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Zürich Workshop transcript

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Dan Burisch/Marci McDowell Zürich Workshop
Zürich, Switzerland, 10 July 2009

[Ed note: Normally the transcripts that had any parts in them that had been difficult for the transcribers to hear were put in “audibles” in square brackets in red for Bill Ryan to attend to, fix, then he’d post the transcript; however, due to unexpected interruptions in the normal working process in Project Camelot, this normal process was not able to proceed forward, so the audibles were left in the square brackets.]

Before the Workshop begins:

DAN BURISCH (DB): I could just keep talking and blabbering on for hours and hours and hours about how the immune system functions. That’s not our purpose here today. There’s something larger to our purpose here.

But what we found out was this: We found out that somewhere in the back of the room there was a small group of individuals who... varied belief system. This belief system comes from another nation-state, from what we’re hearing. We’ve heard that this happened from two separate individuals. One individual told us about it who lives here in Switzerland, and another individual told us about it who lives in France, and they were independent pieces of information which came to us.

AND WE SAID: Oh my God, a belief system.

We were talking primarily about the science of the issues, not a belief system. This would be like a Christian telling a Muslim that they’re wrong or a Muslim telling a Christian. That may be the way that it was perceived, and it was never intended that way. We are speaking only for the science of the issue.

And what we’d just like to say to those individuals, even to those... what word did they use? “Bullshit,” did I hear?

[MANY VOICES]: Oh yes. [and other inaudible responses]

DB: Because those individuals who courageously stayed – and this is why we invited people up onto the stage – you’re the center, the center of a great mass of people that has no specific center aside from, hopefully, love. You’re the center of all of this, not we. We were simply... well, we drew that straw to do what we’re doing. And what we would like to say to you, the individuals who courageously came up to the stage, is: Wonderful. Thank you.

And to those that we promised that we would put your letters on the front of Eagles Disobey, we will when we get home. We’ll get them scanned in and we’ll get them up as-is, no changes to them. You have a right to have your say, and that’s why Eagles Disobey exists.

To those individuals who “labeled,” acted fearful, acted angry, God bless you, and God bless them. God bless you and your belief system and we hope you have long and happy and healthy lives.

What would you. . . Oh, oh, I tell everybody we have no real plans here this morning. This is up to you.

AUDIENCE MEMBER (AM): A free-form forum.

DB: What is behind us here is something which has never been broadcast to the people of Earth before. [side talk with audio engineer]

AUDIO ENGINEER: We are streaming, yes. It’s live. We’re all on the air. [background voices discussing phone call] We’re just supporting it to include the people here...

DB: [voices overtalking] All right, let’s leave this for a few moments to give the rest of the people who are intending on arriving... Maybe those present who know the individuals who are arriving can help us, we plead, to pass on the information that we’ve already provided, our feelings about these issues. We’d be grateful to you all. [background voices]

GROUND CREW MEMBER: Ruth wants to have a couple of minutes to work around 10:00 to work with …

DB: Sure, to speak with these individuals?

RUTH: Yes.

DB: Oh sure. Very fine, very fine.

RUTH: Yes.

DB: We’ll wait until you’re concluded with that, then we’ll continue speaking.

MARCIA McDOWELL (MMcD): We didn’t realize that it wasn’t 10:00 o’clock yet, so...

DB: I realized. I just started talking. [laughter]

MMcD: So we’re going to hold back just a little bit because there are still some people coming, and we want to make sure everybody gets in and gets seated. So bear with us a little bit. It’s going to go...

DB: To those looking at my strange driver’s license, please return it, [laughter] because even though I don’t drive that much in Las Vegas, Marcia does most of the driving...

MMcD: We really need it.

DB: Yeah.

MMcD: So please give it back. [laughs]

DB: So we’re going to wait just a few minutes and then Ruth, I understand, wishes to speak with everyone here. And to those listening on the Internet, Hi. Ah... we’ll just...

MMcD: We’ll just kind of pause it.

DB: All right. [background conversation, audience chatter] Everyone is going to hear a short audio clip with some images attached to it – it was easier to do it in Windows Movie format than bring an AVI [Audio Video Interleave, multimedia format by Microsoft] in here – from the morning of March 28 with Marcia actually speaking to the group the morning that the T2 date arrived.

You’re gonna hear some anger at her because we had some representatives of the Illumes present, and specifically...

AM: Illumes?

DB: The Illuminati ...specifically individuals who had added my name to the treaty system that ultimately resulted in what you all heard last night. So there was some anger that you will hear in her voice. Please understand that this was anger toward them, not anger toward anyone else.

MMcD: I haven’t told to... even if I have to... [inaudible]

DB: Drag me and stop me? And did you say strangle?

MMcD: No manually, if I have to stop you. We’re going to have a five-minute, and then a one-minute warning for tape change. A tape change takes about 30 to 40 seconds, so if I had to like drag you and stop you from speaking, I would have to do something drastic.

DB: What happens if you’re speaking when this happens? Moses supposes that roses are roses, right?

MMcD: Moses supposes erroneously.

AM: You’re going to stop her? [laughter / audience banter]

DB: Should we step out while... I think it’d be...

MMcD: No, I think she wants to work with all of us.

DB: All right. Do you want to have a seat here?

MMcD: Yes, I think I will. Thank you.

DB: Yeah, just move it aside.

WOMAN FROM AUDIENCE: ...but I can speak out loud?

AUDIO ENGINEER: This is an open mike setup.

AM: If you’re going to give us your ID, just pass your credit card and... [laughter]

DB: You assume I have a bank account, dude? Speak to wife; she handles money. [laughter]

Workshop begins:

RUTH: We are all very much looking forward to this workshop... I would like to take two minutes just to get back to yourselves, back to your energetic flow in your body.

Sometimes we get so much into our minds and so much into ideas and so much into emotions that we get drawn away. So let’s take a minute to get back in some kind of place, and I want to give you a sound that might help you to come back. [hits gong type of instrument which makes long reverberating sound; audience quiets down]

I always like to connect myself with my Higher Self, with heaven, in a way, and let some energy flow from the third eye, to the toes, to the floor, and let all the heaviness run out into the ground so that my spirit can take over, that my Higher Self can take over because this includes the body and we are all friends up there. [silence for a moment]

Thank you very much. Enjoy the workshop with Dan and Marcia. [rings gong softly once again]

DB: Thank you. All right. The reason why this driver’s license was being passed around while some of you were coming in, is I had asked what the difference was between...

MMcD: Stand up. They can’t see you.

DB: They can see... You mean the cameras. Well.

MMcD: I was getting a signal from the back.

DB: We will just move this over here. It’s only for a couple of hours to stand. I had asked what the difference was between my personal driver’s license and the driver’s license of the Illuminati. One individual correctly indicated: The difference is they don’t have them. That kind of filth is driven around in limousines.

I had also indicated, at the risk of restating a few things which... [responding to Marcia] Yes, I’m going to get to the phone call. I’m not psychic, but yes, I’m going to get to the phone call.

At the risk of re-stating a couple of things that you’ve already heard, we understand that there was a group of individuals who had a “belief system” present yesterday, and none of us, especially Marcia and myself, wish to offend anyone who was carrying a belief system reference the existence of bacteria, viruses, fungi, things like that.

We were speaking from a scientific point of view, from the evidence that we know to be true, and we’re not wishing to collide at all with anyone’s belief system. Yet we must stand with what we know to be true as well, and we can always find common ground with one another. The common ground is always love.

Yesterday, after the rather exciting evening that we had, Marcia and I were notified by one of our team members that a satellite call arrived through a sat-phone from one of our team members here in Zurich.

We’ve got some of the Eagles team here in Zurich. I can actually show you... As long as they’re not placed on film whatsoever, maybe near the end, I will show you what some of our team members actually look like.

Some of you may have seen our former Forum. In the Eagles team they use such avatars as Mongrel and Owl and Caspa and Camel Duster. Everybody knows about the Mongrel. [makes an animal noise] [laughter] When you see what this very strange and very loving man looks like, you’ll probably laugh again.

But we received a satellite call from the former head of the Consistory of the Majestic. Yes, at least two to three of the former twelve were listening yesterday, and listening to you all.

MMcD: Everybody.

DB: I hadn’t heard this sound in his voice. [there is a disturbance in the room] Now we’re being interrupted! Now come on in, come on in. I can’t take such interruptions! [laughter]

I hadn’t heard this kind of a crackling, this kind of a shaken sound in his voice since the 1990s. Of course, he’s retired back into industry now from government service, after the last administration departed. Well, he was already out and then he left.

He was very afraid for Marcia and I because he was only hearing audio feed, and everyone knows that’s lovely, just the audio feed. We’ve asked Bill, by the way: Please rush the entire video out so that everybody can see everything in context. And he said he would do the best that he could.

But he was very worried specifically for me, and we told him: Look, as we passed the phone back and forth, you sent us out here. Had you not given these orders...

The original purpose of my debriefing was for archival purposes, Marcia’s private archive.

MMcD: I had intended to simply record for posterity as much as possible about Dan’s experiences so that if someday we needed them as a reference, they would be available. That was the whole purpose, the sole purpose, of trying to archive so much of his experience. Then it became more.

DB: These days, these conferences, were never in consideration, never a thought of mine. I just wanted, and continue... and although I love every one of you... but I would want to continue just doing the research that we’re doing, and to back-engineer some of the devices that we spoke about. In the Lotus research that you will see, some of the images weren’t shown in any other places such as maybe even CalTech.

[brief interruption and chatter as new people come in; new camera set up]

In any case, I told him: You sent us out here and you needed to expect that the people would rightfully and rightly express themselves to us.

After a few more minutes of conversation and some tears between him and I, I told him to listen to the peoples’ voices that he heard and to make sure that the videos which were coming out of this conference were forwarded to the group which took over after Majestic.

[to Marcia] Should we just go ahead and name them? Name it?

The group which took over... and this is going to be a very big problem, because this is streaming out live; it’s being maintained for public record. The new group which took over after Majestic is named Scion, S-C-I-O-N (not S-I-O-N as in the Priory of Sion) [laughter]... S-C-I-O-N, which means a transplant, such as when you would transplant a shoot of a tree onto another tree, it’s called a scion. It’s a biological term.

MMcD: It’s a name alike but it is a spelling difference.

DB: They had asked Marcia and myself for some suggestions for names, and that biological term, that term actually came from me, and it was adopted as such. Now, this statement which just went live over the Internet is now out there forever, and it will cause serious military-industrial complex problems within the shadow government, even in our own country. But, again, you have the right to know. An individual yelled out last night: Tell us all you know.

MMcD: That’s a little difficult. [laughter]

DB: I can tell you as we would proceed over the years, everything that I know and I understand and that I’ve been educated to understand... save those future issues that it’s truly my conviction, my heart, that should remain silent, those issues about a potential future, because I truly believe and I hope you all believe this as well, that we’re going to write our own future together. It’s ours to take. That’s the birthright that I was speaking about yesterday.

