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Interview transcript - Part 1

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Dr Bill Deagle - Prognosis for Planet Earth -
Part 1
Vista, California, September 2008

(continued in Part 2 and Part 3)

Start of interview

Bill Ryan (BR): You know what? I’d just like to say I’m really, really glad to have met you personally.

Bill Deagle (BD): Yeah. Well, same here. [laughs]

BR:  This is Project Camelot, and my name is Bill Ryan with my partner Kerry Cassidy. And we’re book-ending here right between us. We’ve got Dr. Bill Deagle, and it’s a tremendous privilege to be with you.

BD:  Thank you very much.

BR:  I just joked to Dr. Bill just now that I’m claiming the Guinness record for having listened to his [December 2006] Granada Forum Lecture all the way through seven times, which I had to do because there’s so much data in there.

And not only that, in a phone call just a few days ago, Dr. Bill told us that he probably only presented about 10% of the information which he had to offer. And one of the things which we hope to do in the next couple of hours is to see whether we can get on record as much of the remaining 90% as possible.

BD:  [laughs]

BR:  And in particular, many of the people viewing this video now, and the two of us, Kerry, and myself in particular, are really interested and focused on what is going to be happening in the immediate few weeks and months. And I think one of the phrases that Bill used was “the calm before the storm”.

What’s the storm?

BD:  Well, the best way to think is the Emory War College. And if you talk to people that work in the Marine-Army War College and other places, what they do is, they war-game it out. They have people that sit around big boardroom tables, and then what they do is, they put it into simulation computers.

They use Simula PL/1 and other languages that were actually developed for the military, and then they put it on their own super-computers and then they run through a number of simulations. So every war, every conflict, every national emergency, has already been scenarioed out.

People don’t realize just how much computing power has been put into these things -- for everything from ET invasions, to a tsunami hitting the west coast, to Cumbre Viejo [Ed. Note: an island in the Canaries that could collapse and cause a tsunami on the East coast of the US], to a civil disruption because of an earthquake in the New Madrid fault in the Midwest. So basically everything’s been simulated. There’s a number of items.

Now, what I often try to do on my radio show, which is the Nutrimedical Report; it’s on Genesis Network. And the two websites, if you want to check it out, are, where I have a lot of the anti-aging, life extension, civil defense, and other information.

And the other website is The network is Genesis Network. It’s out of St. Paul, Minnesota. And their website for getting podcasts, streaming and on-demand, which replays the shows, is

What I try to do on my show is... I realize that one of the things about having a regular radio show is you can bring in all of these experts and guests, but there are several ways of approaching it. My approach has been to try... if they listen to enough shows, that people will start to see a montage of images that’ll change their paradigm.

Because you can’t change people by necessarily beating them over the head with the facts if they emotionally aren’t ready for that.

BR:  Yes.

BD:  And you also have to change their paradigm by what I call the “little grades” that happen as they listen to more and more people, and they are willing to accept one message from one type of person, or one way of doing it, or a little humor, or some music.

BR:  Yes.

BD:  And eventually they get to the point where they’re able to then accept the intellectual truths, the spiritual truths, and so on.

The two key things that I try to teach on my show are: The first thing is that people don’t know what they are. People really don’t know what kind of a being they are, and because of that -- which is in many cases kept purposely away from them – they’re manipulated. For example, if you didn’t know you were a bird, you’d obviously not try to fly. Right?

BR:  Yep. Good analogy.

BD:  The other thing I try to teach them is that everything that they have learned in the past has been predigested and presented to them so they really don’t understand the nature of the universe they live in. They don’t even know what “reality” is.

BR:  Yeah. And all this is one of the parameters in the model, presumably, that people are interacting with this “stage show”...

BD:  Right.

BR:  ...with a very limited amount of information at their disposal with which to react, to make appropriate judgments.

BD:  Right. So what I try to do is, I try to stretch them beyond that. One of the things that I try to do is... There’s no such thing as a “sacred cow,” whether it’s a political view, a religious view, a scientific view. It has to be, you know, “trust but verify”. You know, Ronald Reagan, before he had too many aspartame jelly beans. [laughs]

So the idea is that eventually you’ll get enough evidence and enough logical things that... You have what I call “the two witnesses”. It has to not assault your intellect (the information), and it also has to ring with your spirit.

BR:  Good. But, you know, a lot of people watching this now have already done that homework...

BD:  Right.

BR:  ...either by listening to your shows or listening to ours, because we’ve been operating in essentially the same way.

BD:  Right.

BR:  Or both.

BD:  Right.

BR:  And there’s also... Would you agree that there’s not a lot of time now?

BD:  No, there’s not a lot of time. And there’s a number of what I call “spasms of events” that’re going to happen. And to just give you the timeline of where things are going rather than giving you specific dates...

The first thing is that people need to understand, whether we elect McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden, or the Green Party with McKinney, the events are already in motion to create a regional and world economic catastrophe and then to create regional and world banks.

BR:  So they’ve already got the script for the movie, but they haven’t got the cast yet.

BD:  Right. They’ve gone to central casting, and whoever the players are, they’re in a sense going to be like riders on the wave of this.

BR:  OK. So what’s the script? [laughs]

BD:  Well, the script basically is that... And I’ll back up a little bit, so that...

BR:  Yeah. And also a few minutes ago you mentioned modeling. It would be great to tie this back into the modeling scenario that you mentioned.

BD:  Right. They’ve done lots of modeling. In fact they have one of the most advanced programs at the University of California in San Francisco. And they’re tied directly into the National Reconnaissance Office.

This, by the way, I do regularly on my show -- release classified information. And there they have all this access to the Cray 5s and Cray 4 super-computer arrays, and so they will do simulations.

Kerry Cassidy (KC):  And that’s located in Denver, right?

BD:  Well, that’s where the main node is. It’s actually Shriver Air Force Base. But they also have their systems elsewhere. And people need to know that the world that they believe in is a fairytale that never existed. Right?

BR:  Right.

BD:  So anyway, this is at university level. They have a social modeling super-computer program. And what they do is, they try different perturbations. They’ll try a little thing, put a balloon up, put a media event. And they’re able to model that based on getting information back.

They’re able to do specific searches, which are called “architectural searches,” not all that different from the Half Past Human or the Princeton University kind of “eggs” thing.

They’re actually mining the Internet; they’re mining phone conversations. They’re mining data from peoples’ cable boxes, which they’ve cut two ways so they can know what they’re watching. And they have what’s called “data architecture” software that can actually analyze it.

