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Welcome to Project Camelot

Our purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and whistleblowers to get their stories out.
We produce in-depth video interviews, made available free of charge. We also present written analyses and other research. Click here for links to all our material.
Increasingly, we've been receiving standalone messages (on or off record) from inside sources, some of which which will be presented on the page below.
Our focus is an investigation into (but is not limited to) the following: extraterrestrial visitation and contact, time travel, mind control, classified advanced technology, free energy, possible coming earth changes, and revealing plans that exist to control the human race. Click here for more about our mission.



12 December 2008 - 14 March 2009

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8 November 2009 - Present


What's New on our site


12 March 2009

Click here for the MOV formatted video of Brian O'Leary's introduction to the Vilcabamba Camelot Conference in January. We had earlier posted the audio alone. As a supplement to Brian's video interview with us, it provides a most interesting summary of his strong interest and extensive experience in Free Energy research.

1 March 2009

Click here (and see opposite) for the recording of an informal and very interesting conversation with Bob Dean at the UFO Conference in Laughlin, NV. The audio was recorded with a pocket dictaphone in a noisy public place, and this transcript of the whole conversation may be helpful.
Do wish Bob a happy birthday at Messages of appreciation for this beautiful soul have been pouring in for several days now. Everything we receive will be forwarded to him tomorrow morning - when he turns 80 years young.

25 February 2009

Click here for a 25 minute telephone update from George Green on the state of the global economy, recorded yesterday morning.

22 February 2009

Click here for an audio interview with Peter Levenda, the author of the acclaimed trilogy Sinister Forces, which explores the connections between the Nazis, the occult, mind control, and present-day American politics.

19 February 2009

Click here for a transcript of our 16 February phone call with Dr Bill Deagle (see below).

16 February 2009

Dr Bill Deagle called us today to give us an update after our last contact with him: his famous phone call of 4 October 2008 (see below). He talked with us for 23 minutes about the great danger we all face from the engineered collapse of the world economy, and told us that he had learned from senior intelligence sources that two nuclear devices had recently been found in US cities and deactivated. Click here

15 February 2009

Click here for the full transcript of Brian O'Leary's recent video interview.

8 February 2009

Click here for the transcript of Brian O'Leary's introductory presentation to the recent Ecuador Conference, in which he discusses the paradigm shift needed for Free Energy to be embraced by the world.
Dr Eugene Mallove, a Free Energy writer and activist who was brutally murdered in 2004, was a close personal friend of Brian O'Leary. Brian has kindly allowed us to incorporate in our Tribute page to Gene a short chapter, dedicated to his friend, from his recent book, The Energy Solution Revolution. We salute Gene Mallove again here, who became convinced that cold fusion was a reality and wrote extensively about the attempts to discredit the original research of the University of Utah scientists Dr Stanley Pons and Dr Martin Fleischmann.

6 February 2009

We're delighted to present our new video interview with Dr Brian O'Leary. Please click here
We've improved the quality of our audio recording of George Green (see 4 Feb opposite). Note that it's now quite a large file: 58 Mb for the two and a half hour presentation. The loud "white noise" two-thirds of the way through George's presentation is a heavy afternoon rainstorm.
We have posted full transcripts of our recent interviews with Marcia Schafer and Jessica, Crystal Child.

28 January 2009

We're continuing to edit audio and video material recorded at the recent Ecuador Conference hosted by Dr Brian O'Leary. Click here for a three-minute audio 'teaser': a brief and generous introduction by Brian to our own presentation on the second day of the conference.

During Bill's recent interview with Jim Humble, we have discovered that orbs were captured by one of the photographers, Christian Köhlert. In the final group photo, one orb is large and vivid. In another one, most remarkably, orbs are shown at the mouths of both Bill and Jim simultaneously. We claim no explanation for this, and present the images for their curiosity value. Click on the two thumbnails for high resolution images.

7 January 2009

Click here for the transcript of our new Jim Humble interview (see below).

Of some incidental interest may be that I (Bill) have witnessed an apparent MMS miracle at first hand: someone I know in Zurich has had mild neurological damage from childhood and has always been unable to control the movements of or focus both eyes together. Five days after starting to take MMS, this problem has suddenly disappeared at the age of 44, and Rita is now able to focus and control both eyes for the first time. I offer no explanation for this: but as Jim Humble indicates in his video, apparent neurological benefits have sometimes been reported in addition to the many tens of thousands of successful trials treating malaria, cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, and other serious diseases.

