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For Henry's background and for a transcript of our first interview, please click here.

A few months later, we published this update, which was a compilation of further information from ongoing communications we had received.

Both should ideally be read carefully before studying the further compilation which follows here.


Our last communication from Henry was on 30 March, 2007. Since then he has been totally silent, despite all our efforts to re-establish contact. Prior to his last communication, he had told us that he was being 'coerced', and that he feared he might be obliged to cease communication with us.

Although he was very careful (and sometimes enigmatically so) with his messages – which reached us through a variety of sometimes very creative means – he was also under no illusions about the capacities of some agencies to monitor information; see below for details.

We continue to regard Henry as a good friend whom we’d grown to like, admire and trust. We miss his wry messages, his sparkling humor, and his strong principles and values. Wherever he is and whatever he is doing now, we hope he is safe, and wish him well. We assume that if he's still alive he'll be reading this page.
Henry, we miss the lassi! It just wouldn't be the same without you.

What follows is a further compilation of information of interest. Although some of it is literally incredible, we believe he has always told us the truth.



Henry warned us that there exists advanced technology that can monitor conversations even in the outdoors. He told us that satellite lasers now have the capacity to pick up vibrations on a person's clothing. Monitoring speech vibrations from a glass window pane is elementary, and is older technology.

This is important for us all to understand: bugs no longer need to be physically planted in someone's apartment. Cellphones can also be activated to relay conversations, even when switched off; the only true safeguard is to remove the battery. Our conversations can be heard almost anywhere, at any time.. if the agencies choose to listen in.


Henry told us that besides knowing way beforehand that something like this was planned (see his first interview), he’d been briefed about it in detail a few hours before it happened in his place of work at the time. The briefing took place with a group of colleagues. He reported being shocked not only at the low-key way it was announced, but at the comparative apparent lack of reaction of many of his colleagues. The purpose of the announcement was so that when the employees heard about it on the news later that day, they would not be alarmed: “When you hear this in the news later today, don’t panic, because this is what’s going on.”

We are of course under no illusions about the importance of this. Five years after the event, Henry may be the first insider to come forward with confirmation that 9/11 was an inside job.

Further details:

The planes that hit the twin towers were remotely controlled (over-riding the pilots, and with software modifications that would permit tight turns that would normally be impossible due to autopilot default limit settings). The remote control was enacted from thousands of miles away.

The plane that hit the Pentagon was a small, remotely piloted Navy jet. A full-sized Boeing 757 could not have been used because the aerodynamic ground effects would have prevented it coming in so low at full speed without it having to slow right down as if to land.

The well-publicized cellphone calls had been fabricated.

He also thought that control over Flight 93, which either crashed or was shot down over Pennsylvania, had been lost, and that that part of the plan had gone wrong (there had been another targeted building, but he did not know which one).

When we asked what had happened to the passengers and the plane of Flight 77 (the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon), he replied that he did not know.

Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with any of it apart from the fact that he was a USG asset.

He told us that that was all he knew.

Multiple timelines

We received this e-mail message from Henry in February 2007. We reproduce it in its entirety.

Do we exist on multiple timelines? Your reality, in one way, depends upon "your" perceptions, awareness, selections... from a vast ocean of "probabilities"... but this is only an extremely limited model to work with in an attempt to conceptualize an answer. The English language alone does not accommodate for communicating an answer to this question. Most humans in today's Earth-bound world cannot grasp an answer to this question due to lack of exposure to other aspects of "reality". The question itself is not complete, again, due to the constraints inherent in most world languages (the languages being at best, related to four dimensions) (or on the other hand, utilizing "time" as a part of the language(s) ) and possible non-exposure to other reality sets, by the person attempting to ask and to understand the nature of so-called timelines, etc. The concept of timelines is only a model attempting to explain what cannot be explained in "words" here. There ARE other communication modalities available to us here, which can aid in understanding certain concepts. Explain colors to a person who has never had sight. Explain this world, as you know it, to an unborn child, who has active senses, but yet to put them to use in our "world". Remember the story of the Flatlanders - or even Sphereland? At this moment, the focus should be on waking the people .... preparing them for a "reality" shockwave... to minimize suffering. Best Wishes.


Regarding Montauk, Henry said most of Al Bielek’s information is correct. There are apparently several kinds of stargate, notably: (a) the kind where you step through a portal and leave the device behind, and (b) the kind where you take the device with you.

The latter he said was a bit like “Think about where you want to go, and you’re there.” The mental interface is significant, apparently. He confirmed that as far as he knew Dan Burisch’s information about stargates was 95% correct, but the missing 5% was that he had no knowledge of the large-scale Looking Glasses Dan described. (We showed him Dan’s diagrams and also Bill Hamilton’s source’s text.) Henry emphasized that this didn’t mean they didn’t exist, because there was so much compartmentalization – but simply that he had no knowledge or experience of those devices

We showed him Dan's diagrams in person. We watched him while he examined them carefully. Then he suddenly said: “Did he tell you about the one in Iraq?” We asked him whether he had not heard that part of Dan's interview. Henry told us that he’d not finished watching the videos. We asked him what he knew. He said the Iraq stargate was what the Iraq war was really all about, that its location was one of the biggest secrets, and that the war was at least partially about control of it. We asked him how he knew all this – did he read it in a briefing document? No, he said, not a briefing document. The only thing he would say was that it was "first-hand knowledge".

The distant future

Henry told us that in approximately 6,000 years time the Earth will be practically barren, and there will be an attempt to repopulate it. He said that large numbers of children have been abducted from the present and taken to the future Earth, because their genome is undamaged. (In future history the imminent catastrophe significantly damages the human genome.)

He also confirmed that somewhat later than 52,000 years time, the Looking Glass data seems to go blank and no further information is accessible. This is exactly what was stated by Dan Burisch. (This information was given in a meeting. Henry finished the sentence for us as we were asking the question.)

