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Jane Bürgermeister: David and Goliath
Vienna, Austria, 8 September 2009

[Ed note: Normally the transcripts that had any parts in them that had been difficult for the transcribers to hear were put in “audibles” in square brackets in red for Bill Ryan to attend to, fix, then he’d post the transcript; however, due to unexpected interruptions in the normal working process in Project Camelot, this normal process was not able to proceed forward, so the audibles were left in the square brackets.]


BILL RYAN (BR): Some people have written to us and they’ve said: Look, you’re not going to have a policeman with a gun knocking on your door accompanied by a doctor with a syringe. They haven’t got the resources to do that.

How, actually, could they enforce it if they wanted to? How could it happen? What would be the sanctions which they have?

JANE BÜRGERMEISTER (JB): Well, the French government released, or circulated, to the heads of departments an internal document of 19 pages which outlined quite clearly their method, and this is what I assume is happening in every country. They’re going to set up vaccine centers that are outside hospitals and GPs [General Practitioner]. Some of these are going to be secure.

People are going to be told to go there, first of their own free will, and then they’re going to receive calls, whatever, telling them to appear at a certain time. Those people who do not come are going to eventually be collected and forced to go there.

BR: Do the resources exist to actually do that? Because you’re talking about transporting, and enforcing, and rounding up, and making contact with hundreds of thousands of people and possibly many more than that.

JB: Absolutely. If so many people refuse, it will be impossible. But they are assuming that the vast majority of people will either go of their free will or, when they get the call from, say, a police authority, telling them to appear, or a notification, they will go reluctantly but they will still obey that call.

The number of people who will actually refuse to go, and stay at home when they’re informed it’s a criminal offense not to go, will be very small. And it will be a criminal offense not to go.

However, if it turns out that hundreds of thousands and millions refuse to go, then they cannot carry it through. That’s why it’s important for every single person to say “No” and not to go along with it.

Start of Interview:

BILL RYAN (BR): This is Bill Ryan from Project Camelot. I’m here in Vienna on the 8th of September, 2009. I happen to be in Vienna because I just returned from a conference in Poland.

I have just met Jane Bürgermeister who, up until now, has been a figure shrouded in mystery. [laughs] It’s my great pleasure to introduce you visually to the world here by being the first person in the Internet community to have made a trail to find out – and here I’m going to make a joke – “whether you really exist or not.” I can demonstrate to everyone that you truly do.

What, may I ask, Jane, was your response when you realized that you had an opportunity, basically, to give a message to the world on camera, which is what I want to support you in being able to do?

JANE BURGERMEISTER (JB): Well, thank you, Bill, for taking the trouble to come all the way here. It’s a bit off the beaten track here in Vienna. It is, however, a significant place as it turns out. It is the place where Baxter contaminated 72 kilos of vaccine material with the live bird flu, and so nearly triggered a global pandemic just a few months ago in February.

This attempt to trigger a pandemic failed because of the alertness of people in the Czech Republic who detected it in a laboratory bio-test. However, it has now turned out that Baxter still has at least a large amount of that 72 kilos of bird flu.

We’re coming to a point where we have only perhaps a few weeks until the government here in Austria, and other governments around the world, intend to start injecting people with the so-called swine flu vaccine material which we have every reason to fear is going to be a big hazard to our health – and has been designed to be a hazard to our health – even if it isn’t contaminated with the live bird flu virus, as it might well be.

So, my message that I want to give to people, if I can give any message, is that time is running short, that we, all of us, now have to recognize the scale of the threat and danger to us individually and collectively, and we need to take steps and organize to stop this mass vaccination program as soon as possible.

BR: As we were discussing, when we were just chatting before we started this video interview, you feel a tremendous sense of urgency, don’t you? This is driving you right now.

JB: Well, unfortunately, we have seen how, in spite of mounting and growing protests in the USA and now in Europe, the latest polls show that 29 percent of the Germans are categorically going to refuse the swine flu vaccine.

In spite of all that, the governments are pressing ahead relentlessly. WHO is pushing, with tremendous determination, this unwanted, unnecessary and dangerous program on us and it’s coming in just a few weeks.

BR: What’s interesting to me is that we, like you, get reports from all over the world and it seems that governments in every first-world nation, and maybe other nations too, seem to be preparing, almost like marching in step with this thing. This is coordinated, isn’t it?

