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Jan 2009 Ecuador Conference
Presentation Transcript

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Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
Vilcabamba, January, 2009


[background laughter]

Brian O’Leary (BO’L):  It’s funny about technical stuff, isn’t it? I think definitely the mechanistic age is still around, and some day we’ll have holographic videoing from another dimension and then we won’t have all these wires and stuff.

Some of you that are younger, remember these times. Remember all of the preparation, all the video cameras and stuff like that, and then just imagine what it might be like in a better world, a world of free energy, a world with holograms, and world of consciousness. A world of combined positive intention, a world of things working, actually working.

What I’d like to do now during the segue into Project Camelot... and I hadn’t heard much about Project Camelot. I’ve known Steve Greer for a long, long, long time. I was one of the people that got Steve Greer into his area of inquiry in the first place.

And then along come these people that call themselves Project Camelot. And I said: Hmm. I wonder what that’s all about. Little by little I would start to cruise through their website and find out that what they’re doing needs to be done.

There’s a very strong need for this, which is to interview in a very friendly way, going way beyond what, let’s say George Noory does or Art Bell on Coast to Coast, because these folks really go into depth. They do their homework. That’s very important. They actually read the books of the people that they’re interviewing. [laughs]

So there’s this stable of visionaries, mostly elders, people that could die any time... [voice interrupting / background noise]

Was there some...? Yeah.

Kerry Cassidy (KC):  It’s gone now.

BO’L:  It’s gone now. Great. So what these people are doing, I’m beginning to appreciate slowly more and more. I had a really nice talk with Bill this morning -- Bill Ryan, from England, who has a very eclectic background, and so does Kerry.

So they’re doing this project and they threw themselves into it as volunteers at first. That’s always a sign that these people are really dedicated, because people that seek funding right away before they actually do it, sometimes they have a silver spoon in their mouth and they don’t really get a whole lot done. But these guys have really, really gotten a lot done.

And so, when Bill and I were talking this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that not only have they been gathering information, and doing it using video equipment and so forth, but they’ve been able to respect the wishes of those whom they have interviewed regarding what’s on the record and what’s off the record. And that it doesn’t necessarily have to fit within a sound byte.

And so we have now for the next three hours, three and half hours during this conference, you’re going to hear from them and you’re going to hear some of their sharings and stories.

I’m just so glad that you decided to come, Kerry and Bill, and Kay. You’re on. Bill Ryan. Kerry Cassidy. Project Camelot. [applause]

Bill Ryan (BR):  Just a moment here. We’re going to get ourselves wired up for sound.

KC:  Yeah. You have to grab the live lead.

BR:  Thank you very much. OK.

KC:  OK. So we’re both on short leashes here. [laughs]

BR:  Which is not our accustomed style.

KC:  Especially not me. I’m a little too wild to leash, but, at any rate...  [laughter]. OK. So [to Bill] you’re gonna start because you’re always very good at the overview type of thing.

BR:  So I’m going to start. OK. We have a lot of stories to tell, by the way, some of which we haven’t really told before, either because they’re very funny or they’re against us, and we’ve actually got to the point here where we’re very happy to tell a lot of stories against ourselves. [laughter]

One of the ones that I really like -- I really love it -- is, we had an email from somebody a few months ago who said: You know what, I [laughs] was sure that you guys must have been a CIA operation and must have been sponsored by those guys. But then I realized that you were so amateurish that you couldn’t possibly be CIA. [laughter].

KC:  OK. And I take offense at that. That’s his story. [laughter]

BR:  My first encounter with Kerry Cassidy was when I was speaking, from my own particular sins, at the Laughlin UFO Conference in the end of February in 2006, because I had got tangled up in a really weird story that I’m happy to say a few words about, but not more than a few, when I was basically talking about a disclosure program that I had got myself inadvertently wrapped up with.

I was being interviewed by several people, and it was the first time I had ever been interviewed by anybody. It’s like at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

I was being interviewed by some guy who had poured his life savings in his cameras. There’s a camera here and a big tripod, and a camera there. And he had all these microphones and he spent about 15 minutes setting it all up. This was for some kind of TV deal and I never even made a note of what it was, or who it was, or something.

That was at 5 o’clock and then at 6 o’clock I was with Kerry. Kerry came in with this tiny little camera, put it on this tiny little tripod, and I thought: Where’s the rest of the stuff? [laughter] And then Kerry started talking to me. And that was it.

And what I want to say about that is that this is the spirit in which Camelot started. It started in the way that we would both encourage anybody else to start anything, which is that you pick up whatever it is you happen to have, even if it’s just your own courage and your hands and nothing else, and start. And what’s really important is the vision that you hold.

And I want to acknowledge Kerry here because, really, inasmuch as anything has a bit of a lineage - and we can go back and back and back to where we really started - but Kerry started the vision that was Camelot because of her own history with Hollywood, way back prior to October 2005 when she got frustrated with the whole business and said: You know what, I’m just gonna do my own thing.

KC:  [laughs] Thank you. Well, actually, let’s back up, because as much as I’d like to take credit for things, I have to say that Camelot started with Camelot, the real Camelot in the early days. We were both very inspired by that.

And as it happened, I did interview him at Laughlin. Actually, initially I thought... he represented the Serpo Project, you know, how interesting can that be? He’s not actually the whistleblower. He’s not actually the one telling the story. So I wasn’t really excited to interview him.

When I first went up to interview him he kind of hemmed and hawed and said: Well, maybe I’ll have time later tonight. Then he said he wouldn’t. Then he said he would. But, initially he had on e-mail agreed to be interviewed.

So the interview did happen and I was very impressed because he was very balanced. Although he was the spokesperson for the Serpo Project, in a sense, because he built the website, not because he had anything to do with it in particular... It was an alien exchange program that our government was involved in back in the early ’60s, supposedly, by the way. It’s online in case you want to investigate further.

But basically he was very balanced in the way he handled the questions, and I threw some left jabs, whatever you want to call it...

BR:  Right hooks, actually. [laughs]

KC: kind of to see how riled he would get and to get to the root of the story, which is kind of my way, in case you’ve watched the videos. And he handled it very well. He actually had a calm sense of humor about it. He didn’t get defensive. And this counted for a lot with me.

Eventually we went to dinner. We started talking, comparing notes. We both had been researching incredible amounts of material -- conspiracies, you name it: UFOs, metaphysics, spiritual disciplines -- all our lives up until that point. So we both had quite a backlog. And it ended up that we had quite a bit in common.

Then I went on a trip to Egypt. My mother had passed away and left me a small inheritance which eventually financed Camelot for almost two years. And I went to Egypt with, actually, Jordan Maxwell and William Henry.

Voice: Wow.

KC:  That’s where I interviewed Jordan very briefly. That was still... Camelot hadn’t begun. And on the way back from Egypt I was in touch with Bill. We kept in touch over the e-mails and we arranged that I would come to England to visit him.

And so I did. We ended up going to Stonehenge, to a lot of power places in England. And we went to Tintegal, one of the supposed homes of King Arthur. When we went to Tintegal -- I don’t know if you’ve ever been there -- it’s a really stunning, absolutely stunning, place on the coast, and has a lot of mystical and interesting power around it. We were really struck by it.

And we started talking about what could we do? Here, we both had these incredible backgrounds, Bill as a webmaster, myself as a film maker; we were both writers; we both had spiritual backgrounds. And we said: What can we do to absolutely change the paradigm that was going on and actually, maybe, force disclosure?

So right then and there we created Camelot. Both of us were very inspired by the King Arthur Roundtable concept, where there were no leaders and followers per se, but that in the spirit of Arthur, you know, everyone came to the table, it was all balanced, there were no hierarchies, and worked together for what could be a better vision of the future.

I believe that was the initial King Arthur vision and I do believe that both of us lived back in those times and both of us were tapping into that when we connected. And that hasn’t changed. So it’s very remarkable that Mere [ed. note: Brian O’Leary’s artist wife, Meredith] has these lovely Arthur-like visions, and the sword and all of that going on.

And it was also a synchronicity, you know, that John F. Kennedy had sort of a vision of a better future that was at least implied, if not carried out, when he was president. It was also sort of an echo, if you will, out there.

We decided to call it Project Camelot because... “Project” being sort of the forerunning name that most Deep Black Projects contained.

I worked for a short time at JPL for NASA, helping in media. And I was writing a screenplay called Project Moondust. I worked in Hollywood for, like, 20 years and I was trying to pitch projects, sci-fi projects, to open minds and change the paradigm, and getting absolutely nowhere.

That’s why I picked up a home, you know, non-professional camcorder and just said: Screw it. I’m gonna make a documentary. I’m gonna go interview these people at UFO conferences because they’ve got something to say, and I want the world to hear it.

So that whole thing just took off. And then also, by synchronicity, Bill was in touch with Mr. X.

BR:  Yes. Just to say a little bit about that envisioning and sort of initial actualization - the prompting to see it as Camelot when we were at Tintegal in Cornwall. Some of you may have had the same experience.

It was one of those things - it didn’t take hours and hours of agonizing strategic planning. The whole thing was completely visualized, visualized and agreed, with a spontaneous, obvious synergy between us, in probably about two minutes flat.

We just spelled out between us the vision in the very broadest general terms and literally, I think within one or two or three minutes, we had agreed that this is what we’re going to do, and there wasn’t the slightest bit of doubt.

If we had stopped to think about it, [laughter] then we would have thought all about the “Yes, buts...” and “Hang on a minute...” and, “How are we going to finance it?” and all this kind of stuff. And this never even crossed our minds.

It just sounded like fun. And, actually, that spirit of fun and What the heck, let’s do it, has actually been what’s behind this whole thing in the last two and a half years.

I mean, at that time we didn’t envisage anything that was this large. We couldn’t possibly have imagined that here we were in Vilcabamba, just a few feet away from somebody who is widely respected throughout the world as a visionary and a physicist and an astronaut, and in a different timeline might have ended up as being the first person officially to have set foot on Mars and so on and so forth.

I mean, it’s become so big. The whole thing has just evolved in front of us, like we’re on oiled wheels with someone else doing the steering and someone else doing the powering. And we’ll talk about this a little bit more as we have the opportunity during the day. We take very little credit for anything that’s happened here.

In retrospect, we can look back and we can see that we make a great show, you know. I mean, it’s like we’ve got the Mulder and Scully. [laughter] We’ve got the two different personality types. We’ve got a man, a woman, the American and the Brit. You’ve got the skeptic... well, the slightly more skeptic and the slightly more esoteric. And we make quite a good standup team, you know. [laughter]

KC:  I don’t think you should be complimenting us. That’s really embarrassing. [laughter]

OK. So I have to say that also I know people are gonna ask this. People have been asking us this for ages: Why do you have a cheetah?

The reason is because, what happened was, we ended up going to Africa because Bill was born in Africa and he was able to take me on safari. One of the reasons I even came to visit Bill in England initially was because I knew that he knew about Africa and I am avid fan of Africa, I guess you might say, and of Egypt.

And so we set out on a safari very early on in our travels as a kind of a break that we would take. So, one of the times we were out there, I was able to shoot a cheetah, a real live cheetah that was, you know, a young cheetah. A beautiful, beautiful animal. We spent hours videotaping him.

Then when we were creating a logo for Camelot, I was... Actually, because I came from Hollywood, it was my kind of smartass nod, if you will, to MGM [laughter], and the MGM lion, which is very, very famous, I think, as a symbol of Hollywood, and, you know, the beginning of motion pictures. And of course I always wanted to make movies, so I thought putting that as our logo at the beginning of our videos was kind of a statement.

Also, the concentration on the eye, if you’ve seen our logo. I don’t have my t-shirt on, with our logo. And the eye being that We’re watching you, just as you’re watching us – a nod to the government in that respect.

So that’s why we have the cheetah logo. And cheetahs are faster, and the internet was our medium, and therefore we’re lighter, faster, than the MGM logo lion.

Voice: Yes, you are. [applause / laughter]

BR:  All right. So when we actually started Camelot, we actually had something to do. It wasn’t just a blank sheet of paper.

