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Welcome to Project Camelot

Our purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and whistleblowers to get their stories out.
We produce in-depth video interviews, made available free of charge. We also present written analyses and other research. Click here for links to all our material.
Increasingly, we've been receiving standalone messages (on or off record) from inside sources, some of which which will be presented on the page below.
Our focus is an investigation into (but is not limited to) the following: extraterrestrial visitation and contact, time travel, mind control, classified advanced technology, free energy, possible coming earth changes, and revealing plans that exist to control the human race. Click here for more about our mission.



23 August 2008 - 11 December 2008

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8 November 2009 - Present

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11 December 2008

Click here for an audio interview with Stephen Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group on - among other things - why Steve thinks Barack Obama may be the 'Disclosure President'.
Click here for a new interview with Marcia Schafer which we've called Ground Crew 101.
Click here for our October 2007 interview with Valery Uvarov, the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia, on a range of esoteric subjects.

8 December 2008

Click here for nine 1958 audio files of historical interest featuring Otis T. Carr and Margaret Storm (who wrote about Carr) - interviewed by Long John Nebel, the Art Bell of his day.

Our witness Ralph Ring worked with Carr as a technician when he was a young man, and together they built a 40 foot disk which Ralph piloted successfully. For any visitors unfamiliar with this story, click here for full details of Ralph's fascinating 2006 testimony

27 November 2008

Click here for a full transcript of our interview with Paranexus radio on 18 September. For those who haven't heard this, we highly recommend it and believe it may be the best audio summary of our work to date.

10 November 2008

Click here for the transcript of our recent interview with Bob Dean, The Coming of Nibiru.

5 November 2008

Click here for a 15 minute phone conversation with Michael St.Clair, the morning after Obama was elected the new US President.
A short while ago we received our four millionth visitor.

3 November 2008

We have posted 54 further requested additions to our Round Table Pledge List. We warmly thank all our new friends who have joined us in our stand.

31 October 2008

Click here for a transcript of our interview with Miriam Delicado.

27 October 2008

A quick note on links and errors. Bob Dean Niburu movie/audio files were badly linked on the interviews page, as was the YouTube link for Bill Deagle Part 2 (this is correct). All corrections have now been made.
A further error was in the exporting on Bill Deagle part 1, where one of Kerry's questions was muted and her image later appears superimposed on Bill D's image. We will fix this in the next few days.
Recent videos (Miriam Delicado, Bob Dean, Bill Deagle) have stopped playing after 125 Mb. This was our host's problem and we are told by them that this is now fixed. Feedback please - thanks.
Our apologies to all, and many thanks to those who have written. We have been under the gun, adding updates under significant pressure of time. Many thanks also here for all those who have been so generous with donations, feedback and suggestions. We also are behind logging many more Round Table pledges and will get to this within 48 hours. As always, we greatly appreciate all and any feedback and correspondence from everyone.

25 October 2008

Click here for a three part, in-depth video with Dr Bill Deagle: half interview, half Futuretalk.

The video presents a different side to Bill Deagle. We engage him in conversation (and hold our own!) and we believe we have succeeded in bringing out the human being, the warm and caring side to him, that aspect of someone who in his passion for the truth, and for the potential splendor and magnificence of the human race, has sometimes spoken in terms so strong that some have found him hard to hear.

23 October 2008

Click here for a full transcript of our short video of Bill Homann with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (see 21 October, below).
A 43 minute follow-up telephone conversation with George Green on the world's economy (recorded the evening of 21 October)... and what may happen "when Obama is in office". To give us all at least something to smile about, don't miss the brief outtake at the end.
Click here

22 October 2008

When we met with Bob Dean in May 2007, he stated that ours would be his last interview. After its publication, we received more mail - all of it generous and appreciative, without exception - than for any other interview we have ever done. We were therefore quite delighted when he agreed to talk with us on record once again.

When we asked Bob what he wanted to discuss, he told us that he had important news, from his own inside sources, about Nibiru: the highly controversial Planet X.
This video contains extremely important information for all students of Planet X to consider
. Click here

21 October 2008

When we were attending the October 2008 NEXUS conference in Australia, we had the great privilege of spending half an hour in the presence of the very famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

While doing so, we were able to record a short impromptu interview with its current custodian, Bill Homann. We were able to film the skull at close range, and heard the fascinating stories of Dr. Ray Brown's Crystal Orb
- of which we were shown a photograph - and a little-known major artifact, the whereabouts of which is known by Bill Homann, called the Crystal Boy. Click here

18 October 2008

We have posted a backlog of 25 further additions to our Round Table Pledge List. We warmly thank all our new friends who have joined us in our stand.

