later he called me and he said: Look, I found a clue.

And I said: Why?

He said: Look, if we take a labyrinth of stars in the sky and we project it to the Earth, then that would be the place of the Labyrinth.

And I said: Hey, that’s good thinking.

And he said: Well, it looks to me it should be in Hawara.

BR: In where?

PG: In Hawara. That’s about 100 kilometers from the Pyramids.

BR: Hawara. Okay.

PG: So I said: Okay. That makes sense.

So we visited a few months later [in] Egypt and he found a connection between several temples – like the Temple of Dendera – that should be the star Deneb. And when we visited Egypt, we asked them, the boss from the temple: Is it connected to a star, or something?

Yes, he said, it’s connected to the star Deneb.

And Gino’s: Look, your theory is right. Then we found several other connections and then, of course, the conclusion was the Labyrinth should be in Hawara.

Okay? So we went to Hawara and I already knew that the archaeologists talked at that moment that the Labyrinth also should be at Hawara, but they were thinking that it was totally destroyed and nothing remained of it. Okay, that was the theory in 1997.

So in December 2007, I was with my friend, Louis de Cordier, in Egypt and six weeks later, the Egyptians were scanning the Labyrinth. They took a month to scan the Labyrinth and we have what they found at home, the results, and indeed, the Labyrinth is there. It is 300 meters large, 250 meters wide, and 20 meters high.

KC: So they found it underground? Or did they find something on the surface?

PG: No, it’s under water. The problem is, 200 years ago they needed water and they took a side-river of the Nile over it. Now the Egyptians are putting pumps and other material there to pump the water out, and also that the side-river of the Nile, or side-stream, that is going over the Labyrinth is put in... how do you call that?... that it will go into pipes.

KC: Oh, I see.

PG: Yeah.

BR: So the Labyrinth itself is under water.

PG: It’s under water.

KC: How did they discover any sign of it if it’s under water? Did you send divers down?

PG: No, no, no, no. You can see it with a geo... like a radar? You can look with radar under the ground and with that you can see clearly that there are buildings there.

BR: Yes. But you can’t see the details of what’s in there.

PG: No, because of the water.

BR: So the water’s got to be pumped out first.

PG: Yes. And now we have to do a new scanning.

BR: That is a fascinating discovery.

KC: And is this going to be announced, you’re saying, in November [of 2009]?

PG: Um... NBC went two times to Egypt this year and they filmed in Egypt and then they should release that the Labyrinth has been found, because at the moment Dr. Hawass from Egypt, he’s not releasing the results.

But we had in the University of Ghent last year before 600 people that Dr. Hawass came explaining that, indeed, he has found the Labyrinth and that it is there. It never went worldwide. It was only published in the Belgian press, so the whole Belgian press knew about it, but it never went outside Belgium.

BR: This is a huge discovery.

PG: This is the biggest thing ever in human history. It is the biggest building ever built. It’s 30 kilometers large. Why? Because if you have 3,000 rooms, and each room is only ten meters long, then you have 30 kilometers.

BR: I thought he said it was only 300 meters.

PG: Yes, but the total length of walking – 3,000 rooms, each room ten meters.

BR: Now, is this something that could be connected with the Hall of Records?

PG: Yes. It’s the Hall of Records.

BR: This is the Hall of Records?

PG: This is the Hall of Records. Everybody is looking at Giza. Sorry, guys.

BR: Wrong place.

PG: You are at the wrong place. [laughs] It’s in the Labyrinth in Hawara.

BR: What are you expecting to find? What information are you expecting to be in there?

PG: We are looking for a room from granite, sheeted in gold, and there, there are 36 hieroglyphs with the theory, how they count down to 2012.

BR: Where did that information, that idea, come from, that you’re looking for that?

PG: The Frenchman, Albert Slosman, translated that.

BR: Ahh... yes.

KC: Is this again Herodotus?

PG: No, no, no. It’s from the Frenchman, Albert Slosman. He translated that from the hieroglyphs on the temples in Egypt. I don’t know where because he died in 1981, I think, so...

KC: So, on the temples in Egypt it talked about the Labyrinth and it...

PG: Yes.

KC: ...and it talked about this room...

PG: Yes.

KC: ...that contains this information about 2012?

PG: Not about 2012, because the date is not released. But if you go to the Temple of Dendera, you see that the Age of Pisces ends and it doesn’t go to Aquarius. So it’s at the end of this time that the cataclysm will happen.

BR: And that’s the correlation with the Mayan Calendar. PG: That’s the correlation with the Mayan Calendar because the Egyptians knew the same theory like the Maya did.

KC: Okay. But what you’re saying, in essence, sounds like the end of civilization as we know it.

PG: Yes. We will be completely wiped out. Only a few million people in the whole world will survive this.

KC: And these people will be where?

PG: You have to be higher than two kilometers, far away from volcanoes, and earthquake resistant. Also, if you are in South America and you are on a high mountain and you are pulled equator-wards, then the mountain will collapse. So that’s a very hard place to survive.

BR: And it’s not very good news for the people in Belgium and Holland.

PG: Nobody can survive in Holland, in England, or Belgium because the tidal wave is 1.5 kilometers high. It’s described in the Bible; everything was under water.

It’s not only in the Bible. You can see on my website that there are stories from a worldwide flood and that everything was under water.

BR: Yep.

PG: Nobody can explain that, but if you have a reversal of the rotation of the Earth, okay, explanation complete.

KC: Is it possible that this theory could be wrong?

PG: No. Absolutely not.

KC: Oh yeah? Why not?

BR: That’s a pretty strong statement.

KC: Yeah.

PG: Yes. But I was also on the Belgian television and I stated in 1990: Look, the universe has to expand with an acceleration, and everybody laughed at me and they said: He’s nuts. And only eight years later they said: [laughs] The universe is expanding with an acceleration.

KC: Is it possible that the force of acceleration is not as fast as you think it is?

