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We have been gathering a large amount of information on the current global situation. We talk about this every day, and a substantial part of our time is spent on research. The page we present here is an honest attempt to lay out what we know. We don't agree 100% with one another - and we regard this as healthy, as we listen carefully to one another's views or findings and then go back to continue to discover more.

Caveat 1: This is a research work in progress. We plan to update this page regularly. We're not trying to compel anyone to believe anything, or to do anything. We may not be correct in all we present. But we do believe that all the factors below need to be taken into account, and researched further, in major personal decision-making.

Caveat 2: We have a very positive and optimistic view. This reflects our essential natures. But we are also realists, and in our opinion actual situations on the ground need to be handled and confronted so that proper decisions can be made. Our position is that there's a balance to be drawn between thinking positively and refusing to be sucked into "doom and gloom" - and making oneself aware of real emerging situations, both possible and probable. To be forewarned is not to lose hope, spirit or optimism.

This balance is not easy to strike and is a matter of constant readjustment. In our opinion, the biggest enemy is fear itself. We are all immortal beings - this is a simple fact - and many of the people reading this will have a strong sense of purpose to position themselves to help others as best they can.

Our job, all working together, is to help the human race find its way through the minefield of potential booby traps to emerge at a better future. To walk this minefield blindly is in our view unwise. Better to have at least a partial map. This is our intention here.

Remember, energy follows thought. How you think about the future will affect the future you encounter. Our intent here is to list the potential obstacles which may be ahead - and at the same time encourage you to think for yourself. Listen to your heart in choosing what to do, where to go, and how to face the coming days.



Our friend and important insider contact Henry Deacon has stated repeatedly, since we first met him, that the issue is that there are a number of simultaneously converging problems which combine to create an unprecedented global situation. From what we know, we agree.

Disagreement between researchers may sometimes only be because both have a partial picture. Maybe everyone is right... whatever they are particularly concerned about or focused on.

2) The so-called 'Controllers'

It's important to realize that the 'Controllers' - the Illuminati, the Committee of the Majority, and/or various alien groups - are not in control.

Deacon reports, credibly in our view, that not only is there no overarching mastermind group successfully running the planet, but that at agency, military and black project level there are many factions, vying for control, with many different agendas between them.

Some groups may be doing their best to help the situation, within their particular context. Deacon includes the secret space program in these, which he says is a kind of a lifeboat program for Planet Earth if it really does hit the cosmic iceberg.

Dan Burisch has also spoken of and written about an 'Ark', which was partially constructed on Earth and then transported to the Moon in case it should be needed. He has described graphically that at Area 51 there were interesting problems lifting and moving this extremely heavy object.

Meanwhile, it's credible that other factions may have a very destructive and manipulative agenda, such as to reduce the planet's population by any practicable means - from the covert release of pathogens to orchestrated war. We report on both of these possibilities below.

Other situations are naturally caused and are adding to the mix. We also report on those. There may, of course, be other scenarios which we are not aware of.

3) What the insiders are doing

... is protecting themselves. There is in our view compelling and credible evidence that for several decades there has been a large-scale, covert program to build a large number (possibly thousands worldwide) of deep underground bases, in some cases entire self-sufficient cities.

These have cost trillions of dollars and this has not been done for the fun of it. This has been the largest construction program in the known history of the human race, and has been under way for fifty years. It has been kept entirely secret, and is a response to a serious threat of some kind.
Below, we present some possibilities for what that threat may be.

In our view it is ethically unconscionable that the public has not yet been told what is certainly well understood at the highest levels of the military and government. One of Project Camelot's purposes is to discover the nature of this threat and make it publicly known.

4) The Biggest Picture

What follows here is a simple summary of a complex and unbelievable array of events and factors. Please see The Big Picture for some more on this, which is also a work in progress.

In our view it is compelling that the American military learned of a major threat to the survival of the species - possibly as long ago as the late 1940s. Time-portal technology gained at least partially from our visitors (whether they are space travelers, or time travelers as we believe), convinced the military that a major future catastrophe was possible or probable.