4 October 2008

Phone call with Dr Bill Deagle.
Short phone calls here and here with Rebecca Jernigan.
Phone call with David Wilcock.

See opposite for the background to these audio interviews.

3 October 2008

Click here for a transcript of our recently posted 2006 interview with Ann Eller, personal assistant to the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

2 October 2008

Click here for a full transcript of our audio interview with Clif High from Half Past Human (see below).

1 October 2008

Click here for our audio interview (26 September) with Clif High from Half Past Human.
On Sunday we met with and interviewed Dr Bill Deagle. We'll edit and release this as soon as we can. We're still working on our follow-up interview a couple of weeks ago with Bob Dean.

25 September 2008

Click here for a very powerful and important interview with Miriam Delicado. We consider this to be mandatory viewing for what George Green termed The Ground Crew.

24 September 2008

Dr Bill Deagle phoned us this morning out of the blue and we were able to record a portion of the call. Click here for a most interesting 20 minute conversation.

23 September 2008

Click here for a 42 minute telephone conversation with George Green, as a follow-up to the 2 September interview below. George discusses the collapse of the US economy, the consequences for US citizens, and the serious, imminent risk of war.

19 September 2008

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy on Paranexus radio -- 18 September
[PC users right-click and Save As, Mac users option-click]

We don't usually post details of our own interviews, but this was a good one. The audio quality is NOT good, but the content is. It contains some information that has never been published on the Camelot site and may be the best audio summary of our work to date.

1) A detailed summary of the 'Big Picture', including the Roswell crash, time travel issues, future human visitation, and the 2012 problem.

2) A detailed analysis of the October problem (i.e. what may be happening in the next few weeks).

3) Project Avalon and its mission.

15 September 2008

Click here for a transcript of the 9 September telephone interview with David Wilcock, published last week (see below).
Project Camelot has just had its three millionth unique visitor...

10 September 2008

Click here for a blockbuster of a two hour phone conversation with David Wilcock, focusing on immediate current events but spanning time travel, the Freemasons, the Anunnaki, the Nazis, WW II, advanced technology, the Roswell crash, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the war in Georgia, the coming US election, Benjamin Fulford's testimony, and what may or may not happen in the coming few weeks and months.

6 September 2008

Click here for a phone interview with Benjamin Fulford, recorded today. The purpose of the call was to allow him to expand on the details reported by him in his 28 August article published here (or here, if Jeff Rense's site is down). His article concerned the importance of 30 September as the end of the US Fiscal Year, and the possible situations being played out by the superpowers behind the scenes.
Click here for a transcript of the telephone interview with George Green, published two days ago (see below).

4 September 2008

Click here for a 35 minute telephone conversation with George Green, recorded two days ago on 2 September, in which he discusses the economy, the Russian military, the probability of war with Iran, and the need for The Ground Crew to pull together and get organized for difficult times ahead.

3 September 2008

We're delighted to make available this most interesting audio interview with Ann Eller, J. Allen Hynek's personal assistant at the very end of his life.

This is also the launch of a series of audio interviews and conversations which will be shorter and less comprehensive than our flagship video interviews, which we will continue to make freely available.

We will be posting a 35 minute telephone conversation with George Green, about the economy and world events, tomorrow. We recorded this yesterday afternoon. The new series of audio interviews meets a need for rapid response to changing times and the importance of being as fully informed as possible, without delay, in a world in which events may be unfolding increasingly rapidly around us.










State of the Planet
The Project Camelot Blog

 11 December 2008

Project Camelot goes to Ecuador in January -- all are welcome to join us...

We have been very generously sponsored to visit Vilcabamba, Ecuador, in January where we'll have the opportunity to meet with George Green and his good friend Brian O'Leary, a retired NASA astronaut.

We'll be making maximum use of this previously unplanned visit. On January 9th to the 11th, George and Brian are hosting an event called CRISIS AND OPPORTUNITY, and we'll joining them to speak there. All are welcome to attend and explore the beauty of Vilcabamba. In addition, we may hold a second, independent event the following weekend before we return. Full details will be posted here soon. --Bill

 5 December 2008

We are delighted to announce the release of our recent written interview with JAMES from For those of you who are unfamiliar with this website, we highly recommend it. WingMakers is a fabulous and profound science fiction story deeply anchored in truth - featuring over a thousand pages of the highest quality music, paintings and teachings.

This is a highly unusual move for James of WingMakers. In the past, the only other interview he has done was with his trusted webmaster, Mark Hempel. We are extremely excited to have been able to present this amazing set of answers - extending to over 20,000 words - to our penetrating questions to James on all aspects of the Great Game or the Big Picture.