PG: From what?

KC: In other words, it could be slower. It could still accelerate or expand but it could be slower, less drastic...?

PG: Do you have it about the universe or about what is happening in 2012?

KC: You’re saying that the universe is expanding or accelerating.

PG: It’s accelerating, for a very short time, of course, and now it stops again, huh?

KC: What is going to create this acceleration suddenly?

PG: No, no, no. I explained that already.

BR: What Patrick is saying is he was right about that prediction, so he’s right about this one.

KC: No, but I’m saying, if the universe is accelerating, is it accelerating from the Big Bang?

PG: No, no, no. I explained that already in the beginning. You have infinite masses here that pull on the galaxies inside. They are accelerating during a very short time, and then the acceleration...

KC: What time?

PG: I don’t know exactly, but then the acceleration stops, because you are nearing the speed of light and you can’t go over the speed of light.

BR: But this isn’t important in respect to what we’re talking about. It’s irrelevant.

PG: It’s irrelevant.

KC: Well, it is relevant because basically if that part of the theory is wrong, then everything else may be wrong.

PG: No, no. It’s not correlated.

BR: There’s no connection?

PG: There’s no connection between the two. It’s only, I explained, I was the only one that ever made such a prediction.

KC: Okay.

PG: That was in complete... the opposite from the other scientists.

KC: Okay. Then what are you saying will stimulate the Sun to create this solar flare such that it will engulf and cause the shift?

PG: Yes.

KC: What is acting on the Sun that’s going to cause this?

PG: It’s the natural cycle. Every eleven years you have a change in the magnetic field of the Sun.

KC: Eleven years?

PG: Eleven years.

BR: The sunspot cycle.

PG: The sunspot cycle. At the northern part, you have the plus first and at the southern part, you have the minus first. They change after eleven years so that after 22 years, you have the same plus again on the sunspots.

Now, I was the first in the whole world to crack that the Maya knew a theory to describe the sunspot cycle. It took me years to find it. Now, in the last two weeks, I was able to prove that the sunspots, indeed, change from plus to minus every eleven years and everybody who is interested or is a good mathematician can ask me the theory and I can send it to him.

BR: I think Maurice Cotterell says something similar, doesn't he?

PG: Yes. He says something similar. It is based on his ideas, but he made several faults and I have corrected them. I found at least five faults in his theory and I needed to correct them. So now I am able to calculate an eleven sunspot cycle theoretically and no astronomer in the whole world is able to do that.

BR: Understood. Just by coincidence, a few days ago we met Paul LaViolette.

PG: Yes. I met him also.

BR: Very intelligent man, very interesting man.

PG: Yes.

BR: And, of course, you understand his theory about Galactic Superwaves which influence the Sun in this periodic way, so he’s describing a possible mechanism to create the kind of thing that you’re talking about, I think. Is that right?

PG: Yes. But in fact, the end result is about the same. He doesn’t believe in a Pole shift, but okay.

BR: Correct.

PG: But we are talking about a cataclysm. The only fault he made I sent him – I spoke to him last year. We met in Rome about a conference about 2012 and I gave him my theory but he didn’t have time enough to study it.

BR: Okay.

PG: I am now trying to push several mathematicians. Already one of the best mathematicians in the whole world has it that the theory is right, but he doesn’t want to release a statement because he said: If I release a statement that this theory is right, we will have worldwide panic in a very short time because everybody will know then that the Maya countdown with this theory and that the theory is right and that’s more than enough.

BR: Do you believe that the governments of the world know this?

PG: No, because they don’t know this theory.

BR: Okay.

KC: Okay, but this theory of the sunspots... you say it’s happening every eleven years.

PG: Yes.

KC: So we go through this...

PG: No, no. That’s a minor reversal.

KC: Where’s the major...?

PG: Yes, yes, yes. But with that theory, you can calculate a major reversal and that happens every 11,500 years, in mean; there are longer and there are shorter cycles. That is what is important.

That is what we will have to find in the Labyrinth in Egypt. We want to find the study of the sunspot cycle from the Egyptians and then we can calculate exactly the day that it will happen again.

BR: So it’s pretty important to get that information from the Labyrinth.

PG: Yes. Yes. Yes.

BR: When will the water be pumped out?

PG: If everything goes all right, in 2010, around October or something like that.

BR: Why isn’t this in every newspaper? I mean, this is incredible information about the Labyrinth.

PG: Because Dr. Hawass doesn’t want to release the results.

KC: Of course.

PG: I have more that I can’t say about it. Because what did we find at the Giza Plateau?

BR: Okay.

PG: Right. I was with Polish friends at the Giza Plateau, scanning there in 2006, and the end result was released. It was said we have found tunnels that could lead to precious tombs.

And in 2007 the whole Giza Plateau was scanned but no results were released. But I know that they found several caves and Herodotus wrote in his book that Cheops wasn’t buried in the Pyramid but that he was laying around the Giza Plateau on an island.

BR: I remember that. Yeah. I remember that now. That’s interesting.

PG: Right. So I know more but I can’t say it.

KC: But they are doing a tremendous amount of digging around the Giza Plateau right now.

PG: No, no, no. Not a tremendous amount.

KC: I’ve seen it. Oh yeah, there are huge excavations happening right around the large Pyramid, right on the outside, right in between, near the... The Sphinx is here, the large Pyramid... it’s in this area. There are huge diggings going on, they have it partitioned off.

PG: Since when are they doing this?

KC: I was there, I think it was two years ago.

BR: April 2006.

KC: Yeah. 2006.

PG: No, no. I know about that. No, no, no. That’s all small diggings because it’s not allowed until 2012 to do large diggings at the Giza Plateau.

KC: How do you know that?

PG: Because that’s the law in Egypt. It’s not allowed until 2012. Why? I don’t know, but it's 2012!

KC: Okay. Well that’s interesting.

BR: Yes. So Zahi Hawass knows everything, does he?