Brian just now has mentioned the Disclosure Project, and we do not know Steven Greer. We’ve never met him. We’ve never corresponded with him. We’ve never run across him in any of the conferences or on any of our travels. We would love to do that. We don’t know how he regards us. We don’t even know if he knows about us.

But like many of you, probably, I personally was inspired by the 2001 Washington press conference. I think it was in May 2001 when Steven Greer did a very impressive presentation in front of a lot of invited mainstream media, and presenting over a period of several hours quite a number of people, some of whom have later become our own Camelot witnesses.

I remember this vividly because I was driving in Scotland at the time, very late at night. It was about 2 o’clock in the morning and this thing was being reported live on the radio. I was so fascinated by what was happening, I could barely believe it. I stopped the car and listened to it at that time.

KC:  [interrupting] Sorry. But, actually, this is so typical. We’re having some anomalous sound effects in the background. They’ve cut out now. So maybe you need to hold the mic a certain way. Maybe hold it up there.

BR:  OK. Thanks. As many of you probably have done, I found myself asking: Well, what happened to the Disclosure Project? What happened to the videos they promised to release? What happened as an outcome of what seemed to be such a huge promise that was made publicly back in 2001?

Now, I don’t intend to even try and answer that question and there’s absolutely no implied criticism, but, to use the jargon of one of my careers prior to Camelot, which is actually working in business and consultancy, there seemed to be a gap in the market. [laughter]

Now my reaction would say, using the jargon from another one of my careers as a team-building specialist and a team-building consultant, there’s actually room for more people in this team. We need as many people as possible putting their shoulders to the wheel to get this information out.

So I thought: Well, you know, we’re not trying to supplant the guy. We’re not trying to interfere with his intentions, but actually there are people out there waiting for information. So Kerry has a little camera which I could probably fit in my trouser pocket here, so let’s go. You know?

And in my experience with the Serpo Project -- and let me give a nod to that because some of you may not know about it, some of you may have read about it, some of you may have read criticism about it.

It’s all very weird. It involves a purported claimed US / alien exchange program that happened back in the ’60s and ’70s. I became tangled up in this because, just like you guys here, I was in the metaphorical audience attached to an e-mail user group where this material about this US / alien exchange program was being released from an anonymous source.

Somebody in that news group said: You know what? This is interesting information here. We need to archive this on a website. And I was dumb enough to say: Hey, I can do that. I’ve got time on my hands. [laughter]

So I became the webmaster for this release of information that was coming from sources within the DIA - the Defense Intelligence Agency. This is a very, very long story which we don’t involve... but there was something behind that.

I got tangled up with a whole lot of people from the Intelligence community. There was interference from behind the black curtain.

We ended up having an encounter with one of the retired reserve astronauts who didn’t go on the program. We’ve got a fascinating story about that. We actually met these people.

It’s all very real. It did happen. It certainly didn’t happen like it was said on the website, but there was something going on.

And just leaping ahead to what we’ll be talking about later on this afternoon, we have a very interesting whistleblower who we are calling “Jake Simpson”. Some of you may have caught up with his testimony, which we reported on just in the last 48 hours.

This was such an inconsequential remark that I didn’t even include it in the report. I forgot about it. We asked him over one of the many cups of tea and coffee that we had together, I said: Hey, you know, that exchange program. Did that really happen?

And he said: Of course it did. He said: There are many of them.

Voice: Wow. Wow!

BR:  Which has always been my standpoint. It’s like, if you assume the existence of Visitors, and you assume the establishment of communications, then the next thing to do is that we go to their place, you know, with their help. And of course this has happened. We can’t prove it. But that was the reality of the Serpo story.

I became involved as a webmaster, of course, and I was the only available contact, and that’s why Kerry interviewed me because Kerry couldn’t interview the real guys who were behind the scenes in the Pentagon, who were releasing this information in some kind of a drip-feed, probably as a test, to see how it would be received, and what would happen, and so on and so forth.

The story got trashed. But we think it got trashed from the inside because of other people from the inside.

There’s a lot of black hat / white hat things going on behind the scenes, pushing, pulling about what’s going to be released, what’s not going to be released. They sabotage each other and disinform on each other just as much as they do us -- [laughter] -- which is really very interesting and it’s true.

Voice:  How do you spell Serpo?

BR:  S-E-R-P-O. That was the supposed name of the planet, which is also probably not true. Later on we got into a conversation with another whistleblower, a very important guy in the history of Camelot, too, somebody who we know very, very well who we’ve given the pseudonym “Henry Deacon”, which is a nod to one of the characters in the TV series, Eureka.

One of the very, very first things that Henry said to us as a criticism of the Serpo Project -- where apparently a bunch of twelve American astronauts took nine months to visit a planet at Zeta Reticuli 2 -- Henry just said: It wouldn’t have taken nine months. You know.

And then he started to talk to us about the beings that lived on the second, and the third, and the fifth planet at Alpha Centauri and so on and so forth and...

KC:  OK. But let’s not get out of order.

BR:  Let’s not get out of order. Thank you. OK. While I was doing this, I had people writing to me. And I had people writing to me because, in my naiveté, I had presented myself as a kind of honest everyman who is just doing what I could do to help and I wasn’t calling myself any alias. I even put a picture myself up there so they could see that I was real.

I just said: Look, I don’t know what’s going on here. I tried to be as intellectually honest as possible, which is the kind of thing that Kerry was talking about in the little interview that I did with her - it lasted about 10 minutes.

But people started to write to me saying: You know what? I’ve got this incredible story and you sound like the kind of guy who might believe what I have to say. I haven’t told anybody about this.

I had a lot of interesting messages from people, many of which I haven’t ever published because they just don’t go anywhere -- just kind of weird anomalous encounters, peculiar experiences, funny stories to do with people’s involvement in Black Ops. There are many of those.

One of these was somebody who said: I had an interesting assignment. He said: When I was a young man working for an aerospace company in southern California...

He said that he was working as a graphic designer for an aerospace company that was contracted to the US government, and he was asked if he would like to volunteer for a special assignment. And he said: Sure. What it is?

After he’d signed his NDA - his Non-Disclosure Agreement - and given a secret clearance, he was then told what the assignment was.

The assignment, that he had never told anybody about for the 20 years following that assignment, except for his wife, was that he had what for most of the people in this room would be a dream job -- that for eight hours a day, for six months, five days a week, he started his work in a sealed vault with a guard outside the door.

He would be given a mailbag, a big mailbag which was padlocked, with big padlocks, he said. The guard would come in, would unlock the padlocks and then would leave, would close the door. And then his job was to sort out and archive and label what was in the mailbag.

What was in the mailbag was UFO documents, films, artifacts, and videos between 1947 and the early 1980s when he did this. That was his job for six months, and he just said he just felt like this was, you know, he was just like a kid in a candy store. He couldn’t believe he was being asked to do this job, and that’s what he did. 

He had so much stuff pass through his hands. He never told anybody at all. A lot of this stuff was sealed, but he read everything he could. He wrote to me and said: This is my experience.

So I checked him out and I slowly drew information out of him very, very gradually because I can kind of, I mean, we can kind of tell now somebody who’s a real whistleblower. A real whistleblower isn’t somebody who’s just: Hey! I’ve got this incredible story to tell. Let me tell you all about it.

A real whistleblower is somebody who writes to you with two lines of enigmatic information to see whether you’re smart enough to figure out who they are, you know. That’s actually how they work, you know.

And we have missed one or two of those, you know, but we know we’ve missed them because they wrote to us again and we didn’t even notice the first e-mail. You know, because you get a little one-liner saying: Hey, I’d like to talk to you guys. I’ve got something interesting to tell you. [laughter] You know.

And it’s like: OK, what does that mean? Now we pay attention to e-mails like that. OK?

So this guy was waiting in the wings for Camelot, as it were. And he became pretty much our first interviewee, somebody who never had spoken to anyone else before on record and here were we doing a sort of Disclosure Project of our own.

K:  OK. So what happened was, he didn’t want to go on camera, so that was the beginning. But we ended up meeting him, meeting his wife, spending time with them.

He was a really stellar individual, and we determined to interview him. But we figured out that, you know, he wanted his voice disguised and he wanted his back to the camera. Even later, “Henry Deacon” would not even go on camera or have his voice recorded.

So, in the case of Mr. X, we did do the video and if you’ve been to our site you’ve obviously seen it, hopefully. It was pretty much our first video together, although prior to that I had interviewed - because I not only interviewed Bill - I was interviewing Rich Dolan, Stephen Basset, Jim Marrs...
BR:  Bill Hamilton.

KC:  ...and Bill Hamilton as part of my UFO documentary that I was putting together. And Bill Hamilton is a witness who is absolutely fascinating. He’s one of the early... we did put him on our Camelot interviews and he’s got numerous stories to tell. If you’re familiar with the field, you know that he’s a very well-respected researcher who goes back a long way.

I would encourage you, if you haven’t seen his interview, that you really ought to. He’s got some stories about calling in UFO craft before Steven Greer ever thought of it. And also encounters with, I guess you might say Men-in-Black, who came to visit him, and so on. He’s met some of the most amazing characters and researchers in the UFO field way back, going way, way, way back.
BR:  Tell them happened to Mr. X.

KC:  Mr. X, unfortunately, recently, very recently, has died. He died unexpectedly. We don’t know the cause. We were told... We were called by his wife. She was in a state.

By the way, one of the things that Mr. X did was, he did a recent audio interview. He was beginning to get braver.

We were just speaking at the Crash Retrieval Conference in Vegas about a month ago, and for that conference he did a short audio interview with me, or both of us, but it’s my voice you hear on the audio. And he was using his own voice. He was coming out slowly but surely a little bit more.

He kept his wife and his family separate from this. She is a lovely person. She’s quite aware, spiritually, and yet he felt great resistance from her. She has a lot of fear. And so he never quite involved her, in sort of, some of the things he was doing online, sharing stories with people, becoming braver as time went on.

At any rate, he died of a sudden heart attack. All of a sudden he, in the middle of the night... It was around Christmas, right before Christmas, I think. He was supposed to go shopping. He developed a headache. He then took a couple aspirin. He went shopping anyway.

At three o’clock in the morning he woke up. He felt very unwell. She took him to the hospital. By 12:45 the following day, he had passed on.

We don’t know if it was a targeted hit. We have not wanted to upset his wife by probing overtly into the matter. However we do have some suspicions in this regard, as The Powers That Be are very good at this sort of thing.

Unbeknownst to most people, he was thinking of going on Coast. And no one knows this except us and a few, maybe, close friends. Obviously, we don’t know if this had an effect. We don’t know if his intention riled somebody.

From our perspective and from his, we felt that the fact that he’d been involved in an aerospace company over 20 years ago looking at documents -- it was really small potatoes -- that he would not be a target. That it was old stuff... and who could back it up, because he had no evidence to present. So we always felt that he was sort of under the wire as far as being a target.

Obviously we live on. He’s around. He’s gonna communicate, I’m sure, with us as a group because we all kind of incarnate as groups, as many of you may know.

So, you know, each of us has a mission and he certainly fulfilled his. He was a wonderful loving soul and we want to pay tribute to him here at this conference by stating just that. So that’s it.

Now, one thing I want to say here, for anyone who has not been to our website -- I’m assuming most people have, but we just never know -- our mission is that we wanted to connect with truth-tellers and whistleblowers and researchers in the field of...

You know, just across the board, anything to do with the old paradigm and converting into the new paradigm that would have to do with things like free energy... I mean, almost nothing is off base for us, you know.

We’ll go into the health field with health professionals; UFO researchers, with conspiracies, with government. We’ve interviewed people who have worked in black projects, obviously.

And we are also interviewing people that are channeling. Certainly George is channeling. Channeling is a big aspect of the witnesses that we’ve interviewed. It’s something that hasn’t been talked about much, but it’s something we’re going into more in the future. It’s an important aspect. There’s remote viewing. So we really cover a huge gamut.
BR:  Yeah. We’ve been called “The 7-Eleven of the internet conspiracy movement”, [laughter] in the sense that we have become a one-stop-shop where you can actually go and you can find out everything you need to find out, or want to find out, without actually having to go anywhere else.