MMcD: But the upshot to this conversation, the upshot to this conversation was that there was a question of whether people were capable of handling Disclosure.

DB: Mm, hm.

MMcD: That’s why essentially we were sent out with the orders we were sent out with. I think it was a testing of the water. We said, we told them...

DB: Yes.

MMcD: ...that: These people can take it.

DB: They can handle this.

MMcD: They can handle this. They’re strong, they’re powerful, they’re not afraid. They’re not afraid to get like that with us.

DB: No.

MMcD: And we’re not afraid to talk. These people can take this. So take that back to the powers, the new group, and say:Think about this and make sure you make the right decision. These people can handle this.”

DB: I got to tell you, we, we... [indicating audience member should speak] Yeah, please...

AM: I would like to know the background of the reason why Majestic has sent you out for this Disclosure. That is normally not in their politics at this time. Is that correct?

DB: No, no, it is not. This argument, which culminated in 2002 inside of The Committee of the Majority, which was a cover committee over the Majestic, resulted in the Majestic literally fraying and falling apart.

The reason that we were sent out is because Looking Glass data actually showed that a rise of consciousness in the world’s population prior and during this period of transition could actually benefit in our survival during it. So that’s why we say we’re not the center of this, you are.

MMcD: It’s everybody.

DB: It’s everybody who is, in my humble conviction and understanding, just saving the world.

MMcD: [to audience member] Yes?

AM: Isn’t it more to the point that they’re fearful of not whether people take it, but more for their own safety?

DB: Oh, absolutely they are!

MMcD: Yeah.

DB: Absolutely they are. I have rudely called them gutless before, and spineless, and have been in text, and in record, and even in interviews, labeling them.

MMcD: Because they have a… [unclear]. They dumped …

DB: They still were. They still were as of last night when we received the telephone call. And one of the things which provoked a little spat between him and myself is I asked him why he wasn’t here. [laughter] I mean, it’s not like he’s short on money. He didn’t need to drive. He didn’t need to fly himself here. He had one of the VAH [searched terms: this could reference to heavy attack squadron planes]

Well, I don’t want to... I think we all know who I’m talking about here. I have placed his name in affidavit under penalty of perjury and I do have a personal relationship with the man, a close personal relationship, but when push comes to shove we have to do what is right, each of us.

MMcD: He knew the risks when he sent us out here.

DB: It was his choice to pick the two, the one they have the orders read to, and initially the two to watch over me, as it was put, while the back-channel stuff was going on, while we were getting closer and closer to one another to be permanently with one another. This is something that he risked, and, ultimately, he and the last group of twelve risked.

So they get what they get now, and I consider it fortunate to have been picked, though, for that. I really do. Sometimes it’s hard, but sometimes life is hard. It’s hard on all of you; it’s hard on us too.

MMcD: But you’re right when you say they ran away.

DB: Yes.

MMcD: They do not want to take this heat. They do not want to be held accountable and responsible. So they run away and they’re protecting, yeah.

DB: [to audience member dressed in purple] Yes, they are. Yes, Sir... in purple.

AM: What was the risk that he took?

DB: The risk that he took was that we might vary from the orders, and we might also be a little more forthcoming with you all, which is what has been happening, than what they actually anticipated. Now, I’ve gone on and on and on, and when I start speaking of the official… [unclear] had the tie on and all of that garbage... Like I say, this is us.

MMcD: [inaudible]

DB: They risked everything for themselves. Even though they’re not willing to come out of the hiding places, they risked everything for themselves that we might foment even greater problems for them.

I know things about them, so does Marcia. We know dates, times, and meetings, where they met with whom in Washington D.C., account numbers, PIN numbers. We haven’t used them yet, [laughter] but Marcia has threatened once or twice.

Account numbers, PIN numbers, also contract numbers, and these are contracts into places such as the Defense Department of the United States. And just the mentioning of the name is going to be a big enough problem for them. Ah well, like I said, they took the risk.

MMcD: Why do you think some of the government and power echelon people love us so much?

DB: After 20 years of working with them, I’m no longer a believer. I stopped being a believer the day that they raised the shade in the gallery and I saw Chi'el'ah [“Chi’el’ah” is the official spelling of this name for the JRod, from previous Burisch interviews] for the first time. My world changed, my universe changed. It impacted me so profoundly I had a hard time remaining standing up. [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: How is the U.S. government coping with the fact that they can’t use the Looking Glass anymore to fix appointments to, like for instance, presidency like what it has been happening in Australia... [inaudible]... to the... [inaudible]... and part of the decision in regard to... [inaudible]...

DB: There are a number of governments across the Earth that are shaken at the moment because they feel the power structure slipping away and slipping into the hands of the people. And so be it, and good for us. Good for us, finally good for us.

They had worked for decades with the Looking Glass technology and became accustomed to it as one would become accustomed to taking a shot of heroin. Now that that is no longer in their hands, they’re feeling the withdrawals.

Well, my opinion is let them feel the withdrawals like we have to feel every day having to go to work and struggle in our lives. There’s no sympathy from us on that. [applause]

I was very ginger while sitting on the stage talking about the components to the Looking Glass in that we have heard – that’s true – we have heard that the components not only were broken up, but separated from one another.

But certain components, meaning the projection device, have been spirited away. Well, not only was the projection device spirited away, so was all the CAD [Computer-Aided Design] drawings and all of the general schematics for the devices. They don’t have them anymore.

[audience member question, inaudible]

DB: Yes, sir. Where they are? I love all of you. [audience laughter] I really do. I really do.

[long pause] I don’t officially know. You’re hearing that word? I don’t officially know. They can go through their withdrawals and just have to come back to reality with the rest of us. [to audience member] Yes?

AM: I know that you said that there was like 50-some devices, if I understand.

DB: There were several.

AM: Yes. So you’re talking about every... each of them?

DB: Yes. See, what happened is, they were broken into three separate pieces and then combined together by components such as A, B, and C. All the A’s were placed together, all the B’s, and all the C’s.

Well, they lost one of those components. We know that there are individuals right now trying to back-engineer that extra component because they’re panicking inside. I’m not talking about the U.S. government panicking, I’m talking about the governments, all of the governments, who have been involved in this technology and who are addicted to it.

AM: Can I have a second question?

DB: Well, you can ask all you want.

AM: I don’t want to press you or something, but...

DB: Press me?

AM: The question is, who can steal such a thing? Maybe I don’t understand, you know, who can steal such a thing. I know a couple of guys who steal bicycles, but... [laughter]

DB: I didn’t know you were [inaudible]... Blame it on Fulcanelli! Blame it on Fulcanelli. [Ed. note: 19th century alchemist]

MMcD: Okay, how did the Q-94 document get spirited into my hands?

DB: Mm hm. That document, ladies and gentlemen, is quite real. It is a real draft document with all the errors that Steven and myself – Steven Mostow, the late Steven Mostow – and myself could type that day next to the clerk’s office.

I actually put a “CMD” for Commander instead of “CDR” in it because I knew that it would irritate the clerk who was typing it. She was very mean to us. These were the days that we were actually using typewriters to type our draft reports. We’d have to pass the paperwork underneath a window, such as like a bank window, and what she would do, when she would get done retyping our reports back and putting signature blocks on them, is she would shoot the papers back and they would drop on the floor because she did not like us. So we did everything we could just to be irritable back at her. It was an inside thing that was going on at S4.

The clerk’s office was located approximately in back of where the nurse’s office was located that Bob Lazar actually saw. So that’s where the actual typing of this document occurred. It was leaked out by Steven, who’s no longer alive – and probably as a result of that.

MMcD: It came to me in a form that was very, very difficult to manage because it was an extremely poor version. It was gray and black, not black and white. It was horrible, gray and black, and it was in reverse, so the only way to see it... It was like it had been processed incorrectly.

DB: He shoved it through the copy machine in the clerk’s office, but how he got it out of S4, I have no clue.

I’m going to tell you something. Things generally could not be sneaked out of that facility. That was a highly guarded facility. We had what was called “Pan-and-Scan”. We would have to pan in, meaning weight, and have our irises, both of them, scanned before we could move from position to position. If we went to the rest room and lost weight because of voiding, we would have to re-Pan-and-Scan so that we would be identifiable by our weight and our iris.

So those people that say: Well, this person may have sneaked a heavy element out of S4? Sorry. It didn’t happen. That didn’t happen. Paperwork? Possibly via a courier... possibly via a courier. That’s the only thing I’ve been able to guess from it.

I never got a chance to ask him before he crashed with, I believe, another family member and some friends in his aircraft. They just mysteriously went down. My other friend from up there, Bob, Robert Schwartz, he was hacked to death, as I understand, by a boyfriend of his daughter.

MMcD: With a sword.

DB: Nobody understands why the boyfriend went kind of strange.

MMcD: He was hacked to death.

DB: He’s gone as well. There are two original members of the Aquarius team that are alive. That is myself and the man that I was speaking to on the phone last night, on the satellite phone. Everyone else is dead. [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: In your experience… [unclear] the P45s … [inaudible]… do you think… [inaudible] are they humans or not?

DB: Were they humans?

AM: No. Did they use… [inaudible] present-day humans?

MMcD: You mean to the agreements?

AM: Agreements.

DB: The P52s were, to the best of my knowledge. The P45s violate any agreement that they can possibly get away with violating. They had an extremely, almost a fascist, intent about them. They didn’t care about the treaties, although they knew that they had to comply with them to a certain extent, and if they could get away with something they did, and do. I’m hoping at this time that the separation of the Timelines has been such that they no longer have contact with us.

AM: I was going to ask that. Concerning the separation of the Timelines, does that mean that the Orions and the J-Rods will no longer visit us?

DB: Yes, as I understand. However, I am in direct possession of information to suggest that they are still on orbit and also near our Moon for the purpose of removing heirlooms. Now, I had to suck this up pretty hard last night when David... he apologized to me actually, after. When we were sitting out here drinking, starting to drink this wonderful beer, [Ed note: David does not drink any sort of alcohol and has not done so for 13 or 14 years now, so it was Dan and possibly others who were enjoying drinks.] he apologized to me.

HE SAID: I’m so sorry for putting you on the spot.

I SAID: Why? I put you on the spot, because no one knew that he had suffered from swine flu.

But it was a useful example at the time because we were talking about something that’s so important to all of us, and that’s our health.

And so, I know he’s a giving, and a loving, and a wonderful and very bright man, and so I took that chance at that moment that his heart would extend in that direction, and it did. And then he took that same chance back at us.

MMcD: Yes.

DB: The reality of what was going on, if you’d like to know... When I was onboard in ’73, after I’d been abducted in Mae Boyar Park and came into contact with the former MJ1’s son who passed away onboard, that son was already onboard as a collateral heirloom – collateral, as in: I want collateral for a loan. The P45s took collateral for the loan to agree to the treaties.