PG: He does. He does.

KC: You think he does.

PG: No. He doesn’t know about 2012 because my friends, the Polish, were excavating at the Labyrinth till three months ago. Dr. Hawass found out between the connection from 2012 and the Labyrinth and he stopped the excavations and they found already several things.

So there were, I think, 80 Egyptians excavating there. The Polish weren’t excavating, but they were paying for the Egyptians to excavate it. Hawass stopped the excavations and then the Egyptians took over. So that is the latest what I know at the moment.

KC: So they were excavating underwater?

PG: No, no. The water is five meters deep... from zero to five meters, and they were looking there and they found several things.

BR: Are there photographs and films of this?

PG: Yes. The Polish have.

BR: Is this released? Is this available in the public domain at all?

PG: Part of it was on their website but they had to remove it from their websites, from Dr. Hawass, and I don’t know at the moment because I didn’t have time to correspond with them the last weeks, so I don’t know.

KC: Okay. But I want to get back to the Sun and also ask you what is acting on the Sun to create this cycle, you call it, that’s happening every 11,500 years?

PG: It has to do with the speed of the equator field and the polar field. If you look at the Sun and the speed of the equator field, you see the sunspots moving – it’s about 26 days. At the pole field that you can’t see from the Earth, it’s 37 days.

Now, I am asking myself since more than 13 years: How could the Maya and the Egyptians know the speed of the polar field while you can’t see it from the Earth?

I have no clue. I have no idea, but they studied the Sun for thousands and thousand and thousand of years and so they must have seen something while they were doing it and been able to calculate it.

KC: Are you familiar with Zecharia Sitchin’s work?

PG: Yes.

KC: And what about the idea that the Anunnaki were involved?

PG: No.

KC: No?

PG: I don’t believe it. I believe there is 10,000% evidence that there was a high civilization on Earth that was destroyed by a polar shift.

We will find the evidence in the Labyrinth because we will find the Hall of Records where we can find how the Earth looked like – because Antarctica was without ice. There are maps from Antarctica without ice and that we will find in the Labyrinth and then everybody will say WOW!

We have only a short time to live. What are we going to do? And at that moment I think the worldwide economy will collapse in two weeks or something like that.

That’s my expectation because everybody will be so baffled that they will say: Oh, everything is over. Why would I work? We will stop. We will enjoy it. We have only a very short time left.

KC: How long have you thought you’ve known this?

PG: I knew this from September 2006. I had absolute proof then because I read the book from Maurice Cotterell, The Mayan Prophecies, and I saw that his theory is not known by astronomers today. Then I started researching and I found [out] about the books from the Frenchman, Albert Slosman, that had translated that there was a high civilization on Earth that was able to calculate the last pole reversal.

Then I connected the dots between the Maya and Egyptians and then I said: Look, there is something in the theory from the sunspot cycle that has to be found, and I was now able to crack a large part of that. That is why I am so sure, because this theory is not known by astronomers today.

BR: What’s been the response of people to this? Because this going to be quite hard for some people to listen to this.

PG: Yes.

BR: You must have had this reaction many, many times.

PG: Yes. Nobody wants to believe it. They say: Look, even if it’s true, we don’t want to believe it.

KC: What about the underground bases that the governments around the world are building? Don’t you think that perhaps that they know something about this theory? I don’t know if they would agree with you completely, but do you think that the bases are with the idea that they might survive?

PG: They have no chance of survival because the earthquakes will be so large that there will be cracks in these underground bases and the water from 1.5 kilometers will go through those cracks and they will kill everybody that is inside it.

So now you have in Norway a vault that will be completely destroyed. No doubt about it. You have to be higher than two kilometers and that’s the only way to survive.

BR: Sure, I understand. But they’re trying to protect against something. They built the seed vault at Svalbard.

PG: Yes.

BR: They built that because they knew something.

PG: It’s possible that they know a lot more. It’s possible, but I doubt it because they don’t know this theory. But I leave it in the middle.

But even then, if they know something, then they make terrible vaults because I don’t want to be under the ground when there is a tidal wave from 1.5 kilometers.

KC: So do you believe we have alien visitors on the Earth at this time?

PG: No. I don’t believe that. I only believe in a high civilization. That is already hard enough to understand for everybody in the whole world.

KC: Meaning a high civilization that came from other planets?

PG: No, no, no! On Earth. That was able...

Look, we have a high civilization at this moment. Now, when the cataclysm hits us, all computers will be destroyed. Only books will survive.

If you have to restart from scratch, then that maybe will take another 10- or 12,000 years before we have another high civilization that will be destroyed again in a new cataclysm.

KC: Okay. So you have...

PG: One moment... one moment. I'm not finished yet. Now, how fast are we completely destroyed?

One hour. Because in one hour an electromagnetic pulse will destroy every computer. Nothing will remain except the books.

Do we have books above two kilometers or on a few places on Earth that are higher than that? But most of that will be destroyed in the earthquakes and then there will be rains.

What will remain from what we know now at this moment? Almost nothing.

So you want to restart? Something easy – you want to make iron. Do you know how to make iron? I don’t know. I need a book for that.

Do you know how to make... look, you have tooth pain. Now you need something to relieve the pain. Do you know how to make it? No, you don’t know. Do you understand the problems?

BR: Sure, we’re back in the Stone Age.

PG: No, the Stone Age was better [Bill laughs] because there will be no Sun for 40 years. There will be a dust of cloud around the Earth for 40 years from the volcanoes. If you have seen the documentary from Yellowstone Park then you will know that if there is a large eruption from a super-volcano that there will be a dust cloud around the Earth for 45 years.

Now we are talking not about Yellowstone Park alone. We are talking about almost all volcanoes so there will be a dust cloud for 40 years around the Earth. No food. No heat, nothing.

KC: Let me ask you, though, if you don’t believe ETs are here on Earth, there have been reports that there have been craft spotted around the Sun. Okay?