In response, MJ-12 (or whichever appropriate executive committee) decided three things:

To embark on protective measures immediately.
To keep the knowledge under the highest degree of classification.
To embark on an accelerated program of ET liaison and high-tech research in attempts to increase their control and avert the situation.

At least one faction of this group is also interested in facilitating the worst-case scenario out of self-interest and a desire for domination. This agenda is very much involved in population control/ elimination plans detailed, for example, in The Report From Iron Mountain.

5) What was observed

One source, which we have not yet reported, has told us that on 5 November, 1971, using a device called a chronovisor, the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC, was observed "under about a hundred feet of brackish water".

We do NOT know the date of the event which was observed here, nor what the incident was determined to be that had caused this event.

Dan Burisch has referred to the threat of a pole shift round about 2012 and how this information was learned from time-traveling future humans. We consider his testimony credible and important. Henry Deacon has substantiated this, as have several others (including the source mentioned above).

Similar leaks of classified information, warnings, dreams, intuitions and channeled messages by the thousand - as well as the well-known mystery of the Mayan calendar - all combine to give credence to the idea that in or around 2012 there will be (or was due to be) a major global catastrophe of some kind - in all probability a pole shift.

6) This has happened before

History is cyclical, and so are geology and the rise and fall of civilizations. The Great Flood is a myth recounted in nearly 100 cultures across the globe. Plato, a reliable, highly intelligent and conscientious historian, reported the drowning of Atlantis in graphic detail.

All over the world (and probably also on the Moon and Mars) there are cyclopean ruins which tell the very clear story of a great civilization which died. We may not be unique in the threat we face.

7) The catastrophe has been averted

According to Dan Burisch, in testimony which we regard as credible, the future humans' best evaluation of the catastrophe which befell their ancestors (i.e. us) was that it was caused by micro-wormholes in space-time which caused effects which were inadvertently and devastatingly amplified by man-made stargates and time-portal 'Looking Glass' devices.

Having been warned, the solution was therefore to decommission these devices - wherever they were, and whoever had them. Dan reports that this has been done.

According to information we have learned from Dan personally, and also reported on his blog, we are no longer on Timeline 2 (or 'T2') - the name given to the catastrophic timeline. Detailed investigation was done into this last summer (2007) and Dan has reported that we are (or were, as of November 2007) on 'Variant 83 of Timeline 1'.

"We should be okay", he wrote to us simply, a few weeks ago.

However, the recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto was quite unforeseen. This serves as a reminder that all information about possible and probable futures is far from static, and is continually subject to change.

Through our own consciousness, we are constantly affecting the world around us and as co-creators of the universe we are fully involved in determining future events. In Part 3 of our recent interview, Richard Hoagland states that he strongly believes we may be able to organize ourselves to do so with maximum positive effect. We fully support this.

It's important to note that there are very likely to be rogue groups actively working to influence timelines through the use of techniques learned from certain alien races and the use of advanced hyperdimensional physics. One deep black witness told us in the last few days (verifying the data in our recently posted book about the Antarctic 'New Berlin' base) that a group in Antarctica may well be involved in doing just this - as reflected by the mathematical formulae detailed at the end of that document.

8) Military thinking : don't give up the insurance policy

What is important to realize is that just because computer analyses of information gained from time-portal devices have shown that the coast seems to be clear, standard military thinking will still be to prepare for the worst for another five years. After all, they've been at this for two generations; what's another few years, just in case.

Hence the underground bases will continue to be stocked, and the secret space program will continue. Mars is being terraformed as we speak, so we understand - a harmonic echo of what happened on Timeline 2 which our descendents report, when one group, eventually to become the 'P52 Orions', fled the planet via the Moon and Mars to eventually colonize other star systems and continue the human race elsewhere

9) No free lunch

However, Timeline 1 will still have its problems. The rest of this report will detail these, as best as we currently know or understand them. These can be subdivided and examined as follows:

Rising sea levels and disturbed weather patterns.
EMP spikes from increased solar activity (Solar Cycle 24).
Geopolitical instability and risk of conflict.
Economic instability and possible collapse of markets.
Global pandemic.
Political and societal problems in the US and elsewhere.
'Planet X'.
False-flag 'alien invasion'.

