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 23 August 2009

We have been again contacted by the insider source we have called Hawkeye. We reported his messages in some detail last year (2008), when he - like many others - was warning against serious problems he understood were set to occur last October.

These problems did not manifest - apart from the global financial crisis. We wrote to him again in March 2009, having not heard from him for six months. He replied immediately, but his messages were obscure and in the absence of hard details we did not publish them.

In his latest message, received today, Hawkeye warns of events set to occur in October 2009 - January 2010, and again earnestly advises us to find our 'refuge'. We felt we should share with you the information we have. Some of what he refers to is clearly stated, but other parts of his message are more opaque.

We have received nearly 100 messages from Hawkeye since he first contacted us in October 2007. He is educated, dignified, well-informed, courteous, not as young or strong as he was, and at least at some stages in the past has been well-connected on the 'inside'. He refers to the controlling elite as the 'Roths' [Rothschilds] and states that they are 'Z' [Zionists]. He dislikes and distrusts 'O' [Obama] and refers to him as "the shineboy". The way he writes suggests to us very strongly that he is authentic.

The messages below are presented like an e-mail history, with the most recent at the top. For the whole message exchange, read from the bottom up, from where it all slowly gathers momentum.

A final note: unlike our sources Henry Deacon, Jake Simpson and Elizabeth Nelson (all of whom we've spent considerable time with, have gotten to know personally, and whose real ID and bona fides we have fully verified), we have not met Hawkeye, and have no proof of identity.


From: [Hawkeye]
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009, 04:22
To: Kerry and Bill at Camelot <>
Subject: Re: My Dear Bravehearts....Re: 2009: the aftermath

Well, a defining question, for sure?
Sometimes I have heard that the mouse is hardest to find when in the shadow of the housekeepers
Follow the Bush south?


From: Kerry and Bill at Camelot <>
To: [Hawkeye]
Sent: Sun, 23 Aug 2009, 01:51
Subject: Re: My Dear Bravehearts....Re: 2009: the aftermath

Thanks very much... where do you recommend we go?



From: [Hawkeye]
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009, 19:20
To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
Subject: My Dear Bravehearts....Re: 2009: the aftermath

Hello Bravehearts,
Seems you are very busy these days.

I have observed from a distance, and reviewed some articles, and the YouTube productions.
Unfortunately, I am under terrific fire these days myself, and can say little at this time.
However, I will risk saying this, as I worry about your work when I hear certain stories,
Bravehearts, do not be deceived by those who claim the Roths have lost control of anything.
All the gibberish of such talking heads have no clue to what they are really dealing with, sad to say.
If one has not been in the circle, they have no reliable information, just hearsay.
As of now, all the plans are in place, in progress, and there are now no mistakes, no bad decisions.
The Program is perfected, and running quite smooth, unfortunately.
We may wish that were not the case, but my friends, they do own and run this world, period.
It is like a game to them, and they thrive on the chaos. For Instance: The Swine Flu is merely a test to see how far the masses have come in being obedient. More severe tests are in the making as I speak. Although it is now extremely difficult to find a safe place, as there are technologies now existing that can find you/your DNA at any time on the planet. Specialized shielding helps, but one cannot stay in a hole for ever so to speak.
Nice to talk with you again. I will return as I can, as those Bastards in [-------] have made life difficult for me the last few months....but my "protection" is still in place, albeit getting very thin.
As soon as Edmd. Roths past influence is diminished, all previous working "agreements" (they really have none, as I am just a past item not yet gotten to is not worth much time to spend  on pawns you see) completed, I will be dust in the wind.... perhaps before Christmas, one never knows with these loonies.
Kindest regards,
PS: As you recall, I have invited you to observe this fall carefully, much military activity everywhere, even Afg. where (22 K) many of my friends are working the yellow brick poppy out for the cross-hair situations here at home that may leave you with few outs, the next few months. that is all I can risk saying about that right now. Just move with one eye to the front, and one to the rear.


From: [Hawkeye]
To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
Sent: Weds, 20 May 2009, 08:49
Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

Just in from being approached by Roth's goons warning me again...they are getting testy with me, so, what is next I know not yet.

They found my hideout using advanced GPS/scanning, had some stuff on me I forgot to leave somewhere else. Have to move, a most difficult thing for me now.

