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Bill Homann: The technology, whoever made it, is something that really couldn’t be recreated. And there’s so much in the Skull that the more you study it, the more unusual it is. So...

Kerry Cassidy: In what way do you think the technology is so special? Could you explain what you mean by that?

BH:  Yeah. The technology. Well, the fact is...

KC:  Could it be created today if you had a crystal this big?

BH:  Well, the problem is the carving of the jaw, and that’s what is so exciting and messes up the scientists. The scientists want to come in. They’ve made tests and they found they couldn’t find any kind of tool marks or anything on the whole Skull. But there were some around the jaw and the teeth. But when Dorland cracked the tooth when it was at Hewlett-Packard, he did restoration on it to repair it. So it’s hard to say where the markings came from.

But the thing is... Even so, the thing that blows the scientists’ minds is...the fact is they can’t figure out how the Skull was separated. And being separated, and with Hewlett-Packard’s tests, the top half of the Skull and the jaw are the same piece of crystal.

KC:  OK.

BH:  And that right they can separate the two...the technology, even today, would be pretty much impossible. And the fact, is how they put prisms inside the Skull, how they put the lenses in there that work to the eye sockets. That would take zero gravity to try to do it today. And really I don’t think we could really duplicate it in zero gravity.

So who did it, how they did it, that’s what makes the Skull so interesting. But the real thing about the Skull, what it is, is what you feel about it, you know. People pick up this energy, this specialness.

KC:  Well crystals in general will give you energy. You can find amethyst with your hands. I get energy. The reason why I’m doing this ... I get energy with my hands. And I can feel vortexes.

BH:  OK. Did you feel it outside?

KC:  Yes, I did.

BH:  Yeah. I mean it’s not like it...

KC:  It’s not like right here.

BH:  The waves...

KC:  It’s waves going out.

BH:  When you put your hands by it, it’s a connection to it.

KC:  Sure.

BH:  You have your hands out here, you can feel it. You can be out across the street, really...

KC:  Well I actually felt it when we were coming up the stairs. I could feel... There’s a vibration now that’s going on down the hall so to speak because of the presence of the thing.

BH:  So that’s the kind of... It’s a little unusual than, you know, not just because of it’s crystal by itself.

KC:  So, how many years has this Skull been in your life?

BH:  Let’s see, probably about -- off and on -- for probably 12 years.

KC:  OK. And what... Has it changed your life, do you feel?

BH:  Completely. Yeah. Yeah. It’s... Especially my life now is just like a fast-moving river. Things happen. It’s like... If I can just take a month, like August.

August: I went to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, met a lot of people, did a lot of lectures. Come back. Somebody from England comes over and stays with me. Somebody from Italy comes and stays with me. One of them, maybe the person from Italy, wanted to stay right to the last time, the last day, and then I took off and went to Sedona and Scottsdale and did lectures. Get back and then I do another. It’s just like... never-ending... [laughs]

KC:  So it takes you... it kind of like links you the rest of the people on the planet.

BH:  Right. And also it pulls me and puts me in positions. Like, I’m down here. I don’t know exactly why. But, you know, I’m running into these people that have the need to be here, the need. I’m finding the country to be an amazing place. And I think there’s some really special energy spots.

And the Skull, one of the jobs it does, it works on the heart chakra, opening peoples’ hearts to this universal love.

But what it also does is, it works on the ley lines of the Earth. And it helps to balance out the energy. And what’s so important with the shift that’s coming in 2012... It’s like, if the Earth is out of balance at all when all this energy hits it, it’s gonna... You know, it’ll just fly anywhere, you know. We really wouldn’t want to see what could happen.

But if we can work with people on these grid lines and open up the energy and make it in balance, then the energy hitting it could make it a lot less. That’s one of the reasons I do this.

KC:  Have you been to Stonehenge and to Egypt, to the Pyramids?

BH:  I have to go to Egypt to the Pyramids. And the Skull has been at Stonehenge. Yes.

KC:  So you still have to go to the Pyramids.

BH:  Yeah. And I feel that’s important, one of my important things -- that I need to go. It’s not just there. I think it’s Spain, Thebes, or wherever, that area is supposed to be special area. It has some kind of energy I need to go to.

KC:  OK.

BH:  But I find that where I’m supposed to go, people call and say: Hey, we’d like to do a lecture here. It seems to be the right place. So if that’s the place, we’ll be there.

KC:  I see.

