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Statement, 16 July 2009



Dan Burisch has asked us if we would kindly post the following statement following his appearance at the Zurich Conference on 10-12 July, 2009.

We've given it its own page, as it was too long for the 'What's New' section where we normally post news, updates, and important comments.



"Hello, great people. Marcia and I were so blessed to have met such wonderful people in Zurich, and Bill Ryan and the Ground Crew treated us wonderfully. We thank them all! We will have more to say about this in the near future, after I have rested. On an "off the subject matter," I was also told that another major researcher may be available to speak with us, about Lotus, in Spring 2010, and we will keep everyone informed of the possible venue. It will be by invitation only - remember the GOLDEN EAGLES tickets?

I have directed this post to be made public. We are aware of what is going on, and David can confirm I had hard biological material with me to describe the H1N1/H5N1 issue and lack of biomarkers present which I would expect for a biodefense weapon. I also told him, somewhat directly, that my experience has indicated that should either of these two viruses have been a biodefense weapon, those whom I have known would have been fired for incompetence, due to lack of mortality rate.

I also had some Baxter information with me, but NEVER compete for attention via sound level. Why should I? If they prefer hearing the sounds of their own voices, I am most happy leaving them to them. Perhaps more empirical evidence of claims and less shouting through the same fear the same others would have so eloquently pleaded they disrobed from, in L.A.? I hope so. I do not enjoin in the driving of fears, whether about Planet X, vaccines, or any other matter, but rather seek to find out what truths are seated behind the lies- both from the governments and from individuals from within the conspiracy genre.

Look at what Marcia presented about Global Warming, Food, and the Illuminati? While she possesses the ability, do you think she created the material which she presented, without my input? Who wrote "Food for Thought" on the SAME SUBJECT on the now closed Eagles Forum? It was on that forum, in that publication, where I first accused the Illuminati of trying to kill the people of the 3rd and 4th worlds by starvation. Why does anyone think we started Angel Eagles and have called the Illumes "filth"? Yes, the actions are 'just because it's the right thing to do' - but also as a symbol to you all that one of your conspiracies is TRUE. When we find out such a thing, we scream it from the roof tops, then we do more than yell or talk - we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We are not new to difficult subjects and can quickly see through someone 'talking the talk, but not walking the walk.'
I will not argue the validity of basic germ theory, an underlying motive from only a few (amongst the many good people) we encountered, in any effort to counter their "belief system." Germ theory is our best explanation given the empirical evidence. Period. One can argue "scalar waves" or transient reality variations, all they want, but VIRUSES EXIST. Period.

This was something, quite frankly, I thought had been long ago put to rest, right along with wondering if rats and mice could be spontaneously generated from piles of dirty rags. Simply put, resistance and immunity all have different levels, and the materials (such as vaccines) must be applied correctly to receive the desired immunity, in an effort to protect the wider population. After the panel, in Zurich, I was asked, "What would you do if some places in your country mandated vaccinations?" I responded, 'They do. Schools require it. Every public school I ever entered or entered a child into, required it.'

This aforementioned question brings into stark relief the issue of "ethno- and/or ego-centrism" within the claims against my perhaps not knowing what was happening in any given community, worldwide, now doesn't it? We are not so unlike each other, now are we? But I have called no one of them a "name." I was also asked: 'What would you say if you were told you had no choice to give, that whatever was put in front of you would be injected into you?' I answered, 'I would tell them to go to hell! That's my decision to make. I have asked others assist us, to open the databases, but some are content to scream.'

During the panel I said that vaccines can confer immunity, and that everyone needs to look into the eyes of their children and make their own decisions. How does one jump from there to "encourage the use" unless one's own conscience is in the mix somewhere? Once more, listen to/watch the WHOLE video, BEFORE making a decision for yourselves.

My God, a man showed me his "L.A. Angels" baseball cap, at the Sunday "workshop" which had been made plain would be about the subjects raised by the audience. (People have to own their behaviors. Would we have likely been willing to act like we were "force feeding" people our own agenda, the following morning after the vaccine question was raised?) As I suggested we trade, his for mine, someone actually wrote claiming that it was a DISINFORMATION act. What? FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IT WAS A BASEBALL HAT WE TRADED! Do you perceive something "unusual" in such a claim against us? I do. Is that their New World?