BR:  Yep.

KC:  [Inaudible]

BD:. . . .ah, that’s a possibility, that they can do that. But the most important is they just know what they’re viewing. And if they know what they’re viewing, what the box is turned on to, they can actually put this back into their data. And they can then say, based on area code distribution, demographics, etc...

BR:  Yep.

BD:   Because people need to know that every phone conversation always was monitored. Every fax always was monitored. And they have had super-computers.

And in 2003 they launched what’s called the AI system, which is an intelligent super-computer with the Intelligence of a human being -- in other words, a smart human being but able to think 10 trillion times faster, with the access to all known knowledge and history and a complete access to the Internet and all the communications pathways. So...

KC:  With that in mind, the modeling they are making... Their plan, their agenda, is going to be played out as what? The biggest surprise they can think of?

BD:  Well, no. What they are do is build a cybernetic copy of the Earth.

KC:  Right.

BD:  They can actually do models with that and try to do what’s called “timeline pathway analysis”.

BR:  Yep.

KC:  Right. But how do they choose? Do you know that?

BD:  Yeah.

BR:  An entire virtual world, with virtual people.

BD:  In a virtual world. I actually took care of employees working on what’s called the Sentient World Project in Denver.

KC:  Yes. But I still don’t understand, you know, how they’re choosing their scenario. In other words, we know that the financial collapse...

BD:  Well, they can try a scenario and they can actually try it in the cyber-world and then they can see the response based on...

KC:  Right. But have you gotten feedback from say, secret deep black projects, saying, you know, they have chosen this scenario?

BD:  Ah, some things. Some things. Yeah.

BR:  Give us some clues, Bill.

BD:  Well, I’ll give you an example. One of the first things is, by doing this modeling, it means that they don’t do it in just a kind of... In other words, they’re not just trying it on the public. They try a different thing.

For example, they had the Countrywide financial collapse earlier this year, and then they had the collapse of Lehman Brothers. And they try each thing. And they try to see what kind of response they’re getting from the public. And they feed that back into the model.

Now, when I took care of the people that were working on the Sentient World Project, they actually created a cybernetic model of the Earth. It’s an actual physical model in hyperspace that is down to a tolerance of about a centimeter-and-a-half. All the roadways, buildings, everything, people. Everybody inside that model are actually considered, called, nodes. That’s their actual term they use for it.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  Besides doing the simulator computer modeling, they’re using other technologies. Some of them are quite alien, if you want to call it.

BR:  I can believe it.

BD:  And they’re using these technologies so they can actually analyze timeline pathways. Because what they’re trying to do is...

KC:  So we’re talking about Looking-Glass, then?

BD:  Yeah. Exactly. And, of course, a lot of the people don’t understand that most of these are actually based on what’s called torsional vortex imaging, which is hyperdimensional imaging.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  And torsional vortex imaging we’ve had since the 1950s, reverse-engineered.

BR:  Yep.

BD:   Torsional vortex imaging was the top project of HAARP. It was not the bottom project; it was the top project.

BR:  OK.

BD:  So torsional vortex imaging allows them to look through the Earth to see all the resources. So the primary thing was to drop a thermal-magnetic mirror with aluminum and barium salts.

BR:  Which is the chemtrail project?

BD:  Yeah. But it’s really high, 73- to 80-thousand feet. You won’t see these.

BR:  OK.

BD:  And when the particles are put up there, they last two to three years in space because they layer out and they get locked into that layer at the upper troposphere. OK?

BR:  Yep.

BD:  And it acts as a mirror for what’s called torsional vortex imaging. So they can throw a pulse and see an echo that comes back and they can image it.

BR:  I got it. Yep.

BD:  So they can see oil resources, gold, minerals, titanium, whatever they need, and they can also see through the Earth and see underground bases, cities, facilities. So, for example, when Sichuan...

BR:  Some of this stuff that isn’t even ours.

BD:  Right. Yeah. And they can also see stuff that’s not ours. Exactly. They see giant caves and cavern systems that go hundreds of miles through the Midwest.

BR:  Right.

BD:  But they can also see things like military bases, like the Chinese nuclear and military munitions base that was struck with a tectonic weapon in Sichuan, west China. That was a specific use of tectonic technology. Right?

BR:  Yep. Mm hm.

BD:  Now, we have our version of it. And the Russians have a new system called a super-capacitor technology, so they were able to make these very, very powerful capacitors that can generate similar things to our HAARP technology. Right?

KC:  OK. But where are they going with this? That’s actually what we...

BD:  Yeah. Well, where they’re going with all this... Just to give you an idea: The first thing is, you have to look at the menu of what they have. And they try various items, try to perturbate on new computer modeling.

And then they decide whether they’re going to proceed now or in the near future. Like, a lot of people say: Well, why hasn’t there been another 9/11?

BR:  Mm hm.

BD:  Right? Another... like blowing up cities or doing other things? Because for years they’ve been doing war-game simulations of a 10-kiloton nuke in a number of cities.

For example, this year it was in Portland Harbor, and last year it was in Charleston Harbor, where they actually did a simulation of a...

And it was not just the U.S. It was the U.S., British, and Canadians, where they were doing a joint war-games simulation of this, and trying to see the civil defense, and the radiation plume, and the movement of the public and, you know, how to handle the bodies, and all this kind of stuff.

So they’re doing all of that. They do this on multiple levels and they feed the data back into their super-computers to decide what will work best.

One of the things that we did... Back in the late 90s, I was a doctor for Rocky Mountain Occupational Medicine, and we got the contract for the Hazmat teams in Colorado, for the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control to do a war-game simulation called Operation Top Off and Operation Dark Winter.

We did a simulation at the Performing Arts Center, on a “simulated release”, not a real release, of pneumonic plague. And we wanted to look at the kill ratio, in terms of how quickly the system could be activated -- the EMS system -- to be able to get people and treat them and triage them and whatever.

And we did a similar one down on 17th Avenue, downtown Denver, in a second-floor window of an apartment. And we even set up a sprayer to spray out the window, with a little compressed air, a little vapor stream, which was supposedly anthrax. So, it would be a weaponized anthrax stream that would actually spray out that second-floor window. And that anthrax stream would then...

We would then have people go... We had the Hazmat officers and Special Forces, and they would go to various hospitals, like St. Joe’s, Presbyterian, St. Lukes, etcetera. And we tried to see, with recording all these data intake sheets, whether or not, Number One, emergency departments would activate CDC, get the proper specimens, get the people treated in a timely fashion so they wouldn’t die.