Bravehearts... suggest you watch this progress....from a safe distance please... Sinclair/Obama/Military
Just advancing the continuum data.... October/Economic and Military activities
This is connected to the scenario I wrote about last time:
Certain Military is not oblivious to Obama's insertion into the White House.... by the Roth's Z goons
Wish he had not put this on his site, just serves to create more problems for October-January.
Watch this evolve into a late fall affair. Rougher times ahead, get situated now.
BTW, they are going to make Leo Z sound like an idiot...poor guy got zapped out.


From: [Hawkeye]
To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
Sent: Fri, 27 March 2009, 08:55
Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

Will speak little about it, as military remnants are trying to attempt another formation, soon, this year, Oct-Dec time frame, and what I say could possibly jeopardize some periphery aspects. This one will fail, but one must admire the courage of a few good men. Eh? Why fail?, not broad based enough in my opinion.
A "Machine" must have many aspects, military, economic, social sentiment, plenty of greased wheels, and a general "will" to do or die. Do Or Die!...bottom line.
We have a society now by design made up of many "employed" persons who must jump to some  "boss's" demands, whether it be civil or military.

The threat of unemployment, and loss of benefits, retirement pay, etc. has become a serious factor in people's lives. A successful "machine" must take into consideration these aspects, and have in place an alternative plan to overcome all obstacles. From my perspective, no such "machine" exists, sad to say. The "tea parties" you read about are curious, and infiltrated, and they're successes will be meager unfortunately. There are no surprises on the horizon, just various attempts involving isolated scenarios. Many good people will be hurt, imprisoned and worse.
Even fairly informed and good willed people just have no clue as to the power of this Roth Machine. Their tentacles reach every aspect of life as we know it, and grows exponentially by the day. That is why I encourage everyone to get out of the city, and find a well hidden safe place. The masses will not be a freedom loving person's friend.
Until the Fed Res is dismantled, and lobbyist disenfranchised, and congress cleaned up, there will be not even a chance for any major changes. Tell me some good news, all YouTube bobbing heads! Just make me wrong in my analysis.
Like we use to say in [-------], guns make for a peaceful bunch of neighbors. Mutual respect is key out there.
Violate a man's rights, and there is hell to pay. Everyone knows where they stand.  Ain't no slip-sliders. eh!
Horse thieves are hung at dawn, and that was the fair warning to the next wanna be thief.
Few of us left, sad to say.
Sometime when you get around to [-------], perhaps we can sit down and visit, if we still be around.
I am leaving again soon, and will not be back very often, so emails may not get much attention, and telephones will be out of the question, less tracking devices, the saddle up, L & L.
Your friend,


From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
To: [Hawkeye]
Sent: Fri, 27 March 2009 07:36
Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

Very many thanks, [------]

And we enjoyed the YouTube video! (downloaded for posterity...)

May we ask: you wrote

There is no machine in place that can articulate a serious challenge, that would not be taken out first, as that is what happened to another machine last fall.

What was the ‘other machine’?

With very best wishes, Bill


From: [Hawkeye]
Date: Thu, 26 March 2009 09:17
To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

Hello Bill,
Well, some things I know more about than others, as I am now away from the main loop, and now I only occasionally talk to some of the pawns downline.
What I have talked about has been in the mill for a long time, personally I know some things have been planned since 1979. O was just one among several possibilities, and his flagrant ego got him the precarious position. If you will, the "shineboy" as some insiders call him, made it bigtime, he has a gift of gab, and can massage the minorities , but he is on a tight wire, and a short leash, with a 100% prescription agenda. Roths like a point, then they are gone.
Last year, there were many operations going on, some of which received no press, and appears nothing major happened, but it did, and has not come to light, if it ever will, some good men are now gone, and resulted in changes in attitude
among the high ranking military. Coup is not a good word, rather I would say more very silent covert proceedings still in the making, military in nature.
Right now, I do not know how to stop the Roths, and those around them. There is no machine in place that can articulate a serious challenge, that would not be taken out first, as that is what happened to another machine last fall.
Certain high level military people are really pissed off, and it is all they can do to keep from doing something...and the  Roths have them by the balls. I know of what I speak, as their grip cost me dearly.
I watch the news, and hear the stories...a lot of pissers just making noise. If one has not worked for the association, they have no clue. The place is going down, and the Roths are hell bent to be the supreme rulers of this planet...make no mistake about it. They will do whatever it takes. The yakking on the tube is all programming for the masses who also have no clue.
For me, yes I would like to see change, would even help in the right situation, but I would be taken out before we ever got to first base, I just know too much, and I am left alone because I am quiet, and I love my family...VAV, the rock and hard place game. I am doomed either way. Bastards.


