Leo Zagami
Illuminati Whistleblower
Part 2

Leo Zagami: Illuminati Whistleblower - Part 2
Video interview with Leo Zagami
Oslo, Norway, February 2008

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan

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[Editor's note: some words in the interview have been difficult to transcribe. They are designated in square brackets with our best approximation.]

leo zagami

Start of interview

Leo Zagami (LZ): [with document held toward camera]: Some people say the Illuminati don’t exist. Well this is an official document from the [unclear; Real Mathis] Lodge and leaves no doubt that the Illuminati not only exists, but they practice what is known as the Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim which is the Egyptian Rite. This Rite brings them above the 33rd Degree because the Memphis-Misraim goes until the 99th Degree. And it's basically the peculiarity of this Rite that, for me, made it a difficulty to stay in the Illuminati. Because this Rite, on the contrary of the others that… OK... are corrupted politically, they have a political… But this one is completely diabolic in its own internal belief system and leads many of its members to become involved in Satanism.

In fact, for example, heads of the Memphis-Misraim in Italy, like Roberto Negrini, is involved in a satanic anti-Christian order, the Ordo Templi Orientis Fraternitas Luciferiana and there is many others like him in America that have, like Michael [unclear: Bertiovi] involved in Satanism and also close to Anton LaVey. I found a lot of other characters here in Europe that practice the Memphis-Misraim.

Kerry Cassidy (KC): Isn’t the Bush family also involved in the Illuminati, in Satanism?

LZ: Sure, sure. Each one is involved with their own Orders, their own Lodges, their own Degree systems. The Skull & Bones have their own operational way of working, their own legends, the Knights of Eulogia]. It’s a specific kind of initiation where you have the devil, Don Quixote and the Pope. That should already tell you who are really the figures here that are in charge of the real power, because the Pope is sitting on the center and even if Georgie Bush likes to dress up as Pope when he’s down in the Skull & Bones, he’s not the Pope. [Kerry laughs] So...and he’s not the devil. [laughs]

KC: But is the Pope the devil? In Skull & Bones?

LZ: [laughs] No, these are the different characters that actually are enacted during the initiation of the Skull & Bones.

KC: Right, and also at Bohemian Grove as well.

LZ: Bohemian Grove is a different kind of initiation. There they like to dress up in even more fancy clothes; usually Republicans; a lot of whores, a lot of whores, a lot of prostitution goes on during the night of Bohemian Grove.

KC: A fake sacrifice sort of ceremony, or a real sacrifice?

LZ: Oh, a real sacrifice. A real sacrifice is at times when you have the most secretive operations that are aimed for, in some way, maintaining the real occult path of destruction which is of worshipping an Owl of St. John of Naples. It is an old character from Bohemia and why is Bohemia so important? Well, Bohemian because then you have also from Bohemia, you have Jakob Bohme, who was himself one of the most illustrious Rosicrucians of all time.

KC: Right, but the point of it is worldly success, is it not?

LZ: Worldly success? The point is...

KC: I mean, in terms of Bohemian Grove, what is their purpose?

LZ: The point for all these clubs is different, and it’s created by the people who actually have created them and then the people on top who manipulate them for their own purpose... whatever is their purpose. For example, is to blackmail people, their practices might be very twisted. If it is to create a fraternal bond of death like the Order of Death in the Skull & Bones, then a human sacrifice is required to meld that bond together so those people feel connected by a secret that is impossible to reveal.

KC: And who becomes sacrificed in this situation? Is it a child?

LZ: No. What happens in the Illuminati, by their own instructions, is an ancient practice that was also done by the rabbis in, the most orthodox rabbis since ancient times, in Israel. And this is to create a fetus and sacrifice it amongst the members of the congregation. They eat this fetus.

KC: Really.

LZ: This is really what also Crowley described in the higher degrees of this Ordo Templi Orientis and what is practiced, as I said, comes from an old, also Jewish, practise. But where did they take this kind of practise? These practises are born from ancient times, from their captivity in Babylonia to their permanency in Egypt. Egypt is the example of what the Illuminati are. Now I will show you also, later, a picture of how the Lodge is here in Oslo.

KC: We went there.

LZ: Oh, you went?

KC: Yes.

LZ: OK, but inside. I will show you the temple inside.

KC: OK, very good. Yes, we were not allowed inside.

LZ: What I can tell you about the temple inside is… They are called a Christian Masonic order. OK? There are only Christians here. Many Freemasons around the world are actually horrified by the practise here in Scandinavians in which they can be so racistic [racist]. They can’t include the Jews, the Hindu, the Muslims, because of their own Christian Order of Knights Templars, because that’s what they claim to be. You saw the cross and symbol when you went to the headquarters, with the lion and the red cross.

KC: Yes. But you’re saying that this is an emphasis on…

LZ: So inside, though… Outside it is all Christianity. But if you go inside that temple, on top you will notice this symbol. [shows picture of Egyptian wing from previous document]

KC: Sure.

LZ: That is nothing of Christian origin. You will notice that the temple inside, what is the Swedish Rite – one of the most esoteric and most occult rites of Freemasonry which is practised here in Norway. It’s practised in the whole of Scandinavia. So that means Norway, Sweden, Denmark, also practised in parts of Germany, practised in Iceland and also in parts of Finland.

This specific Rite, Swedish Rite, horrified me by their hypocrisy, because on one side they portray themselves as good Christians to the community. On the other side, they are practising pagan beliefs which are completely incompatible with the belief in One God. That’s why ... [inaudible] ... came because the Christians were already worshipping “gods.” They left the true path of Jesus already several centuries after Jesus came, the Christians were already worshipping other things, including them with Christianity, having a wrong perception of Christianity.