There are few living today who in our estimation could approach his degree of clarity and vision into truth and the nature of what it means to be human.

 4 December 2008

One of our longtime sources has sent us the following news item:

US masses naval-air-marine might in Arabian Sea opposite India, Pakistan, Iran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
December 1, 2008, 9:18 am

It is clear that the Mumbai incident is a catalyst set in place by the Illuminati to stimulate a rise in tensions between India and Pakistan. The invasion of Pakistan (small bands of US military) supposedly in search of Bin Laden... who is very likely already dead.

This article from ABC News in 2007 will be of interest. This is a chess board and the Illuminati are backing Obama who is now positioned to take office. They have an Agenda with a capital "A" and they are pursuing it one step at a time. How successful they will be depends on whether there is any intervention from the white hats to put a wrench in this madness. Then again, even 'white hats' have an agenda.

This article from the International Herald Tribune about the US training an elite unit of Pakistani special forces is a case in point. As usual the US (Illuminati controlled) are backing both sides... Pakistan and India.

The invasion of Pakistan (try Googling that!) and you will see how the build up has started back in 2007 and before...

Then in September 2008 we had this from the UK Guardian:

Bush secret order to send special forces into Pakistan
"..A secret order issued by George Bush giving US special forces carte blanche to mount counter-terrorist operations inside Pakistani territory raised fears last night that escalating conflict was spreading from Afghanistan to Pakistan and could ignite a region-wide war.

The unprecedented executive order, signed by Bush in July after an intense internal administration debate, comes amid western concern that the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and its al-Qaeda backers based in "safe havens" in western Pakistan's tribal belt is being lost."

Add this article from the Herald: Special forces on standby over nuclear threat and you have the nuclear threat wrapped in as well.

So, the stage is set, as they say... One can see how the media are building a case to support the build-up. One has to ask just what stimulated the attack in Mumbai and who was really at work...

I have had a dream from quite some time ago of a nuclear attack on India by Pakistan... I won't say where so as not to tempt the fates. I fervently hope this will never happen. I even wrote a screenplay about it.

It is likely that Iran would be wrapped into the above scenario... Certainly, US Special Forces in Pakistan hunting down 'al-Qaeda' is a continuing push against the Arabs (to demonize them) in order to maintain the Illuminati control of oil, gas etc.

We ALL tap into the Universal Mind (and are a part of it) and therefore we are all able to see things before they happen depending on our own clarity and desire to do so at any given time.

This is also where consciousness is crucial. With more awareness we can change the trend of events. We can, through meditation and intent, dissipate the energy coalescing in this arena.

This is a chess board. We are all eternal beings in temporary physical bodies... And so to view the events now and the future as an observer is paramount.

This is orchestrated. And as for the side of the military that are unaware of who is pulling the strings -- remember they too have their remote viewers and will be warned in various ways. Those that are in the dark will be USED. And they are the ones on the ground most of the time.

--Kerry Cassidy

 3 December 2008

Our written interview with James of WingMakers will be released shortly. In addition, the following interviews are going to be released sometime this month:

Stephen Bassett: Shot by Stage3 in Sedona, our short but cutting edge conversation with Activist and political insider, Stephen Bassett from Paradigm Research Group, on Disclosure and what he sees as President-elect Obama's key role in the coming year...

Marcia Schafer: our 2nd interview with the author of Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, the fascinating wife of Bob Dean, a contactee and intuitive who consults executives and professionals on how to incorporate the new paradigm into their worldview and apply it to their lives and careers.

Jim Humble: an interview with the inventor of the radical cure for cancer, malaria and other diseases, MMS.

Jessica/Crystal Child: An interview with a young contactee who shares her fresh perspective on the world.

Wynn Free: an interview with the author of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, the story of his meeting with David Wilcock, the case for why David may be the reincarnated Cayce and Wynn Free's startling own exposure to channeled messages from what he claims to be the Elohim.

 30 November 2008

I (Kerry) just completed two interviews that will be posted shortly, as well as a written interview with JAMES of This is a very rare opportunity where we at Camelot were able to ask any number of questions we desired of the elusive James and were rewarded with a fantastic overview of some background behind the WingMakers as well as insight into the deep cosmology that informs that site in addition to his two other sites: and This interview should be out in the next day or two.

 22 November 2008

Yesterday I (Bill) had the great privilege of meeting with and interviewing Jim Humble, the inventor of MMS, at a conference in Germany. For those who may be unfamiliar, MMS is a simple self-treatment protocol that has been used by those suffering from cancer, malaria, and a number of other diseases. Some cases of cancer have been reported to have disappeared in a few weeks, and many cases of malaria in literally hours. Many other ailments have been reported to have responded equally dramatically.