BH:  OK. It was found in 1924.

KC:  I listened to your lecture...

BH:  Right.

KC:  ...but wasn’t sure where you kind of stepped in.

BH:  OK. Yeah. What happened is, it was found... F.A. Mitchell-Hedges had it since the Mayans gave it back to him in 1927.

KC:  But that marvelous young girl found it.

BH:  Yes. It was his adopted daughter Anna. They found it together.

KC:  OK.

BH:  But he had it till ’59. When he passed away, it went back to Anna and she had it till 2007.

KC:  Really!

BH:  Yeah. In 2007... But, what happened is, I met her. There’s a lot of things in Anna’s life and Mitchell-Hedges’ life that had paralleled things that happened to me. I was in Panama, a lot of the places they were at. And I had an open connection right away to the Skull when I saw pictures of it. In ‘81 I heard about it, where it was at, and I went up to see her and met with her and we became really good friends.

And she allowed me to go with her when she did different lectures and stuff all over the world. And so I was able to take her around the world to all these different sites, spiritual sites, around the world. And so that was... We became really good friends. And she’s an amazing, amazing person, someone I have total respect for. She’s a really neat person.

KC:  So is she still alive?

BH:  No. What happened is, she traveled with... You know, she moved from place to place a lot, so she moved from Canada to England, England back to Canada. These were full moves, with new houses and everything.

KC:  Right.

BH:  And then she came back in early 2000. And she was in Canada, and she was very sick. And I talked to her on the phone and I said... There was no one really around her at the time. So I said: Come to Indiana and I’ll take care of you. And she decided to do that. And she came down there. And she spent the last 8 years of her life with me, and I took care of her.

And she taught me what she wanted to be done with the Skull, how it was supposed to be handled, and what she believed in.

And so I gave my word. And that’s what I’m doing right now, is carrying out my word. My word was that I would take the Skull up and make it available to people that felt the importance of it, OK? People that felt... Not everybody is drawn to the Skull, but some people are really drawn to the Skull and they come from all over. So by opening it up to those people, that’s part of what promise...that I promised to her. And that’s what I’m doing.

KC:  OK. And what is... like, was there a religious significance for Anna and the Skull?

BH:  And the Skull? Well you know what, Anna and myself... You know, I’m a very spiritual person. I feel the connection to god very closely and very importantly. I’m not at this point in my life a “religious” person in the fact that I don’t believe in the dogma of religion, but I work on the spirituality.

I’m working on... I believe that the true essence of religion is inside, in the person, and going into that person and finding that connection is what I feel it’s all about. And the Skull is a tool for mankind.

The Mayas believed it was a god. To them it was like their god had returned. But what it really is, it’s a tool to open the heart to the universal love.

So I feel a connection with the Skull and I feel, spiritually, if I can help people, if I can help the world, and use the tool to do it, that’s what I feel is a very important job.

KC:  Did Anna believe in the spiritual side, or did she believe in more of the religious side?

BH:  Anna was a very spiritual person.

KC:  OK.

BH:  As a matter of fact, you know, we had friends... We had this one friend, she was a secretary for Mother Theresa and worked with Mother Theresa for a while. And she met Anna. She said Anna had the same vibration as Mother Theresa. And that’s how she was. She was a person that if you met her, it’s like you knew her all your life. And she made you feel that way.

KC:  OK.

BH:  But she also... You know, she was very connected to the other side, so connected it was just like... In the last part of her life, there was so much psychic and different forces around her, it was just like unbelievable. It was like the veil between the other side and her was just so close, it was just like it was popping through. It was pretty amazing. So she was a very spiritual person. And very special.

KC:  So did she ever talk about any beings that were associated with the Skull?

BH:  Yes. Yeah. She felt... Well, there is different beings that have connection with the Skull and they are the ones that work through it. The Mayans are very connected to the Skull. The Mayans of Lubaatun, that area, they’re not... They’re a Mayan group that’s different than the average Mayan and they have connections with the ETs and they have connections with the Skulls.

KC:  OK. Do you know which ETs?

BH:  Let’s see. I’m not... I wouldn’t say... Probably Pleiadians, probably are the ones.

KC:  OK.

BH:  Yeah.

KC:  Tall blonds.

BH:  Tall blonds. Yeah.

KC:  Where are you from originally?

BH:  Indiana.

KC:  Really?

BH:  Like Indiana Jones.

KC:  OK.

BH:  [laughs] Sounds good, right? I love adventure.