PG: Mm-hm.

KC: Have you heard these reports?

PG: No, I haven’t heard these reports but I’m just saying my case. Now, nobody believes in a high civilization on Earth and I have absolute proof of that because...

KC: Well, they believe in Atlantis, right?

PG: They believe in Atlantis, but ask a scientist and they’re way off.

BR: I understand. Sure.

PG: I have only one proof at the moment that there was a high civilization on Earth and that is the Sunspot Cycle Theory. This theory is so incredibly complicated and not known by astronomers today. That is the absolute proof.

BR: Hm.

KC: Interesting.

PG: That is the absolute proof.

BR: Now, let me ask you a sort of existential question, if you like. If it’s so hopeless, why are you even telling anybody? Because it sounds like the kind of thing that nobody can do anything about even if they knew exactly what was going to happen.

PG: No, no.

BR: What can people do with the information?

PG: No, no. We have a survival group and we want to survive in several places on Earth: the Sierra Nevada in Spain, and especially somewhere, a place, in Namibia or South Africa or Tanzania or Ethiopia.

Because there is another problem. We have now a large part of the world covered with nuclear plants. They will melt down, so it is impossible to live or to survive, in Europe and the United States.

BR: And that’s why you’re looking at southern Africa.

PG: Yes. It will be contaminated for thousand and thousands and thousands of years.

Now, that is not the only problem. The major problem is that the fuel that has been used for the nuclear plants is at several places at the moment and it is cooled down, cooled down, eh?

Now, if the cooling stops, that disaster will be larger than the melting of all nuclear plants. I asked a specialist about that and he said: If that happens, I don’t know if humanity can survive.

BR: Yeah. We heard from somebody, and I don’t think we can say very much about this on record, but we did hear from somebody that the movie The China Syndrome was based on a real incident that has never been released. Do you know this movie?

PG: The China Syndrome? Yes, I have seen the movie. Yes, yes, yes.

BR: We’ve heard that’s based on a real incident, which is quite interesting. We can’t prove it.

PG: Yes, but Chernobyl happened.

BR: Chernobyl certainly happened and so did Three Mile Island. I understand the point. How about Australia? Is Australia a place to...?

PG: The high places are natural parks so you can’t build survival bunkers there. So it’s pretty hopeless, I think.

BR: Not even inland? I mean, I guess inland you’ve just got desert so you can’t really...

PG: The tidal wave is everywhere 1.5 kilometer high, at least, I think. It is even nearer to two kilometers.

KC: This is based, though, on a reversal on the Sun first. Is this correct?

PG: Yes.

KC: So if this reversal does not happen, or if it’s smaller. In other words, some of the predictions have talked about CMEs – coronal mass ejections – hitting the Earth but they will only hit certain parts of the Earth momentarily so that it’s not an overall situation.

PG: No, no, no. There is no doubt about what I am describing. It will be worse than I am describing because the magnetic field of the Earth is now so weak that it can be easily overpowered.

In The Sixties and The Seventies from the last century, you could read in the popular scientific magazines and even in the real scientific magazines that the North Pole changes in the South Pole on the Earth every 11,500 years because they found core reversal dates.

Now, what they knew has disappeared, that knowledge. I don’t know why. Then they changed their mind and they said: No, it happens every 250,000 years or every 500,000 years.

So they are just completely wrong. I don’t know why they changed their minds, but the data are still there. If you look in the scientific magazines from the last century, you can find them. And they are described in the book Not by Fire, But by Ice...

BR: By Robert Felix.

PG: Robert Felix, and he describes the articles where you can find them. So he has also a new book out about what is going to happen, and he also says that we can be destroyed every moment by a new Ice Age, but he doesn’t know the principle of a Pole shift.

BR: I have to say that I think at this point we have to talk about the message that we got from this person whose name we can’t release. This is quite interesting, Patrick. We need to tell you about this.

In October 2007, we were contacted by somebody whose name we recognized. It was just a little message. We often get them. It’s like: I love your website; you’re doing good work.

PG: Yeah.

BR: We often get messages. I’m sure you get that, the same.

PG: No. No. I get bad messages. [laughter]

BR: I wonder why.

PG: You f****ed my life up! [laughs]

BR: Okay. Well, we got a nice message. It was just one line from this guy and he signed his name. I recognized the name, but it was quite a common name and I thought: Is this who I think it might be? And this is somebody whose name you would recognize, too. This is an American guy; he’s a very well-known scientist.

And I wrote back to him saying: Are you who I think you are?

He wrote back and said: Well, actually, yes, I am, and he confirmed who he was and in the meantime we checked out his email address and his IP. This was the same guy.

I asked him: What do you know about what might be happening in the next few years? Because that was a time, in October 2007, [when] we were asking anybody that question if they knew something; we were starting to get really interested.

And he said: I have got some bad news and I don’t like to be somebody who communicates bad news, but I can tell you this. He said there will be three events: a coronal mass ejection, a magnetic pole reversal, and then, finally, a Pole shift. He said that. That’s what he said.

PG: He said that?

BR: That’s what he said.

KC: Yeah.

BR: One, two, three. He said that. And then he said: I’m sorry I cannot say any more. He’s working with a Top Secret security clearance for the Department of Homeland Security in America.

PG: Yeah?

BR: And what’s a rocket scientist doing working for the Department of Homeland Security? This is a brilliant man.

He says he’s done the calculations and he said – his exact words were: We’re going to be in for a very tough time, and then he apologized for not being able to say more. He said that we were the first people he had communicated with outside of the national security community for several years.

Now, I thought he was talking about three separate events, and now what I hear you saying is that these three things are inter-related – Bang, bang, bang.

PG: Yes. Bang, bang, bang.

BR: And that’s making me feel very strange right now.

PG: Yeah. Right. I’m very surprised that he knows this because this theory that I have discovered, I only published that in my books.

KC: But your books would be read by these people. When did you publish this?