We killed everybody.

BR:  OK.

KC:  Why did you kill everybody, though?

BD:  We killed everybody because the system was too inadequate. The Emergency department doctors, the infectious disease, the activation of the system... The tracking back to the source of the spray would have been too long.

So if there was a lethal weaponized anthrax -- it only needs, let’s say, 80 spores to cause a lethal infection rather than 80,000 to 100,000 – that we figured out from the dispersal at that level on the canyon of, say, 17th Avenue, would have killed at least 4- to 5-thousand people that were, during the middle of the day, would have been exposed.

BR:  Right.

BD:  Now, the reason why I bring up that model is that they’re doing this all the time with their cybernetics models, because they’re trying to steer society along certain timelines.

And they have various forces. All the people in this – you hear the word “New World Order” -- they’re not in agreement. And there are various levels. And most of ’em think that they’re at the top of whatever level they’re at, and they’re really at the bottom of another level. OK?

Even the people at the top that are human. Because the New World Order is not being run by humans.

BR:  Yes.

BD:  OK?

BR:  Exactly.

BD:  And you need to grasp this. The analogy I use on my show is... In their training in England, as part of a power game, they’d bring you to their gardens. And their gardener would kind of make a little maze. And then you’d go through the little maze and thought you were quite clever because you’d get out in a matter of moments.

And then what they’d do is, they’d take you to the big maze, which was done by a very clever gardener. And the only way you could get out was if you were talked out.

BR:  OK.

BD:  OK. If you weren’t talked out, you wouldn’t make it out of the maze, and you’d be stuck there the entire afternoon and wouldn’t have tea or anything. Right?

BR:  OK.

BD:  So the thing was to humiliate you to realize there was no way you could get out of the big maze unless you changed your paradigm of how to get out of the maze. Right?

BR:  Very good. Right.

BD:  And what they’re doing basically is, they’re... In a sense they’re “sheep dipping” the entire society to kind of buy into the lies of what’s going on. People don’t know what kind of... You know, even modern history has completely been rewritten. Everything...

BR:  But there is some waking up going on, which you need to also factor in.

BD:  Yes, there is.

BR:  It’s also being factored in.

BD:  Sure it is. And that’s why there’s been quite a delay. In fact, if you look at the published documents, like Global 2000, about population reduction; if you look at the planned release of things like avian flu; if you look at the planning on blowing up cities with dirty bombs or micro-nukes, or doing other things, they’re way behind schedule.

BR:  This also means that they’ve also programmed in the Nutrimedical Report and the Project Camelot interviews. And they’re taking all of that into account and then recalculating everything. Right?

BD:  Ah, well they are. But the problem is that there’s a number of wild cards that they're not in control of.

BR:  Which are?

BD:  Well, lots of wild cards.

BR:  OK.

BD:  The first one is the human one. Human beings are a polydimensional being that far transcends what people usually think of as human.

Just to give you kind of... To back up in terms of a little physics: Our plane of existence, the energetic plane, has five dimensions, not four. OK?

BR:  Yep.

BD:  Then the spiritual plane has seven dimensions. Some people call that astral. And then there is the 13th, which is the eternal. OK? And everything are harmonics of that. That’s why... The very nature of the existence itself is literally the passage of spirit through energetic planes that creates a montage.

BR:  We’ll buy all of that. And what we are here, what I see in my field of vision, is the tiny tip of a huge iceberg.

BD:  Right.

BR:  Yeah. And the iceberg is a beautiful, fantastic wonderful eternal thing.

BD:  Right. Exactly. In other words, this moment that’s existing right now as we are taping, has always existed.

BR:  Yeah. I’ll buy that.

KC:  Absolutely. Time is circular. But Bill, what I wanted to know is, what are you saying they are going to do with this? Because obviously if they’re behind schedule... And here we are, at the end of September, and we’ve got the American economy going in the tank.

BD:  Right.

KC:  And so what’s the next step?

BD:  Well, here you’ve got to think about what their goal is. It’s almost like a mouse that reaches certain barriers, a smart mouse. You put certain barriers down, but a mouse can still smell the cheese. It’ll get around that barrier and it’ll figure out how to do it. And if it’s a very intuitive mouse, it can see beyond the barrier to where the pathway is to get to the cheese. And if it’s got lots of access, then it’s going to do that. Right?

BR:  Right.

BD:  So what I see is this. Their goal is to have a world bank. Their goal is to have regionalized currency zones. They published it. In fact, one of the things that you have to understand -- which is really bizarre but also true -- is that part the “religion,” if you want to call it, or the dogma, of the globalists is to prove that they are a super class, or the predator class, who have the right to make these decisions.

Because they have to publish it, and the profane don’t understand it. But it’s plainly published. Like for example in September of 1973, the Council on Foreign Relations...

BR:  It’s all in plain sight.

BD:  It’s all in plain sight.

KC:  Like the Iron Mountain Report, for example.

BD:  Yeah. Or the 1974 document that talked about the greatest danger to the world is population growth. Or the Global 2001. . .

BR:  The Georgia Guidestones.

BD:  Exactly. It’s all in plain sight. And the problem is that people will look at it and say: Well, it can’t be true because it’s in plain sight.

It’s almost like, if you want to say: It’s a battleship. And they say: Well, it’s painted pink. It can’t be a battleship. It’s got plants coming out of all the turrets. [Bill laughs] Even though it is a battleship and it’s in the front yard. [more laughter]

KC:  What aliens, though, are running the show, in your opinion?

BD:  Well, I’m going to get to that because I’m going to give you a little different spin. What we have to do is use a lot of discernment. There’s basically two perspectives in the universe -- and this is whether you’re human or nonhuman.

What we are or any other “sentient” being in the universe is a spirit-being that’s transcending through an energy matrix, creating a reality. OK? In other words, we are co-creators of our own timeline and future.

BR:  Absolutely.

BD:  And if you look at people like Michio Kaku and advanced physicists and so on, they talk about the universe in terms of energy. You know, like a Zero Energy culture, and the Level One energy culture, a culture that is able to leap across the galaxy and is bound by time and space.

But you can also use those similar principles for, you know -- similar kinds of characteristics -- for dealing with what I call the spirituality of a sentient civilization. Right?

BR:  Right.