JV: Absolutely. And if you look at the legal framework, they are all following the same legal framework. It’s the International Health Regulations of 2005 which gives WHO, the World Health Organization based in Geneva, the power to control how governments respond to this pandemic – which WHO has itself declared.

Every country has a more or less identical Pandemic Plan which hands power over to the World Health Organization, which allows the World Health Organization to take over the police and health forces. Every country will set up a Crisis Committee which will determine what vaccine centers are established, what groups are going to be targeted for vaccination, and so on.

That is the reason why it’s so coordinated and synchronized, because there is a single body behind it, and this is the World Health Organization, the UN, and the people who back that: the banking cartel and family dynasties, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

BR: Now, let’s just back up a moment here and, for those people watching this video who don’t know who you are and why we should be talking here in Vienna, can you just give a little bit of your background, the things that you shared with me personally?

For instance, I didn’t even know that you were at the University of Edinburgh, how long you’ve been in Vienna, what you’re doing here, and just a little bit of a bio. How did you get to this place? Sometimes you must wake up in the morning asking yourself the same question. [laughs] How did you get here?

JB: Well, my dad is Austrian and my mother is from Ireland and I was born in Switzerland. I went to Edinburgh University where I did English literature and language and a bit of philosophy and so on.

I came to Austria in the year 2000. I started working here as an editor for a medical journal specializing in diabetes. I quit that of my own free will and started writing for medical wires: Reuters Health, for the British Medical Journal, The Scientist, Nature, and so on, so I acquired an understanding of the medical field and how to do research in this area.

Then, I eventually moved into renewable energy because I believe that’s a tremendous potential for humanity, until one day this winter a neighbor showed me the report in a local newspaper saying that Baxter had contaminated this vaccine material and 36 people had to go to hospital to be treated preventatively for the bird flu.

Then, of course, I understood this is a tremendous threat, and that because Biosafety Level 3 regulations are in place in these sorts of facilities, it can’t have been an accident.

BR: So, your experience gained as a medical journalist immediately helped you to realize that something very unusual and important had happened here. Is that right?

JB: Absolutely. Absolutely. I also felt competent about doing the research into it and filing charges, which I did eventually. Because of that background, I had done quite a lot of work in that field, so I felt competent I could handle it.

BR: Okay. Now, something which I do want to ask you is that many people have understandably asked the question: Who is this woman and where has she come from out of nowhere? And I can resonate with that because people say that about us and people feel sometimes an understandable sense of territoriality. It’s like: Wait a minute, this is my area. Or: Wait a minute, I’ve been researching this for 20 years. Where does this newcomer come from?

Now, were you conscious of the fact that when you started to write about this stuff, people would be saying: Who is this person? We never heard her name before.

JB: I have to be honest and say my concern was to try and stop, and publicize, what I saw as a big crime and threat. I was very concerned that there was no publicity, no action being taking by the Austrian government, and that Baxter could release this material the day after.

BR: And it should have been news headlines all over the world.

JB: Absolutely.

BR: It was underwhelming, wasn’t it?

JB: It was underwhelming and that created the risk that they were just going to repeat the same maneuver and a pandemic was going to be ignited.

Because I, myself, had come to realize that the media was totally controlled, through my own experiences working in the media, I didn’t make too much effort in trying to alert the newspapers. I sent the story, or the pitch, to BMJ. The editor wasn’t interested. I wasn’t too surprised.

BR: That’s the British Medical Journal.

JB: Yes, for which I have worked. The Lancet wasn’t interested. I sent it to the Austrian papers; no response. Profil, an Austrian magazine, actually wrote an article whitewashing Baxter, in spite of all my information.

As an individual, I saw very few opportunities for halting this mechanism, or truck that seemed to be hurtling towards unleashing a pandemic. So I filed criminal charges in the hope of putting a spoke in the wheel and forcing an investigation. I’d never done that before and...

BR: Did you have professional help in doing that? Because I wouldn’t know how to start filing changes against anybody.

JB: Yes, to be honest, a lawyer did tell me I had to file criminal charges and where to go and what were the basic laws, so I did get that advice.

On my mother’s side of the family, there were some lawyers, so my mum, too, was very good at kind of legal reasoning and stuff like that, so I decided to give it a shot. I’d never done it before, but I thought I might as well give it a try.

The evidence was there. It was just a question of laying it out clearly, so that’s what I did and the police did start investigating.