KC:  That makes sense.

BH:  Life is an adventure with the Skull. It keeps you really going on.

KC:  So in a sense you didn’t actually start your journey until 2007, would you say?

BH:  No. My journey is, you know... started, as far as taking it around and doing stuff with people, it really started after Anna passed away. She passed away on my birthday in 2007. And she found it on her birthday, her 17th birthday.

KC:  Really!

BH:  Yeah. And she passed it to me on my birthday.

KC:  On your birthday...

BH:  It wasn’t my 17th, though. [laughs]

KC:  Surprise, surprise!

BH:  Yeah.

Bill Ryan: Kerry, I have one or two questions. I wonder if you could also capture me just briefly with this beautiful object.

KC:  We’re here for a half hour. That’s all we have here.

BR:  And that may be just about over.

KC:  Other people have booked sessions, is my understanding.

BR [sits down]:  I don’t come from Indiana, but I’ve got the hat...

BH:  [laughs] I was admiring that hat. That’s cool.

BR:  So I’ve been a little bit of an adventurer in my time. I’m very, very curious about the Crystal Boy. Now I’m certainly not going to be asking you any information about locations or plans or logistics, but what is your feeling of the importance of that?

BH:  I feel... You know, I feel that these different objects are pieces of importance in a puzzle. And the Skull is an important piece and also the Crystal Boy is an important piece.

BR:  And there will be more.

BH:  Yeah. When they come together, different things, or very powerful things, can happen. I’m not saying that the Crystal each object has its special gift and special purpose. The Crystal Boy, we don’t know exactly what its...what it does...but I know it’s probably a very important piece in this overall puzzle that we’re working on.

BR:  And you do have plans to retrieve this, I assume?

BH:  Yes. And, see, what it is... Well, the way I want to retrieve it is... You know, I could have retrieved it with NBC, which would have been fine, but I think they would not have had the right thing for the Skull. It would not have been...

BR:  The right energy.

BH:  The right energy. It would not have gone to the right place. It would probably have been locked up in some... It needs to go with someone... You know, I would find it. but it wouldn’t be like: Oh I want to keep the Skull with me. I’d like to find it and have it go with some of the spiritual leaders, maybe down in that area...

BR:  Yes.

BH: long as they’re gonna work together so we can work on this evolvement that we’re working on.

BR:  Yes. But you do have some kind of a plan for how you’re going to handle that?

BH:  Yes. I have a plan.

BR:  In my sense, this is important.

BH:  Yeah, I do have a plan. And it’s just... This year has been one thing after another and I thought I would have been able to do it by now but I just haven’t had the chance.

BR:  This is a serious offer -- you must have heard this from many other people -- if you want anyone to follow you around with a camera, we’re equipped to do this. And it would be a huge privilege for us.

KC:  We do... We did interview somebody. Her name is Miriam Delicado and they're talking about having a major gathering of the Peoples of the planet, mainly with the Hopi and the Maya coming forward and talking about the prophecies. And they feel also that indigenous people everywhere should be sort of connecting with this gathering. And the Crystal Skull may be an important ingredient in that. So I’m just throwing that out to you. This would be happening in Hopiland. And I wonder if you’ve been to the Hopi.

BH:  I’m a very good friend of someone I really care about and respect, is Grandfather Martin, and he’s the Elder and he’s the Prophet for the Hopi Nation.

KC:  OK.

BH:  And so I am very much for the Hopis and I believe in their work and what they’re doing.

KC:  And have you brought the Skull to the Hopi?

BH:  Yes I have. That’s one of the things that I was drawn to do and we did that this year.

KC:  OK.

BH:  And we met with them several times, just, a matter of fact, the last time was just two weeks ago.

KC:  Oh, really? OK. So you were probably right near me. I now live in Sedona.

BH:  OK. So, yeah. I was in Sedona. I was in...

KC:  I thought I heard that you’d been around.

BH:  Yep. Well, I was in Scottsdale. I left there, let’s see... Two weeks ago I was in, well it wasn’t even two weeks ago, it was last week I was in Sedona. I was in Angel Valley, doing a lecture for Angel Valley.

KC:  OK.

BH:  But two weeks before that I was in Scottsdale. And then from Scottsdale I went up to Sedona and did some work with the Hopi and stuff. It was very interesting.

Did you ever hear of the Crystal Orb?

K, BR:  No.