The same with the Jews. They started to worship something different. With Moses went just up the mountain, Why? Because there is a tendency in humankind to have the worship for these entities that can give you terrestrial power.

We were talking about the Annunaki, we were talking about the Nephilim, but there is this… these entities that come from other dimensions, other places in this universe. They can cross over into this dimension if we evoke them, if we call them and also the weak, the ill, the sick of mind, as described by Eliphas Levi in The Book of Transcendental Magic, they can become easily possessed by these demons and become the zombies in a way. That’s why also we have the zombie character which is created in voodoo. They give them a very strong poison that completely burns the brain of the character and makes him possessed by this entity.

KC: So this is also mind control, is it not?

LZ: It’s mind control. But that’s why you will find that most of the people in the mind control sectors of intelligence units, the people who are taking control of the Psy-Ops operations, they are occultists. Because occultism and black magic is the most ancient form of military tool known to mankind, from the ancient times.

KC: So this is… Yes, to manipulate.

LZ: And also this is Pharaonic. I’m against, since I, in June 2006, participated, first to a meeting in Monte Carlo on the 1st of June. Then I went to San Cerbone on the second and third of June, when I was in San Cerbone, a monastery near Lucca. And then after that I left and went to Livorno and I have a cousin in the military in Livorno. I had a very illuminating meeting with Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri at the military academy, because he is military. He is part of the naval of the military so...and I was with him for a whole day. After a long time, we really knew each other, I really understood what these people were up to. It was illuminating for me, to understand that they were totally taking advantage of me and that this time they wanted me to infiltrate the organization of my wife.

My wife is part of a Muslim organization that was co-founded by her father, and now this organization is a very big organization, very powerful. It counts millions of adepts and for that reason they wanted me... and also it is a moderate Muslim school. The connection for them was too strong and too tempting. They wanted to use me in order to infiltrate this Muslim organization that is especially powerful in Turkey and they are very interested in Turkey for various reasons.

For that, Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri has been with another guy called Kaan Soyak who is a Turkish Freemason, very big in New York.

KC: So what is the purpose? Why is Turkey of such interest?

LZ: It is very important for the control of the whole Caucasus region of ex-Soviet republics: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan. All this side of things is actually now pretty much under the control of Turkey because Turkey was able, after the fall of the Soviet Union, to build schools, to build a link with these republics, that some of them have also oil. And for that reason it is very important that you have the control of a very rich area and tactically very important for the Americans and for the New World Order to be in control.

For that reason, it was... I think in April 2005, 2006 when they came together with a special group of Illuminati meeting in Ankara in Turkey under the Rotary Club. So this meeting is recorded. You can go and check it out. Comandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri did an invocation to the One God, and whatever. He was covering up everything with a nice veil of “We’re doing it for peace between religions, for...”

But in reality, what? The guy is selling weapons. The guy is making money. The guy is interested in northern Iraq. The guy is interested in… Because also there is northern Iraq, you have Turkey there. You have a lot of interests. And Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri has been personally involved in dealing with northern Iraq and making business in northern Iraq.

KC: OK. The Vatican must also be interested in oil if they’re interested in weapons.

LZ: Ah, oil is fundamental. It’s oil, weapons, and that’s it, and then you have the banks. It’s oil and weapons. I didn’t mention the oil until now because I forgot, I was, I mean…

KC: So obvious, right?

LZ: Obvious. But the whole fact that they went to Iraq is just to take their oil and in Afghanistan to have control over…

KC: OK. But what about free energy? Are you aware of free energy? Do you know what it is?

LZ: Sure, sure.

KC: And the Vatican is basically keeping hold of this scientific knowledge so that it doesn’t get dispersed, so that people don’t get free from oil?

LZ: But let me tell you why.

KC: Why?

LZ: The thing is that this problem started, as I said, with Giordano Bruno nearly 400 years, more than 400 years ago, and that problem was the certain physical but also metaphysical knowledge. Scientifical knowledge that could revolutionize humankind could not be manifested on humankind without creating also a change in their belief system. So we were...

KC: Right. So the Catholic Church would no longer be in power. The Illuminati would not be necessary. Right? If you don’t depend on them economically, materially, you’re not tied to them spiritually either. Right?

LZ: Absolutely. The fact that they have control over certain things and that you are consuming those things is essential for this materialistic society that we have in place. This materialistic society is a reflection of the End of Times scenario, the Kali Yuga, the last part of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga – this specific timeframe describing the End mythology – is a very dark period in which there is very little light, very few Masters to be seen on the horizon. René Guénon himself, a very great initiate of Freemasonry, of the Illuminati, abandoned everything and became a sheikh and went to Cairo and became Muslim, hamdu lilla. Why? Because there was a reason. He had to save himself from what he had been involved in.

In fact I invite everybody to read René Guénon, because even if he’s a great traditionalist in a way, he was Catholic but then he transformed himself. Why? For a reason. He SAW what they were doing in the occult. He SAW the corruption in the church and in all these groups that were surrounding the church. For example, today we have Gnostic churches that claim to have some apostolic succession going back to the time of Christ. They are all under the control of the Vatican. All under the control.

KC: Even the Gnostics.

LZ: All the Gnostics. I can give you information, very detailed information, about how the Vatican and the Jesuits keep an eye on all the Gnostic movements, on every wandering bishop. People like Stephan Hoeller that I met personally. They are completely subject to the Vatican and to Freemasonry, being himself a 32-degree Freemason, Stephan Hoeller, he represents one of the biggest Gnostic traditions these days in the United States.

KC: Hmm...

LZ: Bishop Hoeller, yah? This is how he is – this kind of very Germanic character, yah? But he was himself… He’s a really typical Illuminati scum. If I have to say “scum,” it's scum. Because these people are Nazis. Their approach is Nazi. But it is camouflaged in a way that they are always pro-Jewish, so they’re: "No no no. We support Israel." They can’t be. But they are in reality Nazis and Israel itself is acting as a Nazi because of them, you know?