Well, that same collateral... After I accepted the final orders, I was informed that same collateral was then in place for me, which meant that my lovely six-year-old daughter would likely have been taken as collateral and not returned. The only way... It was not like... It was slightly misstated last night for me “to get out of Majestic”. No. It was for me to keep them here.

I did what I had to do because the P45 J-Rods are extremely legalistic. They want the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law, and it was required that anyone who had care, custody and control, and was called senior echelon... As soon as those final orders arrived, I was called senior echelon, the same as a J-number again; the same as one of the Twelve again.

As soon as I accepted those orders, I was part of a treaty codicil, a separate portion of the treaty, of which I was unaware until I was informed of that.

So when it came time for the divorce issue to proceed with the former wife, there was also a decision and a near-panic between Marcia and myself to get the divorce done before June 1st. Had that not been done before June 1st, I would have been in care, custody and control of those two young ladies, and one of them would not be here now.

She would have been taken in the middle of the night and there would have been nothing that her mom could have done about it – in the same way that I was taken in the middle of the night on October 15th, with a full houseful of mature ladies and children, and no one heard a thing and all of my property was removed.

MMcD: Exactly.

DB: There was a group which was brought in called the “Ghost Riders.” They do not make sound while they work. That is their modus operandi.

MMcD: I brought them in.

DB: She brought them in to have me removed in safety. But there are other units like them and they would have come in and probably enforced the treaty issues for the J-Rods.,. and the child, this beautiful little child that I called Little Troll – she stands about this tall and she reminds me of a little troll – she would have been taken in the middle of the night. So what was I supposed to do? When you love someone, you protect them.

AM: These “Ghost Riders,” are they present day humans?

MMcD: Yes.

DB: Yes. Oh yes. They’re operatives.

MMcD: They’re a crack team.

DB: Yeah. They’re operatives.

MMcD: They’re absolutely a crack team. I brought them in on the project because I needed the best, the very best I could find, so I pulled some strings and I asked for some agents. I had Archie, who is loving and loyal toward us, just because they happened to have worked with Dan and built great friendships and become very fond of us all. Plus other Majestic operatives who were very skilled; they took control of the entrances and exits of the locations.

DB: Mongrel and Owl were the two who actually removed me from the apartment. And if you know the names Mongrel and Owl – Steven and Ryan – they were the ones that actually came in. It was Steven who put his arms around me and told me I would be fine.

They came in looking like The Borg. They had their night vision on and they had weapons out, for fear that members of the Illuminati were actually inside of the apartment and would have tried to hold me. They didn’t know for sure. They weren’t able to watch the apartment that well for fear of being seen themselves, so it was a situation of a surveillance problem that was going on at the same time. So they came in with full armor on, automatic weapons out, and extracted me. In silence, relative silence.

MMcD: [talking at the same time as Dan] Yeah. They very quietly took him into a van. Then the “Ghost Riders” came in, and in absolute silence removed personal property, extraordinary amounts of personal property.

DB: The 20-year-old, who was the two-year-old child of Debra when I married Debra, she actually came out into, as I understand, through the living room and into the kitchen wearing a nightie, got herself something to drink, something like a Coca-Cola or whatever, and the “Ghost Riders” were in the living room at the time and she never once saw them or heard them. And, she’s a pretty perceptive young lady.

MMcD: Fifteen feet away.

DB: Yes. Yeah. They’re very good at what they do, and I was happy that most of the property was removed because most of the property that I had in there was all of the Lotus data.

MMcD: The Lotus research data – the CDs, and the background data, the tapes...

DB: We’ve got hundreds of them.

MMcD: There are hundreds, thousands of images that had been produced over the research. Plus items of personal property that had been passed to Dan through his family members.

DB: My important hat.

MMcD: His hat...

DB: By the way...

MMcD: His grandfather’s camera. Things like this that are irreplaceable were spirited out and placed was under lock and key in various locations, under various vaults...

DB: I’m looking for something here.

MMcD: save them. What are you doing?

DB: I was looking for the card from Grandma and Grandpa but I’m not finding it. That’s fine. Is it in here? No. Here? No.

AM: So these “Ghost Riders,” are they… [inaudible] cloaking?

MMcD: Oh no, they’re just trained.

DB: No, they’re trained:

MMcD: Talented, and experienced at doing what they do.

DB: After this experience...

[digression] By the way, we went up to one of the nature parks near the Alps on the first day in. We have some Swiss patches. I’ve had now a Los Angeles Angels baseball hat on since I was a little boy. In fact, I had one on the day I was abducted... a different style “A” at the time, but nevertheless it’s the same team. They were called the California Angels at the time. But I have never had anything aside from an angel in the center of it because I do believe in angels.

MMcD: I think it’s because the angels believe in you. [laughter]

DB: I’d appreciate that! Well, we got some patches. But after this experience with you all... for my entire life I’ve never placed anything except my name inside my cap, and this angel on it. I’m going to put the Swiss patch on my hat.

AM: Atta boy, Danny! [audience comments/ laughter]

DB: Yes.

MMcD: Oh!!! [audience member produces an LA Angels hat]

DB: Oh my, that looks like a block “A”.

AM: It is a block “A”.

DB: May I? Thank you. [audience laughter] Would you like to trade? [more audience laughter]

AM: Sure.

DB: You’ll trade?

AM: Yeah, I don’t mind.

DB: Thank you. See, I got the block “A”. [applause] Thank you! I got the better deal out of this, you see, because the style of the “A” in 1973 was approximately this same style... you see little picks-out, little stylized picks-out, on the side of the “A” for the more recent baseball caps. So this will be my new baseball cap.

MMcD: What a treasure! Thank you.

DB: Yes, thank you very much. We may have to place a sizer in it. Let’s see here. Well, why don’t I wear it like this [turns hat sideways; laughter] we’ll place a sizer in it. But this will be my new hat. Thank you. Thank you very much.

AM: I bought it last week.

MMcD: It’s the style of the “A” that’s so important.

AM: I know.

MMcD: Yes.

AM: That’s why I [inaudible]

MMcD: You don’t mind, really?

AM: It says “fifty”.

MMcD: It does? It does!

AM: That’s my age.

AM2: I got one in ’59 and that’s written inside as well.

MMcD: It is! It is.

DB: Wonderful. Would you sign this for us?

MMcD: Would you sign this?

DB: For us, please? So I can carry your name in this? I won’t tell anybody if you don’t want it known or anything like that. If you’d just...

AM: Would you sign mine?

DB: I believe I already have. Let me see if the name... Now, you’ll probably see a very worn name Crain here. That’s actually my family name. Marcia and I are going to be legally returning to my first original name, hopefully within the next few months, so I will again be known as Danny B. Crain, my original name.

AM: Why did you adopt the name Burisch?

DB: Tiffany, the now 20-year-old, at the time was just going to be starting school. And so in 1995, I changed over to the name Burisch because her biological father obviously was not present. And what we did not want to do – because Deborah at that time was carrying the name Crain; it was Deborah K. Crain at the time – we did not want her to have questions asked her at school. So what we did, because she was carrying the name Burisch...

AM: Deborah was you daughter?

DB: No. Deborah was my wife. Tiffany was my daughter. Tiffany continued to carry the name Burisch at the insistence of her grandmother and her grandfather. Her grandfather has now passed away. Her grandmother is still living.

AM: It was Burisch?

DB: Yes, it was Burisch and she had the name Burisch. However the wife and myself had the name Crain, so I changed the name over to Burisch to make it easier on Tiffany.

AM: So it was nothing to do with the legality...

DB: No, it was totally personal. It was a totally personal decision. [returning to hat topic] Thank you very much for the honor. Do you want me to place anymore than that in it?

AM: It’s not a problem.

DB: All right.

AM: Yeah.

DB: Thank you very much. I got the better trade! I got the better trade. [laughter]

AM: [inaudible] I’d like to ask you...

DB: Yes, sir.

AM: ...the difference in the races, between the Orions and the J-Rods...

DB: Yes.

AM: By the way, as an aside, how did the name J-Rod come into use?

DB: The name J-Rod was originated through communications between multiple J-Rods and a unit called Sigma. This was the communications and linguistics unit which was working for the Majestic.

What he did is he identified himself as a number. And how he did that is he picked the J, which is the tenth letter in the English alphabet... They know what the J looks like! Well, what do you want me to do with this? [Marcia draws out a “J” and a horizontal rod to describe the “J-Rod” name.]They picked the tenth letter in the English alphabet, which is J.

AM: So it was Ten or something.

DB: That was Ten. And he pointed toward an inertial bar symbol which was also in the teleprompter system in the Clean Sphere, which looked like a rod or an inertial bar. To him that meant “Five” because it was a combination involving the Mayan number system. So Ten and Five was 15. The name J-Rod simply means 15. He identified himself as coming from a base, a temporary base, 15 light-years from Earth. That is the origin of the name J-Rod.

AM: I like to ask a question about the Looking Glass. Is there an explanation why the Looking Glass could not see beyond 2012? Because there was...

DB: It did.

AM: Was it with time portals? There was something written...

DB: No, there were views that went up for several hundred years past 2012.

AM: David said it turned white.

DB: That the Looking Glass turned white?

AM: Yeah.

DB: Maybe he’s talking about the Orion “Cube” because there were some issues involving the Orion Cube.

Let me explain something here for a moment, something that the listeners on the Internet may want to hear as well.

We had mentioned about the INRI Cross of Hendaye*. In code, cross, should we pass... Now, the first two numbers for IN just so happen to add up to 60, which was the number of years that Majestic existed, leading us toward what was called the SHAR. That was 1510 as I understand, and then 200 and another 10... INRI, or 10 and 50 and then 210. [Ed. Note: The Great Cross of Hendaye is a stone cross located on the town square of Hendaye, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in southwestern France. The cross is carved with alchemical symbols that occultists find to contain encrypted information on a future global catastrophe. [] AM: That’s multiplication… [unclear]?

DB: Sure.

AM: That is the Kabbalistic approach that let us have an associated...

DB: That’s Gematria.

AM: Okay. But what I know is that in the Hebrew alphabet there are no vowels.

DB: No...?

AMs [many voices]: Vowels, vowels.

DB: The Niqqud is a vowel system added to that.

AM: Okay. Thank you.

AM2: Can I ask you a question?

DB: I’m not a linguist though, please... [to audience member] Sure.

AM2: [inaudible] I want to know because the disaster is supposed to have happened right about now in the Timeline... Timeline One?

DB: Yes. Well, that would have been what we nicknamed Timeline Two.

AM2: Okay.

DB: And it was a very dark nickname but it was a nickname nonetheless.

AM2: So we’re now on Timeline One, are we?

DB: I’m not sure what we’re on right now.