PG: That is possible.

KC: When did you publish this, the first time?

PG: Yes, but then the theory was not final. In 2001 a brief explanation of the sunspot cycle was in my book The Orion Prophecy and then I think it... When was my book The World Cataclysm...?

KC: Wasn’t that 2005?

PG: Something like that. Yes. I forgot. 2005, I think.

KC: I’ve had it for a couple of years.

PG: Yes.

BR: We had this email in October 2007. That’s just what we got. Off record, maybe we can tell you who this person is, but to protect him, it’s very, very important that we don’t tell his name.

PG: You don’t have t protect him anymore because I will be explaining on History Channel and NBC the new theory about sunspot cycle and everybody can take the theory from my website.

KC: Is it possible they go down into the Labyrinth and that you find out that there’s something different, there’s something wrong with your theory?

PG: No, there is nothing wrong. The theory is absolutely right. It has been proven right by one of the most brilliant mathematicians in the world.

KC: You mean this sunspot...

PG: The Sunspot Cycle Theory that I discovered in the book of The Dresden Codex of the Maya.

KC: So you’re looking in the Labyrinth and you expect to get some kind of validation for something in the Labyrinth that’s going to validate your entire theory.

PG: Absolutely. We will find artifacts from the previous civilization and we expect also to find things there that we don’t believe they had.

BR: Okay.

KC: Do you have a name of that society that you think was the original advanced civilization?

PG: Well, it is called Atlantis; the Atlanteans.

KC: So you think it’s Atlantis, that information in the Labyrinth.

PG: Yes. Aha-Men-Ptah (Atlantis). Translated by Albert Slosman.

BR: And just out of interest, curiosity, where do you believe that was?

PG: I believe the South Pole.

BR: Oh, really?

PG: Yes. And that it went in one day under the ice.

BR: That’s what Rand Flem-Ath and Colin Wilson say.

PG: Yes, I believe that the theory is right because there is no other explanation. It was never found, and if you say that it went under the ice, then that gives a complete explanation.

BR: Now what Paul LaViolette says, and I don’t have the information myself. We asked him the same question. He says that the ice core samples from the South Pole are continuous, there’s no period when there wasn’t any ice. Is that correct?

PG: No, no, no. His data is not so good. You have to read the book from Robert Felix better, and there are now new data from Greenland that confirms the Ice Ages.

BR: Okay. Which book by Robert Felix? Not by Fire, But by Ice?

PG: The two. You have to read both of them. Yes. Okay?

Also, because of the shifting of the Earth, there is no consistency in all the ice core data. Because 11,500 years [ago] a part of the South Pole was not under ice and a part was under the ice.

So you have to look at the part that was covered under the ice 13,000 years ago. You see? Because otherwise there are differences. If you have now a place...

BR: Explain that again because I didn’t understand that, I’m sorry.

PG: You have the South Pole and it is free of ice?

BR: Right.

PG: Now, the South Pole is near the equator and it goes down in one day under the ice and the part that was not covered by ice will be covered by ice, but you won’t find in that part previous Ice Ages. You understand? Because it is new ice. It is after the cataclysm.

BR: Okay. So let me check what I think you’re saying. You’re saying that the discontinuity in the formation of the layers of ice wouldn’t actually be visible.

PG: Yes. It’s not. If you have the part from Antarctica that was once 11,000 - 12,000 years ago ice free, then the ice is new. There is only data till 11,800 years ago.

BR: Okay.

PG: And if you think that the ice is laying there for hundreds of thousands of years then you make a fault and you can’t say something right about that data.

BR: I understand. It would be very interesting to talk to the two of you together, I must say.

PG: You have to go to further away, to Antarctica, or you have to put the data from Greenland because Greenland didn’t move that much, and the ice core data from Greenland that were released a few months ago, they are exactly.

BR: Okay. Now, I don’t understand how some of the tectonic plates – you’re talking about the tectonic plates moving – how some of the tectonic plates can move a lot and some not at all. Surely it’s all going to move.

PG: No. It’s all going to move. You have to just take the peel of an orange, unbound it, and that is what will happen. But when will the crust move, so, this way? That’s only possible at the moment that the Earth stops rotating, because you have at the equator a bulge. By the movement of the Earth, there’s a bulge on the equator.

Now, at the moment that the inner core is almost upside-down, then the rotation of the Earth stops. At the moment that the rotation of the Earth stops, the bulge disappears. Then the crust can slide easily over.

But then the rotation starts again, because it goes the other way around, and the bulge appears again and stops the crust slide. That is why you have an inner core movement of 180 degrees and only 30 degrees from the crust.

BR: Okay. So you know about the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum.

PG: Yes.

BR: So what you’re saying is that angular momentum here actually is conserved because the total energy in the system stays the same, although there are all these changes happening -- is that right?

PG: Yeah. There doesn’t much happen in the energy, but you have to understand that the crust is only 60 to 120 kilometers thick and that is the only movement.

So the biggest part of the Earth is going just upside-down and that doesn’t need a lot of energy because now the scientists say: Look, the rotation of the Earth, reversal is totally impossible. You need too much energy for that.

And I say: Look, no, you are wrong. It’s an upside-down movement of the Earth that doesn’t take that much energy. It’s only the crust that gives the final rotation reversal.

KC: Okay. I have a few questions.

BR: It’s a crustal displacement.

PG: It’s a crustal displacement and a crustal rotation movement.

KC: Okay. But if you’re saying that this crust is going to move and you said you had to be 100 kilometers below the surface?

PG: No, no. The crust is only 60 to 120 kilometers. If you go down 60 or 100 kilometers then you have lava.

BR: It’s all floating about on a kind of liquid, like the skim on milk.

PG: Yeah.

KC: Is it possible they’re building cities down there?

PG: No. You have lava, [laughs] so deep, it’s impossible. You have lava there. It’s too warm. If you go to South Africa and you are in the gold mines, I think it’s incredibly hot at three kilometer depth. It’s incredibly hot.