(Note: Henry clearly confirmed the existence of "Looking Glass" devices which could "see" into the future, or into possible futures. It was the details of the type of technology described by Dan Burisch (see this page) which Henry was unable to confirm personally.)

Henry told us that he had thought that there was some kind of barrier in place which meant that future humans were only able to visit us at certain intervals of about 6,000 years. He stressed that he didn't know much about this. Interestingly, a quick calculation shows that concerning the two principal dates frequently referenced by Dan Burisch, 45,000 = 7 x 6,500 and 52,000 = 8 x 6,500. This struck us as potentially significant. We had wondered about why there had not been visiting future humans from the intermediate periods of 46,000, 47,000, 48,000 (and so on) years in the future. Henry seemed to be offering one explanation.

Incredibly and significantly, it seems that the Mayans (whose famously accurate calendar ends in the year 2012) apparently had access to information left to them by visiting time travelers.

An environmental threat

Henry very much wanted to visit Egypt. He was quite anxious about it, and told us it was a problem. When we asked why, he said that there was very little remaining time in which to travel there. We pressed him for a reason, and he responded that it was not connected with war or politics. We pressed him further, and he eventually said simply: "an environmental threat". He refused to elaborate, nor would he reveal how it was he had access to this information.

Underground and undersea bases

Henry confirmed that many undersea bases exist.

Chaotic resonating circuits

Henry elaborated on the chaotic resonating circuits he mentioned in our first interview. He confirmed that they were relatively cheap and easy to make, and that the information, in segmented pieces, had been fairly widely available in a certain academic community in the 1970s. He had retained no records of the circuit diagrams, but intriguingly he said he was 80% confident that he would be able to locate them if he spent time searching public domain records in a particular university library. We know the location but for understandable reasons are not revealing it at this time.

Important contacts

Henry on several occasions referenced and strongly recommended the work of Bernard Pietsch, Stan Tenen, and Richard Hoagland. He maintained that Pietsch knew everything there was to know about the Great Pyramid; that Tenen was an inspired genius; and that Hoagland knew a very great deal of accurate information about the solar system.


The story appears to be extremely complex, and that may be an understatement. Henry fed us snippets on an intermittent basis. These were sometimes very enigmatic. What we were able to gather together was this:

Henry told us that the Mars base has a large population – 670,000 as of a few years ago. This seemed a huge number to us. We asked if these were all human. "It depends what you mean by human", came the reply.

The base has been in existence for an extremely long time ("tens of thousands of years"), and its population has waxed and waned over the centuries. It lies "at the bottom of an ancient seabed". It is "not far" from the location of this NASA photo, taken by the 1976 Viking 2 lander on Mars' expansive Utopia Planitia ("Nowhere Plain", sometimes referred to as "Utopian Plain").

Henry stated that the most recent NASA images, discrediting the notion of a "Face on Mars", have been doctored, as have the colors of the Martian sky on most officially released NASA photos. (It is apparently more blue than we are permitted to believe.)

The Anunnaki are one part of the mix. Henry referred to them a number of times as being operational in present time. He said that they originated from another star system, but he could not remember where. The Anunnaki is our name for them, and they are the same race referenced and described in Zecharia Sitchin's work.

The Anunnaki themselves are split into a number of factions, some of which are friendly, and others not. The most sinister thing he alluded to was that one faction of the Anunnaki sometimes preyed on human flesh, having acquired a taste for it. Other factions of the Anunnaki sought to prevent this. Such was the extreme nature of this piece of information that (in conversation) Henry was obliged to make repeated oblique references to it before we finally grasped what he was trying to tell us.

Click on the image on the right to read a screen shot of an e-mail we received which conveyed a very small part of this story. Note Henry's emphasis on the word "appears" (typical of his cautious and exact approach), and the typo in "Sumerian". The e-mail is presented exactly as received.

Transport is by two means: stargates for personnel and small items, spacecraft for larger items of freight. The alternative fleet is codenamed SOLAR WARDEN.

We had first heard of this from another source, and queried Henry about the codename. We sent him two separate messages, each simply of one word: SOLAR, and then WARDEN. We offered no context, or reason for our communication.

The reply came immediately in three e-mails, each from a different address. The first said MARS, the second said ALTERNATIVE, and the third had as its subject "Not listed here" and gave this URL as its only content. We were impressed.

Most controversially, Henry gave several hints, on separate occasions, that he had been to Mars himself. The first occasion was in conversation, when he was talking about the base. We impulsively asked him if he had been there.

There was a very long pause. Eventually he smiled and said: “I played a lot of ping-pong and watched a lot of TV”. He repeated this obscure allusion later on two further occasions. Every way he referred to the base was consistent with his having visited it personally.

Later, in separate conversation, he said that a journey through a stargate was "instantaneous", and he gave the impression that the experience of the stargate transition was at once disorienting and exhilarating. He described the appearance of a manmade stargate as a featureless gray surface. Natural stargates, he said, have a different appearance which is much harder to detect.

He appeared to agree with us strongly when we remarked that the prime protection of claims of this nature was their sheer unbelievability.

We have withheld this part of Henry's story thus far because of the obvious risk that this may appear to discredit him in the eyes of some. Intellectual honesty compels us to report this, now that Henry appears to have been silenced.

2 May, 2007


Click here for an important new statement (December 2007)

Henry has broken his silence after six months to tell us of his pessimism about a number of current serious global problems. He again references The Report from Iron Mountain, and urges us to pay attention to Dr. Bill Deagle and to Alex Jones' Endgame. He then talks more about Mars and the solar system, the secret space program, Arthur C. Clarke, the Apollo moon landings, and more.

17 December, 2007



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