It's our great pleasure to have the opportunity to make Jim's work more well-known. Jim is a delightful, brilliant and fascinating man, and we hit it off very well. We'll release the edited video as soon as we can.

 18 November 2008

We are working on converting the Project Avalon Forum into a subscription-based membership. Subscribed members will be able to take part in online discussions and debate, and will have a range of other benefits.

As with all our work, the forum will continue to be fully accessible on a read-only basis for those who prefer not to subscribe. It's one of our core principles that this information should be freely available to all.

This transition will go into effect in about a week. The membership fee we prefer (and which is needed for us to remain viable) is $5 per month. But there will be an option for people to choose to pay less ($1 per month) if they have low incomes or feel for any other reason that the cost is beyond their means.

We will also be making additional facilities available, such as regular online teleconferences on various subjects of interest, as well as small, private conferences with some of our witnesses.

In addition, we're writing The Book of Camelot, to be available soon as an e-book as well as in print. This is a massive work - which may be of quite some interest - and already runs to some 1500 pages in draft form.

The problem we're addressing is how best to fund Project Camelot. Project Avalon costs almost nothing to host compared with the running costs of the entire Camelot enterprise, which continues to expand in scope and potential.

After self-financing for two and a half years, and despite a number of very generous donations from people supporting our work, we are now running out of money and must find some viable and fair way of keeping afloat. Lots of people do not realize that we have no independent financial support, and have gone way out on very thin ice in order to do our work - all of which has been made freely available since Project Camelot's inception.

Camelot's research will always remain free on the web - because no-one can own this important information, that belongs to all of humanity. That is our firm position and will never change.

Bill Holden, as many of you know, is one of our witnesses... and was aboard Air Force One with President Kennedy who spoke to him about ETs.

Our interview with him is available here:

We saw him recently in Las Vegas when we were attending the Crash Retrieval Conference. He has fallen on hard times and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, as well as facing deep financial problems caused by a fraudulent financier who stole a very large amount of money.

Bill is currently trying to launch a major real estate project in Williams, Arizona as well as a 10,000+ acre development in Sonora, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. Both projects are humanitarian. Bill writes that they would bring great value to the communities with employment, economic development, infrastructure development, hospital and related medical support, educational facilities, sports and recreation complexes, and destination resort development with related commercial and retail support.

If you know of anyone who can assist him financially during these hard times it would be greatly appreciated. He is a good, gentle man and of the highest integrity. Please contact us at with the name BILL HOLDEN in the subject line and we will forward your message along to him. He can also be reached directly at

 13 November 2008

Today we met again with Miriam Delicado, who has recently returned to the Four Corners area from several weeks in South America. We also spent a while meeting with our friend Stephen Bassett, founder of the Paradigm Research Group and a prominent disclosure activist. Steve believes that Obama is perfectly positioned to be the 'Disclosure President'... in Spring 2009.

We captured 20 minutes of animated and thought-provoking conversation with Steve on video. While respecting our work and what we have achieved, Steve is wary of much of the Camelot material, and counseled us off-camera to be very careful about what we may be perceived to be endorsing.

In reply, we explained that we are deliberately presenting provocative information to the public which we believe has valid provenance, while fully respecting the work of all other mainstream (and possibly more cautious) researchers.

As is stated elsewhere on our site, we believe that 90% of our material is reliable, and we are not afraid to go places - and talk to people - that some others in the UFO community may be reluctant to visit. Ultimately, we are all working together, each doing what we can to further the cause of freedom of information.

Allied to this question is that of what kind of material we present, and to what extent it may be perceived as 'good news' or 'bad news'.

Our view is that refusing to look at reality will not help... and then, from that standpoint of being WILLING to look at reality, we causatively create the future we want.

In other words, to travel there, we have to depart from where we are, and we have to KNOW WHERE WE ARE to make that journey. Robert Fritz, the founder of DMA (and the author of The Path of least Resistance) talks extensively about this.

If we refuse to speak the name of the beast, the beast will do whatever it wants. We are not afraid of the beast... and we are not afraid to speak its name. That is not the same as invoking it, supporting it, or being responsible for its existence.

 11 November 2008

We will be taking part in a panel discussion entitled A New World, If You Can Take It - at the Sedona Creative Life Center on Wednesday 12 November (tomorrow) at 7 pm. Click here for details. The event will be hosted by Stephen Bassett, a well-known Washington disclosure activist. Miriam Delicado will also be present, as will David Sereda and a number of other researchers and writers. All are welcome.