BR: This is the police here in Vienna, right?

JB: Yes. Yes. My understanding is that three police forces are investigating: the police in Vienna, the police in Korneuburg and the Unit for Protection of the Constitution and Fighting Terrorism was also investigating – I know that for sure, because I was summoned there for an interview.

However, what has alarmed me is the fact that nothing has happened. The government is continuing to press ahead with its program of mass vaccination with these Baxter vaccines. There are no security checks in place to ensure that the material isn’t contaminated. The situation is such that I might as well never have filed the charges.

Last week, the head of the Unit for Protecting the Constitution and Fighting Terrorism was forced to resign, it seems, and replaced by somebody who appears to be much more loyal to the powers that want this vaccination program to go ahead. The same is true of the Austrian Criminal Police – the head was replaced by somebody who also has a track record of working for these so-called New World Order corporations.

So, I increasingly feel these structures in government are not going to be effective in stopping and halting this danger and that’s why we have to now move towards organized civilian resistance to the vaccines.

BR: But, you must be encouraged because parallel with your metaphorically waking up that morning to realize: Wait a minute, what’s wrong with this picture? There’s something happening that shouldn’t be, a lot of other people all over the world have been becoming very aware of this and very active. You must be feeling heartened by that, yeah?

JB: Absolutely. I mean, the response has been amazing and exponential. Every day it’s amazing to see the progress.

Today I heard that the Greek police are going to refuse, and have officially refused, to take the vaccine – which is quite a significant milestone. This is the police force which the government will rely on to force the Greeks to take a vaccine. According to polls, the Greeks do not want to take the vaccine, so eventually, it will come down to the government having to either force them, or try and frighten them, into taking it by tricking a pandemic.

That’s just one example. In Germany, there is enormous resistance and so is there in France, not to mention the USA, and increasingly, in the UK.

Unfortunately my language skills are limited. I don’t speak Spanish, or any other language, so I’m only able to track, [and] am on to, what’s happening in the countries where I speak a bit of the language, which is France, Germany, and the English-speaking countries.

BR: I just came back from Poland, where I gave a talk about a whole bunch of stuff, including this, to a large number of very awake and aware and concerned people. I was heartened because, maybe like yourself, I didn’t know anything about what was happening in Poland.

People are very, very concerned. They’re very aware that there’s a problem here. It’s being discussed a lot, and just now, I showed you a document that had been prepared by a very highly respected Polish medic saying that this is completely out of order, it shouldn’t be happening, the vaccines are likely to be contaminated, [and] the whole thing is spurious.

There’s evidence that this wave is sort of growing all over the world and some of this has been caused by your own civilian initiative.

Now, just to back up a little bit, somewhere down the line, and this may seem like quite a long time ago now, you lost your job – probably because of this – didn’t you?

JB: Yes I did. To be honest, I can’t even remember now when it was, but I think it was at the end of June, or the beginning of July, I was unceremoniously informed that the reports that I had been scheduled to write were not required. Since I had been working there for almost two years without any complaint, and no reason was given, it was clear to me that this was connected with the fact that I had filed these criminal charges.

I also went to the US embassy in Vienna and filed charges with the FBI. In part, it was a symbolic gesture because the reputation of the FBI is, perhaps, not the greatest.

BR: Those charges that you filed, was it with the FBI or against the FBI?

JB: With the FBI.

BR: So, basically asking the FBI to investigate.

JB: Yes.

BR: And you filed them at the American embassy here in Vienna?

JB: Yes.

BR: Okay. Now, some people in America have tried to follow the paper trail and said that they couldn’t find any evidence that these charges had been filed. It is possible that they never left whatever room it was which you filed them in, in the American embassy?

JB: Not really, because I even sent copies by email to, actually, various FBI departments, because I’m well aware, in the meantime, that there are within every police structure, these people who are obstructing investigations.

So, my aim was not just to file them physically here in the US embassy, but also to spread the word around other FBI departments throughout the USA and I think I sent them to about ten or twelve.

BR: Okay.

JB: I was also assured by an agent working at the US embassy that she had sent the physical charges that I had filed in the official post, or whatever, to their Washington headquarters, so that was an assurance I received.

BR: You must have reference numbers and records or some kind of receipt or copy.

JB: No.

BR: No?

JB: I'll be honest. The FBI has not contacted me. I rang them and they informed me that I would not necessarily get contact from them.