KC: Right. So how does Zionism play into this? Because you’re not talking about the Jewish people only. You’re talking about Zionism as a religion, right?

LZ: I don’t have anything against the Jewish people because myself I have close relatives even Jews. I don’t have a problem with the Jewish people. The Jewish people are actually chosen by God for a specific purpose, that's not the ultimate... But they have an important...

KC: So how does Zionism play into the whole Illuminati story?

LZ: See, the thing is this. The religion of Abraham got corrupted during the course of time. Certain families got corrupted and they also mingled with the Vatican for 2,000 years in Rome. They have been the … The most ancient Jewish community is in Rome. [shows picture of 3 men] In this picture – we’re talking about the Jews – their great influence and great power, and they really have great power, even in the oligarch movement in Russia. They are very powerful. In this picture we have here [points to figure on left] Senator Sergey Gordeyev, famous Russian billionaire... Senator, close friend of Vladimir Putin and also one of my close friends for a time, because he was the representative of the Illuminati of the Grupo de Eur in Moscow, and one of the senior Intelligence operatives at all levels regarding the research of the Holy Grail and all that matters, for the Russian government. He gave me a gift which, after, I would like to show you, which is a mask brought from Tibet.

[showing mask] It's a gift, the Illuminati likes to give this kind of gift, ancient artifacts, this kind of stuff. This peculiar artifact was very interesting because it was given by the 13th Dalai Lama as a gift to Nicolas II, the Czar of Russia because their intention was to subject Nicholas II to the Illuminati control of Tibet because the Tibetans, the Tibetan monks, are the Illuminati of the East and they are seen as the Illuminati of the East. This mask was given to me as a gift by Senator Sergey Gordeyev, which I showed you before in the picture, Senator of the Russian Federation and famous Russian billionaire...

KC: Right.

LZ: ...and kind of “Indiana Jones” of the situation. That’s how I find this kind of thing. [laughs] But actually this was given – if I don’t get it wrong – to his uncle who was at the time mediating for the conversion of Nicholas II to the 13th Dalai Lama. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, we all know how things went then in Russia. But he managed to preserve this thing, this artifact and to bring it out of Russia in 2002. It was quite an adventure, I tell you.

KC: Very powerful.

LZ: It is very powerful. And why his motivation? I asked Sergey: "Why are you giving me such a gift?" I mean, it’s a quite incredible gift of historical value, obviously for him, maybe, but it was very important. I think that the Russians really wanted to get rid of it because, apparently, it is connected to a very powerful entity that it transports it, with it. It has the power to emanate it. The Russians basically wanted to get it out of their borders. [laughs]

KC: I see. So did you purge it? you know...

LZ: So, I myself obviously have to be very careful with it and with the use of it but it definitely is under my close surveillance and I have it. So that’s it, you know. I’m going to keep it.


LZ: It’s a very peculiar mask, very peculiar. The 14th Dalai Lama, the present Dalai Lama, used it when he has his own divinator who went into trance with this mask before the Chinese arrived and warned him to go away. So in a way it saved the life of the Dalai Lama. But this tradition, as we were saying, is part of the Bon tradition, the shamanic tradition of Tibet. It is more ancient than the Buddhist tradition but it’s said to be dominated by the Buddhists and by the Red Caps of Tibet.

[showing photo from before] In the middle we have a Jew, Lazarus. Lazarus is… His wife is the head of, basically, the Customs in Russia, so you can’t get into Russia without the wife of ... [laughs]. She is the head of all Customs operating, especially Moscow. And he himself, an oligarch, working for the oligarchs. He’s of Georgian origin, but he‘s a Jew and he explained to me how the Jews originally transformed themselves into the aristocracy of the Communist establishment and managed to survive also the persecution of Stalin if they simply worked with the establishment in a certain way. Nowadays they are very strong. But for example, Sergey Gordeyev officially objects to Zionists.

But when this other guy here gave him a $900,000 watch in front of my eyes, he accepted it. And why, you say, why a Senator from the Russian federation should accept such a gift? Because corruption in Russia is made with watches. There is one-million-dollar watches, once I had three of them on my table, and they are used for corruption by the Illuminati, so they can keep on their oligarcy and all their practices without…

KC: So how does Zionism serve the Illuminati’s interest? You’re talking about their vision of Armageddon because it is written so in the Bible?

LZ: Absolutely. The Zionism you see is a corrupt branch of what is really the religion of Abraham, that was already corrupt for a long time, and tried too with Zionism, especially coming out of Ukraine, to gather power. But the Zionist families, like for example the Rothschilds, who have been so important for the implementation of Zionism, have themselves also working links to the Vatican because they are Knights of Malta. So you will say: How is possible, Zionists and the Vatican? It doesn’t really fit in. One should oppose the other.

While publicly it might seem so, in reality they are completely connected and I think that John Paul II made this quite evident when he called them “our oldest brothers” and embraced with so much love the rabbi in Rome – which I repeat: Rome is the oldest Jewish community in the world. So, connected to Rome, you have also this, and they worked for the Vatican.

I saw Mossad agents in Rome from the Sonnino family, which I used to work with, involved with the Banda Della Magliana, which was this fearsome gang of people, involved with the P2, with the Intelligence Service, killers that were doing all kinds of... weapons, cocaine, heroin, all kinds of business with them. And they were receiving, every year, a letter from Andreotti , which is a senior Democrat Christian, very well known in the Atlantic path in the NATO, Andreotti is one of the key people in Italy, also a politician still nowadays. He has been Prime Minister for many times. And he was, is, a senior Opus Dei and P2 member. But working with these people, I saw the power of the Zionist establishment.