And just as a moment of levity -- this might even apply to some of you here. We’ve had e-mails blaming us for a number of lost weekends that people have experienced when they’ve got drawn so deeply into our stuff that they couldn’t get out of it. [laughs]

It’s become huge. We’ve got 150 hours of videos there, approximately. Everything is being transcribed. Some of it is being putting into other languages. We’ve got audio versions. We’ve done reports of our own, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff that we haven’t even talked about yet.

So, it’s really grown arms and legs, but we do get people writing to us. And please forgive this apparent self-promotion, but it is really for the benefit of anyone here who is now coming up to speed with what it is that we’re talking about here, that we think, and we have been told, that we do have paradigm-changing information on our site.

As I was saying earlier, this was never something that we deliberately set out to do, but it seems to have come that way exactly for the reasons that Kerry just stated, that we are reporting information from so many different sources that, paradoxically and really interestingly, only the Black Ops guys would really connect all this together.

In other words, what has got consciousness to do with energy? To do with multi-dimensional travel? To do with ET contact? To do with possible health benefits that have been withheld from us? All of this stuff is connected and The Powers That Be know this.

The real thing that stitches everything we’ve done together is that what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to set you free, as it were, with the truth that has been withheld from you.

The reason why this truth has been withheld from you is that there are people there who do not want you to be free. That’s the other side of the coin. And so, we’re trying to reverse this.

I really loved Brian’s bumper-sticker reference yesterday morning when he said: The truth will set you free but first of all it’ll piss you off. [laughter]

I’d actually make an even bigger bumper-sticker than that and say: First of all it’ll freak you out, and then it’ll piss you off, and then it’ll set you free. [laughter] And I’m going to put that on the site, with Brian’s kind permission, because that’s so beautiful. It’s so true.

We get communications all the time from people who tell us basically what stage in this evolution, in this progression, that they’re in, whether they’re freaked out, whether they’re pissed off, or whether they’re feeling liberated by it. [laughter] You know?

We hear from people who say: You know what? I was freaked out last week but now I’ve read a lot more of your stuff and now I’m cool. So what can I do about it?

And this is, of course, the next thing that we’re going to talk about, we’re going to go on to talk about later on this afternoon, is What can we do?

This was brought out very well, I think, in the dialogue that we had yesterday with George Green. It’s like: OK, now I’m freaked out. You know. What do I do now about it? You know. Is it all about saving myself? What is it? You know? What do we do now? What do we do with this information?

And this is something that we want to talk about a little later on because we are very solution-oriented. We’re not trying to freak people out, but the truth is where you have to start.

If you’re lost in a jungle, or even if you’re lost in the streets of New York and you want to get somewhere else, you have to know where you are in order to start beginning that journey.

You have to know where you are, even if you don’t like finding out where you are. It’s like: You know what? The truth is that I’m here.

That applies metaphorically. If any of you have come across difficult situations that you’ve suddenly encountered in relationships or in your business or with your family or anywhere else in life, first of all you tell the truth, then you say: OK. This is it. Now what do I do? See, it starts from there.

KC:  Right. So we basically are willing to tell you the truth about what’s really going on and we have found that people have different tolerances. We do understand this. We have also been labeled “negative” and this and that because we do tell the truth.

What has been going on around us -- and it was depicted best, I think, in The Matrix movie -- is that everyone is in a matrix. Most people don’t want to wake up from the matrix. We’re all about waking people up, so that’s kind of our mission.

Once you get awakened, absolutely you want to do something about it. We are big proponents of encouraging people to do that on a consciousness level as well on a practical level.

We created a new website called Project Avalon, For those of you who haven’t been there, that has a forum where people are connecting even as we speak, creating safe places to go to as a result of some of the things they’ve learned, because that’s their choice.

On the other hand, some are just building communities right where they live now. They’re just making connections, and that was our intention that they would do that all around the world. It’s very, very inspiring that it’s actually happening.

On top of that, Project Avalon does contain all kinds of information. We are cataloging and gathering, as I speak, things about how to build a safe house, where to go in the world, what’s safe, comparing notes on that, different soil conservation, water -- you name it. OK?

So this is just a very quick reminder to tell you that we have been making plans and helping others to start to make plans to create something new in the wake of what is now becoming a destruction of the old paradigm.

Therefore, we want to encourage you and let you know that everything that happens here at this conference, any skill-sets, any information that you want to share, you can take it to our forum, number one; and also submit it just as research material if you’re experts in certain areas.

We’re gonna make all of that available there and we can certainly set up a section on Vilcabamba in particular, if that’s what would be wanted.

So from here we can actually dig deeper into our witnesses, but I want to find out where we are in time. [brief side discussion]

OK. So what we’re going to do now is an overview of what we call The Big Picture.

And this is the other thing that we want to say, is that each witness has a piece of the puzzle and we, unlike some people that do interviews - and there are other sites out there - we’re not just gathering, you know, random interviews about this subject matter and piling them all into a big bundle.

We actually are on, if you will, a trail, on a mystery. We are collecting specific testimony that leads to a certain place, and that’s with an intention to reveal the entire Big Picture in one place.

This is actually where the power resides -- not in knowing just a piece of the puzzle, but knowing the whole Big Picture.

I have to say that the journey isn’t over, that we feel that we’ve covered a great deal of the Big Picture, some of it maybe very superficially. The deeper we could go, the happier we’d be, but we have been stopped at different intervals and we’re going to talk about that.

We’ve also had our own “anomalous occurrences”. I won’t call them overt threats. That hasn’t happened, you know, exactly [laughs] but we will describe that as well. And we’re going to have a huge question and answer session as well for all of this.

I do want to say that one of our witnesses is here, besides George Green who was here yesterday, that we’ve interviewed. Her name, as all of you will know, is Miriam Delicado and we’re very, very pleased that she was able to come.

And we want to do a special thanks - why not now? -- to Kay Shepard and Perry Shepard for making this possible. Kay is a real mover and shaker and if it wasn’t for Kay we would not be here today, because we have actually ran out of funds [laughs] for financing Camelot which is also financed up until now, except for some donations, for the past year. So, it’s because of Kay that we’re here. And we want to give her a great nod of thanks. [applause]

And so, now what we’d like to do is... Bill is the best at facts and figures. He’s the physics major. [laughs] He’s the one who can do this the best. So he will give you an overview of, kind of, The Big Picture, and then we’ll do lunch and after that we’ll drill down deeper.
BR:  [laughs] Yeah. I’m the math and the physics guy. One of the first experiences I had with Kerry was when we had dinner together after our interview in Laughlin. Kerry was kind enough to pick up the tab for that dinner, a wonderful Mexican dinner.

And when she was given the bill, the check at the end of it, I saw her, you know, with furrowed brow trying to figure this out. She was just about to give this guy a $200 tip on her credit card, and I said: Wait a minute. You’ve got a couple of extra zeros on there. [laughs]

Since then we’ve had a running joke about Kerry doesn’t do zeros, you know. [laughter] It’s like, you know: Is Quito 100 miles? 1000 miles? You don’t know, you know. But that’s OK because I can handle that. [laughter]

There’s a very funny story as well in Nairobi, Kenya, where we were when we went off, just before we were filming the cheetah. And we needed a cup of coffee. [to Kerry] Do you mind if I tell this story?

KC:  No. That’s fine. [laughter]

BR:  We needed a cup of coffee. This is the afternoon before we were about to go to Nairobi Airport to get the plane. And I said: Hey, you know, we need to go... We need this and we need that. We probably need maybe, you know, 3,000 Kenyan shillings or something, you know. 

And Kerry [laughs] came back to the car in a state of deep distress. She had 300,000 Kenyan shillings that she got from this ATM.

KC:  Right, from the ATM. [laughs]

BR:  From this ATM! [laughs] It’s like, you know: What’s this zero? You know. Anyway.

KC:  I have to say that the money started pouring out [laughs] and I thought I’d basically cleaned out the bank because they just kept coming and I was just... [laughter] I couldn’t believe it.

BR:  I couldn’t believe it either. [laughter continues] But it didn’t matter because a Kenyan shilling, as you’ve probably gathered, isn’t very valuable and we were able to change it back and all this kind of stuff.

But since then I’m the guy who handles the zeros. You know, meaning that I’m the guy who takes care of the numbers and the math and the physics and I think Brian... This will probably make Brian laugh.

BO’L:  That’s true of us too.
BR:  I’m not surprised. And it’s great. And it’s part of the dynamic that makes a great team, actually, you know. Because when Kerry’s got her head way up there in places where I can’t even see, I’ve got my feet fairly close to the ground.

KC:  Right.
BR:  We’re kind of connected by some kind of a cord most of the time and that helps to keep things in balance.

So, having said that, now I want to tell you some pretty weird information, because things started to come at us pretty thick and fast very soon after Kerry’s interview with Bill Hamilton, which she was talking about just now, which was back in 2006.

Bill Hamilton, as some of you may know, is one of the people who was responsible for, to his great credit, for publicizing the story of Dan Burisch.

Voice:  Wow.

BR:  And way back in 2002 when, like you guys, I was busy collecting, privately and quietly, all the information I possibly could about everything that I could – and, you know, before that I’d read Timothy Good’s Above Top Secret.

And before that I was reading, in 1988, and thinking: Wow, supposing all this is true. And before that I’d had my own ET experiences, as probably many of you know.

But when Bill Hamilton published his own interview with Dan Burisch back in 2002, I saw that on the internet and something really hit me hard. I thought: This is amazing. This man is telling a detailed and complex story about time-traveling future humans and some possible problem that is trying to be handled by these guys, all behind the scenes, and he’s trying to tell this story.

I saw this video that Bill Hamilton had shot, and an interview that he had done with Dan Burisch back in 2002, and it impressed the heck out of me.

And I just found myself thinking... Well, first of all, what I did is I e-mailed him and I was saying, You know what, you need to see this because there’s something really special going on here. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

And as with many of the people who have subsequently spoken to him and have been privileged enough now to even count as friends, I found myself, you know [thinking]: I’d love to just to be able to go up to this guy in a conference and just say hi, but it’ll never happen. You know, gee whiz. These people are out there.

I mean, of course since then things have moved along quite a lot and we’re proud to consider Dan one of our personal friends. And we can talk to you a lot about some of the things that he has shared with us.

When we interviewed him... I mean, the first thing that happened was we immediately realized, we immediately both realized, that this guy -- who’s being disparaged all over the internet -- we found him to be kind, brilliant, sensitive, witty, very humble, and clearly possessing a huge depth of knowledge about some experiences that he had, some of which were deeply troubling to him to integrate.

We got this very, very quickly -- this guy is absolutely rock-solid in his testimony. We were very, very privileged at a very early stage to be able to release a three-part video with Dan Burisch that we did. And I think it was August... was it August 2006? Somewhere about there.

His story, for those of you who don’t know it... I mean, we can go into this in a little bit more detail later because it’s one of the threads, one of the main threads, in the whole tapestry that we later came to call The Big Picture. Which is like, what is this all about? What is it that makes this time special? What is it that’s going on? What is the ET connection? Why is it that all of this is so complicated and so secret?

Those of you who were here yesterday would have remembered my contribution when we were sitting talking, the four of us, at the end of the day, talking about what Bill Birnes had said about his own conversation with Admiral George Hoover from the Office of Navel Intelligence, before George Hoover died.

George Hoover, who Bill Birnes described as “the Philip Corso of the Navy”, said that one of the big secrets was that the Roswell visitors back in 1947, that they weren’t little bug-eyed aliens from another planet -- they were us from the future. They were time-traveling future humans.

This is really the start of the complex web of problems, entangled problems, that the American government and other governments have been grappling with ever since and have chosen, for whatever reasons, not to tell us about because they didn’t think that we could handle the truth.

KC:  Well, actually I have to say that the reason that there is a Big Picture, and the reason of where we’re going with all of this, is obviously in the direction of 2012, these few years that we’re in now, and beyond, going up until what we understand may be around 2017 and further.

So we’re actually aware at this point that The Big Picture points somewhere, and that these aliens that were coming here had a mission.