28 December 2008

We are delighted to present our video interview of Jim Humble, the inventor of Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS).
Click here for an undisguised, high-quality MP3 of our 22 minute 2006 interview with our departed friend Mr X, cleaned up for us in his honor and memory by a professional audio engineer.

18 December 2008

Below are three powerful quotes from the new transcript of Bill Deagle's now famous phone call to Project Camelot on 4 October. (Click here also for a transcript of our two calls with Rebecca Jernigan the same day.)

--- The action of a prophet is not to prophesy an event that can’t be changed. It’s to prophesy pathways and timelines that you can then decide because you are co-creators of your own future.

--- The key thing, if I was to make one statement: If by our inaction and our silence we allow the financial events to proceed, then we have given a willing blood sacrifice that’ll precede the events, starting on Tuesday, the 7th of October, that will result in the sequence of nuclear events, pestilence, and, ultimately, the destruction of our planet.

--- Darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence of it. And by bringing these things to light is not to bring terror to the people, but to bring comfort, to bring control, to bring a sense of empowerment to everyone who hears this.

Many people, possibly equally shocked by what they were hearing, misunderstood Bill Deagle's message that day. We invite all visitors to read the transcript carefully. We also invite them to consider the very considerable intellect and humanity that Bill Deagle embodies and does his best to communicate at all times.

17 December 2008

Click here for our interview with Jessica Schab, a 26-year old Crystal Child we met at the NEXUS conference in Australia in October.

14 December 2008

Click here for the transcript of our major 28 September three-part video interview with Dr Bill Deagle.
Click here
for transcripts of our 23 September and 21 October phone calls with George Green.
Click here for our September Half Past Human audio interview transcript translated into German.










State of the Planet
The Project Camelot Blog

 14 March 2009

We have just received the following urgent notification from Marci McDowell, on behalf of Dan Burisch. It is important to note that there is no immediate danger at this time. However, we are posting this in the spirit of peace and unity for all peoples of the planet. This is a wake-up call for all. As it appears that we are not on the catastrophic timeline however, this does not lessen the urgency for all to come together in peace during this time.

Sorry, this part of the announcement is available to Eagles Disobey members only. You must subscribe to Dan and Marci's free forum at Eagles Disobey to see this. --Kerry

Marcia Ann McDowell, Ph.D.
President, Eagles Disobey, Inc.
Co-Founder, "Eagles Disobey"

Stay tuned to:

Information taken from the Eagles Disobey website:

Additional note: We urge ALL who read this message to click on the above link to get more info and a personal statement from Dan Burisch.

Further information taken from the Eagles Disobey website:



Reposted here as a courtesy to Marci McDowell and Dan Burisch.


 12 March 2009

We’re honored to have been asked to assist an entire family who wished to be included on our Round Table Pledge List. Nine of the Poth family, who have been experiencing harassment after searching for the truth and visiting survivors of the Waco tragedy, have now added their names. We salute them here for their courage. After acknowledging their initial message, we received the following from William Poth:

Dear Bill, If possible I would like you to add this brief statement somewhere on your site. I thank you again and God bless your courage and strength.


Thank you so much for giving people a place to come when they are facing overwhelming odds. We feel a lot better knowing we are now on the Round Table list.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that there are a few fake websites set up to attract people who may be Waco sympathizers. Do NOT ever set up a physical meeting with someone you met online claiming to be a Waco enthusiast. This could get you killed. The Waco subject is a national security issue and is looked after by murderous agents with badges so be extremely cautious. We relocated our family to the outback of Australia years ago only to find out later that the harassment has followed us here. Although we feel safer out here there still is a chance that they still wish us to be silenced. With our pledge in place we stand strong. God bless all of you and remember to be cautious and vigilant in every step you take.

William Malcolm Poth

 9 March 2009

We have a newly refined announcement from Astralwalker regarding the ongoing Planetary Meditations being orchestrated by a group that has formed calling itself the Rainbow Warriors for world peace and healing of the planet.

Although we support these meditations -- from what we understand via testimony from our witnesses such as Jake Simpson and Dan Burisch, our solar system has already entered this area of the galaxy encountering waves of energy i.e. a galactic superwave based on the research of Paul LaViolette: "(1981 - 82): LaViolette was the first to measure the extraterrestrial material content of prehistoric polar ice. Using the neutron activation analysis technique, he found high levels of iridium and nickel in 6 out of the 8 polar ice dust samples (35k to 73k yrs BP), an indication that they contain high levels of cosmic dust. This showed that Galactic superwaves may have affected our solar system in the recent past." ...and are now affecting our planet.