The situation is the scale of my charges was monumental in the sense that it kind of more or less alleges that the US government, pharmaceutical companies and banking cartels are operating together to push forward this mass-murder program under the guise of offering people vaccinations.

So, I mean, I would have been amazed if they’d handled it as a regular kind of complaint, you know, given it a file number and all the rest of it. It took a while for the Austrian police to assign a case number to my case, too.

BR: Okay. The reason behind my question there was there are some people who've tried to follow that trail and they’ve said that they cannot find any evidence – in the American system that they’ve tried to find these things in – that these charges have been filed. I just wondered whether there’s any answer that you can give to that in terms of a reference number: this is where to look, this is what it says.

JB: No, I can’t do anything.

BR: Nothing like that?

JB: I filed them. I have the evidence that I sent them to the FBI. I have the emails.

What the FBI did, unfortunately, is outside my control. If they haven’t registered it, if they haven’t assigned it a case number, if they haven’t recorded it, as it is their duty and requirement to do so, that’s their problem and I’m not responsible for their lapses.

BR: Sure.

JB: And that’s it. Anybody who wants the emails proving that I also emailed the FBI is very welcome to have them. I mean, I think they’re even up on the web somewhere, so...

BR: Okay. To some extent, what you did was almost like a symbolic act, as well as actually initiating charges, which actually... I mean is not the kind of thing that most people usually take it upon themselves to do. So, it was quite a valiant David-and-Goliath action there. But, it was symbolic and it was encouraging to a lot of people. Do you feel that people have responded to it in that way?

JB: Well, I think there’s been, as you pointed out, a growing recognition that this really is a threat and there’s solid evidence that this is a threat.

This is something that I tried to lay out in the charges, to explain the empirical evidence for my views, so people can read through it and see why I’ve reached these conclusions; so can the FBI agents, so can the police, and so on.

On the other hand, there’s no denying that these structures are extremely corrupt, and if no investigation is initiated, no case file numbers are assigned, it becomes increasingly clear over time that we the people cannot rely on these so-called police and law-enforcement branches to do their job and protect us against a threat.

This is what’s becoming increasingly clear is that they’re not doing their job; that the evidence is handed to them, they’re not arresting the people they should be arresting, they’re not stopping the whole infrastructure for this mass vaccination program, in spite of the dangers.

So, at this point, people are realizing that the justice system and the law enforcement system has nothing more to do with justice and law enforcement and this needs to be rebuilt and reconstituted. Indeed, our entire societies need to be reconstituted on the basis of law and order, justice, the Constitution, if we are to have any hope of a future.

BR: Just before we went on camera here, we were talking a little bit about the UFO phenomenon, which is something that you don’t even pretend to know anything about and there’s no reason why you should – it’s a different area. You asked me whether I believed in that kind of information, and of course, the answer is that we do -- because we’ve extensively researched it.

But there are power levels here that -- whichever line of investigation one follows in these alternative areas, whether it’s alternative health, cancer cures, free energy, the suppression of all kinds of information of government activities that have been taking place for longer than even I’ve been here -- you find that there is obstruction in the organization of our governments, and our militaries, and our intelligence services.

You’ll find that the citizens, if you try to ask questions, you just don’t get anywhere. You have to be very dogged, and then there are all kinds of psychological operations that are mounted against anyone who dares to stand up against Goliath in the way that you have done.

JB: That’s certainly true. I was aware of my working within the mainstream media that it is systematically controlled by a central group who have economic interests with oil or renewable energy, or suppressing renewable energy.

But, what was new to me was the insight into the extent which the alternative media also seems to be controlled. When I tried to do what I could do, which was file these charges, publicize these charges, I found myself attacked and accused of not having filed the charges, of not existing, of all kinds of lies, and the people who did it... I knew they were lying, because they had the emails in their possession which showed that I’d filed. At least at the FBI, I’d done my bit. I can’t be responsible for what the FBI does.

So, it became clear to me then that these people were actually trying to obstruct justice and obstruct the discovery and action against this program and that they probably had been put in the alternative media long ago to direct peoples’ attention away from the legislation, which allows mass false vaccination programs.

Most people I’ve spoken to have never heard of it. They have no idea about the International Health Regulations and about the National Pandemic Plans that allow this.

