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to Dr Henry Makow


13 March 2008

Dear Henry,

Thank you for your continuous support, and please forgive me if I could not reply earlier but as you know they confiscated all my computers and my mobile phones and the nearest internet shop is more then an hour away from were I live.

On the coming Monday I will finally be able to check the proceedings of the case with my lawyer and the false accusations moved by my wife against me after her sudden betrayal, but my lawyer told me today she doesn't seem to have a strong case against me as she doesn't have at the moment any eye witness that can support her outrageous claims of abuse an manipulation from my side.

Obviously this could change if in the next few months they bring some corrupt witness in the picture so they can screw me up like Fritz Springmeier, but at the moment his her word against mine dear Henry even if Fatma Süslü stated to Greg at the ArcticBeacon and elsewhere on the net a quite different story, a false and insulting tale made up of my supposed violence against her and the kids (total rubbish) and many witnesses on her side (another lie).

Well, my conscience is clear, my friend, as I have always been a good and honest family man, a husband deeply in love with my wife and totally dedicated to my children who should never go through such a terrible experience (I say children because this include also the child from her previous marriage called Zaccaria who I consider as my child).

The Norwegian Kingdom and the Norwegian police have in any case already acted illegally against me, abusing their power with my forced arrest on the 4th of March 2008 as also stated by my lawyer who is furious with the police authorities of this country for their abuse of power.

The Norwegian Police loves this insane NWO agenda and their Turkish brothers from the Fethullah Gulen Movement, a right wing movement secretly manipulated by the CIA and the Vatican Illuminati (including Jesuits like Thomas Michele SJ) and spiritually driven by the most corrupt descendants of Prophet Mohammed - sick said families like the Süslü family of my wife who think of themselves as the elite of the Illuminati, people that think they have a special reserved place in Heaven and the right to act as they wish above the law even in western countries like Norway thanks to the support of the usual suspects...

Dear Henry: I don't want my son to grow up brainwashed by the Gulen Movement and their insane NWO ideology. I want Isak Rumi Zagami to be a free and honest man who respects and loves his father. I don't want Isak to become a Muslim fundamentalist who hates me, thinks I'm the Dajal, so I will try in any way possible to get the court's permission to see my son regularly. In this way they can't ruin him completely with their false Muslim ideology.

I also received a very interesting e-mail a couple of days ago from a politician in the same party as my wife Fatma Süslü (the norwegian Socialist party called SV) who told me that my wife has been working for the government for a long time on various projects and he wanted to warn me earlier about her dishonest intentions towards me but he felt it was too dangerous to tell me anything about at that time.

I really don't know yet if I can trust this politician. But he seems honest, and has been involved recently with a disclosure project for my friends at Project Camelot in the US. And I know for a fact that my wife has been working recently on a project with the government for the establishment of a cultural center owned by Norwegian Freemasons, a place which should be also connected to futures research and so called ecological friendly activities.

She got involved in this project with a certain Anne thanks to an English right wing Freemason called Jonathan Boulter who used to be working with me when I was in the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge. I warned my wife that what she was doing by working with these people was wrong, but she didn't listen to me.

My wife has been unfortunately brainwashed against me by the Fethullah Gulen Movement (a sectarian version of Islam close to the Jesuits) and some people in the Norwegian political and masonic establishment who obviously advised my wife to distance herself asap from me and my anti-NWO position if she wanted to get back in their evil and sick political game, and Fatma unfortunately wants to be a politician again.

It's very hard, as you can imagine, to front the fact that the mother of your only child is actually working for your enemy and even sending you to prison as your birthday gift. But I will have to survive this difficult moment in every way possible and even after all this I'm still very much in love with Fatma, but that's because I'm quite sure she was forced to betray me in this way with the police and she is probably already regretting the moment she left me for her new privileged position in the Muslim Illuminati establishment.

The situation is in any case very difficult for me as I'm in great danger, dear Henry, in this corrupt country of Norway now that my only protection (the Gulen Movement) has betrayed me and put me in the hands of the Freemasonic enemy of the Swedish Rite that have already persecuted me in the past.

So my intentions is to leave Europe all together as soon as possible and join my supporters in the USA were we're going to finally start my Tour of Hope and my new anti-NWO project against these sick Illuminati bastards that have ruined my life over and over again. Committees of Hope will start gathering all over the States in the next few months under my presence and many important things will happen so I want to thank already my friends and my supporters in the United States who are giving me the possibility to start a new life in a safe and protected way after such a horrible experience.

No problem: the Illuminati managed to get their black magic working against me and my wife and successfully destroyed my family (they really didn't like my happy little family unfortunately), but I'm not a dead man yet and I'm sure that one day my wife will realize she was only the innocent tool of the dark side and she should have been praying and protecting herself more from these evil Jinns that are now controlling her..

Keep me in your prayers Henry, and if God wants I will be visiting you soon in Canada. If not, don't let my message die, and keep the Illuminati resistance alive as my future is still uncertain.

Fraternally yours,

Leo Lyon Zagami

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