Some of the proposed effects are thought to act upon our consciousness as well as our DNA. As we move into alignment with the galactic center these effects are expected to increase and to reach a sort of peak around the years 2012-2013.

 5 March 2009

Please click here for a small and inspiring sample - quite heavily condensed and edited - of the 80th birthday greetings Bob Dean has received from round the world. It may be impossible to read this page without being greatly moved. Enjoy :)

 3 March 2009

With our thanks and appreciation to all, we're now closing our invitation for birthday wishes for Bob Dean. The large number clogged Marcia Schafer's inbox, and so we've compiled them into a text document of nearly 150 pages which we'll post to him overnight in a binder. We suspect the messages will rather blow him away: we were very moved by some of them. Bob has clearly had a great affect on a large number of people.

The greetings came from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Denmark, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad... and the USA. Among them were a number from serving and retired members of the military. We may publish some of the messages (anonymously), as they are so inspiring.

 1 March 2009

We've received hundreds of birthday messages for Bob Dean (see 25 Feb below) from literally all over the world. The response has been heartwarming and wonderful. On Bob's 80th birthday, tomorrow morning 2nd March, Phoenix time, we'll forward them all to him at once. If you'd like to add your own message to this deluge of international love and admiration, the address is

Meanwhile, this improved audio file is now available of our informal conversation. Present were Bob, Kerry Cassidy, myself [Bill Ryan], Miriam Delicado, and Bob's and our friend Ken Elliott. The background noise is high, but the very interesting discussion can now be heard quite clearly. We've omitted the first 9 minutes (before we moved the dictaphone closer to Bob), as this first section is almost impossible to hear. However, a transcript is available of the entire conversation from the start. Enjoy.

 25 February 2009

We've just returned from Laughlin (see below) where we recorded video interviews with veteran researcher and speaker Jim Marrs, and Nazi technology researcher Dr Joseph Farrell. Taken together with our audio interview with Peter Levenda, this trilogy of in-depth material will intrigue anyone who wants to learn more about the deep connections between Nazi Germany (and Nazi science) and the present day New World Order agenda.

We were also delighted to catch up with our great friend Bob Dean, who paid us the highest compliment: that he considered us 'almost family'. We recorded a fascinating hour and twenty minute conversation, in a very noisy environment, that covered a vast swathe of Bob's research, personal experience, and testimony from his personal contacts.

The audio is almost impossible to listen to (though we are very willing to make it available if we can clean it up sufficiently) - but we can certainly extract a transcript which we will post as soon as possible. Meanwhile, this coming Monday, 2 March, is Bob's 80th birthday and we would like to invite all well-wishers to send him birthday greetings at We will ensure that all greetings reach him personally, and given the extent to which he is almost universally loved and respected, we can think of no finer gift for this wonderful man.

 22 February 2009

We are now at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, where we'll be meeting with Jim Marrs and Joseph Farrell. Meanwhile, we're delighted to announce that after recording our new interview with Peter Levenda (see opposite), we met with David Icke a few days ago for a two hour Futuretalk which we'll be editing and publishing as soon as possible.

 15 February 2009

Kerry and I are visiting the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo for several days. We're not speaking, but are here to meet a number of people. A couple of days ago we recorded what we think is a most interesting audio interview with Peter Levenda, and will edit and publish this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we've posted our video interview transcript with Brian O'Leary - see opposite. More from us at the Expo in the next couple of days.

 6 February 2009

We're delighted to present our new video interview with Dr Brian O'Leary, ex-Astronaut, scientist and author of numerous books including the just released The Energy Solution Revolution.

Nexus 2012 Series of Meditations, aka The Gathering: As many of you are aware, we have been assisting 'Astralwalker' (Pane Andov) and by announcing a series of meditations for peace and healing the Earth.

Here is a recent statement by Miriam Delicado in regard to these meditations:

Hello Pane, Kerry and Bill,

Thank you all for sharing with me your ideas and thoughts on the Nexus 2012 project.

Here is my statement on this:

"Now is the time for mankind to unite as one. Many people across the planet are hearing the call to aid our great mother Earth. Along with this call comes the desire to create change through education, knowledge, the heart and connecting with others of like mind. During this process it is important that we not overlook the most simple truths. We are all ONE people and the only way we can help create change is to accept that we are responsible to make this change happen. Gatherings will take place all over the planet in many forms and all we need to do is stay in our hearts and walk this path of peace so that others may follow. Keep it simple. Stay in your heart. Together we can create a world of peace."

