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Interview transcript - Part 1

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Luca Scantamburlo : The Return of Planet X - Part 1
Italy, February 2008

Start of interview

Kerry Cassidy: Hi, I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, and we’re here with Luca Scantamburlo.

Luca Scantamburlo: Nice pronunciation. Very Good. [Kerry laughs]

KC: And we’re very excited to be here with him, somewhere in Italy. We can’t say where. And we’re going to be covering some very interesting topics. Luca is an accomplished journalist. And he is also in contact with Cristoforo Barbato, and we are very interested to hear what Barbato has to say. And Luca has written articles on what Barbato has covered. We’re very interested in the Vatican connection and what you can tell us about that.

LS: My name is Luca Scantamburlo. I am 33 years old, and was born in Italy. And I got a qualification in journalism. Moreover, in the last two or three years, I wrote several articles about controversial affairs - UFOs, possible extraterrestrial presence on Earth and in the solar system. And one of my articles, an interpretation, was published also on Nexus New Times, which is a bi-monthly magazine published in Australia.

KC: Perhaps you can tell us how you got in contact with Cristoforo Barbato.

LS: Yes. Cristoforo Barbato was born in Naples in 1972, and my first contact with him was in 2002. He was editor-in-chief for a national magazine, and its name was Stargate Magazine. [pointing to shelf] Over there, on the bottom, there are some copies of the magazine, the Italian magazine for which Barbato was editor-in- chief. Stargate Magazine’s on the right.

On the left, there is a copy of it - it’s like a tabloid of another magazine for which Barbato worked in Rome. [Kerry picks up tabloid] Exactly, Kerry. Its name is Extra Terrestere. Now it doesn’t exist anymore. And that one was one of the magazines which talked about UFOs and related phenomena.

I’m sorry I don’t have a copy of another magazine which is missing here, for which Barbato worked. It was Stargate, not Stargate Magazine, like there [gesturing]; just Stargate. In that magazine, Barbato wrote several articles about the Third Secret of Fatima.

At that time I didn’t buy them; even I didn’t know them. And in 2002 I asked Barbato if he was interested to publish one of my work. And then, in 2002 he publish one of my articles. Another one came out in 2003. And what happened... In 2003, that magazine closed. So at that time, Cristoforo Barbato was not editor-in-chief any more. He lost the job, and he came back home.

And, you know, we never met each other at that time. We just had email contacts, phone calls. And what happened later, in 2005, what happened... I read a short article about Cristoforo Barbato’s research. And, that article was about strange footage shown to the public for the first time, in April 2005, in Pescara. Pescara is a big city on the Adriatic coast. The Adriatic is one of the seas over here, that we have in Europe.

And I was very curious, because in the article, the report was saying that that footage came from a Vatican insider who contacted Cristoforo Barbato in 2000, the year 2000. And, after a few contacts, Cristoforo Barbato got this footage. And he showed it to the public for the first time in 2005. But that footage, at that time, was not available in the web. It was a two minute footage.

And so I wrote an email to Cristoforo Barbato, and I asked him if there was any chance to see the footage, because the footage, as I told you, was not available. And he told me, Ah, yes, you can come to a conference. I have been invited to a conference in Santa Maria Magdalena. Which is a small village in Italy. And, on that occasion we can meet each other, and you can have the possibility to show the footage. Because I’m not going to give the footage to anybody. Because the conditions, when I received the footage, were very strict.

KC: Isn’t it true that Barbato kept quiet about his contact with this Vatican insider for several years...

LS: Yes.

KC: ...before he released any of the information?

LS: Yes. This is, ah... you under-pointed an important aspect. Just a little chronology to understand what happened... In the year 2000, he received the first messages by email, and by post - in Rome, by the normal post - and email. And, of course, he was very skeptical. At the beginning, this man qualified himself as a Vatican insider and little by little a relationship grew up. And, of course, even at the beginning, this “Deep Throat” gave to him a lot of information.

But Barbato was not satisfied, because... You know better than me, Kerry, Bill, that... [long pause] ...the world of insiders, the insider’s world, is very dangerous, because it’s very difficult to distinguish the truth and the false information. So, he was not satisfied. And he asked him a meeting.

