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Zurich Conference, 10 July 2009

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Bill Ryan : A New World - if you can take it.
Zurich, Switzerland, July 2009

Ruth Huber's alternating German translation has not been included in this transcript. Only her English comments are shown, but she played a prominent role in making the material accessible to the German language speakers in the audience.

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Bill Ryan:  So, are we on? This is it.

Ruth Huber (Translator):  I think so. We can start.

Bill:  All right. Is there anyone else to come in the room here?

All right. So, everybody; welcome to the conference. We’re delighted that you're here, and that you’ve made the journey from wherever it is you've come from.

The first thing I want to do - I think you all know who I am, Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, but a member of the Swiss Ground Crew. I’m very, very proud to be part of this team. [applause]

There’s something very important to say here about that, and I do thank you for giving that spontaneous applause to this team. This is not a professional conference. In English, the opposite of professional is “amateur”. For those of you, who know Latin, know that the word amateur means people who love what they do.

We’re not doing this for money. Don’t ever organize a conference for money! It’s not going to work. But you might just want to organize a conference because you love doing it, and I would highly recommend that. 

Actually, before I start talking about the history of this conference, I want to introduce my alter ego. This is Ruth Huber. Ruth is one of the most important people here, not only because she’s played a huge role in bringing this conference together, but also because she’s one of the key translators.

I’m trying to embarrass her. [laughter & applause] Okay.

Some people have understandably thought that this was a Project Camelot conference. It’s not a Project Camelot conference; it’s a Swiss Ground Crew conference.

We’ve been receiving emails from all over the world, and, in a moment, we’ll go through what countries you all are from because a lot of people have traveled a long way.

A lot of people write to us and they say: Hey, I’m part of the Dutch Ground Crew, or the German Ground Crew, or the Spanish Ground Crew. It’s important to realize that the word Ground Crew, the phrase “ground crew” actually came from George Green.

George Green isn’t here but he actually has played quite a big part in this conference, although his role is sort of invisible.

This conference actually started just before we went – that is, when I say “we” I mean Kerry Cassidy and myself from Project Camelot – went to Ecuador in January of this year, and one of the Swiss team here, who is somewhere in the audience – I dare not identify her because she’s got a lot to answer for…

Ruth:  I didn’t get that.

Bill:  You didn’t get that. [laughter] One of the Swiss team here, before we went to Ecuador - and she’s in the audience here. I’m not going to identify her, but everything that’s happening here is all her fault [laughter] – said to me: When you see George Green in Ecuador, can you invite him back to Switzerland? Because we would love to have him here.

Now, George Green had all kinds of other plans and he’s a busy man and he wasn’t able to come to Switzerland this summer, but when we were talking with Brian O’Leary – Dr. Brian O’Leary, he’s here in the front row. You’ll be hearing from him on Sunday and also tomorrow evening.

[to Brian] Stand up, stand up, please. [applause]

Brian O’Leary is a very wonderful man and it’s my privilege, I think, to be able to call him a good friend. He said: Hey, I’ll come to Europe. I climbed the Matterhorn when I was a young man, I’d love to see it again.

So we had this idea of this little group of people, and we’d have Brian maybe in this little room, and we’d share some coffee together and he’d tell some stories to us. And then, someone else, who’s also in this room and who we shouldn’t identify, said: You know what? It would be really wonderful to invite Dan Burisch to Switzerland.

I said: There’s absolutely no chance of that happening. That’ll never happen. Then I had an afterthought, and I thought: Well, I could just send a mail, it’s very easy to send a mail.

And he said: Okay. I’ll come to Zurich. No problem. [laughter]

I don’t know whether Dan is in this room right now, I think he’s coming later. Is Dan here? No. No he’s not. Dan’s coming later because he’s still on American Pacific Time, which means that he’s just sort of starting to feel like it’s breakfast. [laughter] That’s why he’s on this evening.

I know that an awful lot of you have come here specifically to hear his story. And I’ll say a little bit more about that in the next hour or so because I want to give Dan as much of an introduction as I can because it’s a very complicated story.

Then what happened was that we had Brian, and we had Dan. Then Dan said: Hey, I want Marci to come. Then people were saying: Well, you can stand up and talk to some people, too. And then, suddenly, we had a conference. [laughter]

We invited David Wilcock; he’s never been to Europe before. So this is really quite a special event.

Yesterday evening, for quite a long time late into the night -- Dan, Marci, David and myself -- had a two hour video conversation, which was so interesting that we practically had to drag David and Dan out of their seats at midnight because it could have gone on until daylight. That was the first time the four of us have actually been in the same place to talk about a lot of this material together and that’s been recorded on video, and that will be released as soon as possible; it’s interesting stuff.

Now, before I dive into this interesting stuff, I just want to acknowledge the people who have taken up a lot of time, spent quite a bit of money and demonstrated a huge amount of commitment to be here this weekend. We have people here from 25 different countries. I just want to read these out to you because it’s quite impressive. Every time I look at this list, I’m impressed.

It’s a list, in alphabetical order. I’m not going to embarrass you, but I do invite you that, if I read out your country, I would love you to raise your hand, so we can actually see that you’re here. I won’t ask you to stand up or tell us what your real name is, or anything like that. [laughter] And all of you agents in this audience, we hope you have fun and it’s all cool. [laughter] We hope you have a good time.

Because this is in alphabetical order, who’s come here from Australia?

Ruth:  Ah! [applause]

Bill:  Isn’t that amazing? That blew me away. These are not rich people, but they’re committed people. They have a different kind of wealth.

So we won’t talk about Cricket, okay? [laughter]

Ruth:  We won’t talk about...?

Bill:  That doesn’t translate into German. [laughter] Okay, and you don’t have to give each other rounds of applause, because that all wastes a lot of energy, but Austria is the next one.

All right. Good. Belgium? All right. Canada. Who’s from Canada? We know we’ve got a couple people from Canada; maybe you’re shy or maybe you’re late, but you’ve paid. [laughter]

Croatia? Okay, wonderful. The Czech Republic? Denmark? Okay. Ecuador.

Ruth:  Hey! [applause & laughter]

Bill:  France? Great Britain? A lot of people from Germany, I think. Israel? Italy? Luxembourg? Malta? We’ve got a large contingent from the Netherlands.