 9 November 2008

We have just given a very well-received presentation at the 2008 Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas. Mr X, the ex-UFO Archivist who was Project Camelot's first witness, yesterday recorded a short six and a half minute interview with us which we played for the conference audience. This is his first on-record interview without his voice being altered. We invite you to listen to it here. [To download, right-click and Save As; Mac users option-click]

We also released new testimony from someone we met during our recent trip to Australia and Thailand. This man presented some information of great interest (and importance!) which we have spent some time considering. We hope to record an on-record audio interview with this new witness - probably with altered voice - in the near future. We will write up a summary of this information as soon as we can.

 5 November 2008

Barack Obama is the new President-elect of the USA. We will now all have to see if he is his own man. But with advisors such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Bush Senior, and Bill Clinton - and having been groomed for the job for two years by a different faction of the NWO - we feel it is far from clear what the future may hold. We hope to be surprised, and wrong.

 4 November 2008

We are speaking this coming weekend (Sunday 9 Nov, 10.15-11.15) at the 2008 Crash Retrieval Conference at the Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas. Click here for full details. We invite anyone to come along to see us there if they'd like to meet in person.

 18 October 2008

Gary McKinnon now faces extradition to the US "within days". [Computer Weekly, 13 October]

As many of you know, Project Camelot has been working behind the scenes to assist Gary with the case to prevent his extradition to the United States. Unfortunately, our efforts have not been successful -- mainly due to Gary's choice to follow the advice of those handling his legal battle in the UK.

Understandably, Janis (Gary's mother) and Gary have chosen not to use what we feel is their key strength in this battle to fight extradition and have instead chosen to concentrate on emphasizing more mundane aspects of the case such as his apparent lack of sophistication during the initial arrest where he frankly stated his guilt and then in the choice to use his recent diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome [an autistic condition] as a line of defense.

Whereas this condition may have contributed to his actions once he had been apprehended by the authorities, the real case is far more significant. As we have stated in the past on this blog, Gary McKinnon in his politically motivated hacking of Pentagon and NASA computers discovered important information regarding the existence of a secret space program which included fleet-to-fleet transfers of personnel, and what appears to be an off-planet astronaut corps.

This information has been independently confirmed by Dan Burisch and Marci McDowell, among others: Richard Hoagland, Linda Howe and Jim Marrs are just three respected researchers who have been investigating this crucial area.

Please read below for details of Dan's on-record statement that he and Marci are willing, if called to the witness box, to testify about the secret space program under penalty of perjury. By de-emphasizing the evidence Gary discovered, we feel he is squandering the only hope he had of building a case that holds world wide import.

The point here is that although what Gary did was illegal, there is substantial evidence that the security around the Pentagon and NASA computer networks has been lacking and, one might even think, set up as a sort of honey trap -- being purposefully lax in order to lure naive hackers with the objective of making prosecuting them simple once caught, and using this advantage to then increase the penalties and laws surrounding information security.

Project Camelot has received information from several high level sources that indicates that Gary was chosen to be made an example of, with his fate sealed long before his case went before the House of Lords. In essence, Gary had become the card the Powers That Be have chosen to use as a scapegoat to frighten off any future attacks, aimed mainly at the highly skilled Asian hackers currently threatening their networks.

Because of this decision, it was and is all the more crucial that Gary use the only trump card in his own deck to raise the overall issue surrounding his case that would force the hand of the US into releasing him... rather than publicly raise the specter of the secret space program and the web of deceit and obfuscation that has surrounded it for decades.

We cannot stress enough how disappointed and concerned we are that Gary and his advisors have chosen to concentrate on the mundane aspects of his case when these issues could not only free him from what could be a life-threatening incarceration with the risk of mind control and other such specters -- when he could be stepping up into a heroic role which we feel he had volunteered for long before coming to the Earth this time around.

Each of us has a mission. And Gary McKinnon is uniquely positioned to play a crucial part in blowing the lid off the secrecy that begins with all the issues surrounding the secret space program and its purpose, and could end with revealing in a US court the ET agenda and where we might all be headed as a species.

Regarding Bill Deagle and other intuitives sharing their visions of the future: Many people have contacted us voicing their confusion and frustration over our recent audio interviews with both David Wilcock and Bill Deagle. As we all begin to activate our telepathic and psychic abilities, visions and dreams of the future are becoming more common. This is an important key that cannot be ignored as we move into the years prior to and beyond 2012. Project Camelot will continue to share those dreams and visions from highly gifted intuitives that we feel are crucial to understanding the yin and yang of possible futures.

The greatest question is at what point do we contribute to making a negative vision become a reality? Should one simply speak and reveal only the positive?