You know, I can imagine that, for the insider, it was a difficult request because, if he is not an imposter, he is risking his life, and maybe the life of somebody else. But in spite of everything, the meeting took place. More than one.

KC: More than one. And do you know where it took place?

LS: Yes, because Barbato made the news public.

KC: Mm hm.

LS: The first meeting, even the second one, took place in the year 2001, in Rome, in a public space. I don’t know where. Barbato never told me. Of course, I can understand him.

Bill Ryan [off camera]: I imagine that Cristoforo would have asked his source: Why are you telling me this information?

LS: Yes. Even... Yes, yes. This came out even in the interview that I had with Cristoforo Barbato because during the interview that he gave me - the interview was published in April, 2006, on the monthly magazine, UFO Notiziario, in Italy. But he gave me the interview a few weeks before, because we arranged the interview. It was a written interview. I had not the possibility to meet him. And I asked him the same question - Why he is doing this? Why he did such a thing?

And the answer is in the Jesuit’s words. Because the Jesuit and some of his colleagues which are part of an intelligence structure, intelligence agency - presumed intelligence agency - because officially the Vatican has not an intelligence agency. Him and other colleagues were ... had, maybe, I think. They had a moral problem. They knew that the events that sooner or later will come in the following years, even now - because this happened in the past; it happened in the year 2000 - would involve all the creatures of the Earth. Nobody excluded.

BR: All the creatures.

LS: All the creatures. It means, of course, every latitude of the planet.

KC: Mm hm.

LS: I think they had a moral problem. There is a similar story in the Greek tradition, and it is the so-called Antigone problem, the problem of Antigone, you know. There is a law. And if you do respect the law, there is the risk to hurt your feelings, hurt, you know, your sense of humanity. So you have to make a choice - follow the laws, the rules, and, you know, destroy your sense of humanity. Otherwise, break the rules.

KC: Mm hm.

LS: To follow...

KC: So this Jesuit came forward. He’s a Jesuit?

LS: Yes. But he came forward, he came out, only with Cristoforo Barbato. Because him and his colleagues choose the person. And that person is Cristoforo Barbato. They made a choice.

KC: They chose him because he was a respected journalist, and for...

LS: For many reasons. Yes.

KC: And for, in Italy..

LS: Yes, this was absolutely one of them. But the others were, first of all, Cristoforo Barbato was young. You know, the young people are usually - not always - more courageous. You know, because when you are getting older, you have more responsibilities, maybe you have a family, maybe you have a reputation. You know ... no more story.

KC: So, Cristoforo was how old when he was approached in 2000? Do you know?

LS: He was born in 1972, so he was 28 years old.

KC: Ah.

LS: Now, there probably is... There other reasons, of course. More than one. Cristoforo Barbato, in my opinion, is a loyal person. You cannot buy him. This is what I think. And he is very [smacks table with his hand] tough-ass guy. And, maybe because he is honest.

KC: I see. Very Good. Okay. Because, obviously, he set the bar fairly high for this Jesuit. In other words, he insisted... First of all, he took a long time to release the story. Second of all, he checked it out.

LS: Because he was not convinced. He did a lot of researches to check if the information were accurate, where you know... The Jesuit gave him a lot of information. He gave him some pictures, a footage on a video tape - not on a CD ROM, not a DVD ROM. We’re talking about the year 2000. He received it parcel post.

KC: Uh huh.

LS: Inside was a video tape, VHS, you know.

KC: Uh huh. Did he have the VHS tested, do you know?

LS: He converted the video in digital form, but he did this with not professional equipment, so the quality of the video is not quite high. Also, I think that if we had the possibility, the chance, to see the original footage, maybe we could have more information about the, you know, the validity of the footage. Because we are talking about a footage of a presumed observation in deep space, where, of course, you know, the visible light is almost nothing.

Important note: Luca Scantamburlo states that the
Planet X footage shown in this video is NOT the original
film given to Barbato by the Jesuit, but is a very close
copy or recreation of the original.


KC: And what is the footage showing us?