They were here because they wanted to prevent catastrophe -- a catastrophe that had happened in the past and that resulted in what, according to Dan Burisch, was the splitting of the human race into various factions that then took off, some of which went underground, some took off for other planets. [to Bill] And maybe you can carry it on from there. 
BR:  Yeah. The essence of Dan Burisch’s information was that, just as Kerry said, there were various groups of future humans with different future lineages who had encountered a catastrophe in their history and that, prompted by what seems to be the altruistic intentions of a group, which in Dan Burisch’s shorthand he calls the P52Ks -- P52s refers to “Present plus 52,000 years”. These guys, said Dan, were from 52,000 years in the future.

Some of them, one of the groups, the group that was responsible for initiating the retrospective time-traveling intervention attempt, were human-looking, were very spiritual, were very well-intentioned towards us, were being very careful in their approaches. And he regarded them, as best he knew from his own self-confessed limited information, as Nordics.

Now, there may be many Nordic races, and the whole thing is a huge complexity. We later on had testimony from witnesses such as Clifford Stone and others and just as... I think it was George yesterday made reference to them - many, many, many different races. And the whole thing is incredibly complicated.

So, the summary of that story is that Dan Burisch was reporting from his first-hand experience working as a microbiologist in S-4 of Area 51, when he had the personal encounters with one of these beings -- not one of the Nordic beings, but one of the other guys who had a degenerate genome.

Whether the genome degenerates or not in this future timeline depended on whether you go underground to avoid the catastrophe, or whether you leave the planet to avoid the catastrophe.

The guys who left the planet straight off ended up in good shape. The guys who stayed underground for a while did not. And that’s quite interesting.

Now, of course, what we see is... We do see a sort of what I would call a vector, what I would call... It looks like the same sorts of things are happening. There seems to be some kind of instinct for The Powers That Be to tunnel underground when they feel danger coming.

According to the future humans’ testimony, that might not be such a smart thing to do. And we’ve got some really interesting testimony about that which we’ll report on later on this afternoon from our most recent witness who we’re calling “Jake Simpson”.

We’ll close off in just one or two minutes... because this information from Dan Burisch was so fantastical it left us with a sort of conflict. It’s like: Could this really be true?

And yet this guy was absolutely straight out. We spent a lot of time with him on and off camera and we felt that we believed his information although it was impossible to believe. And we also felt that this guy was absolutely credible in terms of his sincerity.

Later on, just a few weeks after that, we met another guy who has become very, very central in the Camelot timeline, as it were. We called him “Henry Deacon”, which was named after the brilliant polymath in the TV series, Eureka

Henry Deacon is an electronics engineer, highly qualified, multidisciplinary, brilliant man, very spiritual, very anguished. Because it’s quite hard to go through these experiences these people go through -- whether you’re a Black Ops insider like Henry, whether you’re Dan working with an alien in Area 51, or whether you’re George working with the bankers, or even whether you’re Brian with the experiences that you’ve had.

It’s hard to emerge from all of this without scars and things that you think about deeply late at night sometimes, you know. And we need to understand these guys and the compassion that they require in order to understand their experiences. We mortals are not necessarily well equipped to understand what they’ve been through.

But Henry had the courage to talk to us -- in a very noisy Pizza Hut, with his cell phone battery removed from his cell phone. That was the first time that we’d heard that that was a smart thing to do.

He knew a whole bunch of stuff. And he started telling us things that sounded a little bit like what Dan was saying. He was starting talking about time travel, and he started talking about a catastrophe, and he started talking about some of the things that he knew. And we said to him: Look, this sounds like Dan Burisch’s story. And he didn’t know who Dan Burisch was.

Now, we said to him -- and we’ll talk about Henry’s testimony after lunch. He has a whole bunch of stuff to report. He’s been to Mars. He’s been to the Mars base. OK? We’ll tell you about that.

But what we asked Henry to do, we said: Look, go and listen, or go and watch our video with Dan, and tell us what you think.

He got back to us three weeks later saying: Dan Burisch is telling the whole truth, timelines and all. OK?

That was a really important independent corroboration for us that there’s something very real, very important, and that this is one of the biggest secrets, that there’s a complexity of possible future timelines which The Powers That Be are trying to get information about, are trying to manipulate.

There are push-me / pull-you factions. Some of them are actually trying to steer us right into the wreck. There are others who are trying to avoid it.

And we’ve got a whole bunch of ETs who are standing by, some of whom are trying to help, some of whom are watching, and some of whom are trying to take advantage of the situation by picking up the resources when it’s all over.

Henry told us a whole bunch of stuff about this, which I think we’ll go on to talk about after lunch. [to Kerry] That feels like a pre-lunch wrap to me. What do you think?

KC:  OK. Yeah. Absolutely, very close. I just want to say that the catastrophe, according to Dan Burisch, may have been averted. He had a device called the Looking Glass that we’ll talk more about.

We’ve done subsequent interviews with him, had subsequent meetings with him and his sort of side-kick, Marci McDowell, who is a known operative from MJ12 -- what is no longer called MJ12, but definitely the organization exists. Dan was also working for MJ12. That’s another important note.

So, the story’s complex. Elements of disinformation may exist within it. I wouldn’t question that. Where they exist is another matter and it’s a huge puzzle, as I said, to put all together. But it’s important to just have the caveat that the catastrophe, as seen in Looking Glass, that there are elements of it which appear to have been mitigated at this time.


BR:  So, what happened just before the break, before lunch, is that we ran out of camera tape just as I was trying to come to my punchline. So I’m just going to repeat that, because actually it’s quite an important little note for people to ponder on.

Just to recap, where we were at was talking about this whole complex issue of alternative, uncertain, un-predetermined, potential future timelines and the future humans’ concerns about that - and the governments and the militaries of the world’s concerns about that once they first became aware of the potential problems, probably back as early as the Second World War, so we have been told.

To illustrate that point, I had mentioned that we have been told by our most recent witness, Jake Simpson, who’s been on our website for the last 48 hours or so, and this was... He’s told us so much stuff that all the time we’re remembering things that we hadn’t included in our little report.

One of these things is just a little offhand remark. He said: There’s a NASA satellite which has recently been launched with a trillion dollars-worth of equipment on it.

That’s a lot of money to put in a satellite. You ask anyone from Wall Street. Even Kerry knows that’s a lot of zeros. [to Kerry] I had to do that for the camera. It’s a joke. [laughter]

Now, this guy knows how much a trillion dollars is. It wasn’t a throw-away remark. A trillion is a trillion; and a billion is a billion, you know. This is a trillion.

The point is that The Powers That Be don’t put a trillion dollars-worth of stuff in space, that’s going to burn up into nothing when it eventually re-enters the atmosphere, if they knew what was going to come. You spend a trillion dollars on a piece of equipment up there when you don’t know what’s going to happen.

And if they don’t know what’s going to happen, we don’t know what’s going to happen and that means that the game is uncertain, un-predetermined, and therefore open to be affected by ourselves if we so wish.

Anyone who knows anything about quantum indeterminacy knows that consciousness is king and this is where the real world of physics interfaces with the world of the esoteric.

I think Brian would be one of the first people in this room to agree that you cannot embark on this string-trail of exploration, research and discovery – even as a physicist -- if you’re intellectually honest, it will lead you into spiritual realms and there’s absolutely no escape from that. Would you agree with that, Brian?

BO’L:  That is certainly correct.

BR:  Yes.

BO’L:  You might want to hold the microphone up a little higher. Let’s see. How is that? How is that working?

[BR, B’OL, KC discussion on how to hold the microphone / audience laughter]

BR:  What we needed was a Princeton Ph.D. to straighten this out. [laughter] So the issue here, which we’re going to be talking about for a lot of the rest of the afternoon, is what might happen?

We don’t have any definitive inside information of the nature that George Green was saying yesterday. We haven’t got anyone saying to us, whether they’re worldly or unworldly, that: You know what? World War Three is going to start on the 1st of April.

I don’t know anything that says that World War Three isn’t going to start on the 1st of April, but we’re going to be discussing in an open sort of way that things do seem to be changing, that the future does not seem to be known, and that the push-me / pull-you sort of tug-of-war between the different influences, both planetary and off-planet, is one of the things that is making this game uncertain, interesting, and influentiable at the moment.

KC:  So what we want to do is continue on drilling down with our various witness testimony. And, again, the strength here is not just that we have whistleblower testimony, as well as researcher, as well as even channeled information, but that we’re putting it all together in one place and adding it up. So, you know, two plus two equals four or five, whatever. So that’s where the strength is in Camelot and that’s what we’re doing here for you today.

So, under that heading, what I want to tell you about is that over a year ago we sat down with Dan and Marci in Las Vegas in a private meeting... along with, by the way, and I’m not going to name him, but a television producer who wanted to bring our Project Camelot to the screen as a television show. He was working, has been working for the past year to do so.

We originally had a deal with the History Channel. They then decided from some higher-up... about a week later the word came down that right when they’re about to sign a deal with us for a two-hour pilot show, basically, you know, nixed the deal, and said no, we would be a threat to their show, UFO Hunters, as if they hadn’t thought of that before they made the offer.

So, at any rate, nothing has happened in regard to that. But the interesting thing that went on between Dan and Marci and the television producer and us was that Dan had come back from an intensive time working again with Majestic, under whatever name you want to call them, and basically with Looking Glass, and that all bets were then off, as of over a year ago.

Their time-travel technology that is telling the future - which is an alien back-engineered device - was basically telling them the probabilities of things that were going to happen. We had a whole report as to what certain things would be happening and how it would roll out. Dan was telling us these things.

One of those things was that Hillary Clinton would be president and that she would be killed in office. Now, as you know, that hasn’t happened. That’s not what the timeline, actually, how it played out a year later.

There are several other things that we were told that were predicted in Looking Glass that have not transpired. [nodding at Bill Ryan] And you can add to this.

It was a very important meeting. And it’s very important for you guys to know about it, because what is happening here is that you’ve got these scientists, and you know, black project - these people that are basically into power positions on the planet - using special technology to look into the future. And they’re actually turning out wrong. OK?

That means that there’s something else at work on the planet, and that we’re all a part of it, that’s rolling out in a different way.

Voice: Whoo hoo! [applause]

BR:  Let me drill down a little bit more into what Kerry [said], just to summarize. She’s quite right in emphasizing that this is so very important.

To understand this, to understand the way that The Powers That Be have been using the power that they gained, probably as early as 1947...

We heard from a couple of sources that one of the things that was retrieved from the Roswell crash was some sort of... ah... Even Henry Deacon couldn’t put this properly into words.

It was like it was... ah... It was a very clever gadget, highly advanced, which was connected with their ability to navigate in Time, to control where they were in Time, to know where they were in Time. And you can use that kind of thing to see what’s going to happen or has happened.

It’s like a sort of, ah... these are my own words here... some sort of interdimensional interface between where one happens to be, and when one happens to be, and the entire flow of Time that enables one to control and to perceive. Something like that.

Now, of course, you need to imagine what happened back in 1947 when this interesting gadget was retrieved by a bunch of interested Air Force physicists. They start playing with it.

When they start playing with it, you’re really giving... No offence to any individuals here, but it’s part of the human condition, I guess, that if you give human beings a dangerous toy, then they’re going to start playing with it and they may start doing some damage with it, just as children would.

What seems to have happened, as far as we can gather, is that that created a major tangle. It created a tangle in timelines that...

Even though the future humans were trying to come back to do something to help avert this catastrophe, what was unplanned by them, what made the tangle even worse, was that that intervention attempt immediately went wrong because the craft crashed, because of the new high-powered radar they had in White Sands, I think it was based... which is why these disks started crashing in the first place, because they couldn’t actually interface with the radar.

The timeline problem then became even more complicated because you were giving the government the ability to see into the future, and to look at possibilities and probabilities of what might start to happen, and then that just makes the tangle even worse.

It’s extremely hard to lay this out in a kind of comprehensive paragraph, but you probably get the idea. This is one of the secrets that hasn’t been told.

The reference to the project that happened in the latter half of 2007 is that Dan took a so-called sabbatical. Dan Burisch took a so-called sabbatical for the best part of six months. I mean he was really out of communication. We didn’t know where he was.