In our view, balancing the positive and negative is an important step in moving into the future without blinding ourselves to all aspects of what it means to be human. Manifesting our true potential within a Universe that allows for free choice without which true growth is impossible is paramount. Choosing to create a positive future is what we are most dedicated to and working every day to make a reality. However, that does not mean that we ignore what has been created that may be well on its way to manifestation and must be revealed and then transformed by the act of witnessing.

We can and will change the current paradigm with its negatively oriented agenda into a more positive and life giving future. The act of seeing and revealing the plans of certain negatively oriented groups is part of the process. This is a war for the minds and hearts of humanity. It is being waged by the light and the dark entities within and without the known Universe. It is our own war within ourselves manifesting in the outer reality and therefore it is within our power to change it.

We do not consider revealing the plans or possible impending manifestations of the future to be anything other than absolutely vital in these times where great numbers of humanity are currently sleeping and by their lack of awareness often unconsciously contribute to the negative side.

There is no doubt that the powers-that-be are losing power and influence during this time. This creates a wonderful opportunity to turn around possible negative events into positive ones. Sharing our inner knowledge is therefore vital in contributing to the building of a more positive future for humanity and changing the current paradigm. - more soon --Kerry

 16 October 2008

This is a very brief interim update. We’ve been traveling in Australia after speaking at the NEXUS Conference on 5 October... and are currently on the way back the the US and Europe. Internet access has been very limited: but soon we'll be stopping somewhere where we can catch up properly on a large backlog of material and updates.

I (Bill) have been posting intermittently on the Project Avalon Forum... my posts are visible from my member page. (Non-members will need to register first).

An interesting report on the NEXUS conference can be found here.

Much more soon from us both on recent events in the world.

 4 October 2008


Dr Bill Deagle phoned us early in the morning (in Australia, where we're here for the NEXUS Conference) to report a long night of visions and received information about imminent events which left him shaken to the core. The events Deagle saw seemed to depict a nuclear attack on an American city, following soon after an even more precipitous financial collapse set to occur in the next few days.

We published this call unedited, and immediately. The audio quality is excellent. If the information Bill Deagle reports is accurate, then nothing could be more important.

We straight away called a number of our witnesses including David Wilcock, Michael St.Clair and Rebecca Jernigan. David and Michael both felt that the events seen by Deagle would not transpire. Rebecca, however, told us that Deagle's visions had been seen by herself also.

Rebecca listened to all of our phone call with Deagle. Michael was listening to it as we spoke. David declined to listen to it at all.

David felt that the events would not occur for three reasons:
-- The ETs would not permit it.
-- The Illuminati might be willing to kill large numbers of people, but not destroy vast tracts of real estate and infrastructure.
-- He would have received notice of this himself.

Here are contrasting reports from these three intuitives offering all perspectives to this information:
Phone call with Dr Bill Deagle.
Short phone calls here and here with Rebecca Jernigan.
Phone call with David Wilcock.

 3 October 2008

The events forecast by Half Past Human (see What's New on our Site opposite), using Clif High's unique predictive linguistics model, seem to be coming along exactly as described. Quite a long time back, Clif identified a build-up of tension that would peak on 27 September (later modified to 17 September) and then hold at a high plateau until 7 October at which point there would be a 'release' which would then last for an unprecedented four or five months.

We seem to be in the initial phase of this forecast cycle. Clif has now gone on record to say that more precise ongoing analysis, exactly corroborated by his own inside information from human sources (15 and counting as of 1 October), forecasts a global business banking shutdown next week (or soon after) which then precipitates a series of events going from very bad to worse still.

It is our opinion at Project Camelot that we are witnessing a controlled demolition of the global economy: a Financial 9/11.

To help understand the issues at stake, unfolding in real time as you read this, do listen to Andy Gause's 30 minute easy-to-understand presentation of the key factors here.

That was dated 24 September, a long week ago: more recent is this important 2 October article by Jim Willie, editor of The Hat Trick Letter. Willie is also of the opinion that a global banking shut-down is imminent.

Whether or not this will be accompanied by military events remains to be seen. Further to the information presented in the column below - which is concerning but not specific enough to be certain of what might happen - we have now received reports from a UK whistleblower of what seems to be a planned deployment of battle tanks to an unknown destination later this month. Given that a Desert Storm style ground invasion of Iran makes no military sense, this is worrying.

Furthermore, we'd like to draw your attention to this strange two minute snippet extracted from Steve Quayle's and John Galt's 'special' radio broadcast last Sunday on the financial crisis. Galt read Quayle an e-mail from a British citizen working for the United Nations who had just placed a non-refundable deposit on a house "in Quayle's neck of the woods" (Montana) to take immediate possession in October. The correspondent's information seemed to be that - for some unstated reason - "he can't return home [to the UK] for 30 days". We did not understand this.