BD:  So you need to use both the energy thing and they are tied together.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  Because there’s lot of suppression of the technology that we already have, because spiritually we are very... what I call a Zero Order culture.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  We’re still in the playpen or the crib of civilization and we’ve been actually quarantined for 3 shars, which is Zecharia Sitchen’s “passages through the galactic plane of fire,” it’s called.

The two perspectives tie in with either being in touch with that Higher Self, which is the “I AM,” the one that says Let there be light, the spirit that’s in us.

And all great spiritual leaders that spoke truth that they knew in their heart -- whether it was Buddha or Zoroaster or whatever -- all of these great leaders have spoken something. And many times it’s been converted, or perverted, or twisted.

Or they themselves didn’t have the whole truth, they just had portions of it, so then it became a “religion.” Now, religion is a substitute for relationship.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  And I call it “real lies going on”. And it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Atheism.

All the “isms” in the world fall into two categories: Either you hear the Voice of the spirit that created you and created all that exists, the continuum -- because without a single voice there is no universe -- one “I” voice, I call it. There is no one “I” voice.

So, therefore, it’s either your will – the will of, in other words, deciding for yourself what is good or evil -- or hearing the Voice. In other words, you don’t need to tell people what’s right or wrong. If they’re in contact with their higher self and with the Creator that created them, they know what’s right or wrong.

BR:  OK. Now, just bring that back to where you were when you were talking about the wild card factors of who people really are -- this is my paraphrase of what you were saying -- and how there are certain things that can’t be programmed into their super-computer, because, actually, you’re talking about actual human beings that are eternal and magical.

BD:  Exactly. And you see that point ties in with the factions, if you want to call it. You know, you can go to all kinds of different religious books, whether it’s the Hopi Indians or the Christian Bible or many other books, and they’ll tell you that there’s been visitations to Earth over all of the ages.

BR:  OK. Now... 

BD:  And the way it ties into this is that some of these visitors have specific characteristics that are very common. For example, Naga, in the area of Oceania. Right? Which are, you know, the serpent people or the feathered serpent god, or whatever. What you’ll find... Or the Dagon, which is, you know, the amphibian beings that come from a world. And therefore, even the hat, for example, that’s on the Pope, is actually called “the sign of Dagon”, which is a fish-god or Oannes...

BR:  Yes. Yes.

KC:  OK. Right. But . . .

BD:   ...which is always in the background, in other words.

BR:  Right now there will be people watching this who say: I know I’m eternal and magical, and I’m really interested in what you’re saying. So what can I do? How can I be? What action can I take to capitalize on my wild card so they may not be able to predict what I’m going to do next?

BD:  Yeah, what I’m trying to get at... You know, I hear lots of different reports, that people say: I’ve been in touch with the Pleiadians or Andromedans, or I’m in touch with this group or that group. But people need to use extreme, extreme discernment.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  And the way I think about it is this. Say, you know, if you went to a new city. Let’s say you were from South Africa and you came to New York City, and you didn’t know where to go, but you went to the wrong part of the city. You might not come back out alive. OK?

BR:  Right

BD:  And a similar thing... You have to think of the universe that way, too.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  There’s very good places in the universe, and very bad.

BR:  Yes.

BD:  OK? Just think of it this way. Any being that’s capable of leaping across space/time and arriving in our world, you have to assume that their intelligence is limitlessly greater than ours. And therefore anything that they communicate to us could either be very true or very, very maliciously manipulated to control us, almost like a pack.

BR:  Exactly.

BD:  In other words, we would be treated like an ant, or cockroach or like my pet dogs. They would have no way of even understanding what we’re talking about, so it would be almost sport. Right?

BR:  Yes.

KC:  Except that, if they’re that intelligent, they also realize that we’re grand spiritual beings in our own right and therefore they’re actually dealing with something that’s much more massive than just our 3-dimensional form.

BD:  Exactly, exactly. Here’s the point, though. You’ve got two perspectives out there. You’ve got one group -- we’ll call them, just for the sake of it, you know, like David Icke. He was speaking at the UFO Conference up in San Francisco. He calls them the Reptilians. OK? Or you might call them the serpents, like it talks about in the Bible. OK?

And in fact, you’ve got to understand that when you look at the Bible at things that are a description to people that were shepherds and artisans 2- to 3-thousand years ago. Right? Or you look at other ancient books... And what they’re really trying to describe here is something that’s actually quite similar to what’s happening today.

So let’s say we have one group that says: We are a predatory super-nation of super-scientists that don’t have any spirit, but we invade and take over worlds.

BR:  Hum.

BD:  We can invade the mind-space dimension. We can attack on the physical level. We can put policies in place to cut off the connection between their physical body and their spiritual body -- through things like fluoridation and genetically modified food or electromagnetic pollution.

KC:  So are you suggesting that it is the Reptilians that are involved with the current Illuminati?

BD:  Well... Yeah, yeah, yeah.

KC:  This type of agenda?

BD:  Of course. Yeah. It’s just no different than what the Bible has been saying all along, --  the serpentine.

KC:  Right. So I want to sort of base it here in the here-and-now a little bit so we can understand what you’re talking about.

BD:  Right. A lot of times, though, they misjudge it. Because for example, when... David’s done a lot of really good work. But one of the times... If you don’t know what you’re seeing because you’ve never seen anything like it before...

What he did is, he took a thing called ayahuasca, which is an analog of dimethyltriptamine. And ayahuasca and dimethyltriptamine opens up what’s called, you know, the spirit eye. People call it the third eye, the astral eye, or whatever.

But basically it is, we’re all born as children with this ability to see in the spirit realm. And that’s why children see their little friends, and see other things, and see good and bad. And they have a thing called pavor nocturnus, or night terrors, because they can see in the spirit realm things that aren’t pleasant. They’re very nasty. Right?

BR:  Yes.

BD:  They’re not just making it up in their little minds because they’ve got hormone surges. They’re actually having a problem. So the reason why I seem to be a little circuitous here is that people misinterpret the signals.

For example, after David went and took ayahuasca down in South America, and he got into this altered state, he started seeing what he misinterpreted as shape-shifting. Shape-shifting doesn’t occur.

BR:  Well, he hadn’t seen it so much himself, as he was taking reports from Arizona Wilder and others.

BD:  Yeah.

BR:  And others, and taking those at literal face value. That’s my understanding. And I have no criticism of him whatsoever.

BD:  No, no. I’m not criticizing.

BR:  I’m very interested in your take on this.