For example, Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri wanted to do a...he's a carabi...er...a warlord. And I said: "Why?" Because under the influence of the Zionistic element that is always there and they like to go in Jerusalem. They have a specific place under what is the Temple of Solomon. Still nowadays they do this practice. They have a high priestess of Melchizedek. Now this high priestess is not really a woman. It’s a man-woman. He’s a priest who used to be a man and a priest and monk, I think, working for the Vatican. He’s one of the biggest experts of the Bible. He’s now called “Michela Mercenari.” He had a sex change, approved by the Vatican. Now she’s working some kind of university, officially. In reality she’s working also for the police and their investigations in the occult and occult matters. But she’s the high priestess of Melchizedek, of the order of Zion, and celebrates these occult rituals in Jerusalem with the elite...there and her function is to be androgene, [androgynous] because half-man, half-woman. She can have this…

Zionist element is working, at times it has been opposing, the Vatican but at the end has decided, especially after the Second World War, to merge and it couldn’t be otherwise, because after the Second World War, the Vatican became an American club. Also the Freemasons didn’t exist inside the Vatican as Lodges but after the Second World War they were granted four Lodges, a whole Grand Lodge set up in the Vatican with their own different Loggia, with an official charter coming from America. You know?

So the thing is there was also obviously an embracing also from the Vatican of what they have always embraced, which has been to be themselves head of these aristocratic families, themselves also involved with the Zionist families. Why? Because they were the bankers, so there had to be somebody who had to sponsor other people. There was a bank and the bank is a very important thing for the Vatican – in fact, I.O.R. The finance of the I.O.R. are fundamental for the Vatican. (I.O.R. - Istituto per le Opere Religiose; Institute for Religious Works).

And we go back to the disinformation of before – Secretum Omega. What is so important that people have to realize that the Vatican is hiding somethin? But what is actually the Vatican hiding? The Vatican is hiding books and important rituals of evocation...

KC: What about the third secret of Fatima?

LZ: [Dismissive] Secret of Fatima! That is a...

KC: Is the Vatican hiding this, or no?

LZ: The thing is this... the Vatican constructs miracles for their own purpose to establish a place where people go, spend money on hideous things like make a cross...make cash, a couple of holy waters, then so you have Lourdes, Fatima... Then you have Padre Pio now.

KC: So in other words it’s just a show to make money. Is this your... There is no secret?

LZ: No, there are secrets... that at times these people have been in contact with entities. OK? Or they have opened an inter-dimensional door with an entity that has come through and has revealed to them certain secrets. For them, certain things, certain prophecies, are very important because at times… That’s why the Jesuits are in Mount Graham also with their astronomical observatory. They have to calculate exactly because they want to avoid some times that the prophecy comes against them in any way.

If the prophecy becomes enemy of their own project, then at that point, that prophecy has to be scrapped off the map; the people that...the prophecy can’t come into being. Why? Because they’re there making sure that that kid, if it’s born that day, dies. Why? Because that kid will be an enemy of their Order – and it’s already for them...So there has been

KC: Who is the Black Pope?

LZ: The Black Pope is the General of the Jesuits. As I said, his power is very strong because the SIV, as we mentioned before, is just a small creation of what is the Jesuits’ Intelligence apparatus, which is very important.

KC: OK, but who is he? Specifically? What’s his name?

LZ: Adolph Nicolas is the Black Pope now. It's known. It's an official thing.

KC: OK. And is he going to be the Black Pope of Revelations?

LZ: No-no-no. Then you have the Black Pope of Revelation. That doesn’t need to be… There is, you see, there is a confusion here. There is always an element of confusion. And why? Because when you have two elements, then you usually show... choose the wrong one and the right one gets left untouched.

So everybody’s focused: "Ah! The Black Pope of Revelation is the Black Pope of the Jesuits." Me personally, which I know the Jesuits very well as I have demonstrated, and I know the Freemasons very well and their whole apparatus – I can tell you the Black Pope is not the General of the...I mean it is the General of the Jesuits and it is very important. But he is NOT the one of Revelation because the one of Revelation is black. He’s from Nigeria. He’s already a Cardinal. He’s already been put in the post that used to be of Ratzinger. He’s already there, ready to become the next Pope.

KC: And his name is?

LZ: I used to remember his name, but I’m sorry, the names, sometimes…

[picture shown of Francis Arinze, Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni... the next Pope]

LZ: ...but it’s very easy to find.

KC: What is his role? In 2012? Is this the year of Revelation, 2012?

LZ: The important thing is that they reflect the prophesies. They make them happen for their own advantage. Now the Jesuits, with their own Black Pope, which is obviously the figure of the Jesuit General, which is very important I don’t, I never underestimate a figure who is a very important one – are sometimes as powerful as the Pope because they have been so important as an Order and because they have the esoteric knowledge and they have the knowledge and access to those interdimensional doors.

That’s why Halgon is very... naturally, Halgon’s a Jesuit. He’s in an astronomical observatory in Mount Graham or he's in the library in the Vatican. What is he? Taking care of...If you can’t check a book in the secret archive of the Vatican because they are there protecting it. At the same time they are in charge of the observatory. This should make it very clear that when they deliberately spread, through this guy Barbato, this disinformation, regarding the secretum-omega and Planet X, we should at least question it. Because I can…

KC: OK. What is the purpose, though? Barbato... we have just interviewed a journalist who has worked with Barbato, and getting his information out – OK? – Luca Scantamburlo and basically this is a very open, innocent, genuine, honest guy.

LZ: But the Jesuits take advantage of a fool like him in two minutes! You have to be a little bit awake about this sort of thing. I'm telling you...

KC: OK. This is true of Barbato as well? Because Barbato is now out of a job. He cannot get work, all because of this.