On the 10th of December he met with us in Las Vegas. The fact that this other guy was a TV producer was just incidental. He happened to be along; he was a friend. He just sat with his jaw on the floor for five hours as Dan debriefed to us what had been perceived.

The purpose of this project that happened back in 2007 was because the... What had been communicated to the American government by the future humans was that the man-made Stargate and Looking Glass technology -- which is the same kind of stuff -- it involves...

A Stargate is a stargate, as anyone knows who’s been watching TV. It’s something that you can step through and you end up in a different place or a different time. It enables one to travel. We’ll talk a little bit more about that later, because this technology does exist.

A Looking Glass is the colloquial name given to the same device used just simply as a way to look through it and see what’s on the other side. You don’t need to travel; you just take a look.

So it becomes like the high-tech version of a crystal ball, where you get to look and see what’s happening. Except that it’s not quite as simple as that, because what you see, apparently, or with the information that is retrieved, comes over, brings hints of probabilities and possibilities, and the details of that process we are not given to know.

But in that project... Sorry, let me back up a second there because this is complex.

The future humans told the American government that the catastrophe which was in their history -- and this is where this stuff starts to interface with the whole 2012 mythology and concern that has been building up over the last few years -- is that there seems to have been a catastrophe in this timeline, in Dan’s own words: ’Round about now. OK?

He did not give a date. We don’t know whether it’s going to happen tomorrow morning, whether it’s going to happen in 2012, or whether it’s going to happen as late as 2020, or whether it doesn’t happen at all on this timeline.

So, there’s something that happened ’round about now in the future humans’ history, and apparently, according to their analysis, the reason for this was because the Earth was traveling through a particular area of energized space.

From memory, I believe that he described this energized space as containing micro-wormholes, and the man-made Stargates and Looking Glasses caused an amplifying effect on this energy, on this energetic space, and that’s what caused the Earth to wobble. That’s what caused the pole shift to happen.

So, this is all very useful information

KC:  Well, actually, you should... [Bill and Kerry tussle for the microphone!] [audience laughter]

BR:  This is extremely important. Thirty seconds.

KC:  What I want you to do is talk to them about the different kind of shifts. There’s a magnetic and there’s a pole. Explain that.

BR:  Yeah. Wait. [laughter] This is a reference to the leash, you know.

The important thing to understand here is that the future humans said that: What you’ve got to do to stop this from happening is you’ve got to dismantle these devices. You’ve got to decommission these devices.

All you’ve got to do is, first of all you unplug them, then you turn them off, and then to be really safe you split them up into three different components and make sure they’re stored up with different military organizations in different parts of the world.

OK. Apparently this was done. And then the reason why they went into this project in the latter half of 2007 is, once you’ve done all that, once you’ve decommissioned these devices, then it’s like: Well, now what? Has this worked? We don’t know. We’ve got to take another look. [laughter]

They did take another look. They took another look using a different kind of technology that they have for looking into the future. What they found was something which they evaluated as the most probable timeline - was something which was labeled Timeline 1, Variant 83. And that’s really interesting.

KC:  OK, but you didn’t tell them... I’m not really good at physics, so this is why I wanted you to explain to them...

BR:  OK.

KC:  ...about the magnetic... See, because what happens is, there’s different levels of catastrophe. If you have a pole shift, or a magnetic pole shift, it does different things to the planet. And this is where it gets into how many humans are eliminated in the process.

BR:  OK. Yeah, right on. [laughter] Our apologies for that. This happens all the time, by the way, when I’m off camera. And the reason for this is because this is not a linear story, you see. It’s not like saying: OK, this is what happened on my holidays. This is day one, and this is day two.

This goes everywhere. It’s not a linear story. Everything connects with everything else. And this is of course exactly the problem that George Green had in telling his story yesterday. It doesn’t go in a straight line.

Now. OK. So we bookmark that and we’ll go back to that in just a moment. What Kerry was referring to there is the difference between a physical pole shift and a magnetic pole reversal. These are two different things.

One way to illustrate that, actually, is to refer to a piece of testimony that we received from somebody who was really in a position to know, which we’ve never publicized.

We’ve talked about it, but we haven’t put it on our site because there wasn’t enough information to make it a kind of big deal. It was just another piece of the puzzle that fits with everything else. And this happened...

Do you remember what I said just before lunch? I said that the most interesting e-mails we get are the ones that are just one line. We got an email from somebody who said: Great site. I love your work. Keep it up, and then signed it with his name.

And I thought: Wait a minute. I know that name. But it was a common name. It wasn’t like... it wasn’t such a complicated name that you would figure out that this could only be the one person. There are probably a number of people called Brian O’Leary, for example. It’s not that uncommon.

And so if this person, Brian O’Leary -- it wasn’t Brian, you know – who... It’s like: Are you that Brian O’Leary? Are you that... are you the person I think you are?

He wrote back and said: Yes. I am. And anybody could have said that, but we checked out the email address and the IP address and all that kind of stuff and this was the man.

This guy was somebody who is a brilliant scientist, whose name would be known to half of the people in this room, somebody who Brian probably knows, and we can tell him in private.

And we felt that we should never actually release his name because that wasn’t what he was trying to do. He was just trying to say: Hey, I love your site. He’s on the internet, and I paid very close attention once I realized that this guy’s writing to us.

I said to him, very much on impulse: You probably know something which might be of interest to us and our visitors to our website. Is there anything about what’s going to happen in the next few years that you would like us to know?

He said: Yes. He said: I’m limited about what I can say but... I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re going to have a very tough time.

This is really quite significant because he didn’t... he wasn’t trying to feed us a disinformation. He was just somebody who said: Hey, I like your site. We could easily not have picked up on this. I just happened to notice it and I figured out that this is the man, so I asked him.

And he said: I hate to be the bearer of bad news. There are three things that are going to be happening in the next few years.

He said the first thing is there’s going to be a coronal mass ejection [CME], and he referenced -- and this is a little bit of homework for all you guys to do -- he referenced the event of 1859. Go look it up. Quite interesting.

Huge solar storms all over the world. If there had been any kind of electro-magnetic grid in 1859, it would have been wiped out. OK? But it wasn’t. They just had auroral displays as far north and south as the equator, spectacular sunsets for two or three days, and everyone said: Wow, look at the colors in that sky. That’s incredible.

OK. So coronal mass ejections are when the sun has a hissy fit and it kind of throws something at the Earth that interacts with the magnetosphere, ionized particles hitting the atmosphere, all kinds of stuff going on up there. Nowadays, that would be really bad news if that happened. He did not say how he knew.

This is really interesting to the physicists amongst you, because you know that the sun randomly ejects all kinds of stuff in any random direction. It’s a little bit like a cowboy shooting off a six-shooter, spinning wildly around in circles, and kind of firing randomly all around him.

If the Earth happens to be in the way, then that’s bad news, but it probably wouldn’t be in the way. He said this was going to happen. We don’t know how he knew. OK?

That was event number one. He said this would start in 2009. OK? Here we are, January the 11th -- Boriska’s birthday, by the way. I forgot to mention that. That’s an aside.

Voice:  Who was it?

BR:  Boriska.

KC:  Let’s go into that later.

BR:  Boriska Kipriyanovich, the indigo child. OK.

Then he said there would be a magnetic pole reversal, a magnetic pole reversal which is already underway. He stated this in such a way that it would be significantly important for us to understand why.

Later on -- and this is just a footnote to that -- Henry Deacon, our physicist Black Ops insider source, helped us to understand that as far as he was aware, the shifting magnetic field in the Earth is something that affects consciousness.

We are all electrical beings. We are souls in electrical bodies that are dependant upon the neurological bio-electric activity of the brain and the body in order to function well.

If you’ve got something so profound as the Earth’s magnetic field that starts doing weird things, then human beings are going to start doing weird things, too. And so are dolphins, and so are whales, and so are all kinds of animals all over the world.

Henry said: Have you noticed that in the last 10, 15 years, there’s been increasing conflict? More people are misunderstanding each other. There are more people who seem to be going crazy. There are more people who seem to be behaving in irrational, strange ways, not connecting with each other.

He said this has all got to do with the change in the Earth’s magnetic field. And that – suddenly it did a big click with me personally. I thought: Now I understand. OK?

But a magnetic pole reversal isn’t going to... it isn’t necessarily going to spoil your whole day. It’s happening already, as best I understand. Brian could probably help us understand this better when we talk to him tomorrow about all this.

Then the third event, he said, was the big one. He said, third, finally there would be a pole shift.

Voice:  A pole shift?

BR:  A pole shift. A pole shift is a physical pole shift. A pole shift is when the Earth was like that [indicating upright with his hand] and it goes, boomf, like that [rotates his hand]. It suddenly shifts.

Any geologist will tell you this has happened many times before. Most of you know what this is. It’s a physical shift in the orientation of the Earth relative to its rotation around the sun.

KC:  But it causes things like tsunamis, continents shifting, going under the water. Atlantis, for example - pole shift. And what it’s caused by, I’m not sure that they know.

But, among other things, the interesting thing that is happening here is that we’re telling you about a scientist who is highly, highly respected. OK? And who has suddenly been -- he told us this much -- asked to come on board to work for, of all places, Homeland Security.

Voice:  Ooh.

KC:  This is a man who is published on the web, who was clearly, actually, sort of anti-government, was something of a rebel in his own right; again, still maintained his respectability because of the level of scientist that he was, or is. So it was very valuable that he would even come back on an email like that, revealing that much.

All he did was list three things that were gonna happen, the fact that he worked for Homeland Security, and the fact that he couldn’t say anything more. And that is the last, I believe... We wrote back to him, obviously, and that’s the last we heard from him.

Now, this is happening at the same time that we’re getting the information from Dan Burisch. So you see how - and Henry Deacon. And so, as we pull these threads together, these people, coming from completely different directions with completely different motivations, are coming to us with the same story.

BR:  Right.

KC:  So now tell them what Dan told us.

BR:  Exactly. Our source did finally... he apologized for not being able to say more. He said that we were the first people he’d communicated with outside the national security community for a number of years. We took that as a great compliment; it was a risk that he was taking on his own part. He said as much as he could.

Going back to what Dan said. Now, this guy communicated with us... from memory, it was ’round... it was in the middle of Dan’s project. It was around about the middle of 2007.

Some of the whistleblowers who speak to us don’t have up-to-date information. Where they hear it... they have their own grapevines, they have their own rumor-mills. They don’t necessarily come straight from a briefing that they had that morning. OK? So it’s not necessarily up-to-date information.

Just to backtrack to where we were with Dan and the story of these man-made Stargates and Looking Glasses needing to be decommissioned, because that was what was going to cause the catastrophe; and then: Wait a minute. We’ve got to check to see whether this has worked; and then they took another look using an alien device.

What they saw was that the most probable timeline was the following: Now, in terms of nomenclature, the catastrophic timeline which the future humans reported that they had experienced was known as Timeline 2. I don’t know why it wasn’t called Timeline 1, but it was called Timeline 2. OK?

Timeline 1 is the other one when that doesn’t happen. OK? So: I’ll be on Timeline 1 or I’ll be on Timeline 2 is as important as knowing whether you’re heading north or you’re heading south. It’s a pretty important distinction to make.

The first thing that they established in that Time Portal Intelligence Probe, which I think is what Dan called it formally, is that we’re on Timeline 1. That’s the good news. OK? The catastrophe he reported had been averted. We’re on Timeline 1.

And so, once you figure out there’s not going to be a catastrophe, the next question for a curious scientist is: Well, OK. What is going to happen, then? OK? And then this is the Variant 83 part, when they started to drill down into the detail about what would be happening in the next few years.

KC:  But I want to say that, interestingly... And this is on our site, most of this information, so you don’t need to be taking notes, and we will be taping this as well for release. Dan said...

We were in an interview with him at one point and we said: OK. That’s great. And then he said: But there’s no free lunch. And then he proceeded to tell us what that meant.

Basically, Timeline 1, Variant 83 contained things like nuclear war and, you know, other fairly dire predictions, among which, as I said, Hillary was in office, was going to die in office. He had highly respected her.