BR: Yep. It’s very hot.

PG: It’s very, very hot and if you go still deeper down, it’s impossible. You need a large amount of cooling to stay there.

BR: Yeah.

KC: And what about the activity on the Moon and the rest of the planets? If the Sun is going through this reversal, what happens to the rest of the planets?

PG: You will have... there is frozen water on Mars, and then that will be, because Mars has no atmosphere, so the tidal wave from the Sun will release far more energy than on the Earth, so the frozen water on Mars will be liquid and there will be streams of water on Mars from water that will be larger than on the Earth.

BR: And of course on Mars it looks like this has happened before, because there are huge canyons there.

PG: Yes, because more than ten years ago, you could read in the scientific magazines that they thought they had strong evidence that there were streams on Mars only twelve thousand years ago. Because they saw stream patterns – that’s with almost no hits from meteorites – and that is why they said this looks only 12,000 years old, but nobody has an explanation.

BR: Yep. That’s true.

KC: Okay, but you’re saying 12,000 and then you said 11,500...

PG: It’s “about” – plus / minus – because now it has taken 11,800 years between the previous cycle and the next cycle, and before that it was 11,500 years. Now, the larger the amount of time between the cycles, the larger the release of the energy of the Sun, so this destruction will be larger than the previous one.

KC: I see. And you’re convinced that it’s going to happen around 11,800 years, not 12,000.

PG: No. There are smaller cycles and there are larger cycles. So in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is described that there were three destructions the last 40,000 years.

KC: But there’s also the thing about how you calculate when 2012 or when this time period that ends with the Mayan Calendar, etcetera. It’s not necessarily our year 2012 because the way we’ve counted years have changed.

PG: No, no. In the Book of the Dead there is also a star code. That code is connected to the year of the previous cataclysm and in the previous cataclysm Venus made a retrograde loop above Orion near the Twins.

I’ve written that in my book how we discovered that, and there’s also stated that if the code comes back then it is the year of the next cataclysm.

BR: And there’s a Chinese...

KC: But the goat, we’re talking the year of Capricorn. Right?

PG: No, no. The code will appear again in 2012; Venus will make a loop above Orion. But it is a complicated code because you have also to look at the precession, and the precession from the last cataclysm is the same like the precession in 2012, plus or minus 50 years.

But there is more proof that the year 2012 is right. Not only the Venus code gives it, but there are other codes that are hidden in the countdown that give the year 2012.

BR: Didn’t the Chinese have a story in their mythology that there was a time when the Sun went backwards in the sky?

PG: Yeah. Not only the Chinese, but others also, and that is because of the reversal of the rotation of the Earth. Now, the Egyptians, they are saying – Herodotus wrote about that – that in the Egyptian history the Sun came up where it now goes down.

BR: Okay.

KC: Yes.

PG: So now, you don’t have that only in the Egyptians. I get several emails from guys from the Islam and they say: Look, what you have discovered is in Islam.

And I said: Oh, I know it already because a lot of people mailed that to me. At the end of times, it’s written down in the Islam, the Earth will shiver terribly.

BR: That’s what it says in Revelations. It’s the same thing, isn’t it?

PG: Yes, it’s the same, but they say it also in Islam... it will shiver terribly. Then you have only a very short time left for your sins because once the Sun comes up where it now goes down, that is written in the Islam, then you don’t have time to ask permission for your sins to be released, or something like that.

KC: What about the position of the Giza Pyramid? Are you dating the Giza Pyramid back earlier than originally thought?

PG: The base of the big Pyramid is older than what it is based and now they say it is about 5,000 years old. No, the pyramids, what is official there...

BR: I think it’s...

PG: Is it 4,500?

BR: It’s about 4,500 BC.

PG: No, no.

BR: No, I'm sorry, 4,500 years old. That's the official dating.

PG: Now, Albert Slosman translated 5,500 years old, so a thousand years older.

KC: Okay. But my understanding was that the orientation of the Pyramid changed.

PG: No, no. It didn’t change. It has to do with the precession, so...

KC: So you’re saying that the precession of the equinoxes changed, not the position of the Pyramid on the Earth.

PG: No. It doesn’t...

KC: What about Stonehenge? Did you look at that at all?

PG: No. I didn’t look at Stonehenge. My research was basically Egypt and the Dresden Codex of the Maya. Also, to connect all the dots with what I’ve written about unexplained mysteries like Ice Ages, and so [on], and how you can connect that all together.

BR: What are you planning to do, personally, in the next few years?

PG: We have a survival group and we are working now with several members of that survival group. We’ve visited South Africa and we will visit Namibia and Tanzania and the Sierra Nevada [in Spain] to look if we have some places where we can build bunkers.

BR: South America?

PG: South America, no, because it’s too dangerous because it will move too much and there are too many volcanoes there. So South America and North America -- we won’t do anything there.

KC: But are you looking only above, what are you saying, 2,000 meters?

PG: Two thousand meters, yes.

KC: Even in Africa?

PG: Even in Africa, yes. But the biggest problem everywhere in the world is that above 2,000 meters, most of it is natural parks, everywhere in the whole world, so that complicates our problem a lot because otherwise, it would be easy.

Look, you have the Kingdom of Lesotho in South Africa. It’s very high and the problem is you can’t buy land there and you can’t do anything there. So the best place in the whole world is Lesotho and you can’t do anything there.

BR: Botswana?

PG: No.

BR: No?

PG: It’s not high enough, I think.

BR: Okay. But the impact of a huge tidal wave is actually less as you go inland, so for example, in Europe, Switzerland...

PG: No, no. This is a reversal of the rotation of the Earth and according to old manuscripts, it went three times around the world. So the speed difference is 3,000 kilometers an hour. Now, the Earth is 40,000 kilometers at the equator. So in 13 hours, it goes around the world.