Somebody I know even wrote to the Austrian Health Ministry recently and inquired about this and was told by, I think, a lawyer or a senior official that there was no way Austrians can be forced to take this vaccination.

But, this official obviously hasn’t read the National Pandemic Plan and doesn’t know about the International Health Regulations, which make it absolutely crystal clear that Austrians, in the event of a pandemic level 6 emergency declaration, actually have to follow the orders of the World Health Organization, and the World Health Organization, [both of whom] can force people to take vaccinations and also to go into quarantine.

So, the extent of the ignorance of people about this vital legislation has astonished me. In fact, I didn’t know about it, until I did the research and you would have thought that the alternative media would have been telling people about this for years, and informing them about this danger. But it seems they haven’t been. There’s a big, big knowledge gap here that has to be filled.

BR: There’re a lot of items on the interest and agenda list of the alternative media, and to some degree, like any media, they react to what the big story is right now. But, they have reacted and there is a groundswell of awareness and understanding, which does seem to be reaching places that it hadn’t reached a little while before, so something’s definitely moving here, isn’t it?

JB: Absolutely. The way I see it, in spite of the obstacles, in spite of all these obstructions, the word has got out with phenomenal, unbelievable speed, which I would never have believed was possible in a million years. It’s just been a miraculous kind of almost inexplicable form of communication, to my mind, which is taking place, you know.

BR: If you see this as a game – and I don’t use that word in a trivial sense – if you see this as a game, how is the game set up now? What do you think the moves in the game are likely to be?

Are the citizens of the world starting to wake up more than was anticipated? What’s likely to be the response? Can you think the way that “they” – whoever “they” [are] – how are they thinking? And what might they do?

JB: Well, I believe that the speed of the awakening has taken these people by surprise and it’s making them extremely nervous and worried. They have put in place this plan for the collapse of the economy in parallel or synchronization with this mass vaccination program, which is designed to kill or injure a large number of people.

Then I think they have plans for famines and wars and various other things, and for moving countries under the control of the World Health Organization and the UN which, indeed, will be the result of this pandemic... declaration of One World Government.

I don’t believe that they are very flexible and can see any way to back down now, so I think they’re pressing ahead. They’re even accelerating their efforts to get this vaccine into the population by stealth and secrecy.

I think they’re going to try and trigger a pandemic by whatever means they can in the next few days, weeks. They’re going to be putting it out in schools, as well as injecting it into people. There was an incident in a Swiss train where vials of so-called swine flu that was supposed to be being transported to the National Flu Center exploded on a Swiss train.

BR: Was that avian flu or swine flu?

JB: Swine flu. That was swine flu, back in April, so we have some glimpses of the methods that they’re willing to use to spread disease – very, very curious incident why it was being transported on a train at all. And by accelerating this pandemic, by making it ever more virulent, they hope to panic people into taking the vaccine, which will make it truly disastrous and justify false mass vaccinations.

I think they hope that the hierarchical structures in the habit of obedience will be sufficient, in the panic and confusion that ensues, to see them through this. That’s what I think they hope and believe.

BR: The habit of obedience. I love that term.

JB: Unfortunately, we -- all of us -- have to examine ourselves at this point and ask how far have we internalized a habit of deference and obedience that is really not justified, and needs to be... We need to regain our sense of our own judgments and reliance on our own judgments and our willingness to stand up against patently corrupt and criminal authorities and refuse to go along with it.

That’s why I’m now thinking that what we need is actually a kind of organized, peaceful revolution, so that we can finally take back our governments, restore our legal systems and our constitutions, and rebuild our economies, our health systems and our education systems -- and put these people who are responsible for this in jail, once and for all, so they cannot continue doing this damage to us.

Even here in Austria, I think word is spreading and people are going to refuse. It will be interesting to see how it works out. I mean, my hope would be that the movement reaches the point where the nonviolent refusals will be more than enough to destroy and shatter this plan.

BR: Some people have written to us and they’ve said: Look, you’re not going to have a policeman with a gun knocking on your door, accompanied by a doctor with a syringe. They haven’t got the resources to do that. How, actually, could they enforce it if they wanted to? How could it happen? What would be the sanctions which they have?

JB: Well, the French government released, or circulated, to the heads of departments an internal document of 19 pages which outlined quite clearly their method, and this is what I assume is happening in every country.