Ruth:  Wow! [applause]

Bill:  It’s a small country full of very smart people, just like the Swiss. [laughter] Okay, Norway? Poland? Portugal? Slovakia? Slovenia? Spain? Sweden? Switzerland? Alright…

Ruth:  It feels like the Eurovision Song Contest.

Bill:  Eurovision Song Contest. [laughter] Absolutely, yes!

And… the USA. [applause] We were going to have somebody in America, actually living in China, he was going to come. Some strange things have happened to some of the people who’ve been intending to come to this conference. Now, we’re not going to ask anyone to share any details here, but I bet that there are some people here who had to overcome some last-minute problems to get here.

The guy from China couldn’t make it, because his son had been kidnapped by his ex-wife! We hope that nothing like that happened to you guys, but we’ve had our fair share of interesting incidents.

Ruth:  Oh, yeah. [laughter]

Bill:  Okay. George Green coined this phrase “The Ground Crew” and there’s a wonderful little book -- it’s a free eBook -- which is available on his website. Actually, it’s a series of four books and the fourth book is called Messages For The Ground Crew. I highly recommend that you read this.

It’s a little book that George tells a very interesting story that it’s basically a channeled book; he didn’t write it, it just came through his fingers. This was a message basically from a group who he identified as the Pleiadians. The message in this book was that we may not have a lot of time to fix things up here; that the Earth is in trouble, the human race is in trouble.

The story doesn’t have to have an unhappy ending, but there’s quite a lot of work to do and someone’s got to do it. This book, this little book, the Messages For The Ground Crew, was like a calling to people who considered themselves to be the people who were going to do the work if nobody else did.

It’s a very interesting situation, because I’m quite sure that a lot of people in this room -- maybe everyone in this room -- you might not actually consider yourself to be a totally normal human being. [laughter]

Now, I’m not going to ask you to hold up your hands and admit to being really strange, but I’ll try the opposite. Is anyone willing to hold up their hand and think that they’re really normal? [laughter] We have two people. Maybe you’re in the wrong conference. [laughter]

I’m quite sure that there are a lot of people here who believe, or who know, or have recalled, or are recalling that they’re here this lifetime for a purpose. My friend and colleague, Kerry Cassidy, is organizing a conference in Los Angeles in September and the title of that conference is Awake and Aware. That was her idea, and it’s a pretty good title, I wish I’d thought of it.

But there are a lot of people here who are awake and aware.

Two weekends ago, we had the great pleasure and privilege – it was an extraordinary weekend, actually – of meeting somebody called Dr. Pete Peterson. I’ll say a little bit about that here, then more in my workshop on Sunday morning.

One of the many things that Pete Peterson told us was that, as far as his research had led him to understand, 15 percent of humans had extraterrestrial DNA that could be directly identified. The same man told us, because of some things that he has a lot of experience of in his career, that those same fifteen percent are resistant to being mind controlled.

The implications of this are very, very interesting. It implies that it may be quite hard to wake up 85 percent of the population. This is across all races and nationalities. But the 15 percent are waking up and I think that everyone in this room is going to be part of that group.

As I kind of put these pieces together, this is really what this grouping called the Ground Crew are, or may be. It’s not just a grass roots movement. [to Ruth] Do you know what I mean by 'grass roots'?

Ruth:  Not really.

Bill:  Not just in the public, it’s not just a public movement by the person in the street, the ordinary person. There are people on the inside. There are people on the inside of the military of the intelligence services, even in politics.

Military intelligence and politics, and these are good guys as well. There are quite a lot of them. We’ve met some of them, and they’re doing what they can from the inside to change things.

What this conference is about – well, let me start that sentence again. One of the things this conference is about; it’s helping to form what Rupert Sheldrake called a morphic field.

Or, to change the metaphor, we’re trying to create a wave, or we’re trying to get a snowball rolling. And we’re not alone in here because we know that a lot of you guys are doing everything that you can in your own countries, in your own ways.

There is a real movement here, there’s a real awakening, a lot of people becoming more aware. A lot of people are talking about it. Almost all of you will be on the Internet a lot and it’s being talked about and this is a real phenomenon.

David Icke is talking about it; David Icke was one of the first people to really start shaking people awake back in the early 1990s.

In the early 1990s, David Icke was talking about what David Wilcock calls Illuminati politics. He felt that his mission was to talk about a lot of startling and incredible information about what really is happening in the world. We had the privilege of talking with him in February of this year, personally, and what he wanted to talk about then was the role of consciousness.

And this is really the theme of this conference, although there’s a lot of interesting stuff that we can talk about. We can talk about Illuminati politics and we can talk about high technology, too. There’s a lot of very interesting stuff. We may have somebody in this room who’s been off-planet, for example, and I’m not going to ask them to raise their hand unless they want to. [laughter] It’s not him.

There is a lot of – in English, we use the euphemism – there’re a lot of sexy things we could talk about. But what we really want to talk about is the important stuff, and the important stuff is how we can all work together to create a better world.

Hence, the title of this conference, which is: A New World, If You Can Take It. And I didn’t think of that title either. Some of you probably know that this came from Colonel Philip Corso. He’s now passed on but he wrote a very significant book called The Day After Roswell.

The story of how that phrase came into prominence is best told by his son.

What his son explained was that in 1957 his father was in White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico. He encountered a disc and a being in the desert. It was sitting there in the desert and it was sort of phasing in and out of his field of vision; it was a very strange phenomenon.

He was very shocked, and as he looked at this being, this being contacted him telepathically. The being asked him if he could go back to the central operations base at White Sands and turn off the radar. As many of you may know, there’s a lot of evidence that one of the reasons why the discs crashed in the late 1940s and early 1950s was because of the high-powered radar that was being used.

So this little ET asked Philip Corso to turn off the radar so that he could get out of here and go. And Philip Corso asked the question: Well, if I help you, what’s – in English we say – what’s in it for me? What do I get out of this?

This little extraterrestrial - or whatever he was - said: A new world if you can take it.

So this phrase didn’t come from a human being or, if it was a time traveler, it didn’t come from a human being from this time.