BR: But you’re still going to get a wave just like a wave on the beach as it goes in it's going to...


BR: No? Because the energy is going to dissipate.

PG: It dissipates but it takes some time, and according to old manuscripts, the last waves are the largest. Don’t know why.

BR: Okay.

KC: So, let’s talk about your website for the people so that they can reference the things you are referring to. And your website is...

PG: How To Survive 2012 dot com.

[ ]

KC: [laughs] Okay.

BR: [laughs] That’s very simple.

PG: [laughs] Yeah. That's simple.

KC: And you say you have a link there to the Labyrinth information?

PG: Yes, if you go to the Labyrinth, you have Egypt. Then you have a link there to the website of my friend, Louis de Cordier, who paid for the scanning of the Labyrinth.

Unfortunately the results are removed -- but you can find all the information there -- because the results had to be removed, from Dr. Hawass.

KC: Okay, because he asked you to remove them.

PG: Yes, otherwise we weren’t allowed to enter Egypt.

KC: I see. So you are going back in November to re-scan it?

PG: No, no, no. In November, NBC will release that the Labyrinth has been found. [laughs]

KC: Okay, they’re releasing that the Labyrinth has been found. Have they gone and filmed it? Were you part of the filming?

PG: No, no. I wasn’t part but a team from NBC went in, I think in March, to Egypt and they filmed there [with] Dr. Hawass about a connection between 2012 and the Labyrinth. He will say, of course, that he doesn’t believe in that. Then they interviewed Dr. Abbas, who did the scanning, and he says the Labyrinth is there.

BR: Why is it taking so long for them to release it? You’d think that it could be out earlier than that.

PG: They are waiting for the excavations.

BR: Okay, right.

KC: So is the water being drained by November?

PG: No, no. The water will be drained next year [2010] because they are now making pipes there for the canal to be in a pipe and then also they are building pumps and so [on] to pump the water out. But that will take a year.

BR: That’s a pretty big job.

PG: It’s a very big job and very costly.

BR: Yes, and they’ve got to do it right.

PG: Yes, they’ve got to do it right. We hope they don’t stop it because of the connection with 2012, because they stopped the excavations from my Polish friends a few months ago.

BR: There must be governments of the world who will be... I mean, even if they don’t know, the intelligence agencies, the militaries of the world must be aware of this information. It’s their job to find this information.

PG: No. No. Absolutely not. Nobody believes it, because they don’t know...

It’s the same like I was saying 30 years ago in my book. I said the universe is expanding with an acceleration. Nobody believed it.

Then eleven years ago they published it by themselves: The universe is expanding with an acceleration, and they reversed their standpoint completely. They said the opposite from what they were saying previously.

Now, I think they will reverse their standpoint because of what I found with the Sunspot Cycle Theory. It’s on my website and I have an updated version and if there is a good mathematician or a solar scientist, he can ask it to me and he will be baffled with what I’ve found, because what I found is so complicated that, well, it has to be true.

KC: Okay, but do you have a background as a mathematician?

PG: Not really, and therefore it took me years to find it! [laughs] But is has been found true now by a mathematician. So I am working on it and it’s possible that a mathematician from a university says that it is right and that he can get it published.

No, no. He already said it is right but it’s now the problem to get it published and to work on it. Because you can’t publish a basic theory; you have to use advanced mathematicians to do it, and that is now the second part we are working on.

KC: Okay. Would you say around the world you have any support out there with scientists besides this particular mathematician?

PG: There are a few people that believe that an Ice Age can happen every moment, but that’s it.

KC: But what about the reversal of the Sun?

PG: No. Nobody believes that.

KC: Nobody?

PG: Nobody believes that, nobody. I’m the only one who is saying that, and I am the only one in the whole world who knows exactly what is going to happen.

KC: [laughs] Okay... well, this is very extraordinary.

PG: Yes. It’s the same like... It’s a pity that my book about the theory of the universe never was published in English, otherwise you would have known about it much earlier.

BR: But your website is in English.

PG: My website is in English because I said: Look, I made a fault by not publishing in English, so I can’t make the same fault again for the end of the world.

Look, my book was translated in English in 1997 and then I had to look for a publisher and I didn’t find one. Nobody wanted to publish it until in 2000 I came in Brussels in an English bookstore that is there, Waterstones, and they had the book about maps of the ancient Sea Kings, the same writer like that wrote about the Pole shifts...

BR: Charles Hapgood.

PG: Charles Hapgood. Then I wrote to the publisher of that and it was David Hatcher Childress in the United States.

BR: Oh yeah. Right.

PG: Right. And I asked him: Look, do you want to publish my book?

And he said: If you pay for it, and: I will be in Amsterdam in a few months. Come to me and speak to me.

And I went to him and I said: Okay. It’s okay. I will pay for the publication of my book, so that started everything.

KC: Have you sold a lot of books?

PG: The Orion Prophecy I believe is now around 30,000 in English, but in Polish, because I had several documentaries in Polish, I sold 50,000 copies from my three books in Polish.

KC: Uh-huh. What is your native language?

PG: Dutch.

KC: Dutch.

PG: Yes.

KC: Do you speak Polish?

PG: No, absolutely not. [laughs] I don’t understand anything. [laughter]

KC: There is just a special interest in Poland for your work?

PG: No. A few years... how long is it ago? I think six years ago a Polish man read my book in Polish – because The Orion Prophecy was rather quickly translated in Polish – and he said: Look, nobody believes you, I think.

I said: Yeah, that is true.

I will help you to find the Labyrinth in Egypt.

I said: Okay. Then he came to Belgium a few months later and we talked with each other. That is the guy who made connection with the department of astronomy and geophysics in Egypt. They scanned the Giza Plateau in 2006, and with that connection, I was able to scan the Labyrinth.

KC: Okay. Prior to that were there any theories about where the Labyrinth was? Were you the first one to initiate this?