They’re going to set up vaccine centers that are outside hospitals and GPs [General Practitioners]. Some of these are going to be secure. People are going to be told to go there, first of their own free will, and then they’re going to receive calls, or whatever, telling them to appear at a certain time, and those people who do not come are going to eventually be collected and forced to go there.

BR: Do the resources exist to actually do that? You’re talking about transporting and enforcing, and rounding up, and making contact with hundreds of thousands of people and possibly many more than that.

JB: Well, initially, if so many people refuse, it will be impossible. But, if they are assuming that the vast majority of people will either go of their free will, or when they get the call from, say, a police authority, telling them to appear, or a notification, they will go reluctantly, but they will still obey that call. The number of people who will actually refuse to go and stay at home when they’re informed it’s a criminal offense not to go, will be very small. And it will be a criminal offense not to go.

They’re assuming that the vast majority of people, when they get a call out of the blue, as it’s planned in Switzerland, that the police go through the registry of people who live in the canton, ring them up and tell them to go to the vaccine center, that most will do it, and that there will be actually very few that need to be collected by the police.

I think they have special pandemic police task forces there; they won’t be counting too much on the regular police to do this. And they’re anticipating, I think, that they can go around and collect those people.

However, if it turns out that hundreds of thousands and millions refuse to go, then they cannot carry it through. That’s why it’s important for every single person to say “No” and not to go along with it.

BR: So, it’s a propaganda war, or a propaganda game.

JB: Absolutely. They don’t have the resources. They’re relying on people going of their free will to go to these vaccine centers. Then they’re relying on just being able to make a call to people telling them it’s a criminal offense not to go, putting psychological pressure on people to go. Then they’re relying on a very relatively small number of people actually saying: No, I’m staying in my home. I’m not going on any account, and waiting for the police to knock on the door and drag them off. At that point, they will have sufficient forces, if few people do it, to actually go around and collect people from their homes.

BR: Now, fear and concern for one’s personal safety is a great motivator. Are you expecting, just as in 1918, that there’s going to be a second wave of the existing swine flu in a mutated form which really is a problem, accompanied by very alarmist media reports showing people dying and funerals and all of this kind of stuff, that’s going to scare people into lining up for their voluntary vaccinations?

JB: Absolutely. It’s already happening. I think the scientists in Canada have looked at people who’ve died from the so-called swine flu and they found that those people have the damage to their lungs, which is consistent with them having got the bird flu.

And so, how is it explicable? I mean, they must have been given the bird flu. So, they’ve been getting it from somewhere and it could have been from the kind of contamination of vaccine material that occurred here in Austria, where normal vaccine material was contaminated with the bird flu.

So, they’re already starting, and trying to trigger this really virulent pandemic. The CDC and WHO have stopped counting or tracking these cases, so we could be seeing the multiplication of these virulent cases already now in the USA and Canada.

At some point the media will focus on it. They will focus on the terrible deaths of these people from holes in their lungs and whatever, and this moved [unclear] panic when vaccine centers are opened.

People will be saying: Oh, those people who were saying it was the vaccine have got it all wrong. They were lying to us. It’s actually the virus that’s the real danger. People in this fear and confused state of mind will think, maybe, it was all lies about the vaccine and they’ll rush off and get their vaccine which will then kill them and create an even more virulent virus.

BR: Yeah. Something which I realized just a short while ago was that, in order to really introduce something dangerous to large numbers of the population, they don’t have to vaccinate everybody. Just to illustrate the point: if I don’t get vaccinated, but you do and so does your friend and then we all meet for dinner to talk about it, and I say: Well, I’m all right, I haven’t been vaccinated -- there’s something now cooking in your bodies that I’m going to catch simply because we shook hands over dinner.

JB: Absolutely.

BR: So, they don’t have to get everyone, right?

JB: No. I mean, I think that they would also like to use the opportunity to put in people these nanochips. There’s mounting evidence that Baxter, and so on, is planning to put into its swine flu vaccine these nanochips. And certainly WHO has put in place the legal framework and the technical framework to vaccinate everybody. So, I think they really are aiming for maximum possible coverage.

But to kill people, they don’t need to vaccinate everyone. They just need to vaccinate enough people to unleash this really virulent pandemic.

Eventually people will just put on their face masks or use their colloidal silver. Sensible people will already be thinking of taking these measures. If there’s any threat of a virus, they’ll be having their face masks on and boosting their immune systems with vitamin C and...

BR: And D3, I believe.