One of the reasons why I love this phrase – a new world, if you can take it – is that, in English, it has a double meaning. In English it can mean two things. It can mean: a new world, if you can handle it, and the other meaning is: it’s a new world that’s there for you to take it, if you want to.

Like reaching up for something on a high shelf in a supermarket, you can take it. In other words, it’s available if we want it.

This, also, is what this conference is about, because it’s about what kind of future is waiting for us. And even that isn’t an accurate use of words. The really accurate way of putting it is: What future will we create for ourselves?

We get into all kinds of paradoxes here because there is strong evidence - and you will hear much more about this this evening when we hear from Dan Burisch - the strong evidence that we have been visited by future humans; human beings from the future who have returned to try and help and give us some valuable information.

Even that is not a proper use of words, because just now I said they’re from the future. But more accurate would be to say they’re from “a” future. There’s a lot of evidence that we have a choice of futures. There are alternative futures. There are different ways in which this whole virtual reality game which we’re in, this movie which we’re all playing in, could actually end.

It doesn’t actually end, but we get the idea. [laughter]

Another metaphor would be, it’s like: which path do we want to take? And one of the things that Dan is going to talk about this evening with Marci McDowell is how it may be that there is good news; there is encouraging news, about the fact that, maybe, things aren’t going to be as bad as we thought.

Now this is incredible information. When I say incredible, I mean it in the literal meaning of the word, it is “not believable”.

We know that this information is hard to believe. We know that Dan Burisch is hard to believe. We have people writing to us every day saying that Dan Burisch is hard to believe and I agree with them. But there’s something very important here that we ask you, and that is that, if you are in doubt about this story, we ask you to suspend your disbelief. We ask you not to disbelieve until you hear the evidence.

I’ve spent a lot of time with this man; it’s been a great privilege for me to do so. The most recent time I spent with him was several hours in a car yesterday. We went off to look at the Swiss countryside and we ended up having another conversation about his experiences. And he talked about them in great detail on the video that we recorded with David Wilcock late last night. I will stake my reputation on the fact that this man is telling the truth.

David Wilcock - who many of you have also come here specifically to hear - has also been in close touch with Dan since 2003. David is sure that this story is true.

From my personal point of view, the story goes right back to the beginning of Project Camelot, just over three years ago. It feels like a very long time ago, but I guess it really isn’t a long time compared with the many years that many UFO researchers have been working.

I had only just met Kerry and we just had this wild idea that we could assist and continue the work of the Disclosure Project, which we admired, just by talking to people and helping them get the information out about what they’d experienced. Because, like many of you, I’m sure, both Kerry and I had been inspired by the work of Steven Greer when he brought out a number of witnesses to the Washington Press Club conference; I think it was in May of 2001.

We admire the work of Steven Greer. We’ve never met him, but we’re both going to be at the Exopolitics Conference in Spain, which is in a couple of weekends time, and we have an arrangement to talk to Steven Greer then, which will be a lot of fun.

Anyway, in those days, just like many of you – you’ve got blogs, you’ve got web sites, some of you are journalists; you’re doing everything you can do to try to get this information out. This is a big team effort all over the world. We just picked up this little camcorder that Kerry had - you could fit it in your pocket, it was tiny - and we just started talking to people. We were amateurs.

In fact, I’ll tell you a joke about this, which is really true. One of the favorite messages that I ever got in an email was from somebody last year who wrote to me and said: You know, for many months, I thought that you must be working for the CIA. Then he said: I finally realized that you couldn’t be, otherwise your videos would be a lot more professional. [laughter]

I took that as a compliment; I thought it was very funny. It’s what Kerry Cassidy calls guerilla film making. [laughter]

So we were just doing our thing and we had the opportunity – it’s a wonderful opportunity – to meet Dan Burisch, and we were introduced by Bill Hamilton. We were as enthusiastic to meet Dan as probably many of you are, and we know this is why you’re here.

I personally have been interested in his story since 2002 and, when we met Dan for the very first time, within ten minutes, I realized that this was an exceptional man. He was smart, he was humble, he was funny, he was aware and he was completely committed to doing the job that he had been told to do, of releasing this information.

One of the things that he is going to do this evening, when he’s presenting on this platform, is he will play you the recording of when he was given his orders to release this information. Because what Dan is doing is actually part of an unofficial – no, let me say this again – it’s part of an official disclosure program with built-in plausible deniability.

Ruth:  Will you explain this a little more?

Bill:  Absolutely. He was ordered to tell this unbelievable story of everything that he knew and everything that he experienced. The person who ordered him was the previous MJ-1 in the Majestic 12 group, and this is John Mike McConnell who, after he stepped down from that role in Majestic, became the Director of National Intelligence in the U.S. – the DNI. In other words, he’s the guy who is the boss of the head of the NSA. He’s the top dog.

Dan will say a lot more this evening about Mike McConnell and his relationship with Mike McConnell. The unenviable position that Dan is in is that, if we were to go and find Mike McConnell and say: Well, what do you think of this story? He would say: This man is obviously crazy.

So they’re using Dan to disseminate this information into, I guess, those 15 percent of people who are awake and aware. Dan will tell you this evening what a tough job that has been. And he’ll tell you about his reaction when he first received those orders, which were in October 2005.

And then along came Project Camelot.

Ruth:  Will you tell about this reaction now?

Bill:  No, that’s for Dan. I mean, that’s Dan’s story. I’m just preparing the ground.

But… along came Project Camelot. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but, after meeting Dan, it was so obvious to us that this man had high integrity and the best of intentions that we, then, became an unknowing part of this unofficial disclosure movement.

When I asked Dan – ah, this is really quite funny. We met Dan for dinner, Kerry Cassidy and myself, at the beginning of last year, about 18 months ago, and I said to him: You know, it’s amazing, because we’re hiding out in the open. Everyone knows who I am; I make it obvious who I am; everyone knows my name; I don’t try and hide.

If the intelligence agencies wanted to stop what we were doing, they could do it really easily. Every now and then we get a little bit of trouble, but, basically, we’re being allowed to do what we do.

I’m not really claiming anything too special here, because those of you with blogs and web sites, and those of you who are journalists and film makers here in this room, no one’s really trying to stop you, either. Not really.