BD:  Well, OK. Here’s the important part of it. It’s not to criticize him because I think what he’s doing, he’s seeing in the spiritual realm what’s always there.

BR:  Right.

BD:  And when there’s an intensity of that reality, it breaks through, for people even that don’t have any, you know, regular sensitivity. So for example, you know, I’ve talked to people who have been in the presence of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

BR:  Right.

BD:  And Hillary Clinton has a presence of a demonic entity, if you want to call it that, a transdimensional Reptilian entity that’s so powerful... It’s one of the most negative feelings I’ve ever had. OK?

BR:  Mm hm. And you’ve been in her physical presence yourself?

BD:  Oh yeah. I was one of the doctors who took care of the Englewood Fire Department and the first kid who was shot in Columbine, Mark Taylor, and we spent about, probably an hour or so, at the Dakota Ridge High School.

And... Because I do see into the spiritual realm. OK? And that happens many times after people have had near death experiences. I died at birth and again at 8-½. And because of that, there’s a massive release of DMT. And when that happens, it changes your brain structure and the very nature of how you perceive things. If it happens when you’re really young, it does it at a time when you can understand and interpret things. If it happens when you’re older, you can misinterpret things.

BR:  Interesting. Yep. Gotcha.

BD:  Did you follow me?

BR:  Yes I did.

BD:  Which is the reason why when you go to any religious group you’ll find that it’s always children that are exposed to things like this so that they can understand them better. Otherwise, you know, you can be creeped out if all of a sudden and start seeing things and you say: Well look, I’ve lost my mind. I’m not rational anymore.

KC:  OK. But you’re saying, in terms of Hillary, you’re actually describing what you consider to be a demonic entity as opposed to a Reptilian. Is that what you’re saying?

BD:  Oh, it’s a Reptilian all right. When you see it, you’re not seeing a 5-foot-whatever female. You’re seeing a giant Reptilian entity that’s in a different dimension.

KC:  Exactly. But because it’s a Reptilian entity doesn’t necessarily make it demonic.

BD:  Ah, well, let’s put it this way...

KC:  It’s still an ET from a different dimension.

BD:  Well, this was evil. This is evil, yeah. This is evil.

What people need to understand is that there’s a vast universe out there. Just listen to a lot of the scientists -- and everybody that’s probably listening to this will understand. If you just... They’re looking for bacteria on Mars. And they’re looking for other evidence that there’s even simple life forms on Titan and other planets, and planetoids, and so on.

The fact is, if you just take the minimum number of factors, there’s 100-billion stars just in this galaxy, and there’s a 100-billion-billion galaxies. And that’s in this so-called known cosmos, in this known cosmos, which in a sense is probably an elemental particle in a yet larger universe. Right?

BR:  Right. Yep. Yep.

BD:  Right. [laughs]

KC:  Well, I’m still back where you were saying that David Icke was wrong because...

BD:  Well, wrong because I think...

KC:  Wrong because he was seeing reptilians and you were saying they don’t shape-shift?

BD:  Yeah. Well, things have to also match science, too, because if you have a shape-shift from a smaller individual to a physical presence, that is, you know, a giant Reptilian, or whatever, you’re going to actually have... The thermodynamic laws will cause spontaneous combustion. It just wouldn’t occur.

So what you have to do is... Unless there are changes in the laws of physics, which isn’t going to occur, then you have... What you’re seeing is something that’s completely, you know... doesn’t occur.

KC:  What you can see, though, is, your perception is changing and you’re able to see into different dimensions simultaneously.

BD:  Yeah, that’s an ability to...

KC:  So they aren’t changing. Your vision is changing. Your ability to see is changing when you’re looking at them.

BD:  Yeah... Yeah. Now, a lot of the time people have to use these kind of things. Now the biggest problem I am worried about is that, when there’s a lack of discernment, there gets to be a mixed message. And so many messages have a lot of noise in them that people won’t get a clear understanding of either the opportunities or the dangers of what’s going on.

KC:  Sure.

BD:  And so you’ll have people, for example, like Arizona Wilder and others, that say they’ve seen these things happen right in the middle of ceremonies or whatever. And what they don’t understand is that the intensity is so great, they’re actually seeing into the spirit realm that’s happening in a parallel universe.

KC:  Yes.

BR:  Right. It’s their perception that’s being altered, not the physical reality.

BD:  It’s not physical reality. Yeah.

KC:  We’re tapping into that. But at the same time, let’s talk about how does that impact the Illuminati agenda? Because we’ve got a lot of Reptilians who’re influencing that agenda.

BD:  Well, let me explain what happens. If you look at all the secret societies down through history -- not just in our current history in the last 6,000 years, but basically pretty well all of human history, going back to previous civilizations that have risen and fallen -- there has been this, if you want to call it, dark alliance. OK?

Now the dark alliance has been, basically, with higher orders of these secret orders that it’s passed down through. In the most recent past, going back the last 6,000 years, it was the ancient Sumerians and the Egyptians.

All the highest rulers of those civilizations would put their children through sex-magic rituals, human sacrifice, and other things, so they would create, if you want to call it, an astral gate in their mind, so they could attach these transdimensional entities to them, almost like the sucker-fish on the shark. OK? And you could not advance within any of these higher orders unless you went through these ceremonies. So...

KC:  Svali talks about this, actually, and so does Leo Zagami.

BD:  Right. So what happens is, for example... If you’re going to get to these higher orders within the Illuminati you actually have to go through these rituals in order for you and your...

The greatest power is for your ancestors to actually “curse you” to be attached by these things, to gain more physical, psychic, emotional and intellectual powers. So then, therefore, you can become a “hu-man” -- which, in Welsh, is serpent man.

And if you look at the Magna Carta, it was written not for the “mansters” -- which is the word manster, which converted to monster -- it was for serpent-man or the Royals, those who had gone through the ceremonies, who were “hu-mans” which means serpent-men, and had the transdimensionals literally attached to them almost like a parasite, a psychic parasite, to create a “hu-man” which is a new, if you want to call it, hybrid.

Clay and iron. In other words, you have the iron of the serpentine transdimensional beings with their higher science and abilities and so on, literally attached to the “man” to create a “hu-man.”

KC:  OK. So basically you’ve got Illuminati with this proclivity, whatever you want to call it. And then what happens? Because that’s where we are now with society. These people have been leading the way -- if you want to call it “leading” -- down a dark corridor, so to speak.