Important additional note: Project Camelot does not agree with all of the conclusions or science mentioned in Astralwalker's presentation: Nexus 2012. However, we do support in spirit the meditations and desire for healing the planet and creating a better world.

 4 February 2009

We've received many requests for updates from George Green and Brian O'Leary after the recent Ecuador Conference (see 25 January below and 28 January opposite). We're delighted to announce that two audio files are now available of the first day's conference.

The first is Brian's 50 minute introduction to the meeting: a clear, passionate and often humorous presentation of the paradigm shift needed for Free Energy - which Brian has researched in depth - to become accepted in the 21st Century.

The second is George's two and a half hour presentation of his view of current geopolitical and financial realities in 2009. The final hour is taken up with questions, including from many people considering moving to Ecuador. [As always, to download our audio or video files: PC users right-click and Save As, Mac users option-click. Clicking on the above links will stream the audio.]

 2 February 2009

Nexus 2012 Series of Meditations, aka The Gathering: As many of you are aware, we are assisting Astralwalker and by announcing a series of meditations for peace and oneness, for healing of the Earth and creating a new paradigm... featuring what they have termed Rainbow Warriors around the world; this includes Ground Crew members, indigos and all other gifted children (all children are gifted), indigenous people and anyone else who wants to participate.

These meditations are happening starting on February 8th and will continue every Saturday, culminating in a serioes of global sacred site meditations that will begin on May 9, 2009.

Please see the attached announcement Nexus2012 and visit the Healing Experiment website for more information. If you have any questions please contact with the subject line: nexus 2012. The truth is in all of us. --Kerry

Project Camelot will be attending the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo (February 13-17) and the upcoming Laughlin, Nevada UFO Congress (February 22-28) where we will be interviewing various witnesses and catching up with old friends. We hope to see you there.

And it's not too early to plan for the Alamo UFO Conference where we will be speaking over the Memorial Day weekend, May 22-24, 2009. At the moment, Kerry is confirmed and Bill is pending depending on our finances at the time.

 28 January 2009

We were delighted to pass on this message from Dan Burisch to Benjamin Fulford about his most unusual "tumor" [see 26 January below], posted on a private section of the the Eagles Disobey Forum overnight:

Supply Dan with the prepared histopathology tissue section slides (sent registered/insured/return-receipt-requested), sections/slides which are ALWAYS done after tissue/neoplasm removal - (NOT FRESH HUMAN OR OTHER TISSUE) - and he will volunteer (free of charge) to complete a full independent investigation and analysis of the histopathology, tissue characteristics, or depending on the type of tissue, the staging.

Eagles Disobey will have it filmed raw from the time he receives it at his scope, and he will analyze it verbally, shoot photomicrography and microvideography, and make the entire analysis public to the extent that Mr. Fulford requests.

If Mr. Fulford requests totally private, then ONLY the membership here at Eagles, in the private section, will see the results - BUT - someone must be able to verify what Dan really presents, versus anyone's opinion of it, for EDO credibility.

Spine-associated tumors are quite common, and he is willing to spend his time to assist Mr. Fulford in independently confirming the nature of the item. This is right up his professional 'alley'.

Until such slides are received, his opinion remains the same: while it may be happenstance, it appears to have the morphology of a dead/decaying Axolotl-like organism.

When we sought Dan's permission to publicize his offer, he asked that the following note be appended:

"I am a microbiologist, with significant histopathology experience, but I am not a ASCP Licensed Pathologist (Physician). I will render an opinion, if asked, based on my professional experience. It will not be a medical opinion, but would be based on (and matched with) authoritative literature and published imagery. �If I am requested to look at one or more slides, I would be happy to do so. I truly wish Mr. Fulford the best, and no matter what the item may truly be, I am happy that he is rid of it, and pray for his speedy recovery." -Dan

Benjamin has now contacted Dan and is waiting the results of the Japanese tests.

 26 January 2009

We just managed a short conversation with Benjamin Fulford, who, as many of you know, is recovering from very recent surgery reported originally by Rense on 23 January. Considering the amphibian-like character of the tumor they removed, everyone has been curious as well as concerned over how he is doing.