From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
To: [Hawkeye]
Sent: Thurs, 26 March 2009 07:29
Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

Hi, [------]:

It’s a great pleasure to hear from you again. We hope that you are yours are physically, emotionally and spiritually fine and well.

Everything is in place, and what you see is well planned and orchestrated... no mistakes, no failures.

Imagine this, if you know what an Economic Hitman is, Imagine O and a dozen or so other well placed performers in key positions around the globe.

Fully understood, and this is exactly what it feels like.

May we ask, in clarification:

* Last year (August => end October) you gave the strong, informed impression that some pretty bad things were slated to go down around about the time of the election... not JUST the vast economic mudslide. We were expecting all kinds of dire events (not just warned by yourself, but by many others as well). It SEEMS as if things have changed a little from the best-informed predictions and good information that many were privy to. Have we read that properly?

* Was it always planned that Obama would be President? Or was there a power struggle which Obama won? (Our info is that Hillary was expected to win, but there was a kind of coup. We also know a credible person who met Obama when in his twenties, and who swears that he KNEW then that he would be President. That’s about 25 years ago.)

* Is Lindsey Williams essentially correct? (Refresher: we wrote this summary: )

In brief, Lindsey reported in June 2008, when oil was then at more than $140/barrel, that he had been informed - by a very senior insider source - that the price would be engineered to fall to less than $50/barrel by the November election. At the time this seemed almost impossible to believe... but that was exactly what happened.

The plan, Lindsey stated he had been told, was to bankrupt the Middle Eastern oil producing nations, who would be faced with a catastrophic decline in revenue. They would then be forced to dump their dollar reserves.. which would in turn have a devastating knock-on result on the American and then the global economy. This final phase, says Lindsey, is in progress, is unstoppable, but has not yet occurred.

Lindsey specifically states that one important recent interview (done not with us, but with The Byte Show) is not copyrighted, and we consider this update from Lindsey to be the most detailed and informative interview he has yet done. For anyone following George Green's and Bill Deagle's economic warnings, and who would appreciate more detailed information, we recommend Lindsey Williams' update as essential listening.

* What do you feel/think/know may happen - and when? - with domestic military control in the US?

* What implications for the economies / infrastructure / societies of other regions (Europe? Australia? Asia?)

* What will happen to the prices of (a) paper and (b) physical gold and silver?

* What other events may happen, and when? (Stealth virus outbreak? War?)

With our very best wishes,

Bill and Kerry


From: [Hawkeye]
Date: Tues, 24 March 2009 18:30
To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

Hello Bravehearts,
Nice to hear from you.
I am OK, waiting for the turn, as I am ready.
Everything is in place, and what you see is well  planned and mistakes, no failures.
Imagine this, if you know what an Economic Hitman is, Imagine O and a dozen or so other well placed Performers in key positions around the globe.
Imagine that they have been programmed to do exactly as they are doing, some now for 40 years or more, and then imagine this big monopoly game going on, and they are the players/not the real owners of the properties, and we of course are NOT Players, Performers, or hardly to be considered ignorant observers....we are the fatted calves, awaiting the slaughter for the delight and entertainment of the OWNERS...our alleged OWNERS.
The "Bankers" already own all the properties on the board, and so now they are consolidating them  into one big property called EARTH. The earth is now theirs, and they are now in progress of the final management act....Complete, and Absolute Control....The Ultimate level of Control, and corruption.
A word of caution please...Watch out for those who claim to be alleged defenders of our Rights and Freedoms...
Most are literally allowed to Perform their role of creating more chaos. Chaos is one of the management tools of The Roths.
Things are going to get even nastier for the next year or two.
Make sure your safe place is in readiness.
Kindest Regards,


From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy <>
To: [Hawkeye]
Sent: Sun, 22 March 2009 08:55
Subject: 2009: the aftermath

Dear [------]:

We’ve not heard from you since the end of October, and wonder if (a) you are online and (b) all is OK in your world.

The slow financial avalanche still gains momentum. We hope you have not been too badly affected by these events.

But - unless we are missing loud signals! - nothing else catastrophic APPEARS to be happening. There seems to be evidence that we are on a different timeline: many well-informed people - you were not the only one! - had fully expected a host of very serious incidents to impact us from last October on.

What did we miss? This is an honest question.

We do not trust Obama, and there are many alarming signs to watch - well-described in Alex Jones’ excellent The Obama Deception:

Would you assist us in understanding the signs?

It would be a great pleasure to hear from you as always.

With our warmest wishes,

Bill and Kerry



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