AM2: Okay. It doesn’t really matter how we designate it.

DB: Right and that’s the whole point.

AM: [inaudible] …and then the Orions were supposed to have left the Earth first and then...

DB: Yes. Several thousand years after the disaster, yes.

AM: There’s something that doesn’t quite stack up here. First of all, would they have had the technology to do that?

DB: Several thousand years after the disaster, yes. We’re talking a large expanse of time after the disaster before they ever began reconstituting themselves, before we did on the surface of the Earth, reconstitute ourselves to the point to leave.

AM: Okay.

DB: We’re talking about a lot of time here.

AM: Okay. But the Orions... You said the Orions, somewhere, I think it was on your interview on Camelot. You said the Orions left at the time of the catastrophe.

DB: No.

MMcD: No.

DB: No, and if that’s written anywhere, please show us where because that would be wrong.

MMcD: It has to be corrected.

AM2: I think it was stated that they left 2000 years after this.

AM1: Okay. Well, the site...

DB: That’s fine. That’s fine.

AM: And since they did that, does this mean... I think I asked this before... that we’re never going to see them again? Because we’re on the wrong Timeline.

DB: Well, as I said, I understand a couple of different things. I understand that there were teams left behind in case the disaster still occurred. These individuals ostensibly would know that they may not be able to go home again.

AM: Because it doesn’t exist?

DB: Ah... well, they may not be able to traverse the wormhole system again after we get done with the transit. I’m not certain about that.

AM: But does that mean that we’re never going to see any other aliens again?

DB: No, and in fact this is why... this is why I raised... Oh, boy. I raised the specter of a couple hundred years of viewing with the Looking Glass. And I also raised the issue of INRI on the Cross of Hendaye.

We mentioned the first two adding up to 60, meaning the number of years from the time of the inception of Majestic to its official ending, by the end of the orders, 2007. Now, of course, they officially broke off at the end of 2005, but the orders... they stood adjourned to the completion of the orders. The completion of the orders ended, technically, at the end of 2006. So if you count from 2007, and you add the last two numbers up on the Cross of Hendaye, that is exactly the date that was seen as the date of first alien contact.

AM: Yes. Who were we contacting? Was it the J-Rods or the...

DB: No. A true alien of non-human lineage. First true alien contact. That would place it along about 2217 or 2218. That kind of hurt me when I found out personally because I would like to meet a true alien. I have met an extraterrestrial but not an alien. I have met an extraterrestrial of human lineage, several of them, but not a true alien.

AM: So we are not going to see any extraterrestrials of human lineage anymore?

DB: We should not. The public should not.

AM: [inaudible] How disappointing.

DB: Thinking empirically, yes.

AM: Are there existing records, including movie, film, or video, of the J-Rods?

DB: Yes sir. Oh, yes sir.

AM: [inaudible] ...of the J-Rods or anything...

DB: Oh yes sir. For instance, all of my interactions – and there were well over 100 direct interactions in the Clean Sphere – all of the interactions were video/audio taped from multiple directions. Marcia, in fact, at her very short time when she toured S4, saw some of the videos.

They are obviously highly secure and I wish they would not be. It’d be the greatest thing in my life, to be honest with you, with some of the questions that have been raised and some of the statements and the labels that have been applied to us, if they’d just release the darn videos and let it be and let people claim that they’re hoaxed. You know? Fine. Okay?

But, you know, in any group... well, I can only speak for some of the UFOlogical groups that we’ve interacted with in the U.S. We’ve been treated...

MMcD: Poorly.

DB: ... much more politely here.

MMcD: Oh. Here? Very polite.

BD: Much more politely. In fact, while we were walking toward the Volkshaus for the panel interview that had not yet occurred, I looked over at Marcia and I said: This now raises the specter of my having to ask certain people in our beloved country who are involved in UFOlogical organizations: Exactly what is your major malfunction? [laughter] These people get it. What’s wrong here? Is it just anxiety because of our culture, or what? But...

MMcD: Right. Our own UFOlogical people are basically... [makes a gesture that makes audience laugh] You know?

AM: [inaudible] ... In the book of William Hamilton, Behold a Pale Horse, he mentioned that all the UFO magazines, that they penetrated... [inaudible]

BD: Yes sir. At least most... well, I can say rather authoritatively that all of them within the United States have been. We have the Majestic Folkloristics Unit in place to provide as much disinformation to the population as they can foist on them.

AM: They did a good job, yeah?

DB: Yeah, they did a good job confusing people about this.

MMcD: We are at the 5-minutte mark and I’ll give you a one-minute.

DB: Then you drag me off the stage...

AM: Dan, may I ask you a question?

DB: No. [laughter]

AM: Well, I asked you before on a post, and you had made a judgment.

DB: And, and during the telephone call we had. Wonderful telephone call.

AM: I was probably one of the last persons to talk to you over the telephone.

DB: Via phone... that’s quite possible...

AM: Okay.

DB: ... given what Marcia’s intending.

AM: Very nice. Thank you very much.

DB: In fact, you, you, aside from our close personal friends, having to do with the Golden Thread, the dash golden thread dot proboards dot com. [ ]

MMcD: The real one.

DB: The real one.

MMcD: The pleasant one.

DB: The pleasant one, the polite one, the one where people who were from the original inception of the Golden Thread... we’ll call it Book One, and we’ll call this Golden Thread Book Two, kind of like The Tale of Two Cities. The second book is called the Golden Thread, but... ah... please, please.

AM: Yes, I was just wondering if you had one of your drawings of the J-Rods with you?

DB: Oh.

AM: Because of course we would love to see how he would look like.

MMcD: Yes. I don’t think we brought any here.

DB: That one I didn’t plan. I’m not certain if I have one here or not. If not, we’ll put an image up on the front of for everyone to see. I have done one, a hand drawing, and I’ve done a couple of computer graphic drawings. Okay.

AM: What is all this stuff going around relating to the alien ___ 2017? [inaudible]

MMcD: That’s what’s encoded into the Cross of Hendaye.

AM: Yes, but Dan just said that the first contact … [inaudible]

DB: It’s 2200... 2217.

MMcD: Maybe I mis-heard you. I’m sorry.

AM: Well, he was saying 2017… [inaudible] And Dan was just saying 22 …

MMcD: Well, I’m saying... the cross.

DB: Well, in my opinion... my opinion on this?

AM: Sure.

DB: Is that absolutely it could happen. That’s my opinion. Being that we’re on a path that we do not know, who knows? Yet this was encoded... this was encoded via J-Rod contact. So that encoding, even the encoding on the Cross of Hendaye, it says that there are two catastrophes. Well, we’ve avoided one of them already. So why not the second catastrophe being avoided? And why not the date of first contact which was indicated on the cross be avoided as well?

MMcD: It maybe shifted.

DB: It makes perfect sense.

AM: It maybe shifted because of all the [unclear; overtalking Dan] to avoid the …

DB: No, we do not have one of those images with us. I’m sorry.

MMcD: We completely derailed the encoding because it was based on their history, whereas we have made significant changes now and made changes in the catastrophe.

AM: So anything could happen …

MMcD: So, we’re on a new path.

AM: Right. So they could Disclose in my lifetime.

MMcD: It could! We’re on a completely new path.

DB: Yes, I’m hoping.... I am hoping it happens. I want to see it.

MMcD: Me too, I would love it.

DB: I want to see human beings on Mars. Obviously we have a certain fascination with Mars. When we get back, we’ll show some images, too.

AM: If you could make this clear for me... once we went to a new line, Timeline, everything has to change. I mean, how is it possible that still some things from the other line can pop out in our new lines?

[Everyone talking at once]

DB: Well, reality... reality. [audience overtalking Dan] All right. Reality, as I understand it is...

MMcD: Stop. Stop. [everyone talking] All right. Thank you, but could I have you please repeat your question?

AM: The question is that once we have changed the Timeline, it’s like changing a railroad track, we go to a different direction. So therefore I don’t quite get it, how is it possible if we have avoided already one catastrophe... so we are already on a different train track. How is it possible that still future events can hop onto the next track?

DB: Right, I don’t personally view it because of the contact with the J-Rods that they are separate physical Newtonian tracks as in physical... like if I drop this, it’s going to move toward the center of the Earth – Newtonian tracks.

This is more a quantum issue that has actually leapt over into our reality, that our reality is actually a multiverse reality, yet the transducers that we have in our heads are allowing us to see only one of the universes.

In other words, as he understood it and told me, which was quite mind-blowing to me, that when we pass away and these transducers are no longer functioning, we then become part of the multiverse, and so we find out that all of our other selves, even all of the other parts of ourselves, and everyone else, are all together in one location. That’s the unity which is underlying the system of reality, as he indicated.

So things can phase in, things can phase out, and we may be looking across several Timelines at one another and may be actually reducing by agreement with each other – while we’re on the other side – reducing by agreement with each other what we’re willing to accept as reality.

It’s a rather complicated thing and if you don’t understand it, you’re right with me, because I’ve been trying to understand that as well. [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: I would like to make a comment.

DB: Yes.

AM: I would like to make a comment. [inaudible] The different dates, 2017 and 2218... It could be there exists footage and nobody is aware, or very few people are aware of, of parallel worlds.

DB: What?

AM: Parallel worlds.

MMcD: Parallel.

DB: Yeah. There is footage of that from the Orion Cube. This Cube, which was given to Eisenhower in 1954 as a gift, which was an exchange of technology at the inception of the treaty process...

Depending upon the user, that gift you could have some influence on. Your personal disposition could cause what you were seeing to differ because of the probabilistic nature of it. And there were parallel issues seen which could not be subtracted out as just “probables” of us here and now, so in fact that’s probably substantiated, what you’re suggesting. And that also was a quantum over-the-horizon-looking device.

AM: Do you think people are ready, if this… [inaudible] got to be released? Are the people living ready for them or not?

DB: Given what I saw last night, and what I saw here today, and even the night before, the answer is: Yes.

MMcD: Now, this gentlemen back here has been very patient.

AM: [inaudible] Yes, ah...

DB: Oh, another question from our friend. No, that’s great. [laughter]

MMcD: We’re looking at a four-minute window to a break.

AM: What you’re saying is pretty much what I’m saying, or what I was told on the Internet about Michio Kaku He said that multiple universes exist, that every possibility in the other universe exists. So that means that you have today this shirt, but in other universe you choose other shirt, and in another universe you have coffee in the morning or don’t have coffee in the morning, and, you know...

DB: Wait a minute now. I don’t... [laugher]

AM: That’s what I wanted to ask, how you think about that.

DB: Yes. [thoughtful pause] Yes. I can absolutely accept that within my personal philosophy.

AM: To say that some things from the other Timeline can be true in this Timeline?

DB: It can phase in and out. And I think that my agreement – given that there’s a unity underlying all of reality – we may have agreed to be, as Bill said, on this adventure together.