JB: D3. And so, to try and reduce the number of people who survive by taking these measures, I think they would like to get as many vaccinated as possible, because this will mean the disease goes straight in your bloodstream and there’s nothing you can do, basically, once it’s there.

BR: Okay. So, what you’re flagging up here is that there are two scenarios going on here. This all sounds very black and stark, but there’s the genocide scenario and there’s the total control scenario, and they can go hand-in-hand with each other.

JB: Yes. I believe that’s the plan. The WHO has, I understand, put in places a comprehensive electronic surveillance system already. And as soon as we get our nanochips with all the information about our health and the health insurance associations and whatever, they’ll be able to track us by satellite and computers, whatever they have, for the rest of our lives, even if we survive the pandemic, the vaccination, the wars, the famines, and so on.

So, in this way, they will have managed to not only establish a One World Government, but also a technical structure to control every single one of us on the planet.

BR: We’ve had it told us by a number of insiders on and off record that this whole structure just exists already. They’ve got the databases. They’ve got a lot of information on most people. They’re doing all this for a reason. This is like the final match that’s lit to the fire, if you like.

So, my question to you then is, based on what you know -- because you must also have people writing to you, presumably confidentially, offering information.

JB: I’ve had a few private, confidential emails from people who’ve been saying they agree with what I’m saying, with the bioterrorism charges, but because of their positions, they’re not able to come out and say that openly, and obviously, I don't publish that kind of thing either.

But, I’m not a goldmine of secret information. The thing is: it’s all out there. It’s all out there if you just read the Pandemic Plans, if you read the International Health Regulations, and so on.

The reason why people are mystified is because the mainstream media consistently deflects attention from these crucial facts or puts a spin on them, which misleads people about what their nature... like this pandemic is natural and caused by pigs -- when it’s never been found in pigs.

It’s not new, the swine flu. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, there’s an article documenting cases of it in people since 2005, 2009. It wasn’t spreading. It wasn’t lethal, you know.

So, the mainstream media is what’re really mystifying, misleading people. All I’m doing is looking at the facts behind the media and bringing them together into relationships, so that people can see the bigger pattern. That’s it.

BR: What’s the time scale, do you think, from here? This is the eighth of September and we’ll get this out in the next few days, if we possibly can do because time is of the essence. What do you think is going to happen as we roll on towards the New Year?

JB: Well, I think these few weeks are crucial to humanity. I believe all the plans are in place to start these vaccination centers from October, and indeed, people are going to be offered time off work – in cities like Boston, two hours, I think, unpaid leave to go and get their swine flu jab. Kids are going to be offered it free.

So, everything is going to be done at first to persuade people to take this vaccine. And already we have to stop that! We have to make sure the protest is significantly large that these vaccine centers do not start injecting children, the gullible, the uninformed, whatever, with disease which can then be transmitted to other children sitting in schools, to their parents, and then to their colleagues at work.

BR: That’s a perfect place to spread it all: in schools, isn’t it?

JB: Absolutely. Unfortunately, the army is another place. The soldiers are very vulnerable. They seem to be the first ones involved to get these mass forced vaccinations.

So, we don’t have a minute to lose. It’s going to be too late when the call finally comes through, the forced vaccinations [and] demands come through – barring a miracle.

So far, they haven’t managed to spark the virulent pandemic they hoped to. In April, I think they really hoped that they had set free a virus that was going to mutate and become very virulent, and they didn’t manage it. And maybe they won’t manage it this time either, but the more people they vaccinate, the greater the chances are that they really will spark a lethal pandemic.

Bear in mind, Baxter sent two kilos of live bird flu virus. It’s still in the company’s possession. It could be put into the vaccines here and if every Austrian or every third or second Austrian gets it, it spreads rapidly to Germany, to the Czech Republic, to Slovenia, to Poland, and it will kill many, many people.

BR: Well, it spreads almost instantly nowadays, in these days of modern travel. I mean, in 1918, people were traveling by steamships, and this is rather different now.

JB: Yes, and particularly the schools and the workplaces and so on. I think we don’t have that much time. I think they are reckoning with being able to move towards forced vaccinations towards the end of the year; maybe kind of gradually from November, December [and] January. But, I think we have to stop even the voluntary mass vaccinations starting from October.

BR: So, what’s your message to people here? Because some people will be watching this thinking: Right, I’m going to get my colloidal silver and everything else and I’m not going to get vaccinated and thanks for the information. But is that enough?