They could really have just squashed us like flies if they’d wanted to, and they haven’t done that. So I asked Dan, I said: Is it possible that Mike McConnell, in his role of Director of National Intelligence, could be protecting us?

Dan fixed me with a very twinkling eye – Dan has a very expressive face – and he said: If he was, you would never know about it, would you?

So that’s my answer – he answered my question – that we are being allowed to do what we do, because the governments and the intelligence agencies and the military of this world -- they have a problem. As we say in English, they’re in over their heads; they have a huge problem. Many of you will know how they’ve been trying to handle this problem for many, many years to get this information out without causing social disruption, panic, or too much personal shock for people.

A couple of years ago I had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Hal Puthoff, the famous physicist, the director of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. It’s one of my personal goals to interview him on Project Camelot, by the way.

It was Hal who explained to me – and he’s a very intelligent guy, he’s a very nice guy, I’m privileged to count him as a friend as well – and he said that what’s important -- and he was sort of giving me advice, rather like an uncle -- he said: Don’t try and prove anything; because, if you come out with documents and photographs, things that cannot be denied, then people will go into shock because their reality will be challenged.

If all we’re doing is: we’re telling crazy stories about time travel and future humans and all this wild high technology, but we can’t prove anything, then the 15 percent of the awake and aware people will say: Okay, I thought it was like that and thanks for confirming it. And the others guys will say we’re all crazy and they’ll carry on, watching TV and going to church on Sunday morning. [laughter]

So one of the factors in Project Camelot that has enabled us to continue operating is that we don’t present proof; we don’t have any proof. But what we do have is a lot of consistent stories. And, after we met Dan Burisch in - I think it was July… I think it was this month in 2006, I actually can’t remember – and we got on video this wild story.  And for those of you who are still not quite clear about this story, I will just give you the summary version right now.

That story is that at least some of the so-called extraterrestrials are actually not just visitors from other planets, but they are time travelers from other times. Not only are they visitors from other times, but they’re human beings from a future time; from several different times in the future, but all on this same timeline.

A whole variety of very strange things happened that caused a huge amount of complexity and entanglement of the timeline. But, the essence of what the future humans wanted to communicate was that, in their history, there was a catastrophe. It happened round about now and the cause of this catastrophe was connected with the passage of the solar system through a region of energized space.

Again, this is condensed and not intended to be fully, technically accurate, because the realities are very complicated, but one of the secret high-tech devices that some of the governments in the world had was called The Looking Glass. The Looking Glass is a way of gathering information from different times. It’s a sort of portal; it’s a window; you can look through it, or into it, and you can retrieve information from the future.

To make that story even more incredible, this wasn’t given to us by visiting extraterrestrials; this was back-engineered from Sumerian cylinder seals. Anyone who knows about the work of Zecharia Sitchin will understand that the Sumerians received their civilization and their technical knowledge from the Anunnaki.

So, as I understand it, the Looking Glass is Anunnaki technology, which is being used by the American government as a really useful way of looking ahead to see what was going to happen -- with all the attendant paradoxes and complexities that went along with that.

One of the things that Dan told us was that many politicians - not just American politicians - had been told what had been seen for them in the future. And, as long as they liked what they saw, then they just acted out the role just like actors in a movie, because they knew what it was that they were meant to be doing.

Something that Dan said that added further complexity to this story was that the Roswell crash was also a visit from time-traveling future humans and that that was a genuine accident. One of the immediate problems that resulted from that was that, in the late 1940s, the Americans were experimenting with time-travel technology that they did not understand. If you start experimenting with technology like that, and you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to get yourself in a real mess.

A part of that is something that David Wilcock, who’s just joined us in this room – David, nice to see you [applause] – David’s talking for much of the day tomorrow and one of the things that he may or may not refer to is that a number of years ago, he was sitting in a restaurant, occupying himself by reading one of Peter Moon’s books about the Montauk Project.

At that time, David thought that the Montauk Project was a pretty crazy story and was very unlikely to be true. And this other guy was over at this other table in this restaurant and saw him reading the book. He came over to David and said: Do you mind if I join you? He said: What do you think of that book? David said: It’s a crazy story; I’ve got nothing else to read right now.

If I’m misrepresenting this story, David, I apologize, but this is the essence of it.

David Wilcock:  I actually told him it was bullshit. [laughter]

Bill:  David doesn’t pull any punches. This guy came over to David and said: Well, actually, maybe it’s not just bullshit, because I can tell you some things about this story.

This was somebody who David then got to know over a period of quite a long time really very well, and he called him Daniel, which is not his real name. Daniel said that at least the first of Peter Moon’s series of Montauk books was essentially quite true. And David’s a pretty smart guy, so actually, he started listening. But he never published any of that information; he kept it to himself.

This is where these different testimonies start to come together. Because, after we had personally heard this story from Dan Burisch, we then met a guy who we have given the pseudonym to, of Henry Deacon.

Many people think that these people we bump into, that, somehow, they’ve been planted, or it’s all been engineered, or it’s all been choreographed in some way. But, rather like David meeting Daniel in the restaurant, our meeting Henry really was quite an accident.

When Kerry and I met Henry for the first time, it was in a very noisy Pizza Hut. The first thing Henry did was, he took out his cell phone, put it on the table and took out the battery, because cell phones can be used as listening devices, even if they’re turned off. And Henry started talking about an enormous amount of fascinating information that included the mention of time travel and Montauk.

Now, I’m English and I’m not quite so expressive as David is, so I didn’t actually use the word bullshit, but I was very surprised, and I said: Are you saying that the Montauk project is real?

Henry said that we shouldn’t call it the Montauk project; there were Montauk projects – in the plural – and that the Americans have been messing around with time-travel technology for many, many years and had created all kinds of paradoxes and problems. And every time they tried to fix it, they made it worse.

I asked Henry if he’d heard of Dan Burisch’s story, because I immediately thought that there must be a correlation here and Henry had not heard of Dan. So we said: Well look, this sounds like the same sort of stuff. Watch our video and do get back to us because we’d love to know what you think.

Three weeks later, Henry got back to us and he said: I can confirm Dan Burisch’s story, timelines and all.