LZ: Barbato by his own assertions, OK, he says: “I," in the year 2000, or 2001 actually to be more precise, "came into contact with a Jesuit.”

KC: Right.

LZ: I mean, if I come into contact with a Jesuit. Actually I make a picture, a photo. I put on the web. I met a Jesuit friend. That’s it. Check it out because whatever comes out…

KC: Supposedly he came forward from SIV. He was not supposed to be communicating. It’s secret, supposedly. No?

LZ: No-no-no. There is no … He called it scheggia impazzita. [Ed. note: rough translation: a loose cannon]. So, a rebel of the system within the SIV in the Vatican.

KC: Right.

LZ: It doesn’t exist, such a thing. Forget it.

KC: But you’re a rebel.

LZ: No-no. I’m out. I’m not in.

KC: But you were a rebel. You were inside during, at some point when you…

LZ: Barbato says I went to the office in Rome where he was accredited and where I saw that he was a legitimate source.

KC: Right.

LZ: That’s it.

KC: That’s it?

LZ: You think that with my revelations now, I can still GO in an office so high up, or BE in that office? I mean, my revelations are very clear for everyone, it's clear also for the Jesuits... In fact, the thing is, they arrested me three times in Norway. They tortured me, injected me, beaten me up, put in prison cell. They did all kinds of things to me.

KC: How did you get out?

LZ: Thank God I got out because the first two times I repented that was the Illuminati system and who was my superior and I said: "OK, sorry, I’m gonna not go [unclear: further with this]."

KC: But you already are, you're not...

LZ: No-no-no-no-no. Wait. Then the third time was when I officially came out of the system of, came out of the group was after June 2006 – I told you prior – because of the involvement that they wanted me to have with my wife’s organization. So I said: "OK, no." I started to accuse them of being, themselves, a fraud, that their inter-religious gatherings... Because here we are talking, and my documentation that I will show you, about inter-religious gatherings that were organized in monasteries around Italy for the specific purpose of trying to bring closer Islam… or the Illuminati with the concept of Islam and be able to have also what happened many centuries ago – a meeting between knighthoods of the East and the West; so basically between the Islamic Chivalry Orders and the Christian.

KC: And is this bad?

LZ: Oh, this was created. This was all created.

KC: Right.

LZ: But the thing was that there were people like Giorgio Balestrieri in it that they were only involved because they wanted to make a buck by selling a few weapons and other technology. [Kerry laughs] I didn’t know that I was carrying out for just the crooks.

KC: I see.

LZ: The moment that I realized that this was only crookery done upon me, that I was the victim of these people, that, for example… Here. Watch. [goes through documents]

KC: But you say you were tortured. Please tell me, how did you get away?

LZ: Here, the victim here. For example [shows document to camera] on the left side you have a documentation of a meeting held in Bologna, Villa Leona. OK? Now Villa Leona is the headquarters of the Opus Dei in Bologna and this was a meeting with the Illuminati. Roberto Negrini – you can see his name very clearly, which he's also officially an anti-Christian and a Satanist, but in the Opus Dei headquarters, you know, like holy water and devil all together in one group. You see the symbols of the Universal Unity of the Monte Carlo Lodge here and you see clearly the reference and also the name of Carlo Maria Baserga, which is the head there of the Opus Dei and been involved in the business of the Opus Dei that they did in the Port of Genoa.

Also recently, as recently as last June, this came up in an investigation of the police in Italy, but they have scrubbed off my name out of the phone interception. But I have photos with all those people I can show you.

KC: OK, but…

LZ: But also here. Watch here. This is another invitation. Now this was supposed to be the “meetings of meetings.” This meeting here was supposed to be held in September in the monastery of Santa Scolastica, a very important monastery. You can find this monastery on the first scene of Omen III.


LZ: The film. Omen III? You can find it, this monastery. This monastery was the last place where Ratzinger talked before becoming Pope. In this monastery we were supposed to meet with my wife also there, representing her Islamic organization, and with Gabriele Mandelcano who is a Sufi ... [unclear: deity]... and, basically, with these people. We were also with ... [unclear: Dottore Aldicaldi]... who is a high level Freemason, to celebrate the Giordano Bruno – which we mentioned before – death. Death. It’s written there.

KC: OK. But you’re still telling me that you got away. You’re telling me that…

LZ: This one in September never happened. It was cancelled because in June I walked out of the organization.

KC: I understand. But you said you’ve been arrested. We know that you’ve been harassed.

LZ: Yes.

KC: Right? And I’m just asking you, how do you get away from the Illuminati?

LZ: OK. What happened was I needed to get away to save my life. So the only way to get away to save my life was to eventually reveal – and keep safely with me this information – and reveal it to the appropriate sources so I could defend myself.

KC: Who are the appropriate sources?

LZ: People like you.

KC: The general public.

LZ: What happened was this. In October, September of 2006, after my kid was born and I recovered from the arrest, which was pretty mind-breaking, and I managed to get out. Why? Because I managed to prove to the authorities here in Norway that what I was saying was true regarding my involvement in certain groups, that they were deliberately trying to attack me and that there was even a guy, a doctor, involved, a guy called Nicolaj Dematos Frisvold who is the head of a mental hospital here in Norway that in reality was related to a General Frisvold and also himself a master of the Memphis-Misraim. I have on my diploma of the Memphis-Misraim… you find I have his name written very clearly and, basically, we find that this guy is an occultist practicing voodoo and whatever. You can check on the Internet for yourself. And he’s also a doctor. How can a doctor in a mental hospital be that? But what he did was very evil. The moment I didn’t agree with him… poof… he lifts the phone: Gonna lock him up.