 25 September 2008

Our interview with Miriam Delicado is now LIVE. Miriam announces the time has come for the gathering together of indigenous peoples from all over the globe to stand in unity with the Indigo, Crystal and gifted children along with the Ground Crew in a move to stimulate a wave of awakening across the planet.

22 September 2008

This afternoon we completed a stellar interview with Miriam Delicado. We believe this might be one of the most important interviews we have ever done, and are working to edit and release it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, three days ago we met once again with Bob Dean and his wife Marcia Schafer, and recorded another fascinating interview with him. It was again a tremendous privilege to spend time with this wonderful elder statesman of the UFO community.

 17 September 2008

A source has just informed us that their alphabet agency contact has been deployed to the Middle East. In the words of the contact, war with Iran is now a "done deal". This contact had also said in a previous message that he was "too old for this shit".

Back in July, the contact stated that Israel will start it, and the US will back them, mainly with refueling. We have no further information to indicate whether this strategy is still current.

Our source has asked for us all to pray for peace.

It is Camelot's view that an attack may be used to take the eyes of the world off the ongoing economic crash and on to the war scenario in a major effort to distract while things go downhill.

Our source Henry Deacon, who has worked with many different agencies on many different projects, has told us (in response to our sharing with him the above information) that he was contacted last week with a view to an immediate and urgent assignment in the Middle East at an extremely high rate of pay. Henry turned down the offer.

 15 September 2008

Last night we received this e-mail from George Green:

I'll call you. Things are really coming. The meeting today on the government assisting the sale of Lehman to Barclays fell through... the dollar is close to collapse.

 9 September 2008

Dr. Rössler (sometimes called the Father of chaos theory) has been working to "drum up support for a delay in LHC start-up, seriously alarmed at the prospect of runaway black holes being created that could destroy this planet. To that end he’s called for a Conference on LHC Safety, and has submitted his theories directly to CERN for evaluation." [article from 12 August 2008]

MUST READ: Henry Deacon's recent PROJECT AVALON FORUM post regarding CERN.

The PROJECT AVALON FORUM has exploded with activity. We HIGHLY recommend that you take a look if you have not already done so. We have 1,100 members in just a few days, which has astonished and delighted us. The quality of discussion, information, and the people themseves is extremely high. Several of our witnesses (and other well-known figures) are posting under their real names. Many of us are convinced there's something extremely important and timely happening here.

6 September 2008 - MAJOR UPDATE


This new project has been created by PROJECT CAMELOT in direct response to the needs of current times and current events.

It will provide:

Information on current global events
How to find communities
Building communities
Networking between individuals and groups all over the world.



The PROJECT AVALON FORUM: to support aware individuals in networking and forming groups across the planet.

As stated by George Green in the Project Camelot interview Messages for the Ground Crew, there exist individuals and groups, all over the world, who have an important responsibility and role to play in the preservation of civilization regardless which scenarios may play out.

These possible scenarios - which include planned financial collapse, war, and population reduction by covert means - can be prevented and changed by the united intention of many concerned individuals. Many of us are working to prepare and awaken others.

We know that our efforts to create a new tomorrow will not be in vain. We acknowledge the Ground Crew all over the globe - including (we are confident) ethical and principled individuals within military and intelligence circles worldwide.

We believe it's prudent to make contingency plans. PROJECT AVALON is created to help you do that.

 4 September 2008

We had a telephone interview scheduled yesterday with Benjamin Fulford which was unexpectedly canceled at the last minute. It appears he's very concerned over the latest turns of events, and would only say that we should be aware of 8 September. We know nothing more than this, other than he stressed that things are constantly changing.

Two weeks previously he publicly stated that he had learned from his own sources that 30 September would be important, being the end of the US Fiscal Year. It was then, he had been told, when US bankruptcy could be announced, with various complex major consequences.

Half Past Human, using its very unusual and creative predictive web bot technology, have identified 7 October as the date for a crucial event - preceded by a plateau of 11 days of tension starting on 27 September. The aftermath of the 7 October event, they say, will last till mid-February. They do not know what this is, save that’s it’s partly economic, partly military. They're confident of their prediction, and note that this situation is totally unique in their experience.

They compare the five months of 'release language' they have identified on the net (in connection with the period of time following the incident) with the far shorter 10 or 11 days following 9/11. This implies the possibility of a far more major and impactful event or situation.

Half Past Human first got our attention at Camelot when they predicted regime change in Pakistan as far back as last February. President Musharraf, facing impeachment, resigned one day later than the exact date they had identified five months earlier.