LS: Yes. The footage... It seems that the footage shows a planetoid not known to modern astronomy - the official knowledge of modern astronomy. It’s been edited also. This is another important thing. I mean, there are two different parts [claps hands, indicating joining] put together.

KC: Okay, and it was shot with a camera on what spacecraft?

LS: With a camera on a space probe which, according to his Deep Throat, belongs, by secrecy, to the Vatican. The name of the space probe would be Siloe. Siloe, by the way, is a Biblical word that you can find in your Bible, in the New Testament, a couple of times. I don’t remember the exact point, but anyway, it’s a story about what Jesus Christ did, and during those far days in Palestine. There was a blind man. Am I correct? He was not able to see? And Jesus Christ did something and said to him: Now you can go to the siloe source of water, wash your eyes over there, and you will have your sight again. You will have your sight. This is what the man...

KC: In English, would we say “silo”?

LS: Yes, silo. The spelling is S-I-L-O-E. Siloe is a place in Jerusalem, which is sacred to the Christians. And this space probe would be part of the space program.

KC: Who is it? Who supposedly built the space probe?

LS: This presumed space probe would have been produced, arranged in Area 51, Nevada, by Lockheed Martin.

KC: Ah. Okay. This information is from Deep Throat?

LS: Yes.

KC: All about...

LS: But the main point is... This is what I want to underline, under-point - that before the first meeting between Cristoforo Barbato and this Jesuit, Barbato checked his credentials. And he did this before and even during their first meeting, because the Jesuit showed his credentials to Barbato. And, on that occasion - of course, Barbato was still skeptical, you know - he had no doubts any more on his identity.

We’re not talking about, you know, the evidence of the Jesuit footage, the other pictures and of the whole story. What Barbato understood without doubt, was the identity of that Deep Throat. He knows the name, the surname, his, you know, what he did. Of course, he had to protect the source of information because of the intelligence.

KC: Right. Was he... OK. The organization, the secret organization that this Jesuit is a member of, is part of the clandestine Intel services of the Vatican. And what is it called?

LS: Barbato received this information. The intelligence agency would be Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano, Vatican Intelligence Service. And the code name would be S-I-V, from the Italian expression.

But what it is very interesting is that Barbato found out later on, on an essay written in the United States, on an historical essay written by John Loftus and Mark Aarons - its name is Ratlines - that there is a reference to this agency. And there is the exact expression that the Jesuit in Italy gave to Barbato - Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano. You can find it on any edition of that book, Ratlines. And this book was even published here in Italy. So, I checked with my eyes.

KC: Uh huh.

LS: Barbato found out this later.

KC: Right. Okay, but this is... What is the meaning - Secretum Omega?

LS: Secretum Omega would be, according to Barbato’s Deep Throat, the highest level of clearance in this agency.

KC: And is he saying...

LS: It is dividing Secretum Omega - first, second and third level.

KC: Okay, was this Jesuit a member of the highest level?

LS: Yes, he was one of the members of the... Yes. I don’t know which. I don’t remember to which level, because ... [gestures scissors cutting] ... We cut here, because ... I’m sorry.

KC: That’s okay!

LS: You know, it’s very difficult for me.

KC: Start again, with this part. So the Jesuit is a member of the highest level, or possibly the highest level, of the Secret SIV.

LS: Yes. This is what I had understood. Yes, he was at that time, an active member.

KC: Now, you’re saying was. Is there information, that Barbato received, that he’s left this agency?

LS: [deep sigh] I don’t know anything about this.

KC: I see.

LS: What I know for sure... At least for a couple of years they were in contact, but I don’t think they are in contact any more.

KC: Okay.

LS: Moreover, he did his job. He did even more than what he was thinking to do, because Barbato ask a meeting and, you know, this was something that they... maybe they did not think about this. But the point is, as I told you. You know, it’s usually - when you have a Deep Throat, when you have an insider, when you have a source of information - most of the times, you don’t know the identity. Most of the times. [sighs]

If there is somebody from the Vatican who did this - with, of course, the support of other people - you cannot imagine, you know, a single person which belongs to such a high agency...[choosing words carefully] agency, you know, not of a normal state. We’re talking about the Vatican.