KC: Uh huh. OK. So but you got…

LZ: But when I showed this documentation at the end to the proper sources, the director of the hospital there, was a guy who was not the one the year before who I knew was working with the CIA but was another guy, and this time he didn’t know really what was happening. I could see that he was only put from on top in that situation.


LZ: I could show my documentation and get out of the situation. So I got out and I said: How can I save my life? Because, OK, for the moment they are not arresting me any more. I’m gonna come out with a website, I’m gonna scan a few things, documents, open a blog. That happened with illuminaticonfessions on squarespace.com.

Squarespace.com was a blog, OK, kind of situation and after a month I started to have a lot of problems because they received tides of complaints and of threats to shut down the website. So on the 6th December 2006 I was shut down. I was shut down, all my information was risking to be lost because I had to work on it, I’m not a genius of the computer, I just put, scramble together all these things and... But the interest was already born and thank God people had downloaded... Some friends, some people I don’t know on the Internet, had downloaded my material. They managed to retrieve it, transfer it on the website in Italy of a Freemason, Daniele del Bosco, a Freemason, though, that was himself conscious of what they were doing and he himself said: I want to support it. Because I think that…" You know, he saw the injustices I was subject to, also [unclear]. So he said: "OK, Leo, we open Illuminati Confession on the web," which is "IlluminatiConfessions.webfriend.it", which is still in existence, "and we go on with your revelations."

Not even 24 hours after they shut down my squarespace account, the police came through the door of my house with two policemen, and two social workers to take my kids. I was living in the center of Oslo at the time. My wife was in the house. They probably thought I was alone. So they broke in but when they saw that my wife was there they said: "OK, we’ll bring you to the other room. We want to..."
Bring me to the other room? I said: "What? What do you want to do to me? Only because I have a website you want to arrest me? Am I not free to do what I want?" I said: "My dear friend, in the last 24 hours I spread my website to Italy,"I said.
"If you now arrest me, kill me, do whatever you want, the website is gonna stay alive. It is now on the Net. There is no way you can shut it down., Ah!"
But the police said: "If you continue with this website, we can, you know, have your kids taken from you and you have to come down with this stuff.
How dare the police of Norway? I say it once again to the camera and to the people of Norway – shame on you! Come to my door, come to my house, threaten me to take my kids because they can’t take the truth about their Christian Krogh, executive of Ministry of Defense who I saw in an open Lodge worshipping the Book of the Dead and the Stele of Revealing of Aleister Crowley, dressed in a black cloak?

I saw Trond Kaare Westby, the head of the Defense Command in Norway, in their Lodges and also Masonic Lodges where I met him and this guy is the head of the Defense Command in Norway, of the medical staff. I will show you after this…

KC: So you got away because you went public? Is this correct?

LZ: I went public. I went public and I even [unclear] they began to threaten me at that point, even after I said to them: "Listen, even if you threaten me now," I said openly to the policemen and also my wife went to the social workers because we had to go to the social workers after. Otherwise they would take our kids… said very clearly: "My husband is not gonna stop with what he’s doing. He will carry on. If this is a free country, he has to do this and he has to be able to do this."

KC: Sure, um hum.

LZ: At that point they couldn’t arrest me anymore like before or force me and torture me for hours and do whatever. Because at that point I would go immediately on the Net as soon as I was out, put them… Finally I had an audience.

KC: Right.

LZ: Obviously the problem was: who was my audience? The problem was that my audience was maybe not judged as serious by many people because the alternative media sometimes is not judged as serious. But for me at least it was a means to spread my information to be able to protect myself. And they took this very seriously. In fact, what happened... two weeks later, I was invited to Livorno, the 21st December to a P2 lodge in Livorno – I have pictures of that meeting also – by their Grand Master there asking me, only in a nice kind way, he offered me a nice beer, to "please stop with those revelations."

KC: Ahhh. Really?

LZ: But the guy who asked me, Grand Master Mauro Lazzari and Luigi Piazza, because I refused, they were punished themselves and in June just now, 2007, the police raided their headquarters of the Masonic Orders, and there is documentation in Livorno. It was the biggest scandal since the P2 because it’s connected also to the Christian Democratic Party because their Lodge, where I was meeting, was the headquarters of the Christian Democratic Party (now renamed UDC) of Cesa, [Ed. note: refers to Lorenzo Cesa, leader of the UDC] which is the party close to the Vatican. So obviously you don’t need to be a genius to make one plus one is two, you know. You have a Masonic Lodge in the headquarters of the Christian Democratic Party.

These people in the Christian Democratic Party have been working with the NSA, the CIA, for 50 years in the GLADIO. The GLADIO is a secret operation. These people Balestrieri, Ezio Giunchiglia… but these people all belong to GLADIO. GLADIO is a secret operation against communism that has been very important because 9/11 has been the same kind of operation that the Italians have seen over and over again in the strategic ‘years of tension’ we call them... In the ’70s when we have the killings of the station of Bologna, of Piazza Fontana, all these things were organized by so-called deviant secret services apparatus, nobody understood whoever it was: maybe the Red Brigade? It was the Russians?

KC: So who was it?

LZ: It was the Americans and the Vatican! You know. Who was it? [laughs] Doing it on themselves. GLADIO was an operation…

KC: And so was 9/11 also the Americans and the Vatican?

LZ: Absolutely. And the Zionists. And the Mossad. The Mossad was very important in this thing. In fact [unclear]

KC: sure.

KC: So is the idea to create a…basically...?

LZ: [unclear, but possibly ...they enact] the prophecy. Because in the Zohar, at a specific point of the Zohar, it is written that in the “City of the Big Towers,” in the specific date [unclear] of the Jewish calendar – that was the 11th of September – told there would be this disaster. The tower will fall down. It’s written in the Zohar. Zohar, for the kabbalists, is the most holy text for the kabbalists. So they did knock their heads on the wall, and reflect: "What is that?" Now, as we have the most savage Zionist element, the Jewish occult element, is very important because the kabbalah is born out of them, but born originally where? From Egypt.