Today we had the following Skype chat which he has given us permission to print:

Kerry Cassidy (KC): Hi Ben, how are you feeling?
Benjamin Fulford (BF): Just fine
KC: We have lots of people asking about you... since your surgery.
BF: My best guess is that I had some sort of South East Asian parasite.
KC: Can I give them a statement?
BF: Sure
What happened is that I noticed my right leg was getting a bit numb and I could not run even though I could walk.
KC: Wow..
BF: They did an X-ray of my spine and it showed nothing wrong so they did an MRI that spotted an 8cm tumor.
To get it out they had to saw open my back-bone.
KC: Was that painful?
BF: The surgery went well and I can now walk about although of course I cannot bend my back.
KC: Will it take a while to heal?
BF: All I remember is falling asleep under the anesthetic and then waking up in my hospital room with the doctor showing me the tumor in a tray.
I was groggy but I managed to take a picture with my cell phone camera.
KC: Yes, we saw it on Rense.
BF: It will take a couple of months for my spine to fully heal.
KC: Bizarre
What about the year in the Amazon?
My instinct is to look for down to earth explanations before looking for more exotic ones.
KC: Could you have gotten it there?
BF: My best guess is that I got it from eating raw snake meat in Vietnam.
KC: Seriously?
BF: I remember reading after that that there is a parasite you can catch from eating uncooked reptile meat.
KC: Wow, surreal
But didn't you feel anything?
BF: I was at a fancy restaurant in Vietnam where they took the beating heart out of a live cobra and put it into a glass of liquor and made me wash it down.
It was still beating when I ate it.
KC: Oh my God
How long ago??
BF: I remember severe back pains for a while but then they went away.
That was 10 years ago.
KC: Do you think you will feel a lot different now?
BF: My leg feels better.
The nervous sensation is returning.
KC: You are a meditator too, though.
So you must have kundalini energy that can help heal you.
BF: My father died the day after my operation. He came to me and I knew before my family called.
KC: Oh my God.. I'm sorry !!
BF: He had leukemia
KC: Was it a shock?
BF: No, I went to Canada before and we had good closure. He was probably hanging on until he could hear if my operation went well.
KC: Interesting timing
This must be a whole transition in your life both things happening at once
BF: Yes, big things are about to happen.
KC: Do you want to talk about it on the record?
BF: I just need to let these Illuminati hang themselves on their own rope for a bit longer.
Sure, I do not mind if it is on Skype
KC: Ok, good... well what things do you see?
BF: I must play my cards close to my chest for the time being.
KC: Ok -- any clues?
BF: The year of the OX should really be called the year of the cattle. The bulls will charge forward to new pastures, brushing aside the petty predators as if they were mosquitoes.
No violence will be necessary.
KC: Hmm, Ok good to hear that..
Who are the bulls?
BF: By the way [name deleted] went to [place deleted] to get his gold and suddenly dropped out of contact.
We know about the last time
We hadn't heard he went there finally
He must have decided there was no more time to lose
There has been a scramble to secure assets in the old system before the new system is announced.
KC: Yes absolutely... any idea when?
BF: It depends on what we decide over here.
KC: Really? Meaning China and Japan?
BF: I will let you know when the time is right
KC: Ok... well I'm glad you are recovering well...
BF: I have to go now but please feel free to set up a Skype interview
I will be in hospital for another week.
Bye for now
KC: Ok, thanks so much.. do you mind if we print this?
BF: Go ahead
KC: Be well
BF: You too.


25 January 2009

Project Camelot has just returned from Ecuador. We had been sponsored, by an extremely generous Project Avalon Forum member, to attend and speak at a two-day conference hosted by Dr Brian O'Leary, ex-NASA astronaut and prominent Free Energy activist.

Click on each small image to enlarge

70 people made the long journey at short notice - some from Canada, Europe and Australia - making this an exceptional international gathering of what George Green calls the Ground Crew. All who attended agreed that the networking was as valuable as the speakers: Brian O'Leary, George Green (now resident in Cuenca, Ecuador's third city), Miriam Delicado, and ourselves.

The title of the conference was CRISIS AND OPPORTUNITY, a fitting theme for the start of 2009 and Obama's new administration with all that it may bring. Brian spoke about the paradigm change needed for the world, while George presented a detailed geopolitical update. Miriam described her mission with indigenous peoples who may hold critically important information for us all, and we talked in some detail about the Big Picture as we currently see it, including information from our important new witness Jake Simpson. We recorded a great deal of material - including a full video interview with Brian O'Leary, who is gifted to possess intellect, vision and graciousness in equal measure. We will edit and publish this as soon as we can.

It was the first visit of either of us to South America. In Ecuador, there does seem to be opportunity for sanctuary although land prices in some areas are rising rapidly. We heard that many people are relocating there from all over the world. A dollar (Ecuador's official currency) buys three times as much as in the US, the vegetation is luxuriant, fruit and vegetables are abundant and delicious, and water is plentiful.