The Vatican is a small state, you know. But, it’s a tradition, it’s a reputation. Moreover, the importance... You have a state in which you have politics and also you have faith, you know. You have it together. And...

KC: So this man is coming forward secretly. He’s backed by a couple other people in the Vatican?

LS: I don’t know the numbers, but I can imagine a few of them.

KC: Okay.

LS: A minority of course, because it’s not an official position of the Vatican.

KC: Okay. And what they’re saying is that there is a planet out in the solar system, approaching...

LS: Approaching us.

KC: ...approaching us. The Earth.

LS: Yes. There is the...

BR: Is it a planet, Luca, or is it just some large body?

LS: That’s an interesting question. An interesting question because... well. What Barbato knew about this - because we had a conversation, we had many discussions - what he knew without doubt is that the Jesuit told him that this planetoid, which it seems that is coming in the solar system, would be - according to the Jesuit it is - the so-called Planet X, or the ancient god Nibiru. And Marduk, according to the Babylonians.

So “Planet X” is a scientific expression for something that should be out there. But at least officially, up to now, there is no evidence. I mean... indirect evidence there are, but direct evidence, officially, observation from some observatories, there aren’t, officially. But, there are indirect evidence that there should be something out there.

But the Jesuit pointed out this - that planetoid is the Sumerian planet. I mean, what the Sumerians called Nibiru, “the planet of crossing,” that everybody, you know, should be familiar with this because Zecharia Sitchin, for example - the well-known historian, Russian historian, who lives in New York - wrote many books about this. The Jesuit told Barbato the planetoid IS the so-called Nibiru planet.

BR: Do you know what they called it, in the Vatican? What their name for it is?

LS: No. I don’t know. I can have some ideas about this. Because if you look in the New Testament, John’s book, the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, there is a passage in which - maybe - there is a reference to this body. But if you consider that book, the Book of Revelation, not just a book about metaphysical or, just, you know, a future which will involve the spiritual forms; if you consider that book as a book with a, I mean... [searching for correct words]... I mean, how can I call them? Future events?

KC: Prophetic.

LS: But retaining symbolic, in symbolic...How do you say?

KC: Language.

LS: In symbolic language. If you consider that book under these terms, there is a strange passage in which there is a word. This word is Wormwood.

KC: Ah. Yes.

LS: And it seems that there could be a connection with strange phenomena. I’m talking about celestial phenomena. Because if I remember well, in that passage the book is telling us about a strange star which will appear and its color will be red. And its name is Wormwood. But coming back to your question, Kerry, I have never... I have no idea about what is the name in this secret agency.

KC: Okay, then can you tell us, what is the background of the Jesuit? In other words, what did he tell Barbato besides the fact that there was a planet coming?

LS: Yes. He confirmed this.

KC: Was it connected with the Third Secret of Fatima? Was it connected? Because we know that Barbato has written in the past, articles about this.

LS: Yes. Yes. To answer to your question... One of the main reasons for which the Jesuit and his colleagues DECIDED to contact Barbato was because of his articles published in the year 2000, on Stargate, the magazine (the monthly magazine, not Stargate Magazine, which is the following magazine which was published, but the former one, Stargate) in which Barbato wrote several articles about the Third Secret of Fatima, especially on the base of the researchers which are ... who are Portuguese researchers - Fina d’Armada. And the other gentleman is a historian.

And that book has a strange title, you know - Extraterrestrial Intervention at Fatima, something like this. [Note: The English title is: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomena.] You can find that anywhere, perhaps you want, on the Internet. And because of his articles about the Third Secret of Fatima. And, at that time, the year 2000, there was also a conference press held by the Vatican and there was the official revelation by the Vatican of the Third Secret of Fatima. And, if you read the revelation, there is a vision of a Bishop dressed in white, who dies, together with other Christians.