BD:  They consider themselves... You see, one of the problems is a matter of perception. If you feel in your own twisted way... You’re deciding what is right or wrong, and you feel you have the right to decide, and you’re the keeper of civilization.

For example, if you look at the tunic on the Teutonic Knights. Right? You’ll see these strange swinging arms in a form of a cross. That’s not a Christian cross. That cross was long before Jesus Christ, long before there was the first Jew, long before Egypt and Sumeria. It goes way back to Atlantis and before.

KC:  OK. You’re talking about the swastika as well. Right?

BD:  The swastika is a little different symbol, but that cross actually is a symbol called “As above/ below”. OK? So what you’re doing is, you’re looking at the swinging arms of a galaxy, above and below the equinoxes. That’s what you’re seeing there. OK?

KC:  So here we are at this juncture. We’re actually moving into the galactic center.

BR:  But, but. . .

BD:  Right. So we’re moving not only through the plane, but at an equinox. So we have the passage through the plane. And an equinox has very important effects, not just on the physical plane, because we’re entering an energy belt which affects the DNA. It affects lifeforms, communications and everything. But it also affects the spiritual aspects of the creatures on the planet. But it also opens up gates.

BR:  Bring this back now to the problems of discernment, to the wild card factors that have got to do with the eternal magical creatures that we are, and how this can’t be modeled in the super-computer.

And then again, what they do think they are trying -- or what you do think they are trying to do with us over the next few weeks and months. Is there a way to align this information in a way that it’s practically meaningful to people out there, who actually, as we speak, are thinking: What do I do with my job, my family, my money, my occupation?

BD:  Yeah. I want to get to that, too.

BR:  There are practical problems to solve here.

BD:  Yeah. The first thing I think, number one, is they have to discern... Number one: Am I involved with a religion, “real lies going on”, or am I involved with spirituality? And I’m not necessarily going to put a label on it or tell ’em which one. 

BR:  Right.

BD:  What I try to tell ’em is that... For example, I’m a believer, but if I go to a church I’m going to cause trouble, because I know things that they can’t know, won’t know, that are going to show that a lot of things that they’re teaching are patently lies. OK?

KC:  Of course.

BD:  And, unfortunately it isn’t just one group or another. I’m closest allied to, if you want to call it, I’m like a cosmic messianic believer. And I don’t even like to use the word Christian, because it was actually a blasphemy against Christians and their little anointed ones.

BR:  Yeah. That term’s already been hijacked long ago.

BD:  Right. It was hijacked. Now, here’s the point. If you actually understand the split in the so-called eastern and western church, you understand the reason why there’s such a determination to not only hijack Judiasm, and Christianity and Islam, and why this is all kind of leading us toward what’s called this final conflict of Armageddon. It’s been stage-managed at a higher level. Right?

BR:  Right.

KC:  Right.

BD:  It’s all staged-managed. And the problem is, people don’t understand they’re being manipulated, even though their every step is being manipulated. Oh yeah, we’ve got to get Al-Quaeda. Well, you know, who created Al-Quaeda? When you start showing that these things were totally manufactured. And Al-Quaeda means “the database”.

KC:  Yeah.

BD:  But when you show evidence that the World Trade Center towers were demolished with advanced explosives, including, you know, micro-nukes, and thermite; or you start to demonstrate that the financial line -- like John Boncore, who’s a Mohawk, who actually speaks prophetically. He was on the show last week.

The way I want people to do is, first off, don’t accept something unless it’s intellectually correct, at whatever level they are at, and unless they go back quietly and pray and try to hear the Voice of the Creator God.

KC:   Mm hm.

BD:  Because the problem right now is that there’s so much noise, it’s discernment to keep them in “babble-on” or confusion...

BR:  Yeah.

BD: they won’t be able to discern or they’ll just dismiss it. And they’ll say: Look, you people that talk about UFOs are nuts. OK? If somebody had told me this years ago, I’d say: You’re crazy, there’s no way.

And, you know, going through medical school training, surgery, whatever, I’d say there’s no way that that could be true. Because my mind is now focused. I’m going to be a doctor; I’m going to help people; I’m going to do this and that.

I’m getting access to the totality of human knowledge and science, and I’m going to... At some future date we’re going to be able to help cure people of disease and so on -- not knowing that only 4% of information is accessed to even the university Ph.D. tenured professorial level, at the top levels in the world, and the other 96% is by invitation only.

BR:  Right. [laughs]

BD:  Right? Or that society. . . And when you’ve been invited to enter those realms, then you start to realize, like: My gosh! Your whole world is shattered. Right? And that’s what’s disturbing about this, and I’m trying to get the message to the people.

The hardest is to argue with people. I remember having an argument a year and a half ago with Professor Steven Jones, who felt that thermate could have brought down the World Trade Centers alone.

And, of course, until they’ve had a background in quantum physics and nuclear physics -- I was supposed to go to MIT and I went into honors biochemistry -- I asked him a series of questions that he couldn’t answer on a scientific ground. But he wanted to cling to his a priori idea anyway.

Even though there is probably evidence it was thermate, there had to be nuclear explosions. There could have not been directed energy weapons. And I tried to explain to him. Because I was a doctor for US Space Command and Strategic Defense, Star Wars. And I said: I’ve talked to the engineers at very high levels, and I know exactly what’s capable and what we have.

KC:  OK. You have a really interesting background. OK?

BD:  Right.

KC:  But a lot of people say: Well, you’re working for them.

BD:  Yeah. I know they’ll say that, but what people need to do is, they... Ultimately, they need to do is an intellectual analysis and they need to pray. They need to trust their gut, in other words, their spiritual gut.

KC:  So how did you get out of it? Because in a sense you did work for them. Right? You were their doctor.

BD:  Well, I was their doctor. But here’s what happened. People are so compartmentalized. To give you an example: Initially I talked to someone working at, say Falcon. And they had a little badge that would allow them to go into one hallway, and down one pathway, into one room with a security card. And they’d face-scan them with a retinal scan, and fingerprint scan them, and boom, they go in their room. And they’d spend so many hours there and they’d walk down the same pathway. And they were monitored all the way.

KC:  They had to follow lines. Isn’t that right?

BD:  They had to follow certain lines on the floor, and if they don’t, they’re immediately apprehended. And it’s not pleasant. OK? So they’re very highly compartmentalized.

So you can talk to your doctor. Now, these guys really loved being able to talk to me because what I would do is, I would talk to all the different people. And because I have this advanced technical training, which they never assumed I did -- like you know, artificial intelligence, super-computers, electronics, quantum physics, and other things --I’d talk to them about their project.