10) Rising sea levels and disturbed weather patterns

The Greenland ice cap is melting at an accelerating rate, in defiance of carefully calculated models. Some climatologists, duly alarmed, now estimate that sea levels could rise as much as nine feet in the coming few years.

While infinitesimal on the global tape measure, nine feet is still enough to devastate seaboards and force hundreds of millions to relocate, creating unprecedented refugee crises and all the associated problems of food and water shortages, threats of disease, and local conflict - let alone the major economic effects on industrial production and infrastructure worldwide. Some entire nations, such as the Maldives, will simply cease to exist.

We have been actively encouraging friends of ours in Florida to consider relocating. Other areas, of course, are similarly vulnerable. The factors to consider here are that even if you are not personally affected by the sea and live miles (or hundreds of miles) inland, the country or area you are living in may experience a knock-on effect in terms of the economy, infrastructure, food supply, or migration of large numbers of people to wherever you are that will may change your life considerably.

This needs close monitoring as more public-sector research is done (as it is being done now, with great urgency). If this sea level rise does not occur, then of course all the above factors will not apply.

But: weather patterns will continue to become more unstable as global warming also accelerates - caused by solar activity, NOT carbon emissions. A warmer climate means warmer oceans - also heated up by increased undersea volcanic activity (see solar cycle 24 below).

Warmer oceans mean more hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones (all the same thing) - and also more rainfall. Some climatologists argue that increased rainfall means increased snowfall in northern latitudes and therefore the paradoxical possibility of a local ice age in certain locations, such as the northern parts of Europe, Russia and Canada.

Again, none of this is a civilization showstopper; but the same principles apply, inasmuch as there is likely to be mass migration of people forced to or wishing to relocate, and effects on food production and infrastructure. And this will definitely occur, as weather becomes more unstable and extreme worldwide.

11) EMP spikes from increased solar activity (solar cycle 24)

Solar Cycle 24 officially began on 4 January, 2008 - heading gradually and unstoppably towards its predicted maximum in... 2012. The significance here is that there is compelling evidence in the public domain that Solar Cycle 24 will become severe in its effects on the planet.

Everything we do here on Planet Earth is dependent on or linked to the sun. If the sun starts misbehaving, then none of us can escape the effects. Project Camelot was contacted in mid-2007 by a world-class scientist whose name would be recognized by many readers, contracted to the US government and operating under a Top Secret clearance. He was able to tell us that one of the problems facing us in the next few years ("starting in 2009") would be a CME (Corona Mass Ejection), and he compared this to the major solar event of 1859.

In 1859 there were spectacular auroras at all latitudes, but the world was not then dependent on electronics. Today such an event would bring down communications, disable satellites, ground aircraft, and (if sufficiently severe) fry all chips and circuits not adequately shielded. This would seem to be a major and real threat.

The danger here is not to people, but to the infrastructure. Commentators enjoy pointing out the obvious (as we must do here) - that such an event might catapult us all back to the mid-1800s, with the difference being that mo
st of us would have no idea how to cope without electronics, vehicles, or even running water. Again, it's an infrastructure problem: no electronics means no pumps, which means no gas or water, which means no food unless it was locally grown, which means that many of us would be in big trouble.

The good news is that if a major CME was on its way, we would all get 6-48 hours warning - like a kind of solar tsunami. That's enough time to shield one's own electronics: wrap in aluminum foil and cloth, and/or bury them in the ground or take them deep into the basement.

Note, however, that in the event of a severe EMP all vehicle engines would be disabled unless they were old diesel cars or trucks with no engine management system. Henry Deacon has also advised us, repeatedly, to acquire and learn how to use ham radio - which in a worst case scenario might be the only way of communicating besides shouting out of one's window.

Many visitors to our site will realize that this fits perfectly with the testimony of our witness Dan Sherman, who was trained as a military telepath as part of Project Preserve Destiny - in preparation, as he was explicitly told, "for a future time in which all electromagnetic communications would be rendered useless".