I have to back up. There’s one other part that you guys need to know, which is about the Yellow Book, the technology [that] allows the world leaders to see their own future and then plot their lives accordingly, to the best version of that future. That is part of the reason why they are highly successful and remain so, because they’re actually cheating.

In regards to Hillary, what Dan said is that she was one of the people that had access to this technology, was given the Yellow Book and looked into her future and saw that she was going to be assassinated in office. She was, he said -- this is his story -- willing to go into office knowing that she would be assassinated and therefore she had garnered his respect. And this was, you know, back over a year ago.

BR:  Now, it’s now the 11th of January and Obama’s inauguration is in nine days’ time. So it’s a pretty safe bet to conclude that, wherever we are at the moment, we’re not on Variant 83. That hasn’t happened. This is the good news. OK? This is more good news.

And it’s more good news in the sense that that package of information that was called Variant 83 that was evaluated as being the most probable future visible at that time... it did contain bad news. It did contain a war against Iran that was predicted to start in October, last October. OK? That didn’t happen.

There was a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan. The jury’s out. OK?

There would be a financial collapse that was triggered in that timeline by the Iran war. Well, the financial collapse is probably planned anyway. OK? Set off. It’s a kind of controlled demolition of the economy which was set in place long before, which most of the people here know about, which George already spoke about extensively yesterday.

And he said that this war that was seen, it would last through until 2010. Russia and China would become involved, and it was all pretty bad news. And, you know, based on that reality, Vilcabamba sounds like a pretty good place to be, and we’re actually marching in step with what George said.

But! Hillary is not the president. The war with Iran did not happen in October. We are not on that timeline. And if we’re not on that timeline, it means that we don’t know what’s going to happen next. We do not know. It is not known. We haven’t spoken to anyone who does know.

And if I had been a betting man, I would have placed quite a lot of money, in a black kind of way, as it were... (Maybe this doesn’t sound too good, actually. This is unethical, I think!)

We had so many parallel information points that, in terms of data-clustering on a graph, everything pointed to something happening last October, you know. Everything happened. We were all watching it, you know.

Something that we have already spoken about publicly is that our guy, Henry Deacon... at the end of September he told us that he had received a telephone call. He said he’s never received a telephone call like this in his life. He was asked to report for duty in the Middle East the next morning. OK?

He said he was almost ordered to do it, except they couldn’t actually order him to. He was asked in a way that he almost could not refuse.

The rate of pay was $800 an hour, without overtime. OK? And that’s a very great amount of money. Even in that field, it’s quite a lot of money. He turned it down, to his very great credit. He said: I don’t want any part of this. He was never told why he was asked to report for duty in the Middle East.

Why? We don’t know. Nothing’s happened in the Middle East yet, except that something seems to be cranking up. Whether that fire is going to burn out on its own, or whether it’s going to crank up into something much bigger, we don’t know. This is the conversation we had yesterday.

KC:  OK. But we have had whistleblower testimony that we have not been able to release in total - some of which we did release - from a witness who supposedly was in close communication with the Illuminati, who was saying that their agenda was rolling out just as planned and that he was basically going underground and would not be able to communicate further. We’ve been talking back and forth with this man for over a year.

I have to tell you also that he was basically saying, you know, the dire, somewhat dire agenda, depending on how you want to look at it, which includes things like elimination of the population that George was talking about...

Most everything that George enumerated yesterday was going along and that it was absolutely - it may be behind schedule - but that it was shortly to sort of ratchet up.

On top of that, we have had other whistleblowers from behind the scenes coming forward saying things are on schedule.

We also have someone who we’ve been in communication with for over... possibly even as much as two years, who is a good friend of Alex Collier, and he has been telling us about his information that he has from some NSA sources, that has basically geared him up to building an underground base in an undisclosed location.

He has told us about the Queen of England who has now got an underground base being built in part of Colorado. So there are...

BR:  [sotto voce comment to Kerry]

KC:  And he’s also a very wealthy man. I can’t tell you how he made his money because that’s a highly controversial matter. But he basically said that he knew when the banks were gonna go on bank holiday as George does. And he’s been in constant contact with us.

What’s interesting in all this mix is that some of these people coming forward seem to all be agreeing on, at least, the agenda.

We haven’t talked about Bill Deagle. Bill Deagle is somebody who is highly controversial, who’s a doctor, a medical doctor, who’s on the web. You may know of him. You may have seen our interview with him.

People, you know, ranted and raved at us for having interviewed him, because they felt he’s too negative; they didn’t want to hear it; they think he could possibly be programmed.

He’s been given testimony from other whistleblowers that we haven’t - as their doctor, in working in black projects - that outline, you know, a laundry list of their plans and their agenda, just as George has been telling you. It involves eliminating the population, using viruses to do so, and, you know, when, where, how, and so on.

He’s also highly intuitive and feels he has channeled information that tells him certain things, one of which was October, that October was gonna be when this whole thing kind of came under way.

Well, actually, it appears -- OK? -- I have to say it appears that he has been incorrect, at least thus far.

We’ve got David Wilcock, who is a well-known psychic intuitive who’s also highly scientific, and has a very well-known website called who can give you the scientific basis for what’s going on, what he feels is the heating of the planets. He works with Hoagland, and I’m sure many of you are familiar with Richard Hoagland.

So what happens is, we get all this testimony and some of it is corroborative, some of it is not. Some of it is conflicting.

What’s interesting is that it’s almost like... You know, maybe this is a slightly cold analogy, but it’s almost like watching a game in which there are predictions as to which side’s gonna win. We’re getting people that are sort of calling the shots and calling the plays, if you will.

But I have to say that when it appears that something hasn’t happened, for example in October, there are a number of reasons why that might be the case. It doesn’t actually necessarily mean that certain things haven’t happened.

It could mean that these viruses have been put in place. It could mean that they’ve been activated. It could mean they’re not showing up yet. It could mean we need another six months to see that. If you talk to Bill Deagle, that’s probably what he’ll say.

On the other hand, it could mean the White Hats in the government -- and this is a very important part of it -- have been successful.

There has been, from what I understand even in the last year, something of a coup in our government in the United States, which is not necessarily... I mean, Obama’s a front-man and he was long prophesied, or planned, to be the leader at this time.

However, there is reason to believe that there are people, part of which is Majestic 12 - from our understanding with Dan and Marci - that are working and are White Hats and don’t want to see the elimination of the population.

Some of the Majestic 12 are absolutely part of the Illuminati and they do want to see these things happen.

So you’ve got fighting in the ranks and the fact that we’re up here telling you all this is testimony to the fact -- if you talk to Jake Simpson, if you talk to Dan Burisch -- that we have people or friends in high places that are allowing us to do so because they’re actually White Hats. So it’s a really important ingredient in all of what we’re saying.

BR:  I think this... I’m just kind of taking pause to think where we should go next with this at the moment. Shall we go into Jake Simpson?

KC:  That sounds good.

BR:  OK. Jake Simpson was somebody who we met on our long, month-long there-and-back Australia trip, when we were invited to speak at the NEXUS conference in Brisbane in October. And on that trip we met a whole bunch of people when we were on Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a beautiful island in Thailand. Anybody been there? Koh Samui? Wow. OK.

It’s a fabulous place. It’s a little bit like Vilcabamba inasmuch as quite a number of people quite a long time ago passed through there and then thought: Wow, what a wonderful place to stay.

It’s full of ex-pats and it’s got its own sort of alternative community. But they do have the equivalent of those interstate freeways going through the valleys, sadly, and it’s been pretty much trashed. And of course one of the reasons why it’s been trashed is because they built an airport. That’s the end.

B’OL:  We don’t want that here.

BR:  Yes. Anyway, beside the point. Koh Samui -- there we were. We met Jake Simpson. And the first preface that I want to make to this information: It’s all on our site. We wrote up as much as we could. Well, we wrote up as much as we could remember.

We spent three days, or maybe it was even four days, with this man and his family and his children. And he’s a delightful, brave man.

One of the first things he said to us was that when he first encountered our information, he wasn’t sure if we were “real” or not. [laughs] He used his own intelligence-gathering contacts to check us out.

He looked me in the eye. He said: I checked you out, so I know everything about your life. You’ve got nothing to worry about. He said: It’s all cool. He said: I know that you’ve been telling the truth.

And then the other thing he said, the next thing he said, was: Anyone else who’s ever tried to do exactly what you’re doing has been killed. So I really admire your courage.

And this guy’s a warrior – OK? -- in the Jedi tradition. He’s quite a remarkable man and that was a very high compliment from him that he should be respecting our courage.

And just to loop back into what we were talking about earlier on when we first started before lunch, we’re not standing up here trying to be courageous. We’re just having fun and doing what happens naturally and we’re just saying: Well, this is who we are. We’ve got nothing to hide. It’s the Bill and Kerry Show. And so on and so forth. [laughter]

A lot of people are saying: Wow, you’re so great. But actually one of the things that I think unites Kerry and myself very strongly is that I have no fear. [to Kerry] Do you have any fear?

KC:  No, I actually don’t. And I’ll address that briefly as sort of a sidelight. But basically the weird thing about us embarking on this journey is that we both happen to be the kind of personalities, I guess it’s a personality type, that sort of go forward in a very optimistic way and we just don’t look over our shoulder.

We tend to just do what we do and then, you know, whatever happens happens. So we’re not paranoid. I’m not afraid at the moment and, you know, I’m a rebel at heart, so that was easy from the beginning. And then, you know, obviously Bill wasn’t afraid.

So it’s kind of weird that we do what we do, but we don’t see it as something that would cause fear. It’s more a wild exciting adventure, I guess, if you will.

What I’m not good at is, you know, a sort of a more drone-like existence, [laughter] in which you would have the same thing every day and you would be predictable in certain ways. So I think that’s in our favor.

BR:  And Kerry’s not afraid of Majestic, the NSA, the CIA, the DIA, the DoD, or the Illuminati. But she’s not good with the big spiders. Right? [laughter]

KC:  It’s true. [laughs]

BR:  It’s very funny. On a more serious note, I’m not afraid because I know I’m an immortal being. They can’t kill me. They can’t kill you. They can’t kill any of us.

That’s another lie that we’ve been told ever since we were old enough to understand what our teachers were telling us. We’re not animated hunks of meat. We’re immortal spiritual beings that happen to be driving these vehicles, as George loves to say. That’s very true.

And I like to say what Obi Wan Kenobi said in Star Wars. Maybe you’re familiar with this. It’s a wonderful movie... all that myth, all that fact based in myth – If they kill me, I’ll just be more powerful than they could have ever imagined.

Maybe that’s why they leave me alone. I mean, if they kill me, I’ll just come back. [applause]

KC:  OK. So let’s do Jake Simpson.

BR:  Let’s do Jake Simpson. [laughter] That’s where we were. Right? Jake is a remarkable man. And the spirit of fun, I think, which is another thing that Kerry and I very much have in common, he has the same thing in common.

And also like George, Jake would be talking about all kinds of things that would make our eyes bulge, and he would just have a big grin on his face because he’s been living with this stuff for a long time.  

Voice:  Like what?

BR:  Like what? Here we go. [laughter] I’ll try to remember the stories that he told us. There’s four days’ worth and it’s not necessarily a linear story.

First of all, he referenced just in passing some of the information we have on our site about the creation of the super-soldier program, as described by Duncan O’Finioan and David Corso, and a whole lot of other people who contacted us privately who were involved in that.

The Powers That Be -- the Intelligence, and militaries of the world -- are very, very interested in harnessing the abilities of humans, and they do this is in a number of different ways.

One of the things that they did with Jake, interestingly enough, is they figured, for whatever reason, that it would be useful for them to enhance his cognitive ability. So they enhanced his cognitive ability and this guy can do all kinds of things.

He has a reading and comprehension speed of 80,000 to 100,000 words per minute. That’s a lot of zeroes. OK? [laughter]

As a test when he went through this program to check out that particular training, he was given George Orwell’s Animal Farm and he was asked to read it from cover to cover in three minutes and then he was tested.

And he was tested like: What does it say on the top left of page 154? You know. He got 90%. That wasn’t the highest score, but that was enough for him to be a pass. I guess that’s why he wasn’t in the FBI. He wasn’t a 60-percenter. Right? OK.