We interviewed George Green by phone two days ago and have just published this here (see also What's New on our Site, opposite). He believes WW III is on its way and is planning to relocate to Ecuador.

Our source Hawkeye (see below here, here, here, here and here) stated in his last messages to us that the first ten days of October would be highly significant. We have not heard from him in the last several weeks.

There are clear parallels to the events depicted in Timeline 1, variant 83 - although this timeline has been broken and some important details are clearly different.

There is no-one we know, or are aware of, who is saying that we should all relax and that this is all hype.

Our own new site, catering for the needs of what George Green has called The Ground Crew, is very nearly ready for launch. It's focused on the formation of communities and will be a support structure for aware people connecting with one another if they wish to. We will be announcing it here before the end of the coming weekend.

 30 August 2008

Russia Warns NATO: ..."The Russians suspect that the US Navy is delivering arms to Georgia under the cover of civilian aid"... according to today's article by the Earl of Stirling on While Iran states: any attack on Iran will start WWIII... according to AFP.

Gary McKinnon to be extradited: As most of you know who are following this case, the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) has refused Gary McKinnon's request for prevention of his extradition to the US. As a result, Project Camelot is working to encourage Gary and his legal team to consider legal representation with knowledge of ufology and exopolitics in the event that this case goes to trial, he will be defended by those who know the real issues at stake; namely the existence of a secret space program and disclosure of the secrecy surrounding ufos and the ET presence.

We have been assured by Dan Burisch and his partner, Marcia McDowell, of their commitment to testify should this case come to trial in the US. They would be confirming the existence, among other things, of the secret space fleet. Although Dan and Marci have been called away to work on some undisclosed matter... most likely by the current contingent of MJ or Majestic 12/Committee of the Majority, we have been told that their forum at Eagles Disobey is still in operation and you will find period updates there.

 23 August 2008

More about the Secret Space Program: According to Ann Eller (J. Allen Hynek's last Personal Assistant, who we met and interviewed a little while back), Hynek was a consultant to Spielberg on Close Encounters. The following is a quote from our interview with Ann, soon to be released on audio only:

"People don't stop to ask themselves this question. Dr. Allen Hynek was the civilian chief astronomer for the United States Air Force for 20 years from 1948 to 1969. He had top level clearance. Secret clearance. So for 20 years, and this was all in the area of Unidentified Flying Objects, for 20 years he was on the front line of what was happening. He has to have seen the alien bodies, the crashed craft. I think even more than that, the other operations that were going on that we've heard about like Serpo... Because if you remember in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, of which Dr. Hynek was a technical advisor, there was a group of chosen military people who went into the craft that were being exchanged to go to the planet..."

This is not a verification of Serpo, but it does indicate her perspective on what Hynek knew, which, judging from our interview with her, appears to be a great deal. As Hynek's personal assistant for 6 months, she said they had a very good friendship and that she was always asking him if he had seen a ufo or if he had been contacted by ETs. In the end, she said that right before Hynek died he looked at her very seriously and said the following words...."I have had my own experiences..."

Whereas the Serpo story contains, in all likelihood, massive amounts of disinfo, there is quite possibly some truth to the concept...

Hawkeye has written a reply to some of our questions about his prior messages posted below (click here, here, here and here). We have changed some phrasing to protect his identity. Note that we asked specifically how the agenda of the Illuminati as depicted by Hawkeye differs from that of the Majestic or other factions on the US side of things. His answer below refers to hierarchy changes and which faction is actually in control:

Orchestrated financial collapse initially...then, leading to worldwide calamity, and all the attending disintegration of society on all levels to make way for the NWO larger agenda/ Roths empire building.

Gold for large scale protection of previous paper assets and silver for day to day trade for other commodities, underground transactions to evolve amongst them/us commoners ...The current down trend is also orchestrated for further consolidation via fear liquidation from various large holders of metals.

The Internet is going to be restructured, and the format and infrastructure is already in place, with the monitoring systems in place as well. Any dissident activities will be corrupted, and eliminated.

All I will say about the "seeming" hierarchy changes is that such changes are to expedite (not necessarily change or reverse) the numerous transitions into a more controlled state. There is only one controlling team, and we are not on the team..

THE AGENDA schedule is as planned on target, and all events are transpiring as planned. There are no mistakes or accidents, or miscalculations. Hard to believe, but you must understand the network involved that knows not only what the right and left hands are doing, but in fact instructs them to perform in their functions... all performed to "persuade and manage" the majority into believing that what is happening is right and the best for all involved. Watch... you will see more each day, in some cases, changes by the hour prevail as October approaches.

The October event(s) will be the coup d’état of human life as we have known it in this century.

I am leaving now, and will not be back for a good while, perhaps never.


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