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by Michael St Clair

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Michael St Clair, who spoke about Boriska in his interview with us in September 2006, has been following Boriska's personal journey very closely.

We're in regular touch with Michael, and when Gennady Belimov stated Boriska's birth place and time in his recently translated major article
Indigo Boy from Mars, we asked Michael if we would prepare Boriska's chart. He was delighted to do so.


Boris Kipriyanovich, born January 11 1996, Volzhskiy, Russia, 8:30 am local time:

Sun Capricorn 20°15'
Moon Virgo 19°23'
Mercury Aquarius 05°00'
Venus Aquarius 25°10'
Mars Aquarius 02°10'
Jupiter Capricorn 01°46'
Saturn Pisces 20°09'
Uranus Capricorn 29°56'
Neptune Capricorn 25°03'
Pluto Sagittarius 02°16'
True Node Libra 21°38'

Ascendant Aquarius 00°36'
Mid Heaven Scorpio 29°58'

What is of importance and interest is the simultaneously occurring passage of URANUS onto his birth Saturn and transit SATURN onto his Virgo MOON, while PLUTO will move over his birth Jupiter. That alone guarantees that this boy will go for the trans-personal approach, as outer planets move from Capricorn to Pisces until 2011, and beyond.

He will make shock waves now this year and next as Saturn and Uranus build up into this millennial opposition. Just exactly as I said in ZEN OF STARS, he is the lead character of the special children I describe in the book. All these kids are born with the Capricorn Uranus-Neptune conjunction and Pluto in SAGITTARIUS.