But, there is no sign of cataclysms, you know, problems for all the Earth. But, for example, there is a nice book, this one [takes book from shelf] written by a very famous Italian journalist. His name is Antonio Socci. He wrote the book and the title is, Quarto Segreto di Fatima, which in Italian means The Fourth Secret of Fatima. It doesn’t mean that there is the fourth secret. It’s just a play of words, but supported by strong evidence which indicate that there is a part of the secret that - maybe - was not released to the public yet. And according to this book, to the author, Antonio Socci, he found out that because of his researches, that maybe the secret written by Sister Lucia Dos Santos, was divided in two parts.

One part is the so-called VISION, which was made public, and is the official version, according to the author, released by the Vatican, in year 2000. Maybe - according to the author - there is another piece of the secret, which is still secret. And, that one would be the explanation of the vision.

KC: Okay, now the vision was of the Bishop in white...

LS: Yes.

KC: With some people...

LS: Christians.

KC: Christians. Who died.

LS: Who died. Who die in a terrible, terrible way.

KC: A terrible way.

LS: They don’t die because of natural causes. They die because somebody is killing, killing them.

KC: Somebody.

LS: Yes. Yes. Soldiers, if I remember correct.

KC: Okay now, is this written about by Barbato, when he talked about the Third Secret of Fatima?

LS: Unfortunately, I have not the copies of the magazines.

KC: Uh huh. But this definitely took... The Jesuit’s attention was brought to this.

LS: Yes. You got the point. [picture of three children at Fatima on screen]. Because of this, because Barbato, of course, was not convinced that that message was the original message written by Sister Lucia. But by way, it seems that it contains twenty, twenty-five lines in Portuguese language. Twenty, twenty-five lines. And, if you pay attention to the official version, there is a discrepancy between...because the official version of the Third Secret of Fatima is longer.

But we know that Sister Lucia wrote a lot about the Third Secret of Fatima, maybe some notes about the vision and maybe a few lines about the explanation of the vision. And we are talking about what the Blessed Virgin Mary told her in the far year 1917, in Portugal, at Fatima. And also, in this book, you know, the research, the historical research, who indicates that Lucia, one of the three children, had a lot of problems to put on the paper the secret, because the secret, was, you know, maybe full of difficult things to accept.

And, if you pay attention to the other secrets, the First and the Second were about wars, the loss of faith, the rise of Communism in the Soviet Union. We are talking about, you know, planetary events. So it’s quite strange, you know that the Third Secret is the death of a Bishop on some stairways. It doesn’t make too much sense, according to me. But anyway...

The articles written by Barbato were about even the presence of another child, who was a witness of strange phenomena in those days at Fatima. If I remember well, her name was Carolina Carriera - if I remember well. And so the children who were witnesses were four, not three. I mean, in front of the crowd, when there was some miracle, there were three children. But there was another one, the fourth witness.

But most important was the contribution of the Portuguese book written by the Fina d’Armada. According to Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’Armada, who are the authors of an outstanding book published in Portugal in 1982 about the possible extraterrestrial presence at those times, there was one more child involved in the strange phenomena at that time.

Moreover - this is the most important thing - what did they do? They checked the original transcript of the children, what they SAID at the beginning. Another point that I want to, you know, to make very clear, I’m not saying that the Blessed Virgin Mary does exist. This is very important. We had so many apparitions in Europe and France and Italy, you know. Even, I’m sure you are familiar with Medjugorje presumed-apparition, in the ex-Yugoslavia.

KC: OK. Certainly these are visions and apparitions, as you call them, of what appears to be the Virgin Mary. Anything is possible if it is generated by ETs.

LS: Something happened, for sure.

KC: Okay.

LS: Because in the last apparition, you had thousands and thousands of people who were witnesses of the so-called “Sun Miracle,” the Miracle of the Sun. You know? And of course, under the astronomical point of view, the sun... Nothing happened to the sun. Maybe something, you know, came from the heaven, from the sky, and it looked like a sun, but was not the sun. And there were many journalists, and there were witnesses, you know. And, they wrote articles on the newspapers, the Portugal newspapers. Something happened at that time. But what the...

KC: What did the children say? You said that they went back to the original testimony of the children. So what was the difference?

