A Workshop to Empower –
Communicating with Your Guides,
Masters & E.T.'s

Saturday Night – 7:00pm

This workshop is designed to empower everyone who
wants to have conscious communications with their
Guides, Masters and Star Beings. The purpose of this workshop is to help people open their minds and hearts to their own Truths, their connection to the Universe, what their mission/purpose is on Earth, and to learn to manifest whatever they need to succeed in their missions.

You Will Learn...

The power of the MIND: How to create contact
through your mind-thought without sabotaging
Focus on what you really want answered and why
The different types of contact: telepathic, visual
imagery, physical contact
Different ways to have contact, i.e. meditation,
telepathic communication
Protecting yourself to have benevolent contact
before starting
Gratitude; thanking them for communication,
honoring the contact

There will be an Instructional Guide handout given at
the end of the workshop to help facilitate Contact.