Now Boriska has also Pluto on the Midheaven, which as is, symbolizes a powerful destiny, and he has a - very rare - constellation of Mercury, Mars and Uranus conjunct on his Aquarius Ascendant, at Aquarius One, known in Sabian symbol as "An Old Jesuit Adobe Mission in California." This certainly represents the time traveler Boris, a genius and inventive spirit, and is making this transpersonal birth chart is very own, which adds serious weight to it all. The degree symbol signifies simply that an ancient teacher culture (Jesuits) meets an advanced civilization (zen) on native soil - California.
You can see clearly in the birth picture of planets a massive pile up in Capricorn and in Aquarius right on his rising. The old rule is that what rises happens... and so much is happening on this rising. Essentially - except the moon in Virgo - all planets are within 90 degrees.
Uranus, Mars and Mercury conjunct at birth in early Aquarius makes him a potentially extremely feisty negotiator for the impossible, a genius no doubt with total recall of his retrograde Mercury of birth. This is the combination signature of a visionary.
North Node Arm of The Future in Libra under fixed star Spica. That is St.Clair junior version. Boriska Jupiter is 2 Capricorn. He will potentially be able to lead a large organization one day. Pluto is reaching that degree point practically now this year 2008 and stays there until 2010.
Like St.Clair he has Saturn in sixty degrees to Sun by birth, that is like the sun burst missile combination, but in reversed signs, Boriska sun in Capricorn, close to Uranus and Neptune, totally and shockingly psychic, and Saturn in Pisces, sustaining the planets in the sign it rules.
Now Uranus is passing the birth Pisces Saturn. This means he will not put up with nonsense in school. It really is St.Clair revisited, looks like me 37 years ago, and Jupiter passing over his sun will now bring him into the lime light at age 12 as a potential new teacher of transpersonal realities.
More interesting is the long passage of Pluto over his birth Jupiter, and this is indicative of him completely changing his views on many things, and potentially transforming existing structural belief systems, which is what he is about to do when he will really say what he remembers. The world is shown a new reality when he begins to express himself.
His Virgo moon is indicative of a boy who will work with precision and can be fault finding. You can see that when he tells his women that he would paint the cosmic diagram in more colors if someone would get him more colors. It is a very subtle way of saying "You cannot even get the basics organized." That is Virgo moon. He likes details, and he can be a stickler.
The serviceable birth moon is in good aspects to the Capricorn cluster so that he and his mother probably work well together, as it is her role for now to further his future. On the other hand one can see clearly that he barely tolerates the stupidity of the people around him. He makes an effort to fit in, which will be difficult with Mars in Aquarius by birth, because that is the placement where Mars goes for the transpersonal and eccentric or unusual approach.
Neptune will pass his Venus of birth in 2009 and 2010, making his inner self and his desires perhaps a tad more insecure looking, but he will get in touch with himself, and it is probable that until 2010 he will have total recall of his previous lives. This time will put him in touch with a mystical side in him, while the scientific linear side of his mind continues to operate in the background. He integrates then several incarnations and might in fact understand the concept of working with his timeless or future self. In a way this is a young Master of The Light as portrayed in ZEN OF STARS and in its sequel FORESEEN. He has the sight or the seeing ability.
If he can be put into a stable situation of safety before the floods he foresees, he will make it to the top of society, and based on the chart one could say that this is almost the next Putin, even smarter than Putin. I doubt though that he will go into traditional politics, he is too smart for that.
He would have extremely advanced intellectual technological aptitudes, a gift for mathematics, could be a chess grand master by age 16 or so, and might for instance develop a new operating system, or even a new computer language altogether. If he can remember the magnetically levitated ships from his past, Russia would within few years be like a hundred years ahead of the rest of the world.
His Venus in Aquarius denotes a boy who likes friendships and networks. I do not think he will get hung up on very personal relationships. That too is far too boring for him. Too predictable. This is someone who is interested only in the big picture and this interest might awaken very soon - now this year, and next - with Pluto coming onto his Jupiter.
Transit Uranus is in opposition to his birth moon now and for one more year, and this makes him very edgy, and moody and unpredictable. He might from one moment to the next decide he wants to do something else, which is what the video clearly shows, and so the best is to keep him busy with many choices of activities, athletics included. This influence raises the need to be an independent, self-sufficient adult early on in life, to relate to others as an equal, even though he may not feel ready. He will be soon the teacher of his own mother. Maybe even somewhat her "boss."
He does also have a pronounced language gift, and would make a brilliant communicator with his Mars-Mercury conjunction, or a great lawyer, or a very fine writer for extremely advanced scientific subjects. He looks at humanity with trans-personal eyes.
This is clearly one the of the special children I predicted years ago would emerge and teach people to become masters of reality. He is himself already a master of reality. He knows that it is not the event that matters, but his perception of the event. During the next two years he will again regain moments of absolutely heightened awareness abilities, and it might be so that a larger responsibility is placed on him very early in life. It is then a matter to set sane boundaries and to enforce them judiciously.
There is tension in the birth chart due to Moon opposition Saturn - the missing father figure - and this same tension shows now in the world mundane chart, due to Uranus opposing Saturn until late in 2009. He therefore almost encapsulates the signs of the times. He is a fiercely independent thinker in need of space and time and of a platform to perform his own mission in his own way. People around him and worldwide would be well advised to listen to him and to do what he politely asks them to do.
The risk in this chart is that he might want to seclude if he sees that people around him are not adequately dealing with him on an equal level. He is not just some child "star." Nor is he neurotic in any way, yet his inherent Uranus-Mars conjunction makes for very erratic moves. But he is not just yet the master of reality he is supposed to be in a short time frame.
There will be very unusual and unforeseen events transpiring within two years in the world scene and in his personal life, some quite disruptive and yet very liberating for him, and when handled appropriately, this might just set him free. He will want new surroundings to work with so that he can become of use. Being of use is the central theme of this chart, with a five-fold Capricorn position, and when applied into the BIG Picture. He is a BIG Picture Thinker who came in with a memory larger than life, and it is up to his entourage to further the total recall of all of his incarnations so he can emerge as a teacher of a new reality.
Most planets are positioned in his first house of birth, on his rising, and what rises happens, and which makes him a natural born leader of men and of ideas.
In a way he and his global electronic emergence in 2008 - Aquarian visionary and humanitarian of nature - together with the Buddha boy in Nepal - fulfills the key prophecy of this astrologer who wrote FORESEEN. The time traveler has arrived to teach the new concept of reality. His primary progressed chart puts his sun at age 12 now squarely into Aquarius, now on his rising, until he reaches age 40.
This will be interesting. Is the world ready to listen to him? Is he willing to share what he knows? He is aware that he is like Canopus in Argos by Doris Lessing, as he agreed to be used by an advanced race to come here into this mess called Earth -- and sort it out from inside.
Welcome to the club.
With four Capricorn and three Aquarius planets at birth, this boy is slated for a giant mission. I find it extremely interesting that the North Node (The Future Destiny) of Boris - 22 Libra - Sabian "A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain" - is exactly equal my own Midheaven, or mission in my life, and that Boris and I have shared this much together so far already.  Perhaps one day Boris will fly the aware space craft with the master of the light onward to an advanced civilization in a friendly galaxy, as predicted in FORESEEN. Wishing him a steady hand, much success and great luck, as he will need it . . .  :-)
Michael St.Clair

1 February, 2008



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