KC: Sure.

LZ: And the same happened with… because we don’t have to see only Christianity or Catholicism as coming only from Judaism. No, that’s very wrong. We have to see Christianity as coming from a mix of pagan religions that the Emperor Constantine put together including the cult of Isis, of Osiris, of Mithras, of all these various…

KC: But this was from Atlantis, was it not?

LZ: All originally from Atlantis, but Atlantis and many other Atlantis civilizations before that because the thing is that we have only knowledge about maybe one ancient civilization before ourselves, but there are many others that have been eliminated and we know nothing about it.

Bill Ryan (BR) [off camera]: Leo, I wanted to ask you... Do the Masons or the Illuminati have ancient texts coming directly from Atlantis? Do they have information about this? Or is it legend?

LZ: [unclear] This is the legend that really manage to throw [unclear: into the church] with this kind of thing, it is quite interesting. The Book of Thoth, some kind of tablets, ancient tablets that come from Atlantis were supposed to be hidden in the Pyramids, hidden there. There is definitely stuff that comes from ancient times and there is specific groups within the Illuminati like, for example, the Group of Thebes, which is a specific group within the Illuminati which takes care only of the ancient artifacts and the same...

KC: And these must be in the Vatican? They’re in the Vatican library, are they not?

LZ: The Vatican library and we have a lot of ancient artifacts, ancient books, very rare texts that could revolutionize the thought of mankind but, as I said, because we will have to go to the next stage of existence in one way or another, the Vatican wants to adapt. So how they adapt? They adapt with Corrado Balducci and the whole alien revolution coming into the Vatican! It’s incredible. One man and couple of UFOs and everybody’s happy.

Because the next step of brainwashing is to have you believe that Jesus is some kind of Prince of Sirius that comes on this planet as a high priest and is himself an alien being or some kind of alien high priest from Sirius. Sirius is very important. We now have to jump to Sirius. Because Sirius is serious in every way. The word says it. It’s, in the universal apparatus, the Eye of God. You know, you have a bunch of sheep which are the stars…

KC: OK. So …

LZ: No, no, watch – shepherd. Then you have a dog. Now, the dog star is Sirius – is the dog, there are a lot of stars there, they are the sheep and you have a shepherd and you have a shepherd’s dog. So this is how it works in the universe. So we should go back to reacquire in modern times the concept of analogies, of not logic, but analogies. Why? Because logic is actually created by mankind. It was created by mankind at the time of ancient Greece and then filtered through our civilization through to us. But in ancient times analogic was equally as important. So by rediscovering the analogic method, the parallels between the fact that everything in the universe works as a mirror, as a reflection, a reflection of the one big bang, the first [makes gesture of explosion outward]… and then everything else is a reflection. So there is a constant loop of this reflection in many different forms, infinite loop that goes through the universe and we find [lifts coffee cup] in this cup, we find in this [unclear: regaraded parade]

KC: Sure and you’re talking about symbolism and you’re talking about the use of symbols as magic and again you’re back in the circle.

LZ: Yes, but, as I said, if we really want the next stage then we have to acknowledge the science of God. OK. No problem. That has to be done because sooner or later mankind will have to come out of this ignorance. At the moment what we are having is just some substitutes, especially in the New Age movement, all the cults that are being created lately.

KC: OK. But what about science and what about the idea that there might be Planet X or some other planet out there? Is this completely a figment of peoples’ imaginations based on something that the Illuminati wants to put out there for their purposes of Revelation and Armageddon?

LZ: From my experience of the whole Zechariah Sitchin, like I mentioned before, from my experience and from what Barbato said about the Secretum Omega and all this information coming out of the alternative media, it’s clear that they want to control the alternative media and they want to control also our own myths. Nibiru... this planet of ancient times from Sumeria – it was called Nibiru in Sumerian times – Planet X, coming back, you know. Then when it comes, these Anunnakis are dropped out of the planet onto us and have a… There is definitively an ancient time in which we have been merging with other creatures from the universe.

This is described clearly in the Book of Enoch. But who were these creatures? These creatures were the rebels that were escaping, the rebel angels that were escaping from God, in a way. What we have here in this present situation is that we think they are, in reality, interbreeds between mankind and aliens. This is the most… the biggest disinfo… that we can get.

KC: OK. If you believe that’s disinfo then let’s talk about underground bases. Why do we have underground bases, since you say that in your experience they do exist?

LZ: In my experience they do exist and there do exist also people that are particularly inclined in working on these underground bases because you can experiment bacteriological, nuclear, and all kinds of devices that are not possible to be experimented overground. And also to experiment the most evil of the evil because mankind nowadays is playing God, playing with genes, playing with mixing a cow with a dog, with a human, with a lion, with a… it's [unclear: frightening...]

KC: But what about… You’re saying genetic engineering, you’re saying hidden, you know, atomic bombs, whatever, experimentation. But why are they building cities underground?

LZ: This is for the disaster scenario, the Doomsday scenario.

KC: Well, is there such a thing?

LZ: Yes. There is a Doomsday... Yes, because...

KC: What is that? Is this a real scenario or is this fake?

LZ: From my experience in the Illuminati, the moment in which 2012 was mentioned was either because 2012, the 21st December was the peculiar date in which a ritual had to start – a Pythagoras ritual – because Freemasons trace their ancestry to Pythagoras as their faith.

KC: Pythagoras...

LZ: Yes. Pythagoras. For them the fact that this 25,920 is the number of God and it coincides with the changing of an era, has to be celebrated with a ritual that reflects above/ below. So on the 21st December you’re gonna all see them there with their aprons and thing. It's a holy day. It's the winter equinox but not ...