AM: Yeah.

DB: And that is a really cool thing.

MMcD: I look at it a little bit differently, and I’m not sure if this makes sense or not.

DB: Facets.

MMcD: But I’m seeing it as facets. Look at a big gemstone... and you cut all these beautiful, beautiful facets in the big gemstone, beautiful facets, and every time you look into the gemstone, it’s a little bit different. Now, how you look into the gemstone is how you see the gemstone, but, it’s still the same gemstone.

So maybe when we’re looking at the gemstone here [indicates a slant, then moves position]... and now we’ve made changes. Now we’re looking at [indicates straight position] this section of the gemstone. It’s the same gemstone.

DB: Mm hm. When we finish after the break, we’re going to show you some images that you might enjoy seeing. We have images here with us from Emanation of the Solfeggio, which is our latest eBook that’s available on our website.

The foreword is by Leonard Horowitz, Dr. Leonard Horowitz. See? So, if anybody asks about emerging viruses, issues like that, Leonard and we have a regular communication stream. We’re aware. We are aware and we’re just trying to be responsible with everything. [to audience member] Yes.

AM: Do you share a point of view with David Wilcock on his overview regarding 2012? Or do you have, obviously, a different point of view? DB: I’m not understanding the...

MMcD: I don’t understand.

AM2: Let me ask it: Do you agree with David Wilcock on his opinion about possible 2012 and...

DB: Ah... specifically which opinion?

AM: Well, he’s very optimistic.

DB: Oh, yes.

MMcD: Yes, optimistic.

DB: Oh, yes. Yes. Well, we had some personal fear when we walked in on the morning of March 28, 2009, that the Pacific Ocean may be greeting us in a Las Vegas valley. We still knew in our hearts that we were going to survive, and that is exactly what we believe. [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: This is a simple question about the treaties. Can you elaborate which nations have participated and how their members have been selected?

DB: The representatives were selected via the Committee of the Majority interaction with the United Nations. The person who actually brokered the political agreement creating the Committee of the Majority, and bringing the treaty system even more into an internationalized view, was Indira Gandhi.

Most of the UN nations are treaty signatories to the OF-9 and Tau IX Treaties. However, they probably won’t tell you openly this.

AM: So it’s a lot of countries, then?

DB: Yes, Sir.

AM: And within the countries, do you know how the representatives have been selected?

DB: The representatives were selected at the times that the countries actually came into the information. The U.S. sat on it for a long period of time as a military issue. It was only in 1953, when the actual first Aquarius Project was formed, that they became certain that there were time travelers.

Previous to that, I think it was 1941 or ’42 at Cape Girardeau... has anybody heard of that? A crash in Missouri? There was actually a [William] Huffman, a Reverend, who gave last rites over some crashed beings – beings – and no one understood at the time why he was giving last rites to them. He was giving last rites to them because there was a communication underway as they were dying that they were human beings, therefore the issue of last rites, as within our culture, was appropriate for them, that they actually sought it out via communication with him.

But a number of countries and how those delegates were picked was via communication with the nation-states at the time, and then those individual nation-states selected individuals to the Committee of the Majority, and then they became parties to the treaty.

MMcD: Ladies and gentlemen, I was told to please engineer a break at 11:00 and it’s 11:01.

[15 minute intermission, workshop resumes]

DB: A question was asked during the break concerning the appearance of the J-Rod. I was asked: Well, was the J-Rod solid?

Yes, the J-Rod was solid, but the J-Rod also appeared off-shifted in a strange way. That’s about the best I can explain it. I don’t really have words to indicate it save maybe to say he didn’t appear as though he “belonged”.

You can look across the table and see another human being across the table and we know we belong here. There was something... Aside from what he looked like and how the communication was underway, there was just something wrong, and I think that something wrong was a separation issue.

MMcD: Actually this is a segue and a very good relational question because I was asked at the break if I could propose a question to Dan on behalf of one of the members of the Ground Crew. She would like to know more about the occasion in the Clean Sphere when you were suited up and you happened to have a procedural break wherein the J-Rod stepped toward you out of the procedural format and you stepped backward, catching your foot.

DB: Well, you know what? [to Marci] I’m going to go ahead and put you on the spot first, then, with this...

MMcD: Oh no....

DB: ...which will ultimately probably not weigh well for me, but tell them about the first time that we met at Vashti’s.

MMcD: [laughs] Well, all right, all right. The question actually segues, but the full question was: The communication that took place at that moment, could you elaborate slightly?

DB: I understand.

MMcD: The very first time that I met Dan was in 1980...

DB: You’ll understand in a moment why I asked her.

MMcD: a party. I had been actually taken around Europe, taken around different parts of the United States and different parts of the world because my family was trying to introduce me to “the right people.” I didn’t know at the time that my father was a Majestic courier under the Forrestal administration. He was required to go from country to country to country carrying sensitive Majestic documents, but I never knew that.

But they wanted me to... they were grooming me. So I happened to be at a party at Vashti Bunyan’s farm up in northern England, Scotland.

DB: It was called Western Cumbersheeny [googled it, looked around on a map of the Cumbernauld area and did not find anything, so the spelling of this is just unclear] It was technically up in the Cumbernauld area of Scotland.

MMcD: And this party... actually the father of Vashti Bunyan was the gentleman with whom Dan was staying in England and studying microbiology, working with him under his tutelage as a young man of my father’s, so he brought Dan to the party. I was having a wonderful time and I noticed this rather gangly 16-year-old young man...

DB: Gangly? [laughter]

MMcD: ...looking at me.

DB: Gee, thanks.

MMcD: His eyes went like that. [makes a wide-eyed expression]

DB: A red-haired goddess walked in.

MMcD: Oh... well, I was a lot younger and... [laughter] Anyway, he managed to step backwards toward the kitchen door opening and put his foot right into a silver trashcan, at which point he stumbled backwards right through into the kitchen... [makes falling flat gesture; audience laughs] That’s how I first remember him, and then met him. So when he fell backwards in the Clean Sphere, it was no surprise. [laughter]

DB: It was for different reasons, though. I was not taken by the J-Rod as I was taken by you. [laughs] It was a whole different series of emotions, trust me.

What happened is when we were introduced, we would go through medical checks, be actually suited, initially deconned [decontaminated] and then placed in a gantry ramp and wheeled over to the Clean Sphere. We would then have to hose into the Clean Sphere, open up air lines and emergency ducts, and also do communications checks.

While all of this was going on, I was supposed to be having all of the information about what I was supposed to do inside there already memorized, look good doing it, because if you didn’t, the number Two Channel that was going up to the surveillance unit inside of S4 would be telling you to get back to work. And then I would be introduced into the Clean Sphere. I was to step to the right.

There was an anthropomorphic symbol, a symbol of a human being giving [demonstrates friendly wave of hand]... a friendly symbol, which was a real joke for Chi'el'ah because I would stand there and go like this [raises hand to wave hello] and he would be laughing at me while I did it. [laughter]

And then I was supposed to do the “bridal step” toward him, indicating that I was a friend stepping toward him inside of the unit that I had mentioned before for the linguistics, the Sigma Unit’s protocols. So I would do a “bridal step”. [demonstrates]

Well, he got a little cheeky one day with me, and as I took a step forward, he took a step forward. Now, I kind of suppressed my emotions about it at that point, because no matter how friendly he was with me and I was with him – even unbeknownst to Majestic in there and the operations team, how much we were talking amongst each other – he was still who he was and I was still who I was... and he was handling who I was a lot easier than what I was handling who he was.

I then summoned my guts up and took another “bridal step” forward. And when he stepped forward again at me, still laughing at me – and I could hear him laughing through me as I kind of felt like I was falling toward him – I panicked. I had this visceral response. I panicked and I stepped backward. As I stepped backward I hit either my right or my left shoe, I don’t remember which, to be honest; however, that video, I hope to God, is never played. [laughter] But I stepped backward and caught one of my heels on one of the grates. As I did so, I fell over backward.

Now, I was in a very unwieldy suit which was slightly too small for me. I was in a woman’s totally encapsulated... essentially Moon suit. I’m not that big of a guy and the only thing that would fit me, the only totally encapsulated unit that would fit me there, was the one female biowarfare suit that they had. So they would fit the bell on me and it was slightly too short on me, so the bell would actually press down on the top of my head with a ring on the inside of the bell, and it was actually painful. It was also very difficult to walk... essentially an Apollo-type Moon suit that one would expect.

Well, when I fell over backward I was lying...

MMcD: He looked like a cockroach.

DB: A cockroach [flailing his arms] doing this business. [laughter] Well, when I began reaching out... I was panicking, as it was, when I fell backward and I began stretching my arms out trying to right myself. At that point he continued to step toward me and actually walked up onto my chest.

Now I’m in a worse panic, but he began to entrain me and raise the Hertz level that he was entraining me with, to begin flooding me with the enkephalons, the opiates, with which to calm me.

MMcD: To calm him down... [inaudible]

DB: To calm me. Now, I knew at that moment that I was okay. Well, you have enough opiates flooding your brain, you’re going to think you’re okay anyway, no matter what. But I felt fine.

And then I was listening at that same time between Channel 1 and Channel 2, flipping back and forth inside of the bell, because I could hear it literally ringing inside of the bell from my earpiece that they were preparing to change the pressure inside of the Clean Sphere to harm the J-Rod.

That is how they... It’s a process called intumescence, where they would actually cause pain by changing the atmospheric pressure. You know, if you fly your ears might hurt?

Well, they can change the pressure enough to cause extreme pain to the body, and his body was of less density – and I don’t mean as some people have described third, fourth and all that density; that’s a little bit beyond my understanding – as in mass-over-volume-density, physical density. He was of less density than what we are, given his physical conditions under which he grew. So they were getting ready to fire the repress valves in there.

MMcD: They were getting ready to hurt him severely.

DB: Yes. To knock him off of me. They thought I was being attacked. I may have been, but it was not with a negative intention from him.

I then fell back into... I was lying down. I’m saying I drifted back into what he was communicating, and had very little command over what I was doing at that point. The communication went on for some time and all I remember seeing are streams of...

[speaking to Ground Crew member] Can you put Zurich 15 up, if you please? Thank you very much. There it is... streams of that. [picture of very jagged lines]

That is what their shadow language actually looks like, or looked, depending upon your personal consideration about what happened to them. I’d like to think looks, because he had a boy and I hope that he’s at home with his son now.

Marcia has presently in Las Vegas 450 diary volumes full of that.

AM: What does this represent?

DB: That is in fact the shadow language of the J-Rods. They would hold their hands – some of you can see the shadow here? – under a projected light and they would actually communicate as a passing screen was recording it.

Their language is composed of three separate parts: a central feature reading from right to left, but a central feature which is either an ideogram or a constant, and then vowels.