That was one of the first things that caught my attention and we actually saw some of this remarkable ability in action when we were with him. We actually witnessed this. It was really very interesting.

One of the things that would happen when we were talking with him, is that he would be... Well, for instance, when I asked him a question and he dodged the question, he’d sort of skip away from it, make a little joke and change the subject. And then ten minutes later he’d answer it.

After a little while we saw this as a pattern and we said: Well, why are you waiting for a little while before you answer this question? Why are you waiting sometimes for ten minutes, sometimes for half an hour, sometimes till the next day, and sometimes you can answer immediately? What’s going on here?

And he eventually helped us understand that what was going on was this – and this is really, really interesting, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of a whole bunch of incredible information that he told us.

He said there’s an artificial intelligence system that operates in hyperspace. That is how they keep track of what people are saying -- if they want to – what people are saying, what they’re thinking.

Not only that, he said that if they wanted to find out what Julius Caesar’s last words really were, they could find out.

He said this is an enhancement. It’s a human enhancement of alien technology. He said this is so advanced that the ETs are not happy that we’ve got it because we’re not using it right. That’s what he said. And he said this monitoring capacity...

And this dovetailed directly with something that we’d heard from Henry Deacon, because I talked to Henry about a conversation that I’d had completely separately. And this is a whole different story, long ago. This is another kind of similar thing. There’s a lot of interesting whistleblowers that I’ve known personally.

Back in 2000, long before Camelot, I ended up talking to a guy who used to work in Bell Labs. We were walking on the beach and this guy was telling me an incredible story. At the time I thought it was incredible.

Getting on with the story, we’re walking on the beach because he hadn’t wanted to talk to me about this it in his own house.

I told Henry this story. He said: It won’t make any difference where you talk. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the beach, in the forest, in your bedroom, or inside a lead-lined cave. He said: It makes absolutely no difference. If they want to hear what you’re saying, they’re gonna hear what you’re saying. You know?

Now, Henry didn’t enlarge on that, but when Jake started to tell us about this technology, then I started to understand it works in hyperspace. It’s a hyper-dimensional thing. And I can’t even imagine the details.

But when we started to ask Jake, we said: Look, this is incredible stuff. I can’t believe that these people have this sort of technology. I can believe they’ve got advanced craft and I know they can do strange things, but this is really out of this world.

He said: Listen. Black technology -- meaning black physics technology, or the physics that they use in Black Ops -- is probably something like 10,000 years ahead of public sector technology –10,000 years ahead of public sector technology! -- and it’s accelerating away from the state of public sector technology at a rate of a thousand years a year. That’s how come they can do this stuff.

He said: You have no idea what they can do. They can do almost anything.

And this is the remark that Brian was saying yesterday, about Arthur C. Clarke’s comment: Any sufficiently high technology would be actually indistinguishable from magic. We’re almost at that stage already, as far as we can understand from what Jake was saying.

KC:  Yeah. Just to sort of drill down a little bit into what was going on when he would answer the questions or not answer the questions, one of the things he would do is say: Wait. We’d say: Wait? Wait for what? [laughs] Then he would say: OK. It’s all right now.

It’s important to know that he was a trained remote viewer as well, and a highly-developed intuitive. That helped him in his various jobs that he did around the world -- for the secret government, in essence.

What he would say is: It’s coming around again. And it’s almost like, I guess, a traveling beacon, which... it would zone in or it would be gone. He could tap into when he felt they were sort of listening in and when they weren’t, and that’s when he would tell us stuff. So that’s how the conversation progressed.

I’m not sure... Well, OK, let me say that one thing that has been left off of our discussion with him - he talked also about... As you may know, John Lear had talked about, under Area 51 and under Nevada, there’s very likely a high-speed train that goes underground between here and places like Pine Gap, Australia, and various other bases including, I’m sure, CERN in Geneva.

Basically that’s how they move people around. And he actually, you know, attested to that, as well as the fact that John Lear had said that he’d gotten inside information about this.

So this is where, again, we’re getting more than one whistleblower from completely different places that are in agreement.

I want to say here also that there’s an interesting thing that goes on with whistleblowers. They’re human like anyone, and they often fluctuate as to how much they’ll reveal to you at any given time.

So there’s a whole psychology that we’ve had to sort of learn by experience as we’ve started to interact with these people, in dealing with some days they will be able to tell you things and they will feel brave and sort of rebellious and tell you whatever they want.

And the next day they’re telling you that they actually can’t tell you anything. They can’t talk about this, they can’t talk about that, and they’re worried about the safety of their family and loved ones. So it’s important to know that they blow hot and cold.

In the case of Henry Deacon, he’s been quite an interesting witness, one of the people we’ve gotten to know almost maybe better than anyone, in some ways.

He worked for Livermore Labs. He worked for places on the planet that are highly sophisticated, that have technologies that are really beyond, as Bill is talking about. He was hands-on with those technologies. He was involved in 9/11. He knows some of the planning behind it. But his level only goes to a certain point.

And this is another thing about whistleblowers - and this is something else that we keep in mind when we analyze the testimony that we do get - which is, they all have levels at which they have access, and their level cuts off at some point.

So you cannot always know what they’re telling you is the complete truth based on, as Richard Hoagland would say, there are many levels to the onion, or...

BR:  The lie is different at every level.

KC:  Yeah. The lie is different at every level. And that really is absolutely true, so that you will get people who say: Wait a minute. There’s no such thing as Majestic 12 because I didn’t know about them. And in this case, that’s what Henry says. He’s never heard of Majestic 12.

Voice:  What is it?

KC:  OK. Majestic 12 is... The storyline goes that back in the Truman administration, a group of well, basically, Illuminati, were given the task -- scientists, engineers, mainly in America put together, supposedly twelve. There are photographs of who the exact people were, people like Wernher von Braun.

BR:  I’m not sure he was in Majestic 12.

BO’L:  He wasn’t.

KC:  OK. I’m not gonna argue with that. There are various people like, even... OK, in theory someone like Einstein could be Majestic 12. There were people in high places in government, in military, that were assembled to handle what was considered to be “The ET Problem” or question.

And from there on, they grew and basically stopped letting presidents know in America, except as a need-to-know whatever they needed to know. And then the presidents really didn’t have access.

This dovetails with the testimony of Dan Sherman, who is an intuitive communicator that was trained by the government, who was actually genetically engineered in his mother’s womb before he was born, to handle what will be - according to what he was taught by the government - a shutdown, electromagnetically, across the planet at some point in the future. And he wasn’t told when.

He’s still alive. We have an interview with him. He’s written a book called Above Black. A fascinating man, very buttoned-down, doesn’t want to reveal a lot, but he did quit the program and then he began to be a whistleblower to tell people what was going on.

He was communicating with an alien, using a computer initially, eventually not using the computer anymore - he had direct communication with that alien.

He was trained to handle a situation in which our government would not be able to communicate with each other -- The Powers That Be -- and they were gonna use humans stationed around the globe to communicate, for some reason, with off-planet intelligences during a time when there would be no electromagnetic communication.

BR:  The exact phrase in his book, Above Black, is that: This is in preparation for a future time when all electronic communication would be rendered useless. And he was told this 20 years ago. But as Kerry says, he wasn’t told WHEN.

And the reason why we went onto that little interesting detour is because this is further corroboration that The Powers That Be somehow knew or suspected or were trying to insure themselves against something that was coming down the line which they definitely didn’t want us to know about because they felt that we couldn’t handle it.

Now, going back into the Jake Simpson situation, let me just take two minutes to talk to Alfonso. [the assistant cameraman at the event] [To Alfonso: We’ve got four minutes worth of tape left. We’ll have to pause just for a couple of seconds to change tapes and things, and that’s going to be coming up very soon.]

When we came across Jake’s information in this - and we’ve only just started to hear it - because he started talking about what was known, and what might be coming, and what he was in the know about, and what preparations had been made for it.

And he was telling this in such detail that we ourselves thought, back in October, we thought: You know what? We don’t know if we can release this, because we started to wonder if we had a responsibility to withhold this information because it didn’t sound good.

A few months later we’re kind of thinking: Well, OK. We know a little bit more. We’ve had a lot of telephone conversations with the guy. He’s emphasizing that it is not known what’s going to happen.

But what he basically said is that it has been known since the Second World War -- probably since the Second World War, he said -- and he suspects this is the reason for Eisenhower’s heart attack in 1955, shortly after his own meeting with the aliens who were telling him something that might not all have been good news -- that there was something coming at us.

Or, relativistically speaking, we are like a ship in the solar system sailing into the storm as we go careering around the Milky Way, goodness knows at what rate of speed. But we’re sailing into something.

Now, this dovetails exactly, again, with what Dan Burisch reports is being told to us by the future humans -- that we’re going to be entering an area of energetic space; that the effect on the Earth is magnified by the man-made Looking Glasses and Stargates.

Jake didn’t know about the man-made Looking Glasses and Stargates, but he said... his metaphor was, and the words that he used were: There is a ‘wave’ coming.

There is a ‘wave’ coming.In space it doesn’t matter whether you’re coming at the wave or the wave’s coming at you. I don’t know which one, either, but he said there’s a wave that’s gonna hit us.

When we said: When? he said as far as he understands, it’s not 2012; it’s later.

When we put to him the date that Bob Dean mentioned to us – now, this is in connection with what he was told was Nibiru or Planet X. Bob Dean gave the date of 2017. Our man Jake Simpson said: That’s probably just about right.

That’s good news because maybe we’ve got a few more years. Dan Burisch never said 2012. Dan Burisch would only say: ’Round about now.

And Jake told us ... [interruption / discussion re changing camera tape] We’ll just pause at that dramatic point, and then we’ll carry on talking about what he [said].

KC:  So, just to reiterate that for those of you that are in conversation and moving around, we’re gonna take a half hour. We have one hour left for Camelot and a half hour of that we’re gonna dedicate to questions from the audience. We’re gonna also allow for around 15 minutes for Miriam to speak and she’s gonna join a panel at the very end.

We have 15 minutes left to just wrap up what we’ve been telling you so that... to continue on a little bit more with Jake Simpson, and then wrap things up as closely as we can. So we’re gonna talk about the superluminal craft that Jake Simpson told us about.

And one thing I want to say [is] that I was talking to somebody, actually Alfonso, and realized that we hadn’t said [that] Jake Simpson is still working for The Man --  the Illuminati.

He was actually in a meeting, a secret meeting he told us about, in which... I guess it had to do with his rebellion and breaking from... trying to get out of that whole business. When he heard them referring to people as, you know, completely eliminated... [to Bill] What was his actual words? Do you remember?

BR:  I actually don’t remember.

KC:  Yeah. It was something so dire, something so cold and just ruthless, that he realized he had to get out. So they made his life very uncomfortable and closed down some projects that he had been involved in.

He got out of the situation, but he is called upon from time to time to do them a “favor”. So I have to say that, like many whistleblowers, he could never completely get out and they are often highly surveilled, as we are.

I have to say that although we’ve had nothing super-bad happen to us directly, there have been people that have had things happen as a result of association with us, such that, you know, we had somebody who took over our website whose place was broken into the next day.

He basically called us up and said he never wanted to have anything else to do with us. [laughs] Now, we don’t know for sure that that was just not a coincidence. Obviously he felt it was a targeted situation.

So, I have to say that whereas we are protected... And Jake himself got us into Thailand and he has been monitoring our steps. He’s quite open about that. He, in fact, will know exactly what we’re doing today. He’s basically giving us his blessing.

He’s also made it possible for us to get through some immigration problems that we could have had. So we’ve also had assistance in those areas. But people that associate with us, it may be another matter. We just don’t know.

BR:  OK. Back to Jake. One of the things that he told us -- and this will be fun for the aerospace buffs in the crowd here -- he told us about the TR-3B, the big Triangle.

He said that this thing can travel from geostationary orbit, which is 22,300 miles up, to treetop height in one... two... three... four... five [snaps fingers] seconds. And I said: Wow! That’s something else. And I said: Jake, how do you know that?