BH:  The Crystal Orb is a very special thing. It was found about 30 years ago by a gentleman called Ray Brown. If you look on some of the internet you can probably find some of that. He was really big at the time. Ray Brown was scuba diving on this island near Bimini.

BR:  I’ve heard this story. Incredible story.

BH:  Yeah. He went on this, and he found this in a pyramid?

BR:  Yes.

BH:  OK. Well the people that were with him went back out looking for stuff and they were mysteriously killed. But he was left. And he passed away a couple of years later, and he gave the Orb to his teacher, telling him never to show the Orb to anybody until the right time.

BR:  Yes. Right.

BH:  OK? Well I did a show for NBC, and it was about the Crystal Skull and me looking for stuff and he wondered what I was talking about.

And when I was doing this he watched it and he saw the Skull and saw me and he felt that he had to show the Orb to me and that they needed to be together. But he thought that it was ridiculous because he didn’t know where I was or anything.

So what happened is, I was going out there for a lecture to an area where I meet these two people, and they said they had a friend there and the friend... they were talking about the Orb...and she said: I know where it is but I can’t tell anybody. He said: Well tell him the Skull’s coming. Maybe he wants to see it. And when he did that, he was all excited.

We brought the Orb and the Skull together. And when we brought the Orb and Skull together for the first time... We did it twice, and the second time something different happened. But the first time, the Skull turned white and the Orb turned gold.

KC:  Wow. Wonderful.

BH:  But the thing is, the amazing thing about that is, I have a picture. I can show it to you.

BR:  I would love to see this.

KC:  Yes. We would. Absolutely.

BR:  I read about this Orb in Charles Berlitz’s book on the Bermuda Triangle many years ago and I’ve never forgotten that. It lodged in my mind. I thought: This is incredibly important. I thought it had disappeared.

BH:  It did disappear for all those years, until it just came out. And what happened is... You know, the Orb... It’s a crystal ball, and it has three pyramids built inside of it.

BR:  Mm hm.

BH:  But... And it’s pure crystal. But when we put ‘em together, the Skull turned white and the Orb turned gold. If you look around his hand, you can see white light shooting around.

BR:  That is amazing. Do you have plans to do more, to work more, with the Skull and the Orb?

BH:  Oh, of course, yeah. We’re just getting very good together. As a matter of fact, a couple weeks ago I was able to get together with them again and when we did it this time, the Skull turned blue and the... It was blue light going all over the ground.

And the next day we’re in this room that had yellow table cloths and yellow walls. And you’re looking at this through the viewfinder on the camera and it was yellow walls and yellow table cloths. And when you took the picture, the Skull turned blue, the table cloths turned blue and the walls turned blue. And we took about 15 pictures and every time it did the same thing.

BR:  Incredible.

BH:  So, some pretty strong energy that’s involved. When an Atlantean Orb and Atlantean Skull get together it’s a major... I think there was a connection, an old connection.

BR:  And there must be more.

BH:  Oh, yeah. There’s more. And that’s what we’re doing right now, is we’re putting a call out to try to bring this stuff forward. I believe a lot of the ancient people, the Mayas, or whatever, have some of this stuff in their own possession that they’re afraid to bring out because they know if it comes out the government tries to take it away from them.

KC:  Right.

BR:  And the Tibetans. They have some there, too. There’s no doubt at all. Yes.

BH:  Yeah. And I think maybe even there’s some here in Australian. I think the aborigines might have a Skull. And there’s a possibility that when I bring this Skull down there, we might bring the Skulls together. And if that happens I think that could be a major thing.

BR:  Yes.

BH:  It might be one of the reasons why I’m here.

BR:  Of course. I’m sure that you feel that you’re on a great sense of mission and you’re not totally sure what it is, but you’re going down this river.

BH:   Yeah. Just going with the flow.

BR:  Going with the flow, and you don’t really understand this.

KC:  The journey is the message. Well that’s wonderful. And for the sake of the camera, can you please tell us your name?

BH:  My name is Bill Homann.

KC:  Homann. OK. And the original person who had it was Anna...

BH:  OK. It was found by F.A. Mitchell-Hedges and Anna Mitchell-Hedges. F.A. Mitchell-Hedges was a famous British explorer. They are people that need to...people to know about... because in this day and age you don’t have any heroes. And they were heroes. And they did the... They walked. They didn’t just do the talk, they did the walk, and that’s pretty neat.

So that’s one of the reasons I go around, to get people know about their lives...



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