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A personal message from Luca Scantamburlo

I wish that my achievements and the attention I have had so far abroad - especially in North America with UFO Digest, Alien Seeker News, James A. Jancik, V. Viggiani, R. Syrett, Kevin Smith and Project Camelot (Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy), but even in Australia with Dr. Michael Salla and Duncan Roads - may help the decision makers and the general public to deal with the difficult future that we, all of us, have on the horizon.


Because of private reasons and decisions, I am not a journalist any more - according to Italian law - since about a couple of weeks ago.

I decided (it was my own decision) to quit the lower class of journalism (called 'Pubblicisti') listed in the Italian national register of journalism. The higher is the "professional" one; so from now, I am a simple citizen and not any more a member of the mass media. I still have my Arts degree (B.A., with a work in Bioethics, earned in 2006 at the "Ca'Foscari" Venetian University ) and I can still say I have a prior national experience (even international in the last 15 months) as a freelancer, from 2000 until 2008, but always without any kind of contract. Of course I am still going to find a publisher for my unpublished essay named "The American Armageddon"...

Maybe one day you will have the chance to read my book. Read about it in "The Scientific Search for a Missing Planet" article, spread recently on my website

But I will not spend time any more on difficult matters. Not because it is not important, but because I have to work to live, and it seems that the publishers and the big media are too busy on other topics to pay attention to what is going on in the Solar System and underground, here on Earth...

Moreover, I have to protect my relatives and friends. As a matter of fact, during the last few months I have had a lot of pressure from unknown individuals...

At the moment, there is another important question: if I want to live and survive, of course I need to work somewhere. And every firm has its own deontological aspect of the contract for its employees. It is mandatory to respect it, even after the end of any kind of contract if requested by the Law.



The so-called "Jesuit Footage", sent in 2000 by post to Cristoforo Barbato - by the Italian Jesuit belonging to the S.I.V. - WAS NEVER AVAILABLE on the Web, even now. I myself baptized it the "Jesuit Footage" to draw public attention to it. It was an edited clip of about two minutes regarding observations in deep space of a planetoid with a thick atmosphere (the presumed Planet X), while it was approaching to the Solar System but still beyond Neptune's orbit.

It was never released to the public, either by Barbato or by anyone else; the only available footage on the Web similar (but not the same) to the Jesuit Footage is the mysterious NSD42_secret_video___unknown_planet, uploaded on by the user name "Satorotas" ("Male, 74, Switzerland"), on May 19, 2007.

This is shorter than the Jesuit Footage, but it looks like a presumed shot of the same planetoid with the thick atmophere visible in the original film given to Barbato.

About the acronym NSD42

You can read some information here at the Federation of American Scientists (FAS):, where it states:

...the NSC staff has determined that the release of the format of NSD 42 could cause damage to the national security.

About is a new and fast growing video and photo sharing community dedicated to the mysteries, secrets, anomalies, conspiracies and other alternative or unexplained topics of this world - the first of its kind.

Later on, the same footage spread by "Satorotas" was spread on YouTube by another user, by the name of "ebe2012 ".

[Project Camelot note: this video has now been removed.]

But I must point out that the Jesuit Footage was probably a copy of a copy recorded on a VHS tape, and the shots and the length are different, as are the amount of visible details.



2012: Rendezvous With Marduk
by Burak Eldem

With 2012: Rendezvous With Marduk Burak Eldem took the first step for a three-volume series. The book was an instant blockbuster in Turkey, being the "Number 9" of 2003 and "Number 5" of 2004, among best-selling books in Turkey. In November 2004, his first novel, "Talismans Save Thee" was published, and went as high as Number 2 on best-selling lists. It was a modern fantastic fiction on "immortality", an international conspiracy and a 5000 years old ancient secret.
source: Burak Eldem]



In 1999, Adriano Forgione - former editor-in-chief of the Italian magazine Dossier Alieni - published a report about Planet X and Sitchin's works. In the report (see the Italian bimonthly magazine Dossier Alieni no.20, September-October 1999), there was the reproduction of two amazing pictures - unpublished at that time - taken by a presumed space probe. According to his unknown source of information who gave him the two pictures, the space probe was Siloe. Forgione thought that Siloe could be Pioneer 10. In my opinion he did a good job, but he was wrong about this last consideration.