So if you see items like this, for instance from the P24 crafts, the I-beams from Roswell, those are actually vowels that are on the I-beam. [pointing to screen]

We’ve got 450 volumes of it. Most of the time that he was downloading the information, it simply streamed into my brain looking as what you see here. This was written by me from right to left, and if you think of 450 diary volumes full of it, that is what Marcia is the caretaker of.

AM: You wrote it, actually?

DB: Yes. It has been projected into a negative for the purpose of the showing today because Stan Goldstein, the former chief psychologist for the Consistory of the Majestic suggested that it might be less—I don’t know why—less shocking.

My concern was this: I had a concern about showing this at all. Marcia wanted me to show it. I was concerned that being an abductee myself, that some of you may have seen something of this nature. In fact, this was planned to be shown the first night, the first interview, but everything was somewhat moved, derailed and shifted and changed in the conversation.

MMcD: Rearranged.

DB: So this was actually written as a black on white paper. It’s all written with black on white paper.

So I had this streaming in, and at the same time I found myself inside of what appeared to be another reality, a 3-D hologram, like a holodeck from Star Trek, and was being shown other items... for instance his home; items concerning historical items, which I honestly have to... Our own historical items, which I have to be very careful about because there are many perspectives in this room, and I don’t wish to offend anyone, so I will be very reticent to speak about certain things.

For instance, we don’t go to religious issues. I feel that we’re put here to understand one another and to exist with separate religions – this is my personal feeling – to exist with separate religions so that we can understand God via our differences and where we can find common ground. So the specific items that he may have shown me concerning that genre, I would be very reticent to...

MMcD: He showed you images of his home.

DB: He did. His planet, his society, his school, where he functioned. He showed me the Gliese system [Gliese 581] where they departed from, and many other things.

This is in fact [points to lines on screen] part of the actual decode which contained the March 28, 2009 date. It was cut off because... well, the line just continued, so I took it where it mentions March 28, 2009, but I should not – I beg your forgiveness – I should not say where it says March 28, 2009 in it. That will provide a potential for a linguist’s primer as to how to read their language.

Now, if they have been part of us but were separated as a partition from our species, this language may never officially exist, even though you’re seeing it. It may never officially exist.

If it is decodable from what we have up here, then so be it, we’ve shown you the truth to that extent. So be it. But we should not give a dictionary: this is what an “A” looks like, this is what a “B” looks like. That would be a very bad idea, personally, I feel right now. At least right now. I mean, my opinions could change but personally... [to audience member] Yes, Sir?

AM: Can you read it yourself?

DB: Yes sir. Marcia has, in fact, had me... This was the inception of the big problem for March 28, 2009, save the date itself. This indicated March 28, 2009. This is actually the transliteration into English, the best one that we could form.

Now, you may see the word at the start... Beanie / B-N-E. That’s what he personally called me because I was asked about my childhood when he was talking to me about his childhood, and I told him that I was a great fan of Cecil and Beanie, a cartoon, a US cartoon.

MMcD: In the United States, a cartoon back in the ’50s and ’60s. I used to watch it, too. It was cute.

DB: Earth was referred to as E-R-T. This is actually the date for three days, and it placed it at MARSAY [or MARS-A] which is March.

E-N-G was his way of speaking about Great Britain, and that’s why I said the only country on the Net... in tight [or type] testimony, the only country that was actually named in this was England. But that is how they remembered the name for England. It was just called E-N-G.

MMcD: Well, you have to think what do we exactly know and remember from 2000 years ago? How much do we? We weren’t there, so how much do we really remember and know? How about if you were to try to remember what happened 52,000 years ago? How much would we know for sure and remember? We would have at best bits and pieces of it. I think it’s the same type of thing.

DB: And this was the greatest concern, too. The greatest concern for us was March 28, 2009... we’re talking a 52,000 year difference.

AM: Does this describe catastrophe?

DB: Yes. In fact it says: Join no more sea, a specific indication concerning the moment of the beginning of the catastrophe which would result in our partitioning. But the thing which gave me hope, great hope when I read it, was Time Ancients – that’s us, the cavemen and women – Time Ancients must decide joining. And that’s all of us.

MMcD: We have to decide. This is up to us.

DB: And when that was decoded with it -- that gave me a great deal of hope for our future.

AM: What was the catastrophe about? ... [inaudible]... forward looking ...

DB: The catastrophe was approximated with the use of a wormhole access technology on Earth which then caused a between 1-and-4-degree geophysical Pole shift of the planet Earth. The mantle and crust slid. It was an aesthenosphere situation where it slid and some waters actually poured out, some of the mantle waters under high pressure that have been discovered, poured out as well, and there was a great inundation.

Now, one individual walked up after the interview and showed me a photograph of a rainbow. And so that’s the one thing, a rainbow, that personally, from my own personal history, that has really lifted me up inside, emotionally, spiritually, lifted me up. His bow and the clouds.

MMcD: Bow -- a rainbow in the clouds.

DB: We were promised in the Hebrew holy books that we would not be destroyed by water again.

MMcD: And the evidence of the rainbow in the clouds gave us great hope.

DB: Great hope.

MMcD: Great hope.

DB: So anyway, the download, the majority of it, looked and looks like this. And so Marcia has had me decoding now, slowly moving through the books and decoding the diaries. I didn’t know what I was writing when I wrote it. It was simply shoved in and then pushed back out onto the papers.

AM: Were you in a trance when you wrote this, or can you translate it? [inaudible]

DB: No. I can go page by page only somewhat now. It’s starting to fade.

MMcD: Let me give you an example.

DB: I can only remember so much.

MMcD: When Dan reads, because of the way that his mind is wired to function and designed, he does not read so much as memorize. For example, when on one occasion, I needed to go to a certain image in order to facilitate the research, I asked him if he could remember what book it came from, and he went: The book name, the book page, halfway up the page, located at this shelf over to the right, this level of the library, there. I went: Huh? I went there.

DB: I’m not special, I’m just different.

MMcD: I went there. I went to the book. I opened the book up. I opened up the page and there was the image.

DB: Now, perhaps these ladies and gentlemen would like to hear you on the morning of March 28, 2009. Now, I had previously indicated – I’m not sure if this was before everybody came into the room or not – that you might hear some mean tones out of Marcia.

We had people that were present who helped sign the treaties. We lured them. With them not knowing that March 28, 2009 was the date, we lured them to Las Vegas and had them put up in hotels in Las Vegas. We made sure Stephen and Brian were in charge of the operation. We made sure because we had enough people there that they would be unable to leave the night before the meeting. I don’t want to...

MMcD: They were our guests.

DB: They were our guests whether they wished to remain our guests or not. [laughter] Another reason is, a couple of the people that we had present were those who had my name added to the treaty system as well.

MMcD: We were pretty upset about that.

DB: Well, yeah, because I never assented to my name being added to the treaty system, but...

MMcD: I wanted to make sure they had a ringside seat. [laughter]

DB: They had a series of western-facing rooms between 15 and 25 floors up. We did, in fact, have the bolts removed from the windows in this particular hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. In case they would happen to see the oceans coming from the West, they were welcome to leave their room by any means other than the room’s door. [laughter]

MMcD: They were not real happy with us.

DB: If humanity was going to drown like rats, so were they.

AM: What is the status of the treaty?

DB: The treaty is going to be expunged at the end of 2020. We were told right before the operation happened where Marcia actually had me extracted. She and I were having conversations about that and we said we can’t wait another twelve years. We’d waited 18 years to be together – 18. Add another twelve to that? We wanted some life left in us, and not to be held apart any further, and so we took the risk. She took the risk that day.

MMcD: Damn right.

DB: We figured that they would be too busy with the formation of the new group, the new group of Illumes that came into the five councils. There are five separate councils, five councils that are called the Areopagites of the Illuminati. I cannot officially name them, meaning who is seated at the heads of those five councils, or that would be considered something that they would directly eliminate me for.

So, I’ve got to be honest: Marcia and I do want a future together for ourselves, too. If we can do anything from behind the scenes to get them outed by other means, that could happen, but directly naming them... nobody appointed me, and even if they did, it doesn’t matter. I’m not somebody who’s willing to spread his arms out and have nails put in them. I’m just a human being and I just want a life with my wife, so I’m doing the best I can. [applause] Thank you. [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: What is the best way to learn more about the content of the treaties? Are there records somewhere, or have you spoke in interviews, or...?

DB: Not much. Not much. Marcia and I have been considering doing an entire DVD concerning the specific content. We just haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s a matter of time. We’ll get a copy of this record. I’m sure I’ll remember it and we’ll consider doing it. The next DVD I think she wants us to do is about the Q-94.

MMcD: The next DVD I actually have asked him to do is a line-by-line examination of the Q-94 document with attendant science.

DB: There have been criticisms of that document. Let me find something here, briefly… There we are.

Most of the criticisms of the document have come from unnamed sources. One person was allegedly the head of a medical school on the east coast of the United States and said: Oh, this is just all gobbledy-gook.

Well, to start with, if you sit in a chair as a professor, at least within the United States... I can’t speak about other universities around the world... there is a great deal of pressure to keep your job, to conform to dogma.

Initially the individual with whom I had a conversation about the Q-94 document was a Ph.D. in neurophysiology. His name is, well, we’ll just say Dr. Green, who is associated with people who are associated to a group called the Aviary. Now remember what I said about the Aviary.

Here was, from Monday February 2, 2004, my birthday, a message that came via– and that’s Bill Hamilton, a UFO researcher.

Subject: One more comment and message for Dr. Dan.

Today I wish to offer Dr. Dan Burisch a happy 40th birthday. May you one day be recognized for your work. Dr. Green wrote, “It would be foolish for me to ask about a specific area of molecular biology in which I am not as advanced as is he, Dan. His writings on profound biochemical and genetic postulates are beyond my single medical school course in pathophysiology.”

Yet, when I refused, right around the same time that I refused to buy into the garbage, the disinformation coming from the Aviary having to do with Serpo – Oh, right! It’s right out of a Stargate movie – with Serpo, with what mysteriously happened at Gate 3, yet they couldn’t find even our names in a search string prior to us going to CalTech to speak and our names were on the CalTech website.

MMcD: For about a year.

DB: Well, you can still find the abstract there. They have such deep contacts, they claim, inside the United States government that they can’t do a simple search on the Internet? Something wrong here! Now all of a sudden, it’s allegedly all gobbledy-gook.

MMcD: We won’t buy in, so suddenly they change their tone.

DB: So, what I’ve been asking ever since that day is: Who is the person saying this? Because this person was allegedly a female doctor, head of a medical school, and member of the National Academy of Sciences. Oh, boy! Give me her name because I’m going to marry her to her comments, forever.

I’m going to go line by line, one way or the other, through the Q-94 document and we will reference the comments in the Q-94 document to published peer-reviewed literature. So let them keep talking. [to audience member] Yes sir. AM: You mentioned Serpo just then. What do you make of that whole...?