LS: Yes. The authors of the Portuguese book checked the original papers, where there were, you know, the original words. And they understood that, at the beginning, the impressions of the children were that there was a strange creature, apparently female and she did not move the lips. For example, she looked like maybe 14, 16 years old. So she was not a woman. She was a teenager.

KC: Okay.

LS: She had something in the hands, like a spear. She has a dress, a strange, you know, strange dress, strange suit. She did not look like the Blessed Virgin Mary, but this does mean that the Blessed Virgin Mary does not exist, of course.

KC: So is this what Barbato wrote about?

LS: Barbato studied the Portuguese book. This book is not published in Italy in Italian. Barbato studied the original one.

KC: Oh, wonderful!

LS: Anyway, because of this and other consideration made by Barbato on the basis of other, you know, churchmen, theologians and priests, who were not so... too much happy about the official version, Barbato wrote several articles. And, you know...

KC: So this had to catch the attention of the Jesuits and had to do with WHY they choose him?

LS: Yes. And they were following him even before.

KC: I see. And you know this because they told him this?

LS: Yes. I think so, yes. This is what I understood, you know, from my contacts with Barbato.

KC: Okay, and we’re going to speak with him today, is that right?

LS: Yes.

KC: Okay. So, here you have this mystery. You have the Third Secret of Fatima, you have him chosen...

LS: Excuse me, if I interrupt.

KC: Absolutely.

LS: The strange thing is that Barbato did not come out with information about the Third Secret of Fatima. There is not a single word about the Third Secret of Fatima. [sighs deeply] Maybe because it was a choice made by the Jesuits. Maybe because it was a choice made by Barbato.

Anyway, according to me, in my opinion, there could be a connection between this planet, which is an intruder - which WAS an intruder in our solar system in ancient past - and now it seems is a part of our solar system, and the Third Secret of Fatima.

KC: So are you saying that you’re making the connection but the Jesuit did NOT make that connection?

LS: No. There is not a single word from Barbato, which, you know, is a link, you know. Barbato did an outstanding work before the Jesuit footage came out. But...

KC: Okay. So you’re saying this is sort of what we call a “synchronicity?” Do you understand when I say that word, “synchronicity?”

LS: Yes.

KC: It means two events that are happening...

LS: Barbato is... in my opinion, Barbato is perfectly aware, is conscious of what there is behind the Third Secret of Fatima. First of all, because...

KC: Because he knows...

LS: First of all because he studied the subject, you know.

KC: Yes.

LS: For example, this book [picks up Socci book] is very important but it does not mention Cristoforo Barbato. But for example, it mentions Malachi Martin, who was a former Jesuit, very famous in the United States of America, because of...

KC: Malachi Martin?

LS: Malachi Martin, yes.

KC: Ah, yes.

LS: He participated to the Coast to Coast talk show...

KC: Yes, absolutely.

LS: Hosted by Art Bell.

KC: Very respected.

LS: And he died in 1999.

KC: That’s right.

LS: But he did something about the Third Secret of Fatima. He was not Jesuit any more because... He worked by the Holy See, in Vatican, in the ‘60s, in the last century. He was one of the assistants of a Cardinal. So in my opinion, he had the possibility to be involved in some secret aspects of the Vatican affairs. Anyway, in that book, Antonio Socci wrote a few lines about Malachi Martin and is not too much convinced about his witnesses, about his testimony. But anyway, it’s important because it mentioned Malachi Martin in the book and it doesn’t mention Cristoforo Barbato’s researches. It mentioned Malachi Martin because of his statements made at the Coast to Coast, the Art Bell show.

KC: Uh huh.

LS: But it doesn’t mention what Malachi Martin said at Art Bell show, about something that is approaching us, according to Malachi Martin’s words. And this is a quite important point.

KC: What did Malachi Martin say was approaching us?

LS: Yes.

KC: Do you know?

LS: Yes. I remember. I have the transcript of his words. I can read it for you. But anyway...

KC: That’s okay. We can put the words on the screen...

LS: Yes, I can tell you...

KC: ...and you can tell us your version.

LS: Yes, but the main point is the building of a new telescope by the Vatican on Mount Graham, in Arizona. This is an official astronomical site held by Vatican, in collaboration with the Arizona University. The name is Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope. It is in public domain, they have a website, and the telescope has a mirror with a diameter about 1.8 meter. It’s expensive, a few million dollars.