However, the infrastructure is not yet perfect (the internet worked 80% of the time for us, though cellphone reception was good, taxis were reliable, and the planes were modern and on time) and many locals live in what most Westerners would consider to be poverty amidst small but growing communities of Americans, Europeans and other nationalities. A number of attractive rural areas are undergoing rapid development to acompany the influx of US and European migrants, but are still very small and offer only simple accommodation except for the various hotels owned by westerners.

We've sketched out plans to return to Ecuador in a couple of months' time to speak to larger audiences both in Cuenca and Quito, Ecuador's capital. We look forward to meeting our new Ecuadorian friends again, and would like to thank everyone we met for their friendship and hospitality: in particular, we would like to extend our warmest regards to Brian O'Leary, an exceptional man by any standards - whom we are now proud to know personally and include among our cadre of strong and articulate Project Camelot witnesses.

Besides our interview with Brian - and our recording of the Conference itself - while in Quito we encountered Ricardo Silva (not his real name), an American expat who told us his very interesting story which we have entitled Illuminati Activities and High Strangeness. This is a detailed look at an Illuminati 'slave' and our source's own fight to withstand the persuasive tactics of their drive to recruit him.

 8 January 2009

Click here for a major new 3,500 word report on the testimony of an important new Camelot witness, Jake Simpson. We met this man in October, and after a number of conversations with him he has now agreed and approved our summary, asking us to add a number of additional comments (which we have done).

The sections of this report - which give some clues to its nature and importance - are:

- Enhanced abilities
- Approaching Project Camelot 
- Classified technology and the secret space program
- AI surveillance and access to knowledge
- The biggest secret
- This has all happened before
- The threat of stealth viruses
- Technological access to other dimensions

 5 January 2009

We're making preparations to travel to Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where this weekend we'll be joining ex-astronaut Dr Brian O'Leary and established Camelot witness George Green for a conference in Vilcabamba originally entitled CRISIS AND OPPORTUNITY, but now renamed - by Brian - THE CAMELOT CONFERENCE. Please click here for full details.

Over 50 people have signed up for the event, but there's still room for a few more. We're very much looking forward to seeing both new and old friends there, and will certainly be recording a comprehensive new Futuretalk with Brian and George.

Significant radio interviews featuring a number of Camelot witnesses: David Wilcock was on Coast to Coast AM last night, speaking extensively of Henry Deacon's testimony and the information featured on our important video Jumproom to Mars. He also discusses Clifford Stone and Mr X, who recently died. Click here for the article David wrote in preparation for the show.

We recommend all Camelot visitors to listen to hours 2 and 3 of this show if they have access to the recorded broadcast. Meanwhile, Michael St.Clair will be on Coast to Coast tonight. And another Camelot witness, Andrew Basiago - who we've not yet interviewed but have spoken with off-record for many hours - has last night recorded this very interesting interview with Dr Alfred Webre about Mars anomalies.

 2 January 2009

Happy New Year all... I want to take this opportunity to encourage those of you with daring to delve deeper into the 'intelligences behind the intelligences', also known as the Controllers or Illuminati, to reveal who is really running things behind the scenes. One clue is in realizing that behind the various witnesses we present is the fact that many of them are channeling. Yes, channeling in the sense that they are downloading or receiving information from somewhere (perhaps their higher mind, in the best case scenario, and in the worst case, maybe somewhere more sinister).

With this in mind, it becomes all the more important to begin to piece together the story behind the story and find out what the overlay is - which sometimes parades as a positive STO (service-to-others) facade.

Once we recognize that we are all channels in one way or another, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not, the plot thickens. And at the root of all of it is whether we are 'aware' channelers of information or unaware of it. Becoming aware is what it is all about. And connected with all this is the great need to be most aware of the provenance and reliability of the channeled information.

People who are unaware are likely being used as puppets by the puppet masters and then there are also, of course, various degrees of awareness.

Recently, we brought to your attention Astralwalker, and his channeled information telling him to gather people into a meditation to change the current paradigm. Some people are terrified of this for a number of reasons, not the least of these being that the power of the human mind in group meditation is wildly untapped. (Click here for a one-minute clip of Bill Birnes talking about Admiral George Hoover, ONI, and what Hoover had told him really was the biggest secret: that we have tremendous powers that the Controllers did not want us ever to become aware of.)

There are many reasons to unite at this time with intent in order to uplift humanity and change the current paradigm. Once you have digested the information from many of our witnesses the next logical step is to ask: what do you do with it? We created Project Avalon to propose solutions and create safe places but the spiritual aspect of the shift is what is most crucial. This is where positive group meditation and action for the future becomes one of the most important next steps.