We do NOT know whether this has been foreseen using time portal technology, nor do we know how our scientist source mentioned above knew of the claimed coming CME problem. He did not answer our immediate question about this, and simply apologized for not being able to say more.

He said we were "in for a very bad time". "I don't normally communicate with the public like I use to," he wrote. "I found that most people just can not handle the brutal truth very well."

This person also stated, clearly, that there would be a 2012 pole shift. But he may not have known that it had been averted (see 7 above). Or maybe it has not been!
It's not possible to know exactly what the "bad time" was he was referring to... although one may guess.

Our best evaluation of this is that it does seem to be a definite risk that a sufficiently large solar 'spike' (what Ed Dames has overdramatically called The Kill Shot) would heavily disrupt infrastructure, transport and therefore food distribution. As so many have said, a degree of emergency self-sufficiency would seem smart.

As a final note, it must be said that some scientists are connecting solar activity with tectonic and geothermal activity - that is to say, volcanoes, earthquakes and (consequently) tsunamis. If these causalities are valid, the earth changes that so many have predicted may be ushered in by nothing more than our friendly, or not-so-friendly, sun

12) Geopolitical instability and risk of conflict

Here, man's enemy may be man. There is ample evidence that there is a clear agenda for there to be a planned (long-planned) US military strike against Iran, justified in a number of ways that many regard to be hollow at best. This is legitimately worrying, and the last months of George Bush's term in office - like the danger presented by a cornered tiger - may be the most dangerous.

It's hard to evaluate this. There is some evidence that a strike was planned against Iran last summer (2007), but may have been averted by a small group of unknown and very brave airmen at Barksdale AFB. Synchronous with this, several unidentified but major stock market players bet $4.5 billion that the markets would fall drastically before 21 September 2007. This did not happen, and they lost their gamble. There was no strike, no war. Maybe we have been spared, as many believe.

It's important to realize that there are many games being played out behind the scenes. We're obliged to be vague about what we can say here, but we do know that not everyone in Washington or the Pentagon wants a nuclear war.

The NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) that was published on 2 December 2007, stating that Iran was not a threat, was one major attempt to literally spike Bush's guns and remove any justification for an attack. We cannot reveal details, but we do know this as a fact.

Shortly afterwards, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. There's extremely strong reason to believe that she was 'removed' because one of her major purposes was to ensure that no major conflict broke out between Pakistan and India.

The only conclusion that can be drawn here is that all situations in the Middle to Far East remain unstable and dangerous. It has to be understood that there are factions - see (2) above - which may want there to be a nuclear exchange.

The reasons for this insanity (the only word that can be used) are unclear. It might be because this has been 'seen' (using time-portal technology) and therefore must be fulfilled; it might be Biblical ('the Armageddon thing'). It might be an attempt to reduce population. On the other hand, situations can be readily imagined in which Martial Law could be implemented in the US (and maybe other countries) as a response to a world which is suddenly a nuclear one again.

13) Economic instability and possible collapse of markets

Any of the above situations could precipitate economic instability or collapse. But with the US economy having a GDP of 14 trillion, and debts of 120 trillion, it is bankrupt already. The marked stock market slide of 22 January was the beginning (in our view) of a period of instability and global lack of confidence that will lead to the inevitable collapse of the dollar - and thereafter, the pound and the euro.

The sharp collapse will happen as soon as a major US corporation or bank announces that it has been obliged to fold. From what we understand, this is only a matter of time - weeks or months.

We talked with ex-banker and paradigm changer George Green about this. He predicted the stock market slide in mid-January (which has impressed us) and said that besides investigating buying land in South America (as many insiders are doing, he told us), he is liquidating all assets and holding small denominations of cash (nothing higher than $20 bills) and is buying silver coins.

George told us that silver ($16.50 an ounce at the time of writing) is the metal to buy - because it’s underpriced relative to gold and there’s a real world shortage, and it’s used and needed industrially in many ways. He stated that silver will soar to $40 and possibly even $100. We are paying close attention.

Gold and silver coins that one possesses oneself are the best 'currency'. Owning gold or silver bars in a bank vault (or worse, owning paper substitutes for a theoretical, non-physical purchase) is of no use at all if the bank is closed and one does not have a key.

14) Global pandemic

Avian flu is not a hoax. Avian ('Bird') flu is a genuine threat, and could easily be one reason for Martial Law. International flights could be stopped and a real pandemic can be used as an excuse/reason to stop anyone from traveling domestically also.

The infrastructure would also be decimated because few if anyone would risk going to work and many millions might die - far worse than in 1918. In 1918 the flu - which was also Avian flu, which not many realize - was 5-10% lethal. In 2008 it’s 60% lethal.

Dr Bill Deagle states in his December 2006 Granada Forum lecture that he is certain that the Controllers have engineered H5N1 (its medical name) from the 1918 strain with a deliberate intention of killing between 1 and 2 billion people. Henry Deacon has stated to us that he sat in meetings where the release of pathogens was planned in order to reduce population.

On the other hand, Dan Burisch, in response to this, has explicitly stated:

I am now (learned within the last few months) aware of such actions having been contemplated, now in the past, by representatives of the Illuminati. Such ideas were never brought to fruition, not because of their love for humanity, but as they judged it counterproductive for themselves. They were also threatened that should they attempt anything of such nature, they would be "acted upon" in a manner they would not find acceptable.

Quiet factions, including what is now the group in charge in the wake of the adjournment by the Majestic, during the consideration period by the Illuminati, were preparing to counter the actions by the Illuminati with the use of biologists, Federal Law Enforcement, and where necessary - outright force. 24/7/365 vigilance is ongoing. That is all I can publicly say about these issues. I am "extending myself" to this extent...but you have the right to know.

Regardless of whether H5N1 has been bioengineered, it is out there. Avian flu is in 90 countries at the time of writing (January 2008) and the only reason it’s not spreading is that people are dying too quickly - like Ebola fever. All it would take is two gene mutations (and there’s a huge viral mass) for it to go human to human, and after that all that is needed is a few resistant carriers - in other words, people traveling. If that all occurs, all this becomes a major part of what strategy to adopt.

The possible reasons for Martial Law need to be considered. A second 'false flag' 9/11 is one thing. A pandemic is quite another. The Controllers may be much more liable this time to go for something invisible to secure their objectives than another 9/11. Viruses can’t be analyzed on video replays... and they’re also real. Avian flu is not a trick.

The currently calculated chances of Avian flu becoming pandemic in any one year are 30% - a figure from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. If a pandemic occurs (a pandemic being a global epidemic), North America might be isolated by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, while Europe might be far more dangerous (being more densely populated and also directly connected to the Far East, where the two critical extra mutations are most likely to occur).

But in this scenario, expect draconian measures domestically in the US (and maybe other countries) to control or firewall against the viral threat. This may be one of the reasons why South America is now being considered a safe haven by so many insiders - for whom none of the above is any news at all.

15) Political and societal problems in the US and elsewhere

Followers of Alex Jones and Jeff Rense will have been aware for quite some time that there is strong reason to believe that there may be serious crackdowns on US civil liberties in the relatively near future.

This could not happen without an excuse (or a reason convincing enough for the population to capitulate), so speculation has been rife about what gambit to expect from the Controllers. Bill Deagle has stated that he has information that there are suitcase nukes pre-planted in 22 American cities, primed for another 'false flag' event (like 9/11, but more major, shocking and dramatic). This may or may not be accurate, but it reveals the possible thinking of the Controllers.

Project Camelot has a source, not so far published by us, who was involved in the Montauk experiments of the early 1980s. This person for several years has been talking about what he has called "The King George scenario", in which George Bush would remain in office due to a (falsified and engineered but convincing) National Emergency. We were approached about this in May 2007.

Astonishingly, our source insists that this was being planned in the 1980s - before one would imagine George W. Bush was ever thought of. Moreover, he has dated these events as being synchronous with food shortages and food riots in the US.

We did not publish this material in 2007, since no food riots seemed to be forthcoming and we were obliged to question the accuracy of the information. Researcher and food supply specialist Steve Shenk, however, has recently reported that food shortages, connected with drought and the collapse of bee colonies, are likely. This might be yet another reason, if any more were needed, not to get trapped at the wrong time in a major city.

The other reasons for civil unrest and/or Martial Law (a chicken-egg situation, of course) have already been detailed above: nuclear attack (the unthinkable option, whether staged or 'real'), or quarantine restrictions in the midst of a genuine pandemic.

Finally, we should say that in the recent Timeline 1 time-portal analysis, as per (7) above, we were told that George Bush does not remain in power - ceding the presidency to Hillary Clinton. We would like to say that you heard it here first... but you probably did not.

16) 'Planet X'

Last but not least! We have to say that we do not yet know what to make of this. We do believe that there is likely to be a massive object (of some kind, whether a rocky planet, a brown dwarf 'second sun', or even a small black hole) on an eccentric orbit (of some kind) which is being monitored closely by IRAS and the South Pole Telescope. But what that means, we do not ourselves know, and no insider has yet credibly told us.

We're aware that many intelligent people have done good research into this and have concluded that there's likely to be a major problem on its way - a little like rolling a giant bowling ball through the solar system, something which happens every few thousand (some say 3,600) years. This object does seem to exist - and may itself be doing its part, through electromagnetic and other forms of resonance, in exciting the sun to new levels of activity (see 11 above).

But whether this is the harbinger of destruction (or the harbinger of the Anunnaki, as some claim) is another question which we're not yet equipped to answer. Our Norwegian politician source, who reports personal experience of scenario planning for evacuating 40% of Norway's population underground in 2012, mentioned that "Planet X is coming"; but had no details, let alone scientific ones, and in fact he had no hard information of any kind about the reason for the very real and massive precautions that he insisted were well under way.

'Planet X' was simply what he had heard. We are convinced of the existence of the underground bases, but not of their purported raison d'etre in this instance. Far more likely, we think, that the forewarned 2012 pole shift was the justification for all the heavy and secret activity.

It's even possible that 'Planet X' may be disinformation. Not the existence of what Bill Deagle calls a "hypergravitational object", but its likely effects. Its reality might be the factual part of the disinformation, and the destructive effects the false part - thereby playing neatly into legend.
It's extremely hard for us to say.

Our stance, as always, is to keep an open mind and to gather more information from every source. And one thing 2008 will bring is more information. Of all the probabilities and possibilities discussed on this page, the greatest odds of all are that that we will learn a very great deal more in the coming months.

17) False-flag 'alien invasion'

We list this simply because this scenario has been discussed on the internet, some calling this Project Blue Beam. There is much to be read about it, almost all of which is speculation with little firm evidence or whistleblower testimony (one noted exception being that of Dr Carol Rosin, speaking on behalf of her old colleague and mentor, Dr Wernher von Braun).

Project Camelot has no information about this and cannot comment at this stage. It has not been mentioned by any of our own witnesses.

18) Summary

At the very top of the page, we remarked:

Our job, all working together, is to help the human race find its way through the minefield of potential booby traps to emerge at a better future. To walk this minefield blindly is in our view unwise. Better to have at least a partial map. This is our intention here.

The above summary analysis (and it really is just a summary) marks out where some of the landmines may be. The largest of these, the 2012 pole shift, may well have been handled. This is the good news. But there are plenty of other ways to accidentally end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's why a map of the minefield is not a bad idea.

Our intention is not to convince or persuade, but to inform in such a way as to enhance each reader's ability to make responsible decisions for themselves and their families.

This has been our position from the start: to report what we feel is credible, potentially important, and possibly under-reported. Whatever we do, we're committed to the truth, but without any dogma or doctrine apart from the fact that the truth stands on its own, for better or for worse. It is the way it is, as the Buddhist master patiently explained.

Our best advice:

Look within, and educate yourselves and those around you.
Be patient with skeptics or those who are afraid (often the same thing).
Follow no leaders.
Stay open and flexible in every way.
Create and be the change you want to see.
Remember that we co-create the future every moment of every day.

Some of these situations may transpire, while others may not. Time will sort out which is which. Our own commitment is to learn as much as we can, and then to share it. That's what Camelot is all about.

Bill Ryan
Kerry Lynn Cassidy
28 January 2008


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