KC: Why is that significant?

LS: Because it’s a little bit strange that you build an advanced telescope if, I mean, the main affairs of your country is keeping the faith, the Catholic faith, alive. So, the question made by Art Bell to Malachi Martin was: Why did they do this, Father?

And the answer of the former Jesuit, Malachi Martin, was the following, if I remember: Because those who are amongst the highest levels of the Vatican and the geopolitics know that what is approaching us could be of great import in the next 5 years, 10 years. Unquote. And this was said in 1997. Now we are in 2008.

But, you know, the problem is that we are facing radical climate changes. So if you give a look to the scientific articles about climate changes, there is not, you know, just one line. There are different lines. There are many scientists who say, Yes there are radical changes, the climate changes. We are guilty of this because of the pollution, because of the...

KC: Right. But they’re also saying – and, you know, we’ve interviewed David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland about this, which is - saying that the outer planets of our solar system are heating up.

LS: Yes. As a matter of fact, Richard Hoagland is the author, if I remember well, of the first article, written in 2003, about climate changes in the solar system. It was made available on his website.

KC: Yes.


KC: That’s right.

LS: And, it was in 2003. One of the most important points was that during the conversation between this Deep Throat - the Jesuit from the Vatican - and Barbato, the Jesuit said to Barbato that this planet, the presumed Planet X, Nibiru, would begin... would have begun... to affect the solar system from year 2004. And this happened in year 2000 or 2001.

KC: So why did Barbato stay silent about this story until 2005? Wasn’t it 2005 that he released it?

LS: It was 2005, yes. He came out from the booth in April 2005 when he was one of the spokesmen at the conference in Pescara, held by a local association - UFObserver - for many reasons. But the most important was that he didn’t realize... He didn’t realize his source of information. In spite of he check the credential; in spite of he checked, you know, the studies of Zecharia Sitchin. [picks up Sitchin’s book] Here’s his last book about the Earth Chronicles. And it talks, of course, about the End of Days.

KC: End of Days.

LS: Yes.

KC: If you could hold that up so we can get the... that would be... Yes. [camera shot of book]

LS: And so Barbato did a lot of researches about the information that the Jesuit gave to him.

KC: So it took him that long to become certain that it was okay.

LS: Also, I think he was afraid because this story... [Smiles] You interviewed Bob Dean, the former Sergeant-Major.

KC: That’s right.

LS: And he used an expression that I like so much about extraterrestrial affairs, about possible extraterrestrial presence in our solar system. He said this: This story is dynamite.

I perfectly agree with him! This story is dynamite because if Nibiru DOES exist, first of all, it’s a threat to all of us because its orbit, if it is the orbit described in the ancient text in Mesopotamia, is a cometary obit. So it means that at a certain point, this planet will be close to the sun and close to the other planets. And if its mass is bigger than Earth mass, we can have a lot of problems.

Also, because of - I can imagine - this planet has a magnetic field. As a matter of fact, there are... there is a strange behavior in the solar activity. And for a strange coincidence - but I don’t believe in the coincidence - this solar cycle, the solar cycle 24, will have its peak, its maximum, in the year 2011, 2012. And this doesn’t come from me, it doesn’t come from the Jesuit, it doesn’t come from Barbato. It comes from scientific forecasts made by NASA employees.

BR: I have to ask: what did the Jesuit say in terms of hard information about this planetoid’s orbit and its size, and its nature? Whether it’s a rocky planet or a big gas giant like Saturn? Or is it...

LS: The planet was described by Zecharia Sitchin. So we have an atmosphere, and we have the possibility to have life on the surface. It’s the planet described by the Sumerians.

BR: That’s what the Jesuit said?

LS: Yes, it’s Nibiru. But, he said more about the space program that they would have... that the Vatican, by secrecy, would have. We are talking about the Siloe Space Program. The Siloe Space Program would be part of the bigger one, and its name is Kerigma. Kerigma is a Greek word. It means “proclamation, annunciation.”

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