That really made us sit up and take notice of this stuff. Intuitively, we had strongly felt that this was the heart of the problem, but it was very valuable to have this coming at us from two different sources, who we’d met and spent time with personally.

After we published this information from Henry on our web site, then David Wilcock contacted us, and we hadn’t previously been in contact with him at all. David said: This information is really important, because it’s the first confirmation I have heard of what my source, Daniel, told me, which I have never published.

Then we met David and we did an interview with him.

Ruth:  That was the first meeting with David?

Bill:  Yes, that was the first meeting with David.

David told us a lot of the stuff that Daniel had shared with him during the time that they’d spent together.

Therefore, what I want to say is like an adapted version of something that Bill Cooper said – William Cooper, very well known to many of you -- he said this back at the end of the 1980s. What Bill Cooper said in a very famous lecture, which is still available on the Internet, he said: You cannot make sense of geopolitics in the world without including the UFO/extraterrestrial issue. He said: You have to understand that stuff and accept its reality in order to understand what’s happening in the world.

I can take that one step further, because you can’t make sense of the UFO/extraterrestrial question without accepting and taking into account time travel. It’s deeply connected with many of the problems that we currently face. And while talking about the technicalities of time travel and all of the extraordinary stories – this isn’t what I’m planning to do here and it’s not actually what this conference is about – we can’t talk about the future without talking about time.

Over and over and over again there are hundreds -- if not tens of thousands -- of accounts from people who have had contact with ETs, saying that there’s a very important time for us all ‘round about now. Some of these – let me call them visitors – some of these visitors have said to the people that they’ve been communicating with: You’re in a lot of trouble. Not them personally -- they’re talking about the human race.

Some of them have talked about some pretty unpleasant possibilities that might be in front of us, like warnings. Others have said that there’s the possibility of a golden, wonderful future for the human race. And one of the things that this conference is about; it’s about presenting this is a choice for all of us.

One of the things that I’d like to play just before the break, which is happening in five minutes – do we have intention to play the audio? In a moment - only when I say play - I want to play an audio clip that’s a one-minute audio clip. It’s nothing especially secret, but it’s very interesting and important, in my personal view.

This is an audio clip of Bill Birnes. This was before he became famous on UFO Hunters. But Bill Birnes is the editor of the American UFO Magazine. He’s done a lot of research for many, many years; was the person who worked with Colonel Philip Corso to write the book The Day After Roswell.

He was on the American radio program Coast to Coast AM talking to George Noory and George Noory was asking Bill Birnes about the Roswell crash. What you will hear – I’m not going to translate what he says; this is why I’m giving you the overview here through Ruth – he said that he had spent some time talking with Admiral George Hoover from the Office of Naval Intelligence and George Hoover had told Bill Birnes that the Roswell visitors were time-travelers.

The biggest secret wasn’t the high technology that was discovered; the biggest secret wasn’t that these guys came from a future time; the biggest secret was that, in order for this time-travel to be possible, the visitors had to interface with their craft with their consciousness; that the real meaning for us in this was that we were more able and our consciousness was greater, than we had ever been permitted to understand; that the controllers of this planet don’t want you to know how powerful you are, because they’d be in big trouble if everyone knew how powerful they were.

That’s why they lie to us all the time to try and convince us that we’re not powerful.

We’re just coming up to the break and before the break I just want to play – this is the clip:

George Noory:  What we don’t [know] about the situation at Roswell is whether these were extraterrestrial, whether they came from a hollow Earth, whether they came from another dimension? We don’t know this, right?

Bill Birnes:  We don’t. The only clue that I had was from this Naval Officer, he was from the Office of Naval Intelligence – ONI – called George Hoover (we’ve talked about him before), who said that he was the Corso of the Navy [Ed Note: reference to Col. Philip Corso, the author of ‘The Day after Roswell’] and that the military believed, and he said he knew, that these entities were not so much interplanetary, but they were literally time-travelers.

And the big secret is that they were us, from the future, and that we and they have the same powers and that was the real fear of the government, that we had the ability to manipulate reality around us. We’ve always had that ability. We just didn’t know how to use it. And if we ever learned how to use it -- and were not ready for it -- we would cause chaos and that was the big secret that the Navy eventually found out.

Bill:  Thank you. So, one of the things that I want to pass on to my colleagues – first Dan and then David, who’s to be talking about these, and closely connected subjects, all tomorrow – is how powerful we are and what opportunity we have to, in Bill Birnes’s words: to manipulate reality around us.

Manipulate is like a strong word to use, but what he’s talking about is creating reality. What reality we want to create and what are the opportunities are before us – this is what this conference is about.

So now we’ll take a break and we’ll be back here at half-past three and then I’ll be talking for one more hour, until half past four, and then we have a two-hour break after that.


Bill:  All right. Very good.  Thank you. I’ve got a couple of announcements here, just minor administrative ones. One is just a reminder that in the little snack bar opposite here, which is timed to be open during the breaks, there actually is hot food there, if you need it or want it.

Another little plug here for the girls at the help desk: They are more than happy to help you with any problems that you’ve got, including finding a hotel, answering questions about how to find out information and so on. Please use them.

And we have a couple of badges that we need to give to Heinrich Schnorf, and somebody who prefers to be known only as Melvin.
Okay. So, just a reminder of the timing here: I’m going to talk for an hour and then we have a break until six-thirty. Then, at six-thirty, Dan and Marcie are going to come in and we’re going to be having a conversational presentation. I’m going to kind of be talking with them about their material.

I would love to know if Dan and Marcie are in the room. Are they here? No. Okay. They’re still on Los Angeles time. [laughter] Okay. So, in this next hour, I’m going to continue to prepare the ground for the main presentations by the other speakers.

Earlier I was talking about the testimony that Dan Burisch has been ordered to report about, which is that the time-traveling future humans were warning of a catastrophe ‘round about now. I think I hadn’t quite finished off telling the story of the significance of the Looking Glass devices.

One of the problems in telling these stories is that they don’t go in a straight line. Everything you talk about leads to at least two or three other subjects; therefore, it’s very hard to explore all this ground in a kind of linear way.

