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A personal message from Bill Ryan

f everything we've published, whether video or text, our summary page 2008: The Future is Now was the most difficult and challenging to put together and agree on. Kerry and I went through it sentence by sentence, reference by reference, line by line, for many, many hours. Why so hard?

Because these are the most important issues of our times. We have a responsibility to get things right - if we possibly can - and to state things in a balanced way. But how to balance the notion that this planet, and the human race, might be in very big trouble?

Spiritually, of course we are all magnificent immortals - though some of us have forgotten and have yet to realize our true nature and heritage. We DO spent time here to learn. We DO set up interesting situations for ourselves to experience. We DO tend to re-experience things which we may have encountered before - and failed to deal with then.

This is what 'karma' is: it's not a punishment. It's just another chance to learn, if we flunked the lesson the first time. We set these things up for ourselves. We are each the directors and producers of our own personal movie - as well as being the heroes and heroines. Ultimately, there's no-one to blame; blame is an avoidance of our own ultimate responsibility for the reality we co-create.

So what's the problem here? Ultimately, what may happen to our 'playground' is surely of no consequence. We'll just create another one. (What else are we going to do with all the time we have?!)

But here's the core story: there's been a war of good against evil going on for millennia, or longer. This planet is now just the current 'front' in this war. It's not a final battle, but it feels like an important one. Tens of thousands of people have incarnated here specifically to help out, to handle what needs to be handled. You, reading this, are probably among them.

The Indigo and Crystal Children are just the latest wave. Many of us have been around for quite a while. We come from different planets, different planes, even different times.

There are certainly "hyperdimensional demonic entities", as Bill Deagle terms them. They can play a major unseen role. But what's important to remember is that there are more and more positive forces that have been liberated and which are fully focused on the situation at hand. We can't see them either, but they're on our side.

We may have some rough times ahead physically ("expect disturbances", as a psychic friend was told recently), but there will be no showstopper. As with a yacht sailing into a Force 8 gale in the southern ocean, the opportunity is not only to survive, but for the crew to learn, work together, and triumph.

Not to feel like looking at the weather forecast is understandable. But I want the crew to know what we're sailing into, and what will be asked of them. Because I want us to make it through.

What there is to learn is that we have to take responsibility, act, do what we can, realize our purposes, stop being observers. Any situations that didn't work out quite so well in previous ages have always been because we failed to deal with them at the time. So here we have another chance.

Here's a 60 second clip that says it all - Bill Birnes talking with George Noory on Coast To Coast AM on 19 June, 2007:

Admiral George Hoover, ONI ... said he KNEW that these entities were not so much interplanetary, but they were literally time travelers, and the big secret is that they were us from the future.

And that we and they have the same powers, and that was the real fear of the government: that we have the ability to manipulate reality around us. We've always had that ability, we just didn't know how to use it...

And there you have it, right from the top. We DO have these powers to shape our own reality. Just say no... to the world you don't want to see. That starts here, with you, with us together. The future is now.

Bill Ryan
27 January 2008


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