DB: It’s disinformation.

MMcD: Total garbage.

AM: Is it true?

DB: No. It’s total garbage.

MMcD: It’s garbage.

DB: There was no exchange program like that.

AM: Perhaps this was a way to... who went through... [inaudible]

DB: No, no, no.

AM: I wrote a story about it. [laughs]

MMcD: [talking over Dan] This story’s all over the place, but it’s garbage.

DB: I know, I know. I’m sorry. If you wrote a story about it, you obviously referenced the individuals who were claiming things.

AM: Yes.

DB: There’s nothing wrong with that. I wrote about it, too. The name Serpo is an old K-4, and old NATO K-4 code that they appropriated. The individuals involved in the Aviary are well aware of that, at least one of them, because he was involved in the military... well, a couple of them were. But it’s an old K-4 code that was written backward, the word Opres, the word for Operation Rehearsal.

At the same time that we were coming up with the information that we were coming up with, and told to tell the truth to the public, what they were doing is that they were doing a rehearsal to see how much garbage they could purvey on you. [laughter] [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: What venue is the connection between these councils of Majestic – Scion – and top government officials, heads of state?

DB: If you go to the Project Camelot website, the signed affidavits sworn under penalty of perjury... we placed our liberty on the line. We placed our liberty on the line for this. If anyone wishes to challenge those affidavits anywhere in the world, as long as we’re appropriately transferred to those locations, we’re happy to do this.

In one of those affidavits I named the names of the last Twelve, who are the seated last Twelve. As a follow-on to that, as Scion took over, the number was reduced from twelve to nine individuals. Those individuals... I’m in approximately the same position about naming those individuals as what I am concerning the five Areopagites. Very dangerous.

MMcD: I can’t ask him to go there because of safety and security reasons for us.

AM: Can I ask a question about the Serpo?

DB: [to audience member] Yes, Sir, I saw you.

AM: You mentioned Bill Hamilton. I have a question about what you mentioned yesterday about reverse-engineering for, you know, free energy purposes.

DB: Yes.

AM: I understand from an interview that Project Camelot did with Gordon Novel that he’s supposedly doing the same and since I’ve heard his name on that also, I’m trying to put the facts together. Are there different groups trying to reverse-engineer stuff? Are they disconnected or the same people involved in different things?

DB: Okay. We’re going to go ahead and get difficult here. Everyone knows or may know about the issues that I’ve had with one Mr. George Knapp of KLAS-TV8. All right. He and I had an issue which occurred in 1990, and he’s had some issues with me ever since. I love the guy. He’s a good jovial investigative reporter, kind of. MMcD: Just as an aside... there was a panel in 1990. He tried to pin Dan down about a statement about where he was working, which was at the time Area 51, and he was a big company man. I’m not going to talk about it. He tried to pin him down about it, and Dan was ready for him, and he embarrassed him in front of a whole live audience, and George has never forgiven him.

DB: I was a company man at the time. I didn’t even know that ETs existed, not for sure. I had been abducted out of the park, but I really didn’t know what happened way earlier in 1973. I only really learned about what happened many years later.

And so I was thinking at the time that I was simply working for the United States government, via the United States military. It was a defense issue, a biological defense issue, is what I was thinking. So I was basically telling him: Why are you opening your mouth with such a beautiful flag standing behind you? – meaning ’Ole Glory was standing there at the end of our panel post, our flag, and it irritated the man. And I also, well...

MMcD: It was a little bit more than that.

DB: Dale Etheridge, who was the planetarium coordinator for the Clark County area did a stunt with me where he said: I’m going to tell the truth about you, Dan.

HE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF GEORGE AS GEORGE SAID: I’ve got information on you, Dr. Crain, that you are part of the Saucer Program. And then Dale Etheridge looked over at me and he says... and we’ll get to Gordon here in a moment – “a Gordon”. I’m not going to say the Gordon; I’m going to say “a Gordon”. You’re going to hear “a Gordon” in a few moments, actually hear him on our answering machine. [laughter, audience comment]

Dale raised this bag up from under – it was a preset joke – raised this bag from out underneath the table.

AND HE SAYS: I’ve got the goods here on you, Dr. Crain.

I SAID: Okay, fine. Show the goods, show the goods.

And he pulled out an Alf doll. You know the old Gordon Shumway, the little Alf creature, the alien life form creature that liked to eat cats?

I SAID: There you are, George. There’s your extraterrestrial.

Well, that was a very embarrassing thing for George because we were laughing. We were laughing at it, at the time.

Again, I had no idea. So I was a very, you know, company man. I was a lot more brash at that time, and I was a lot more willing to deal with him that way.

MMcD: So he never exactly forgave Dan.

DB: Right. Now, the reason why you’re being told this is, George indicated that he never called my home... and I’m going to get to Gordon, but George indicated that he never called my home.

Would you be so kind as to bring up the GK [talking to slide projectionist]. Yes, if you please, Oh one says GK and one says GN. Go figure. Okay, the one on the right-hand side, if you would be so kind. From 1991, Ladies and Gentlemen.

[playing of George Knapp audio message from Dan’s telephone, muffled, inaudible] … European AK 42 I don’t know what to tell you, … Dictaphone, Dictaphone … give me a call …

DB: He claims he never called me. [audio clip played again] He had some inside information and he got ahold of my home phone number [audio still playing] Okay. Thank you.

Now we are moving to EBE – Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. Now we’re going to move forward into 2009. [Marcia in background writes on board: J scribble EBE K.] Would you be so kind as to do the GN – whomever that may be – the GN 2009 wave files? Here is coercion coming.

AM: Would you also have the volume up slightly? It was pretty much down.

[plays phone recording] Dan, this is Gordon. I’m getting ready to leave Vegas and I had lunch with your old buddy George Knapp and I’m not going to mention any of our faux pas.

DB: It would be so good of him not to mention it.

[recording continues] All I wanted to do was to thank you for the Shirley Bassey thing. It’s brilliant and excellent. I would like meet this Goldstein and Dan Steele if they’re real...

DB: Forget it. What is “incrediblize”?

[phone recording continues] ...I hear that they’re incredible and some of it’s real. So I’m sure you know what Mr. Knapp has to say, etcetera, etcetera, but we still want to talk business, and we can’t do business without talking business. It seems to me to be mandatory to be able to talk about what you can deliver and find out what you’re offering, and... [answering machine voice cuts in, giving date and time] Tuesday, 3...

DB: He ran out of tape time. [recording begins again; Dan speaks to sound engineer: That’s fine. Thank you.] He ran out of tape time. He just kept talking, and our answering machine eventually just cut off, thank God.

But what happened was, we met with “a certain Gordon” – I’ll just say “a certain Gordon” because we’re dealing with issues here – and he wanted to offer me to back-engineer a Looking Glass device, as a time issue. And: We want Argo for the carbon dioxide sequestration; we’re not going to be playing with these time issues.

We should have learned by now. I mean, we’re capable, if we get hit with a stick over our head enough, of learning.

AM: He also claims he does it for energy reasons.

MMcD: He claims a lot of things. He claims it’s for energy but what he wants is control. He wants control of energy and he wants control of the technology that allows forward looking.

AM: Okay.

DB: Now, we had agreed to meet “a certain Gordon” at Ellis Island Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas for dinner.

MMcD: He wanted to discuss business.

DB: And this was a follow-on to that night where we were supposed to have dinner. We walked up. He had a lovely lady with him, this “certain Gordon” did. We began to have a conversation.

AND HE SAID: So you two are getting married.

Now, a certain divorce action was going on at the time and we were doing everything we could to get that done with as quickly as possible because of the issues involving the children that we’ve mentioned.

AND I SAID: Yes, next month we’re going to be married.

AND HE LOOKED OVER AT MARCIA AND SAYS: Well, you’ve been concubining for a long time.

AM: Concubining?

MMcD: Yeah, he called me a whore.

AM: [inaudible]

DB: I looked at her and asked her what her intentions were for me, reference him, at that moment, whether or not she wished me to act in certain ways toward Mr. No... toward “a certain Gordon”. She indicated no. She told him that she had been deeply offended, and I stood there and continued to wait to see what she wanted to telegraph me to do.

HE APOLOGIZED AND THEN HE CAME BACK AND MADE ANOTHER SEXUALIZED COMMENT, SAYING: Well, you’re more the sergeant anyway, meaning a control issue involving our sexuality.


AND I SAID: Yes, it is.



As a follow-on, the next day, that recording arrived on our home answering machine and you can see the use of the name George Knapp as an issue of: Well, I’m not going to talk anything about our faux pas. But there was no faux pas. He acted like a...

MMcD: Dumb-ass.

DB: Right. [Marcia laughs] Now, there are separate teams.

MMcD: [inaudible audience comment] No, he is a dumb-ass.

DB: [laughs] There are separate teams. There are separate teams attempting to back-engineer said devices. He, in fact, is involved with one of those teams and he doesn’t have the full device specs. He wants to fly a disk. He does not have an inertial integrator and injection unit. I happen to know how that’s put together.

MMcD: Remember what I told you about his memory and how when he looks at a schematic or he looks at a mechanical, he memorizes when he looks at those things.

DB: Now, this might be very irritating to some people. I actually have a publication here which is being used by his group, “a certain Gordon’s” group.

AM: Is it available?

DB: Oh, I don’t think it’s available via the Internet. It was an unfunded study done by – I’m not going to name the individual, but if I happen to lay it here people will see it or whatever – by a Ph.D. out of Florida.

The study’s name is Resolving the Psycho-social Paradoxes Associated with Gravity Nullification, Time Travel, and Propellantless Energy by Blank, Blank, January 24, 2006. Very few individuals [in the study]. It was basically a question-answer format and then this certain Ph.D. came up with certain conclusions.

But it’s the selection... it’s the unbiased selection... when you do a real study like this, a sociological study, you have to have an unbiased selection of individuals.

Well, there is a very strong leaning in this paper on quotes such as this: Most people commute to work. Duh, right. And since larger industries would break down with the elimination of fossil fuel, people might be more inclined to remain in their communities and thus would be a breeding ground for fanaticism.

Speak to Brian O’Leary about the reality involved with this, because this is, in my personal view, a line of garbage. That’s my personal view of this because, as I said, we have a birthright. This is associated with “a certain Gordon’s” group, “a certain Gordon” is associated with the Aviary, which does not have your best interests at heart, in my personal view.

MMcD: “A certain Gordon” is trying to back-engineer or create...

DB: Power, power, power.

MMcD: He’s trying to gather power and influence by creating a flight device based upon back-engineered specs, but he doesn’t have all the specs. He knows that somebody in this room has memorized specs, mechanical drawings, everything that he wants. He’s been approaching, pleading with Dan to help his project.