The significance of the Looking Glasses which, if you remember, I was explaining that they were back-engineered from Anunnaki technology through the Sumerian cylinder seals and was part of the creation of this huge tangle, which has got to do with interlocking and overlapping timelines.

One of the things that Dan will talk about this evening is how the Earth and the solar system are entering a region of energetic space. And what happened in the future humans’ history, was that the Looking Glasses amplified the energy from the energetic space and this caused a pole shift.

In my personal opinion – and it is a personal opinion – one of the reasons why… it’s almost like there has evolved a modern mythology about the pole shift in 2012. The stories and reports and rumors about this have been surfacing all over the Internet and not all of this is because of what Dan Burisch has said. It’s almost as if there’s a kind of awareness that we all have - maybe unconsciously - that there’s something ‘round about now that’s really quite important.

Clif High from Half Past Human, who uses linguistic patterns on the Internet to predict the future, says that he’s able to use this linguistic analysis from the Internet because all humans are psychic, at least to some degree, even if they don’t know it.

A lot of people sort of know that there’s something happening ‘round about now; a lot of people feel that these are special times and maybe dangerous times. Sometimes people write to us at Project Camelot to accuse us of being depressing, and we’re forecasting doom, and we’re telling everybody bad news. We’re not doing that; this is not our intention.

If you want to travel to a particular destination using a map, you have to know where you are, so that you can make the journey. If you don’t know where you are and you try and figure out a way to get to where you want to go to, you might end up in the wrong place.

Any counselors and therapists here among you will know that, if you’re trying to help somebody, the first thing to do is to tell the truth about what’s really happening. A counselor and a therapist helps the person face up to what’s really happening, not because they’re trying to make them depressed, but because they’re actually trying to help them out of the situation. Sometimes that takes quite a lot of courage, but it’s also the first step that’s needed.

One of the things that we have been trying to do at Project Camelot – now, I don’t think everything on our site is correct, it can’t be, because some of our witnesses contradict each other – but we think that most of it is correct.  What we are reporting on is that there are numerous situations, which we need to be awake to and aware of, in order to handle what’s coming.

One of the reasons for this… it’s not just so that you can get your guns and your food and your gold and then just go and hide somewhere, it’s not just about that. That might not even be the smart thing to do, or the best thing to do, but many of you really understand that there’s more going on here, as we say in English, more going on than meets the eye; more going on than we can see.

This is spiritual; it’s a spiritual game – and when I use the word game, I’m not implying that anything is trivial – but it’s a game in the sense that, if we play it right, then we can ensure a good outcome. And we may have opponents in this game. Something that’s very clear to me -- and I know that it’s very clear to many of you -- is that, really, this is a spiritual game.

I don’t really want to use the word spiritual war because that’s a kind of contradiction; there’s nothing spiritual about a war. One of the things that’s very clear to me is that it’s about – how can I use the words – it’s about resolving spiritual problems. One of the reasons why a lot of us are here -- I would suggest -- on this planet is because this is where a lot of the problems are showing up; this is where a lot of the problems are visible.

There are certain things that people can do; some of you may very well be active in this area, which is helping to resolve things at a spiritual level. In order to resolve problems spiritually, you’ve got to know what the problems are -- so one of the things that Project Camelot has been doing is bringing situations to the awareness of people who are able to operate on a spiritual level to help resolve them.

So we’re actually operating on multiple levels here. You can go and grab your guns and your food and your gold and go and hide, if you want to, but that’s not actually what we’re recommending. I’m just saying that as a kind of joke, but I want to just use the next 45 minutes to lay out some of the potential situations that we may have in front of us.

Before I even start, I want to stress that most of these things haven’t happened yet, and they may not happen at all.

One of the things that Henry Deacon told us when we first met him, he said the problems are complex because everything is happening at once; there’s a convergence of problems. Some of the problems may be connected with Earth changes and the region of space which the solar system is moving through.

One of the things that David Wilcock may talk about tomorrow – he’s done a lot of research in this area – is how global warming has got nothing to do, well, very little to do, with burning fossil fuels. Everything in the solar system is heating up as it moves into this region of space.

With this sort of energetic influence, it seems that there also comes an opportunity. One of the things that David will talk about is how the very same influences that may be causing global warming are also assisting with the process of a change in consciousness.

I’m saying assisting with the change in consciousness, because I think that our own personal development has got something to do with this as well, but the circumstances may be making this more easy to happen; may be allowing it to happen. So that’s a factor as well; the fact that, as we enter into this region that may present dangers and threats, everyone’s waking up at the same time.

One of the things here – this is something else that, personally, I was alerted to by Henry Deacon – was the influence of magnetic pole reversal, or changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Because, whether we’re aware of it or not, as human beings, our nervous systems and our brains work electrically and, although we can’t see it, we’re sort of swimming around in this electromagnetic ocean all the time.

And human beings are very sensitive. If you start messing around with the electromagnetics around a human being, then their behavior and their emotions and their attitude is likely to be affected as well.

So I wonder how many people in this room have noticed that every now and then, there are people around them that seem to be behaving irrationally, at least to some small degree; maybe they’re becoming a little more unstable, sometimes; maybe there are more disagreements, more quarrels; maybe some people, who you thought were very, very level-headed, are making some strange errors of judgment.

There’s a sort of instability, which is something that Kerry Cassidy and myself started to notice about a year ago; we just noticed a lot of anomalous events with peoples’ behavior. We started thinking there’s something very strange happening here; this is a pattern. And a lot of people have been commenting on this all over the Internet, entirely independently of anything we’ve been saying.

This is another factor to take into account, the fact that people might not be responding to situations in the way that they always used to, maybe not as predictably, maybe not as stably.

On top of all of that, there is what David Wilcock refers to as “Illuminati politics”, which is a phrase that I love. What that refers to -- that beautiful, little phrase -- it just refers to whatever the agenda of people who consider themselves to be in control of planet Earth, or wanting to be in control of planet Earth, what that agenda might be.

Ruth:  That was complicated!

Bill:  That was complicated?

Ruth:  Yes!

Bill:  Okay. Illuminati politics refers to the possible agenda of the controllers of the planet, or the people who might want to be the controllers of the planet.