PG: No, no. The archaeologists already said that, according to what they thought, the Labyrinth should be in Hawara. But there were no excavations and they thought it was completely destroyed.

And I said: Completely destroyed? Such a large building? That is impossible. It still has to be there. And we were the first to scan it.

KC: Are there any pyramids as part of the Labyrinth?

PG: There is a pyramid standing near the Labyrinth, but it is mainly collapsed because it is made... the upper level of brick stones, but the under level is in stone and granite as we can see. There is a connection with the Labyrinth and that was described by Herodotus, so the Labyrinth should be there. It is there.

BR: That’s a fascinating story.

PG: Yes.

KC: Herodotus wrote in Greek or in Latin?

BR: In Greek.

PG: In Greek. I was a few years ago in Turkey, Bodrum, it is called. It’s a very famous, like Cannes – like Cannes from Turkey – and he lived there. He was born there, but that was ancient Greece.

KC: Yes. Okay. I understand.

BR: He was a famous historian. He was very reliable. He was a scholar.

PG: Yes.

KC: Do you read Greek?

PG: No.

KC: So you had to read a translation.

PG: It was a translation, yes.

KC: Was it accurate, do you feel?

PG: Well, you have translations in English and in Dutch, so... It was a new translation in Dutch.

KC: I see.

BR: He’s been very well translated. His work isn’t disputed at all.

KC: I just wondered.

BR: And he was... the Greeks were very methodical and meticulous. They were academics. They took pride in their scholarship.

Plato was another one. He was right about everything and why should people say that he was wrong about Atlantis?

PG: Yeah.

KC: But Plato did say Atlantis was...

BR: I understand that Herodotus was particularly interested in Egyptian history. Isn’t that right?

PG: Yes, he was very good.

KC: But Plato was, apparently, if you follow your theories, Plato was wrong about the location of Atlantis.

PG: No, no. Absolutely not.

KC: Plato said south of the equator?

PG: Yes, but everybody misinterpreted what he said.

KC: It’s Antarctica.

BR: All that Plato said was that is was beyond the Pillars of Hercules and what that means is that it was outside of the Mediterranean.

PG: Yes.

BR: And that also applies to...

PG: Also to Antarctica. Yes.

BR: So he wasn’t wrong about that. Most people think that that means in the middle of the Atlantic. Of course, some people still do think that and that’s a whole other discussion.

PG: Most of them think it. There are thousands of places that they think where Atlantis could be. So only a few people think Antarctica. We will find that in the Labyrinth.

KC: Okay. But do you think they’ll release it? In other words, I know they’re going to talk about it in November [of 2009], and NBC is going to, but they don’t usually release a lot of information to the public.

So what do you think? Is there a possibility that because your theory might be true they might actually withhold this information?

PG: I don’t know what will happen. It depends from what the media will do with it. The Belgian press published about my theories but there was not that many response because of the opposition of the scientists. Because I was on TV, and afterward they give scientists, but these scientists are all wrong.

Now, because they didn’t know the latest data from the NASA. In 2008, in December, NASA published that they found a new theory about the protection of the Earth.

If a wave from the Sun with a northern polarity hits the Earth first, then the southern polarity field of the Earth is totally unprotected. The scientists from NASA wrote on their website: This is the same as saying that the Sun will come up in the west.

Now, if you connect the dots, this explains why the Sun will come up in the west because if you have a follow-up big wave with southern polarity, then everything will happen what I explained.

There is another theory from NASA that there will be a huge activity of the Sun in 2012. That is enough. It is coming from NASA. It’s not coming from me. [laughter] I’m not saying that. NASA is saying that.

KC: That’s right. Yes. Solar Cycle 24.

BR: They were saying that a couple years ago.

PG: Yeah. But expect now that NASA will say: No, no. Nothing will happen in 2012, after the movie and all the things, or I don’t know what will happen.

KC: But you’re telling us that you’ve been, I don’t know, were you just interviewed by History Channel?

PG: History Channel, NBC. Yes.

KC: NBC. Okay. And they will release that interview when?

PG: I don’t know.

KC: You don’t know.

PG: NBC in November [of 2009].

BR: Do you have an exact date for it?

PG: No, just prior to the movie.

KC: Prior to the movie. What movie?

PG: The 2012 movie.

KC: Oh yeah?

PG: Yes. That is about the Pole shift, the destruction of everything.

KC: So they interviewed you in association with that movie.

PG: Yes. SONY Pictures interviewed me also and they said that they will release a part of that interview just before the movie starts.

KC: And did the filmmakers read your work and were they influenced by you?

PG: I am absolutely sure about that because my book The Orion Prophecy was published in 2001 and there’s only one guy in the whole world that wrote about a Pole shift in 2012 and that is me.

KC: Ah.

BR: At that time.

PG: No. At the moment you can’t find any book that is similar like mine that describes what will happen. Nothing. I’m the only one. So it has to be based on my book because it is also in the movie he says about unsinkable boats. I wrote about an unsinkable boat in my book also, and about the Pole shift. [laughs]

So, he made several faults in his movie. Of course, it’s a movie, it’s a Hollywood movie; it has to be spectacular, of course; so, okay.

KC: Well, certainly the destruction of civilization is quite spectacular, regardless of how Hollywood makes it, right?

PG: Right.

KC: Well, Patrick Geryl, thank you very much.

PG: Okay.

KC: It’s been a pleasure. You’re very eloquent. Your theories are very, [laughs] very dire, but we’ll see what happens, won’t we?

BR: I think at the beginning, you used the word apocalyptic and that’s a good word to use.

PG: Yeah. Apocalyptic.

BR: I’d like to thank you, too. It's interesting stuff, actually. I had not read your book and I will now do so. Absolutely.

PG: Yeah. Right, and then you will know everything and you will see that it is far more dire than I explained.

BR: Okay and then I’m going to quit work and just start partying. [laughs]

PG: That’s the best thing you can do. That’s the best thing you can do.

KC: Thank you very much.

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