DB: He wrote an email: Oh, you gave up a lot of money and a lot of power.

MMcD: That’s what he said to us.

DB: Well I didn’t... I came close to telling him to stuff his money and his power.

AM: [two audience members talking at once] Wouldn’t you take… [inaudible] other measures? Remember, my question was specifically about Bill Hamilton.

DB: [answering inaudible question buried in overtalk above] That’s his choice.

AM: I didn’t say it.

DB: No, I’m just saying that’s his choice. If he wishes to take other measures, if you mean maybe even toward us, because “a certain Gordon” has a certain bravado? That’s his choice. We have team members, too.

AM: Remember, my question was initially specifically about the role of Bill Hamilton. Remember he was close with you about, and also about his book.

DB: Bill Hamilton is a very intelligent, big-hearted, good man.

AM: He’s on Gordon’s team, is he not?

DB: No, no. Okay, let me tell you about “a certain Gordon’s” team. “A certain Gordon’s” team doesn’t exist. Okay? “A certain Gordon’s” team is an email loop that contains about everybody on the face of the Earth except for maybe the people in this room. I was on the email loop and I was never a part of “a certain Gordon’s” team.

MMcD: He kept saying that Dan was involved in the elite part of his management team...

DB: ...he’s calling something like Knights Templorum, or some weird...

MMcD: I talked to the guy and I said: Take him off your email loop. There is no contract, there is no agreement, you have given no consideration, there has been no agreement to associate with you. You simply asked us to listen to a proposal. We listened to your proposal.

WE SAID: “No”. Enough! And he didn’t get it. He still doesn’t get it.

DB: Well, most of the emails have ceased now because, at least for a time, we put all of his emails and that phone call on the open Internet, so everybody could hear it.

AM: Why did you do that?

MMcD: We were tired of it.

DB: Including all of this business of, you know: You turned down all this power and this money, and even an admission of what he called her. We just put it on the Internet because I was frankly sick of getting harassed by this guy.

MMcD: We finally ordered him to stop harassing us.

DB: [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: Have you ever had experience with remote viewing?

DB: Myself, no.

AM: No, okay.

DB: No. I did in fact use some remote viewing results for Lotus because on more than one occasion with Lotus I got to the point where I did not know where we were going with it because it’s such a strange phenomenon. Debra, in fact, my former wife, was the individual.

[short break for change of tape; audience member asks about Bill Hamilton again]

DB: His name in fact was in an email group – we’re talking about Bill Hamilton – was in an email loop with “a certain Gordon”. However, aside from... well, I don’t want to get into personal issues involving Bill. Ah... I’m just weighing something here. He indicated to me in an email that he didn’t really expect much from him. All right? He’s a good man; Bill Hamilton is a good man. [to audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: Thank you. I feel like I should turn off my cloaking device. [laughter]

DB: And you’ve not asked any previous questions whatsoever during the forum.

AM: Yes, I was wondering on the treaty question, that who guarantees the treaty for the, let’s say, the P54 or 52, or whatever. As you said, there’s no, or not too many records or whatever you said.

DB: Well, he may have had to sign... [audience member talks over Dan]

AM: If there is a treaty there has to be some guarantee that the treaty will be kept. So...

DB: What guarantees do you want?

AM: So what guarantee is there for them to, you know?

MMcD: What are you saying... what’s in it for them to keep the treaty?

AM: No. For us. What guarantee that we will keep, you know, our side of the treaty?

DB: Well, some of which were the handing over of heirlooms... children.

Other issues involved détente between the signatories. As long as détente was in existence, a hot war would not break out. There have been a few issues about people firing at people, including US authorities firing at certain craft, and you may have seen certain STS videos of projectiles being fired up through the atmosphere at craft.

Those were some hot war provocations. They were violating... there was a specific one that I remember seeing where there was actually a violation and they were not supposed to have a number of craft in our atmosphere. They came in with an extra craft and a shot was fired at them, a couple of shots, I believe. There was a right-angle turn on a craft, and you can see it exiting off over the limb of the Earth. [to audience member] Sir.

AM: I understand you are a microbiologist.

DB: Yes, Sir.

AM: Have you had any new information on cancer?

DB: [Marci consults with Dan] Would you hand this to the gentleman, please? [hands paper to questioner]

MMcD: Ladies and gentlemen, I have been advised about the requirements of the hotel and the room. We are only going to have 5 minutes. [to Dan] You wanted to hear this tape.

DB: Of you? Okay.

[Dan speaks with sound engineer: This is going to be Zurich 2009. Okay, that would be... Go ahead and run with the photograph of Marcia. Let’s try it. That’s it, if you want to hear her that morning.]

It’s an audiotape of the morning of March 28, 2009, while we were addressing the individuals that we had as guests in Las Vegas, Nevada, the morning and the moment that the T2 event was supposed to have occurred.

MMcD: [audiotape plays; sound quality not clear]

We began that simple unity flyer program while… [unclear] were being produced. We did this so we would meet or exceed that pre-set Looking Glass quota and the… [unclear]. We accomplished the first goal by September 2006. And do you know the expected way information spread? The last numbers… [unclear] by the end of 2008. [Unclear]… We actually surpassed that number by the middle of 2008 due to the other events that drew attention to Dan and myself.

DB: CalTech.

MMcD: [audiotape continues]

The next number of… [unclear] remains the embodiment of… [unclear] means… [unclear] that we are the human species for which that wonderful decision, that moment of bifurcation, the moment of collective truth, the time that the cycles cross, moment when we must focus upon the… [unclear] solutions of all of fragile life here every one of you. We shall survive this time the cycles cross, the time of the predicted catastrophe of Fulcanelli and reality has chosen to refuse the path that would lead us to schism. We have refused to perish in the wilderness. We are destined as children of the stars.

DB: That was cut off.... you heard that little wisp at the end. That was the team and those assembled, the good guys, whistling and stomping and all of that, but we‘ve tried to cut most of the team’s voices off, for their own lives. Most of them are retired now. That gives you an idea. [applause] Thank you, thank you. [to audience member] Yes, Ma’am.

AM: I have two questions. The first one is the Omnicron Treaty was scheduled for 2009. And I was just wondering if that happened, or if it’s on schedule, or if it happened, what was the outcome? Or if it hasn’t happened.

DB: That was... it has not happened. They were no-shows. They didn’t show up for it.

AM: And second question, I was wondering if there are any other treaties or communications in place, other forms of black... [inaudible]

DB: None to my knowledge, Ma’am. Thank you. [to another audience member] Yes, Sir.

AM: This idea that I have, I don’t know if it’s true, if we can refer to it. Could it be that you’re a little bit sidetracked? Because, the thing is actually, you’re talking with J-Rods? As far as I know, visitors from the future are Grays. I’ve been working with the Grays. They are pretty tough stuff, but the real danger out there is the Anunnaki, the reptilians. I mean, these are the real danger for the future of humanity. I mean, in the whole story, I hope these don’t come back and...

DB: Well, I can speak to the issue of Anunnaki being a Sumerian influence, or a cultural archetype, or gods of their belief system. I can speak to the reptilian issue because while being entrained by P45 J-Rod, they appear due to their neuropathy, their stance, their calcain/ caucaine-like [word unclear] disease stance, to be very lurching and extremely reptilian in appearance.

Aside from that, I cannot account for any of the other accounts concerning alleged Grays of non-human lineage. I don’t have that information and I cannot account for that. After 20 years of working with the folks that were under affidavits, signed as having worked with, it was not in our standard operating procedures or protocols.

It was never spoken about, save – and no ill intent or umbrage to be taken – save I heard a lot of the senior operators snickering about the folklore that was injected into the UFOlogical communities worldwide. And that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

I don’t know everything. All I know is what I’ve experienced and what I’ve learned during my 45 years.

AM: As part of this disinformation about Serpo... it’s part of the story also that the Zetas are cooperating with the U.S. Army. Is that part of disinformation or is that true?

DB: Well, I wouldn’t call them Zetas because they’ve never called themselves that, the ones of which I’m aware, anyway. But I’m not aware that they call themselves that.

It’s like... I met an individual and I don’t want to apply a label to that individual that he would not want to apply to himself, like I wouldn’t want a label applied to me. The cooperation was extensive, has been extensive, with more than one branch of the United States and what I would call foreign militaries, militaries from other nation-states... extensive cooperation. [to another audience member] Yes, Sir.

MMcD: One minute.

DB: One minute, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you.

AM: I just wanted to ask you if you can confirm some images that are around on the Internet that P52… [inaudible] look like, because even if you draw ... [inaudible]

DB: There are no, to my understanding, actual images of an extraterrestrial placed on the Internet. None.

AM: You mean it’s all disinformation?

DB: Ah...I don’t know what the intent...

MMcD: [talking over Dan] I have not seen every image on the Internet.

DB: Okay. I don’t know what the intent is. For instance, if somebody looks at a picture and they truly believe that that’s what they saw, or they draw it, then that’s what they believe that they saw and I’m not going to impeach that for any reason. However, photographs, to our knowledge, videos of them? None.

MMcD: To our knowledge, none have been posted or released.

DB: And I would give my canine eyeteeth for one.

AM: Do they exist?

DB: Oh yes, the photos exist. Yes.

AM: The one they operated on. What about that one? They showed it...

MMcD: The operation... the autopsy.

DB: Oh... the alien autopsy business?

AM: Yeah.

DB: I’ve looked at that film very closely. That appears to be a reverse-engineered autopsy of a dead human being. [audience laughter] Appears. In other words, my best guess is that a cadaver was lying in a prone form on her tummy, had her back opened up, items placed inside, including phony organs, etcetera, turned over, and then they came in.

None of these individuals, none of them who walked in with an alleged alien would have been dressed as you saw dressed. None of them. It was totally hokey to me. That’s the best word I could use. It just looked hokey and it frankly upset me a great deal because the polydactylist female – I believe there was more than five fingers – yeah, a normal human genetic condition, polydactyly as well as syndactyly. But... No.

AM: Just one thing, there was a... about there being a… [unclear] I think about 50 cm and about his dressing, the Russians did the autopsy too? And I think they don’t dress like, you know, or, you same, in a fancy suit or expensive suits?

DB: Bill Uhouse correctly testified to a P45 J-Rod at the Los Alamos National Laboratory with whom he worked for the use of diagnostic equipment for propulsion and avionics systems. I saw the benefit given to S4 of what he built, and in fact in our one DVD, his son, Will, and myself talk about what Bill developed with the particular J-Rod, the P45 J-Rod. That P45 J-Rod was onboard at the same time as Chi'el'ah, the P52 that I met that crashed in 1953.

Ah... we’re running out of time?

MMcD: At the end.

AM: [inaudible] I realize you don’t speak about things religious but… [unclear] a time traveler. [laughs]

DB: We’re all time travelers. [laughter] Now, wasn’t that diplomatic? Thank you.

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