One of the things that Henry Deacon alerted us to was a document called the Report From Iron Mountain. Now, a lot of people say that this is a fictional document, but Henry reports how, in an intelligence briefing a number of years ago, he was given this document, ordered to read it and then to report back the next morning.

Henry maintains it is not a fictional document. But whether it is or not, it certainly seems to be used as if its contents were a good description of what’s happening.

One of the many things that the Report from Iron Mountain talks about – this is a document that dates back to the 1960s – is that there are too many people in the planet. There is an overpopulation problem, and it is possible to argue that this is a real problem.

George Green talks about the Global 2000 Report, which also talks about the need to reduce the world’s population in order for the planet, basically, to survive. Anyone whose seen, or seen photographs of, the Georgia Guidestones in America, in Georgia, one of the things that’s on the Georgia Guidestones is a very clear, plain statement that the goal is to have five hundred million people on the planet, which is something like a 90 to 95 percent reduction of the number of people now.

There are a couple of things to notice here. One is that it’s easy to believe that this intention could exist; it’s easy to understand how they might want to do it. Anyone whose ever been to Cairo or Lagos or Calcutta or Mexico City, there’s a problem. It’s easy to understand why the controllers of the planet might want to drastically reduce the world’s population. But they haven’t done this yet, or if they’ve tried to do it, then they haven’t succeeded.

One of the things that David might talk about tomorrow is how – let me get the wording right – how human beings are naturally resistant to viruses that are designed to wipe them all out; it just isn’t going to happen quite so easily. Now, that doesn’t mean that there might not be plans to do this. Many of you will know that the outbreak of Swine flu from Mexico earlier this year, it almost exactly repeats the pattern of the 1918 Spanish flu.

What happened in 1918 was, ‘round about February, there was a very mild form of flu that swept around the world. But it was very mild, people recovered quickly; it was called the three-day flu. A lot of people got flu for three days and then they recovered, and then it was the summertime of 1918.

Then there was another wave that started ‘round about October, I think it was, of that year and, by that time, there was – it’s what virologists call a viral mass – there was such a large quantity of this virus around in the population that it enabled it to mutate.

Now, that’s something that hasn’t happened yet. This morning I looked at an American web site; it’s called Now, we’re not there yet, but there is evidence that the governments are preparing people, either for a real outbreak or for people to be frightened into thinking that there’s a real outbreak, and to run for vaccinations to help them. The problem might not be the flu; it might be the vaccinations.

Now, I know that you guys have been following this kind of stuff on the Internet and this not the purpose of this talk, to go into that in detail; but, it describes the kind of thing that they might be planning to do. It’s a very delicate line to draw, because one of the ways that people are controlled is through fear. So it’s very important not to be afraid of this stuff and it’s also very important to know what’s happening. So, once again, we have to be awake and aware of all of this information.

Now, a couple of weeks ago, we had a very significant meeting with Dr. Pete Peterson. We talked to him – and when I say “we”, this is Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock and myself -- we all met with this guy two weeks ago.  And we asked him about this problem, this situation, with the timelines and the time-traveling future humans and the warning of a future catastrophe -- and he didn’t know about any of that; or he said he didn’t know about any of it.

But what he did say was - and he really was very animated and urgent about this - he said that he was as sure as he personally could be that there really were plans to bring America under martial law.

Now, again, we have to draw a fine line here because I don’t want to run the risk of trying to convince you all that this is going to happen, which means that you’re more likely to create it in your own future, but he told us that he was as sure as he could be that there was going to be a collapse of the financial system and a collapse of the infrastructure within America towards the end of this year. The last information we got off of him was that this was going to be ‘round about the beginning of October.

Now, if we have any more information about this, and of course, on Project Camelot, we’re going to make this available to you; this is our duty to do that. And that really is all we know about that.

But, when David talks tomorrow, he’s going to make a good case for why we shouldn’t necessarily buy into this kind of plan. One of the things that David wants to talk about is that for years, there have been people saying: this is going to happen and that’s going to happen and we’re all in great danger -- and nothing ever really goes wrong.

I respect his view about that, but we still have a duty to report what people are telling us.

One of the things that, here in Europe, we can be reasonably confident of, is that, if we see something major starting to happen in America, then it will probably affect us in Europe very soon afterwards. If we can make it through to the end of this year -- and not a lot has gone wrong -- then I think that we really will be – as Dan Burisch likes to say, he said, the last time and the only time that he’s been on stage at a conference, in Laughlin, Nevada, last year -- he said there’s not going to be a catastrophe, there’s going to be a Golden Age.

And this is where we go right back to what we were talking about before, that there is the opportunity for us to create the future that we want. Just because something is planned, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Dan is going to tell us, this evening, about how he and the people who he is working with and reporting to, are as sure as they can be that, what is known as the timeline two catastrophe, the time for that has passed and it has not happened. We’ve already taken that fork in the freeway, that fork in the autobahn, that’s going off in a better direction.

Dan will tell us, this evening, how he discovered – or felt he discovered and then checked out – that the actual date of this catastrophe in the future humans’ history was the 28th of March, in this year [2009]. And that day passed and nothing happened.

Now, people who refuse to believe that story will say: Well, of course, nothing happened because nothing was ever going to happen. But what I invite you all to do is look at the man who will be here on stage with me this evening and assess for yourself whether he’s telling the truth.

So Dan, at the moment, is a very optimistic man. He feels that everything is going in the right direction. Dan says that the dollar is not going to crash. Now, that’s not just his opinion; Dan is also very well connected with people who know what’s going on and who know what the plans are.

One of the things that may be happening, when we get information from different sources that don’t seem to all agree, is that we may be hearing one plan from this direction, another plan from that direction, and we don’t actually know which one is going to be the one that rolls out.

David Wilcock has something to say in the back row here. David?

David:  [inaudible]

Bill:  Absolutely, yes.

Ruth:  I didn’t get it.

Bill:  David’s reminded me about something else that Dr. Pete Peterson told us about the end of this year. What Dr. Pete Peterson told us was that President Obama was going to reveal the reality of extraterrestrial contact before the end of this year. He said that he had been told this by people who knew that the television time on the networks had already been booked. The date he told us, if I remember it right, was November the 27th.