JB: Well, I personally believe it isn’t because we’re in a situation here where, even if you have your colloidal silver and your face mask, your neighbor might get vaccinated or you might be in contact with somebody at work.

So, it’s in the interest of everybody to try and stick together and do things like protest outside vaccine centers, protest to make sure schools stay closed. There’s no reason to keep them open. Or if kids have to go to these schools, they should be given face masks and other sensible measures to protect them in school from these viruses.

So, I believe that we should all be looking out for each other because, ultimately, we’re looking out for our own interests when we stop this pandemic from being ignited and gathering speed.

However, if all you’re willing to do is take the colloidal silver and a face mask -- fine, as long as you’re willing, then, when the order comes for you to take it or to go to quarantine, to resist at that point or be faced with being imprisoned or whatever. At that point, I would suggest it’s getting a little bit late.

BR: How much support are you getting personally? How do you feel? Because you’re like a lonely soldier here fighting this in Austria, sort of unconnected, at least physically, with the rest of the world -- what it is that sustains you and keeps you going and gives you the strength to keep on fighting? Because it’s not easy, is it?

JB: Well, I have to say I look at the evidence and I see that there is a real threat also to me. I mean, I am also going to be one of the people who could be infected by this pandemic virus, who could be forced to take this vaccination. I’m stamped a criminal if I don’t take it and this is not a very palatable kind of prospect.

It’s not exactly how I want to spend my time, either sick or prematurely dead from something like this. So, I’m motivated also by self-interest, [laughs] as well as the desire to see other people, of course, freed from this threat.

BR: Do you have a team who are working with you? Do you feel supported logistically, emotionally, financially? Or is it just really that you’re just standing alone here in Vienna?

JB: Oh, no. I mean, I have Johann Michelson [spelling uncertain] in Switzerland has volunteered to put up my website.

BR: I met him the other day. He’s a wonderful man.

JB: Yes. And he’s done great work and put up a wonderful website. And a lot of people support and send emails and reports and information that I put up on my website and so on [ ]. Here in Austria, there’s somebody who has an email database of 140,000 emails who’s starting to send out information, so even the Austrians are getting to hear what’s happening. So, I certainly feel not alone.

However, there’s no doubt about it that I, for example, have very little financial resources and I more or less have to try and scrape by and this limits how effective I can be. I can’t cover countries outside of Europe or try and launch the kind of legal action that I would have wished to launch, the injunctions.

In cases like Africa or Latin America, no substantial funding has come from any source whatsoever to help in this battle. So it’s been individuals sending relatively small sums of money or offering to do things like a DVD or whatever, that has, nevertheless, been very, very important.

BR: And you’re personally contactable. If there’s anyone watching this now who’s able to offer material support, in a position to do that, they can reach you through your website, right?

JB: Yes. They can just find my email address. I’m certainly very visible, I think, for anybody who wants to actually contact me. But so far, there has been no foundation or wealthy person or anything like that who has offered support.

And, I’m not even saying they need to offer me personal support, but there’s been no major support for any injunctions, or any kind of these legal actions, or for the movement as a whole. It really is a grassroots movement and that’s a heartening thing to see that it has become very strong in spite of the fact that there has been very little support.

BR: Well, your work is an inspiration to many others, may I say. I think this really is a David-and-Goliath example that you’ve given a lot of people here.

Are you hopeful? Are you optimistic? Or are you depressed about the whole thing, thinking: My God, we’re all about to be wiped out here? Or do you think that it’s just something which is going to work out well, but we’ve got to do a lot of work between now and then?

JB: Well, my heart tells me without any doubt this is going to work out well for humanity. My mind looks at the evidence and I get worried. [laughs] You know, unfortunately I think we all have to play our roles and depend on every single person now. The structures of government have failed us. They’re against us. They’re actually turning against us to try and destroy us.

It really is up to every single individual now to stand up, say “No,” and organize to remove these structures once and for all and open the way for us, every single person, to have a new future of dignity, of freedom, where we can enjoy our lives free of stress, free of worry as we were meant to enjoy our lives, and open the way for the next generation to have proper, healthy opportunities, sensible working conditions, good education systems, and for humanity to begin a new era free of these monstrous plots against us.

BR: Jane Bürgermeister, thank you so much.

JB: Thank you, Bill.

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