KC: But do we see a cataclysm?

LZ: The whole pyramid will be together. For the first time every single character will be celebrating one way or another this specific day because we are moving the whole of our consciousness into a different part of the universe here.

KC: So this is a positive vision of the future, isn’t it?

LZ: I have a definitely positive vision of the future, but I also have some questions regarding how the so-called Illuminati is all just really faking things. Because when it was about 2012, they were really driven by uncertainty and their tendency was to build an underground bunker to protect their matter interests – than to really grasp that this could be an evolutionary stage to go…

KC: Of consciousness, a change of consciousness.

LZ: Yes.

KC: You don’t need an underground base for a change of consciousness.

LZ: No-no-no. But for them, this is a business operation. You know, I understand. The moment you wish there is something happening on top which is uncontrollable, a nuclear device will be triggered, the whole place will be very dangerous and underground bases are required for those people.

KC: So you’re saying the Illuminati are planning to let loose nuclear bombs around the time of 2012. They are going to unleash them?

LZ: There will be some very big happenings, especially because they will be triggered by… Unfortunately, some very serious events might happen around the Olympics of 2012, in England, which seems to be…

KC: In England? in 2012? OK. So what about the 2008, the Olympics in China? Do you know anything about that?

LZ: That is a mind, brainwashing, control operation of the Chinese. The Chinese represent the ideal government for the Illuminati, for who wants to do business. Because the Illuminati, including these people here, all mentioned before, they all meet up in Shanghai to do this business. One of the rituals which I’m going to show you, after, is one of the rituals of the ancient Chinese tea, which is not a tea, but is a kind of specific drink, a drink from a little village, that gives you immortality. Actually it gives you a lot of energy. It is like 20 ginseng all together, like a line of cocaine. There is specific water they drink from this village and a specific plant which they make this tea and everybody was enjoying it in Moscow, much more than any drug – yes? – and I found this very interesting. They were doing the classic, traditional Chinese tea ritual, you know. But what is the admiration of the West for the Chinese is especially their absence of any form of democracy, their complete control of their society.

For America, being like China is a dream nowadays because... Why? Because the American dictators that are implementing now their so-called Patriot Act. They see in China the ideal place where nobody can actually object to anything; you can’t have more than one child. But at the same time this also gives the Americans and the people at the fake opposition, because America is not really in opposition to China. Forget it. They want to make cash with China; they want to make cash with Iran; Iran wants to make cash with America, cash with China. So who cares? They make the cash – a couple of Hollywood stars [unclear: put iron in their food]. Bullshit! People are idiots, you know? Giving money to these idiots and putting them in power. My god. I don’t understand. Democracy is the biggest illusion of all time. It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist. And the division between church and state is a fake. It doesn’t exist. It’s all linked … all linked and...

KC: And it’s all run by the Vatican and the Jesuits are at the top of the pyramid?

LZ: I know and I forgot to mention lots of the Zionists which are very involved in this whole... [unclear: entrave] which represents the old aristocracy of the… You know, the old Jewish families are the old aristocracy. Why? Because these aristocratic families, like for example the Queen of England, like to trace themselves back to King David. They see themselves, including my family, the Lyon family, as descendents either of Jesus or at least of King David. So they seem to be viewing in England, in general, a bit like the lost tribe of Israel.

So that’s why you have this British Zionism, and also why the aristocrats in England interbred so much with the Jews, and certain Jewish families, so to create this whole thing. So we are back, at the end, you don’t understand anymore who is in control of anything because this line with him, and this line is there...

KC: We’re running out of time here.

LZ: Well, you can see, when they are giving the Nobel Peace Prizes, especially in Sweden, they have a whole table of leading Zionist Jewish families, and you have the aristocrats. Everything is in order, you know, and this New World Order has a specific place too.

KC: OK, well thank you Leo. You’re a very brave man. Obviously, you’re going up against an incredible opponent and you…

LZ: I think I am going up, definitely, against an opponent because for certain people they fall into the trap of becoming victims of it and this I think is happening a bit to the Barbato guy with the Secretum Omega. It is easy to become victim of this whole deceitful operation, of this mind control that is going on for certain projects. For example, there was a guy who was deliberately made... er...given disinformation regarding the Cosmic Top Secret level of NATO, saying that he was linked with the recovering of…

KC: You’re talking about Robert Dean, the person we interviewed.

LZ: Yes. A guy like him. I didn’t know you interviewed him, but I heard about him many times. I think he’s a typical example of how you can fall victim of these people, because at that point they give you certain information. They know they have given this to you. They have showed you certain things. They have showed you just enough – OK – poof…

And then the rest of the life, what you do? You get kicked out all your jobs, you get to become the victim – obviously. But at the same time, what you saw and what really you are reporting, is it really true or is it a cover-up and an operation to cover up other interests by the powers that are there, and by the people on top of you? They know, obviously, very well how to mind-control people and how to spread disinformation.

We said before, some people call them, in another way, aliens, UFOs; you said it’s only a matter of calling them in different ways. Yes. But by calling them aliens and UFO, and by spreading the myth of Roswell and all that, what has happened is just that people, the modern day, the average person out there, watching TV, gets brainwashed by all this rubbish. And at the end of the day he’s not really understanding that there is humans, there is angels, there is God and if there is an End of Time scenario, this is a very serious scenario. It should be taken very seriously.

KC: OK. That's it. Do you have any more? OK. Say that one more time and then... "This scenario...", say your last line one more time.

LZ: And this scenario is definitely very important if we are approaching the End of Times and some great changes will be definitely happening. But for them to brainwash about the aliens and all that, when instead the real intention is to just microchip you and put in a global network in which you are the prisoner. That is their objective.

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