What he also told us was that it was one of these ritualistically significant dates, numerologically. He said that what Obama was going to talk about was the reality of contact with six different friendly ET races. When we asked him why he used the word friendly, he said: Well, some of them are unfriendly, but most of them are friendly.

One of the things that Pete Peterson told us -- and this is a turn of phrase that I love to use -- is that, he said he quit working for the U.S. government because he didn’t like feeling that he had to have three baths a day to avoid the feeling of being covered in excrement. Then we asked him why he worked for the U.S. government at all, and he said that a lot of his work had actually been motivated by the fact that they needed help, because some of the ETs were not friendly.

Now, I don’t pretend to know all the complexities that are involved here. It’s easy to imagine that, as I was saying about an hour ago, that the American government and the other governments, they’re literally in over their heads. There’s so much going on that they really don’t know how properly to handle this.

There’s a huge amount of evidence that the Americans have been spending trillions of dollars building underground bases ever since the end of the Second World War. This is an almost unimaginably expensive, long-term construction project. And we’re not even talking about the cost of the secret space program.

One of the things that Pete Peterson told us was that the Aurora has now been retired from active use – the Aurora Spaceplane. It’s one of these planes that’s been rumored to exist for a long time, but they’ve retired it now. They’ve got better stuff than that. They have superluminal craft – meaning craft that can travel faster than the speed of light.

We heard exactly the same story from our witness, Jake Simpson, who we met in October, last year. Jake Simpson has confirmed everything which I have said so far today.

Then, if we consider the cost of these programs, then we wonder where all the money has gone. Let me just present that as a possible answer to the question of where all the money has gone.

What’s interesting about the underground bases scenario – and the weekend before last, we talked to Pete Peterson -- he called them underground cities. He says he’s been in them.

Bill Deagle also reports having been in these underground cities.

Jake Simpson told us how there is an underground shuttle system that actually connected North America to Australia, under the Pacific Ocean.

Why would they do this? Why would they build these facilities? Jake Simpson told us that it was standard defensive military thinking, because they’ve been aware of a coming problem ever since the Second World War, and that the military thinking, basically, was that, if there are going to be big problems on this planet, then they should dig in. This is what the military do when they’re in a war situation; they dig in. [laughter]

Jake Simpson told us some extraordinary information. He said that this is a cyclical phenomena; it occurs in cycles, this energetic space, which the Earth is going through. It’s the same series of problems that was responsible for what nearly a hundred cultures on this planet refer to as The Great Flood, which wiped out Atlantis, which was reported by the great historian, Plato, who never got anything wrong.

Jake Simpson told us that in some of these military installations, when they had been excavating the bases, they had found the existence of older bases that were not built by us.

We asked Dan Burisch about this story; he confirmed it. He said: Yeah. He said: Not only can I confirm that but I can tell you where it happened. He said: It was in Norway.

Or was it – oh, God, I can’t remember – it was either Norway or Sweden, forgive me. I’ll find out. In fact, I think he said Scandinavia, which is why I can’t remember. [laughter]

He said there was a really bizarre situation that had occurred when a particular machine had been abandoned – because this is sometimes what they do, they build these big tunnels with these machines, and then they just leave them because they can’t take them out again – and they went to another location and then they found the same machine in a different place but it wasn’t their machine. It was an almost identical machine, but it was thousands of years old.

What Jake said, he said: Yes. He said: We probably have handled this problem, but you’ve got to appreciate that it’s military thinking to be “safe”.

It’s military thinkingto still have the insurance, even though they think that we’re safe. So they haven’t abandoned their bases; they’re still down there.

This is the kind of thing that Dan is going to be talking about this evening; this is the subject. The essence of it is that it’s a little bit like we’re in a movie, and you imagine a long movie with a lot of action in it that’s, maybe, three hours long. And we’re about half an hour before the end when things are getting really exciting. We don’t know how it’s going to end, but it’s a great movie. It really couldn’t be more interesting.

We’re in this movie. To change the metaphor, it’s like a virtual-reality game. This is a spiritual game and this reality is a sort of illusion, as the Buddhists would say, but it definitely feels real.

If we continue to talk about movies, we can talk about the movie The Matrix, when this may all be an illusion, in a sense, but it still feels very real and you can still get hurt in it. So, though it’s a game, there’s nothing trivial about it. If we have children and people that we care about and, if we care about this beautiful planet, then we have to take it seriously.

But the theme of this conference is that this is the kind of virtual reality game that, by understanding that it’s a virtual reality game, we have the chance to create the outcome that we want. And have as much fun as possible while we’re doing it.

So, this brings us right back – and here I’m going to finish – to what George Green was saying in his little booklet Messages For The Ground Crew. He was told that it’s nearly too late. But the most important word in that sentence is “nearly”. All the best movies have something that’s “nearly” going to happen and then it doesn’t happen.

I’m a mountaineer, and the best climbs I ever made were the ones where I nearly fell, but I didn’t. Those of you who have a loving relationship may know that some of the best times are when your partner nearly left you, but they didn’t. [laughter]

Because, after that, you’ve got an opportunity to figure out how to make it all work out much better after that. So, as a collective Ground Crew – and it’s not like the Ground Crew of different countries, this is just the Swiss Ground Crew and we say this as a bit of a joke – but we’re all the Ground Crew. It’s possible fifteen percent of the human race is a ground crew, really.

What we urge you to do – and when I say we, I’m talking about the Swiss Ground Crew, and also speaking on behalf of Kerry Cassidy and myself, in Project Camelot. Some people write to us and they say: What can I do? What shall I do?

And we say: Do what you can. Do something. Just START doing something.

When Kerry Cassidy and I picked up this little consumer-grade camcorder and started talking to anyone who was willing to talk to us three years ago, we never imagined that the snowball could have become this big.

If you dare to believe that things are possible, then anything is possible. Your ability to make things happen is only limited by what you believe. So do what you can. Talk to people. Collect people together. Form groups and communities.

Keep people informed. Do everything you can do to wake people up, to support them in a transitional process of becoming more Awake and Aware, and to help them realize that there is a New World - If They Can Take It.

Thank you.


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