I came there expecting that I could be arrested, and that is the best the negatives could offer? My goodness, what could be the result of finding out that a 24 year resident of Zurich brought me a 1973 vintage Angel's baseball jacket, after the workshop was done...a sign of the New World Order? What could this mean? Another conspiracy, or just maybe some good people spent some time with other good people and gave of their hearts too. (KIM_1.jpg and KIM_2.jpg)

I bet that those who find conspiracy in that would really like to see the secret handshake exchanged between David and myself before departing from the hotel to the airport! (JOKE_1.jpg)

If you believe that's real, then how about the photo of David and myself, after an alleged drinking binge in downtown Zurich? (JOKE_2.jpg)

Are they real or are they jokes? If anyone thinks they are real, please refer to the following link:

The information that we approached a certain Senator about a database is true, and has already been presented on the Eagles Disobey website. Yes, we have written to a Senator and have thus far received little action. Why? We are going to try to find out. We will take further steps. The unusual thing is that NO ONE, not a soul we heard at the conference asked us what database we were talking about! Review the video/audio. Of course it is the "CDC's VSD" - but no one even asked! Why? When something is important to me, I ask questions. I even asked others to help, or that we would join them in their efforts. So far, we have received no such efforts. We will publish the written comments offered at the conference. If we do, we will do what we can to help. Otherwise, our offer for their voices to be added to our own will remain, and we will take those actions we feel appropriate to investigate this issue.

We have been suggested many things which we should say. The most sensible and simple of which is that "we oppose mandatory vaccinations." Well, we do oppose mandatory vaccinations on a personal level of choice, but the world and these issues are much more complicated than would allow for us to make such a blanket statement, regarding the ethical/moral implications for whole societies. Where does any given society have the right, as a whole, to make a decision for its own best benefits? Who is keeping anyone a member of that society, once such decisions are made? Who relieves anyone of their responsibility to DO SOMETHING about conditions they feel are wrong?

If people don't like our solution, our investigative manners, they are free to do something else! There are more of us (we the people) than there are more of them (gov officials), aren't there? Where does individual responsibility kick in, versus the willingness to make a charge, or running away into the darkness, or the hiding behind anonymity on the internet? "My name is Dan. What's yours?" The writer of the single negative email to us, out of 629 received was listed as "Joe Public." Right. The next one may have the name "Mr. VOX POPULI VOX DEI." We filed his/her letter with "Jane Doe's" from a few years ago.

(Moreover...Marcia and I are doing what we can, with a cutting edge project, we call Project a near future attempt to help people. We don't believe, that in the 21st century, we should be having to use NEEDLES AT ALL! We see a future for humanity where disease prevention, diagnosis/treatment, is done with the use of LIGHT and SOUND. Help us, help us get there? Let us know if you wish to.)
I made it very clear to some individuals...and will continue to do so as necessary...that while bloggers and certain websites have the liberty to make blanket sociological statements, without fear of much legal, ethical or moral ramifications, we at Eagles Disobey, due to my professional status, do not possess that comfortable latitude. Social responsibility as we see it will be carried through, no matter how popular or unpopular. It's just that simple.

The one greatest seeming worry, of just two of those individuals who screamed and ran out, with whom we later met privately, was that because Eagles Disobey has so many hits, our efforts may encourage people to become vaccinated against things like the Mumps, Polio, etc. He said, "They listen to you."

...but he did buy me a cup of coffee, and I thanked him for the coffee. For some reason, he seemed...worried about our website. We have taken note. For some reason, I had deja vu of 2005 and my trip to Brussels?

Why? Could it mean that the real conspiracy is 100% the opposite than being described by a few (in comparison to the true population)? Could vaccinations be a threat, for other reasons? In our continuance of telling you all the truth, we have come across evidence, real evidence, of what might be behind some of the recent ongoings - including H1N1 - and we will report it publicly, BUT NOT BEFORE the information is trackable. Too many people say "I heard..." I have done the same, but have tried to parse out the quality of evidence, and be OPEN with what is more credible or less credible. But...too many say "I heard" and other people take that as Gospel, when it is not! We, at Eagles Disobey, try to qualify information BEFORE we pass it along. For instance...