And after while they were more interested in hearing what I had to tell them about what everybody else was doing and projects that they didn’t know anything about. So as time went on I gained more and more knowledge.

BR:  Yeah. And it continued training you what questions to ask and you knew how to listen.

BD:  Right. They wanted to talk because they couldn’t tell their wives. They weren’t allowed to tell anybody, their son, their wife, their children, anybody, or their next door neighbor.

KC:  So you get this aggregate of information. And on top of it, you’ve had these life-death experiences.

BD:  Right. And some, what I’d call supernatural, and some other types of experiences that all fit together.

KC:  OK. You’re putting all of this together and then you eventually create this radio show. Right? And you’re interviewing witnesses and so on. But where are you at now, as we take this whole package? And you’ve got something to say here because you called us and. . .

BD:  Right

KC:  And I find this very interesting.

BD:  Well actually, I was told to call you.

KC:  You were told to call us.

BD:  I was told to call you.

KC:  Wonderful.

BR:  By?

KC:  By your direct contact above?

BD:  Yeah. If you want to call it that. I have the direct phone line.

KC:  You’re not the only one that’s been told that way to call us.

BD:  Yeah, yeah, I was told to call you and that it was time to call you, not an hour from now, but right now. And I did. OK? So that’s, you know, interesting. And things always happen like that to me, you know.

KC:  They do?

BD:  If I told you all the stories you could fill books, you’d have stacks of tapes of amazing stories.

KC:  OK.

BD:  You’d say: That can’t happen; and that can’t happen. But it has.

KC:  All right.

BR:  I want to bring it back to: what are they modeling?

KC:  Yes. [laughter]

BD:  Yeah, yeah.

BR:  And what about these guys with their children and their money? Yeah. OK. Fine.

BD:  Well, yeah. And I’m going to get to that. So basically I want people to discern, to use discernment, and I’m. . .

KC:  Therefore, why do you think you were told to call us?

BD:  At the moment I had no idea. OK? [Bill laughs]

KC:  OK. And do you have an idea now?

BD:  Yeah. I have a very good idea.

KC:  Yeah? And do you want to tell us, or do you want to go down that road?

BD:  Yeah, anyway... [laughter] What people have to understand is that human beings are a supernatural transdimensional being that’s made in the image of the Creator of the universe, just like the Bible says. OK?

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  But not only that, we’re like cells in a body. And we’re connected, almost like neurons. So that if we get to a level of revelation, it’s not just for our own purpose to use greedily; it’s to serve the entire body of mankind.

And the best way to think of mankind is not just, you know, in this plane of time/space, but mankind is a non-local being that stretches across the cosmos, and into the past, present and future. OK?

So when you start to grasp that and you have that intuitive. . . That’s why I tell people... When I try to do talks, I say: You know, there are two groups of “religions” on Earth. There’s those that believe in reincarnation and those that don’t believe in reincarnation. Right? And the reason is, they’re both right and wrong.

KC:  OK.

BD:  And the reason is, for them, that’s their level of understanding because that’s where they’re at. When you become truly intuitive at the highest levels, there’s no such thing as reincarnation.

KC:  Sure, because we’re eternal beings.

BD:  Right. Once you start grasping that, it’s like the words of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach Jesus that says, you know, Though you do it to the least of my brothers, you have done it to me. If you actually felt the pain of allowing your government to attack and blow up little girls in Baghdad, you wouldn’t do it because it would be like a neuron connected to another being.

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  Or you wouldn’t walk by a plant starving for water without watering it. You wouldn’t spread depleted uranium on crops because you could feel that. In other words. . .

BR:  You wouldn’t do these things, because you’re doing it to yourself.

BD:  Right. It actually is another expression of the “I AM.” OK?

KC:  Totally.

BD:  We’re a gardener of the garden. We’re actually. . . Think of each spinning galaxy as a spinning flower in the universe. OK?

KC:  Yes. But let’s get back to this, because we have Reptilians influencing the Illuminati agenda. And we’ve got an agenda that’s being rolled out on a bunch of eternal beings that don’t really recognize their eternalness. And so how’s it going to play out?

BD:  Well, first, the thing that I’ve found...

KC:  Why has this been allowed to get so far?

BD:  Well, it’s allowed to get so far for a couple of reasons. The most important thing in the universe for sentient beings is to have free choice. In other words, to choose to remember.

A lot of people think that, you know, you’re going through life to learn things, or to prove a point or to reach something, you know, like a point system, like a grade. And that if you reach a certain grade, you can transcend -- which is totally garbage.

It’s like my little daughter with Down’s Syndrome, she doesn’t have to earn points to be my daughter. OK?

BR:  Yeah.

BD:  You are a son or daughter of the Most High God. And what’s happening is your birthright’s being stolen away from you, just like the story of Jacob and Esau. It’s being stolen away from people.

And the problem is, it’s being stolen away primarily to tell them things that they are not. Or to fill in dogma. And, of course, it’s interesting -- the word dogma means “am-God”, backwards.

They’re being told that they should decide what’s good or evil rather than deciding from the spirit by making that connection. Because the only way for people to connect and not have an eternal matrix is to have the spirit inside them.

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  Now the problem I see is this: People have to discern. There’s two groups in the universe. There is, if you want to call it, the Dark Empire. We will call them the transdimenstional beings. We might call them the Higher Lords of Darkness and their Princes. And there’s many different civilizations that’re in this. We don’t even need to get into names, but there’s a whole series of them.

BR:  Yep.

BD:  You might call them the serpentines, the Reptilians, the Tall Grays, whatever you want to call them. OK? There’s a whole array of these.

And on the other side, there is a Grand Council of Civilizations out there that are very, very caring and they are connected to the spirit of the Creator God. They are advanced beings, both human, humanoid and nonhuman, across the cosmos and universe.

BR:  And of course this was why the movie Star Wars was such a tremendous modern myth because it represented this whole archetype that everyone really understands even if they don’t know it.

BD:  Well, they understand because it’s something that they’re resonating with their spirit. You see. . .

BR:  Exactly.

BD:  It’s almost like someone going through a neuralizer like the show MIB -- Men in Black. And so they’ve forgotten something but something can jar them back to remember it anyway. Right?

BR:  Yeah. Right.

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  OK. So in a sense you’re in a state of what I call spirit sleep. Your spirit’s asleep so that it can then start to reawaken its connectedness with everyone else.