A few notes from a recent discussion with our witness Jake Simpson. We talked about the so-called "hollow Earth" and a technology in the public domain called Metalstorm.

Re the hollow Earth (or - more precisely - an air-pocketed Earth's crust that may be more cavernous than previously suspected or known in the public domain):

  • One clue is the relatively recent find in Mexico of large caverns filled with giant crystals.
  • He mentioned that two German ships disappeared in the Arctic... and were gone longer than they could account for.
  • Within the Earth's crust are large pockets of empty gaseous space that were created as the planet cooled after formation.
  • He also talked about plugs that were built and mounted on the sea floor by the Navy, around which were built undersea cities currently in use that will provide safe sanctuaries for select groups in the event of Earth changes to ensure the survival of the human race. (Note that Henry Deacon also told us that large undersea bases exist.)

Re Metalstorm:

  • He said it was developed in Australia and is technology that will be used in the future by the military.
  • It allows for high speed chamberless ammunition: metal tubes full of projectiles designed to be fired electronically.
  • This technology allows the military to target only the enemy ... and avoid collateral damage. If two men are sitting in a cafe talking it can take one out and leave the other unhurt.
  • It can be used by drones or UAVs to intelligently target populations and then only specific individuals.
  • It can acquire targets at light speed.
  • It can be used in distributing viruses or in other lethal or non lethal applications.
  • All of the above information he said is in the public domain but that there is less information out there now than in the past.


 30 December 2008

In light of the popularity of the Astralwalker thread on the Project Camelot section of our Avalon Forum, we have created a special page on our site for Astralwalker with a downloadable pdf for easier reading...

This researcher is laying out in great detail the potential astronomical dynamics behind our move into alignment with the galactic plane and the effects on our solar system.

The research he has done in addition to his 'contact' information, has led him to the idea of the need for a worldwide gathering in which large numbers of people meditate, play certain music and gather around sacred key power places around the globe on a yet to be determined day and time.

The objective is to unite in uplifting humanity from the limitations of the Matrix that surrounds us and guide our planet into a golden age.

As a synchronicity, we have been brainstorming a very similar type of event, with several of our sources and contacts. Such an event will include the Mayan and Hopi as well as indigenous peoples from all areas of the globe, ground crew members, and awake and aware youth of all ages.

We encourage you to add your name and email address to our growing list of participants, by sending an email to with the words THE GATHERING in the subject line. We will keep you informed on our progress in creating this event.

 23 December 2008

We are moving into 2009 and we expect the year to be full of changes and new horizons...

Thank you for joining us on this part of the journey.


Recommended: new series FRINGE -- the new X-Files: insider clues from truth masquerading as fiction...

..."You must adjust the way you consider communication, ideas can be absorbed through osmosis... through proximity..." -- Fringe

 19 December 2008

An extremely well-informed source has drawn our attention to this important NASA statement about a giant breach in the Earth's magnetic field. He wrote:

Here is pretty convincing evidence of what is unfolding and will continue to unfold right before our eyes.

We should not ignore such clear, canary-in-the-coal-mine type of evidence.

This is the sort of information the wider world should be informed about.

We know this man well enough to pay very close attention to what he says. We are seeking his permission to publish a major article based on some of the information he has provided us.

In tribute to Mr X, who has recently died (see above and also below, 13 December): we've re-uploaded his original 2006 video interview with Bill Ryan with his voice unaltered. We're currently working with a professional sound engineer to further enhance the quality of the audio. Click here for the MP3 audio only. [To download audio or video files: PC users right-click and Save As, Mac users option-click.]

Astralwalker Thread: MUST READ

We have a major and interesting new thread materializing on the Project Camelot section of our Avalon Forum. It's freely available to non-subscribers on a read-only basis. This researcher is laying out in great detail the potential astronomical dynamics behind our move into alignment with the galactic plane and the effects on our solar system.

Highly recommended.


 18 December 2008

We have gotten an amazing response to our request for web hosting and for an assistant webmaster for Camelot. We have now found a webmaster and a few other back up people who might be able to assist with both Camelot and Avalon sites. We are investigating web hosting options. A note on web hosting: we have over 32 Gb of files (which would need to be transferred to the new server) and need unlimited bandwidth for downloading and streaming. If you have a dedicated server you can donate, including whatever time required to mirror the site, please let us know.

Thank you to all who responded so generously...

 16 December 2008

Attacks on Project Camelot: Our site was shut down yesterday and again today with two separate targeted Denial of Service attacks. The attacker is being investigated. The site was only down for a short period in each instance, leaving the rather alarming message "Site Suspended", which was issued by our host. We do apologize to all visitors.

Please note: For a variety of reasons (including the unhandled problem for some visitors of partially incomplete downloads, which our host seems unable to fix) we are looking for a private and secure hosting situation that we can afford. We also need an assistant webmaster who can handle regular site updates and other technical issues, as Bill Ryan is in Europe and is not always available.

Please contact us if you are able to assist us in any way.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador : January 9th through January 18th

We are being hosted in Vilcabamba (our flights being sponsored by a very generous ground crew member) in January. The dates when we'll be there are January 9-18. We will be staying at ex-astronaut and respected scientist, author and speaker, Brian O'Leary's retreat called Montesueños. The cost is $25 a night including breakfast.

We will be part of a small conference organized by Brian on the topic Crisis and Opportunity starting on the evening of January 9th and going for the weekend along with George Green and Brian and possibly others not yet confirmed. Click here for more information about the event.

There may also be other small events where we will have a chance to speak (or hold workshops) during the following week in the nearby town of Vilcabamba. These events are still being organized.

We welcome all ground crew and Project Camelot supporters to come on down -- at your own expense, and join us if you are interested. The conference fees will be very reasonable.A number of people ahve already written to us about this... please see this PDF about the event.

This is a great opportunity to experience the famous and mysterious valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador and meet the locals in the area - many of whom are expats from the US.

You can fly from the US to Quito or Guayaquil, and from there take a small airline called Tame to Loja where you then take a taxi the remaining 40 km (25 miles) to Vilcabamba.

More info coming soon.

 13 December 2008

Mr X, the former UFO archivist who recorded a brief audio message for us for presentation at the recent Las Vegas Crash Retrieval Conference, has died suddenly. He was 48. The cause is unknown.

His wife said this to us in a phone call today: He didn't want to be famous, he didn't want money. He just wanted to help everyone. This is exactly the man we knew, and we reproduce those spontaneous words here with her very kind permission.

His leaves behind his beautiful young wife and their one-year old son, both of whom he loved dearly. At the moment we can say no more except that he was our friend, and we are shocked.

 12 December 2008

Mars anecdote: I heard from a source today who asked me to relate the following anecdote about his experience as a former NASA intern:

...He said that during a meeting he commented on a poster which showed people on Mars. When he asked if it was a depiction of a future planned mission, the person he was meeting with (who had worked in government for over 30 years) said it was a mission which had already been done. He then asked, "Do you mean the rover?"

And she replied, "No, we've sent people", as if she thought it was common knowledge.

So then he asked if she was sure, then she paused and looked up at the poster again and said, "you never know around here".

AVALON AND CAMELOT FORUMS going to subscription format within 24 hours:

As most of you know we are converting the Camelot and Avalon Forum into a subscription portion of site along with the option to sponsor others.

The primary preferred membership cost is $5 a month.

All subscribers will have access to conferences and additional value adds such as downloadable research materials gathered by our researchers who are dedicating many hours to gathering and collating information for use to build safe places, and communities for the coming days.

This change will go into effect in the next 24 hours.

Please be aware we will be giving everyone a choice to pay less or more than the preferred subscription rate depending on your ability (and desire to pay).

Please be patient with us over the next few days as this transition may be easy or hard depending on whatever technical (and human) issues that arise.

Our whole objective is to raise funds to continue operating Avalon and Project Camelot.

At the present time, without additional funds we will not be able to continue working at this mission and will not be able to afford to do any more interviews.

Thank you for your time and commitment to our mission and for participating in building a new world. --Kerry

CNN correspondent Miles O'Brien, who had been reporting intensively on ET- and UFO-related subjects, was fired this week.

Richard Hoagland says this piece on the Mars 'worm' is what got O'Brien into trouble. Hoagland further states that he and Sir Charles Shults have found multiple photo evidence of similar worms on Mars.

Interestingly, the 'fossil worm' looks very similar to images pointed out to us by Henry Deacon of an ancient collapsed tunnel construction on Mars. In an unrecorded conversation, Henry told us in 2006 that he had once stood in one of the Martian 'tubes'.

Apparently there's also something about what's going on with NASA and NASA Administrator Mike Griffin and an investigation by Lori Garver who is heading up a 'space transition team' of Obama's to check into how money is being spent.

Hoagland is going on Coast to Coast AM in a day or so to discuss this. What is Griffin so riled up about, and what is he blocking Lori Garver's team from seeing regarding his Constellation program?

As Hoagland said to us, stay tuned...



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