In January 2000, Adriano Forgione again published the two photos in the first number of a new Italian magazine he had created called Hera.

But later on - in 2002, if I remember well - Forgione became very skeptical about the existence of "Planet X" (the "12th Planet", according to the Sumerians and Sitchin), and his initial convictions, and said that he could not rely any more on his secret source of information who gave to him the pictures and other information about Siloe. The source simply vanished - although Forgione tried to contact him again.

According to my research, the two pictures are almost certainly coming from the Pioneer 10 space probe, and not from Siloe. Pioneer 10 was sent in the 1970s by NASA, and was still operational in December 1992, when it was deflected by a probable TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object). See the BBC News Online report about this entitled "Old Spacecraft Makes Surprise Discovery", by Dr. David Whitehouse on 28 September 1999, mentioned even by Forgione.

In my tentative opinion, the deflection was not by chance, but the result of a scheduled encounter during an extended and classified mission.

I carried out extended private research, in public scientific articles, that shows up a strange number of coincidences. That's why I am reasonably sure that Pioneer 10 did not meet that mysterious TNO by chance.

About the two photos: Barbato told me in a written interview, granted to me in 2006, that in the past he asked the Italian Jesuit about the two photos. He had answered he had no idea where they came from, or who was Forgione's "deep throat"; but he said they could be reliable.

He also said that he contacted Barbato - and only Barbato - under authorization.

This therefore means that in such a case, the person who contacted Forgione and gave him the two pictures was not from the Holy See, and the pics were not taken from Siloe.

It make sense because the photos were given to Forgione - there is a scan of them in B/W on the internet somewhere, but the originals published in the magazines are in different shades of blue - before Barbato was contacted by the Jesuit.



Morever, during a public conference in Abano Terme taken place some years ago (Padova, Italy, 2002?) Adriano Forgione - recollecting his meeting in Rome in 1999 with Bob Dean and the private conversation they had - said:

Robert Dean [...] mi aveva detto che si vociferava il ritorno nel 2003 (eravano nelí99)Öe la NASA aveva realizzato anche due fotografie che poi sono state immediatamente tolte da internet. source of transcript:

So, Bob Dean would have said that NASA would have taken some pictures of Nibiru, and these pictures were available for a short time on the Web - but later the links disappeared. The year mentioned by Dean about a possible return of Nibiru (Planet X) was wrong, of course. Nothing happened in 2003. But it could be that Dean received some correct and incorrect information at the same time. As usual, someone was author of a leak of information, with kernels of truth and disinformation at the same time. It is curious that the year 2003 is very close to the beginning of something else: visible effects in the Solar System of strange perturbations. The Italian Jesuit said to Barbato that by 2004, at the latest beginning, the Planet X (the Sumerian 'Nibiru') would have begun to affect the Solar System with its presence.

I do not think Robert Dean will talk again about it... though he did a lot in the past. Now he is getting older and I guess he may be tired. He is still a gentleman and a very smart man, but I think we should respect his decision to stay away from the discussions, and leave him in peace...

If we pay attention now to what is going on in the Solar System (there is climate change on several planets, especially with storms in the southern emispheres of the planets - see Saturn and recently even Venus), we should find all the pieces of this cosmic riddle...



As a matter of public record, during a lecture in September 1995, Philip Schneider (USA, 1947-1996) answered a gentleman's question about a cosmic object and said, using the name "Nemesis" instead of Nibiru:

Nemesis is a brown dwarf [...] probably hollow, maybe not a star at all [...] and it is so massive it is dragging comets and meteoric material with it, and space garbage and debris. It will be a threat. Supposedly... it will be here in 2052. Nobody knows for certain...

[source: speech of Philip Schneider at PREPAREDNESS EXPO '95, Sept 22-24, 1995.

I think that the mass indicated by Schneider (which I didn't mention here) is wrong. Maybe he was wrong by a factor of ten (ten times lighter than what he indicated, according to my knowledge...). I think even the year [2052] indicated by Schneider is wrong (too far away) but - as he said - nobody can be sure. Perhaps he got just pieces of information, and then mixed together information about two different celestial objects of the Solar System, neither of which were officially recognized by the scientific community.

Good luck to all of you, and remember: Feel free to do your own homework... as the courageous Phil used to say.

Luca Scantamburlo

Italy, March 24, 2008.


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