We had an unanticipated 24 hour layover in Zurich, before returning home. On arrival at the airport we were told by Delta Airlines that the Flight Crew had been given a 3 hour later time for the departure (instead of 1pm, it would be 4pm), and that they (the Flight Crew) were being told of the error and we should be departing on time. On arrival at the gate (together with David) we were told that the departure would be delayed by one hour, due to the same issue. Almost immediately, the rumors started. The best ones I heard were that the Flight Crew (1) decided to make us wait, (2) were drunk, or were (3) shopping in downtown Zurich.

In my view...they were told late, that 1pm was to be the real departure time, and collected themselves to get there as quickly as possible. (During the day prior, if they had not done the right thing, by now the word would have probably been that David, Marcia, and myself perished in the North Atlantic with the rest of the passengers and crew. But...they did what was COMMON SENSE TO DO...NO MATTER HOW UNPOPULAR IT SOUNDED...AND WE ALL SURVIVED.)
On the second departure day, the gate employees were screamed at, by some in the crowd who possessed the same amount of evidence under hand as what we faced a few days before that time, on the panel, by those who ran away out the doors. Just because they had no real evidence, did that stop them? No! They yelled names at the gate employees and called them "a- holes!"

Are they "a-holes"? No. They are good people doing the best jobs they can, under difficult circumstances and passing along information which some might not find..."welcome." But...they had enough intestinal fortitude to do their jobs and not "weanie out" to look good...for a short time. We feel ourselves in good company with such hard working people as those we met at the Delta Airlines gate in Zurich.
While in that unanticipated 24 hour layover (due to our jet's mechanical difficulties), and in between calls into Pakistan (due to the bombing that happened there), Marcia and I quietly left the hotel and began our investigation of this matter in the place which said it wanted it raised: Zurich, Switzerland. A photographic essay of the beginning of the investigation was made, with specific photoshots conducted to look into certain businesses. (We photographed certain information at a certain place and I conducted a short "interview" with someone....details later. That place was clearly marked with signs that told me not to enter! Did I listen to those signs? No. Why not? Concerns about health were raised, and that meant more to me than the sign that warned me.) When Eagles Disobey is enjoined to look into a matter, one must always consider just what impact may result by what is shaken from any given tree.
My MOM (whose name is Doreen Aglaie Crain [maiden - LaPierre], not "UNDISCLOSED SOURCE" or "I HEARD") was the victim of Poliomyelitis (Polio), prior to the advent of the Salk vaccine, and was lucky to have survived the disease. I remember her last sets of braces, when I was barely old enough to walk, and she was still in treatment at Rancho Los Amigos, in California. I remember my Dad carrying her to a vehicle, to transport her for treatment.

If you look up the address, at the link, you will find out that it was right next door to where I lived (Lillian Lane) in my early years, and even right near where I went to Middle School (West Middle School) a few years later. Real world here, not the B.S. of "I heard."

I was the victim of a formaldehyde carryover + errant vaccine load, into the vaccines I was given, in the early 1970's. I never had Polio. It just so happens that someone who was really there and watched the reality of "iron lungs"...who had not been given the opportunity to benefit from such a vaccination as it had yet not been developed...wished better for her son. I thank God she did. For those who don't "believe" in vaccinations, does that make her a worse person than me because she had the disease? I mean, it couldn't have been given to her by the vaccination, AS SHE NEVER HAD ONE. Or is this just another case of something which must remain just out of everyone's reach, like Planet X hiding behind the Sun each time we look for it.

I find that many find it very easy to speak against issues, after possibly benefiting from same. They almost seem outnumber those who would do just about anything to look good for political expediency. We, Marcia and I, don't choose to follow those paths, but we will investigate matters and report what we find.
I look forward to reporting on what we find, as a result of this investigation, in Los Angeles, at "Awake and Aware." The bottom line is that when Project Camelot is presenting the information which we are all saying, and cutting edge new information, they are doing an invaluable service to humankind.

They are shaking that tree, but what will fall out of it may be shocking to some, difficult for others. Marcia and I both support their efforts to present the material and LET OTHERS make up their own minds. That has been the philosophy behind Eagles Disobey, and continues to be. But... if anyone is afraid to cross post this...DON'T. We are quite used to the conduct we faced from a few (amongst a mass of great people), a few days ago...and there is plenty of darkness...of hide within. The Illuminati didn't cause a few people to behave that way...or did they? Bill... and as the travelers said to Corso... had it right. It's a 'New World, If You Can Take It.' Either way, our investigation will be published on Eagles Disobey.

Chat with you all, when I am next privileged to do so.

Love (which comes in many packages),


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