He said: I was counting. [laughter] OK? I later figured it out. That’s 16 million miles per hour.

He said: Look, this doesn’t travel in space. This doesn’t travel in space. This is a space-time jump operation, that kind of thing. And he can’t say any more.

These things can travel outside of our solar system if they want to, or even larger versions can. This is all part of the 10,000 years ahead of regular physics context that he told us about. And that’s just a fun story for the aerospace buffs, of which I am one.

But what he told us about the ‘wave’ that was coming, which is where we were at just before the break, one of the things I asked him was: well, how did he know about this thing?

This can be answered on a number of different levels. One of his responses to that was they’ve been out to take a look. They’ve been out “in their superluminal craft”. They’ve been out to take a look at this thing and they’ve come back to report what it was that they measured, whatever they saw.

That impressed me. It was a very straight-forward, matter-of-fact answer. It’s actually, well, yeah, you know, if you’re sitting in Florida and there’s a storm coming in, there’s a hurricane coming in, then maybe you go out and take a look and see where it is, and you come back and say: You know what? It’s going to be here in three days.

Now, he did not know -- this is to repeat what we said before -- he didn’t know when this thing was coming. And he didn’t know what would happen when it did come.

It’s very, very important to stress that he said that nobody knows what’s going to happen. The ETs don’t know.

He said it could be just a puff of wind and then it’s all over, you know. Or he said it could be... He’s the only other person that we have come across who said exactly what George Green said about the 400-mile-an-hour winds. He said exactly the same thing.

He said that this is the kind of thing that could occur. Whether it will occur or not is a completely different matter.

And what Jake was saying was being done about this was something that was not news to us, or would be news to anyone in this room.

He said that ever since they found out about this stuff, which is pretty much ’round about the Second World War, the military have been doing what it is that they do best, which is, they’re digging and start being defensive. So they started tunneling in and making all their trillions of dollars-worth of investment in our underground bases.

One of the things he told us was that in some locations, when they were excavating these giant bases that they’ve got, they broke into older bases that were there, deep underground, which have not been built by us.

Voice:  Whoo hoo!

BR:  Oh yeah. What he said was - and we had not heard this anywhere before - he said that these bases were thousands of years old and had evidently been excavated by our predecessors in their response to the similar situation that occurred in their world 12,000 years ago. OK?

Now, you correlate that with all the myths of the Great Flood that exist in 88 different cultures or however many it is now, and Plato’s report of the sinking of Atlantis -- and he was a good historian. He never got anything wrong.

Something happened back then. There’s a huge amount of circumstantial evidence, and some would say quite solid evidence, to suggest that a long time ago we had...

Before our current civilization, there’s a prior civilization that had its own high technology that might have been based on slightly different stuff than we’ve got here, but they were faced with exactly the same problems because these problems are cyclical.

And the cyclical problems are connected with the solar system’s rollercoaster journey around the Milky Way as it goes up and down like horses on a merry-go-round, going round and round, and round and round, and up and down, and up and down.

Every time it crosses the galactic plane there seems to be some problematic thing that happens that is connected with energetic space.

This does also link in with what other commentators, particularly David Wilcock and others -- David is a good friend of ours; we know him very well -- have commented about the fact that this is not necessarily always bad news.

This energetic space that we travel through regularly is also maybe something that prompts changes in our DNA, changes in the way that our consciousness functions, changes in the way that we’re able to access and process information.

Personally, I wouldn’t take it any further than that, but I do personally believe that there is some evidence to suggest, quite some circumstantial evidence to suggest, that not only are there Earth changes but there are consciousness changes. And all of this stuff is happening at the same time.

One of the things that Henry Deacon told us when we first met him back in September 2006, he said the problem is that everything is happening at the same time. It’s all converging. It’s all coming together.

He didn’t say what “everything” was, but he was emphasizing over and over again that the problems are multiple, and this is one of the reasons why they’re so confusing.

KC:  Yeah. And I wanted to say that Henry Deacon, from the early time we met him, he has been absolutely adamant in terms of what he was told by the government while he was working for black projects, how they were informed that these things were coming -- and therefore on the more negative side of the timeline -- and that they needed to be prepared for.

So, one of the things that Henry has been doing has been telling us about things like buying a car that is old enough not to be containing...

BR:  An engine management system.

KC:  ... so that The Powers That Be cannot drive your car for you and also so that it cannot be affected by the CMEs [coronal mass ejections] that come off the sun when the sun starts to get very active, which he said was going to be inevitable.

He basically is operating -- and many people from black projects -- it’s almost like, if you will, a form of programming, I have to say, in which they are told there is a roll-out. It’s basically the agenda as George Green has laid it out to you, and that’s why you get so many of the same reports.

Now, a lot of the agenda items haven’t actually happened yet, but as you see, the ball is starting to roll. Certainly the economy going down is maybe the tipping point.

So he has been cautioning us for two years to find a safe place, to do this, to do that, and make all these preparations for what he feels, he’s completely convinced, is coming and that’s absolutely inevitable.

Interestingly enough, we put him in touch with David Wilcock. Some of you will be familiar with David - maybe a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, depending on your point of view. David is very optimistic. David believes in ascension. David believes that consciousness is changing, that there’s something very positive coming out of all this.

Henry and David had a wonderful meeting of the minds. They’ve talked for hours and hours and hours. David was just on Coast to Coast reporting on a lot of our Henry Deacon testimony, things that Henry has told him about, you know, human-looking aliens that are working in the government.

We’ve also gotten that same testimony from Bob Dean who is an elder statesman and ex-military man who is definitely in the know as to what’s going on behind the scenes with the government.

So what’s very interesting is to see a black project person like our Henry Deacon get in touch with someone like David Wilcock and also resonate with some of the things that David is saying in terms of: Look, it’s not all dire. So that’s an interesting sort of side-light to what goes on.

What we do try to do is put some of our whistleblowers in touch with our other contacts. Often they strike up wonderful friendships, and there are meetings of the minds, and sometimes they can put two and two together, also, among themselves.

We also put George in touch with Jake Simpson, for example, so they’ve had some dialogue. Jake, for example, resonates very strongly with everything George is saying and wants to sort of go further along that line with George, because George is very instrumental in sort of making plans for: What can we do? If all of this is coming, what can we do?

That’s actually the next step that we want to talk about before we open up for questions. We created another website - it’s called - a few months ago. It has a forum in which what our objective was... Once we stated the problem with Camelot and described the problem, what we wanted to do was create solutions or possible solutions and connect people, so that they could find safe places if they felt that was necessary.

So, again, Project Avalon is set up to do that and I mentioned it before. [to Bill] Do you want to talk about it in general in any way?

BR:  Yeah. It was inspired, really, by our interview with George Green in that we... I think it was dated last April. We were so struck by his Ground Crew messages [ed. note: George’s channeled book, Messages for the Ground Crew] and it resonated with us so strongly.

The message of -- I’m just trying to think how to put it all into just a single sentence – it’s a message of hope against a backdrop of bad news, if you like.

In other words, we can do something about it, but we have to start now, and we have to connect with people. We have to work together. We have to form communities. We have to be smart. We have to be informed and then we’re into the chance, you know.

Now, to me that sounds like the kind of a thing that a coach would say before an important game. That’s the kind of thing that gets me motivated to play my best.

Other people might say: Hey, I quit. But some people are going to quit. And some people are going to step up to the plate and produce their very, very best at this time.

One of my favorite movies... Some of you may know this. It’s dated now, actually. This is with Jeff Bridges, called Starman. Anyone seen Starman? Hey, wow. OK. I love that movie.

One of the things he says at the very, very end... And the story of Starman:It’s a bit about an alien who has taken on a human body, and he’s on the run from the spooks that are trying to grab him, and so on and so forth.

He’s saying, towards the end of the movie, what he has learned from his short time operating as a human being on this planet. And his summary, as he says: The thing that is really wonderful about you is that when things are at their worst you are at your best. Such a moving line. That had a huge impact on me because it’s so true.

We have that capacity to step up to the plate, to give the American baseball term here. I’m English, you know, and I prefer cricket. [laughter] But it’s got something to do with rising to the occasion. It’s got something to do with responding to the challenge, and we can do this.

[to Kerry] Talk about Avalon.

KC:  No, no, no.

BR:  You want me to talk about it? OK. Fine.

KC:  Yeah, a little bit, yeah. And then we’ll open up for questions.

BR:  Yeah. It’s about connecting with people. It’s about synergy. It’s about the fact that individually we may fall, but together we may stand. You know. And there are groups that are forming all over the world. We called this what George is calling it in his wonderful little book... Where is it? We don’t have it.

KC:  No. 

BR:  Messages for the Ground Crew. You are the ground crew. We are the ground crew. Anyone else who’s paying attention to what’s going on here are the ground crew.

The message essentially is that the ground crew need to work together and they need to connect together. They need to form communities.

Now, a community isn’t necessarily just a little group of people at the end of a muddy road halfway up a mountain in Vilcabamba growing their own vegetables and hoping for the best. That’s not necessarily what a community is.

That was a little flip and I didn’t mean it that way, but the community can also be a street. It can be the people in your apartment. It can be people who are connected with each other who meet regularly who live in the city. You don’t have to relocate to Vilcabamba in order to operate.

Somebody... are they in this room? The person who said to me that they had been really worried about this, about where to go, and what to do, and what action to take, and what country should they be in? What community should they join?

On the Avalon forum, when this was being debated, one of the messages that they got that changed their whole outlook was: It’s not where you are. It’s what you are. OK? That person who reported that wonderful story to me... Yeah. Beautiful. Did I tell that right?

Voice:  That’s it. 

BR:  That’s it. OK. And there are other versions of that. It’s not necessarily a question of how many gold coins you’ve got in your pocket and whether you know how to grow vegetables. It’s not about that.

It’s about your relationships with people. It’s about whether you can make things work. Whether you can form teams with people. Whether your response to the crisis is: Oh my God, what am I going to do for myself? Or: Oh my God, what am I going to do about everyone else?

One of the stories which I love which is inspiring... I believe this is told in a wonderful book that inspired me a long time ago called A Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.  Who’ve read that? A lot of you, I’m sure.

Do you remember the story that he told about the researches being done into the miracles that had taken place at Lourdes? Because some people do receive miraculous curing at Lourdes.

A bunch of psychologists started to interview people who had received these healings, and some people who hadn’t, because it was useful to know how come it worked sometimes and how come it doesn’t work other times?

What they found out was that the people who had received healings were the people who had prayed for the healing for somebody else.

Voice:  Wow. [laughter]

BR:  Isn’t that a wonderful story?

Voices:  Uh huh. Yes.

BR:  And the lovely catch-22 about that is you can’t fake that, you see. Groucho Marx once said: Honesty and integrity make the world go round. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made. [laughter]

You can’t fake a prayer that someone else will get healed, hoping that you’re going to get the benefit. It doesn’t work that way. It’s got to be real, you see.

It’s that lifting of ourselves up to be the highest and the best that we can be so that we’re not going into this situation thinking: How can I save my own situation?

You’re going in there saying: What can I do that’s best for the human race? What can I do that’s best for everyone around me? [applause]

And if we do that, if all of us do that, if enough of us do that around the world at the same time, this is what’s going to save the situation, in my own estimation. It’s not a matter of sitting in power spots and meditating and doing... you know.

It’s not a question of ritual activity. It’s the question of intentional action that’s coming from the very highest place from inside you.

And for those of you who are saying, asking yourself and asking other people: What can I do? What can I do? Do what we did a long time ago in our naivety, in our ignorance -- we just started something not knowing where it was going to go but we just started by taking that first step.

We didn’t know where it was going to go, but you do what you can do by taking that first step. Whatever you can do, do it. It doesn’t really matter.

Talk to someone in the bus. Talk to someone in the plane. Start writing letters to people. Open up a website. Start contributing to the Avalon forum. Do whatever you can do. You know what you can do. We don’t.

And so it’s intentional action coming from the highest place of contribution. That’s what’s going to get us out of this mess.

Timelines can be changed. It’s not fixed. It’s not determined. No one knows what’s going to happen -- and this is good news, that no one knows what’s going to happen.


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