KC:  OK. But what’s the nuts and bolts to how this plays out, though, at the moment?

BD:  Well, I’ll just give you a little story. This is one of the most recent ones. Roughly one year ago... And I get visions and dreams. OK? And one of my primary roles isn’t to be a doctor or a whistleblower or a radio host. Those are all secondary. And really, to be honest with you, they’re just a vehicle to try to get the real truth out -- which isn’t just facts. Because the problem is, we have a sea of facts.

KC:  Mm hm.

BD:  But it doesn’t change people. For example, when you look at the anomalies around 9/11, how many people have insisted that there’s a proper investigation? Right?

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  Right. And they’re not. Just to follow the financial side and all the other anomalies... And we still have all these factions, even in the so-called 9/11 movement.

Well, it’s the same way with “religion.” I call it “real lies going on.” They have their dogma they cling to because... It’s what they call their “hell insurance,” because they’re fearful of knowing these things out here, of hell, or separation, or whatever it is, at the end of their physical life. So hence they kind of stuff themselves with dogma so that they can feel safe. Right?

KC:  Mm hm. OK. But you’ve just told us you have three roles that are your secondary roles. What’s your first role?

BD:  My first role is to speak as a prophet.

KC:  OK.

BD:  OK? Now, I’m not talking about Monty Python, fill the stadium with prophets. And there’s many different prophets. For example, I had on the show last week John Boncore/Splitting the Sky. And I really believe that there are many people, especially now, that there is a prophetic role for them. OK?

KC:  Sure.

BD:  And they’re from all different nations, colors, peoples, whatever, on the Earth. It’s like the body of mankind.

But there are specific prophets that have what I call, if you want to call it, an “executive role,” to try to bring those together, and to bring the picture together so that there can be a platform to have an overall synthesis that can be presented back to mankind to say: Now see? So they can start to kind of get with the program before all hell breaks loose.

KC:  OK.

BD:  And that’s one of the reasons why I do my show. And that’s one of the reasons I believe I was told to call you. I kind of come from the perspective... I want people to get rid of “religion” and get, in every moment, into spirituality. In other words, don’t go to church on Sunday and think you’re safe all week, or whatever other day you like. Don’t go into your prayer room and think that you’re...

KC:  OK. But as a prophet... I mean, this is all good but that’s like the A, B, C’s and we’re, like, way beyond that with our audience.

BD:  I’m sure you are.

KC:  Let’s give them some credit.

BD:  I’m just telling you what’s not on my show, because a lot of times they won’t get this on the show because I only present certain portions of it. Now here’s the next step.

KC:  OK.

BD:  The next step is, one year ago I was taken by the Grand Council, to the Eschaton.

KC:  OK.

BD:  The Eschaton is beyond time/space. OK? Now this may seem very bizarre to people. I’ve been there three times. This last time was one year ago. And it’s not an hallucination. It was a courtroom, if you want to call it, beyond time and space, with 24 witnesses through human history. OK?

KC:  OK.

BD:  And we were brought before the Council because they’re making a decision, either thumbs-up or thumbs-down, for our civilization. OK?

KC:  OK.

BD:  And we’re at the knife’s edge of a bad decision.

KC:  OK. And I believe you.

BR:  Right.

BD:  Mankind as a corporate being has to make decisions to get on the right timeline.

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  And if they don’t make the right decisions, we’re going to get on the wrong one and we’re going to become a dead cinder.

In a sense this planet, and if you want to think of the Earth as a living being, it’s like a giant womb of these spirit-beings called human beings on Earth, or mankind, that are about to be birthed to become – I call homo luminous or homo galacticus, or you know, an advanced mankind that can interact with advanced civilizations across the cosmos -- that doesn’t have to have a matrix of billions of laws; that doesn’t have to have a chip in us to track us to make sure we’re good; and do all these things.

Because where we’re at... We’re at this nexus or crossroads where we either are going to have the law as Jesus Christ said himself, which was one of the great teachers, Yeshua Ha Masaich, which means The Father in the Flesh. OK? And we are the father in the flesh. So are you! As we wake people up, it manifests what’s always been there. It’s the manifestation that counts. We’re not greater than God. We’re just...

KC:  OK. So you’re in front of this council and you’re witnessing... What?

BD:  The consciousness of all of these people down through human history.

KC:  OK.

BD:  To the council and all these different beings in the courtroom, and they basically came up with a judgment.

And they said: Now we’re sending you back, and you have... The time is very short before judgment is going to fall. And mankind as a corporate being must get this message. And if they don’t get the message correctly, which transcends religion, politics, national borders or their version of a new world order or world government...

Because they’ve got a world government that’s absolutely noxious. You see, a world government can be world government with national boundaries and nations. It can be with people who keep their recipe cards and control of their civilization. It can be with a world that has some degree of order without knocking all boundaries down and creating regional trade zones.

Because the world is not based on economy. It’s based on, if you want to call it, identity. OK? And what they’re doing is, they’re homogenizing the identity so they can control the population and turn people into cybernetic robots, is what they want to do.

KC:  Absolutely.

BD:  And they’re already moving us step by grade into a matrix. Now, the future that they’re talking about is where people, citizens, can even have the option of having a brain-interface chip and be loaded into a rack. And they won’t even have to exist in the physical world. Their bodies would be put into life extension technology, loaded into a rack for centuries or thousands of years. That’s where we’re headed.

People say: Oh no, that won’t happen.

I say: Well, I’m sorry, but that hellish world is right around the corner.

But it’s dependent on humankind. And whether we’ll even get to that, or most of this civilization will die... These people are feverishly building underground bases at the rate here in America, for example, of two bases per year, anywhere from 18 to 26 billion dollars.

KC:  Yes.

BD:  Anywhere from 5.24 to 7.25 cubic miles in size. Most of them are in dormant volcanic domes or built with nuclear explosions underground to create these massive domes or what’s called a matrix where they cut these giant tunnels.

KC:  But that’s not going to save them.

BD:  No, it won’t save them. The fact is, it’s not going to be a technical answer that’s going to save them. And that’s where the problem is. These are advanced intellectual beings without spirit. And that’s the basis of what we call the Reptilian or serpentine empire.

It’s like a group of super-scientists with these super-intellects, with massive knowledge of energy and time/space, and jumping across the galaxy, and life extension, and everything. But with no spirit, because they do what is right in their own eyes.

(continued in Part 2 and Part 3)




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Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy