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A personal message from Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Many people write to us asking for our thoughts and perceptions regarding the coming times. This is my response.

Regardless of what we encounter, I feel it is important for each and every person to meditate on and begin to understand WHY these challenges and changes are being presented to us at this juncture. The over-reaching understanding I have reached is that we are in the midst of a transformation of the human race. The Indigo Children are part of this. We are facing nothing less than the new man (and woman), humanity 2.0 if you will. A change in our DNA will result.

Planet Earth or Gaia is a living being. These changes are the result in part of the effects on planet Earth as it moves closer to the galactic center, and the overall movement of our solar system into a different part of the galaxy. The waves of energy that will be overtaking our solar system will result in a change in frequency and dimension.

I urge everyone to educate themselves, and meditate in order to prepare themselves and assist their own transition physically and meta-physically as we enter these times.

It is also equally important to stress here that ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT... and even more so as we shift dimensions. So how you think about the future will in all likelihood affect the future you encounter...

One part of the mission behind Camelot is to reveal the mystery behind what is going on here on Planet Earth as well as in the multi-verse around us... In our approach to the galactic center we have also found our witnesses are coming forward with what can be viewed a list of the potential obstacles and challenges that could be ahead. At the same time we want to encourage everyone to think for themselves and listen to your heart in choosing what to do and where to go and how to face the coming days.

Through consciousness, we are constantly affecting the world around us and as co-creators of the Universe. We are fully involved in affecting future events. As Hoagland has suggested, we can unite with clear intent and actively affect some of these scenarios going forward.

Some people feel strongly, and I believe this, that there is a galactic war being conducted behind the scenes by those in power on (and within) this earth with various alien races. This is something we will ultimately face consciously as a planet entering the galactic community... This is an age old war involving our own sovereignty.

That we are not alone is a given. What must be considered is that there are both positive and negatively oriented beings of all kinds and that we may be encountering many of them in our current incarnation as souls on this planet. What is also important is to become more aware of the forces for good and evil that are involved in this and other dimensions when you consider what is going on behind any scenario described in our release entitled 2008: the Future is Now.

My most specific advice is for you to awaken your chakras through meditation and living true to your heart. Once your kundalini is activated, connect your chakras and unite with your higher self and the source of all that is... This above all else will protect and guide you in the coming days.

Our 3-dimensional world is but an illusion. You are here to experience and learn and the ultimate objective is to become fully enlightened. The challenges that are presented by us and for us are there to give us the opportunity to know ourselves as Creators more fully and completely.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
28 January 2008


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